18 May 2017, 12:00 AM

Important update on MIS/BO/CO (intraday) orders

We have been working hard on optimising our systems for a better trading experience given the exponential growth in trading activity.

One issue that needs an immediate fix is the extreme load our systems and the physical exchange leased lines face every day near market closing when tens of thousands of intraday orders (MIS/BO/CO), left unclosed by clients, are squared off by our RMS team at the same instant. The exchange leased lines have a maximum capacity of orders they can handle per second and our square off volumes are so large that all orders end up being queued for extended periods of time, delaying the execution. This is a drop in trading experience and can potentially cause issues in the future (some of our clients faced issues today because of this around market closing). If these orders are spread over a few seconds/minutes, the execution could be significantly faster.

As you know, we have a call-and-trade charge of Rs 20 per executed order when clients use our support team to place orders. Starting Friday, 19th May 2017, MIS/BO/CO positions that are left open at the usual intraday square off times, which our RMS team then has to square off, as usual, shall be considered call-and-trade and will carry a charge of Rs 20. We hope this additional charge will deter the small subset of clients who leave positions open for the RMS team to square off (when they can very easily square off on their own) from affecting the trading experience of our broader client base. To avoid this charge, one simply has to square off their MIS/BO/CO positions voluntarily before the preset intraday square off times.

Thank you for your continued support.