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June 3, 2024

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Greetings from your friendly neighbourhood brokerage!

It’s an exciting time. Both the Sensex and Nifty 50 hit their all-time peaks this fortnight. To us, though, such times are when you should think of risk. That’s core to a lot of what we’re writing, from Bhuvan’s meditations on bear markets to Vineet’s primer on assessing the risk of your debt investments. 

Closer home, a lot’s been happening with us. We just launched Instant Withdrawals, which lets you draw funds from your Zerodha account within seconds. Meanwhile, we’re also breaking new ground in financial education with Varsity Live.

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Here’s what’s on our mind

Can you gamify the stock market? Can you let people make ‘fantasy’ trades, or share their trading strategies with others? Well, you need to be mindful of the law. But if you want to make good, investor-friendly products with enough checks and balances, there are ways of doing so, writes our founder, Nithin Kamath

Our markets haven’t had a bad drawdown in over a decade. In times like these, it’s easy to learn wrong lessons and become optimistic to the point of stupidity. Bear markets cleanse. They feel like a punch in the face, sure, but there are things you’ll never learn unless you’ve been through one, writes Bhuvan. 

Introducing Varsity Live: India’s first ‘learn by doing’ experience for financial education. Imagine being able to build your own personal finance plan, draw trend lines or analyse a balance sheet – all while attending a live class. All programmes are mentor-led and feature live animation and state-of-the-art production to keep you engaged. Come, join us!

Your debt fund could have a very low credit risk, but a high interest rate risk. Either way, the risk of capital loss remains. The PRC Matrix in your fund’s factsheet shows the kind and level of risk carried in the fund. Explore how to read the PRC Matrix in this post by Vineet Rajani.

Have you seen our simplified version of the excellent This Week in Data newsletter by India Data Hub? It breaks down complex macroeconomic datapoints, and tells you why you should care. Check out our latest editions here and here

Rainmatter features

Meet Padcare.

Most sanitary napkins end up in landfills. Some are burnt or incinerated. Some end up in our waterways. Padcare Labs has a viable solution: hygiene-as-a-service.

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