9 years of Zerodha

August 14, 2019

Aug 15th, 2019 is 9 years since we started Zerodha. All of us have had the best time of our lives, building a brokerage firm that we wanted as traders. We are now:

    • India’s largest retail brokerage with over 1 million active clients
    • Maybe the largest retail brokerage in the world in terms of the number of trades, processing over 2 million trades a day. Also one of the fastest in the world with sub-50ms order execution speeds.
    • The largest direct mutual fund platform in India in Coin – over Rs 7500 crores transacted.
    • Among the top 20 investing related websites in the world and our open education initiative Varsity among the top 3 in the world on capital market education.
    • The craziest metric of all is that we now have 1.6 million customers and over 15% of the retail trading turnover on the Indian exchanges without spending any money on advertising!

All this has only been possible because of you. 🙂 Many thanks from the entire team at Zerodha. We will continue to work hard to bring you the best platforms, features, tools, utilities, educational initiatives, and more.

Some highlights from our 9th year:

While we continue to work towards offering everything under the sun that a trader or investor needs, we understand that many of you primarily need help in taking the right trading decisions. This is what we are focusing on solving going forward.

On stop-losses: I’d also like to use this opportunity to share one of the most fundamental rules of trading — make sure to not lose more than 1% of your trading capital on a single trade, even if your account size is small. For this to happen, you might end up being forced to take a really small trade which might seem immaterial. For example, if you have Rs 1lk, a single trade of maybe Rs 5k with a stop-loss of Rs 1k (1% of 1lk). But by doing this and making peace with your loss, you will place yourself in a much better situation to make the right trading decisions. Most people who lose money do because of unwise choices made in a panic, as the money on the trade is something they can’t afford to lose. For all of you actively investing, make sure to use GTT to place a stop-loss whenever you buy a stock. As you gain experience and start making money, then gradually increase this 1% number.

Thanks again for all the love. I look forward to your continued support.

Happy Independence Day,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Ashish Gupta says:

    Dear Nitin,

    I am really disappointed with ZERODHA.
    I got cheated with Rs.500(Approx) today by Zerodha team.

    Check the Ticket # #20200901865773


  2. samanvit says:

    The amount of up-gradation and positive changes that you guys are making is amazing, Went through the mail today finally. The advice about a 1% risk is worth a shoutout. Had I known about risk management earlier it would be a superb help. You guys really are trying to help traders and in return, traders are helping you 🙂

    Hoping for an online direct from chart trading option like in pi!!!!!!

  3. laxmikant soni says:

    chart not seen in kite app 8-9 jan 19

  4. Vinayak Naik says:

    Hi Nithin,

    First of all, heartiest congratulations. You have achieved greatness not only for yourself, but for the entire investment and trading community.

    I have a suggestion. Hope you like it. Since Zerodha is now the biggest platform in India, I recommend you take leverage of this and start a forum/system to know what people are interested in or what people want as enhancements from your system. Ideas which are supported by many may be relevant and should be viewed upon as customer expectations.

    For example, in case of corporate events like SPLIT/BONUS, etc. my view of holdings go for a toss for a few days and I can’t view my portfolio correctly. For such reasons, you can allow users to create two or more buckets where they can view the group wise notional P/L, along with consolidated notional P/L at the bottom. This will enhance user experience to a new level.

    I hope you like my suggestion.

    Nevertheless, implement or not, All the best for your future endeavors.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Vinayak Naik.

  5. Namashivaya says:

    Please I tack to your relationship manager not giving permission call&put options my account please help me as possi ble as early 9490194848

  6. PRAVEEN kumar B L says:

    hi , u guys has been doing great job , no comments on it when we compare to others . basically i am an intraday trader in equity cash market , some times i felt as if i carried my trade for 3 to 5 more days then huge profit might happened . then i come to know there is no leverage in equity delivery . then i searched in other plate form . they are providing ex:- MTF in angle broker and EMF in share Khan. so planning to open an account and trade there by watching zerodha charts . i really felt as zerodha should have this kind of trading plan’S. so i thought inform u once. thk u

  7. Satish chavan says:

    Sir my last two funds which are added to coin are deduced from my saving accound but that balance not shown in my demat/coin account bcz of that my recent sip was rejected”

  8. S GUNASEKARAN says:

    WG3834 is my Customer ID.
    I surprisingly read every COMMENT/Query of ZERODHA Customers but there is no REPLY from the Zerodha Team at all.

    It is infructuous to read the entire Comments/Queries but to no avail to any one at all.
    Can I expect a customer’s or CUSTOMER SERVIVICE REPRESENTATIVE of ZERODHA Team’s CONTACT No. & Name for the Readers to elicit their RESPONSE PROACTIVELY.
    Awaiting your REPLY.

    Yours sincerely,
    Mobile whatsApp :9486106260
    e-Mail:[email protected]


    this is related to 29th aug issue, i bought bank nifty call option at 140 placed stop loss at 120 then you know the history. my order got stuck not unwinded for whole day. option expired at zero. as per your reports issue fixed but why my order to got stuck for whole day. i have tried to cancell and place again but it never allowed me. just watched that option bbecoming zero. made several attempts to reach your office during trading hours and after 3.30 there is no way i had the access. i have screen shots of my attempts i made. how i can get my money. more ever please explain why the order got stuck in the system and what are measure to take in that scenario. appreciate your reply.


    sir, We have paid Rs. 500 for Opening of DMAT & Trading A/c with Zerodha . But Documents is pending . Let me know How to submit documents and start trading A/c. We have received call from Pallavi Madam of Zerodha and Phone No was 9742232020 but now she is not replying my phone.
    My Phone No is- 9560389364.
    Kindly Help.
    With Regards
    Himanshu Kumar Singh

  11. Nirmla Bai says:

    Congratulations Team ZERODHA…..
    I have a request ….that I have a ZLM Account with ZERODHA, I added some leads,but till date I don’t receive any information about it…I also made request to my sales manager at Gurugram ,Haryana for the same but reply still awaited….
    I hope you do necessary action ….
    Upender Singh,…..XX4450
    Partner ID…Nirmla Bai….ZMPEVA

  12. RM1731 says:

    when to take advantage of interoperability in Zerodha ?

    • Matti says:

      We are currently working with our Order Management System (OMS) vendor to offer support for interoperability. Since this is a significantly complex process requiring changes to the way the OMS processes and segregates orders across exchanges, this may take some time. We will make an announcement once this is done.

  13. Saibal says:

    A belated happy birthday…Certainly you deserve appreciation for what you have done in the past as a truly retail friendly broker but off late I find you people to be more profit oriented than really generating automatic profit from enhanced services by having more satisfied customers which was your business model earlier. Presently huge no of customers have meant more slower server and more server related issues.But anyway this is my perception from day to day experience and not really criticism but just observation looking for further scope of improvement . One Idea— I wish you can give us a graphical facility of shifting stop loss position from pop up charts of kite …That can be of great help and I truly believe one day you will give that to your customers. It really can be of great help in smaller time frame scalping.

  14. Harivanam Vijaynag says:

    Congratulations Nithin and Zerodha team. I know you must be aiming for more.. All the best for all future thoughts. Happy to be part of a success team.

  15. Vijay shekar says:

    Try to give intraday margin also for T+5 days for buying options against margin from pledged shares as provided by Sharekhan, if done lot of investors waiting to transfer theirs millions of shares to zerodha from Sharekhan, think of in expanding business

  16. SRINIVAS N says:

    I hope all members of Zerodha get rich one day like the boss

  17. Ram23 says:

    I don’t think you have developed anything special. Still you are not able to update bonus shares with 0 cost. I have never come across to enter buy price of a stock after two years. People always learn in a hard way. I think many learnt and left. Many enter without knowing the problems they have to face.

    • Laksh says:

      Exactly – there are so many such issues, and they royally snub us even if we point it out.

      The UPL avg. cost was showing correct even after bonus addition. And all of a sudden after 2 months it asked me to enter purchase cost of ONLY bonus shares manually, which I did (added with ZERO cost, as it was bonus). But not it’s showing a random amount as buy price and my total investment is showing 50% less than what I actually invested.

      Also, another issue is, if you check the ‘charges’ of your trades (including GST, STT etc), they don’t tally up. Flagged it over 2 months ago, and they are not doing anything about it.

      • Nakul says:

        Hey Laksh,

        The UPL bonus issue is fixed. We are looking into the issue with charges breakdown. Will be corrected soon. We regret the inconvenience.

    • Nakul says:

      Hey Ram,

      We do update the prices for all corporate actions. If you can raise a ticket through our support portal, our team will be able to track and help you out in case there is an issue with the average prices of stocks in your portfolio.




  19. Santhosh K R says:

    I am a new customer and I am very much satisfied with your hassle free platform and fault less service.

    I request you you to introduce a daily system for sending an SMS message giving the number and name of the shares transacted each day by day end. This will help us to quickly cross check the data with us regularly.
    Wish you all the best…

    Santhosh K R

    • Matti says:

      SMS delivery is quite unreliable and hence we send an email with a contract note that has details of all trades done in the day.

  20. Amit says:

    Congratulations. Excellent broker and products.

  21. RAJASHEKAR says:

    Congratulations Zerodha

  22. Joby Alias says:

    Congratulations Zerodha!!
    You made trading and investing activity affordable and exciting!

    Thank you

  23. Apurva Anil Kunkulol says:

    Hello Nithin Sir,
    Wish you and the entire Team at Zerodha, a very happy 9’th anniversary.
    Wish you all the best for your future and make very good progress with Zerodha.

  24. Dilip Dabke says:

    Sir, congrats and thank you very much. Really, one can only imagine the efforts which u & ur team have taken. I can share with you my experience. Whenever, I contacted Mrs Medha, she has always extended her support very quickly. Sir, it shows that u have built the best team. So again congrats to u & ur entire team.


  25. Paramesh Gutha says:

    Thanks Nithin for the effort you are putting in, to bring up the best platform to the users.
    I can sense it’s not as easy journey for you for last 9yrs.

    I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart to get all the strengths to prosperous this organization.


  26. Girish A says:

    Congratulations to Zerodha Entire Team!!

    Best stock broking firm. Your Kite App and web based both trading ways are very good in that, All options are user-friendly.

  27. Kedar says:

    Congratulations Zerodha!!

    Zerodha is continuously improving and serving better and better!!
    Really appreciate Zerodha!


  28. Jayanta says:

    Congratulations to Nitin andteam Zerodha.. Keep growing stronger everyday.

    May I ask to introduce more info based feature on the app.. Trade by volume, trade by value, most activ and various tickets as found in other websites or app, that will make the user experience more wholesome..


    • Matti says:

      When we designed Kite, we consciously decided to keep the UI minimal and cut out all the noise. Nithin has explained this in more detail here.

  29. Chirag Patel says:

    Congratulations Zerodha, Nitin and team u are simply awesome.

  30. Venkatesh Kusalkar says:

    Congratulations and Thank You to Zerodha!

  31. Rahul Patil says:

    Congratulations team zerodha, waiting for STP feature on the coin when you will lunch the same?

    Otherwise having a great experience with the zerodha….

  32. Rahu Patil says:

    Congratulations team zerodha, waiting for STP feature on the coin when you will lunch the same?

    Otherwise having a great experience with the zerodha….

  33. satish says:

    Great work Zerodha. However a lot of unscrupulous guys are marketing your product, promising the moon if we are to open an account through them then once they have people signed up, renege on their promises. Its a sorry state giving you a bad name……how do u intend addressing this??

  34. Preeti says:

    Sir Margin on MF holding please !!!

    Most awaited feature from zerodha team

  35. Maheswar Rabha says:

    Congratulations Team Zerodha , you people deserve to be number one. As just a beginner with small trader and investor and your varsity is wonderful and is really helping me to pick up things quickly. Looking forward the same trends.
    Keep up the good work.

  36. Shashank says:

    Congratulations Team Zerodha , you people deserve to be number one.

    I have one concern , which should be addressed. In the wake of the recent frauds , zerodha should work upon the enhanced security so that people could entrust zerodha with more money like banks.

    Secondly you people should work upon the idea of crediting interest daily on the amount that client has with you. This will increase the money of clients with Zerodha.

    I wish you all the luck for future.

  37. v.chelladurai says:

    dear,zeodha My Best Wishes to You.

  38. Anuj Kumar says:

    Hello Mr. Nithin,
    Congratulations to you and your team for the anniversary and best wishes to the whole country for a great future….

  39. Manjesh GN says:

    Hi Nitin
    Congratulations on your 9th year helping investors/traders.
    I am just a beginner and your varsity is really helping me to pick up things fast.
    Keep up the good work.

  40. Ram says:

    Many many Congratulations to you and your team.
    I really appreciate to your hard work, thoughts and execution.

    Thanks and best wishes for future..

  41. RAMANATH HEGDE says:

    Congrats to Nithin and entire zerodha family !!!
    Keep improving !!! Keep growing !!!
    Thanks all

  42. Vijay says:

    Thanks Nithin and entire Zerodha family on 9 years of splendid job which you performed. Wish you to grow further to entire satisfaction of your customers.

  43. soni says:

    Hi Nitin, congratulations on driving Zerodha’s stupendous growth. Zerodha’s ability to bring about new innovations in trading and investing is amazing. From the 80’s where we had to depend on brokers (sometimes unscrupulous) to a platform like Zerodha!! What a journey for the indian investor and our capital markets. And Zerodha has been there pushing the boundaries forward !!
    Couple of things you can bring as new features/offerings:
    1) Bring direct investing in international shares on Zerodha.
    2) SIPs on shares feature
    3) Dividend received information should be there in KITE.
    Do let me know when you intend to bring these features. Any response on my mail id would be appreciated.

    Meanwhile keep growing. !!

    Soni ignatius


    Congrats Zerodha ,
    I am a small trader and investor. I do not dream of becoming a big But I pray to god to keep me consistently positive in my all capital market approach.All this is possible with my best broker zerodha help.

  45. Govardhan Billa says:

    I wish the entire team a very best of luck. Thanks for the new features introduced. However I request the team to explain various features and how to use them (GTT/GTC). I am badly looking for right kind of decision making while trading.

  46. Anil kumar says:

    I am unable to get help from customer care because I don’t have IPIN PLEASE provide me. How can I get help from customer care.

  47. IVS Suresh says:

    It is just an generic comment on Kite (Web and MobileApp ) application,whenever I add an stock by entering the name in the search bar provided on top of the TAB,the stock gets added to the end of the current list.Can you make it gets added to the top of the list.For example:If I have 45 stocks on an particular TAB, and try to add an stock then I need to scroll till end of the page to select for Buy (or) Sell.

  48. Abhijit sen says:

    Congratulations, you have been a game-changer for the industry. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.
    But till now some brokerage payout you have stopped. Why I don’t know? So I am not enjoying 9 the celebration.

