08 May 2017, 12:00 AM

Update on today's issue and fixes made

Dear client,

At around 10.15 am today, our trading platform lost connectivity which impacted a lot of our clients. We have identified the issue and are trying to determine if it was a deliberate attempt at bringing down our OMS (Order Management System). The issue was exaggerated and took us close to 2 hours to apply a fix as we were being inundated with requests that were bogging down the platform; making rebooting the servers all that much more time consuming. Similar incidents have occurred a couple of times in the last few months and affected our clients’ trading experience. The magnitude of such instances had however been a lot smaller.

Now that we have identified the root cause for this issue, we are ensuring all checks and balances are in place before start of trading tomorrow.

I have been a trader through out my life. I remember how I felt when my broker’s platform would not work. So I understand that, as a client, you’d take no excuses. But I’d still want to say that I am extremely sorry for what happened today.

We spend more than most brokers on technology and do whatever possible to ensure such incidents don’t happen. We eat, breathe and sleep Zerodha and do everything we can to make sure our clients don’t face any inconvenience while trading. We will do our best to ensure this doesn’t repeat.

Sorry once again,