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Wellness Forever Medicare Limited is India’s third-largest retail pharmacy and wellness network by Number of stores, with a leading position in western India in terms of total revenues. They operate a large omnichannel, hyperlocal retail network under their “Wellness Forever” brand, serving as a one-stop solution for their customers’ wellness needs with most of their stores operating 24×7. They opened their first drugstore in 2008, and have expanded their retail footprint to a total of 236 stores in 23 cities across the Indian states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Goa serving a registered customer base of 6.7 million customers as of June 30, 2021. They focus on providing their customers with a retail experience that goes beyond simply purchasing medicines and key necessities. They offer a wide assortment of merchandise comprising approximately 91,500 pharmaceutical and wellness products, and each of their stores features an average of approximately 13,000 products per store, including fast-moving consumer goods (“FMCG”), fast-moving health goods (“FMHG”), nutraceuticals and medical equipment, among other products, alongside over-the-counter and prescription medicines.

In addition to the vast breadth and depth of their inventory, they also differentiate their brand by their selection of premium wellness products, which they offer through various third-party industry labels as well as their private label brands. Their stores are strategically located, most are open 24 hours a day, and are on average considerably larger in size than those of their main competitors. Most of their stores are designed in a differentiated, self-browsing format and feature qualified pharmacists available at all times. They believe these features promote an aspirational element and help to position themselves as a premium wellness brand. Their brick-and-mortar store network is complemented by their omnichannel, hyperlocal digital retail platforms, including their website, easy-to-use mobile app, and toll-free call center. They utilize their brick-and-mortar stores as a relatively quicker base for fulfilling omnichannel orders as compared to a centralized distribution center, which allows them to target delivery of products to their customers within two to six hours from when the order is placed. This provides their customers with the convenience of seamlessly shopping through their omnichannel platforms around the clock and from the convenience of their homes. It also allows them to generate synergies between their brick-and-mortar stores and their omnichannel platforms and helps to market their brands across various retail channels.

They seek to become India’s most respected chain of pharmacies and wellness stores. According to Technopak, the Indian pharmacy retail space offers attractive opportunities for significant growth based on India’s favorable demographic trends (such as increasing life expectancy), growing levels of disposable income, increased levels of digitization, greater prevalence of chronic diseases, higher access to healthcare coverage and increased overall demand for pharmaceuticals and wellness products. They believe they are well-positioned to leverage their competitive strengths and technological innovations to solidify their leadership in their existing markets, capitalize on India’s growing digital health ecosystem and become a health and wellbeing partner of choice for their customers as they expand their operations.

The entire public offer of Wellness Forever Medicare Limited comprises of fresh issue of Equity Shares aggregating up to₹400 Cr and an Offer for Sale of 1,60,44,709 Equity Shares by the selling shareholders.

Financial Snapshot

Financial Year Ended Revenue (₹ Crores) Profit/Loss for the period (₹ Crores) EPS (₹)
March 2019 680.94 -1.33 -0.31
March 2020 867.09 -5.32 -1.16
March 2021 941.35 -34.84 -7.11

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You can apply for the Wellness Forever Medicare Limited IPO using any supported UPI app by following two steps:

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Where do I check the allotment status for Wellness Forever Medicare Limited IPO?

You can check the allotment status for the Wellness Forever Medicare Limited IPO on the website of the Registrar and Transfer agent.

Alternatively, you can also check the allotment status on the NSE website.