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Recent comments

  • 120 Sumit deep on Revenue model

    why we calculate average sale cost what is the meaning of this term ? ...

    23 Apr 2024
  • You cant really roll over, if you hold the position to expiry, then it has to be settled at expiry provided its ITM. For these policy related queries, I'd suggest you speak to the Zerodha support desk. ...

    23 Apr 2024
  • We use avg to include asset values from this year and the previous year, just to factor in change in asset position during this time. ...

    23 Apr 2024
  • 54 Karthik Rangappa on Sector analysis overview

    Soon, as soon as the module is complete. ...

    23 Apr 2024
  • 520 Karthik Rangappa on Commonly Used Jargons

    Different opinions is what makes markets :) ...

    23 Apr 2024

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