Sula Vineyards Limited IPO Closed

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IPO date 12 Dec 2022 – 14 Dec 2022
Listing date 22 Dec 2022
Price range 340 – 357
Minimum order quantity 42
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Incorporated in 2003, Sula Vineyards Limited is India’s largest wine producer and seller as of March 31, 2022.

It is the market leader in the Indian wine industry in terms of sales volume and value since Fiscal 2009. Its market share has increased from 33% in Fiscal 2009 in the 100% grapes wine category to 52% in Fiscal 2022.

It is one of the fastest-growing alcoholic beverage companies in India as of March 31, 2021, with a CAGR of 13.7% between Fiscals 2011 and 2022.

It produces 56 different labels of wine with 13 distinct brands including the flagship brand Sula, RASA, Dindori, The source, Satori, Madera, and Dia.

It also sells services from ownership and operation of wine tourism venues, including vineyard resorts and tasting rooms. Its vineyards are among the top ten most followed vineyards in the world, with a large following on social media.

It is the pioneer of wine tourism in India with many firsts, such as the first wine tasting room in India, the first vineyard resort, the first wine music festival, and the first winery tours at its facility in Nashik.

The public offer of Sula Vineyards comprises of offer for sale of 2.55 crore equity shares from existing shareholders.

You can read this post here by Finshots to learn more about Sula Vineyards and its IPO.

Financial Snapshot

Period Ended Total revenue (₹ Crores) EBITDAE (₹ Crores) PAT (₹ Crores) Total Assets (₹ Crores) EPS (₹)
Sep 30, 2022 224.07 64.31 30.51 770.95 3.71
March 31, 2022 453.92 116.07 52.14 758.56 6.53
March 31, 2021 417.96 64.51 3.01 751.60 0.38
March 31, 2020 521.63 50.49 -15.94 831.04 -2.01

IPO Schedule

Issue Period 12th December to 14th December 2022
Finalization of Allotment 19th December 2022
Initiation of Refunds 20th December 2022
Credit of Shares 21st December 2022
Date of Listing 22nd December 2022
Mandate end date 29th December 2022
Anchor Investors Lock-In End Date 13th January 2022

How do I apply to the Sula Vineyards Limited IPO?

You can apply for the Sula Vineyards Limited IPO using any supported UPI app by following two steps:
  • Enter your bid on Kite
  • Accept the UPI mandate on your phone
On acceptance of the mandate, the bid amount will get blocked in your bank account. Click here to learn more.

Where do I check the allotment status for Sula Vineyards Limited IPO?

You can check the allotment status for the Sula Vineyards Limited IPO on the website of the Registrar and Transfer agent.

Alternatively, you can also check the allotment status on the NSE website.