27 Feb 2019, 03:30 PM

Current Buybacks, Takeovers and Delisting- February 2019

Please find the list of all announced buybacks for the month of February 2019 below. Buyback requests will be accepted Online or Offline based on the size of the issue.


1. Online Buyback: During the offer period, you can place a bid for the quantity you wish to tender for the buyback/takeover/delisting on Console under Portfolio>OFS/Buyback.
2. Offline Buyback: During the offer period, you are required to fill up the tender request form sent to your registered Email ID sent by the company and create a ticket here with the scanned copy.
3. Open-market Buyback: Here companies buy shares through the stock exchange. There’s no tender process involved.


Scrip Name Start Date End Date Floor Price/Offer Price Sub Type Buyback Acceptance
AJANTA PHARMA 28-02-2019 14-03-2019 1300.00 Buyback Online
UDAIPUR COTTON MILLS COMPANY LTD 26-02-2019 05-03-2019 84.00 Delisting Offline
OIL INDIA LTD 15-02-2019 01-03-2019 215 Buyback Online
NMDC LTD 13-02-2019 27-02-2019 98 Buyback Online
CYIENT LIMITED 12-02-2019 09-08-2019 N.A Buyback Open Market Buyback
MEENAKSHI MERCANTILES LIMITED 26-02-2019 05-03-2019 49.00 Delisting Offline
PERSISTENT SYSTEMS LIMITED 08-02-2019 07-08-2019 N.A Buyback Open Market Buyback
SELAN EXPLORATION TECHNOLOGY LTD 07-01-2019 06-07-2019 N.A Buyback Open market buyback


  1. Your orders will be placed on the Exchange platform only on the window expiry date mentioned in the table.
  2. Please make sure to hold the stock until then to be eligible for this buyback.
  3. Charges for buyback order placed online will be ₹20+GST. If you miss placing an order online you will have to give us the email request by creating a ticket, charges for this will be ₹100+GST and these manual orders will be accepted only till 1:00 p.m., (Expiry date + 1)