Orders – Place, Modify, Cancel & View

October 25, 2012


We have introduced newer platforms since this post was published. Check out this user manual for Kite and Kite explainer videos here.

We will cover everything to do with Orders in this section:

The order window on Zerodha Trader looks as below, you can use the shortcut key F1 to Buy and F2 to Sell:

In the above snapshot above you will see various boxes, let me explain the use of each of them:

1. Exchange Segment: This box will indicate which segment you are placing the orders. The various segments are NSE (NSE Equity), NFO (NSE Futures & Options), BSE (BSE Equity), BFO (BSE Futures & Options), MCX (Commodities) and CDS (NSE Currency Derivative Segment).

2. Order Type: Order can be a Limit order (where you specify the buy/sell price), Market order (where you buy/sell at market price), SL/SL-M (stop loss/stop loss market). The use of Stop Loss orders is explained here. The difference between SL and SL-M is that when the trigger price is hit, the stop loss order is sent as a limit order with limit price mentioned by you in the SL order, whereas in SL-M, the order is sent to the exchange as a Market order.

Because of illiquidity of stock option contracts, market orders have been disabled on stock options. Only limit orders are allowed. Place a limit buying order higher than the current price or selling order below the current price, this will act as good as market order but will also protect from any impact cost due to illiquidity.

3. PRO/CLI: PRO stands for Proprietary, CLI stands for client. All of you are trading as clients so the default will remain as CLI.

4. INST Name, Symbol, Type, Strike, Expiry: All of these are chosen by default when you click on a contract and ask to buy/sell. But if you want to change the contract/scrip, you can do it from here.

5. Basket Wave Line/ AUC No: Ignore this.

6. QTY: Buy/Sell order Quantity. By default it will show 1 for equity orders and 1 lot for F&O. To change the default quantity and any other attributes of the order, look at the image below:

7. Price: Mention the price if your order is limit order; if it is a market order this field cannot be entered.

8. Tr Price: Trigger price will be used for Stop Loss orders. The price at which you want the stop loss to be triggered.

9. Disc Quantity (Disclosed Quantity): This feature can be used only on Equities (Stocks only) and Commodities. If you are placing a big limit order and you don’t want the entire quantity to be disclosed fearing a non-execution of order you can choose Disclosed Quantity. For example, if you buy 2000 shares of Reliance at Rs 800 and you mention the disclosed quantity as 500, your order will show only 500 in the market depth window for everyone else, whereas actually it is 2000. This is useful only if you are trading bigger quantities.

10. Prod Type (Product Type): MIS ( Margin intraday square off), CNC (Cash n Carry) and NRML( Normal). The following details are important so ensure you remember the same:

While trading equity (Stocks on NSE/BSE)

Use MIS for Intraday Trading (9:00 AM to 3:20 PM): Around 3:20 PM, all MIS positions are auto squared off. Using MIS, you will get Intraday Leverage (between 3 to 10 times) based on what stock you are trading. If it’s a good stock you get more leverage, and if it’s not a good stock you get less or no leverage. To know how much leverage you get for trading Equities for Intraday click here.

Use CNC for delivery-based trading: When you buy using CNC, you will not get any leverage, but there won’t be any auto square off’s either. Once bought, the stock would be sent to your Demat account and if you sell using CNC, stocks will be debited from your Demat account. Note that you won’t be able to sell with product type CNC without holding the particular stock in your demat account.

You can convert MIS to CNC and vice versa, by visiting Admin positions (F11) or by visiting Trade book (F8). You will need 100% cash in your account to convert to CNC. To know how to convert your positions click here.

While trading Futures & Options( NSE/BSE)

Use MIS for Intraday trading (9:00 AM to 3:20 PM). Around 3:20 PM, all MIS positions are auto squared off. The benefit of using MIS for Futures & Options is that you get extra leverage (not for buying options). You will need only 40% of Exchange stipulated margin by using this product type. So for example, if Nifty futures overnight margin is Rs. 25,000, you will require only Rs 10,000 (40% of 25,000) if you use the product type as MIS.

If you don’t want any excess leverage, use the product type NRML and you would not have to worry about auto square offs.

You can convert your MIS position to NRML and vice versa by visiting Admin positions (F11) or by visiting trade book (F8). You will need stipulated NSE overnight margins to convert to NRML. To know more on position conversion, click here.

While trading Currency (CDS)

Only one product type NRML as we don’t offer any additional leverage than what is offered by the exchange.

While Trading Commodities (MCX)

Use MIS for Intraday trading (10:00 AM till 30 minutes before market close). At 30 minutes before market close, all MIS positions are auto squared off. The benefit of using MIS for Commodity FuturesΒ  is that you get extra leverage. You will need only 50% of overnight exchange stipulated margin by using this product type. So for example, if Crude futures overnight margin is Rs. 25,000, you will require only Rs 12,500 ( 50% of 25,000) if you use the product type as MIS.

If you don’t want any excess leverage, use the product type NRML and you would not have to worry about auto square offs.

You can convert MIS to NRML and vice versa by visiting Admin positions (F11) or by visiting Trade book (F8). You will need stipulated MCX overnight margins to convert to NRML. Click here to know how you can convert your position.

11. Validity: While trading on NSE/BSE you get only 2 options, Day orders (valid till end of day) or IOC – Immediate or Cancel (as the name suggests, the order if not executed immediately will get cancelled). By default day option will be selected. IOC will be a good option for people who place market orders of large quantity thereby increasing the Impact cost.

12. Client ID, Name, Participant, No of Days:Β  These will be selected by default and no change to be made on this. Validity date can be used only for GTD orders on MCX.


The Order Book is a very important tool on ZT. It helps you monitor/cancel/modify your orders. To access the order book use the short cut key F3 or go to the Orders and Trades Option on ZT and click on Order Book as shown below:

The Order Book opens as below, use the edges to increase/decrease the size. Use Ctrl+3 if you are not seeing both open/completed orders. Tick/untick the Display all Orders button and then click Display if you don’t see the orders. See the pic below:

The Order Book allows you to Filter your orders,modify/cancel any pending orders or cancel all your pending orders (in case you have more than one pending order). The below picture shows you how its done.

Some of the main reasons for your orders to be rejected are:

  • Invalid Product Type (using CNC for F&O, so on and so forth)
  • Insufficient funds (please note that when you place an order – even if it is not executed, the exchange blocks funds as long as it is open), so be sure to check for any Open orders in Order Book. The rejection reason is self explanatory, but give us a shout if you can’t figure out the rejection reason.
*IMP* Ensure that you use the same order type to enter and exit. So if you buy using MIS, sell using MIS and similarly for NRML & CNC.

Happy Trading,


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  1. Shri says:

    Please explain about stoploss orders. Whenever I place SL order in ZT I get message saying Stop loss already triggered at XX price.
    Thanks for this detailed post on orders. Waiting for stoploss order post.
    Thank you.

    • Satish says:

      Sir when i exit to cnc stocks after a week its showing sell position how i can exit from cnc dtocks

      • Anu says:

        I would like to exit from the CNC holding . what price does the zerodha use for settlement – price at the a) price at close of market
        b) Or price at the time of exit from CNC

        If I have exit from CNC holding , and the price increases in the day again – can I again bring it back to Holding from POsition ( where it is showing now ) LIKE INFY in my case .Then exit at a higher price ?

        • Matti says:

          Hey Anu, when you sell, the trade is settled at the price you place the sell order. You can close your CNC sell position and sell again at a later point, yes.

    • Yunus says:

      Hi Nitin,

      Brokerage wise you are best you are the best, but trading system you need to improve zerodha alot, it is is like zig zag and I m holding share khan account also and trust me their tradetiger is really superb. you should bring new updated version soon.


      • Working on the new platform Yunus, we should hopefully be out with it in the next few months.

      • Manohar says:

        I second to Yunus. In respect to brokerage Zerodha is the best, but trading on their software is so difficult. I have Sharekhan account as well and I must say their software is superb. I never had any difficulty understanding their terminologies, and it’s so easy to use in comparison to Zerodha. Eveytime I try to place order on Zerodha and due its complications I end up trading at Sharekhan which costs me more. I wanted to completely port all my holdings from Sharekhan to Zerodha but I am not getting confidence yet because the software is not stable. Most of the times I have hard time even logging in. Nitin, really need to work on the software part very quickly.
        If only software part is good Zerodha has already reached to the winning point.


    • Pradnil says:

      How is the brokerage calculated? Is it on the profit/loss or the total contract value?
      If contract value….then is it on the amount i invest..or margin + my investment?

      • Zerodha Social says:

        Brokerage is charged for each and every transaction, both buy/sell. You can calculate it using the brokerage calculator tool.

        • Sreekanth says:

          Zerodha says no brokerage on delivery. Does it mean if I select CNC and buy, say 100 shares of a company for 10000, no brokerage to be charged right, but still brokerage is charged at 0.6 Rs, I am not able to understand why?

          • Matti says:

            If you buy and sell the same day, it’s considered an intraday trade and brokerage is charged accordingly Sreekanth.

    • chandrakant swain says:

      Are there any charges on cancelling orders?

    • Nitin malik says:

      In Zerodha, how can I place a stop-loss order that stays until it is executed for a month or week instead of every day?

      • Matti says:

        This isn’t available on Kite right now, however, we’re working on such long-lived orders.

        • SAGAR GUPTA says:

          Is there any updates on long lived orders. Do we have any such option that I can place a order to buy/sell irrespective of the daily UC/LC and the day it matches my order value it got executed.

  2. Shri says:

    Thank you for explaining stop loss orders also. Great post.

  3. Rama Prasad Naidu says:

    Can I place MIS orders for buying options by paying 100% premium.

  4. Meeta says:

    sir i want to know how to know how do u trade with market order buy entry for eg stock is trading at 100 and i want to put buy order at 110 how do i do that pl reply and also for how many stocks market order entry i can make at a time

  5. Nithin Kamath says:

    @rama, you can place MIS order for options paying 100% of the premium, but remember that all those positions will be squared off by 3.20pm if you don’t convert them to NRML.

    @Meeta. Meeta if a stock is trading at 100 and you want to buy only if the stocks go to 110, it is not a market order as the market order will buy it at Rs 100 itself. If you want to enter a position like this, it can be done using the stop loss order with a trigger to buy at 110. Check this blog and look at the last section SL to enter new positions: http://www.zerodha.com/z-connect/blog/view/stop-loss-orders-limit-market .. hope this helps..

  6. dilip says:

    why my MIS order placed using AMO was automatically cancelled by RMS11 at 9.45am.

  7. raunak says:

    ok i think something is wrong or i didnt get the options trading properly..
    ysday i had bought 2 lots of 100 CEs for dena bank @ 1.55 and 1.65
    right now the LTP is 1.85 and shows my profit as only 400… so my avg buying price shud show as 1.60 right ? thn why is it showing as 1.80 ? i had ysday opted for normal product…
    am i not gettin somethin or its some kind of glitch ?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Hi Raunak,

      The profit/loss that will show on your admin position is marked to market profit/loss and not your total profit or loss. By this what I mean is the present profit you are seeing is MTM profit, this is calculated based on yesterday’s closing price.

      Please understand that MTM is not really your absolute profit/loss. This will always show you based on closing price of last day if you hold a position overnight.

      So if today’s closing price is 1.90, tomorrow if the calls are at Rs 2.00 it will show you mtm profits based on today’s closing price and not your buying price..

      Hopefully this clarifies..

  8. raunak says:

    can ny1 explain me why ?

  9. Amit says:

    What happen if I buy some equity or commodity in MIS product type and sell it same equity or commodity on same day as NRML?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      If you are trading equity you will have 2 products MIS and CNC. you can buy as MIS, to sell as CNC you will need to have stocks in your demat.

      If you are trading equity f&o and commodity, you need to be clear about the product types.

      If you bought as MIS and sold as NRML, the system will consider it as 2 separate positions, at 3.20pm when we run our intraday square offs, all MIS orders gets squared off. You will continue to hold Sell NRML position.. So make sure that you are using the same product type..


  10. Billa says:

    Hi Zerodha,
    If I want to short 10 shares of a scrip and want to buy back after 2 or 3 days,
    1) which product type I have to choose MIS or NRML ?
    2) I have to select Validity as DAY or IOC ?

    Please reply…Thank you…

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      When you are trading in equity delivery choose

      1. MIS for intraday and CNC for delivery. In your case CNC should be chosen since you want to buy for 2 to 3 days. If you don’t see the CNC option there, it means that either your demat account is still not open or it is not linked. Because without a demat account you cannot buy shares and hold it overnight.

      2. Always preferable to keep it as day orders, because once you place the order it will be valid till end of day. IOC stands for immediate or cancel, what it means is that if you place an order and if no available quantity/price in the market, it will get cancelled immediately.


    • sibaprasaddash says:

      I ca not place CNC type orders in my ZT.CNC option is not there,only MIS and NRML option are there. It has been one month since I have opened Zerodha account. whats the problem!

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Guess your demat account is not mapped to the trading account. Have you opened a demat account with us as well??

  11. Billa says:

    Thanks for the reply, Again a small doubt…I want to SELL 100 shares of a scrip, which is not in my DEMAT account and want to hold my position overnight, in that case I have to select SELL & CNC ?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Billa, without holding shares in your demat, you will not be allowed to sell in CNC. You cant carry forward a short position in equity overnight. You will have to use f&O for that..

