02 Apr 2019, 09:00 AM

Current Buybacks, Takeovers and Delisting- April 2019

Please find the list of all announced buybacks for the month of April 2019 below. Buyback requests will be accepted Online only. Takeover/Delisting request will be accepted offline via ticket.

1. Buyback: During the offer period, you can place a bid for the quantity you wish to tender for the buyback/takeover/delisting on Console under Portfolio>OFS/Buyback. Bids will be accepted until 6 PM, one day prior to the offer end date.

2. Takeover/Delisting: You can apply for open takeover/delisting offers by raising a ticket here.

Scrip Name Start Date End Date Floor Price/Offer Price Sub Type Buyback Acceptance
JUSTRIDE ENTERPRISES LTD 24-04-2019 09-05-2019 10 Takeover Offline
CEINSYS TECH LTD 15-04-2019 02-05-2019 110.00 Takeover Offline


  1. Your orders will be placed on the Exchange platform only on the window expiry date mentioned in the table.
  2. Please make sure to hold the stock until then to be eligible for this buyback. Once you place the order online, you shouldn’t sell those shares.
  3. Charges for buyback order placed online will be ₹20+GST. The order window will close at 6:00 PM one day prior to the end date.