  49. Kedar says:

    Happy Independence Day Nithin Sir. Can you add information about “Promoter, Board of Director, Management” with their post in company. Also add when they join post as well as till when they will work on their post. Try to add some information about that person with hyperlink on their name. This will very helpful in research of every “Zerodha Users” “Kindly don’t ignore this”



    this is great achievement and my support will continue. regards Parmanand Maurya

  51. ruturaj mane says:

    congratulations to you all and god bless you all.

  52. Kiran Ashtami says:

    Congratulations Nitin Kamat!!!!

    Could you please tell us when Varsity app will be available on IOS


  53. Priyadarshini says:

    Congratulations…Keep on growing…Nice trading platform…

  54. PK says:

    Well said about the importance of Stop Loss. I say this because I invested a huge amount without putting a stop loss and today I sit with a loss of almost 60%. There were so many mistakes which I did, to lead up to this situation and if investor education is something that Zerodha can take up it will great. Most of the times, people already know all this, but need to be constantly reminded, so that they do not get carried away, as I did.
    Now I wait to recover my principal.

  55. Bhagawan BRN says:

    Hearty Congratulations to Nitin & entire Team Zerodha, best wishes for further journey.

  56. Sagar Dalvi says:

    first of all hearty congratulation to u n ur team.
    as many more around me using zerodha it quite simple n fast.
    best wishes for ur further journey.
    best luck.

  57. Rajkumar Kanojiya says:

    Congratulations and great Achivement for Zerodha.

  58. Rajeev kumar says:

    I am very happy with Zerodha and you are good working .

  59. sudhakar naguesh parab says:


  60. RAMESH SHUKLA says:

    Congratulations to you and to your entire team on this occasion. Looking for improvement – a) client service – e.g. many people handling client desk do not understand the issue thus resulting in delay in resolution. b) though Zerodha have introduced three in one a/c in association with IDFC First, but we fail to understand the reason for more than 24hrs requirement, for fund credit to IDFC bank from our trading a/c cash balance?

  61. Saravanan Na says:

    Great! COngratz zerodha. Keep the move and growth!

  62. VINAY KUMAR says:


  63. ARUN MAITY says:

    This is because of your commitment & dedication………………….
    Congratulations and thanks for your entire team.

  64. Mahesh says:

    Congratulations Nitin sir

  65. Amaranath says:

    Congrats Nitin Sir! and all Zerodha team who involved and kept lots of efforts in progressing of Zerodha to current position since 9 years.Zerodha is awesome.

    IMPROVEMENT REQUIRED:One request from my end to improve below feature:

    Please improve functionality to add more stokes in Watchlist as currently it is allowing 50 stocks per tab. As we have 1000’s of good stocks to monitor hence the current functionality of Watchlist capacity is not sufficient.


  66. Umesh says:

    Hi Nithin, it has been wonderful experience using Zerodha pi, can something be done so that MacBook Pro user can trade using Pi ? I tried using the virtual box bt it takes out the fun of trading via pi, its nt that fast. Tia

  67. Prashanth B N says:

    Hello Nithin,

    Thanks for the overview regarding features and options that Zerodha is offering.

    I have one request which your team can think off. Could you please provider “BO for Derivatives options trading” which is missing in Zerodha. Your competitor has this feature and badly missing in Zerodha.

  68. M A Basar says:

    1. CMP to be made available with chart.
    2. More margin to be given in MIS for F&O.
    3. Brokerage to be further reduced.

  69. Piyush Waghmare says:

    I really like the Zerodha team and all your apps.
    I started my journey of trading with Zerodha.
    I am so happy that I choose the right and the best brokerage firm.
    Cheers to you guys 😊😊😊

  70. H S sarkar says:

    Dear sir,zerodha trading platform is used by so many …however there is little support from your office/customer care once a demat a/c has been opened.Everybody is on his own.

  71. Neellima says:

    Many congratulations for this Superb performance. No doubt you are the standard for trading and investing now and all others are trying to follow you. However, what is more important is that even with such success, you have not stopped innovating newer and newer products for your clients almost every 4-5 months. This makes you THE BEST. God Bless You ! Keep marching on.

  72. Chiranjit Biswas says:

    I am now a week long member at Zerodha. As of now, Zerodha, for me, provides an excellent trading platform.

    I started trading after gaining fruitful knowledge from Varsity. I thank Zerodha for providing it free of cost.

    The only thing I wish Zerodha could have done is to provide a stock screener program for free.

  73. Debashis Sarkar says:

    It’s my pleasure, Nitin Sir, to comment on this. Already you have done an Awsome job to convert ZERODA as biggest stock trading Company in India, and surprisely within 9 years!!! I know Zeroda can not do any wrong or mistake to its customer. I became proud to get associated with you people. Thanks for everything.

  74. R.Muthukumaran says:

    Congrats to Nithin and team Zerodha. Happy to be associated with you.

  75. Murali says:

    congrats! It’s remarkable that so many tools and platforms introduced within a short span of time and responsible for a paradigm change in discount brokerage. Looking forward to high leverage margins to meet the requirements of specific clients

  76. Sachin says:

    Happy Independence Day..to Nitin Sir and All Zerodha Team…I am very happy for your great service and support….Keep Growing

  77. Hari Satyam says:

    Sir, how to trade stockmarket, Risk is 1 percent, Reward is 5percent , please suggestions, any cost sir

  78. REKHA GOLLENA says:

    valuation of holdings/stocks to be done after removing the hair cut automatically and margin to be arranged based on the valuation.This provisions will made to put buying orders without credit ledger.
    However same day or within two days amount to be transferred otherwise same may be liquidated to clear debit ledger.
    This will facilitate orders can be put as wish of client without credit ledger also, this facility will give good volume growth.
    The existing facility of pledging and all will not help as the delay in pledged stocks may loose the apportunity to sell when intended.

  79. Pramod JOSHI says:

    Happy Independence Day and Happy Raksha Bandhan. Please pass me list / chart of charges for Trading.

  80. Peter says:

    Congrats for all you have done to make investing accessible to millions of Indians!. This is real independence from the clutches of mercenary brokers . Hope you can bear upon people like sensibull to charge less for the education if going through Zerodha
    Wish you can do something about Foreign Currency remittances abroad to make them less Shylockian than they currently are

  81. Ishant says:

    I am very happy with Zerodha Services and new implementations which are very different from other brokers
    Keep it up 👍👌👌👌
    Happy Independence Day
    🌹💐Happy Zerodha Day💐🌹

  82. Arvind says:

    Congrats to Nithin & team. It is proud to be a part of the Zerodha family. Happy Independence Day and may Zerodha keep the Indian tri-color flying high.

  83. Sampat Kumar Roy says:

    Happy Independence Day. Proud to be a part of Zerodha. Wish your well being Nithin Sir.

  84. Bashishth Kumar Singh says:

    Keep it up 👍

  85. rshad says:

    Congrats for all the achievements zerodha has collected. One important thing which i want personally and may be required by others is direct debit facility from any bank’s linked savings account. I mean there should not be any necessity to transfer funds from linked accounts as and when needed. eg. in case of GTC we need funds in trading account. We don’t know on which date your GTC will be triggered AND YOU MAY END UP MISSING THE TRADE. PLEASE LOOK INTO THIS MATTER ALSO.

  86. Supreeth says:

    Congratulations on your successful journey. Wish you and your team many successful years ahead.

  87. Naved says:

    Sir above given suggestion is very good but we have to make principle &also practice in every kind of trade in stock mkt..wish you Independance Day.. Thanks

  88. Irfan Shaikh says:

    First of all, a Happy Independence Day from one citizen to another.
    A very hearty congratulations to you and your team on the ninth successful year of Zerodha.
    I have just migrated partially from Kotak Securities to Zerodha, and I am now seeing, apart from charges, that I have made a good decision with regards to so many indicators available.
    So best of luck, Team Zerodha, for many frutiful years and decades ahead…..

  89. Jignesh says:

    Congratulation Nithin Kamath

  90. Jignesh says:

    Congratulation Mr.Nithin Kamath&Zerodha team

  91. Deepak Chitnis says:

    Hi Nithin and Zerodha Team …
    What an incredible journey and achievements ! Kudos to you all .
    Happy to be part of your successful journey …. never stop improving and evolving in the future journey …wishing you all the best !
    Thx .

  92. Shriram says:

    Congrats Team!!! This is what investors expected. Best wishes…
    Wish you come up with new ideas in educating investors.

    With Regards

  93. Henry Paul says:

    Congrats you & zerodha team. Happy Independence Day.

  94. Ujjwal kumar says:

    Congrats mr.nitin & Zerodha team.

  95. V.Vijayalakshmi says:

    Congratulation Mr.Nithin Kamath&Zerodha team
    Thanks for your paperless trading platform.

  96. Pradeep says:

    Millions of thanks to provide such a wonderful trading platform love with great regards to ZERODHA DHA DHA dha…….. & Nitin kamath and team

  97. Shankar Dohale says:

    नितिन सर, आपणे जो जानकारी हमे दी है वो बहुत ही सार्थक है और हम निवेशकको कें फायदे की ही है|
    आपको और Zerodha की पूरी टीम को 9 साल पूरे करने के लिए बधाई। और खुदरा व्यापारियों और उत्कृष्ट चार्टिंग प्लेटफॉर्म के लिए इस तरह के उपयोगकर्ता के अनुकूल व्यापार प्रदान करने के लिए Zerodha को धन्यवाद। आशा है कि अधिक से अधिक नई सुविधाएँ हमारे रास्ते में आएँगी।

  98. DEVARAJAN R says:

    Congratulations to you & to your team for this great Success.

    I have only one request:-

    From the Reports page I am not able to get all other charges other than Brokerage & Taxes – Charges like D’Mat A/C charges etc. (NOT REFLECTED IN THE CONTRACT NOTE) & hence I am Not able to assess the actual Balance in My A/C. Hence I request you to Modify the S/W so that All Charges / Fees of what so ever in nature & however small it may be is reflected.



  99. Adwait says:

    Hearty congratulations Mr. Nitin and entire Zerodha Team !!!
    Wish you all the best and many more successful years to come !!!
    I am also happy to be associated with you.
    Regards, Adwait.

  100. afsana anjum says:

    Congratulations to the entire team of ZERODHA. Keep Rolling & Rocking. Work for improvement regularly. May GOD bless you and give you grand grand success in the days to come.

  101. Rohit says:

    Congratulations 🎊 to the entire team at Zerodha. It has been a boon to retail investors in India.
    Few points :
    1. Varsity can have a module on different features and explanation of terms on Kite, Smallcase..etc..
    2. Sentinel alerts by SMS (for those who choose to) would be great

  102. Narayanaswamy Mahadevan says:

    Congratulations Mr. Nitin and also to entire Zerodha Family ! Best wishes for future growth too !!
    Though continuous improvement is on…. frequent hangover, may be due to traffic choking at Server end, may be looked in to..
    With best wishes,
    N. Mahadevan

  103. Narasappa Hosamani says:

    Hearty congratulatios to Nitin Kamat &whole Zerodha team for successful completion of 9 years of establishing this wonderful trading platform,I wish grand success for many years ahead.

  104. Chintan Mukund Patel says:

    Congratulations Mr. Nithin Kamath & entire team at ZERODHA. A remarkable feat achieved in 9 years. I am sure there is more to come…

    All the Best.

  105. Keshav Nayak says:

    Congratulations for your journey till now. Your advice on Stop Loss is also very good and useful for all who are trading on your platform. May God help you to take many more steps which will make trading very easy and exciting.

    Best wishes.

  106. manpreet singh says:


  107. Bala Krish says:

    Hi Nithin

    Congrats & Wish Zerodha a 99-year lease on Indian Capital Market.
    Best Wishes

  108. Prabhu M B says:

    It is great privilege that we have Zerodha that is from Bangalore. It helps so many people to trade in all segments.
    Especially thanks to Mr Nitin Kamat Sir
    Prabhu M B

  109. VISHAL DHULE says:

    Stop Loss not working in my account
    I have called on 14th aug 2019 about this but no use of it. badly on same day i have lost my nearly 50% of my capital.

  110. Tony - KA1510 says:

    Congrats to you and your team – All the best for the next 9 – Cheers Tony

  111. Y V Ganesh says:

    Sir, you may slowly make sensibull as part of zerodha, so that zerodha users can use sensibull features at no extra cost.

  112. Zuberuddin Ansari says:

    Congratulations for completing 9years of success & wish you Happy Independence Day. Keep growing, keep moving. Listen your clients and improve day by day as per need. Thanks

  113. Sekhar MSR says:

    Congratulations Sir. All the best Sri Nithin Sir & Team.
    Keep growing…Sekhar Zerodha family

  114. Kannan says:

    Congrats,Good team, good improve, pls advisement zerotha big supports in zerotha team….

  115. Devendu Tripathi says:

    Thank u sir,well done & keep it up,u are a roll model for our young india,Happy Independence Day

  116. Rajendra Singh Panwar says:

    आप सभी को स्वतंत्रता दिवस और रक्षाबंधन की हार्दिक शुभकामनाएं.

  117. Abkash Satpathy says:

    Thanks Nitin. Zerodha is the best and that’s y want to be part of the team as a Derivative Analyst .

    Please accept my connect in LinkedIn and give me an opportunity for an interview so that I can demonstrate my skillsets.

  118. Unnikrishnan T A says:

    congratulations zerodha team.

  119. Deepika Rajat Vohra says:

    Congratulations to entire zerodha Team!

  120. Subrit says:

    Many Congratulations to Zerodha, its staff, all clients and its ecosystem. 🙂

    Zerodha is no doubt the best. Looking forward from 9 to 90.

    Love and Best Regards

  121. Sandeep Roy says:


  122. Sandeep Roy says:

    This really good experience for me as a part of this…I believe in future it will goes better an better for both of us..


    Many Many Congratulations
    NITIN Sir 🌹🌹

  124. Pradeep Dwarakanath says:

    Congrats for the commitment and the resultant phenomenal success of Zerodha.
    While this is good, we have been waiting for a long time for some key features like STP and SWP. These are key investment tricks that every systematic investor looks for. In the past many timelines have been shared for the support of these features saying it needs a special algorithm to be developed, however it has still not happened. Is there a definitive time line for support of these features?

    Also in kite web platform, does it show Small cap index, mid cap index, Nifty next 50, nifty next 100, top 500 etc. Seeing these indices we can decide to invest in corresponding MFs. I happen to view money control.com for these index figures and then invest in coin.

  125. Deepak sharma says:

    Very very happy independence day…sir

  126. Venkatesham pulluri says:

    Congratulations and Happy independence day sir

  127. Ratnapal RP says:

    Well done keep it up. Any plans for GIFT.

  128. R Srinivasan says:

    Hi Nitin Kamath,
    Congratulations and keep growing.Your aggressive approach ad innovative products from Zerodha makes you a great brokerage. I had an account and was not trading. But I was in one telegram group called zerodha members , in this every member was informing that Zerodha is hanging very often. Now I have switched to Zerodha sine Aug19 and never faced any problem. Despite all the advantages of zerodha one sinister group is working to defame your efforts.