  12. EsswaraReddyB says:

    How to kept carry forward order in commodity trading

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      You can use NRML orders for overnight positions and MIS for intraday. If you are asking for good till cancelled orders which is basically placing an order which is valid till you cancel it, this facility has been removed from MCX, it was possible before, but not anymore.


  13. dilip says:

    Why showing “Admin stopped AMO” when i am placing the AMO order. my user ID is DD0131.

  14. Shailendra says:

    I have only a trading account with Zerodha. If I want to buy shares on Zerodha through Z5, on NSE or BSE, I see 3 options – MIS, CO and NRML. I understand MIS is for intraday trading. What does CO and NRML stand for in this context?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      MIS is for intraday trading in equity and futures and options.

      CO is for cover order.

      NRML is for overnight futures and options positions.

      If you want to buy equity for overnight, you need to use product type as CNC, but this won’t show up if you haven’t linked your demat account to your trading account.

    • Shailendra says:

      What option should i choose then to buy shares for delivery to my linked demat account?

    • Shailendra says:

      How do i link my demat account with the trading account?

  15. Shailendra says:

    Do you have a user manual for Z5 and other trading features of the online site?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      We don’t have one for Z5 yet other than this little bit we have put. We will put a manual for this soon.

    • Shailendra says:

      Currently my funds are marked against NSE-EQ. I guess this means i can only buy stocks on NSE. How do I transfer funds to BSE-EQ or NFO or BFO etc.

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      Missed your query, As long as the funds are showing in NSE EQ, you can use it across NSE, NFO, BSE, BFO and CDS(currency)

  16. Shailendra says:

    While buying shares for delivery through Z5, i am getting following error –
    RMS:Blocked for nse_cm NRML broker- ZERODHA block type: ALL
    What does it mean?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Shailendra, if you are buying shares for delivery , you need to use product type as CNC and not NRML. NRML is for buying and holding f&o positions.

      Check this blog

  17. Shailendra says:

    How do i link my demat account with the trading account?

  18. Shailendra says:

    Currently my funds are marked against NSE-EQ. I guess this means i can only buy stocks on NSE. How do I transfer funds to BSE-EQ or NFO or BFO etc

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      Missed your query, As long as the funds are showing in NSE EQ, you can use it across NSE, NFO, BSE, BFO and CDS(currency)

  19. saiju says:

    Still I am confused about product code. Please give me a detailed information about product code like CO, NRML, MIS.

    Where I can be use or not used?

    • Hanan says:

      Product Codes for ZT

      MIS (Margin-Intraday Squareoff) – Use this product code if you want to buy anything on an intraday basis. Square off happens at 3:20 for EQ and FnO. For Commodities, square off happens 25 minutes before close of markets.
      NRML – Use this product code if you want to buy any Futures/Options positions for an overnight position.
      CNC (Cash & Carry) – Use this product code if you want to buy shares for delivery.

      Product Codes for NOW:

      MIS – Use this if you wish to buy Equities on an intraday basis. Use this product code to also trade currencies.
      NRML – Use this product code for trading Futures & Options. Note that, intraday margin will be provided on NRML and square off starts at 3:00 PM if you have shortage of funds.
      CNC – Use this to buy shares for delivery.

  20. Chris says:

    First of all , A big thank you to Zerodha for this blog , its very informative.

    i want to know if i buy and sell crude the same day on mcx and make a intraday profit of rs 10000/- is this profit added to the margin instantly ,and can it be utilized for the next trade

    and what does this error mean “RMS auto square off block ” .

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      Settlements are done on T+1 on MCX, so the profit you make will be credited only the next day.

      RMS auto square off block, usually this error will come about if you are trying to buy/sell using product type as MIS(intraday trades) and if you are trying to place after the stipulated time for intraday. So for example in commodities 25 mins before market closing (11.05pm) and 20 mins(3.10pm) before closing for equity. If you are trying to place after this time with MIS as product type you will get this error.
      We allow MIS trading not on all the commodities, Gold, Silver, Crude, Copper, Nickel , Zinc, Lead, Aluminium, Alumini and Natural Gas contracts are the ones on which we allow. If you try buying MIS for a commodity other than above you might get that error.

      You can also check this blog on Margin Policy.

  21. vivek111213 says:

    if i place an order with a stop loss is the stop loss valid only for the day or as long as i hold the security?

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      Presently on our exchanges, we can place only GTD(good till day orders). What this means is that the exchanges at the end of the day remove all pending orders from the cache.

      So yes, the SL order will be valid only for that day.

  22. Glen says:

    Awesome post! answers a LOT of questions I had!

  23. HRMJRIO2011 says:

    hi, ….
    Can place order for target and Stopping loss..????
    Means after execution can we place limit for both side ….
    for any one side touched and execute the order for cover profit or loss predefined … ??
    if yes then how sir…..

    • Hanan says:

      Yes, on equity, commodities, and futures you can place a target and stop loss order. If one order gets executed, the order order remains pending in your order book. You have to manually cancel it, or it’ll get executed whenever the market comes to that price.

  24. sibichakravarthyd says:

    Hi Zerodha,
    I am a beginner in trading. I know that in equity I can buy any stock with product type CNC…..but cannot short sell with product type CNC(short sell possible only with MIS).
    My question is….In futures, is it possible for me to short sell and buy later…probably few days later…?

    Thank You

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Yes Sibi,

      You can trade futures both buy if you feel bullish and sell if you feel bearish and hold this till the expiry of that particular contract.
      You need to use product type as NRML for buying futures and holding it overnight. If you want to trade futures with extra leverage only for intraday, use product type as MIS.

      Check this blog on margin policies.

  25. Avinash says:

    If i place a CNC order and the stock is purchased successfully but i want to sell it on the same day. Can i do that? Also please tell me the charges associated with such a trade, i am particularly interested in Demat charges for stock delivery.

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Avinash, if you buy as CNC and want to sell the same day, sell it as CNC again. Since you bought and sold the same day it is considered as intraday trade and hence no demat charges are applicable.

      Demat charges are applicable only once you take stock to your demat account. So if you buy and take delivery after T+2 days and then again sell it from your demat, that is when demat charges are applicable. Rs 13 for every debit instruction, which means no matter how much quantity of a particular stock you sell during the day, you will have to pay only once which is Rs 13. If you sell 2 different stocks it will be 26 and so on.


  26. Ankash says:

    Did I hear this right ? You can buy in MIS and sell as CNC as long as you are holding shares from previous day buy in your demat account. for Margin Intra day trading..

    • Zerodha says:

      Hi Ankash,

      You can sell in CNC provided you have the stock in T1 holding/demat holding..

      If you buy in MIS and sell in CNC you would be creating 2 positions.. To offset the position you’d have to do a position conversion from MIS to CNC or vice versa..

      The rule is fairly simple: If you buy in CNC, sell in CNC and if you buy in MIS, sell in MIS… If you buy in MIS and sell in CNC, you have to either convert the MIS long to CNC or convert the CNC sell to MIS failing which your MIS long would be sold by eod .. Hope this helps πŸ™‚

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Ankash Aug 14 2013, 10:04 am
      Thanks, I have one more question.. What order do you place between 9.00 A.M to 9.15 A.M.. I placed Limit order and got rejected…
      [ Click to thank ]Reply

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Before market opening you need to place a pre-market order. Check this blog: http://zerodha.com/z-connect/blog/view/pre-marketpost-marketafter-market-orders

  27. Banti says:

    I would like to change my order type to MIS whenever I will place order , I have gone to customize-preference settings-orders then changed order type to MIS instead of NRML& saved it but when I am placing order again it is showing NRML order which I don’t want
    Screen shot attached for ref

    kindly guide

    everytime I logged in I need to make such settings or once applied it will be valid still I don’t change

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      In the window that you have opened( preference settings ctrl+p and under this window click on order) as per the attached image you can see a drop down box called exchange seg. In this drop down choose All and change NRML to MIS and then click apply.

      This will change the settings and once applied it is valid even when you logout.


    • Banti says:

      Tried Its working but again after logged out & press the F1 it shows NRML only
      Again I went to preference choses All instead of —- then press F1 it shows MIS
      it means every time I logged in I need to select All instead of — selection in preference settings
      please confirm

    • Hanan says:

      Banti, ideally if you choose ‘ALL’ instead of —, it should work. If you’re still having a problem, why don’t you try setting it up for specific exchanges.

      If the problem still persists, please send us details of your OS and the rights you have on your computer.

    • Banti says:

      OPERATING sys-WIN7 please call me for to understand rights
      For setting single Exchange its working

  28. Avinash says:

    I want o know that how can i place an order for buying a stock at at the time of placing the buy order, mention a price at which i want to sell it by making a profit and also a stop loss price which can reduce my loss.
    for example: I want to place an order to buy the stock at 10 rupee and at the same time want to enter 11 rupee as a price at which if the stocks reached after executing my buy order at rs 10, it should sell automatically.
    in addition to this, i also want to enter stop loss of rs 9 so that after buying the stock at 10, if prices falls then i can limit my loss.
    Please tell me how i can place this type of orders.

    • Avinash says:

      hi after reading some replies in other blogs, i think what i am asking is called Bracket order which is still not provided by Zerodha to it’s retail users. Am i correct?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Yes Avinash,

      These are called Brackets which are not allowed presently.


  29. Souravdddd says:

    Hi, I want to know how to execute the following scenario.
    I want to buy delivery of 100 shares of a stock XYZ that is currently trading at Rs 200 and I have a horizon of 3-4 months within which I stock is expected to reach Rs. 250. I also want to put a stop loss of 180 on the stock for the entire period.

    So I want to

    1. Buy the reqd no of stocks at CMP.
    2. Put a stop loss of Rs.180 on the procured stocks.
    2. Sell the stocks as soon as the price touches 250.

    A detailed explanation of doing this would help. Also, are any of these stop loss or sell commands continue until they are executed or do I have to give these commands everyday because that would be tedious giving the same commands everyday for 3-4 months or longer till target is achieved.

    Sorry for the basic queries. I am a new investor.

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      1. To buy, use the buy order window and product type as CNC(which is for delivery) and with quantity as 100 and price 200. Once it is executed the stock will get bought for you and transferred to your demat account.

      2. Stop loss has to be placed everyday, you can’t place it till a particular date. You can use the after market orders to place order for next day the previous evening. Read this blog for more.

      3. When the price goes to 250, you have to use the product type as CNC and sell the shares either as limit or market order.

  30. kartik says:

    Please I can not understand how to short shares using Nest Trader. I do not want to do something wrong.

    As I understand I use MIS option in Sell and sell the shares and then I need to cover these shares, how do I do this.

    Please help in how to short shares.


    • Nithin Kamath says:


      Once you have Sold the shares using MIS, you just have to buy it back using MIS to square off your positions. Otherwise you can also go admin positions window and buy it back from there.

  31. Rajanag says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    My ID is DR1182.
    I have opened my trading account on 4th of October.
    My demat account is still not activated.
    Could you please let me know when my demat account will be activated?

    Thank you.

    • Rajanag says:

      Sorry, it is not 4th of October but 28th September.

    • Hanan says:


      Demat accounts usually take at least 7 working days to open from the time your application form is submitted, provided all the documents submitted are accurate and you’ve signed in all the required places.
      If there is even a small discrepancy in the demat application form, then the opening of your demat account will be delayed. But don’t worry about it, someone from Zerodha and IL&FS will followup with you via email and phone to make sure your account is opened at the earliest.

  32. amar says:


    i got the below rejection error for placing order:

    • Hanan says:

      There are different Product Types or Product Codes and you have to select the accurate one to execute your order on the exchange. The Prod Type or P-Code appears on the second line of your order window (buy/sell – F1 & F2).

      For Equity (NSE/BSE/MCX-SX):
      MIS: Margin Intraday Squareoff (Use this option to trade Equity on an intraday basis)
      CNC: Cash and Carry (Use this option to trade Equity on a delivery basis)
      For Futures & Options (FNO):
      MIS: Margin Intraday Squareoff (Use this option to trade Futures & Options on an intraday basis)
      NRML: Normal (Use this option to trade Futures & Options on a positional/delivery/overnight basis)
      For Currencies (CDS):
      NRML: Normal (Use this option to trade Currencies on an intraday or positional/delivery/overnight basis)
      For Commodities (MCX):
      MIS: Margin Intraday Squareoff (Use this option to trade Commodities on an intraday basis)
      NRML: Normal (Use this option to trade Commodities on a positional/delivery/overnight basis)

    • amar says:

      But for me under BSE/NSE, I have PROD type only as NRML/MIS. WHERE AS IT SHOULD BE CNC….

    • Hanan says:

      Amar, we’ve checked our records and updated your account with the CNC option right now. We have also reset your password and sent a fresh one to your registered email ID with us. Do log in to check out the CNC option and trade.

  33. sonufine says:


    My Client id is DB0151 intraday FNO but while placing order i am not getting MIS as option in product type. i tried the same in preference settings where also getting only NRML as product type.

    please advice

  34. Avin B G says:

    — 18-Nov-2013,09:38:19 — NSE LIMIT ORDER failure Status:rejected Rejection Reason: RMS:Client not enabled on product BUY JPASSOCIAT-EQ Total QTY:4 Disc. QTY:0 Open QTY:4 Filled QTY:0 at 46.75 DAY for CLI for DA1253 by DA1253 NESTOrderNo:131118000005870 RequestId:1 ExchangeOrderNo: NA

    I have trading as well as demat account.. and i placed order using “CNC” and validity “DAY”.

