04 Dec 2023, 06:30 PM

Update on the issue with login and marketwatch on Kite on December 4, 2023

At the market open today, we faced two different issues with login and marketwatch that affected some of our clients. Here is a detailed timeline of these issues, along with the measures we have taken to prevent them in the future:

Kite Login issue – 9:18 AM to 09:55 AM

  • Users complained that they were unable to login on both Kite web and mobile. During investigation, we noticed that the issue affected users on Kite web and people who hadn’t logged into Kite mobile app in the past month. Users who had logged into the Kite mobile app faced no issues with login or order placement.
  • During our investigation, we discovered that there were a unusual number of password reset requests being generated which was causing login issues. We temporarily suspended fresh password resets which reduced the load on this system and resolved the issues our clients were facing with logging into Kite.
  • Our email alert system, designed to notify users of logins from unfamiliar locations and IPs for safety reasons, inadvertently sent alerts to numerous users about logins from new locations/IPs. This was due to a recent update to our IP database over the weekend, which resulted in changes to the recorded locations of many users, thus triggering these alerts. We believe that this incident may have led to an influx of password reset requests, putting a strain on our login systems and resulting in login failures. To address this, we temporarily suspended password resets, which effectively resolved the login issues. Password reset functionality was reinstated at 1 PM with added safeguards to prevent similar issues in the future. Our investigation into this matter is ongoing, and we will provide further updates as new information emerges.

Marketwatch/Watchlist issue – 9:25 AM to 10:25 AM

  • Some of our users reported an issue with adding new scrips to the Marketwatch on Kite. This issue affected about 4% of all active users. We immediately added a banner informing users to place orders from the Marketwatch search instead of adding scrips to the Marketwatch.
  • The infrastructure handling marketwatch items is distributed across multiple system to ensure that a single issue doesn’t affect all users. Given the issue, we disabled this system, created a new server, and migrated the affected users. This solved the issue, and Marketwatch functionality was restored. Order placement, order modification and order cancellation remained unaffected throughout.

We sincerely apologize for the issues caused today. We are still investigating the root cause for both the issues. If you were affected, please create a ticket and someone from our team will reach out to you.