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Recent comments

  • 1016 Shivansh Agarwal on Iron Condor

    when will you be discussing about delta hedging and volatility arbitrage (the topics you mentioned to discuss at the start of this module) ...

    20 Apr 2024
  • Hi When we look at CRUDEOIL24MAY6550PE the moment of option price does not match the moment in the Crude future contract, the proportion of movement here does not match as compared to Bank nifty or Nifty option trade, any reason? ...

    19 Apr 2024
  • Sir,forgot to add to the above question, 2.What are the other factors that takes a company to make it to S&P 500 other than market cap? 3.The index actually has 503 components because three of them have two share classes listed,two share cl ...

    19 Apr 2024
  • Sir,this question out of this chapter, #I ask this because in Google,I saw ,You can't directly invest in the S&P 500 because it's an index, but you can invest in one of the many funds that use it as a benchmark, tracking its composition and ...

    19 Apr 2024
  • Stocks profit income are taxed at either ordinary income tax rates or capital gains rates. Sir,which is better? ...

    19 Apr 2024

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