    What could be the problem?

  35. N says:

    I was referred here by Vijay from [email protected] to answer the following query:

    1. In the validity option, I am seeing the options for EOS, GTC, GTD in the BSE order window (it does not show in the NSE order window, but it does in the BSE order window). Are these options not available in BSE (as mentioned above) even though the options are showing in the Zerodha Trader terminal?

    2. What is the difference between DAY and EOS?

    • Hanan says:

      We don’t allow any validity conditional orders on BSE. The only thing you get is validity for DAY on BSE.
      The EOS orders are valid until the time you log off the system – All of these special order types are available only on MCX.
      Right now on NSE & BSE we provide only DAY or IOC (immediate or cancel) orders.

      • N says:

        My BSE order window on the Zerodha Trader shows 5 options: DAY, EOS, GTC, GTD, IOC. If the three you mentioned are not available, why keep those options? The NSE order window shows only two options.

        • We are speaking to the tech team to have those options removed…

          • Debjyoti Das says:

            I have selected the EOS by mistake.
            If this option is of no use.
            What will happen to my order then?
            Please clarify.


            • Nisar says:

              Hi Nitin,

              I thought with the new update your going to update current system nothing seems to improve honestly it is one of the most pathetic system any trader can have. I stop trading on zerodha because of your trading system

              Please just see the sharekhan trading system, their brokreage kills me but I still do trading there just because of their trading system and I want to do trading in zerodha because of your attractive brokerage but with this crappy system no, honestly one day you will have good system.

    • atharva says:

      my order got automatically canceled will i get refund of that order?

  36. Anand says:


    do you support mobile app (android), GTC orders (Good -till cancel) orders

  37. susai Vijay says:

    Is it possible to see the position status on the order book itself or combine Order book and Admin positions so that we can easily understand the status without switching to multiple windows and square of the position accordingly. This will be a very helpful feature.

  38. RD0389 says:

    Iam new to trading.
    I aware there are 3 types of orders – MIS,CNC and NORMAL.
    MIS- buy or sell and square off.
    CNC – cash and carry. carry forward for the next day or longer.
    NORMAL -??

    1) Please can you let me know if my understanding is right.?
    2) what is NORMAL order ?
    3) In MIS , if u buy you square of to sell it and if you sell you square of to buy it.
    If i buy using MIS option and if i do not want to square off on that day, can i carry forward by converting into CNC and sell it next day.?
    4)If i sell using MIS option and if i do not want to square off on that day, can i carry forward by converting into CNC and buy it next day.?

    • MIS is for trading intraday only, if you take a trade and don’t exit, it will automatically get exited before market closing.

      CNC is if you want to trade equity delivery based.
      NRML is if you want to buy and trade overnight or intraday for futures and options.

      1. Yes your understanding is right, CNC for equity and NRML for futures and options.
      2. as mentioned above
      3. Yes you can convert position, my guess is that you trade futures and options, in this case you can convert from MIS to NRML. See this blog on position conversion

  39. rajeshds says:

    from where i square off my position by using trade express and z5,please tell me in detail i get tired to find square off button n do it from mobile where in going to position i find square off button.

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Hi Rajesh,
      Both Z5 and the mobile trading application do provide a single click square off option..Do note that squaring off happens at the market price only.. You can click here to know how the square off option appears on the mobile platform.. You can read more on how to use the new Z Mobile app by clicking here

      On Z5 you can follow the steps as mentioned here to square off positions.

  40. Mj says:

    How to view history of all the orders and trades from day 1 of trading?

  41. HUSHAAM says:

    Please clarify whether can I sell future stock first using NRML and then buy after 2-3 days or before expiry? & if the same short selling is done using MIS, is it possible to convert short sell position from MIS to NRML buy position…. Does Auction penalty is levied on me in case of short selling future stock using MIS/NRML product types as asked in above 2 scenarios…

    • Hushaam,

      Yes, you can either buy or sell futures as NRML and trade for 1 minute or trade until 2 or 3 days before expiry, or until 3.30pm on the expiry day. MIS is used only if you need additional leverage, but if you buy/Sell as MIS, all open positions get auto squared off before market closing. It is best to trade using NRML only.

      • Hushaam H.S. says:

        Many Thanks for your prompt clarification and Valuable advice.. Since I donot need additional leverage/exposure, I will trade in stock/index futures using NRML only in which I can hold the position till expiry & at the same time giving flexibility to buy-sell within a fraction of minute too… Superr…Kind Regards/Hushaam H.S.

  42. pravinb1 says:

    Consider a scenario: Suppose When reliance is trading at 815. Suppose I want to buy when it goes down to 800 and sell at 820 only after buying it. I would put 2 orders, buy reliance CNC at limit 800, 200 shares and sell reliance CNC limit 820 200 shares and leave for day.

    a) In this scenario will my sell order get cancelled if reliance hits 820 before the buy order gets executed since shares are not available resulting on only buy if it goes down thereafter and no sell even if it goes up later.

    b) Suppose only 100 shares were bought at Rs 800 therafter when the sell order is encountered will 100 shares be sold or none sold because sell of 200 shares is put and only 100 is available.

  43. Anish says:

    If I enter a stock using order type as market, I can exit it using Limit order no?

    Is there any restriction that I have to enter & exit using the same order type?

    • Anish,

      There is no such restrictions, you can enter using limit and exit market or vice versa. The only thing you need to ensure is that use the same product type (MIS for intraday, CNC for equity delivery, NRML for holding F&O overnight)

  44. Anish says:

    If I place a buy order with limit price as Rs.101.50, will it buy for any price less than or equal to 101.50 or will it buy only if the price is exactly 101.50?

    • Anish,

      If the market presently is higher than 101.5 and you place a limit at 101.5, it will buy only if at 101.5. If the present price is lesser than 101.5, then it will buy at at any price less than 101.5 upto 101.5.

      Hopefully clarifies

      • Anish says:

        So if currently the price is above 103. I give buy order with limit as 101.5. Say, no sell order comes at 101.50 and the price goes below 101.50.
        In this case until it again rise to 101.50, my order will remain open?

        • Anish,

          On the way down from 103 to below 101.5, your limit order would have gotten filled, it won’t remain open. If your query is on how to buy at 101.5, when the current market price is 101, you need to use a limit Stop loss buy order with a trigger price of 101.5. Using SL order is explained on this blog.

          • Anish says:

            Thank you for the reply.

            I’ve a doubt about limit orders during pre-market time.

            Say, yesterday the stock closed at 100. I give a buy limit order at 105 at 9:02.
            Will it buy at any price less than & upto 105?

          • Anish says:

            Thanks a lot for the reply.

            If CMP is less than 105 & if my buy order was placed before other persons’ buy order in the same price range, then will it buy in the order of lowest price to highest price?

            If there are sell orders for 103, 104, 105 will it 1st try to buy at 103 or will it choose randomly?

            [Really sorry for asking so many questions]

  45. [rasad says:

    how to see order history

  46. krish says:

    what are the advantages and disadvantages of GTC order for commodity trading? eg. today bought crude at 6100 and gtc stoploss at 6080 and next day market, gap down opened at 6020… whether my gtc stoploss 6080 execute at same rate?

    • No Krish, your GTC stop loss will remain pending at 6080 if you are using a SL with trigger and limit price. If you are using a SL-M order, it will get executed when the price is below your trigger of 6080, but it will be like a market selling order at the opening.

  47. AnithaPV says:

    If I want to buy a stock after 3.20PM for intraday what is the option to be used? As I understand MIS is for Intraday and when used MIS, the open transactions get automatically squared off. Which option to be used?

    • If you are trading stocks, you can use CNC, but you will need complete margins for this. Also with CNC, you cannot take short positions if you don’t have stocks in your demat.


  48. hari says:

    Namaste Nitin, is there an option to limit order or basket order to delivery equities (i want to put a fixed price to sell or buy (delivery)).

  49. nishanthn17 says:

    Hi. I am a starter with ZT. I noticed in the exchanges drop down list, there are only NFO, CDS and MCX while NSE, BSE and BFO are not present. What is the reason for this? Please let me know what I should do to add these other exchanges as well.

  50. mkvj says:

    can you pls let us know as when do we get iphone app for trading ?

  51. Vijay says:

    Hi, My Executed orders will not get displayed properly in my tradebook on your software. So, am often forced to login from web based and have to keep switching between this (software) and that (web base). Any specific reason for this?

  52. Manjunath says:

    is it possible to place order after mkt hours? (since I don’t get time to trade during office hrs). Can I set limit order which will be valid for many days? kindly enlighten

    • Yep you can, read this post for After Market Orders, the AMO that you place presently is valid for only the next trading day and you have to place it again at the end of the next day.

      • yunus says:


        I m still waiting for your new release. Basic fundamental things are missing from your trading terminal.

        There is no support and resistance level for market watch.

        There is no option which will show you what is your current profit and loss sum

        When I place AMO it takes took long to covert into market order and till then rate
        is almost gone

        Many time rejected order does not display in Order book.

        Multiple instance of application should allow.

        and last margin amount is still limited for small group of companies when you are
        auto squaring position at 3:20 then why dont you provide margin amount for all


        • Yes Current profit and loss will show based on yesterday closing price, do login to the backoffice if you want to know it based on the entry price, bo2.zerodha.com.

          About AMO orders, it will take couple of minutes before all the orders go through, but will have it checked.

          If you don’t see any order, there might have been a drop in the internet connection, the best thing to do at that time is press ctrl+P, go to general and click on the option reconcile. Will reconnect and fetch everything.

          You can install and run multiple instances, check this post, but make sure that you have powerful system and internet.

          We have almost 200 stocks on which we give intraday leverage, but if there are stocks on which you want specifically do send an email to [email protected]. We will not be able to give leverage on stocks which hit circuits, it adds a lot of risk to the system.


  53. bala says:

    I’d like some stats on your customers:

    % of delivery trades to intraday trades :
    Average holding period for delivery trades :
    Breakup based on # of trades/day in %: 1-10, 10-100, 100-x
    Average trade size distribution in % : thousands, lakhs, crores
    Trading hours distribution % : all-day, morning,afternoon, hours/minutes
    % of winners to losers :

    and so on. Just for my education, no other purpose πŸ™‚

  54. Yunus says:

    Hi Nitiin,

    there is some real issue with AMO order and Basket order please verify yourself , once I place basket order it kept long in order book then it execute.

    Basket order is really nice feature but execution time is really bad.


    • how big is your basket order? How many orders are you placing at one time? If your basket order has limit orders, the orders will go pending, otherwise the execution should be instant. AMO orders will take atleast 1 minute after market opening.

  55. Yunus says:

    I placed around 5,6 buy order of different shares and all are market order no limit order. Why I m saying you this despite market order status keep pending for almost around 1 minute, you try yourself.

  56. Ravi Kiran says:

    Dear Nithin, If I BUY any Option Call, how to exit from that position ? By SELLING the same option call ??

  57. Vishalal says:

    Hi Nithin, very informative post indeed and thanks for taking the patience to answer all of them brilliantly. You are a lot of help for new traders/investors like us. Here’s my basic query:

    1. I want to buy shares of XYZ at X1 price and hold but I do not want the delivery of the shares in my demat a/c. I want to keep the shares for say anywhere between 1 day to 1 month and when the price is right (X1 plus something), I want to sell it off or when my stop loss is triggered (X1-something) Can i even do that? If yes, what will be the basic step to follow in the platform.

    2. Also can I short the stocks in the same way? Intraday for me seems too risky, but wondered if I can hold back the stocks for a few more days.

    3. Also, how can I use a trailing stop loss? I read somewhere that i have to send a mail to get this function activated. Does that mean there are extra charges for that?

    • Thanks πŸ™‚

      1. If you buy shares, it has to be sent to your demat account once the delivery happens after 2 days from when you buy the stocks. Once it is in demat at the start of everyday you will have to come place your SL order as all pending orders are removed from NSE cache everyday.

      2. You can short only for intraday, if you want to short and hold for longer period of time futures trading is the way out.

      3. There are no extra charges for Trailing SL, check the post. Trailing SL and Brackets are presently for intraday trading only.

      • paras says:

        when i give bracket order it shows that error : “client not enabled on product”…….and sometime another error :”first leg of order already rejected” …. why it error occurs?

  58. Z0697 says:

    my client id is DD0697. I was using icicidirect software for mobile as well as web trading. Your mobile and other software needs lot of improvement. I am not able to place limit buy order aftermarket hours on mobile, during market hours limit orders get rejected, cannot squareoff position with limit sell order,Your zonnect system is not structured by which someone can get idea about your order process flow. It’s too primitive.

    • Hanan says:

      After Market Orders are meant for being placed much before the trading day begins. We work with the assumption that most people place after market orders from home and hence they won’t be needing to use their mobile. However, this feature will be out on the mobile soon.

      You can place all types of orders on the mobile, and you can most definitely square off using a limit order. If you’d like some help with the mobile OS, please read our blog on Zerodha Mobile.

  59. youngally says:

    Suppose I buy some share as Cash option and sell it on the same day, how the brokerage fee calculates, is it intraday brokerage fee calculates and also if i sell on the very next day wht brokerage fees applies?

  60. Sahana Rao says:

    I am not able to find out the symbol of Birla Ericsson. Help me.

