The central dashboard for your Zerodha account with in-depth reporting and analytics on your trades and investments.

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Multi-dimensional insights on your trades and portfolio presented as easy-to-understand visualisations.

In-depth breakdowns

Complete history break down of your stocks by the trade from the day of acquisition. Understand your trades better with per-trade charge breakdowns showing brokerage, STT etc.

True P&L

Console crunches tens of billions of rows of historical trade breakdowns to keep track of corporate actions, splits, transfers, and more to compute the most accurate profit and loss statements (P&L) for your portfolio.

Tax-ready reports

Tax-ready reports covering everything from capital gains to “grandfather” for a full financial year ready to be submitted to your Chartered Accountant.

Stock gifting

Now gift stocks & ETFs to your friends and loved ones. Read more.

Tag and track your trading progress

Tag the reason for taking a trade in the P&L statement or on the holdings / positions page, acting as your trading journal that will also display your performance.

Consolidated family portfolio

Add up to 10 family member portfolios (Zerodha accounts) and track the consolidated portfolio through one account. Read more.

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