29 Aug 2017, 12:00 AM

NTPC Limited OFS

NTPC Limited is offering to sell shares through an OFS(Offer for Sale) process.

OFS orders can be placed on your Q-Backoffice > Portfolio > OFS. You can access Q directly from Kite.
Orders will be accepted from August 29th, 3.30 PM until August 30th, 3.15 PM

Details for retail investors:
Stock Name: ​NTPC Limited
Floor price: ​Rs. 168 per share
Max allowed quantity per investor: 1190 at Floor Price
Max allowed investment per investor: Rs.2,00,000

Retail Investors are eligible for a 5% discount to this allotment price after placing a bid at the Cut-Off price.

Note: If your account results in a debit post allotment of OFS, interest at 0.05% per day shall be levied on the debit amount. You will receive a contract note if you are allotted shares in the OFS.