  61. amit says:

    hi, how can i place buy order for any scrip with CNC product type with a price limit for a validity of say next 15 days.

  62. Mamatha says:

    Hello Sir I buy the order on 18th July in CDS normal Prod type Normal and it is Expired on 28th of July, I want to know Where i find this order and How could i sell it. Please help me Sir My ID is RM1282

    • Mamatha, when you login to the trading account, look for admin positions and you will see this as an open position. If you have any queries call us on 080-40402020

      • Mamatha says:

        Thank you Sir,

        Sir I want to ask you when we buying the trades which one is better in validity IOC, DAY or COL???

        • depends on your strategy, IOC is usually placed when trading bigger quantities and you want to buy/sell whatever is available at the price you want to enter/exit. Day order is preferable for a retail trader.

  63. aakash says:

    sir i m facing problem on placing stop loss orders ,example i buy 100 quantity of ABC share @ 70 rs
    then i wanted to place a SL-M order to place stop loss , so i put sell order window of my script choosed sl-m order type and kept trigger @ 60 but it doesnt execute it says trigger price shld be more than order price can u please help me ????

  64. Suriyakumar Jayabal says:

    Hi Nithin, one basic request,
    In web platform,
    While orders are getting executed partially (some quantity pending), i cancel the order sometimes, deciding the executed quantity is sufficient.
    While I do this the status column in order book changes into “canceled”.
    Is it possible to change the status to “partially canceled” or something.
    Because while I see the open orders which has to be squared off by me, I miss noticing the partially executed orders, since it says “canceled”

    I understand, that on right side after scrolling i could see the executed number of quantity and its average price in a partially canceled order. But it is cumbersome.

    Also instead of canceling, I tried to modify the order and put zero in quantity (after partial execution, it shows only the pending quantity, which when made zero, ideally makes the order complete, so that status can be made complete), but it does not allow me to enter zero as quantity. seems logical.

    But can the status be made “partially canceled” instead of “canceled”

  65. Avinash Venkatesh says:

    Hi Team,

    I placed an order in Zerodha Trader for 650 shares of Maximaa systems. The order placed was LIMIT order which was by mistake. I then Modified the order immediately and changed it to MARKET order.

    However, i still see that in the order book details it shows the order to be LIMIT order still. Can you please tell me if it takes time for the changes (LIMIT to MARKET) and how do i get a confirmation that the order is placed as MARKET order ?

    Hoping for a quick response on this πŸ™‚

  66. Uttam Patil says:

    what is mean by expired status in equity order book?

  67. dsouza says:

    Is there an option available incase I wish to place equity trade orders withlimit pricefor the next day. That is i will book an order post market hours for the next day inorder to avail of the limit price.

  68. RK0885 says:

    Hi there,
    This was my second day using ZT and it is good. I had a doubt to clear. Today I had placed a Buy order on one of the stocks as CNC (Equity) and I believe it was a Market order. However when the order was completed, it did not appear as an open position and it was showing order type as “limit” but it did appear as completed order in the Order book. After buying I was unable to set a stop loss and so I had to change the position as MIS. I could change the position to MIS via the trade book. I could not do any modifications in the the position through order book because it said “please select an open position”. It got squared off at 3.21 pm.
    My question is
    1) Can we place the order as Limit without any trigger price because this incident kept me wondering so as I am confused whether I placed the order type as Market or Limit?
    2) Why I was not able to see this as an open position and not to do any modifications?

  69. nagesh says:

    Dear Zerodha,
    Hi sir, you doing well for the community trader in zerodha , helping and solving query of the trader. I have one query regard to “BUY STOP LOSS ORDER” & “SELL STOP LOSS ORDER” in “CNC” Product type.. I give you scenario, please help me how to place the order in zerodha nest trading software. I know only choosing Product Type as ‘CNC’ for delivery & “SL” for Buy Stop Loss Order.

    I Want Advice on “PRICE & TRIGGER PRICE”.

    Scenario 1: At 9:15 Am, CIPLA Stock:- OPEN = 500, LTP = 494. I want to use “BUY STOP LOSS ORDER”. My target to buy order is “490”. If it doesn’t come to “490”, atleast i have to buy at “495”. Please advice how ?
    Sir, in this Scenario 1: I had wrongly placed, Even LTP Comes @ 489.9, it didn’t took my order at 490, it took 495!! Please help me sir. Please Give me the Value for “PRICE” & “TRIGGER PRICE”.

    Scenario 2: At 10 Am, ‘SELL STOP LOSS ORDER”., OPEN = 500, LTP = 525, HIGH= UNKNOWN, My target is 530. If the price doesn’t comes @ 530, atleast it has to sell @ LTP, i.e.525.

    Please help me giving values for the scenario 2, as in scenario 1.

    Thank you so much for your help.

    • Check this post on Stoploss orders.

      1. There is no way to place this in one order. You can place a limit buy order at 490 and place a SL-Buying order with trigger price at 495. If stock goes upto 495 it gets bought at 495. If stock goes down to 490, it gets bought. If either of the order is traded, you have to cancel the other manually.

      2. Again no way to place an order saying if that doesn’t get executed, execute this. So the best you can do is place a limit selling order at 530 and a SL-Selling order with trigger at 524. So if stock goes to 530 it gets sold or else if it comes down to 524 the trigger hits and it gets sold. But if one is executed, you have to cancel the other manually.

  70. Akash says:

    Can one buy shares today and sell it tomorrow although it takes t+2 days for delivery to demat?

  71. Ram2562 says:

    i want to know if i have put an order and then cancelled it ….will brokerage still be charged on me??

  72. rkkutty says:

    Today I place a sell order (short sell) birlacot” at 0.15 Rs around 9.30 am, but the order not executed!!! what is the reason for that & who is trading such stocks?

  73. krishnaraj says:

    What actually happens, When my commidities got sold in MIS? For eg, I am buying 50 grms of goldpetal at the rate of 2700 in MIS and I am selling when it reaches 2750 in MIS..what actually happens over there? What will be my profit?? If my commodities got sold in loss, whether my losess will be squared off ??

    • Check this post. As you can see, 1 rs change in gold petal would mean 1rs profit/loss. So if you buy 50 @ 2700 and sell 50 @2750, you will earn a profit of Rs 50 x 50 = Rs 2500. This Rs 2500 is credited to your trading account. You can withdraw this money on T+1 day, or the next day. If you bought @2700 and sold at 2650, you would make a loss of Rs 2500 and this money will get debited from your trading account.

  74. Singh says:

    What is the status of GTC/GTD order type bug? Is it fix?

  75. Sumanth says:

    How can we cancel orders in OPEN PENDING STATUS? what does that mean? How long before they time out?

  76. Mahesh says:

    I wanted an order to get executed, but, the status is showing as Open Pending.

    Cant cancel, cant modify, Support center call busy. Am really frustrated with the service

  77. sushil12 says:

    please help me nest trader stuck at 35%……? unable to download bfo scripts ??

  78. partha says:

    I am getting error “Admin stopped AMO status: NO_DATA” any order I place get rejecting with this reason

  79. jawahar says:

    Hi nithin,
    Greetings, i’m new to intraday, please clarify me the following doubts,

    1. In buy and sell using MIS type, shares will be credited to demat if no sellers available during cover?

    2. In sell and buy using MIS type, what happen if no seller’s available during cover at 3:20pm?

    Example: i sell ABC share in morning using MIS type and during auto square off in evening, if no sellers available to buy it back, what will happen?


  80. Ram says:

    Will u refund or charge extra for cancel or modify order.

  81. Prasad says:

    If I select Product Type = CNC

    Can i buy and sell on same day? What is the cut off day after which delivery will happen.

  82. gialbert says:

    Can an commodity bought under NRML be sold after 10 days ?

  83. Balakrishna says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I have open account recently, you people are good at brokerage but the trading software or websites not user friendly its hard to understand and place orders. I use to have account with IIF,Religare and other brokerages there websites and software good and understandable. Could you please update your websites and software , so that you can get more business.



  84. Gourav Tyagi says:

    what is COL in validity and can we use that?

  85. mayur rawle says:

    can you explain what is MARGIN STATEMENT which i recieved along with contract note

    Total Margin Deposit FD BG SEC CASH TOTAL
    Upto Day T-1 0.00 0.00 0.00 15.00 15.00

    Margin Utilised upto the end of Day T-1 0.00

    Margin Deposit FD BG SEC CASH TOTAL
    On Day T 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00

    Margin Adjustments For Day T 6685.76

    Margin Status at the end of Day T -6670.76

  86. Srikrishna says:

    I’ve Shorted 2 lots of nifty on 27/4/2015 & selected the order type as NRML, My 2 lots of nifty is been squared off same day.

  87. ANish says:

    Hi – I get time to trade (place order) mostly after office hours / weekends. How may use trade.zerodha.com? AMO orders are rejected!!

    Kindly guide – how to place limit orders for next trading day execution?

  88. civils.aditya says:

    Hi, I have a couple of questions regarding Intraday trading futures (MIS) with ZT. Will start with an example:
    If I’m trading NIFTY which has initial price as 8110. I can see its falling and I want to do scalping. So, I short sell 40 lots (lot size 25), which means 1000 shares, Market order. Now:
    1) I see that price moved down by 4 points and I want to square off the position, how should I do it? Do I have to place a new buy order? Please explain in detail.
    2) If I see that share moved against me by 1 point, I want to square off as I’m manually tracking, How can I do it?
    3) Just after 20 seconds of squaring off, I see that there is again a good movement and I want to enter the tide, can I do it? What should be the time difference in squaring off the trade and rentering? Please explain in detail.

    Please assume here that I have 3,00,000 in my trading account which is just enough to get me a 46 MIS lots and I’m going for 40.
    My questions are specifically for ZT as I’m about to start trading with ZT and also am a newcomer in trading. Please bear with me if I asked anything stupid and request you to explain me in detail.
    Thank you!!

    • 1. Yes you need to place a new buy order similar to the way you sold using product type as MIS. When you place this buy order, you will have an option either to place it as market or limit(u specify the price at which you want to buy back).
      2. Same as point 1, place a buy order with product MIS and limit or market.
      3. Yes you can, there is no such minimum time difference. As soon as you exit, the very next second u can take a new position.

      Nothing stupid, :). Also why don’t you migrate to Zerodha Pi https://zerodha.com/pi/ , check this for all your queries.

      • civils.aditya says:

        Thanks for the prompt reply Nitin!! Pi really looks great. I would definitely try my hands out with it.
        And as I’m new, the only point of confusion right now in my mind is that how an order gets squared off by placing a new order?!! When I place buy order, I have to place a second order to sqaure my buy. So, does system realises by itself because I’m keeping all the parameters same as my original order except that I change buy to sell in this squaring off of buy.
        Also, what can happen if while squaring off, I mistakenly place a different lot size than the size i bought?!
        Thank you Nitin in advance.

        • Yes Aditya, when you place a sell on the same contract, the system will automatically square off your existing long/buy position. Assuming you sell more than what you have bought, the extra bit will be considered as a fresh sell. So if you are long 3 lots, and you place a selling for 5 lots, your 3 lots gets squared off and you are now short 2 lots.

  89. AP Singh says:

    Hi, Nitin
    I’ve a query about MIS and CNC if I buy shares in MIS how many days it will hold and CNC is Delivery m I right sir?

  90. AP Singh says:

    thanks for the reply sir,
    difference charges between intraday and Delivery brokerage are 20Rs. for both then why we trade in intraday?
    my query is When I buy share in delivery before credit in my Demat account can I sell it or not ? and how many days it will take for dematerialize?

    • Yes you can sell before getting delivery.
      Delivery takes place in two days from when you buy. All shares that you buy are online and hence already in dematerialized format.

  91. mayur rawle says:


    i am not come under tax salary bracket as my gross salary is 210000/-

    so should i file tax return and pay the 15% tax on profit

  92. Bob says:

    ex: market price of option is 56. I want to buy at 59. Then i want to set stop loss at 56.
    is there system of squaring off the trade? Say price is at 65. I want to sell and come out of market. What is the process?

  93. Rao says:

    If i buy stocks on CNC mode today, can i sell the some at the end of the day ? or Should i wait till it hits my demat account and then sell ? If i sell it the same day would there be any risk involved ?

  94. Vamshidhar G says:

    Is there any problem if I buy using CNC product code, as it is getting rejected if I buy using NRML?
    Please explain.

  95. Ashok Mani says:

    I could not able to see , In Nest trading terminal, where to find completed order to modify or square off ..

    In PI terminal , there is Admin where we can see the live profit or loss .. when i right click my mouse i get Square off option , so that i could exit from the trade.

    Similarly In Nest trading terminal how to do that sir…
    please help me sir

    • Ashok, on NEST use F3 to open order book. When you open the order book if you don’t see pending orders, click on ctrl+3. In NEST, you can’t right click and square off.

  96. shubham agarwal says:

    hi nithin,
    at market order, mkt prot is showing 12. what will happen if we change 12 to some other number? and is it better to keep it at 12 or change it?

  97. shubham agarwal says:

    when we place a limit order and the order is still pending or yet to be completed , and we log out of zerodha trader or internet connection is lost, will the order still get completed while we are offline?

