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Varsity Certified

Varsity Certified is an online certification program designed to test your market knowledge and give you the confidence to start your career in capital markets.

Easy registration by choosing an exam schedule convenient for you. A nominal fee of ₹250 + 18% GST is charged to cover the cost of organising the test.

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Answer 100 multiple-choice online questions in 100 minutes.


Score a minimum of 65% and get a certificate as soon as you clear the test.

Test topics

Introduction to stock markets, Fundamental analysis, Technical Analysis, and Personal Finance (Mutual Funds)

Study material is available in both text and video format. It is recommended to go through the text content for exhaustive information while using the videos as an aid to learning. Ensure to give yourself 2 to 4 weeks for preparation.

Why Varsity Certified?

Finance is a crucial subject we cannot afford to neglect. We all deal with money in our lives, regardless of our occupation, yet often lack sufficient knowledge about it. Watch Nithin and Karthik discuss the importance of financial literacy and why you should be taking the Varsity Certified test.

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Joint certification

If you are a school or college interested in associating with Zerodha Varsity to offer the certification program to your students and maybe even offer joint certification, please get in touch with us.

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  •                                          What is Varsity Certified?

    Varsity Certified is an online certification program by Zerodha Varsity. It requires you to complete studying the Basics of stock market, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, and Personal Finance – Mutual Funds modules of Varsity and take a proctored test.

  •                                         Does Zerodha provide study material for the test?

    Yes, the study material is available in both text and video format. Check out the first three and Personal Finance – Mutual Funds (No. 11) modules of Varsity.

  •                                         How do I schedule a test?

    Click on the Register for Certificate button above and follow the on-screen instructions.

  •                                         Is there a fee for the online test?

    Yes, a nominal fee of Rs. 250 (+18% GST) is charged for the test. The test is proctored and the fee charged is to cover the cost of organising the test.

  •                                         What is the test format? What is the cut-off to be certified?

    The test contains 100 multiple choice questions to be answered within 100 minutes. The certificate is awarded to candidates who score more than 65%.

  •                                         When will I get the test result?

    The test result, along with the certificate, will be available instantly after the test.

  •                                         Does Zerodha offer a job if I pass this test?

    No, Zerodha doesn’t offer a job solely based on the result of this test.