  129. Kamalesh MR says:

    Congratulations Nithin and Team!!!
    I never regret joining in Zerodha.
    You have made the signing process easier and keep enhancing the technology. Wish you all the best. Many more years to come!!!

  130. Anis says:

    Congrats for this achievements.
    I take opportunity to say you this occasion, please improve your costomercare support system. Now staff is very poor knowledge.
    PL. Train them.

  131. Umesh sawadh says:


  132. SHASHI SALIAN says:

    congratulation for all the good work & thanks for all the support..

  133. Kotresha says:


  134. Dr Ranveer Mahato says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Wishing you and the entire Zerodha family a very happy Independence day.

    Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful platform.

    If we can see our portfolio stocks with market capitalisation and it’s percentage allocation. So that we can know how much percentage of portfolio belongs to large cap, mid cap, and small cap. It will help a lot in portfolio management.

    Dr Ranveer Mahato

  135. Rajinder Kambo says:

    Dear Nikhil.
    Heartiest congratulations for scaling new heights.
    May God bless you with new successes and opportunities and you continue to serve the community.
    But sorry to state that your back office is not do efficient and responsive unlike your platform.
    To cute an example, last month I closed my account in Reliance Security and transferred Demat shares in Zerodha .The details of acquisition of shares and quantity shared with Zerodha .For two of shares Sun TV and Tata motors,some wrong figures are appearing. I have sent mail and spoken on telephone,but still correct picture not reflected in the account.
    Require your personal intervention for making due amendment.
    Also guide individual investor to exit a share if losses are being hooked continuously.Convince them that it’s in their interest not too book heavy losses.

  136. shobiraj says:

    Happy independence day, my sincere thanks for your kind service

  137. Mangesh Pawar says:

    Firstly. Congratulations zerodha & team

    I am waiting bracket order in commodity segments.. when will it available ?

  138. Sanjeev Kumar says:

    Congrats to entire zerodha team and specially to Mr Nitin Kamath……when you’ve a good boss, than your “TARAKKI PAKKI”. !!! ( Like ourgreat PM NAMO) Zerodha is the best platform for younger India.

  139. KRISHNARJUN says:

    Congratulations… Nithin ji& team…..

  140. Kiran Gopinath says:


  141. Arun Vasantrao Galgali says:

    Congratulations on your stupendous achievement. Continue to do the good work you are doing. I have learnt a lot after my association with Zerodha. Good luck & God bless you & your team.

  142. dr sundar says:

    happy independence day to you all, zerodha
    it is a pride to have been associated with you
    God Bless

  143. Hardev Krishan says:

    Congratulations to TEAM ZERODHA for providing best and friendly equity trading platforms.
    And thank you for your kind advice ,regarding stop loss which is essential in every trade.
    Happy Independence Day.
    With regards

  144. Sangita m.kamble says:

    हार्दिक अभिनंदन ,कामत सर
    जिरो दा कि बेमिसाल प्रगती हो!
    और उसका फायदा रिटेल इन्व्हेस्टर्स
    को हो!
    हार्दिक बधाई सभी टिम को!

  145. Sharad Bajirao Garad says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Happy Independence Day!
    Congratulations to you and entire team of Zerodha on completion of 9 years. Our best wishes are always with you.
    Always stay updated to this system.

  146. Nitin Vishe says:

    Thanks lot sir
    Congrats to zerodha and team,
    Happy Independence day.
    Nitin Vishe

  147. Pradip Pal says:

    I have become your client recently. I have already invested over sixteen lacs rupees through you. I find it very convinient. I want to know can I get my capital gain statement? Are you providing it? If not can you provide it?

  148. AMIT RAVAL says:


  149. sodhi says:

    Hello Nitin and Zerodha Team,

    You guys are a rockstar team. Many congratulations.

    However , request knowledge articles on app and markets to be simplified .


  150. Amit Ranva says:

    Respected sir,

    I like to write here because I love zerodha platform. I face many problem when I opened account. The receptionist had not understand my languages, i am from gujarat and have problem with english and hindi speaking.

    I recommend local receptionalist or local relationship manager.
    For better communication.

  151. Amitha says:

    Congratulations. Keep it up.

  152. Aman dwivedi says:

    Happy independence day and thank uhhh so much

  153. Paramjeet Kumar says:

    Excellent Platform zerodha provided.

    Happy Independence Day

  154. Sandeep Motarwar says:

    Sir, one month back I joined your family.
    Since I am new, request you to provide training program for both equity as well as commodity. Also taxation by Government.

    I checked few things but people have half knowledge which is harmful.

    Sandeep Motarwar


  155. Dr. Shashikant Patwardhan says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Happy Independence Day!
    Congratulations to you and entire team of Zerodha on completion of 9 years. Our best wishes are always with you.

  156. Sachin says:

    Congratulations Nitin and Zerodha team. Thanks for the wonderful platform for trading and also For the stopploss tip you mentioned in the mail.

  157. Reena says:

    Congratulations and God bless

  158. Varadarajan R says:

    Congratulations to the entire team of Zerodha on completion of 9 years. This is only a small milestone and with the excellent work put in by the team, you will reach many more milestones much larger and wider in scope. In the process, you are a big support for traders and investors by making it so easy for all of us. Keep the flag flying high !!!!!!

  159. Gitanjali says:

    Dear Nithin Kamath Sir ,
    Hearty congratulations to the entire team of Zerodha for the successful journey of 9 years .
    Actually I am very new to Zerodha. Earlier I have an Demat account in other platform, where I had suffered a huge loss due to non teaching of technics by their team. Now I would like to recover all hard earn money from Zerodha platform.
    I am confident that this journey will continue successfully in the coming years with much more friendly feature to the investors community by Zerodha team . Really my experience is good and will continue our support in the coming period. Wish you all the success .

  160. Srinivas says:

    Hi All,
    Hearty congratulations to Nitin and entire Zerodha team in achieving this feet ..

    Indeed a truly remarkable what you guys have built and in giving some of the reputable names run for money and helping Digital and wish much more in coming days to come.

    Happy Independence days to all

  161. Sajith Thotton Karakkadan says:

    Thank You…Happy Independence Day…👍😊

  162. Romit says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Congratulations on the milestone. However, off late your support team has giving lot of trouble. Please improve the support quality.
    Its a nightmare working with support team to resolve any of the issue.


  163. Sundarta Bhagat says:

    Thanks a Ton, Zerodha !
    In future, it’s going to be biggest platform for trading.
    I wish you all great success with hope that people will learn to trade from here and generate wealth in their lives.

  164. Mahendra says:

    Congratulations ZERODHA team ….Inspite in the 9’ th year of celebration,I think ZERODHA has failed to give proper service of STOPLOSS…Many times my stoploss was hit ,but trade was not excuted…Who is responsible for this extra loss ..I guess in the coming year ,Kamath sir will take this issue on PRIORTY BASIS and decrease our losss to more extent ..Happy Independence Day …

  165. Ravi Kiran says:

    Congratulations Sir, I wish You and the Zerodha Family all the best.

    Thank you
    Ravikiran S

  166. Mahendra singh says:

    Welcome sir ! In my view with experience you have created best brokerage firm I have ever experienced

  167. Rajaram S says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Happy independence day. I wish you and Zerodha all the best, and hope you will continue to grow into a large highly trustworthy organization that enables ordinary people to participate safely and grow their wealth in the Indian financial markets.

    Warm Regards,

  168. Jagdish says:

    Congrats Kamath on 9th anniversary of Zerodha

    Keep going, you have created an platform for millions to grow. Many thanks for tips, please sharing your inputs often..

    Wish we all grow with you…!

  169. Manoj Mishra says:

    It is our pleasure to use zerodha platform for trading. Even it is most easy application as compared to other trading platforms. We wish all members of zerodha for their efforts to give us a most useful application. But the costumes care representatives or your backend team people are never trying to understand the situation. One day i have 20 open mis position at 3.15 pm. I forgot to square off these positions at 3.15pm. And i was not aware of the charges which I need to pay Rs 20 per position. Later on i understood my mistakes. I have requested to reverse my changes as one time only and i will take care all my future trades. I hope you will read this comment understand my concern.

  170. Tirupathirao bammidi says:

    Congrats to zerodha family & like to say lot of thanks to provide a good platform

  171. Ravi chourasiya says:

    Congratulations, zerodha services are excellent.kite and coin awesome app for us, it will grow………

  172. Kohil Dey says:

    Happy Independence Day to the entire team of Zerodha and congratulations for completing 9 years of your service.

  173. Uday Kant says:

    Team Zerodha,
    You are stand alone in Indian Trade Market who provides a platform to a common people who does not know how and where have to start trading in share market. There are many Loop holes in your system by which new investor faced trouble and got loss. But you are proiding a better platform.
    I hope in future Zerodha Team will improve betyer than Today.

    All the best for Future.

  174. Manoranajan says:

    Congrats to Zerodha family !!!
    Happy Independence Day !!!

    Zerodha is a reliable platform where I think maximum numbers of traders showing their faith.

  175. Ganesh chavan says:

    Congratulations sir your service is good and your team also support us very good

  176. suresh babu says:

    Dear Founder,

    Happy Independence day Greetings! Your family and your team, made fortunes by way of launch of “Zerodha” and its fascinating concepts, this can be achieved only by ….only by…a persons with vast knowledge with practicals.

    I would like to say that,

    a) GTT and GTC videos not uploaded.
    b) Without operating experience of Laptop or Desktop you cannot put or cancel or modify the order in quicker time slot.
    c) Scrips bot on NSE viz., Grand Foundy…after one week (after credit of delivery) also I could not able to sell in another exchange for Price advantage viz Grand Foundry trades at NSE Rs 1.60 and BSE @ Rs 2.07 with only buyers…..Can you help me ?
    d) All Tier – 3 cities above 50 years people will be happy, if you can start or tie up with “Typewriting Institutes” for learning Keyboard operations within 15 days so that every one will buy Laptops or Desktop.

    d) Zerodha family can earn 4X in revenues.

    With warm regards
    A Suresh Babu

  177. B vikram says:

    I am not satisfied with your work and service, you know people use your trade terminal because your little better than other ok, your member not give any guide line to us related about trade. More over your time is good that why it’s run, but future perfect competition you can face. More over some app you launched based on option trade it’s not usefull in market, I make loss it. Because due to lack of guide line.

    Your trade terminal realsed some video, but it’s video person explain very fast, there like no should understand. More over MCX has very less liverage your provide.

    Finally from my side, I will rate single star.


    Satisfied with the service. If in sensibull virtual trading and option stratagies charge will be less then it will be very helpful for a small intraday trader.


    Congrats to Zerodha Family Team members of 9 yrs Celebrations, One of the best trading platform.

  180. Ilango says:

    Best wishes.
    You truly care – that write up on the importance of stop loss and your resolve to educate traders/investors reveal it.
    Great team… Great leader.

  181. Vikas says:

    Congratulations all zerodhha team & all the best for future milestones.

    Happy independence day all of you, & Rakhi ….

    vikas rajput

  182. Dinesh Nikam says:


  183. Sharad tiwari says:

    Zerodha आपको बहुत बहुत बधाईया । आपने ब्रोकिंग के क्षेत्र में अपने क्रांतिकारी आईडिया से नए कीर्तिमान स्थापित किये है , जिससे मेरे सहित लाखो करोड़ो भारतीयों को फायदा मिल रहा है और आने वाले समय मे ओर मिलेगा । आशा ही नही वरन पूर्ण विश्वास है कि आप शेयर ब्रोकिंग सर्विस में जल्दी ही पूरे विश्व मे नाम कमाकर भारत का नाम रोशन करोगे । धन्यवाद ।

  184. Sai Kiran ze3164 says:

    Dear team Zerodha,

    Congratulations all the best for future milestones.

    Happy independence day all of you,

    Sai Kiran S.

  185. Bhaveshgiri says:


  186. Nikhil says:

    Happy Independence Day Nithin Kamathji… Congratulations 9 years will turn into 99 & many more. Keep growing Zerodha family 😉 All the very best 👍

  187. Partha sarathi barui says:

    Most wel come.

  188. Goutamchand S says:

    Congrats and wish you Happy Independence Day.

  189. DIPAK PODDER says:

    Thanks for the email.
    Stock market is for all you made it.
    Congratulations and keep growing.

  190. omkar kulkarni says:

    thank you very much to Nithin sir to providing the trading platform for middle class people

  191. Jayanta Sarkar says:

    Happy independence Day sir..Zerodha is always best.

  192. Nirav Joshi says:

    Congrats to Nithin and entire zerodha family !!!
    Keep doing the best work you all are doing. Keep proving new features to trading platforms.

  193. Sandip Barokar says:

    Congratulations to Nithin Sir And Team Zerodha
    Happy Independence Day 2019
    Sir plz Add -1:Stock SIP feature in Zerodha kite
    2:Plz add stock dividend received in FY in separate tab For particular year
    It is not there in Zerodha
    Axis direct offer this feature .It is very needed feature
    3:dividends history tab should be added
    Plz work on these for better user experience

  194. Santosh says:

    Congratulations to the team zerodha,
    And best wishes for your Future.
    You made a great personality of your financial services provided by you.
    All the best .

  195. Aravindan says:

    Dear Team Zerodha,

    Congrats, and wishes for more milestone in future.

  196. AROMAL says:

    Congrats to the entire team of Zerodha & Independence Day wishes

  197. Swapnil says:

    Sir, Congratulations to entire team first..

    All you are doing is well..but Please make GTT orders and alerts free

    • Harbans Singh Sarna says:

      Sir, thanks for independence day greetings. Wishing you and your team a great year ahead. I have recently opened an account with Zerodha. Though I’m satisfied with the services I found it very difficult to open an account with you and transfer my holdings from my previous broker. I wish you had a representative in major cities to facilitate opening of account. Thanks.

  198. Kishor Chaudhari says:

    Thank you all at Zerodha for their efforts. May all of your wishes come true. Probably you have made to rethink about market at try investig in market for a newcomers.

  199. Pradeep Kumar says:

    Thank you for a such a great platform and Congrats to the entire team of Zerodha….

  200. kulothungan rasu says:

    congrats its like 9th anniversary and for your good efforts to build a largest firm
    I am a new guy and help me

  201. Ninan Joseph says:

    I switched over to Zerodha a little over a year back and the journey has been awesome, to say the least. The tools and supporting apps are excellent not to mention the costs, which are just nominal. Thanks, Zerodha, you are doing a great job. Keep going! Congratulations!

  202. Manoj M Mestry says:

    Congratulations on completing 9 years.

