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Recent comments

  • What happens if i short a stock and it hits the upper limit or lower limit ? ...

    19 Jun 2024
  • Hi karthik, Was trying to create a revenue model for an auto ancillary company (SONA blw).I wasn't able to find the unit sales of each product, the total sales of the products(to find market share) or the capacity utilization (to derive units produc ...

    19 Jun 2024
  • 52 Vineet Rajani on Cement

    Hi Amit, we will be considering that after we finish this module. :) ...

    19 Jun 2024
  • Thanks Karthik. So it's safer to go with primary trend, but one go always go against thr primary trend (if all other parameters suffice). Just need to more cautious in these cases. ...

    19 Jun 2024
  • I don't think this is a zero sum game - it is a negative sum game. You have all the transaction costs, the cost of the tech/data/education to really have a chance to make money on any given trade. ...

    19 Jun 2024

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