18 Apr 2017, 12:00 AM

OFS - National Aluminium Company Ltd

National Aluminium Company Ltd is offering to sell shares through an OFS process, the details of which are below:

Name of the Company: National Aluminium Company Ltd
Floor Price – INR 67 per equity share
Issue Size ( Approx.) – Rs. 647.53 Crores
A 5% discount is being offered to retail investors.

You can take part in the OFS and bid to buy shares of the OFS by logging into Q.

The link to place OFS orders is here: https://q.zerodha.com/ofs/display/
Orders will be accepted from April 19, 3:30 pm until April 20, 3:15 pm

You can view these shares on the terminal under T1 holdings on Friday,21st April

Note: If your account results in a debit post allotment of OFS, interest @ 0.05% per day shall be levied.

You will receive contract notes should you receive an allotment of the OFS.