Can a Central Bank Devalue its Currency on Purpose?

My politically opinionated father asked me worriedly, “Why has the INR depreciated since the current government took over?” I first said, “Go back a little farther, and you will see that the INR has been depreciating, irrespective of who was running the government.” But is that a bad thing? The words “depreciating” or “falling” INR […]

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24 Apr 2024

Discover Unclaimed Wealth: Shares and Dividends Owned By Your Ancestors

Humour me. Do this exercise. List the names of five people who participated in the share market in the 1980s or 1990s. Then go to the iepf.gov.in website and click on this link Search those five names in the search box provided. (Note: Provide at least the first and last name. Do not get put […]

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13 Apr 2024