Yes Bank [FPO] IPO Closed

Yes bank will soon issue fresh shares to the public in a Follow on Public Offer.

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Date 15 Jul 2020 – 17 Jul 2020
Price range 12 – 13
Minimum order quantity 1000
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A Follow-on Public Offer is launched by an already listed company to issue shares to the public. Like an IPO, this issue can be in the form of new shares or an offer for sale from the promoter or major investor group. Yes Bank is issuing new shares to raise additional capital. The bank is expected to raise about 15,000 crores in this issue.

How do I apply for the Yes Bank FPO?

You can apply for the Yes Bank FPO on Console using any supported UPI app. Once you have entered your bid on Console, you will receive a mandate collect request on your UPI app. On acceptance of the mandate, the bid amount will get blocked in your bank account. The process to apply is the same as it is for an IPO. Read more.