22 Nov 2023, 08:40 AM

Current Takeovers and Delisting - November 2023

Scrip Name Start Date End Date Floor Price/Offer Price Settlement Date Sub Type

(CMP is higher than the takeover price)

16-11-2023 30-11-2023 6 14-12-2023 Takeover

(CMP is higher than the takeover price)

24-11-2023 08-12-2023 18 22-12-2023 Takeover

(CMP is higher than the takeover price)

23-11-2023 07-12-2023 11.05 21-12-2023 Takeover


During the offer period, you can place a bid for the quantity you wish to tender for the takeover/delisting on Console under Portfolio>Corporate action order window.


    1. Your orders will be placed on the Exchange platform only on the window expiry date mentioned in the table.
    2. Please make sure to hold the stock until the end date to be eligible for the Delisting/Takeover. If the quantity of stock available is lower than the order quantity on the offer end date, only available shares will be offered for the Delisting/Takeover.
    3. Charges for the order placed online will be ₹20+GST. These charges are non-refundable irrespective of whether the order is accepted/rejected/failed.
    4. All Takeover and Delisting orders will be accepted online through Console only.
    5. Orders will be accepted only till the last day of the closure till 1 PM.
    6. Settlement dates are tentative and are subject to change.