  98. Amit says:

    How Can I short-sell using AMO (MIS) and also mention a target price at which I want to book profit (again using AMO)? For example, if I want to short-sell a stock at Rs. 500 and then buy it back at 495 during intraday. I place a AMO sell order of Rs. 500, once it gets executed, I want to book profit at 495 by buying the same stock intraday. My worry is that if I place a AMO buy order at 495 then sell order might not get executed since MP may never reach 500. Could you please help and guide on what options I have? I have a full time job so it is little difficult to track market minute by minute, so AMO works best for me.

    • Amit, currently what you are asking for is not possible. You can place both buy and sell order as AMO, but like you mentioned not possible to choose which one should execute first.

      • Amit says:

        Thanks Nithin. One quick follow up question if I follow your suggestion. Can I place Buy SL-Limit order to enter fresh position at price of my choice and then again place a sell order to book profit, both using AMO- MIS? I am okay with any order getting executed first. Please suggest. Thanks for the help. If this will not work then how I can I buy stock at price of my choice?

  99. Amol says:

    2 problems
    1:- stop displaying all our details e.g email, pan no , dob etc on trading platforms if we wana view or edit our details we should be able to do it only on back office login and not from any trading platform.
    2:- put this comments box on top. We have scroll a lot down to write something to u.

    • 1. Where are you seeing all your personal details on the trading platform? Ideally other than your client ID nothing else shows on trading platform.
      2. The idea of putting comments at the end was that while scrolling people might find they query already answered.

  100. stonecold says:

    About disclosed quantity. It is useful when trading large quantities. I want to ask, is it useful only in Limit Order or it is useful for Market order also ?

  101. amar says:

    How to place orders without trading password

    • You mean transaction passwords right? For the first trade after you login, it is required. But if you are using Zerodha Pi, there is an option to disable in the user settings.

  102. puneet says:

    hi if my buy limit price is 100 , but the stock directly trades at 98 , skipping 100…will my order still get executed.


  103. krishcha says:

    I always buy shares for delivery. Is there any way to change the default product type from MIS to CNC for a trading account. Many times I make the mistake of not selecting CNC while I actually wanted delivery. While getting contract note, I find out that my position has been squared off, πŸ™

    I am worried that I might be classified for tax purposes as trader since such transactions can be considered as intra day trade. Please give an option to select a default product type for our account.

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Yes, you can set the default order type to CNC. To do it:
      * Press Ctrl+P to open Preference Settings
      * Select the category as ‘Order’
      * Select the Exchange Segment as NSE
      * Select the Product type under “Default Values” as CNC
      * Click Apply
      * Click Ok

      Attached a screenshot highlighting the same for your reference.

      • Niranjan says:

        I am unable to set the default. I go and change it in the preferences. It works fine, but once I exit the software (even after saving market settings) It goes back to the standard defaults.

  104. Santhanam says:

    In MCX how can i put stop loss order for executed overnight postion orders , because when i select GTC type it not working for me

  105. Shizan says:

    I’m using Z5.
    I’m not able to save the customized widgets.
    Everytime i login i need to again customize it.
    Customizing here means position and size of widgets.

    Plz give a solution to this.

  106. chella says:

    If the current price is Rs.100 for a given f&o stock, and suppose I want to buy only when the price level moves above 110, whether it is possible to place order such that the stock is bought when the price level of Rs.110 is triggered. It appears that such an option is not available in bracket orders.

  107. Ghuna says:

    I purchased shares of axis bank in MIS then i changed the position from MIS to CNC,some amount was deducted from my trading account in addition to that of the share price,what are those charges and will they be returned back when i sell the shares ?

  108. SHEELA says:

    my client id PU-RS1361, i try to place bracket order its show me rejact reasion like bellow

    “rejected RMS:Blocked for mcx_fo BO block type: ALL”

    pls do need full things

    best regards

  109. shivam says:

    Why my order always gets rejectd when ever I use nrml product type ?

  110. uma says:

    Please bear with me for asking a basic question. I’m a new client. Today I placed the first order. When Nifty Oct Futures was selling at around 8160 I placed a sell order in Kite under ‘Normal Sell Limit’ order type mentioning the price as 8535. My intention was to short at the level of 8535. But it got executed immediately around 8159. It appears that I’m wrong in placing the limit order. Thereafter after going through various categories of Z connect I have prepared a table as attachment (untitled.png image) wherein I have given my understanding of various order types. Whether my understanding of the order types are correct or not? If not correct, please rectify it. This would help me to avoid such mistakes in future.

  111. sreejith says:

    Sir how to buy bse listed shares through zerodha ? in web it only displays NSE only ? please help ?

  112. Harish says:

    Hi Team,

    1) If I place a order and cancelled it right away before the order gets executed. Does it charge any money?
    2) In IOC, if there is no trade available to suit my limits and it gets cancelled. Does it charge any money?


      • arunshiva says:

        Hi Nithin

        My SELL/MIS order is 5/20 done and still in open status . If i cancel this order,

        1. will there be any brokerage applicable.
        2. will the 5 order partially executed be squared off automatically or manually?
        3. Any other thing I should know to avoid this situation?

        • Matti says:

          1. No brokerage for cancellation.
          2. You can manually square it off. If you don’t it’ll be done automatically.
          3. Not really, there’s nothing wrong here.

  113. Parthasarathy says:

    I have opened demat and trading account with zerodha. In Z5 trading platform I am not able to find NSE or BSE when I add a new scrip. Only NFO and CDS are available for selection.

    Please suggest how to place CNC buy order through Z5.

  114. Yash Shekhar says:

    Can you please explain why under MIS when I try to trade on a stock my order is rejected with ” Admin stopped AMO ” as the reason.

  115. Pavan says:

    1.) Lets say that I buy 100 shares of Tatasteel using the product type CNC at 10:00 hrs today. At 10:15 hrs today I short 100 shares of Tatasteel using the Product Type MIS. So will this square off my long position in Tatasteel ie; will the 100 shares purchased with product type CNC be squared off ?

    2.) Consider a scenario where I buy 1 lot of LT15NOVFUT using Product Type CO and few minutes later take a short position on 1 Lot of LT15NOVFUT using Product Type BO. Will this square off the initial long position (product type CO).
    Thank You.

    • Venu Madhav says:

      1) No, CNC and MIS are 2 different product codes. Trades don’t get net off. Your MIS short will be covered at 3:20 and your 100 CNC purchase will remain.
      2) BO, CO are 2 independent product codes. You can’t square off position in one product code by taking the opposite in another product code. They’ll remain as 2 different positions.

  116. Prakash kothari says:

    can i use margin trading in nifty options. if yes how much margin i got.

    • If you are using product type as MIS, then only for shorting margin is given and not for buying for intraday. For shorting, you will need only 40% of overnight margins.

      If you are using product type as cover order or bracket order (with stoploss), then on buying also we are giving for only nifty and bank nifty. For buying you will need 70% of the total amount, for shorting you will need 25% of margin.

  117. Kamal Bhatt says:

    Sir what’s meaning of ‘RMS:field not found 63002’. Today it appeared many times & I could not trade on bfo using zerodha trade. Please explain how to place order as I don’t own PC.

  118. shashikant says:

    Sir,why I am unable to place equity buy or sell order ,it shows invalid product code .in pi also it doesn’t show nse/bse option.pl help

  119. tausif says:

    If I want to do intraday without MIS means on my independent capital do I have to place a nrml order or CNC

  120. Dhavalkumar says:

    I got the following error message on limit order of NSE. Will u please explain?
    “RMS:Blocked for nse_cm NRML Remarks: Equity orders are not allowed in NRML product type block type: ALL”

  121. Arpita says:

    My orders getting rejected from all platform for equity Intra day. Getting status msg
    “RMS:Blocked for 532144 bse_cm WELCORP MIS block type: ALL”
    How to place order for successful order?

  122. Aruna Ajmeera says:


    I am knew to trading. Please clarify how to place order to execute the following in intraday

    Eg:Lt buy at 1300-1301 sl 1290 target 1320


    Buy: SL-L Limit:1301 Trigger price:1300


    Sell: SL-L Limit: 1290 Trigger:1320

    I am thinking this way. Please suggest the best way to steps

  123. Arpita says:

    From where can I get the list of scripts in which Intraday is available?


    sir, I am having Demat account @ ICICI bank, in which having some shares about 100shares.
    Now i want to sell these shares through Zerodha. Already i had mapped my demat a/c with zerodha trading a/c.
    let me know how i sell?

  125. Muddasir says:

    Dear sir
    Please tell me how to check square off price before I do square off

  126. Viraaj Badhwar says:

    Today i was trying to convert an MIS position to NRML for an options trade. However, I got the auto square off blocked error. But shouldnt i be able to convert the position?


  127. Vamsi Goutham says:

    Zerodha Trader software not working properly. I am getting “log file open error”. How many times I reinstalled results are same.

    Please suggest me how do I carry on…

  128. Sasikumar says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am new to this Stock market & Zerodha. I am not a trader but an investor. whenever i buy a stock, i want to add Stop-loss that should be valid till i modify or till execution.

    But i can see that validity is Just a Day in the Z-connect or Pi. In this case, do i need to set Stop-loss on daily basis.

    • Yes Sasi, you will have to place a new SL everyday. We are working on introducing valid till cancelled order.

      • Gurjot Ahluwalia says:


        Moving my trading and demat account from ICICI to Zerodha has definitely saved me plenty of brokerage over the past year or so and it has been a relatively good experience using Zerodha.

        However, I am really getting hurt in equities with the inability of placing a Valid till Cancelled (VTC) order which ICICI offered till 45 days! I’m starting to think that any saving I have made in brokerage costs in 1 year is now being lost through this single feature missing when trading through Zerodha.

        • Venu says:

          This will take sometime Gurjot. We’ll let you know once this feature is out.

        • Himanshu says:

          I have the exact same thoughts.. VTC should be introduced as soon as possible unless and until you only want day traders on your brokerage and not delivery based investors

  129. sourabh says:

    when you buy share the at certain point i had to take some half share profit so to only sell half of share not exist all of them?

  130. Kunal says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Your cover and bracket orders are supporting only Market or Limit orders at the time of entry. Can you please allow StopLoss order entry as well ? Are there any challenges from broker side for not allowing stoploss entry in cover and bracket order ?
    Also Cover and Brakcet are intra day. Can it be made normal positional trade ?

    My objective is to avoid sitting in front of screen entire day to adjust positions πŸ™‚

  131. SONU says:

    Dear Nitin
    I am not able to understand how to place the Oder in f0
    specially option trading i prefer the system very complicated
    in bfo …. there is term like io . so .sf and all
    in nfo there is diff terms
    i use z5 screen … Also while trying to see how to put order i see that a list of nifty put or call doesn’t appear istead only particular that need to be selected .
    I had icicidirect also i have traded from there there is very good clarity inplacing order ….. Please help me

  132. Rajinder Kumar Malhotra says:

    Very helpful for a new comer like me.. Thanks a lot

  133. Suman Chowdhuri says:

    Do you have a GTC order facility at least for Cash market?. All brokers have it now and i think exchange is giving approval.

    When can we expect it in Zerodha. I am planning to port to Zerodha from Kotak. this is one feature which is stopping me as i should not worry about my sale price or buy price.

  134. Saswata says:

    please explain how to give a call or put buy/sell order on any nifty lot derivative market, and what is the minimum lot size and how much margin require..pls send me feed back as soon as possible.

    • Venu says:

      Add the contract to the Marketwatch, press F1 to buy & F2 to sell. I suggest you give your Sales manager a call and arrange for a demo on how to use the trading application.

  135. sandesh says:

    Dear sir,

    If Sale a commodity (short option) in NRML, how much time i can hold the same.

  136. SANDEEP REDDY says:

    Hello Nitin,
    What are PRO/CLI exactly.I see in excel file from NSE too.Would you please clarify.

  137. suvojit ganguly says:

    hi sir,
    i am new to trading.just wanted to ask how do place an intraday trade.suppose i wanna buy rel infra at 536. i have chosen limit order and mis. but what do i put in price and how much money do i need to have in my account since zerodha provides 10x leverage..thank you

  138. Sumeet says:

    Dear Nithin,

    If I buy a share as CNC and then sell on next day (before delivery on T+2 days), is there an additional cost (charge) to me? Actually, there is some discrepancy in expected and actual funds credited to my account when I sold shares before delivery.

  139. amit pandey says:

    i got an error “RMS : client not enabled on product”
    What is this error?

  140. Jayesh Bafna says:

    Dear Nithin

    I am trying to buy AADHAARVEN on BSE. I am getting this error – “Not a Valid Product Code” I am ordering using CNC. Please help.


  141. Rahul Maity says:

    in kite there is in left side is equity name and right side is price…but before price there is some values..what is this??and how to calculate this??
    voltas -2.17 277

    what is this -2.17 and how to calculate this?
    Please some one help me

  142. Mitul says:

    why the price shown in kite is difference?Means today bhel
    OPEN-115,HIGH-121.45,LOW-112.7,CLOSE-119.25.thses data is true and it also shown under the candlestic chart.
    but when i select 1day candle stick and move mouse over the candle stick above the chart,beside the share button it shows wrong information
    like OPEN-115.5,HIGH-121.40,LOW-112.85,CLOSE-119.25.
    Why this is happen?Some times the last candle shown in pi of any equity which is red and its true.but the same equity in kite show green.Over all the kite give wrong data some times.Please resolve the issues

  143. Rajnish Busa says:

    Why GTC ( Good till cancelled) feature is not there for equity trading?
    Dont you think it is the big advantage against all the best advantages of Zerodha?

