19 Jan 2024, 09:00 AM

Offer for sale (OFS) - January 2024

Below is the list of all Offer for sale open in BSE/NSE.

You can place an order from the Console during the offer period.

Scrip Name Category Start Date End Date Floor Price Cut-off Price Maximum allowed bid quantity
KRISHNA (BSE) ## Non-Retail January 16, 10:00 AM January 16, 02:30 PM 65 N/A N/A
KRISHNA (BSE) ## Retail January 17, 10:00 AM January 17, 02:30 PM N/A 70.15 2851
DHATRE (BSE) # Non-Retail January 18, 10:00 AM January 18, 02:30 PM 200 N/A N/A
DHATRE (BSE) # Retail January 19, 10:00 AM January 19, 02:30 PM N/A 200 1000
NHPC (NSE) ## Non-Retail January 18, 10:00 AM January 18, 03:30 PM 66 N/A N/A
NHPC (NSE) ## Retail January 19, 10:00 AM January 19, 03:30 PM N/A 69.10 2894


# Single price methodology

## Multiple price methodology

Note: Orders above Rs. 2 lakhs will be considered as Non-Institutional Investor (NII) category orders [non-retail].

Your orders will be placed on the Exchange platform only on the offer end date/time mentioned in the above table.
Please note that Zerodha will not be funding your OFS Purchase.

Know more about the maximum allowed bid quantity here.

A charge of Rs. 20+ 18% GST per order will be charged for all OFS orders placed. These charges are non-refundable irrespective of whether the order is accepted/rejected/failed.

  • The demand and cumulative quantity in the general category on the second day of OFS indicate the carried forward bids of the general category. These bids shall be considered for allotment if the issue size reserved for the retail category is undersubscribed.
  • As per SEBI OFS Guidelines, Retail bids below the cut-off price shall not be eligible for allocation.