05 Nov 2020, 11:30 AM

Issues with Jio & Hathway users [Resolved]

If you’re using a Jio or a Hathway connection, there is a chance that you may face issues with login and loading charts. Please use alternate network providers or follow the instructions in this article to fix this issue.

Update 11:30am [Resolved] : The ISP specific issue that some of our clients were facing on Reliance Jio and Hathway Broadband networks earlier today has been resolved.

Update 11:30am : The issue today was an internet service provider (ISP) specific, specifically with Reliance Jio and Hathway and this affected less than 5% of our users, that too, only certain parts of the platform such as charting. Zerodha uses Cloudflare as its content delivery network (CDN) which peers with all major ISPs to deliver content fast to end users. The issue seems to be with certain peering routes between Cloudflare and ISPs malfunctioning for users who were using their ISP’s DNS servers. Switching to a 3rd party DNS provider (Google, Cloudflare etc.) helped. We are in constant touch with the ISPs seeking resolutions.