20 Mar 2023, 12:00 PM

Open Market Buybacks - March 2023

Open-market Buyback: Here companies buy shares through the stock exchange. There's no tender process involved. The list of all the ongoing open-market buybacks are as follows -

TCI Express Limited 18-08-2022 13-02-2023
International Conveyors Limited 03-11-2022 03-03-2023
Balrampur Chini Mills Limited 16-11-2022 15-05-2023
Windlas Biotech Limited 21-11-2022 20-05-2023
Jenburkt Pharmaceuticals Limited 13-12-2022 12-06-2023
Bajaj Consumer Care Limited 19-12-2022 16-06-2023
Indian Energy Exchange Limited (Discontinued) 11-01-2023 10-07-2023
Natco Pharma Limited 21-03-2023 20-09-2023

Note: Please refer to the links in the table to know the BSE notification which also has the proposed time-table for the buyback.