24 Jan 2017, 12:00 AM


MOIL Ltd. is offering to sell shares through an OFS process, the details of which are below:
Name of the Company – MOIL Ltd.
Floor Price – INR 365 Per Equity Share
Issue Size ( Approx.) – INR. 486.14 Crores
You can take part in the OFS and bid to buy shares of the OFS by logging into Q.

The link to place OFS orders is here: https://q.zerodha.com/ofs/display/
Orders will be accepted from January 24, 3:30 pm till January 25, 3:15 pm. There is
a 5% discount beingoffered to retail investors.

You can view these shares on the terminal under T1 holdings on Friday, 27th January.

Note: If your account results in a debit post allotment of OFS, interest @ 0.05% per day shall be levied.

You will receive contract notes should you receive allotment of the OFS.