24 Feb 2021, 04:05 PM

Trading halted on NSE

[11:40 am] – Trading is halted on NSE across brokers. We are waiting for it to come back online. For equity orders, you can use BSE.

Update [1:42 pm] – All open orders in the Equity, F&O and Currency (CDS) segments on NSE have been cancelled by the exchange.

Update [2:33 pm] – Plan of action: If NSE isn’t back up by 2.45 pm, we will block all new MIS and CO orders for the day and attempt to square off all equity MIS & CO positions on BSE. Unfortunately, we will not be able to do anything with intraday F&O positions if NSE isn’t back up.

Update [2:55 pm] – If NSE doesn’t open for the day, all MIS/CO F&O and CDS positions will get carried over to tomorrow with today’s buy/sell entry price.

Update [3:30 pm] – The exchanges (NSE & BSE) have announced an extended trading session up to 5 PM. There will be a pre-open session for the equity segment from 3:30 pm – 3:45 pm and normal trading will resume at 3:45 pm. All open orders will be cancelled by the exchange.

All F&O MIS positions will get squared off at 4:15 pm and all F&O CO positions will forcibly be squared off by 4:00 pm. Only CNC and NRML orders will be allowed in the extended session.

Update [3:52 pm] – Charts are temporarily offline due to the extended market session on NSE & BSE. They will be back online in a few minutes.

Update [4:05 pm] – Charts are now back online. If you are unable to see ticks on charts, please do a hard-refresh (Ctrl+Shift+R).