Author: Pranav


It’s the economy, stupid! 2 slow 2 sedate

With a strong economy and falling inflation, RBI keeps rates where they are. Automobiles don’t sell, services exports fall, but power generation stays robust. And more.

Senior writer at Zerodha
10 Apr 2024

China’s Unreal Estate

In the final instalment of our China series, we trace the journey of the country’s real estate industry – from its heady rise to its sudden crash – and how China is trying to emerge from the ashes.

Senior writer at Zerodha
19 Mar 2024

A People’s Republic?

This week, we turn to the single defining characteristic of the Chinese economy in the eyes of the world – its status as the factory of the world. We’ll see why exports are no longer the engine for GDP growth they once were, and ask whether China’s own domestic markets could be its answer.

Senior writer at Zerodha
10 Mar 2024

A few good things on money and the markets

Welcome to the first edition of ‘Z-Connect this Week’, a newsletter where we wrap up everything we publish on Z-Connect, Varsity, Rainmatter, and TradingQnA. Those explainers, podcasts, updates, and every other experiment we cook up to help you understand the annoying and needlessly mysterious world of finance. On Subtext Big Trouble in Brittle China I: […]

Senior writer at Zerodha
05 Mar 2024

How the Chinese dragon burnt itself

All is not well with China’s economy. Its problems come from the very strategies that brought it 40 years of growth. In our first post on China, we examine its addiction to investment-led growth.

Senior writer at Zerodha
28 Feb 2024

Financephobic: Why Zerodha messed up by hiring me

I think I’m financephobic. I abhor finance. Maybe not the field itself, just how it feels. I know financial decisions are important. I still find them revolting. The problem is that I’ve somehow gotten myself a job at Zerodha. India’s largest stockbroker. And I have no idea what I’m doing. In this series, I’ll try fixing my financial life and share what I learn with you.

Senior writer at Zerodha
16 Feb 2024