Introducing Varsity Live

May 27, 2024

I vividly remember, in early 2014, Nithin and I discussed how difficult it was for an investor to learn about the capital markets in India. At that point, there was hardly any learning material available online. Content was fragmented, scattered across several sources, and there was nothing specific to the Indian markets. To learn a particular financial topic, one had to spend several hours browsing the internet to find relevant content.

The content gap was a problem that needed to be fixed, and thus, Varsity was born. We started Varsity 10 years ago to educate and spread financial literacy. We were clear that the content would be available to everyone without any “corporate” agenda. No signups, no lead generation, for free without any product placement or advertisements. Varsity was an agenda-free initiative, purely focused on learning. We also ensured that we did not cut corners on the quality of the content just because it was free. In fact, the quality and simplicity of content was our primary focus.

Back then, we were resource-constrained, so we picked the lowest-hanging fruit and built Varsity in the classic article-based format. In a way, I’m glad we chose this path. All articles on Varsity are long-form, meaning the content is detailed and nuanced. Today, we have lakhs of comments and user queries on Varsity, a testament to the user acceptance of the content on Varsity.

Over the years, as Zerodha grew, Varsity had the opportunity to experiment. We hit a few exciting milestones along the way — Varsity mobile app with 2M users, 15 modules covering a wide array of financial topics, a YouTube channel with 400K subscribers, a solid social media presence, Varsity Certified, Rupee Tales for Children, Varsity Junior, and Varsity outreach programs.

Each of these initiatives strengthened Varsity’s educational offering. Varsity is no longer an article-based learning portal but a full-fledged stock market education ecosystem.

Today, I’m excited about the latest addition to this learning ecosystem — Varsity Live.

Varsity Live is India’s first ‘learn by doing’ experience for financial education. Imagine being able to build your own personal finance plan while attending a class, live. You will draw trend lines and support resistance during the class to learn technical analysis. To learn fundamental analysis, you’ll analyse a balance sheet together. This ‘Practice Technology’ lets you learn by solving actual case studies live with instant feedback.

Your return on time spent in a live class is much higher than just watching or listening. This is a new form of learning we are trying to pioneer for stock market education. All programmes are mentor-led and feature live animation and state-of-the-art production to keep you engaged. You’ll also be part of a live leaderboard to keep things competitive. 🙂

Check out this one-minute video for better understanding.

We have been running Varsity Live as a beta for a couple of months now, and we have already completed 9000 user registrations, all through organic self-discovery. Currently, Varsity Live sessions are in Hindi and in English, but the technology permits us to scale this and offer the course in different languages.

Varsity Live is a collaborative effort between Zerodha Varsity and LearnApp. While the content is from Varsity, the technology is from LearnApp. Here is the link to see all the upcoming Varsity Live programs. So sign up and start learning! 🙂

Head of educational initiatives at Zerodha.

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  1. Shiva says:

    Can u guide how to enrol
    Pl send link

  2. Arshad says:

    What to learn more about market

  3. Tushar Kanta Dey says:

    Excellent kindly send me more msgs regularly

  4. Vishal says:

    Please add Kite sign in, since he already use it for Zerodha stuff

  5. Rohan says:

    There is problem while registration

  6. Kumar Shivam says:

    Definitely this effort will be a game changer not only for financial education but for the whole education system. I appreciate Zerodha’s generosity.

  7. Prabodh says:

    Some wise men said “There is nothing free in this worlds.”
    Please say it upfront if any hidden cost in near term as well. That will build credibility.
    Nothing to shy about upfront telling the cost, which is purely fairdeal.

  8. Srinivasan says:

    Zerodha is always ultimate 👍

  9. Meghraj sidhwa says:

    Great work
    Dialogue From the movie of Spider-Man
    With the great power comes great responsibilities zerodha team is full filling all thier responsibilities.

    They Way ahead from other competitors.

    Please teach us in live market thats how we can get use to it.
    Also add a virtual account in section so that we can feel the live trading with risking our money

  10. Aneesh says:

    Zerodha has done a great job transforming the financial literacy landscape. This is yet another great initiative in that direction.

  11. Vipul Karde says:

    Zerodha varsity has been the spinal cord for my trading journey and it’s the reason many of us are able to survive this battle of trading and investment.. kudos team

  12. Bhargab Kakati says:

    This is a great initiative from Zerodha . Kudos to the team

  13. Chintamani Kadbhane says:

    Congratulations for Starting Varcity live.
    financial education to the youth is very important & that too free … I think it’s wonderful apportunity to learn personal finance management &investment.
    If possible try to conduct it during during live market.

  14. Siddharth Shirodkar says:

    This is a great step in the right direction. I’d like to add one more suggestion. Stock market can be taught better if it’s done during the Live running market. If teachers can show students how trading is done by actually taking trades in a live class, it will be absolutely fantastic. “You can’t reach someone to drive a car without starting the engine. Practical subjects need to be taught practically”

  15. Puneet says:

    Wow, this is really revolutionary!

    I saw a tab on varisty few days ago and registered for a class, the way they teach is amazing. The practice tech was too good.

    I actually topped the leaderboard in the day 2 of the class.

    What else will you guys be teaching? All modules of varsity or only specific? Hope we can get something in marathi too! 🙂

    Great work team! Amazingggg effortss!