  203. Asha Das says:

    Very good value for money and great service

  204. Bharat says:

    Its incredible work in 9 years. You deserve standing ovation for the work. I wish you greater success in coming years. Best Regards,
    Bharat Thakkar

  205. Kirtesh Patel says:

    Congratulations to you and and your team for all your efforts

    Suggestions :

    Please arrange get toghether programme for all your clients according to state. Behind that motive is to increase CMR activities. Distribute some Fix prize to Clients children’s. Announce Every week some draw systems, give price to that client.

    This will increase name of Zerodha brand .

    My Zerodha Registered watsup Number : +91 9825331781
    If you like my suggestion , please reply me via watsup message.

    Regards ,
    Kirtesh Patel

  206. Máis. Gunasekar says:

    9ஆம் ஆண்டு பிறந்தநாள் வாழ்த்துக்கள் மேலும் உங்கள் பணி சிறக்க வாழ்த்துகிறோம்

  207. Siddharth Ray says:

    Congrats & keep growing….!!
    Happy Independence Day🇮🇳 to entire Zerodha Team.

  208. Geetha Madhira says:

    I am a conservative long term investor but book my profits when I see them. Zerodha has been great experience since I joined last October. Easy to use and no hassels. User friendly platform and always improving. Congratulations to team Zerodha. Keep the good work going. 👍👍👍👍. May your efforts pay off and bring more retail investors into the market and help them in wealth creation. Best wishes from me and my family.

  209. Mahesh C Patil says:

    Congratulation Nitin sir and Your Zerodha Team. 💐💐
    To All Zerodha Family

  210. Rampratap says:

    India best trading platform in zerodha thanks zerodha all team

  211. Piyali Mondal says:

    Thanks team Zerodha.

  212. Roy says:

    Congratulations Nithin and Team Zerodha. You have done a terrific job. All the very best going forward.

  213. Vijay Vartak Aurangabad says:

    Mr Nitin Sir
    Congratulations to you and your devoted team
    Bright and Happy birthday of Zerodha
    Commandable work for making things simple for senior citizen like me Thanks One request please make seniors understand the F O by putting simple lessons and Al’s for Algo trading
    Many Happy returns of the Day

  214. Sreenivasa says:

    Congratulations on this milestone.
    I am very happy to be part of Zerodha family.

    Happy Independence day.

  215. Virender singh sajwan says:

    Congratulations nitin ji and your zerodha team.
    happy independent day and rakshabandhan of all zerodha family.

  216. MANOHAR REDDY K says:

    Congratulations Nithin… Happy Independence Day🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳


    Happy Rakshbandan to all Zerodha Family…

  217. Rajat Mehta says:

    Congrats for the new heights you are reaching each day. I became a member just 2 months back and i am really proud of my decision having tried a couple of other vendors out there in the market.
    i have a small feedback.On the holdings page, we get to see the current value of each holding. It would be really great if the original investment amount field is also added next to it. Also, maybe in the long future, we can get a moneycontrol like app only for the zerodha customers who can exchange ideas in the message board of each stock. Moneycontrol app has become filthy now a days with ads, abusing, spam messages floating around a bit too much. Maybe i am asking for too much, but zerodha has spoiled the customers with excellent services and hence the expectations also keep increasing.
    Thanks again.

  218. Gaynendra kumar choudhary says:

    Congratulation sir

    Happy Independence Day

  219. Mukesh soni says:

    Happy Independence day 🇮🇳 and best of luck for bright future of Zerodha and Nation.

  220. Prabhunath Rai says:

    Congratulations Nitin and all Zerodha family…
    Happy Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan…

  221. SHRIPRASAD REGE says:

    Congratulation for ur great achievements

  222. Unnati says:

    Congratulations team Zerodha … Since 9 years you are doing a great job, may your company achieves more heights 😍

  223. Maheshkumar Reddy says:


  224. Vimal Mishra says:

    Congratulations. God Bless Zerodha.

  225. Ashutosh says:


  226. Ch sreenivasulu says:

    All the best and congrats zerodha team, happy independence day 🌹🌹🌹🌻🌻🌻🌺🌺🌺🌷🌷🌷Jai hind 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  227. Shashank says:

    Stupendous effort on your team’s part to conceive such a groundbreaking, paradigm-shifting platform and an even bigger one for making it come through and for sustaining it.
    I hope Zerodha continues to grow and improve as it chugs along.
    Thank you for everything.
    Special mention here, Varsity arguably, is one of the best self learn platforms out there. Thank you for making it available to everyone.

  228. Dr Jignesh Shah says:

    Congratulations to entire team of Zerodha….. you people completed nine years and I completed one year with zerodha…. my entire trading changed after I joined zerodha… congratulations again

  229. Ram jee Tiwari says:

    Very very congratulations to complete 9 years. I am very happy to become your family member . Your working program is very great full. Ones again congratulations.

  230. Mohammed Sajid says:

    Congratulations…. I wish to be positive with the people as regular I like mostly zerodha kite app but the worst decision u have in ur system is POA it’s my own opinion clear this feature from ur company it’s a Digitally developed india now a days …..

  231. Moniruz Zaman Ahmed says:

    Congratulation sir to u n ur team.
    Happy Independence day

  232. Prateek says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Ardently awaiting 2 features since MANY years:

    1) SL orders that DO NOT get removed even after market closes. Next day those orders should automatically be in place.

    2) ALERTS – for when price (pr candlestick) interacts with a trendline drawn by a user. TradingView offers this feature (paid) but hasnt been offered to Zerodha customers. Please see of you can manage this.

    Both the above imho will add HUGE value to users

  233. Kiran pailtil says:

    I have used upstox alliceblue Zerodha Zerodha is the best platform over of this two platform thanks happy independence day

  234. MANOJ KUMAR says:

    Happy Independence Day

  235. Lokendra Singh Shaktawat says:

    Congrats sir..
    Happy Independence Day and Raksha Bandhan

  236. anish lalani says:

    if you could give all information in both language ,( english and hindi)
    i think it would be very helpful to gujrati people. many of them are studied in gujrati miduam.

  237. SANDIP GOSWAMI says:

    Congratulations! Best wishes. Love with respect. May God bless us.

  238. Vijay says:

    Congratulations… Excellent platform for mutual fund.. keep up the Good work going..

  239. Santosh Kailas Thorat says:

    Thanks for you and your team work sir . Congratulations

  240. Amin says:

    Thanks Zerodha for this great full service

  241. Purushottam Agrawal says:

    Many many congratulations. Keep growing. Happy independent day.🇮🇳

  242. Javedkhan Pathan says:

    I’m a month old Zerodha client, though I know about Zerodha since 2017, I didn’t joint as I was bit concerned about security and stick to the traditional Brokerage firms.
    Finally last month I open account with Zerodha and it is really impressive
    I really like the platform of Zerodha,

  243. MUKESH VERMA says:

    Congratulations to You and Your entire team for completing 9 years.
    And Happy Independence Day to entire Zerodha and Team

  244. Nitesh Giri says:

    Zerodha – nothing but SL hunters. Just an opinion no allegations.

  245. Awesome says:

    My father trades @ age of 87 and interested to open Zerodha account in Mumbai. Support of Mumbai staff is not so good sir.

  246. MAYANK says:

    Congratulations to Nitin Kamath and entire Zerodha team.

    Great endeavor !

  247. Mahesh says:

    Really zerodha is very good and iam happy to be a part of it.,but please introduce AI platforms with less complexity.

  248. Narasimhan K V says:

    I became client in Zerodha not more than a month
    Though my CNC trading is Topsy turvy due to fear of losing money & I hope to overcome In thecoming days. Hope u will guide me to make minimum profit. However I wish Team Zerodha numero uno position in ensuing years

  249. Mary Joseph says:

    Congratulations to Nithin Sir and the entire Zerodha team.… You guys are the best. Thank you for educating us. One the occasion of your 9th anniversary, I have a suggestion to make. Those who are holding 3-in-1 account, you may please consider automatic transfer of credit balance to their IDFC Bank Account at the end of each trading day. This will be a big help for every retiree like me. Kindly consider this. Thanks.

  250. Lakshman says:

    Hi Nithin & Zerodha team,

    The best part of your success is that you are getting novice traders to come to your platform, learn and trade.
    This could possibly be the best change that you are bringing about.
    Thank you and wishing you a great anniversary and many more accomplishments in future.


  251. Yashdeep says:

    Congratulation for completing 9 years. But there is most requirement for improve in PC software. It is not work and therefore, most of the client leave. So if possible to solve the run trouble from software then all client happy to trade.
    Thank you for all your concern and support

  252. Ramijuddin khan says:

    I am happy with zerodha nice aap easy to use but my one request to nitinji plz restart to refer new customer of brokrage benefits system by ZARODHA this is nice scheme to chain of new customer’s

    Thanking you

  253. Ramijuddin khan says:

    I am happy with zerodha nice aap easy to use but my one request to nitinji plz restart to refer new customer of brokrage benefits system by ZARODHA this is nice scheme to chain of new customer’s

  254. Cyriac Kandathil says:

    I am a momentum trader of Bank Nifty. On most of the days, your platform does not allow me to place buy orders on far out of the money calls and puts. Your staff gives a stupid answer that your volume is big. Even orders 100 points or above below could not be placed. There is no point in boasting to be the biggest. You need to upgrade your system to meet the growing demands of the clients. On many volatile days, trades are not updated properly and a trader can not close or place orders without shutting down the terminal. I have pointed out these many times. But, it seems you do not care. Ignorant traders who are fireflies may appreciate your boasting. The only attraction I have is your low brokerage. That is the only reason I stick with you.

  255. PRABU says:

    I’m investment money but deposite method I can’t?

  256. Ramdas pawar. says:

    Congratulations to Nitin sir n all Zerodha family…
    You are doing Great job in favour of investors with this platform ,
    Thanks to all of you.,

  257. Sumit Tyagi says:

    At the starting time ,I don’t know how to do trading ,what is demat account ,but after some guidance my relative which using Zerodha
    last 3 yrs ,tell me about demat account and give me suggestion that pl open demat account in Zerodha platform then I started process and I found this is best platform other than,So I wishing you Many many congratulations to the team zerodha for the milestone keep going all the best for future .

    Happy Independence Day

  258. Pinku Bhowmik says:

    Congratulations Mr. Kamath,
    I’m satisfied with the technology, you and your team are providing.
    Thanks to you and your precious team for the innovation.

  259. Prasanna m Udupa says:

    Congratulations to the team of nitin kamath,and his brother for wonderful opportunity. Wish 10 years of success & more & more for 100 years success. By the zerodha platform of kite & coin a small investor & common personal can also trade in market so that it is worth wonderful opportunity to be a part of the team happy hopefully good more service ahead thanks to everyone.

  260. Snehangshu ghosh says:

    Congrats Nitin ji and your team for the achievement. I started trading on Kite3, it’s amazing.. Wishing you and your team a very Happy Independence Day..

  261. Jagdish bhat says:

    I’m happy that zerodha provides such less brokerage charges from it’s customer and I would like to congratulate all the team for this huge success. Apart from this, in near future we all investors would be more happy if u add more features in your trading app(i.e kite). Thanks

  262. Vikrant says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Wish you a Happy independence day.
    I am glad to now that how rapidly this platform is growing as you mentioned in your letter to us.
    I am looking forward for the next upgradations in Pi software and Kite Platform for as smooth as possible trading experience.

    Can you please tell us when the GTT/GTC is going to on paid basis & what will be that subscription price for a year or given period of time?

  263. Prasanna m Udupa says:

    Wishing a happy independence day to everybody & everyone in zerodha team & traders. Wishing a successful prosperous year. Zerodha will be one of the top broking companies in India and world markets. Wish need more market knowledge by the zerodha to customers and clients regarding market research and finance development and education services to investors to savings and trading platforms. For the benefit of the market.

  264. Kumar shantanu Mordiya says:

    Thanks to ZERODHA team for giving me opportunity for trading with excellent platform.if it’s mention not i will give some suggestions 1) Zerodh give market update like money control ( like top gainer, top looser etc.) 2) VARSITY should be in multiple language like hindi etc.
    3) brokerage minimum for MCX .
    Again best of luck for future.

  265. HARRY says:

    Congratulations Sir…happy independence day to all…
    Love You Zerodha team…
    KEEP It

  266. SATYASHEEL says:

    Life is a journey, often difficult and sometimes incredibly cruel, but we are well equipped for it if only we tap into our talents and gifts and allow them to blossom.
    Thank you ZERODHA for providing a wonderful plateform.
    Congratulation for completing 9 years.

  267. Tarun Datta says:

    Power of Indians. You are one of the great entrepreneur. Making india proud. Happy to be part of zerodha. Happy Independence Day to all

  268. Gulshan kumar says:

    Many many congratulations to the team zerodha for the milestone keep going all the best for future endeavours….

    Happy independence day….
    Jay Hind

  269. Gajendra says:

    Good job done zerodha team !

    We are waiting for more good things you can bring.

    All the best.

  270. Pritam says:

    I have used other platform for trading bjmut after using Zeridha i completely changed my investment to it. Its interface and description is owesome. Main part which make its best is very low amount charges. Will continue my investment in Zerodha till my last trading.

  271. Ankur Kohli says:

    I love using zerodha.. But today only i got to know about sentinel, sensibull, coin, varsity.
    No one told and no one even spread a word.
    I suggest you to enable all this under single umbrella.
    Like a single icici bank login takes you to insurance from securities to mutual funds etc.so even if we forget namen of coin or sentinel iasses.

  272. Manish Amritmohan Chaurasia says:

    Many many congratulations to the team zerodha for the milestone keep going all the best for future endeavours….

    Happy independence day….
    Jay Hind

  273. Mukesh says:

    Congrats Nithin and entire zerodha family !!!
    HappyTo See Your Growth & Support to All Customer.
    Keep improving ..

  274. Rakesh Mishra says:

    Congrats and thanks to you & ur entire team.

  275. Praphulla Kumar Sahoo says:

    Zerodha kite 3 is best and GTT is just awesome 👍
    You deserve to be the market leader 👑

  276. A.Mukherjee says:

    Nitin, thank you & wish you/family /team a very Happy Independence Day.
    Zerodha is one of the leaders amongst Brokerage firms & I expect it to make more & more path breaking developments.
    One suggestion : the kite App 3 has the buy/sell feature on the top of the screen in a separate row which consumes unnecessary space unlike the “+” button in kite App 2. If that can be restored will help a lot for clients like us who use a 4″ screen smartphone.Kindly consider…..thank you.

  277. prateek singh says:

    Dear Nitin,
    Thanks for making Zerodha and the various upgrades which are introduced time to time and in custo.ers benefit. Kudos to your entire team and cheer up! I am am Engineer by profession and learnt a lot on Varsity before I started trading on Kite. One stop solutions developed by Zerodha are fantastic and user friendly. Really helps small investors to be beave and invest their investments in market based on the lessons learnt and valuable advices issued by Zerodha team. Thanks to show us the way of wealth creation and sincere thanks mate! Love you all and keep growing.

    Prateek Singh – Well wisher and true admirer of your efforts Nitin.

