29 Dec 2022, 06:30 PM

Change in settlement cycle for 531 stocks from 30th December 2022

From 25th February 2022 onwards exchanges have been migrating stocks to T+1 settlement in a phased manner starting with stocks with the lowest market cap. From 30th December 2022 onwards, the 11th batch of stocks will be moving to the T+1 settlement cycle in which there will be 531 stocks.

Due to a change in the settlement cycle, any of those stocks bought on Thursday, 29th December 2022, will not be available for selling on Friday, 30th December 2022. They will be settled by the exchange on Monday as per the old T+2 settlement cycle and will be available for selling on Monday.

Stocks bought on Friday will be settled as per their new settlement cycle, T+1, and will be available for selling on Monday.

The credit received from selling these T1 settled stocks will be available for withdrawal from the next day itself, that is on T+1.

You can learn more about the T+1 settlement cycle here and also check the list of stocks here.

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