60 day challenge

Zerodha presents the 60 day challenge which gives traders on equity (stocks and F&O), currency, and commodity exchanges an opportunity to put their trading skills to test.

W.e.f. 25th April 2018, winning the 60-day challenge will not entail brokerage refunds. Digital winner certificates will continue to be issued.

What is 60 day challenge?

The idea behind the 60 day challenge is to be a constant reminder that, at the end of the day, your time and effort needs to be worthwhile. The challenge is to trade any or all of equity and F&O, commodity, or currency, and come out profitable at the end of 60 trading days. Start the challenge now

What do I get as a winner?


Be a star trader

If you have a profitable track record of at least 3 months at Zerodha, you have a chance to be featured on Opentrade.in as a star!

Certificate and acknowledgement

A certificate of achievement and recognition on our winners page, our portal, and social media.

* Soft copy of the 60 day challenge winners certificate will be sent to your registered email address.
* Brokerage reversal will be capped at a maximum of Rs. 6000 per challenge.
* Non-individual/algo-trading clients are allowed to take part but will not be refunded any brokerage.