  278. Jaydeep says:

    Happy Independence Day
    Congratulations Zerodha Team

  279. Kishore Sharma says:

    Great work Nitin, God bless you and your teammates. Happy to be associated with Zerodha.

  280. Amit Bhattacharya says:

    You and your team doing a great job. All the best for your future endeavours,

  281. Amrin says:

    Congratulations to zerodha team!!!

  282. T V Viswanath says:

    The new Kite 3.0 is excellent. But please bring in the indices ticker with absolute values and percentage as it existed in the older version. I am talking of the new mobile app.

    Now we are required to open a separate tab for tracking the indices.

    Hope you will do the needful.

  283. Pardeep Kumar says:

    Congratulation Nitin ji and your team
    1 suggestion from me is last trade from client time is 3:20
    Many shares many times jumps or down in one or two minutes
    Plz increase our time 3:20 to 3:25
    Thanks and Happy Independence Day

  284. Manju L says:

    Congratulations Zerodha and thanks for your team….

  285. Vivek Pawar says:

    I wish all the best for further inventions .

    Had i got this idea of not losing more than 1% . It would have saved lots of bucks .

    GTT is what i liked the most .

    I heartly congratulate and appreciate for the same .

  286. Pankaj Thosar says:

    I very Happy to joing with you My Best wish for future joury

  287. Vipul Shah says:

    Congratulations Zerodha !!
    I m happy and proud zerodha customer !!
    I wish lot of success to zerodha and their customers !!
    Happy Independence Day !!
    Thank you Zerodha !!

  288. Pawan Bedwal says:

    Congratulations and All the best to team Zerodha…


    Happy independence day to all..


    Congratulations TEAM ZERODHA from journey of 9 Golden years…..

  291. A Roy says:

    Thank you and entire team of Zerodha for providing us a nice platform with favourable features.
    I am very happy to be a part of Zerodha. I extremely like the rocketry growth of Zerodha which epicts hard-work to the right direction of the team.
    Wish many more achievements on upcoming days.
    Thanking you…

  292. Balaji says:

    Congratulations Nitin & entire Zerodha team. You are the Reliance of Stock Trading in India. We love all your technology application …Streak, Sentinel, Kiteconnect API, etc. Hope u make more progress & develop more helpful tools for us.

  293. Seikh Abdul Aziz says:

    Thanks my boss

  294. Anurag says:

    Congratulations Team Zerodha for successfully completing 9 years. Glad to be a part of Zerodha.
    Happy Independence Day


    Kite Zerodha👉 name is enough
    I like this trading platform

  296. Himalay verma says:


  297. Rohit kumar says:

    Thanks N.Kamath.
    Happy independence day

  298. Jigar Patel says:

    Congratulations to Nithin Kamath and entire Zerodha Team for celebrating the 9 year in the industry.💐💐💐💐💐

    Jigar Patel
    937 757 0978

  299. Darshan says:

    congrats on completing 9 years and thanks for stop loss advice

  300. Rajesh Gadda says:

    Congratulations !! We will continue to patronize your platform. Also very excited with Streak.

    Rajesh Gadda

  301. Vijay Agrawal says:

    Congrats Nithin and entire Zerodha family.
    Thnx for U all’s dedicated efforts.However,as said always there is room for excellence.Wish you to keep it uPp.
    Appreciate ur trade rule ref.Stop Loss as not to loose more than 1% in one trade.Keep reminding with though very basics but needed to be reminded of.
    Once again,proud to be part of Zerodha family.

    Vijay Agrawal,
    +91 9845999725

  302. Udaykumar says:

    Wonderful journey, you started from scratch and changed the dynamics of brokerage. Cornering biggest houses in brokerage business. True inspiration to young Entrepreneurs.
    Sir any idea of launching IPO of zerodha.

    ಇಂತಿ ನಿಮ್ಮ ಉದಯ

  303. Saravanan Ponnusamy says:

    Congratulations Mr. Nithin and Team for this wonderful achievement!

    I experience Zerodha has quite intuitive platform with futuristic and dynamic features to support investors community with ease of making investment and maintain. .

  304. Sadiq says:

    Congratulations to Zerodha team…Good work!!!

    I find Zerodha to be no nonsense stuff, so i like it. The cost of flat 20 INR for every transaction was the attraction considering i was using and still using (since i have stocks which i haven’t sold yet) ICICIDIRECT, i feel good when i see the brokerage charges aren’t so high.

    Like the platform and uses it every time i trade and haven’t bought anything on other platform for some time now.

    Haven’t sold anything yet on Zerodha either, so that is yet to be experienced :).

  305. Prem kumar batra says:

    Do more for investor awareness and tips for safety guards

  306. Kulal vignesh says:

    Now help us to buy some bonds from your app because none of them is working on bonds which will help many indian to invest/ knowledge about bonds n even it’s help u to become no 1 all over the world

  307. Vikas Adhangale says:

    Congrats to the team Zerodha!!
    Keep the platform healthy and growing to 10 fold minimum 🙂

    One of the Happy customer of Zerodha!!

  308. Bhaskar jyoti deka says:

    Congratulations!!! 💐💐
    Thank you😍

  309. Sanjeet says:

    Happy independance day,nitin and entire zerodha team,u guys are doint great job,keep at it

  310. Bhanja Kishore Mallik says:

    Sir, kindly re-lunch your old version of KITE, we are much comfortable in it.

    New application is not user friendly for normal people. We are in the group of same.
    Plz consider our request.

    With regards

  311. Dharani DebNath says:


  312. N Duresh Kumar says:

    Congratulations to Team Zerodha. Very happy to be an investor using Zerodha. Keep growing with new features and enhancements, so that all your customers are benefitted and comfortable in using all your features. Once again all the best .

  313. Anyway sharma says:

    Very nice UI of kite app.thanks zerodha. I want to suggest to you that Kite app may give the latest news related to the stock that is traded.

  314. Varun says:

    Congs enture team of Zerodha .. Maby more years of Glory yet to come.


  315. Pawan Deshmane says:

    Congrats to Nitin and the entire zerodha team for completing 9 years in this industry.
    I have been a Kite/Coin user for the past year and I must say your team has done an excellent job in running such a highly volatile application which involves enormous amounts of hard earned of people like us
    Keep up the good work and wish you all the very best

  316. Piyush kumar mohanty says:

    Congratulation and wish you a great & prosperous future with zerodha.

  317. Seema V says:

    Congratulations Team Zerodha!! Happy 73rd Independence Day

  318. Swayangdipta Roy Saha says:

    Congratulations! And Thank You So Much!

  319. Anwesh Singh says:

    One thing that deserves special mention is Zerodha’s customer care support team.
    They are doing excellent work behind the scenes and they never disappoint.

    Kudos to team

  320. Tulsi Ram Upadhaya says:

    Thankyou zerodha and team
    And happy Independence day 💞💞💞💞💞

  321. Bhavin Patel says:

    Congratulations Zerodha
    Happy Independence Day
    Thanks for full support in all about ……….

  322. Lakshmikanth Jadhav says:

    Congratulations, you have been a game-changer for the industry. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

  323. Divyanshu Chowdhary says:

    Congratulations Zerodha !!!

  324. Brahmananda Sahoo says:

    Congrats & Thank you

  325. Pranay says:

    Happy independence day to zerodha team.

  326. Husain Aliyar Khan says:

    9 Year’s of success with traders and Investors.

    Husain khan

  327. Debasis Mohanty says:

    U r the best Sir… Zerodha is very good platform for young people like me.
    But I already lost my all saving almost 2.5lk on trading…. 😭😭😭
    Now I Gain my knowledge how to trade or investment.
    But I have no money to investment…
    That’s very big amount for me.
    But I really respect your work Sir
    God bless you.
    Debasis Mohanty

  328. Janardhana reddy says:

    Really it’s great achievement of zerodha….. Hope that it’s should keep continue it’s succes journey

  329. arjun says:

    app hangs most the time try to resolve it… due to which we are suffering and think to change our platform

  330. Prosad Ganguly says:

    Congratulations, we are also proud to be a part of Zerodha.
    Best wishes for the coming days.

  331. ठाकुर धर्मवीर सिंह पुंडीर says:

    Hi Nithin
    You have done a phenomenal job transforming the ever opaque industry

    • THOZHIL NESAN V says:

      Hi Nitin
      Congrats to you and your team members for this achievement.
      My best wishes to the coming era.

  332. SHIVAM AGRAWAL says:

    Welcome for caring of clients

  333. Debasis Mohanty says:

    U r the best Sir… Zerodha is very good platform for young people like me.
    But I already lost my all saving almost 2.5lk on trading…. 😭😭😭
    Now I Gain my knowledge how to trade or investment.
    But I have no money to investment…
    Debasis Mohanty

  334. Ridham says:

    Congratulations!!! Zerodha team for successful 9 years, keep growing and keep improving.
    And Happy Independence Day to Zerodha Team and All.

  335. Anisha Lekharu says:

    And very happy to be part of the best and wide range Brokerage Organisation

  336. Naresh says:

    Congrats Zerodah and very happy to be part of this…. Excellent applications and great service and team work… Keep going 👌👌👌

  337. S GUNASEKARAN says:

    Dear Sir,
    I need help in getting my Demat Accounts Closed / transmitted to my ACCOUNT No.WG3834 from M/s KARVY STOCK BROKING LIMITED.

    I have already submitted DIGITAL COPY of my client Master folio from Zerodha and submitted the same with a written REQUEST both by e-Mail & also a hard copy through their Branch Office.

    After a long time they gave replied asking for a clarification/Objection stating the NAME of the ACCOUNT Holder in TARGET ACCOUNT WG3834 of ZERODHA is differing from the one in my Demat Account No.with M/s KARVY STOCK BROKING LTD as S GUNASEKARAN and the Name in the TARGET ACCOUNT of M/s. ZERODHA is given as

    In both the ACCOUNTS all other Details like Date of Birth,PAN No,AADHAAR No & e-Mail ID,and Mobile No are COMMON.

    They insisted for an explanation/clarification either by an e-Mail from my Registered e-Mail ID or in writing on a plain paper to be sent.Immediately on receipt of their e- Mail,I preferred my CLARIFICATION by REPLY MAIL.
    But to my utter dismay,the action is being delayed causing UNTOLD MISERIES and a COLOSSAL FINANCIAL LOSS to me.

    All that I want is your guidance over e-Mail and an assistance from you over voice call. to my Mobile No.9486106260
    Thanking you.

    Yours sincerely,
    Mobile No.9486106260

    Post Script:
    Is it necessary that BOTH the Account Holders are to be UNIQUE and the same.,?

    I think it is possible to that the the TRANSFEROR & TRANSFEREE can be different persons and there is no HITCH or GLITZ in effecting transfer at all on this COUNT.

    Please clarify the POSITION OF THE RULES that govern this protracted DELAY by the DP of the TRANSFEROR M/S KARVY.

  338. Kasturi Lal says:

    Congratulations, wish uball success in future!

  339. Sharon says:

    Thank you sir
    For one man’s vision made millions of trader benefitted
    👍 up for ur efforts and whole zerodha team

  340. Adesh Kumar Sharma says:

    Best platform for investment and trading..Easy to access and easy operation….Good Job ..keep it up

  341. Dastagiri says:

    Congratulations for all our zerodha team.
    Future is all ours
    Happy independence day

  342. Abdul Mustafa says:

    Just a thing.
    Please make the process which enables us to submit documents paper free(post account opening changes)

    It would be good if while making changes , like eg. Bank account, details instead of sending documents to your registered office,
    It would be a lot easier if we could scan and send online , mail or WhatsApp, or any other medium.

    And thank you for Zerodha ❣️

  343. Hiranya Chandra sarkar says:

    Congratulations, i would be very grateful if you make it possible to stop lose /take profit on CNC.

  344. Pavan Chowdhry says:

    Congratulations Nitin for such a fabulous platform for trading and investments. I have started my journey of capital market with you and I learnt many things with help of zerodha.

  345. Ananthanarayanan says:

    Hope you will train your branch representative, supervise them & improve compliance standards.

  346. Alkesh says:

    Congratulations to Zerodha team to complete 9 glorious years
    And Happy ind day to Zerodha team
    Thank you

  347. Amit K. says:

    Congratulations Nitin-ji.
    Why such a unique and ever-growing entity is still fully privately owned?
    When are you going public?


  348. Surya says:

    Good platform, compared to other. Like zerodha like me…

  349. Sridhar says:

    Congs nithin kamath sir.. i have been trading in this share market for almost 11 years now.. with other brokers like mosl religare etc.. i chose zerodha and am trading from may be 1/2 years… but actually from the day i started trading., i have not received a call from zerodha team which I feel is not right.. any small technical mistakes from my side like internet problems, even if I call the landline numbers no one recieves the call.. i have lost so much money being a middle class family can’t tell.. even today I am trading without knowing whom to call at zerodha.. my earlier brokers call me even today.. but i m not an FII just a small daily trader… please request you to see to this matter.
    Anyways congrats again on your achievement.. BEING KANNADIGA.. Thanks and sorry..

  350. Kush Gaurkar says:

    Thanks alot zerodha.
    Happy Independence Day to Zerodha Team and all clients.

  351. Sandeep says:

    First of all, Happy independence day to entire Zerodha family.
    Congrats for the new features…
    Keep moving # keep growing

  352. Santoshkumar says:

    Zerodha is always 👍💯

  353. Neeraj Mishra says:

    Congrats to entire zerodha team and always keep rocking

  354. SOMANATH says:

    Good luck zerodha 9rs to go 90 year’s and More great work done to share market.

  355. Balabheem says:

    Congratulations to Zerodha team for successful 9 years.
    We are happy because of your service and care about client, thank you very much.

  356. Biswajit Nath says:

    Congratulations to all zerodha family

  357. Mayur gohil says:

    Thanks alot all zirodha family
    Happy Independence day
    & all zirodha client happy Independence day & happy raksha bandhan

  358. Madan says:

    Congrats Team Zerodha. It’s superb experience. Can you talk more or introduce algo trading…

  359. Lakshmi says:

    Congrats team zerodha..Only bcoz of varisity i have learned about stockmarket and started investing..And now i have started trading too ….Wish you a great success..

  360. Abdul Ayub says:

    Trading platform is good and transaction are great but service support should also improve in line w

  361. Chandrashekhar Talathi says:

    Dear Nithin and Team Zerodha

    Heartiest congratulations and all the very best. You are doing an excellent job.
    Keep it up

    Wishing you all a very Happy Independence Day

    With Best Compliments

    Chandrashekhar Talathi

  362. Deval parekh says:


  363. Royston Dsouza says:

    Congratulations Mr. Nithin and Zerodha team. Simplicity and high efficiency defines zerodha. Great work.

  364. Sajan says:

    Its really amazing and easy to use platform compare to others…… Congratulations…….

