Akiko Global Services IPO


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25th – 27th Jun 2024
02 Jul 2024
₹73 – ₹77
1600 shares (₹123200)


Issue open date 25 Jun 2024
Issue close date 27 Jun 2024
UPI mandate deadline 27 Jun 2024 (5 PM)
Allotment finalization 01 Jul 2024
Refund initiation 01 Jul 2024
Share credit 01 Jul 2024
Listing date 02 Jul 2024
Mandate end date 12 Jul 2024
Lock-in end date for anchor investors (50%) 27 Jul 2024
Lock-in end date for anchor investors (remaining) 25 Sep 2024


Akiko Global Services Limited’s IPO is launching on June 25, 2024, with subscriptions closing on June 27, 2024. Akiko Global Services Limited, originally incorporated as “Akiko Global Services Private Limited” on June 13, 2018, transitioned to a public limited company on April 12, 2023, following a special resolution. The company operates as a Channel Partner for major banks and NBFCs, specializing in distributing and selling credit cards and loans through tele-calling, corporate activities, feet-on-street, and digital marketing. With ISO certification and compliance-driven processes, Akiko Global Services uses a proprietary CRM system to protect customer data and manage leads.

Funds Raised in the IPO Amount
Overall ₹23.11 crores
Fresh Issue ₹23.11 crores
Offer for sale

Financial Snapshot

Financial Year Ended March 2021 March 2022 March 2023 January 2024
Total Assets 2.34 4.05 11.30 17.49
Revenue 6.10 13.53 39.58 26.09
Profit After Tax 0.22 0.77 4.53 3.21
EPS 0.84 2.86 12.62 4.70

*All figures except EPS are in ₹ Crores

Risk factors

  • Domestic Competitors: The Indian financial sector is highly competitive, with many players vying for market share. Competitors offering similar products can impact the pricing and market penetration.
  • Challenges in Predicting Future Prospects: Constant changes in business models and regulations make it difficult to predict prospects. To stay competitive, they provide data insights to partners, aiding innovation. However, stricter credit policies from partners and significant business model changes could impact the growth and financial performance.
  • Risks of Data Breaches: The platform processes sensitive data from consumers and shares certain information with Insurers and Lending Partners under our privacy policy. Despite robust measures, they cannot guarantee full compliance or sufficiency of their data protection systems. Fortunately, they have never faced a security breach.


  • The above schedule is tentative. The anchor lock-in period ends 30 days after the actual allotment date for 50% of the shares and 90 days after for the remaining portion.
  • The allotment status will be available by July 01, 2024, on the Registrar’s website and the NSE website.