30 Dec 2022, 09:00 PM

Rights Entitlements listing in December 2022

When a company launches a rights issue, eligible shareholders receive Rights Entitlements (RE) in their demat accounts. These REs are not rights shares by themselves and need to be used to apply for the rights shares. The REs will be in the form of temporary demat securities which will lapse if you do not use them to apply for the rights or sell them.

The following REs are listed in the month of December:

Company Rights Entitlement (RE) ISIN RE Listing date RE Last trading date Last date to apply for rights shares
Integra Essentia Ltd ESSEN-RE INE418N20027 Dec 01 Dec 08 Dec 14
Ajooni Biotech Limited AJOONI-RE INE820Y20013 Dec 07 Dec 09 Dec 15
Adcon Capital Services Limited ADCON-RE INE805Q20010 Dec 09 Dec 16 Dec 23
Rungta Irrigation Limited RUNGTA-RE INE347C20013 Dec 09 Dec 12 Dec 15
Roni Households Limited RONI-RE INE02AP20013 Dec 09 Dec 19 Dec 23
SMC Credits Limited SMCREDT-RE INE440E20012 Dec 12 Dec 14 Dec 19
Samor Reality Limited SAMOR-RE INE0GD220014 Dec 12 Dec 23 Dec 30
Hatsun Agro Product Limited HATSUN-RE INE473B20019 Dec 19 Jan 03 Jan 09
RSWM Limited RSWM-RE INE611A20016 Dec 23 Jan 02 Jan 06
Thambbi Modern Spinning Mills Ltd THAMBBI-RE INE830D20016 Dec 29 Jan 06 Jan 12
Akg Exim Limited AKG-RE INE00Y820016 Dec 29 Jan 19 Jan 25
Anjani Portland Cement Limited APCL-RE INE071F20012 Dec 30 Jan 13 Jan 19

You will not be able to transact the REs intraday as they are settled on a trade-to-trade basis.