    • Venu says:

      GTC is on our list of features-to-provide, but it might atleast a couple of months before it’s available.

      • Rajshekar says:

        Dear Kamath and Team,

        Here I am requesting you Please provide GTC order feature for Equity section as early as possible as It will be a good feature for traders and advantage for Zerodha against competitors.


      • Namit Gupta says:


        I am also a Zerodha trader from more than 2 years and I really like Zerodha service. Could you please start the ‘Good till cancel’ facility in the equity trading as soon as possible.

        Namit Gupta

        • Nataraj T says:

          eagerly waiting for GTC order facility in equity cash segement from zerodha for more than 2 years..please prioritize this feature..

  144. Bala says:


    I bought 300 SBI shares and 100 Tata steel shares under MIS. But I didn’t sell it. I thought by 3.20 it will be automatically squared off. But it’s not squared off and I got a contract note to pay Rs.73210.30

    Kindly advice what’s going on. Is there any change in MIS policy?


    • We had an issue with one of our leased lines connecting the exchange. MIS square offs didn’t happen for a few clients. These positions if you didn’t square off today, you can do it first thing tomorrow morning.

  145. Thilak says:

    Hi Nithin, do you have any upcoming plan to bring in margin trading for futures and options in zerodha platform.This will be beneficial to all traders who do trade in futures in zerodha.

    • Venu says:

      All Futures & Options are margin products alread. You only pay a percentage of the actual contract value to buy/sell F&O contracts. Am I missing anything?

  146. Thilak says:

    Thanks Venu. I am new to this platform. i got it now.

  147. Shyam Sunder says:

    Hi Zerodha team,

    I have two doubts.
    1. My transaction get rejected some times “rms blocked for nse_cm zerodha” What is it ?

    2. Zerodha have only 258 scripts where we use multiple margins or is this for user specific ? becouse my freinds using another brokers and he has more that thousand company where he can use marigin.

    Thanks for your support.


  148. Arun says:

    Dear Nithin sir
    Here is a link to Trading Q&A. I request you to please if you can have a look at them and answer these queries, it will be very helpful sir.These are very interesting queries. Siva did try to answer them but not satisfactory. I think now only you can throw some light.

  149. Prabhjeet Singh says:

    Dear Nithin,

    I recently opened an account with Zerodha. I am pretty new to trading and does not have much knowledge about trading .

    How can I get initial assistance to know about using tools like KITE and pi. Like is there someone who can give a little demonstration if I contact him . Or may help me answer some questions on how to place orders\sell using these two tools ? Or should some other options other than these two ?


  150. Raghav says:


    I recently joined zerodha.

    One of the most required feature for me is “validity” of the stoploss order. Is it possible to place a order which is valid till some date ??? This is a break or make feature for me.


  151. Chetan Agrawal says:

    can i revise/modify executed order’s Stop loss. suppose i Place an order for asian Paint buy @850 with SL 825 and order was executed. now market Price is 880 and i want to modify SL as 860. how can i do it. Please tell me Steps.

  152. TOMAR JYOTI says:

    Hello Sir,
    Plzzzzz help me, i m not able to place orders today during market hours
    16387 : Security is not allowed to trade in this market
    Status message
    RMS:Rule: Check holdings for entity account across exchange across segment across product

  153. NATARAJAN says:



  154. tahir says:

    Please explain about share buy and sheel.day or ioc

  155. randolf says:

    please guide me,
    i have bought 200 shares, for a value XXX, through CNC, but the validity is for a day,
    so do i own the shares overnight, and till how many days i can hold the share,

    • Validity for day is an order type since all orders get cancelled by end of day. Yes if bought through CNC, you will get shares in your demat, and you can hold it for as long as you want.

  156. prashant says:

    Today i faced issue in while trading using zerodha kite. i hold few stocks. From holding section when i click on exit button it shows order is executed but this order is shown as short sell order in open positions. so i need to again square off by buying this short sell order. thus my holding stock i am not able to sell. today i encounter loss due to this issue. plz guide me on priority

    • Sameer says:

      Hi, when I buy/sell a stock for intraday using kite.. if the stock is bought/sold then in the ”Orderbook Section” its shown as executed order & in ”Positions Section” its shown as open positions (1).. then when I want to square off my position.. I again go to the ”Positions Section” place the mouse on the particular stock.. an ”exit” button is displayed.. I click on that exit button and a new buy/sell order window is opened.. and from their I place an order for squaring off.. after squaring off the order is shown as executed order in the order book.. but when again I check into ”Positions Section” its showing as OPEN POSITIONS (1) ”BUT” in a mild shade and when I again place the mouse on that particular stock.. the exit button is NOT displayed.. so in the position section try to check for the exit button & the shade light/dark by taking the mouse on that particular stock.. I am not a Zerodha authorized person.. just a client like you.. Regards..

    • Prashant, when you exit through holdings, it will continue to show as short position on position window under product type CNC. Since it is CNC, it is not a short position, it is just an exit position. You don’t have to do anything if it shows up there. The reason we show it there is, if anyone wants to buy back this share, they can do it from the positions window.

  157. Sameer says:

    Issue regarding order placing via kite..
    Hi, today around 09:52 pm bought Tata Steel @ 335.65 it was a ”limit order”… around 12:52 pm the stock was trading around 332.65.. so placed another ” LIMIT” order for selling the stock & the rate I filled in the order slip was 330.60 assuming.. if the rate comes to 330.60… the position will get squared off.. but when I pressed the sell button it got sold immediately at 332.65… the rate at which it was trading during that time.. Same thing happened for Rinfra.. bought it at 541.60 limit order & when after 3 hours it was trading low at 535.50.. I placed another sell ”limit” order.. the rate filled was 530.. but when I pressed the sell button it got sold at the market rate of 535.50. When I am placing a ”limit” order with a specific rate mentioned in the slip for squaring off my position then how come the stock is getting sold at the current market price… Also while getting into a new position.. say a stock is trading at 100 now if I want to buy it only above 100 and hence I place a buy ”limit” order @ 101 so when the stock comes at 101 the order will get executed or i ll get the stock at the market rate… Please advice.. Refards

    • Sameer, you need to use orders with trigger to place such orders. So if you want to buy at 101, when the market is at 100, use SL-M buying order with trigger price as 101. As soon as the stock goes t o 101, a buying order is sent. Similarly for selling, place SL-M sell order with trigger wherever u want.

  158. jithin says:

    Can we buy a stocks before 9.20 am ?
    can we place stoploss with it ?

  159. Mayur says:

    Is it that market orders cannot be placed for stock options??..My orders are getting rejected for this reason..

    • Yes, it has been disabled because stock options are generally very illiquid. Some of our clients have lost a lot of money due to fat finger trades. If you want the orders to be market, place a limit order at a much higher price for buying and lower price for selling.

  160. Rahul Munde says:

    i am getting the following error while order shares of gokhle exports in nse. not able to order for some stocks…shows same message

    rms:blocked for nse_cm gokex-eq mis block type: all

  161. ADITYA says:

    how to give target order when you have sold and you want to buy . should i use sl order to buy or limit order.

  162. Sandeep says:


    Is there any way to set Limit order valid of more than 1 day. I have moved from ICICI to Zerodha, ICICI has this provision.

  163. Nan says:

    Why GTC option isn’t there even for MCX?

  164. neha says:

    i want to know what is “BO,CO blocked for the day” , as i m not able to place order , why this is happening and when it will be fine.

  165. RK3237 says:

    how to square off Future trade NRLM order. Do I have to convert it first to MIS order?

    • Just place an opposite order, no need to convert and all.

      • Dhananjay says:

        There should be a square-off button which will square off the last placed order. E.g a buy order of 10000 should be placed with the sell with market/limit options. This will be very convenient given the limited time we get between a intraday order..

        • Matti says:

          You can always exit an open position from the admin positions. Squaring off the last placed order is not practical. The last order may just add to an existing position or may not be the one you always want to square off.

  166. Harsh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Whenever Zerodha introduces Valid Till Cancel (VTC) orders for cash market, please also introduce for futures as well (ICICI Direct has just launched it).
    It seems like most of the brokerages now a days offers BO, CO and VTC orders, Zerodha has to be really innovative in offering advance tools for traders to stay ahead of competition apart from discount brokerage.

    Hope to see Conditional Orders soon (Interactive Brokers India are offering it to retail).

  167. Shekhar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I was reading a blog on Stop-Loss orders on Zerodha. I usually trade through KITE. I am little bit confused and I have following queries:

    1. For Stop-Loss Limit (Sell) order, the Trigger Price have to always be LESS than the Current Market Price ? Irrespective of the scenario whether the position is running in profit or loss.

    2. For Stop-Loss Limit (Buy) order, the Trigger Price have to always be HIGHER than the Current Market Price ?
    Irrespective of the scenario whether the position is running in profit or loss.

    3. If I place any of the Stop-Loss Limit (Sell/Buy) order depending upon my position and let say my stop-loss is triggered and position get squared-off at the limit price. So, If I understood correctly then the Stop-Loss Order at Limit Price is executed and there won’t be any pending order after that and the trigger-price order will get automatically rejected/cancelled by the system. ? OR Do I still have to manually cancel the Trigger-price order even after the position is squared-off on the limit-price of Stop-Loss Order?

    • 1. Yes
      2. Yep
      3. Once a trigger is hit, either the limit or market order is placed on the exchange (based on SL or SL-M). Once the order is placed, you don’t have to cancel trigger or do anything else on it.

  168. Jayaprakash says:

    When do you propose to include GTC / VTC (Good Till Cancellation or Valid Till Cancellation) Order Type. Any reason for not having this till now.

    • Exchanges don’t support GTC/VTC, essentially a broker has to simulate this. Little hacky, hence getting postponed.

      • Subrahmanya Prabhu says:

        Hi, I am also eagerly waiting for GTC orders. Many a times I will miss entry and exit points, as I can’t keep watching the prices. If Zerodha implements this, it will be a great feature addition and helpful for most of us. Instead of Kite extension to chrome, GTC orders could have been given priority.

  169. Jyoti says:

    i would like to request team zerodha to pls simplify the things such as CNC, MIC, PUT, SHORT, and all other short forms so that new investor can be know about these full forms with explanation if possible

  170. samir says:

    wrongly i sell future mis order my admin position shows minis (-) quintity

  171. imran says:

    What is the Differents between sl and slm?

    • Venu says:

      When you place a Stop loss order, you mention a trigger price. Your order gets executed when the trigger price gets hit. If you’ve placed an SL order, the order will get placed & traded at the limit price, if it’s an SL-M that you’ve placed, the order will get traded at the market price.

  172. arvind says:

    is intra-day CNC (Cash & carry) possible or intra-day trading it has to be MIS ?
    can stocks be bought & sold on same day or next day if bought using CNC ? or only possible after T + 2 DAY ?


  173. prashanth says:

    iam totally disappointed with zerodha

    yesterday i bought 7 crudeoilm ..nrml order..but they automatically sold my one of the crude …

    who told you to sell my product?

    my id is pr2520

  174. Vijayan J says:

    If i bought the commodity in NRML type. Can I sold my commodity on same day. It’s possible.

  175. arunraj says:

    could you please explain the meaning for below status :

    order is not open

  176. ARUN says:

    Sir, when i try to contact the number 8040402020. It ask for
    a 8 digit number. I don’t understand what is that 8 digit number. Plz explain it.

  177. Rajat says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I tried to use BO 3-4 times using Kite and every time I have faced this issue. Once I place the order, it automatically gets changed to some random price in the Kite. Luckily I noticed the issue and manually updated my orders. Below are the details of one of my orders. I have have the relevant screenshots also, but this portal does not allow me to paste SS. Let me know if I can send that to you somehow.

    Would request you to please look into it and let me know if I this is system issue or I am doing something wrong.

    Original Order Placed:
    Buy @ 269.40
    Stoploss: 262
    Target: 275

    Order Showing In System:
    Buy @269.5
    Sell @241.2
    [email protected]


  178. Sandip Marathe says:

    hello sir.
    my question is related to commodity.
    Soppose in gold, bid price is 30560 and ask price is 30580.
    if i want to place sell order at 30570.
    wht type of order should i place?
    is it sl sell order or limit sell order?
    thank you.

  179. Sudarshan says:

    how can i place an order at the beginning of the day where i buy if the mkt is down or reaches a level where i want to buy and i sell when the mkt is up and gets there before the buy order? can both orders be placed with the premise tht only one gets executed? i trade nifty futures


  180. Sonal Desai says:

    how to place valid till cancellation order?

  181. Anand says:

    I can see & add stocks from BSE SME on zerodha watchlist, but not form NSE EMERGE. How can an investor buy shares of sme/emerge ?

  182. Praveen says:

    Sir can i place Stoploss and Target in simultaneously. For example lets say i want to buy ICICIBANK at 100 and i wish my profit target to be 102 and stoploss be 98. How can i place such order. I know that i can put a stoploss but what about target price???

  183. jithin says:

    Will there be any issues in order execution if i’m day trading several times in stocks like GMR infrastructures which is currently 11 rupees with average volume 1,642,614.