  365. Dibakar sarkar says:

    Sir do u seen the FYERS Trading platform. They have some techniques with that traders can modify, place an order or set a stop loss or target from the chart. And also stop loss and target can nodify by draging the line from chart. Don’t have to go order book. Every thing is showing in chart like position size long or short position, stop loss, target, loss and profit every thing. If you have set a target at 100 and you want to modify it to 105 you jast have to drage the line up ward by mouse from the chart it self. very easy for traders. Please gives us this facility.

  366. Abhishek Tiwari says:

    Happy Anniversary Zerodha Family!!

    Thank you for creating wonderful platforms that has ease trading for beginners like me!


    Happy Independence Day!

  367. Trusha dhamdhere says:


  368. Sachin says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Fabulous job and thanks for gammot of services and making our life easy.
    I wish you and your team many more milestones to come in next decade

    • Dinesh Solanki says:

      Dear Sh.Nithin…With out advertisement such a big achievement is just because of hard work of your dedicated team appreciate the same…Keep doing good and grow.
      Happy independence day…
      Jai Hind

  369. Anil Panmand says:

    Thanks alot to All Of Zerodha Family
    And Happy Independence Day To All

  370. Amol says:

    Hi Nitin / Zerodha team,
    Heartiest Congratulations..on your achievement….I am sure you will continue with these kind of path breaking innovation.

  371. Nitesh Jain says:

    Thanks alot for the E-mail.
    Congrats to All Of Zerodha Family
    And Happy Independence Day To All

  372. Ajay Kumar says:

    Congratulations ZERODHA team. And NOW ZERODHA become 9 years old. It was great time passed in 9 years. My spacial request is – Improve your Trading System kite and try to stop technical issues if you not will work on it you will loss your clients. Because other brokers actually started work on provide better experience of trading and investing. In advance Happy Independence Day 🇮🇳

  373. Yogesh says:

    Congratulations to the entire Zerodha team and extended family!!

  374. Bhushan says:

    Thank you team zerodha. You made share market investment easily accessible to all classes of society. Also Varsity was best initiative for beginners like me who would not have afforded 30k to 90k for learning stock market basics. You made it completely free. Its difficult to bring change in someone’s life but you did it. Thanks a lot.
    God is with you team zerodha.

  375. Setty says:

    Good work from zerodha team but i need app option for stop loss investment in kite

  376. Giriraj says:

    Customer focused and Customer centric approach, Amazing APP, Great service, you guys rock, Keep doing the great work.
    Need help in investing in the recent NCD’s. Please assist on how to do it in the app or website.

  377. Pankaj Kumar says:

    Is there any plan to list zerodha itself? Please do make it public, share a bite with us. Please…

  378. Deepak says:

    Happy Independence day 15 Aug2019

  379. S GUNASEKARAN says:

    Dear Sir,
    Kudos to one and all of your dedicated Team.

    May I get an initiator of your Team to guide me to unlease the POTENCY in your App to start with?

    Thanking you.

    Yours lovingly,
    Mobile 9486106260


  380. Umesh Kulkarni says:

    Heartiest congratulations for completing 9 years.

  381. Ramyabharat says:


  382. Bhushan says:

    Congratulations! But there is still a lot that needs to be done. One thing that I can suggest is to enable customers to sell/buy SGB (Gold bond) on platform. As of now, there is no way I can buy SGB in secondary market using Zerodha.

  383. Md Shafique Ansari says:

    Happy independence Day and many many Congratulations for 9Yrs of Zerodha we are also happy for your service and proper updates.

    Thank you

  384. Sivaraj says:

    Best Brokerage For India Zerodha Only

  385. Reshma prabhu says:

    1) in some type of order, only market rate exit option. Eg Co order exit is on matket rate. If feasible, give choice to client to choose exit rate. 2) at end of trading time, system carryout open intraday position. At initial stage it was free and now it start chargeing as trade done by call. If client getting money then he / she will exit, only in case of loss they wait for dead end i.e 3:20.

  386. Suman Kundu says:


  387. M LakshmanaSwamy says:

    Congratulations zerodha…

    Kite3 is a excellent upgraded app👌👌👌

  388. Adarsh agrawal says:

    Congrats to nithin ji & entire family of zerodha all service are vry gud
    but i want 2 mention 1 complain kite app so many time fully hange nothing
    work no order/ exit work fully stop so kindly work on it & resolve this
    issue so many users are talking abt this so pls work on it too.

  389. Rajendra Sohare says:

    मैने जैरोधा के साथ जिंदगी में पहली बार ट्रेडिंग शुरू की और मुझे 1 लाख रुपये से ज्यादा नुकसान हो गया। pleace help me. मैने कर्ज लेकर कर्ज खत्म करने की कोशिश की परन्तु कर्ज का भार और बढ़ गया। बाकी सर्विस तो बहुत बढ़िया है आपकी।

    Rajendra Sohare
    Mo. 8959796879

  390. Prakash Jadhav says:

    Congratulations to team Zerodha:-👍

  391. Prateek Dave says:

    Congratulations to you Mr. Nitin and your dedicated team for completing 9 years of success. As a trader i have enjoyed a very good trades while using your trading platform. Just keep it up the way you guys are doing now. I must say zerodha varsity helped me a lot to clear my trading knowledge concepts. It’s a request to introduce something new in varsity.

    Thanks and cheers for the success


  392. Brijesh says:

    Best of luck to all zerodha family and happy independence day:-)

  393. Brijesh says:

    Best of luck to all zerodha family and happy independence day 🙂

  394. Jaki Khan says:

    Congrats to team Zerodha
    Excellent team support
    Keep it up

  395. Nitendra kumar saxena says:

    Congratulations all of you and yours team,, best wishes……

  396. Sarfaraznawaz patel says:

    Great platform keep up the good work and great service. One very imp suggestion please provide margin for trading(Delivery based order) as everytime to place order it needs to first spend time to transfer money. Wish that can be allowed to be done by end of the day in place of advance payments.

  397. NEERAJ KEN says:

    First HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY and many many congratulations on completing 9 successful years. Best wishes from all the Trader Bhai that have account with Zerodha.


  398. Aman says:

    Great work

  399. Rtrader2019 says:

    What I would want to see in zerodha kite platform is to be very robust and reliable. In recent past there have been multiple issues reported on kite’s login issues, orders getting hung, stop-loss getting triggered inspite of price not reaching to stop loss trigger price etc etc. These are the areas that zerodha should try and address first rather than just building value added features.

    Hope Me Kamath , you read this and take responsibility of addressing these issues.

  400. mangesh sawant says:

    Congrats sir god bless you sir
    Give more better service to us

  401. Dineshbhai Sanchaniya says:

    Dear sir,
    You have created a grate empire

  402. Subhasish says:

    Congratulations Nithin. You have created one of the most promising and attractive platform and ofcourse you have given the brokerage business a completely new dimensions. Hope many more surprises awaits us.

    Happy independence day.

  403. Bharat Akkar says:

    Thanks nithinji,
    Realy u have given us freedum from high brokrage pl mention the value of our shares which we transfer to u from other broker

    Best regards
    Bharat Akkar

  404. Hari Narayan says:

    Excellent platform for investors as well as traders. Pls introduce some kind of advisory service as lot of people losing huge money without proper guidance…just going through the comments… can’t believe that someone lost 17 lkh hard earned money just because of lack of knowledge. Think over this…I know you are making lot of money Kamth sir but also save others capital by your imense knowledge.

  405. Vikas bhosale says:

    Please close my account..i am not using and trading done..now

  406. Ramesh Kumar says:

    Congrats Sir,
    For Completing 9 years.Great Achievment for zerodha to become No1 broker in Bharat.
    It is result of your Hard work &dedication. You teach the way of investing to educate the investor by zerodha versity.
    Zerodha moto is first learn then earn. No one can be like you.
    Thank u

  407. Deepak says:

    When will varsity release for iOS.

  408. Nikunj Thakrar says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Happy Independence Day to you and Zerodha team as well. Best of luck for future. I like the last part of your email about loss, which has compelled me to type this comment. Thanks for improving zerodha platform always, much more to come I am sure. TC Cheers🏌️‍♂️

  409. Sarang Narayan Chaware says:

    Glad to be part of this great team. Heartly congratulations on 9years journey… May this bond and relation with zerodha grow stronger year by year.

    !!! Happy Independence Day !!!!!

  410. SHARAD says:

    I am sure and wish, One day ZERODHA becomes the largest market cap company.
    With warm regard:

  411. Shaikh says:

    Dear N,

    Why you dont take FD as a collateral and when we can expect to see this happening in the future?

  412. Satish Bandre says:

    Thanks for your team and for introducing new features like GTT and GTC.
    Kudos for successfully completing 9 years.

  413. Don Britto says:

    You quote and work is an inspiration. Thank you.

  414. Vijay Kumar says:

    Wish you happy independence day
    I’m interested sher market
    I’m fresh student so please help me

    Jai Hind sir
    Vijay Kumar

  415. Ankit says:

    Congratulations for the same….best things for this journey is you always change yourself accordingly market requirements…this is big coin for this successful journey…

    With love
    Ankit Mishra

  416. Nitai Halder says:

    Congratulations !!!!!
    Hope positve years ahead……

  417. Ravisankar dommeti says:

    Congratulations Nithin Kamath sir… excellent sir…. keep it up….

  418. Sumeet says:

    Congrats nitin sir, Its like an 9 th anniversary of your efforts to build a largest broker firm.

  419. B.RAMA KRISHNA RAO says:

    Kudos to the entire team. Major part of the credit must go to the founder & leader for conceptualizing the idea, executing it with all the attendant hindrances and making it a success. Congratulations. Wishing you greater glory.

  420. Shamala says:

    Love Ur communications and simplicity of the app…all the best an keep up the good work

  421. Srihari Bukya says:

    You are awesome…please add price alerts to mobile app..

  422. Prashant says:

    Congratulations 🎉💐 Nitin Sir…. Keep growing…

  423. Arfat says:

    Good Job, keep it uo Zeroddha team.

  424. Nagashri Holla KM says:


  425. Infant Vikram says:

    Congrats on this wonderful journey and I’m sure Zerodha would keep providing us with a lot of features in the future. It would be nice if Straddles and Strangles are added as it would be very useful on Weekly expiry and Monthly expiry days as well as the trading range being extended for BN options.

  426. Anmol chugh says:

    All the feature explaining in that of your email are irrelevant as per in actual all of that feature are fake 1 of the bigest problem in zerodha is delay in execution of order & unknown errors plz new traders don’nt be trade more in zerodha bcz they charge more brokerge to some new customers by different ways

  427. Routray says:

    Happy independence day sir… Congrats 9th year complit… Zerodha is best only for ur hard work.. God bless you sir…

  428. Rahul says:

    A vision, A dream, A commitment. That’s what you did. And that’s what I’m taking with me from your post. Will always remember.

  429. Shekhar says:

    Thanks a lot dear Nitinji,
    Undoubtedly zerodha platform is the best one for trading etc.
    Congratulations for Independence Day 2019.
    Shekhar, Ranchi.

  430. Darbara Singh says:

    Congratulations!! Keep leading, We are with you. God bless every success.

  431. Nisar sheikh says:

    Zerodha ek bahut hi achha platform he naye logo ke liye .isme trading karna bahut hi aasan or suvidhajanak he . Bus ek chhota sa anurodh yehe ki jese payment zerodha me turant transfer hota he wese hi withdrawal ke samay 1 se 2 din ya isse adhik samay kyo lagata he . Asha karata Hoon is par hour Kiya jayega .team zerodha ka dhanyawad zerodha khub file fale

    • Zameer says:

      Hi Nithin Sir, Kudos to you and congratulations for the huge success. Unfortunately, lost almost 4 lacs in options trading without following the fundamentals. Suggestion you have given like 1% stop-loss for single trade is awesome. Please conduct knowledge sessions or post knowledge videos for our help..

  432. Peter Baptist says:

    Congratulations Mr Nithin and team.
    Proud to be associated with Zerodha.

  433. Abhinav says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,
    You have been marvelous in providing such a simplistic and user friendly platform for trading. Keep bringing new innovative products and maintain high standards of uptime.

    Best Regards and lots of warm wishes to entire team.

  434. Brij Mohan Sharma says:

    Congratulations to you and your team for this wonderful journey. Since I’ve joined some three years back I’ve seen your growth and success story not only that I feel much previledged to be associated with your growth story. My best wishes and blessings for your continuous growth and success.

  435. Ramakrishna Dhar says:

    Congratulation nithin sir n Zerodha team for ur success….. Keep growing, I am also happy ur service…… Thank uhhh n All the best Zerodha team

  436. Arunkumar says:


  437. Saurabh Singh Dev says:

    Congratulations Nithin on building and scaling an amazing product in zerodha. My only concern is that in this age of electronic transactions NRI users have to courier bank documents to an office in Bangalore. I understand that NSE requirements are paper based but surely your team can figure out a better way. I recently moved out of India and am unable to use my account due to this problem. Do let me know if primary account changes can be done electronically. Thanks!

  438. Chandan kumar says:

    Hi sir
    I m thankful of Zerodha for its beautiful support apps to learn about share market. I m waiting next update of varsity app. It is still pending for much time.IPO must be introduced.
    Happy Independence Day

  439. Ganesh Dharmar says:

    Dear Nithin Kamath,

    Thank you for your wonderful journey with passion and commitment to customer satisfaction.

    Indeed you’re hardwork earned to be number one retailers trading platform.

    I’m really proud of being a Zerodha family.

    Many congratulations on the anniversary and keep going.

  440. Kundan niraj says:

    Hi sir
    I m thankful of Zerodha for its beautiful support apps to learn about share market. I m waiting next update of varsity app. It is still pending for much time.IPO must be introduced.
    Happy Independence Day

  441. Mayur wadke says:

    Hello Sir,
    I would like to suggest you. Please upgrade zerodha kite version with technical indicators signal alerts for example when supertrend give singal that time I will get alerts via message and sound alert. I think this function will help to trader while trading. I hope my request will take seriously and fulfill soon..Thank you..

    Thanks & regards,
    Mayur Wadke
    +91 992 329 8946

  442. Milan Gamex says:

    Congratulations Zerodha Team

  443. Sachin says:

    Congratulations Mr. Kamath
    Good for you.
    But me and my brother lost a lot of our parents hard earned money by senseless trading, we lost 17.5 lac rupees within one year. It’s all because of unstable mind and liking a particular share, we’ve learnt a lot from this huge loss, we won’t make such mistakes again.
    I’m working really hard to earn that lost money as our parents still don’t know anything about it, and actually we don’t want to tell them as it might hurt them really bad.
    I hope everything comes back to normal soon.
    And again congratulations to you and your firm.

  444. Mridula Somashekar says:

    Dear Mr. Nithin Kamath and team zerodha,
    Congratulations on completing 9 years and wishing you all more success.
    As a novice retail trader I would need lot of time to explore and understand Streak and Sensibull apps and may not be able to use them without proper understanding . I request you to charge some nominal charges say you can fix 5% on the gains made on every trade to those who opt for this service.

