Sucker-punched by history

Catastrophes are unlikely. And yet, unlikely things happen all the time. World War I shows how things can suddenly go horribly wrong.

Financial analyst and researcher at Zerodha
12 Jun 2024

Trading options on election results day

The Indian elections are the mother of all events. This is the event with the highest level of uncertainty, as the rising VIX and option prices have been telling us. Every trader’s question is simple: What do you do on this day, and more importantly, what do you not do on this day? Election day […]

CEO, and co-founder at Sensibull
03 Jun 2024

Financephobic #2: To live is to gamble

You’re always gambling. You make decisions you can’t understand for a future you can’t predict. There’s no getting around this. And if you’re already gambling, might as well learn how to do it well.

Senior writer at Zerodha
03 May 2024

God, give me the strength to buy and hold

On April 14, Iran attacked Israel directly for the first time, launching over 300 drones and missiles towards Israel. Israel and its allies intercepted almost all of the projectiles, preventing any damage. On April 19th, Israel retaliated with a limited attack on Iran. These tit-for-tat attacks have turned the already volatile Middle East into a […]

Financial analyst and researcher at Zerodha
25 Apr 2024

Worried about spikes and injections? Do Spreads

Are you worried about intraday spikes, volatility injections, or the fear that operators manipulate the market? Then the best thing for you is to stay away from option trading. But if you still want to try your luck and trade responsibly, you should try fully hedged options strategies such as spreads.

CEO, and co-founder at Sensibull
23 Apr 2024

Robo-advisors are dead, long live robo-advisors

Robo-advisory services were the hottest wealth management trend of the last decade. Most died or were acquired in fire sales. What went wrong? This is a history of robo-advisors and why they failed.

Financial analyst and researcher at Zerodha
23 Apr 2024

It’s the economy, stupid! 2 slow 2 sedate

With a strong economy and falling inflation, RBI keeps rates where they are. Automobiles don’t sell, services exports fall, but power generation stays robust. And more.

Senior writer at Zerodha
10 Apr 2024

Remembering Danny

Daniel Kahneman made finance more humane and investors more introspective. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for making us look inward.

Financial analyst and researcher at Zerodha
28 Mar 2024