    If i’m buying 100 shares one company and selling after one hour on same day do zerodha charge brokerage 20rs total for buying and selling ?
    or is it like 20 rs for buying and 20 rs for selling on same stock = total 40rs

  184. shanmu says:

    Would insist zerodha to issue declarations on their updates adhering to GTC/GTD orders so that the traders wouldn’t have to find rejected orders in their order book when enunciating the aforesaid validity types even for MCX segments. And hope zerodha has a trick up it’s sleeve to call in an alternative for this shortcoming. Would also like to if pre-market orders could come in handy to substitute GTC orders for MCX

    • shanmu says:

      *would also like to know about pre-market orders and its availability for mcx and if that could be the answer for gtc orders

  185. AK says:

    Do I use the Admin option to check P&L for my options trade or is there any other menu?

  186. AK says:

    Where do I change the answers to the 2FA security questions?

  187. Manowar says:

    Can I buy share from BSE and sell it on NSE in MIS trading. ? if yes.. I did experiment with tata power share yesterday but share from BSE and NSE were shown separately. why.?

  188. Manowar says:

    1. Today I tried to buy option at market price but rejected with error msg “rms:blocked for optstk mkt nse_fo broker- zerodha remarks: option stock market orders are not allowed block type: all”. Why am I getting such error. ?

    2. Can I buy option with stoploss (mention both SL and SL-M)…??
    3. If 2nd query is possible, then, when trigger order get placed .?
    4. Cant I place CO/BO for trading option and also trailing stoploss as you claim in you website.?

    • 1.Because of illiquidity of stock options, we have disabled market orders. If you want to place market, just place a limit buying order above the market price and limit selling order below the market price.
      2. Yes, but only SL, no SLM
      3. Only SL so when trigger is hit, limit order is sent.
      4. BO/CO only for index options.

      • Abhinav Chauhan says:


        Today, i bought a Option of ACC18FEB1560PE @ Rs 34, and i used Stop Loss with Price Rs. 32 and Trigger Price Rs. 32 (I generally take same Stop Loss Price and Trigger Price) then, price fell but my order SL did not executed and i tried to exit at market, i tried 4-5 times but it did not executed, it was showing error ”RMS:Blocked for OPTSTK MKT nse_fo broker- ZERODHA Remarks: Option Stock market orders are not allowed block type: ALL”. Then, i applied limit for the same, lower than actual price then it was executed. I lost my hard earned money. Please review and clarify where i am doing mistake? and What should be in my favour?

      • Pramod says:

        I also have the same issue. Even when I tried with limit order, it didn’t executed. Instead it rejected.

        Can I ask you why such thing has been implemented and by whom?

  189. Dr Padmanabha says:

    can i place selling order of a Put option in the beginning of the market at 9.15 am for the quantity i have and leave the day for my work exiting from my zerodha account

  190. sanjeev kumar says:


  191. Binny Tomar says:


    I faced the worst glitch today . I placed a limit order of AB Nuvo @ 1302.50 But to my surprise it got executed instantly and started showing average price of 1294.85 ?? How the heck is this possible?

    • Binny, if you place a limit order above the current market price, it will become a market order. It is not a glitch, that is how limit orders work. If you want an order to trigger higher than the current price you will have to use triggers/stoploss orders. Check this post. So use SL-M buying order with trigger price as 1302.5

  192. Srikanth says:

    I have a query regarding Intraday Trading and Delivery Trading. When I give Buy order for delivery, Will NEAT system matches my order aganist Sell Order for Delivery?
    We have different Product codes like MIS and CNC etc. Will these orders match aganist same type order? How order Matching Works?

    • Product types don’t matter when order matching happens on exchange. Product types are just internal methods to tag orders for brokers. Order matching happens only based on buy and sell

      • Srikanth says:

        Thanks for answer. But what happens when Intraday seller short sells and Delivery buyer buys the same order then How shares are transferred to buyer.

        And, a general question, In Intraday trading no body owns shares they just trade prices without holding any shares in that company. Then, What is the benifit of Intraday trading to people It is like gamble I feel. I just want your opinion on this.

        • The intraday short seller will cover his position before end of day, so his obligation would most likely pass on to someone who is actually selling stocks.
          Yeah, intraday trading is speculation.

          • Srikanth says:

            Thanks for your prompt reply. But, I don’t understand fully You mean exchange does not know whether order is for Intraday or Delivery It will execute based on prices. And Brokers should make sure that Short selling should not be allowed in delivery so they put product types. Am I correct?
            Every one knows Intraday trading is gamble then why SEBI allows intraday trading?

  193. Anand says:

    Hi, NSE emerge scrips are opening under SM in Pi, but I am using kite and not able to add any nse emerge scrip. Kindly solve the problem at kite.

  194. swamyct says:

    Hi, please provide GTC(Good Till Cancel)orders in MCX.

  195. Karthick says:

    During Place my order i got status message as “exchg not enabled for this user” and status Rejected. Can you explain me what is the reason behind this ? ( i am using in kite web browser)

  196. Gaurav says:

    Hi zerodha,

    If i cancel/modify my buy/sell limit order will i be charged?

  197. Rajender Singh says:

    Hi, I have opened an account with Zerodha 10 days back and when I try to place an order to future and option segment like Nifty call and put there is error message generate each time when i place an order “not a valid product code”. Why it appear? And I want to know that means my FNO segment is not active? And what should I do to activate it. please suggest.

  198. Javeed says:

    Hi how can i exit a Cover Order which i have placed.

  199. vinodkumar says:

    I have doubt regarding product types. When I trade for intraday I give MIS as product type and system considers it as Intraday trade but after sometime if I want it to be delivered I change product type to CNS but Trade has done before changing product type. I dont understand how share are delivered as Trade has done as Intraday just changing type I get share delivered. How does it work?

    • Venu says:

      Product types like MIS, CNC are only product types that brokers provide. To the Exchange, there’s nothing called MIS, CNC etc. So if you buy a share and convert it later, you would have made a delivery purchase against which you’ll receive credit of shares on T+2.

  200. Santosh Shetti says:

    Hi Nothing,

    I have a query regarding F&O orders….

    Suppose I bought an Option contract of Strike Price= X in NRML mode since I have bullish view and there is about 3 weeks for expiry .

    Subsequently, next day or so if I see there is temporary down trend (due to a small correction etc), now can I short the option contract of same Strike Price X in MIS mode ( & square off by EOD) without affecting my NRML long position taken earlier?

    Thanks & Regards
    Santosh Shetti

  201. Rakesh Mandal says:

    There is a option of Trailing Stoploss followed by Optional in in bracket on KITE platform. You have not mentioned whether the Disclosed QTY is optional or not. Is Disclosed QTY optional for intraday trading?

  202. Ajay says:

    1. If I use a bracket order to buy ‘x’ stocks by using disclosed qty x/2 at a time, then will this disclosed qty be obeyed when the target price is reached also?(When the selling occurs automatically on reaching target price, will my stocks be sold using disclosed qty x/2 each?).

    2. Why does kite not support disclosed qty on BO? It’s the main feature I miss in kite.

  203. R says:

    I hope you can bring in GTC orders in Equity options soon. A low brokerage rate is much appreciated but it becomes pointless every time I lose a profit booking opportunity just because price levels I’m waiting for hit right at market opening while I’m still clicking about to place an order. Sometimes that price level doesn’t come back or at best it just stalls all other possibly juicy trades because now money’s stuck in that one trade. In the meanwhile, I’ll try to go clicking and keying at lightning speed but please try.

    • Venu says:

      Understand your requirement. There are certain dependencies which we are trying to overcome. It’ll take a little longer, we’re doing out best.

  204. kailas says:

    if i am converting from cnc to mis, does that mean i am selling in cnc and buying again in mis

  205. Gagan says:

    While placing a buy order, it says “nse exchange not enabled for the account”. What does it mean ?
    How it ll be enabled ?

  206. Aditya Risbud says:

    Is there any way to get trade type(CNC or MIS) of backdated trades? Actually I wanted to know how much i have earn while doing CNC vs MIS trades.
    Thanks in advance.

  207. Subrata says:

    Is there any brokerage charges on Modify,canceled MIS and CNC orders???

  208. ratan says:

    1. can u once again clarify if BO is available for option trading for equities. today i again got an error while putting BO for supharma options “rms:blocked for optstk nse_fo bo block type: all”. also please say if for commodities is CO trading available, and the steps/points to note.
    2. please tell BO order is avialable for …. and CO order is avialable for……., as in margins page we can see that it is available for all but while trading we get error.
    3. if possible can you give me the link to the video tutorial of BO and CO (kite app- web and android app). also sir i suggest if it is possible please insert a little note to the trading platform regarding the various parameters which we need to enter like for trailling stop loss ( hint can be – enter no of ticks to trail – .05 means 1 tick for X instrument etc). this feature can help a lot.
    4. also sir in kite android app the stocks pertaining to bse is not been displayed. there are many stocks which only trade in bse. we have to open money control to see if it is available in bse or nse only and then type in kite.
    5. 1 last favour sir- is it possible to trade on the chart ( in kite app , web interface and pi directly by placing buy and sell order ) and also to show the buy order line and stop loss line which can be modified by shifting the line in real time directly on the chart. i know it will take time to integrate these advanced features but i think these can make zerodha software all they way more competitive and more user friendly ..thanks again sir for reading my suggestions and solving them. have a great day.

  209. Ajay says:

    Is there a type of order in which it is a market order at the entry and a target order at the exit? (Similiar to a BO, but using a market order at the entry point instead of a limit price). If not, how can I achieve it(without manually creating new exit points for all lots)?

  210. osakahunter says:

    I want to have some standard values in the orders. for examble always whenever i select a srip target will be 10 absolute points and stoploss will be 8 absolute points. Is it possible to set this is kite.i dont want to enter this everytime. once the scrip is selected these values will be prefilled. Is it possible

  211. Rajat says:

    Hi Team,

    Sometimes I convert my CNC positions into MIS, by default it creates an MIS Regular position. I want to check if there is way to add Stop loss/ Target to a normal MIS position later on. Or anyway I can convert my CNC to something like BO?

    Please help.


    • Rajat says:

      The above question is for both Kite and Pi.

    • You can’t convert from CNC/MIS to BO. What you can do is, once converted to MIS, place MIS SL order and target order.

      • Rajat says:

        Thanks for your response Nitin!

        But the moment I place new MIS SL order, which is lower than the current price (I am assuming this is just another normal MIS order with the sell price where I want my SL), the position gets squared off immediately. Seems like it does not work as SL, rather an offer price less than current mkt price.

        Please let me know if I am getting it right or it has to be done some other way.


        • Rajat,

          You need to put the trigger price below the current market price. If you don’t it will become like a market selling order.

          • Rajat says:

            Hi Nithin,

            Thanks for the tip. It is working fine for SL. Just want to check if same method can be applied to put a target selling price as well. For Eg, out of 100 shares, I want to sell 50 at say Rs 150, another 50 at Rs 200, should I put put two different SL order, with trigger price of say 145/195 and tgt price as 150/200 (in addition to the MIS SL order for actual stop loss). Since, in this case, trigger price will be higher than the current price, I am little confused if this will work.


  212. Atheeq says:

    I do not see “NRML” option in “Product” list field of “Order Window” in Zerodha PI terminal. Let me know If I should report this to your support team and also let me know when “NRML” option should be used?

  213. Atheeq says:

    I think I did. However, I will work with your support team to have it enabled.

    Any plans to provide Good Till Cancelled (GTC) order validity type?

  214. Sundararaman says:

    I want to use the weekly charts to do my Stock futures trading. I want to open a position and keep it for few days or end of the week. I want to setup stop loss & target level using NRML order. I want to understand the margin requirements. I will give a scenario.

    I wanted to Buy HDFC16NOV at 1272 on 21/11/2016. SL is 1232. Target is 1308. I know that it will most probably reach 1308 by the end of this week. If not also i would like to take profit by end of this week. I want to use NRML order. How do i calculate margin requirements?

    1) I will use the margin calculator using the below link i.e Equity futures. I will enter the price & money that i have. It will give me how many lots i can buy as NRML & MIS.

    2) The above step is for entry. Do i need to do the same for stop loss order as well? So i should have similar amount of money for SL order as well. Am i right? The NRML order does not have SL in built in it.

    3) The same goes to target order as well. Am i right?

    4) So i would need roughly around 3 times the money required in step 1 or even more. Am i right?

    5) What if i don’t use SL order & only target order? I want to risk the entire amount placed in step 1. How do i calculate the SL price till which the order in step 1 would last? i.e How far should the market go against to take out my entire amount in step 1?

    • Venu says:

      1. Yes.
      2. Funds get blocked only for the position you take. SL doesn’t require additional margins
      3. As mentioned above, you don’t need 3X margins to place the target and SL order. Suggest you read this: http://zerodha.com/z-connect/tradezerodha/margin-requirements/margins-2-exit-orders-for-1-position
      4. Typically, your position would be squared off (closed), if the margins go below the required numbers. You’ll always have to maintain the margins in point (1) to be able to carry forward your positions.

      • Sundararaman says:

        Thank you for the reply and link. But still point 5 of mine is not clear. I will rephrase it. When my NRML position is open ie active in the market and when price moves against my position will money get reduced from the balance in my account? Or only the NRML margin gets blocked and reduced in real time. Another way of putting it is how much extra money is required apart from the margin to withstand the negative price movement?

        • When market goes against you, MTM losses are first adjusted with any free cash you might have in your account which happens on a live basis. If the position continues to make MTM losses, it now starts eating into your NRML margin blocked. Typically our risk team will square off positions if the total money in your account starts dropping below around 75% of the NRML margin required. On volatile days, our risk team can be stricter and square off earlier as well. Typically these square offs are done between 3.10 to 3.30pm. If there are any losses, best to transfer money before that time. Also ideally it is best to always have some extra money over and above the NRML margin to make up for any MTM losses.

