Module 11

Personal Finance


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    1. Background and Orientation

    1.1– What’s in the name? I recently heard Joe Rogan’s podcast with Naval Ravikant. This is a 2-hour conversation and I think this is one of the most thought-provoking and stimulating conversatio ..

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    2. Personal Finance Math (Part 1)

    2.1 – Simple Interest When it comes to personal finance, one of the key things to learn is the math that surrounds this topic. Once you understand the math bit, the rest is just the application of i ..

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    3. Personal Finance Math (Part 2)

    3.1 – Money today versus money tomorrow For a moment, assume a friend of yours is in a very generous mood and he gives you two offers, of which you have to select one of them. Option A – He gives ..

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    4. The retirement problem (Part 1)

    4.1 – Defining the problem If you think about it, success in personal finance boils down to three things – Your ability to see through the numbers Your risk-taking ability, and Common sense I hope ..

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    5. The retirement problem (Part 2)

    5.1 – Assumptions We are at an exciting point now. The previous chapter helped us estimate (roughly) the corpus required for one to retire comfortably, without drastically changing the post-retireme ..