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Account opening now free under the age of 25

Despite all the headline numbers about Indian markets growing, we’re still quite small. Compared to the pre-pandemic base, we’ve grown tremendously, but there are still just about 9 crore unique investors in India (out of 140 crore people). Thanks to the bull market in the last 4 years, capital markets are more mainstream than ever, […]

23 Apr 2024

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Founder & CEO @ Zerodha
25 May 2024

Stock trading games & copy trading platforms in India?

Update 28th Oct 2022: This Yourstory article claims that NSE has issued cease and desist notices to stock gaming apps. As we mentioned in this post below, regulations don’t allow the exchange market data feed to be used for any fantasy or gaming app.  Update 21st Apr 2023: NSE published a circular prohibiting the use […]

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Financial analyst and researcher at Zerodha
24 May 2024
Senior writer at Zerodha
23 May 2024


Content, Zerodha Varsity
18 May 2024
co-founder and CEO of AssetPlus
16 May 2024
VP - Primary Markets & Payments, Zerodha
06 May 2024

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