  445. Karan says:

    Congratulations Nitin and Zerodha
    Keep improving to avoid random crashes
    And one suggestion, can you bring international investing to retail traders?
    Cause only Zerodha can do it

  446. Devendra Panchal says:

    Withdrawal takes 24+ hours by Zerodha whereas Shatekhan does the same task in mere 4+ hours. In those 4 odd hours amount is credited to one’s bank account. Take a look at it and try to improve.

  447. XC6383 says:

    i was started my trade acc with some X company in 2008. the problem was they traded their own for the sack of comission every month i added 500 (i worked as a DTP operator with salary 1500) after 6 months the amount goes to 0. so left the acc abounded. later in 2014 shifted to home town, no work, had some capital invested in xerox cum dtp shop. and later came to know about Zeroda. joined. and learnt more and more about trading.

    now i can add money 300-500 per month to buy stocks for delivery with hassle free. i now have much confident about trading via CNC in Zeroda one day i may aslo be a gem in MIS Segment. hope the company do care as same today

  448. Vasishtha says:

    @wesome platform loved it ❤😘, Congratulations zeRODHA for your achievements,………

  449. Satya Narayana says:

    If demat charges will not be there for MF redemptions good intiative.

  450. Sujata Khamkar says:

    Pls allow to trade with long distance option strike price which is currently not possible.

    It will help to small trader to buy long distance option strike with low rate.

  451. Devanand says:

    Amazing Platform. Zerodha is only platform where we can Learn & Earn.

    “Har Har Mahadev”
    Happy Indipendence Day

  452. Nitin says:

    Heartiest congratulations. Zerodha is an excellent discount brokerage firm amongst all.
    I wish you all the best for bright future.
    Waiting for IPO 😉

  453. Rama Rao says:

    Congratulations nikhil. You are a great man in capital market. Only because of your initiative many of small customers are able to survive in market.

    Hat’s off to you sir.

    God bless you.

  454. Arunkumar says:

    Congratulations Zerodha
    Happy independence day

  455. Vinith says:

    Congratulations Mr. Nitin on your humongous achievement. While Zerodha is No. 1 broker in India, probably it also stands No. 1 in frequent server breakdowns. Kindly avoid such problems. Also please introduce boring candle in your trading view platform.

  456. Arunkumar says:

    Very happy from your service thanks Zerodha

  457. Mahant says:

    I have inquired lot of losses and profits some in share market. But bcs of application failure or misunderstanding of the zerodha app never single time inquired the loss. Bcs of fantastic GUI facility, bcs of Great customer care support. Happy independence day

  458. Vipin says:

    Congratulations, many more years to go

  459. Reyavudeen says:

    Thankyou somuch zerodha team

  460. Bal Kishan Mundhra says:

    Congratulations on achieving stupendous success …..Keep growing & keep helping retail investors like us …..Please look into your Reports section & try to add reports related to Capital gains from Income tax perspective.

  461. C.Nagarajan says:

    Zerodha settlement holiday should not be on exchange (trading)working day

  462. Anand V says:

    Hearty Congrats Team Z. You are really unique and it provide great customer experience . I think you are more in the customer experience space and doing marvellous. Many more happy returns

  463. Ashok says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Congrats and its been a great journey !!

    On this 10th year, as a retail trader I would request you to introduce sandbox environment for API testing ASAP. Without having it tested, spending Rs.2000 per month has been tough for us. Request you to provide one or a TRIAL access would be helpful. Looking forward to your response.

    • Amritanshu amar says:

      This has been a great journey so far. Thank you nithin . You have made me a good learner in stock marketing.

  464. Anita says:

    Congrats Dear Mr. Nithin and team Zerodha . Thanks and wish you all the BEST…….. LOVE YOU ZERODHA , GOD BLESS….💐💐🌹🌹.

  465. தமிழ்ச்செல்வன் says:

    Congrats zerodha team. Happy 9th anniversary.

  466. Ganapathy says:

    Congratulations Nithin and team.
    There is a nostalgic feeling having visited you in each of your offices starting the initial one in the first floor in BG Road – which I noticed while waiting to pick my daughter at the Bus drop off point.
    Great product needs no advertising – just the word of mouth is so powerful.
    Will catch up one of these days soon.

  467. Arjun Kumar says:

    Team Zerodha – Best in class and service!


  468. Sanjay says:

    Congretulation sir but when i am join the kite i have face many loss so my suggetion do somthing profit your clint like advice for buy and sell stock and invest the stock. Thenq

  469. Abhishek Varshney says:

    Thanks for the wonderful platform.
    Just a little feature upgrade in kite app will help a lot not only to me but for people who use smallcase and kite both. In web portal there is a feature to segregate your holdings for smallcase and kite separately, the same is required in the app as well.

  470. Lingesh says:

    Congratulation best of luck to you and your team, thank you and happy 9th anniversary.

  471. Satyen Sarangan says:

    Fantastic, a lot of ‘free’ stuff for your (zerodha) clients, you (mr. nitin) are really a ‘free’ man. ‘congrats’@9 years. it is understood that when a lot of ‘free’ stuff is given the company looses, zerodha is a gr8 example of company wins revenue even when a lot of ‘free’ services are given to ‘client’s’. “Best Wishes” and “Thanks”.

  472. Mallikarjun.R says:

    Congratulations to zerodha. Here I should point out about customer service, there agents will not trying to explain our quiry just telling that go through varsity . If this is the case then why customer care and why getting salary. Customer is God try to solve problems. Try to improve that then it’s going to be 💯%

  473. Sourabh says:

    Zerodha has been doing a job and the regular updated features are enhancing the trading experience even more.
    Hope you keep coming up with new ideas and also keep growing.

  474. Francis Xavier says:

    even after 9 yrs, NO tax filing support (capital gains) for delivery based investor !! looks like zerodha is only for Traders ??

  475. Sarath Kumar says:

    Congratulations !
    I hope the only thing is withdrawal process, kindly improve it to speedy withdrawable, ASAP.


  476. Jeevan Kb says:


  477. Ravikant kharat says:

    congrates Nithinji for 9 successful years of ZERODHA.

  478. Ganesh Kamath says:

    Congratulations Nithin. All the very best for many more future years.

  479. Nandhakumar Subramaniyan says:

    Kudos to team zerodha. It would be great if u guys bring in liquid funds/FD/G – sec bonds as collateral for option writing. A long awaited feature among most option traders. It would add a good 3 to 4 percent on our capital if u guys make it. It would a added feather to your cap.

  480. Dr. Shefali Doshi says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Congratulations and thank you so much for making Zerodha.. We have our full family accounts with you. I am very happy to be a client on such a wonderful, user friendly app that I can operate easily from anywhere in the world.

    The features introduced gradually are marvellous and full credit to your team for that.

    Your staff is wonderful and very friendly.

    I have one request.if possible programming wise..can you please provide contract notes in PDF format? It’s easier for some softwares to upload it directly.

    Thank you for updating us with new things.


    Shefali Doshi

  481. Harsha says:

    Congrats zerodha team. Happy 9th anniversary.

  482. Smitha says:

    Hearty Congrats ! And best wishes for greater glories.

    When will the STP and SWP features be made available?

  483. vikram singh says:

    Best ever success story in Indian start up ecosystem,a true winner. Please don’t ruin your kite application by over experimenting with flutter and hasty designs.

    Trust me you guys have the most beautiful apps ever, not just the UI, but the way it works as well. I wish I will see Zerodha keeping that up in the long run.

    It’s an inspiration for everybody.

  484. Siby Daniel says:

    Congratulations… Nitin ji…
    Thanks a lot for such a nice platform especially for intraday traders…
    Thanks for the SL guidance also. .

  485. Rani R A S says:

    Congrats.Keep it up.👍🙌

  486. Barun Roy says:

    Please remove the extra blank spaces from Kite web and if possible gives us total dark theme. Improve charts as much as possible like the trading view. Their charts are great.

  487. Ghanshyam says:

    Congratulations zerodha family. Sir ple set GTT Order in kite mobile APP.

  488. Tapasi Ghorai Nayek says:

    Salute to Zerodha for honesty.Want be with Zerodha life time.Congrats for 9 years.Jai Hind.

  489. Sachin says:

    Congratulations please start ncdex for agri commodity so everything come under one roof

  490. Ragavan says:

    Congratulations….. Good days ahead….

  491. Abhijeet kankal says:

    congratulations Nitin sir and zerodha team…..you are the persons who motivited to do trade with proper analysis and very important is your zerodha software….easy to understand …..keep it up ….and best luck for future….many more to come..

  492. Kamalakar says:

    Congratulations on the wonderful work done. Keep up the good work and continue rocking.

  493. RV Kannan says:

    Congrats zerodha team it includes Nithin as a captain of the team. Not only for nineth years it’s for many decades. Jai hind.

  494. Malleswar says:

    Best of luck to all zerodha family and happy independence day

  495. kailash chaturvedi says:

    Congrats dear Nithin and team Zerodha 💜 Glad to be A part of zerodha. Keep going ..God bless Zerodha 🙏 Happy independence day …

  496. Barun Roy says:

    Happy to be with Zerodha. So thanks ……we have done a lot of things. Now I want two updates more-
    1. I want to place my order with stop loss and take profits. If its hits one order then other order should be closed automatically. I’m not talking about BO and CO orders, because I don’t like to place any absolute value order.
    2. I want to drag my SL and TP on the chart like MT4.

  497. Charudatta Apte says:

    Nicely drafted personalised mail. Tone of the mail language sounds very caring, thanks for the mail and a tip therein as well.

    See if you can frequently send such mailers with “one liners” therein (tips for us) , may be you can also think of putting the main usage of each and every app that we have on common platform.

  498. rahul mevada says:

    congratulations team zerodha,
    i love zerodha,

    please if possible give me limit in MCX future.
    because other trading plantform limit 40 times.
    but we are connected in zerodha because zerodha is best in india no 1

  499. Smita says:

    You are role model to us! Proud to b zerodian!!

  500. Sudarshan Hegde says:

    Dear Mr.Kamath,

    Thank you for providing such a lovely and easy to operate portal, integrating mutual funds with direct option as well.
    The newly added feature of GTT was long asked for which has come true. I have learnt so much about finance market with the help of this portal, and look forward to many more interesting features in the coming days. Request you to please introduce buying of digital gold. This has a very good demand, such as the one in paytm.


  501. Denish Faladu says:

    Great work by Zerodha. But nervous with kite 3.0. After updating new version it is stop completely. Not supporting in lolipop.


    Happy 10th Birthday & Congratulations to all team Members & Good Wishes for the coming years.

    Please let me know when you will start MRGIN FUNDING (hope you have not yet) ?

  503. Raja Sekhar says:

    Congratulations sir. If possible please include BO order in MCX segment because all other brokers provided this facility. All the best sir

  504. Supritha says:

    Thank u 4 all the free goodies n congrats

  505. umeshsoni says:

    sir I am use zerodha last 4 year can you possible brokrage charge low ??

  506. Kishore says:

    Congrats team Zerodha. Thank you Nithin sir.

  507. Srinathjayanna says:

    Still no option chain we need to use sensibull by paying,where all other brokerages are giving it at free of cost,except this everything is perfect.

  508. Sumit Dubey says:

    Mr Kamath… I don’t know how you earn even after immensely benefitting the retail investors but I love your business model even before knowing what exactly is it. Thankyou for giving us an excellent platform and independence from the other money making brokerages. Thanks a ton!!

  509. Raghuraman K says:

    Zerodha Team is doing a great job. We need OFS , IPO , Fixed Deposit of Corporates, Bonds, are to be made available for buying , trading, like any other full brokerages. Please initiate, and inform once available.

  510. Mirza Harun Baig says:

    Kindly introduce option chapter in varsity

  511. John Bright says:

    Congrats !!!
    Looking forward to a ‘glitch-free’ year.

    Add-on – Appreciate if we can get Market Profile & Order Flow in the charts (maybe with a small fee)

  512. Yogya says:

    I love you guys and zerodha is brilliant product which is miles and miles better platform for trade than any other in India. I just like everything about the company but growing tremendously without a spent on advertisement, continously improving user experience and varsity are awesome. I really want to thank you Mr. Kamath..!

  513. subramaniam mahadevan says:

    your entry in to the field has been a game changer. Brokerage free transactions has made a vast difference to so many middle class investors. All our blessings and good wishes will always be with Zerodha. Let all of us profit for mutual benefit. God bless you Zerodha

    subramaniam mahadevan

  514. Ajay purushottam Mhalas says:

    u r the best service provider

  515. Krishna Gurudutt Mishra says:

    Congrats for entire team of Zerodha.
    I wish all the best.

  516. Dhritiman says:

    Bracket order charges are not fully right. If order get executed in 2 parts we are getting charged twice, which is not fair IMO

    Congratulations by the way.

  517. subrahmanian says:

    Hearty congrats on completion of 9 years , wish you all the best in the year ahead and coming years. Zerodha’s platform is improving which is good news for traders like me. I have a few suggestions to make it even better and easy for traders without referring to any other website or brokerage platform.
    1. Lack of option volatility details on the expiry day right, available elsewhere, creates a lot of difficulty. weekly option trading invariably ends in loss on expiry day.
    2. option data need to be live ticking
    3. sensibull need to be live without requiring refresh frequently
    4. advance- decline numbers or ratio or chart would be helpful to gauge the market mood and direction .


  518. v v krishnamurthi says:

    Congratulations Nitin and all Zerodha family.
    Best investing platform

    Best of luck.
    will try to stick to your advice regarding stop loss.

  519. Baid says:

    i had a nice experience wherein Nithin took personal interest and solved my problem. Thanks for that .always appreciate it.Regards always

  520. Chandra Mouli says:

    Congratulations zerodha team. All the best for your future.

  521. Jeevankumar m m says:

    Zerodha baby took 9 minths to get birth now it grown up 9 years thank you. This article looks like annual general body meeting speech

  522. Prakash kumar says:

    Congrats to all of you specially Shasin sir who helped me to join this platform

    Thanks a lot

  523. Rajesh says:

    Hello Sir,

    One suggestion :

    Please sir extend more margins on intraday

    Other company provides margins more than zerodha


  524. Krunal says:

    Congrats to the entire team af zerodha. I moved from an incumbent broker to zerodha couple of years back. I have saved a lot of brokerage and also the service is excellent. Keep it up. Kudos

  525. S.Vaidyanathan says:

    Sir, I find no words to compliment your gooooodself, and your sincere staff in having achieved this GRAND success. Hats off for your hard sincere unending efforts to become one of the most credited / creditworthy universal brokers.

  526. Pravin Gaonkar says:

    Congratulations Nitin and all Zerodha family.

    Best of luck.


