13 Sep 2023, 10:00 AM

Mandatory email & mobile verification at KRA

To watch a video walkthrough of the KRA validation, visit the links here (English, Hindi).

As per SEBI guidelines, KYC Registration Agencies (KRA) are responsible for validating clients’ KYC details as per their records before September 02, 2023 (Extended from August 18, 2023. (SEBI), (CDSL)). For more details, check the circulars here (NSE, BSE, MCX).

Update [07/09/2023]: Clients with open positions in derivatives and currency segments will be able to square off their positions from September 08, 2023, to September 12, 2023. For more details, check the circulars here (NSE, BSE, MCX).

Update [12/10/2023]: Clients whose KYC is registered without Aadhaar as an officially valid document(OVD) have to validate their KYC with a deadline of Dec 31, 2023 (SEBI), which got extended to March 31, 2024. Such clients will not be able to place any trades including exiting their open positions after March 31, 2024.

If the details are not validated, the following trading restrictions will apply:

  1. The trading account will be blocked, and you won’t be able to place any buy or sell orders in any segment.
  2. Clients will not be able to enter any fresh F&O positions starting September 01, 2023.
  3. Clients will not be able to exit any existing positions starting September 04, 2023.
  4. Zerodha may square off all open positions for such clients before the market closes on September 01, 2023, to avoid the risk of physical delivery or a margin penalty.

To learn how to check the KYC status and know which KRA the account is with, see What is Know Your Customer(KYC), and how can the KYC status be checked?

Clients are required to visit their KRA website listed below and follow the on-screen instructions to validate their details.

  1. CVL KRA: Click here
  2. KARVY KRA: Click here
  3. NDML KRA: Click here
  4. DOTEX KRA: Click here
  5. CAMS KRA: Click here

Did you know?

  1. If the client’s details are verified on the KRA portal, it will take 5 days for it to be updated. Clients can continue trading after the details are updated.
  2. If the details on the KRA portal or the email or mobile number with Zerodha is incorrect, you have to modify it on Console. To learn how to modify email and mobile numbers on Console, see How to change the registered mobile number or email address with Zerodha online? The modification request is processed within 72 working hours, after which Zerodha informs KRA to update their records. After the KRA has updated the details, clients have to validate using the verification link.
  3. Orders for Buybacks, Takeovers, Delisting, OFS, and IPO applications may fail at the exchange or RTA (Registrar and Transfer Agent).
  4. Corporate actions like Bonus, Split, Merger, Demerger, Dividends, Rights, etc will not be affected.

If you have further queries, please create a ticket.