Diensten Tech IPO


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26th – 28th Jun 2024
03 Jul 2024
₹95 – ₹100
1200 shares (₹120000)


Issue open date 26 Jun 2024
Issue close date 28 Jun 2024
UPI mandate deadline 28 Jun 2024 (5 PM)
Allotment finalization 01 Jul 2024
Refund initiation 02 Jul 2024
Share credit 02 Jul 2024
Listing date 03 Jul 2024
Mandate end date 13 Jul 2024
Lock-in end date for anchor investors (50%) 28 Jul 2024
Lock-in end date for anchor investors (remaining) 26 Sep 2024


Incorporated in 2007, Diensten Tech, previously known as JKT Consulting Limited, is in the business of Information Technology (IT) professional resourcing, IT consultancy, IT training, and software AMC services. The company connects its clients to individuals with a specific IT skill set, manages capacity across a team, or delivers in-house technology experts to take client projects to full delivery. The company categorizes its services into the following major business segments:

  • IT support and consulting services: IT professional solutions services is the company’s flagship and primary service. Under this segment, It primarily provides comprehensive IT professional resourcing, IT consultancy, and software AMC along with providing IT staff augmentation services across various industries viz. Information technology service, banking and financial services, automotive and engineering, telecom, healthcare, retail, and entertainment.
  • Corporate training services: Under this segment of the service portfolio, It provides technical as well as soft skills-based training services, focusing on information technology, soft skills/behavioral, and domain-specific learning solutions that work for the client’s business. These are some of the pieces of training that it provides under the corporate training service category:
    • ERP and Business application training
    • Behavioral training, Induction/Onboarding training
    • Domain-specific training, train and deploy
    • CSR implementation programs
    • Disaster and safety management training
    • Learning solution and education tourism
Funds raised in the IPO Amount
Overall ₹22.08 crores
Fresh issue ₹22.08 crores
Offer for sale

Financial snapshot

Financial year ended March 2021 March 2022 March 2023 December 2023
Total Assets 3.70 2.04 15.05 30.20
Revenue 5.25 0.76 37.60 26.21
Profit After Tax 1.17 0.015 0.16 (1.71)
EPS 13.61 0.16 0.29 (2.84)

*All figures except EPS are in ₹ crores

Risk factors

  • Compliance issues: The company has experienced delays in filing necessary records and returns with regulatory authorities in the past.
  • Client concentration: The top ten customers account for roughly 88% of revenues for the financial period ending on December 31, 2023. Any loss of business from these clients could negatively impact the company’s revenue and profitability.


  • The above schedule is tentative. The anchor lock-in period ends 30 days after the actual allotment date for 50% of the shares and 90 days after for the remaining portion.
  • The allotment status will be available by July 02, 2024, on the registrar’s website and the NSE website.