    Pravin Gaonkar

  527. Palkumari Patel says:

    Congratulations and thanks for your team,zerodha is the best brokerage firm,low brokerage,किसी प्रकार का कोई छिपी चार्ज,नहीं,डिलीवरी ट्रेड पर कोई brokerage नहीं,best trading platform,

  528. Sachin says:

    Congratulations Guys… Your app is a new benchmark for your competitors .. Loved trading with Zerodha.. Good luck and keep surprising us.


    Congratulations and best wishes to reach new heights in the years to come.

  530. Chenna Kondaiah says:

    Hearty Congratulations.

  531. Haridas Krishnan says:

    Happy and proud that ZERODHA is giving us multiple platforms for trade and investment purpose. Wishing you and all team members a Happy Independence Day.

  532. rajesh sahoo says:

    congratulation.Thanks for your hard work to achieve a milestone. GOD bless you and your team .

  533. Minal Joshi says:

    Congrats Nitin Sir and Zerodha Team, proud to be a part of Zerodha, keep growing.

  534. Dinesh Khandekar says:

    Hearty Congratulations and best wishes to Nitin and all of Zerodha family. Continue the best services.

  535. Anuj jain says:

    Hi Nithin
    You have done a phenomenal job transforming the ever opaque industry . You should think about selling 20/25% of your equity to all the happy customers (at FMV) so that we also get an opportunity to participate in the growth of zerodha . Do think about it . Cheers

  536. KIRAN GAIKWAD says:

    Thanks for providing minimum brokerage charges through Kite. But provide some good stocks to trade daily.

    • Kosuru sridhar says:

      Congratulations zerodha team. My opinion is redemption is more late. Because first redem after is come to zerodha account and next bank transfers. Its time it will be one week. Solve this problem in future. Thanking you sir

  537. Ravi Raghavan says:

    Mr kamath like to say few words on streak, such good software without support by phone how to use better.very sad not able to use it.

  538. Rupesh Kumar says:

    Congratulations to team zerodha and thanks for a best trading platform provided to us. I wish zerodha stands best always and ever.

  539. Anil says:

    I lost lot of money on Zerodha than make.. Duw to fix low brokerage and easy to use I have lost approx 10lacs in future option .. thinking .. but think Kamath sir would be earning on brokerage

  540. FM says:

    Great job Nithin and team! Fabulous platform, awesome pricing!

  541. Rajeev Choudhury says:

    Thank u Sir for your mail. I am happy to see your suggestion on stop loss . Also please mail do’s and don’ts of intraday trading so that new traders don’t lose money like i did.I wish zerodha a great and awesome future.

  542. Pankaj says:

    Thank you nitin jee for such an amazing platform

  543. RAMESH MAHAJAN says:

    Respected sir,
    Feeling happy to see ZERODHA on completion of 9 years…

    Kindly suggest good trading options for making carrier and earning good money on regular basis…as trying to do but something goes wrong …
    Your valuable guideline is awaited…

    Thanking you.
    Ramesh Mahajan

  544. Meher Subbarao says:

    heartily Congratulations…
    Wish you a happy Independence Day to you and your team s

  545. Vishnu Sankaran says:

    Dear Nithin Chetta,

    You are a role model dude. I still remember the day I took the hard decision to join this revolutionary company for the trading. All your competitors were laughing me on the Rs.20/- offer and they were telling me that there are many hidden charges. So I was very careful initially. I used to reconcile my books every month to clear my mind. Now everybody accepted the fact that you are miles ahead of the competition. Kite is our pride, Zerodha is the synonym for stock trading. Keep thinking, keep moving, keep conquering. We are with you.

  546. Mohit Raj says:

    Congratulation Mr Nitin keep grow like that ….

  547. Prasath.L says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,

    My Hearties Congrats …….Such a wonderful Journey so-far……👍

  548. Prasath.L says:

    Dear Zerodha Team,

    Congrats…….Folks……..Such a wonderful Journey sofar……👍

    • Dr Pavan Patil says:

      U still not allowing BO in MCX even few others started, and ur chart screen hang in extreme volatile crude oil market,

      Other than these 2 issues ur platform is best in India.

  549. Mani says:


    When we get a chance to invest in US markets using zerodha?

  550. Rajendra says:

    Honestly i m not happy with your Zeroda. I can say because of this i have completely stopped trading.
    Simple change of bank is such a complex system, cannot a even abke to reach your people. Can u help me?

  551. Santan Chaurasiya says:

    It’s honour for me to be a part of this celebration 🎉. This show your efforts and dedication toward your job.. Hearty congratulations to all the employees and management on this achievement…. Bright always like a star upto 100000000… years..thanks nithin sir.. To providing us such a awesome place…. It’s double happiness for me.. Because it’s also my birthday 15th August…. 🎉🎉💐💐🎊🎊🎉

  552. Rajendra says:

    Honestly i m not happy with your Zeroda. I can say because of this i have completely stopped trading.
    Simple change of bank is such a complex system, cannot a even abke to reach your people.

  553. Priyabrata Parida says:

    But the important thing, Why you guys don’t have any option to hold the sale quantity share. For MIS trsanction we can’t hold. At 3:20 pm you guys sell/buy the transaction with huge loss. You guys making money intelligently.

    • Akshay says:

      Hi, I would like to bring to your notice that if you want to carry forward your MIS trade, go to options of that particular share in your positions and convert it to CNC.

  554. Nagendra m s says:

    Thanks brother
    Keep growing
    Happy independence Day

  555. Hanamant Kulkarni says:


    Service needs to be more proactive.

    Recently amount is debited from my Kite Account without my knowledge.
    Inspite of raising support request , issue is not resolved and pending for more than a month now.

  556. Vinayak satpute says:

    We love your app & charts u placed for us. We not made money but expireance to work. Hope we will success in next days hartly congrats to u sir

  557. S Ashok kumar says:

    Congratulations to Nitinji and all Zerodha Team

  558. Jayaprakash says:

    Im a since 20 years in stock market I c all brokerage but I’m comfort In ZERODHA. Because commission is very negligible previous im giving commission 13000 / month in f&0 but now Im giving same amount for 2 years with all benefits.

  559. Ajit jain says:

    Many hearty congratulations to you n your team. 🙂

  560. Romit says:

    Kudos to you’ll… Congratulations!

  561. Manikandan says:

    Great moment bro

  562. Vijayakumar says:

    Zerodha is cool and brought the stock market related investing avenues to the commoners. Helps me stick to my value investing school of thought!

  563. Subhrajit Dey says:

    Hi nitin I am your old customer. In fact zerodha is my first by holding hands with mani. Nevertheless I want to add one suggestion. It will be great if you introduce Bo in commodity.

  564. C S VIJAYALAKSHMI says:

    Congratulations Team Zerodha & Nithin sir. I am one of the earlier client in your mass.
    I am proud to continue till now.
    Thank you.

  565. Balaji says:

    Hi have you started any robot Trading

  566. SAI PRANEETHA says:

    Congrats Nithin sir.

  567. Pratik says:

    Zerodha is a business with customer at 💓. Thank you Nithin for breaking down all the barriers! A spark within you 9 years ago has evolved into a beautiful universe today!! More super-power to you!!

    • Gunukula mahender Reddy says:

      Best of luck in future

    • deepak makwana says:

      Thanks u sir….
      in a such manner…there are lots of technical indicators and service have been given by u….on this platform . we hope u will give more benefits us from this platform..

  568. Ranjeet Kumar says:

    Congrats ZERODHA Team . proud to be A part of zerodha. Well done Nithin sir keep growing 🙏

  569. Ankita Isaac says:

    Congrats Nithin sir 💜 Glad to be A part of zerodha. Keep going ..God bless Zerodha 🙏

  570. Jitendra says:

    Congrats to Nithin and entire zerodha family !!!
    Keep improving !!! Keep growing !!!

    • SAIRAMESH Gundavarapu says:

      This is because of your commitment.
      Congratulations and thanks for your team

      • SASTRY A V says:

        Congrats for the achievement and special thanks for the new features introduced of late. I hope and wish the same tempo in future also

    • Bhavesh says:

      If technical analysis could be taught in a more simple way

      Also algo trading

      Congrats Zerodha you are the best and will be the benchmark for all brokerages

    • Ratheesh says:

      Sit,Excellent in all service& ur team commitment. onething only.leverage for intraday .we should buy that stock from live price or less price.not be a bracket order.

    • Krishnan Nair says:

      Congrats and thanks.

    • manish kumar says:

      Just awesome. Zerodha worked with simplicity to make it universally unique. hats off to you

    • Mahesh Kashyap says:

      Congratulations Zerodha. Great commendable work done by your entire team. Looking forward to be associated with you for a long long time.

    • Manohar Chandran says:

      Congratulations to Team Zerodha… you guys are the best… You are simple yet highly sophisticated… you reach out to novice traders yet amaze professionals… thank you for your sincere efforts to continuously update and educate us.

    • Sanjoy Pal says:

      Thank you.

    • AKHIL khan says:

      U always rockzz Bhai..Keep growing up..hope of the best brokerage firm in world..Love u team zerodha…

    • Maharshi Thaker says:

      Thank you for the opportunity to trade at bare minimum costs which no other brokerage house has. The software i.e. the UX design for the app and the website both are minimal and intuitive.
      Congratulations, I hope and wish you grow to 10 million active users in no time.

      • Gajanan Lokure says:

        Congratulations on completing 9 year milestone.
        Thank you for giving us chance to grow with you and organisation. More years to go… Happy Independence Day

    • Miriam Solomon says:

      Congratulations, best wishes. Continue with great achievement.

    • Tahir says:

      Congratulations….Nitin Karmath Sir….What is ur success mantra for a startup broking firm.

    • Ramesh Arasavilli says:

      Very Great These achievement is because of your dedicated customer service and have good team work. We congratulate for your success in very short span We wish to see your company in greater heights 👍

    • G.Bhagyalaxmi says:

      Dear Nithin sir , Hearty congratulations to the entire team of Zerodha for the successful journey of 9 years . We/ I am confident that this journey will continue successfully in the coming years with much more friendly feature to the investors community . Really my experience is good and will continue our support in the coming period. Wish you all the success .

    • Raghav Raman says:

      Congrats Sir And Happy Independence Day

      Best Of Luck for your upcoming rival Paytm

      • Vedika Pawan says:

        Really great to trade and invest with Zerodha! It is so fast and hassle free that I love to work with it. My Heartiest Congratulations to you and your team!!

    • KIRAN JOSHI says:


    • Umesh Mishra says:

      Really a great moment Congratulations
      I m really happy with Zerodah Kite
      Thanks To Nitin

    • Rishi says:

      Good Nithin keep it up!!!

    • mohsin says:

      worst demat service provider.

      lost lakhs of investment


      Thank you very much Zerodha team. I wish happy independenceday .
      It is better to send a statement of trading or investment during financial year which helpful to file tax return on capital gain

    • Ashok says:

      Wish you all Zerodha team a very happy Independance day today. I wish Mr. Nitin and the Zero dha team a long lasting success in the years to come. Our partnership will grow in the years to come. Congretulations. !!!!!!

    • Zerodha Not a told truth says:

      Zerodha not a told truth about, my experience in Zerodha thise a zoradha published by people other ways not for good service provider, salila Kumar sahoo .

    • Shivansh says:

      If u can open zerodah. Customer care offices in all part of india as every competitors are have some offices for client interaction ex reliance ,sai nath,choice,anand rathi etc

    • Manoj Singh says:

      Congratulations Nitin sir and all Zirodha Family.
      And thanku take for Zirodha platform thanku very much.


      Congratulation Nithin and Zerodha team. keep up the good work, good luck and happy independence day to you all.

    • Vamsi Krishna says:

      Congratulations to nithin Kamath and Zerodha for this .Making Trading possible to small investors . I would suggest you to reconsider your DP charges by Zerodha as it is charged irrespective of number of shares held . Reducing it will help small investors .


      Many Many Congratulations
      NITIN Sir 🌹🌹

    • Davison Thingbaijam says:

      Congratulations to the entire team and Mr Kamath. Personally, I find the platform very user friendly and recommend it to anyone who likes to start equity investments or trading.

    • Gulshan Kumar says:

      First of all congrats for completing 9yrs to ur entire team & one request from my side is that kindly make kite 3.0 more fast & efficient like 2.0

    • Pradeep says:

      Zerodha always make easy trading. Thank you so much for the team for bringing very cost effective trading platform.
      Love you so much zerodha team, you brings opportunities for all.

    • Syed Ahmed says:

      Congratulations and thanks for your team for almost one decade achievement.

      Thank u

    • Randhir Singh Billawaria says:

      Thanks dear for the mail n information, wishing happy anniversary n Independence Day

    • Ritesh says:

      Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉

    • REKHA GOLLENA says:

      Sir, the valuation of holdings/stocks to be done after removing the hair cut automatically and margin to be arranged based on the valuation.This provisions will made to put buying orders without credit ledger.
      However same day or within two days amount to be transferred otherwise same may be liquidated.
      This will facilitate orders can be put as lujed

    • Haari kovela says:

      Good job zerodha

    • Kalpesh Vakharia says:

      Smart software and good service @ great cost cutting congratulations on success

    • Saroj Kumar sahoo says:

      Congratulations and thanks to all the team members support.

    • Satish says:

      First of all congrats to Nithin and entire zerodha family…

      PLEASE PROVIDE “DARK THEME” FOR KITE WEB similar to dark theme that you introduced in Kite mobile App.
      Dealing with white background will strain eyes. So dark theme will really help.

      • Sunil says:

        Dark theme in web will definitely help to reduce the eye-strain. Please provide it.

      • Satish says:

        Any update with regard to providing “DARK THEME” FOR KITE WEB similar to dark theme that you introduced in Kite mobile App????

        Please take it with priority as it would not be major task but can hake users happy

    • Santosh Yadav says:

      Good work for zerodh
      Keep it
      I proud to you Nithin

    • purnima says:

      when zerodha start to support Ninjatrader like amibroker

    • Mohit Kumar says:

      Hello Sir!
      I am regular user of demat account with you.
      I have facing one problem and this is my suggestion also

      Why we are not allowed to take position in nifty Options which have expiry of more than 1 years.
      If you have any risk manage system which doesn’t allow you to allow us at least give the choice to your client to buy OPTIONS of nifty.Selling the option may be difficult & riskier to manage although buying options you (Zerodha) Have no risk in this.
      I hope you understand my query & respond earliest.
      Thank You

      • Matti says:

        Hey Mohit, these far out contracts have very little liquidity and so the potential impact cost for our clients would be quite high. As such, these contracts aren’t allowed.

    • SUNIL says:


    • KARTHIK TALLAM says:







    • Ashwin says:

      Hello Zerodha Guys. I have just started using Zerodha my first platform and I am pretty impressed. I would like Zerodha to arrange a workshop on Technical Analysis and intraday Trading from an expert. This can be only for Zerodha members and can be through sponsors. Even a live webinar would do good for all its members.You already have zerodha varsity but one to one workshop would be more effective for newbies like me. Request your attention on this.