01 Jul 2019, 06:00 PM

Exclusion of F&O contracts in BHARATFIN

Bharat Financial Inclusion Limited (BHARATFIN) is undergoing a composite scheme of amalgamation.

Contracts with expiry 25th July, 29th August and 26th September 2019, will expire on July 02, 2019(tomorrow). The methodology of settlement shall be separately intimated by NSCCL.

Note: The expiry date on our trading platform would display the original dates i.e. 25th July, 29th August and 26th September 2019. On July 02, 2019, all fresh order will remain blocked throughout the day(However, you can exit your existing open positions in BHARATFIN F&O contracts). 

Accordingly, no contracts shall be available for trading in the above-mentioned security with effect from July 03, 2019

Refer to the NSE circular on Exclusion of F&O contract here.