15 Mar 2017, 12:00 AM

Important update - AMO orders

The number of clients who use after-market orders (AMO) has gone up significantly in the last few months. All the AMO’s are collected and orders are placed as soon as the market opens at 9.15 am. This sudden gush of orders has been affecting the platform performance for the rest of the clients.

Placing equity (stocks) AMO orders at 9 am when the exchange pre-market opening session starts instead of when the normal market opens at 9.15 am benefits in two ways. It improves the order performance for all our clients at market open, and pre-market orders have higher execution priority as compared to normal orders.

So, w.e.f. 15th March 2017, equity AMO orders will be fired to the exchange at 9.00 am when the pre-market opens. Disclosed quantity and stoploss orders for equity are not allowed during pre-market, hence they won’t be allowed for AMO orders.

Since future and option orders can’t be placed during pre-market session, all F&O AMO orders will continue to be placed like before at 9.15 am.