27 Jun 2023, 07:00 PM

Graded Surveillance Measure (GSM) - June 2023

The following scrips have been moved to Graded Surveillance Measure (GSM) Stage III and shall be under Trade to Trade category and trading will be permitted only once a week (Every Monday or the 1st trading day of the week) and Additional Surveillance Deposit (ASD) of 100% of the trade value to be deposited by the buyer.

Check this support article for more information on Graded Surveillance Measure.

The shares held by you will not be visible on Kite on days other than Mondays but you can check them on Console.

Scrip Effective Date
Howard Hotels Ltd 19-06-2023
Alfa Transformers Ltd 19-06-2023
Libord Securities Ltd 19-06-2023
Ramsons Projects Ltd 19-06-2023
Oswal Leasing Ltd 19-06-2023
Gujchem Distillers India Ltd 20-06-2023
R.R.Securities Ltd 21-06-2023
Thakral Services (India) Ltd 21-06-2023
Sabrimala Industries India Ltd 23-06-2023
Avasara Finance Limited 26-06-2023
Rapid Investments Ltd 26-06-2023
Escorts Finance Ltd 26-06-2023
Hypersoft Technologies Ltd 27-06-2023
Supra Trends Ltd 28-06-2023
Monind Ltd 28-06-2023
Blue Coast Hotels Ltd 28-06-2023