Demat consent

Online Delivery Instruction Slip (DIS) consent for debiting shares / MF units from demat to fulfill sell trades.

“You” or “Your” shall refer to you, the client, who shall be providing this set of consents/authorisations to Zerodha Broking Limited; with respect to permissions to how the instructions as set/placed by you can allow Zerodha Broking Limited to operate in a certain manner towards certain actions/events/instructions; after you have completed signing all account opening documents, Risk Disclosure Documents [as prescribed by SEBI], KYC documents & agreed to all policies and procedures of Zerodha Broking Limited. All such instructions/consents/ authorisations provided by you, shall be via your online trading account with Zerodha Broking Limited that is behind a unique combination of a Login ID, Password, and PIN only known to you.

You confirm to have established a commercial relationship with Zerodha Broking Limited, a depository participant entity registered with SEBI (Reg. No: IN-DP-431-2019) by virtue of opening a beneficial owner account with Central Depositories (India) Limited (CDSL).

In course of availing online trading services and for meeting settlement obligations thereof on Exchanges, You hereby nominate, constitute and appoint Zerodha Broking Limited, a SEBI registered stock broking entity (SEBI Registration Number: INZ000031633), hereinafter referred to as “Zerodha” acting through their Director(s) and/or duly authorised staff for the purpose, as Your authorised person/entity with respect to the above-referred depository account held by You, to execute and perform severally all such acts and deeds; provided that, Zerodha Broking Limited complies with all applicable conditions of all or any of their services offered by them in their capacity as stock brokers. You allow Zerodha to carry out the below transactions, as per your instructions, on Zerodha’s online trading platform.

Authorisation to Zerodha Broking Limited & Applicability of this Consent

Delivery Debit Transaction

You authorise Zerodha to enable receipt of pay-ins into Your trading & demat account for selecting/instructing scrips/shares/mutual funds, as selected by You, to be transferred from Your trading & demat account to Zerodha’s pool account (Zerodha’s pool accounts are referred here, that are subject to change from time to time).

You authorise Zerodha to deposit/transfer on allotment, the securities, debentures, units of the mutual funds and/or all other investments products applied, as per Your instructions, through Your Zerodha trading account, upon allotment, to my beneficial owner demat account with Zerodha Broking Limited.

Offering Shares for Buyback, Takeover, Delisting etc.

You authorise Zerodha Broking Limited to allow shares/scrips for pay-in, as per Your instructions selected via Your online trading account, for pay-ins for any buybacks, takeovers, delisting and other such corporate action offers made on the Exchange (NSE & BSE) for listed scrips.

Settlement account numbers and the early pay-in account details of Zerodha Broking Limited as stated here for reference, which may be changed/updated from time to time.

Shares Transfer due to a Physical Delivery Obligation in Stock F&O contracts

You authorise Zerodha Broking Limited to deliver stocks underlying futures & options contracts, which are subjected to Physical Settlement as directed by the Exchanges and Zerodha’s Physical Settlement Policy, as per the instructions placed by You while transacting in such applicable stock futures & options contracts. Zerodha’s actions on transfer of shares/scrips due to physical settlement obligation may be as per the directions of the Exchanges or as per Zerodha’s physical settlement policy, which is subject to change from time to time.

Zerodha Broking Limited in all such cases shall be the trading member & the clearing member. Settlement account numbers of Zerodha Broking Limited are stated here for reference, which may be changed/updated from time to time.

Stocks Lending & Borrowing (“SLB”)

You authorise Zerodha Broking Limited to transfer shares/scrips, as instructed by You via Your online trading account, for pay-in towards Zerodha’s SLB pool account(s). Zerodha’s SLB pool account details are stated below, and are subject to change from time to time.

Erroneous transfers

In the event that any securities, shares or mutual funds are erroneously debited by Zerodha from Your demat account, they shall be transferred back to Your account by Zerodha as soon as practicable. You understand and consent that such a possibility may arise, and authorise Zerodha to transfer such securities back to your account upon discovery of the error.


This authorisation/consent is applicable to trading and demat account(s) held by clients for market transactions done via the exchange via placing instructions on the online trading account.

This authorisation/consent shall not be valid for Zerodha to execute any off-market transactions from Your account without Your consent. Execution of all off-market transactions shall require Your specific consent, and are outside the purview of this authorisation.

This authorisation/consent places no restrictions on prohibitions on You with regards to issuing a physical DIS to operate Your account. You are, at all times, free to issue a DIS & operate your account.

This authorisation/ consent does not allow Zerodha to open an Email ID on your behalf to receive relevant communications. Zerodha shall, at no point attempt to open an email ID on your behalf for any purposes related to this authorisation.

Additional criteria and limits may be set and subject to change from time to time, as per the internal policies of Zerodha Broking Limited and the rules/instructions prescribed by the Depositories.

Login Confidentiality

You agree and confirm that any instructions set via Your online trading account, which requires You to enter a unique 2-factor-authentication to login each time that is known only to You, is placed by You.

Your Login ID, Password, PIN and other login/trading account details are uniquely known only to You and no other person. You must not share Your trading account details/login preferences/combinations with any third person. In case any such login details are shared by You with another person, You understand that all risks/liabilities taking place from Your account for instructions placed by any such third person from Your account will be indemnified by You.

Zerodha Broking Limited, by itself or via any of its agents/employees/directors, will not/never ask for any login details such as Password/PIN from You in any manner whatsoever.

Security & Record Maintenance

You authorise Zerodha Broking Limited to maintain records of all transactions, maintain portfolio view of Your holdings/securities, notify You with respect to each transaction or instruction placed from Your account via SMS, Emails, notifications from Your trading account or any other manner whatsoever.

Logs of all instructions/transactions placed by You will be maintained as a log for audit purposes and such records may or may not be shown in the back-office of Your online trading account login.

All client logins/consents are protected using an SSL certified 256-bit encryption. All transactions/instructions placed by You are safeguarded behind a secure firewall. For information security, and to maintain the source of origin, Zerodha Broking Limited may or may not store details such as the IP address, device used, date & time of transactions/ instructions placed for a limited amount of time.

Revocable Consent

This online DIS consent is an alternate to providing Zerodha a physical Power of Attorney document, which would otherwise allow Zerodha to debit units from your demat account as per your instructions, as per the rules set by SEBI & the Exchanges on implementation of Power of Attorney documents. In case you would like to provide the Power of Attorney document to Zerodha, please click here to know more.

You may additionally choose to revoke any such consents/authorisations as per this document and your account towards Zerodha Broking Limited by closing Your Zerodha trading and demat account at any point of time. The process to account closure can be initiated here.