          • Sundararaman says:

            Thank you.. This is very helpful..

          • Sundararaman says:

            One last question.. When can we place NRML orders? Can we place them after market hours? Can we place them during pre-market open? For example BO orders cannot be placed during pre-market open i.e 9:00 am till 9:15am. Is there any such restrictions for NRML orders? I would like to place it either after market hours or during pre-market opening. Is it possible to place it before 9am?

            • You can place it anytime you want. Between 9.15 am to 3.30 pm in live market. After 6pm till 9.15 am as AMO. During pre-market, you need to use the AMO option to place NRML orders.

              • Sundararaman says:

                Thank you once again.. Please let me know whether the below are True or False for NRML orders:-

                1) If the NRML order is not executed i.e trigger pending till end of the day it will get automatically cancelled at the end of the day
                2)In this case i should place the same order again the next day
                3)In the above scenario i should place the stop loss & target order only when the 1st entry order is executed. Am i right?
                4)Once the 1st order is executed i will have to place the stop loss & target order every day until either one of them is executed. This is because both of them will get cancelled by the end of the day if the trigger is not executed.
                5) Once one of them is executed then i will have to manually cancel the other one.
                6) Even if i don’t manually cancel it, it will get cancelled automatically by the end of the day if it is not already executed i.e trigger not reached

  215. Parth Deshmukh says:

    I want to know what these suffix stands for in the script name Maruti-BL. Here what is the meaning of BL or BE means?

  216. Davinder says:

    My question is specific to pre-market orders. When I was using NEST, I could clearly see the LTP (last traded price) between 9:00 AM and 9:08 AM. Based on that I was able to take the decision to put a limit order and most of the times it used to execute. Now problem with Pi and Kite is that I cannot see LTP till 9:08 AM. Only final pre-opening price is known at 9:08 AM. Am I missing something or is it a limitation of Pi and Kite? If later, can we fix it?

    • Check this post, in the first 8 mins of pre-open orders are only collected, no matching of orders happen. So there cannot be any LTP. Let me check what you are seeing on NEST, but it definitely is not LTP.

  217. Goutam says:

    1. I want to know that how to use AMO option.
    2.Difference of three type of trading pattern
    a.LMT b.SL c SL-M

  218. Goutam says:

    Is it possible to place a buy order above market price with a stop loss ?

  219. arup says:

    Dear sir
    trade got cancelled also if someone uses bse stock which i was using whole day .

    only,after reading your blog, i came to know only after that nse stocks are allowed only at mis/bo/co

  220. Shankar says:

    I placed a BUY order for 10000 shares of Ugar Sugar. The trade book shows that 9516 shares have been bought. But the order book and the stock holding do not show any change. How do I know whether the shares have been bought or not?

  221. Sundararaman says:

    I want to start using CNC order type for equity. I want to know how much capital is required & how to calculate profit. Below is the scenario:-

    Capital in account – 1lak
    Script name – Techm
    Order type – CNC
    Buy Stock Price (SL-M with trigger) – 478
    Total shares can be purchased – 209
    Target Sell Stock Price (Limit) – 489
    Stop loss Sell Stock Price (SL-M with trigger) – 455

    1) Will the money be blocked as soon as i place the Sl-M entry order? Or upon order execution?
    2) After the entry order is executed do i require extra margin for the Target & Stop loss order? If yes then how much?
    3) How do i calculate the profit in this scenario?

    • 1. Blocked as soon you place order.
      2. U will not be able to place both exit and SL order even if you have enough margin. Since u hold stocks, only one exit can be placed.
      3. Profit = Sell price * Qty – Buy price * Qty

      • Sundararaman says:

        Thanks for the reply. I have further questions. How much extra margin is required to place the target order? What if the market goes against my position? At that time from where will money be deducted at real time?

  222. Prakash says:

    Hi Nithin

    I am new to trading with less than 1 month experience.I have a problem or may be doubt you can take it in any aspects.Below is my query,

    Support level 8100
    Current price 8099
    Like to place a sell BO at 8103
    If it breaks the support level i need to place a sell order in BO so, I am placing an sell BO order for 8103 but unfortunately when i execute the order it sells at 8099 and if it dosent break the support level i am ending up with a big loss.

    I need to know how to place a sell BO or CO which exceutes between 8103=< in this specific case

    Kindly help me in this


    • Venu says:

      If you’re placing a sell order at 8103 when the current market price is 8099, the order stays in the system as a limit order, doesn’t get executed at 8099. You can’t place conditional Bracket orders.

  223. AMBRISH says:

    In zerodha kite, do you guys charge for modifying any order like changing the stop loss or trigger point in cases of intraday or CNC.

  224. chaitanya says:

    hi Nitin sir, first of all Happy New Year and thanks for varsity it is very helpful for people like me….im a newbie…i have some doubts regarding placing orders…
    1. Karthik sir advised to start positional trading for few months…so i cannot place MIS for that…i should place only CNC am i right…so if i hit the traget on the same day can i sell the share even though it is not credited to demat account.
    2. in around 1000 comments in stop loss and trailing stop loss section im not able to find my doubt… can i place stop loss order ,TSL order , or bracket order for CNC . (though i dint go through all the comments)


    • Venu says:

      1. Yes, you’ll have to place orders in CNC to take positional trades. You could square off the position the same day, it’ll be considered an Intraday trade.
      2. No, there’s no facility to place TSL for CNC orders.

  225. Ankur Agrawal says:

    dear sir, if i try to place a sell order for the equity CNC then it is being rejected everytime from last few days but if i place a buy order for the equity CNC, it always completed. may i know the reason, why? and how can i place the sell order first for the equity cnc? i am using kite.

    Thanks & regards,
    Ankur Agrawal

    • Venu says:

      For the sell CNC order to get accepted, you will have to have the equity shares in your demat account from before. If you don’t, your order will get rejected.

      • Ankur Agrawal says:

        ok, if i find any share that it will go down and in this case if i have to sell that particular share at market price and when it will go down then i will purchase ….in this case what can i do in case of equity?

        • Venu says:

          You will have to sell it with product code MIS – Margin Intraday Squareoff. This will be an Intraday position only and will have to be closed before market closes.

  226. Ajay Bandhu says:


    is there a way I can partially cancel my order through order_type 3. For ex: I currently have a limit order of 100 shares of Reliance, so can I partially cancel 89 shares through order_type 3 so that I only have 11 share in my limit order book.

  227. ROBERT says:

    Good Evening Sir,

    I am new to Sharemarket and trading ofcourse.
    Sir, I want to purchase shares of a particular company and retain it for a period of say 8 months. Then what type of order should I place. My capital is 1.5 Lk.
    I want to use the whole capital amount in purchasing the shares of that particular stock.
    Will I be charged for holding these company shares in my demat account ?

    Say the shares purchase value is 300 and it is going below 300 then to minimise my loss what should I do ?
    I am going to use my capital for investment purpose and not for daily trading. What kind of order should I place ?

    Please guide..

    Thanks in advance…

  228. ROBERT says:

    For Intraday trading what type of orders should I use.
    How much maximum qty of shares can I purchase with my available capital? Is there any limit for such qty?


  229. Sudip says:

    I’ve sold some shares of a single company. As the order was in pending status I’ve cancelled it. So the stock were showing back into my holdings. Later say after 5 mins I’ve sold them again and the position of the order is still open. So my questions are :

    1. Do I need to pay brokerage and other charges ( Like demat charge ) for pending and then cancelled order ?

    2. As I’ve cancelled pending sell order is there any sort of penalty charge applicable ?

    3. For how long a sell order can remain in pending / open status ? If the shares are not sold say after x period of time do I need to pay the charges like brokeeage, taxes, exchange and demat fees ?

    Thanks in advance.

  230. Anu says:

    Suppose I trade in Natural Gas Intraday with Cover Order type.As per my knowledge in NG I can place 16 lots per single order or 2.5% of OI. Lets take 16 lots per single order.

    1) But I want to BUY 20 lots with the same price and at the same time.So how do I will do that?

    2) I want to SELL that 20 lots with the same price and at the same time. So how do I will do that?

  231. sunil says:

    Is there a benefit of using ” MIS ” for the option market for nifty and bank nifty or option stock. I dont find any use as initially I was of the assumption of there is less brokerage……I realised it only after seeing the statements. It was quite late as I lost a sizable amount as Brokerage.

  232. D.Omprakash says:

    Hi My id D00042. I placed amo order in kite for jet airways buy SLM 405 but order got rejected says
    rms :rule: check trigger price vs ltp for sl-m orders ,trigger price:405.00, ltp:406.35 for entity account-do0042 across exchange across segment across product
    Can any call me regard this i couldn’t understand what it says exactly.

    My contact : 9566068331, D.Omprakash.

  233. Apoorv Sood says:

    How to modify my stop loss on an already executed order on kite?

  234. Pranjit Saikia says:

    There is a confusion on my mind, kindly clarify please.

    If I buy some stocks with CNC product type & I sell them on the same day itself i.e. intraday, then is there any chance of Auction penalty just like “buy today sell tomorrow” orders ?

  235. Rajiv says:

    Hi Nithin, Once my order is executed, if I want to change my stops, it is showing as “No pending order to modify” pop up. Is there any way to change my stops. Thank you!

  236. Naresh P Dandekar says:

    Sir please explain me in COVER ORDER UNDER MIS
    Suppose I am buying 500qty of vakrangee @MKT PRICE say Rs. 305/- Active option .
    0 CO My trigger price will be 302/- as stop loss. ??? Here no Target price option given
    this order will get sequared off at 3.20 pm
    Under CO This is also for buying and selling of my above shares or seperte order has to be placed for selling my shares …. confusion pls answer …

  237. Kallol says:

    Suppose I place an MIS order for 100 quantities of buy (not BO/CO, plain MIS buy order). The trade gets executed in in 1 lot itself at, lets say Rs 200. Now I want to place Sell order for target booking and also stop loss Sell order for preventing untoward loss. Can I:

    1) Create a create a Sell order for 100 qty at Rs 204
    2) At the same time, can I place a SL-Sell order at Rs 198.
    3) I assume when any of the above 2 gets executed, I will have to manually cancel the order order – pls do confirm

    Assuming the above 2 is possible, can I:
    1) Before the target order is executed, can I modify the sell target order placed in 1) above to change the qty to 40 at Rs 204?
    2) And then create another sell target order for the rest of the 60 qty to Rs 206?


  238. Sandesh Rai says:

    My Kite Zerodha A/C ZX**98 BYE & SELL is not working from last 8 days. when BYE It show “BUY trigger_price should be lesser than price” . when SELL It show “SELL trigger_price should be lesser than price” can u tell me is thr. any problem in my a/c?? or any other method to BYE & SELL is there??

    thank you,

  239. Shubham says:

    Hello nitin sir,
    Suppose i buy a stock xyz at rs 150 of some quantity and again i bought that same stock at rs 155 of some quantity on same day,is it possible to sell only those stocks which i bought at rs 150 bcoz in kite it is showing average buy price…can i sell stocks which i bought at a specific price or i have to sell at average price??

  240. Sagari says:

    For example if I buy stock of rs 100 and I place limit target order at 105 rs does it sell above 105 rs or only at 105 rs not above that. Please advise if there is any sell market order.

  241. Jagdamba Saklani says:

    Can you explain about cnc order to mic order

  242. Ramkumar says:


    Been a month since i started using Zerodha on mobile. Im happy and look forward to a profitable journey. My question is when i bought a Ce Stock option to keep till expiry ( I had enough cash in account) and didnt exit on the same day as i was in loss. But at 3. 20 it was auto sold. Please explain to me the buying procedure in the kite app about how to buy options if i want to hold till expiry. Thanks

  243. samir says:

    mcx crude oil trad………. do STBT,BTST …………. 1) can i place good till cancelled order with stop loss ?

  244. Sukhdev says:

    While purchasing shares for MIS this message occur, please explain !!!!!

    rms:blocked for t bse_cm mis broker- zerodha block type: all

    • Stocks which are in the T2T category (which exchange considers as penny stocks or excessively speculative) cant be allowed for intraday trading. You will see this message when buying those stocks for MIS.

  245. Ajax Titan says:

    I just wanted to know what will happen in following situation:

    Let us say current rate of infosys is going on Rs. 1000.

    Next I put two orders:
    1) Buy order at 1005 (long trade – expecting it to grow)
    2) Sale order at 1005 (short sale – expecting it to go down)

    Then rate changes to Rs. 1005 of infosys, so what will happen to my positions. Will my net position be zero i.e. I won’t have any shares of infosys or Will I have two positions taken for me i.e. one for buy order & one for short sale?

  246. Nikhil says:

    I purchased shares with product: CNC but system show validity for Day.
    How i convert this for long term ?

  247. Prabhu Rajarathinam says:

    do i get charged brokerage etc,. for executed rejected and cancelled order or i only get charged completed executed order

  248. Imran says:

    I opened an account with Zerodha and today I tried buying shares all that I knew was for every Intraday trading Zerodha gives some margin. So I tried buying shares with balance of 5000 as I thought Zerodha gives additional 14 times margin and tried buying shares but I got error that margin exceeds available 5000 and required 60000. Please advise on this