This page contains important information regarding the terms and conditions which apply to You, as a user of this website, and/or Zerodha as a platform. All terms and conditions stated below would apply to You as a user whether or not you hold a trading and demat account with Zerodha Broking Limited and/or Zerodha Commodities Pvt. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Zerodha). Zerodha is a Trading Member of NSE and BSE, registered with Securities & Exchange Board of India ("SEBI") and having Registration No. INZ000031633. Zerodha Broking Limited operates under the Point of Presence license having Reg. No. POP319072020 provided by PFRDA to distribute the National Pension Scheme (“NPS”) product under the PFRDA (POP) Regulations, 2018. This website is owned, operated and maintained by Zerodha, a Company incorporated under the Companies Act, 2013 having CIN: U65929KA2018PLC116815, and having its Registered Office at #153/154, 4th Cross, Dollars Colony, JP Nagar 4th Phase, Bangalore - 560078 Please note that the information contained herein is subject to change without notice. Access to your account and the usage of your account is subject to your compliance with all the terms and conditions set forth herein, read along with all documents, including but not limited to; applications forms and undertakings, signed by you during account opening, and any terms/consents/policies included on Zerodha’s website/domain, i.e., including its “Terms and Conditions”, “Policies & Procedures”, “Privacy Policy”, and “Disclosure”.

For the purpose of these Terms of Use, wherever the context so mentions "Client","You" or "Your", it shall mean any natural or legal person who has visited this website/platform, has agreed to open an account, or initiated the process of opening an account with Zerodha. Zerodha allows any person to use/visit/browse the website without registering on the website. The term "We", "Us" , "Our" and "Team Zerodha" shall mean Zerodha Broking Limited.

Order Collection Platform

Coin is only an order collection platform that collects orders on behalf of clients and places them on BSE StarMF in case of mutual funds, and towards bond houses/institutions or whomsoever it may be for purchase of Bonds/Government Securities (“G-Sec”)/Fixed income instruments for execution of such instruments; OR the National Pension Scheme product - Tier I or Tier II, as per the schemes & funds licensed under the PFRDA Regulations. You/The Client expressly agrees that Zerodha is not liable or responsible and does not represent or warrant for any damages regarding non-execution of orders or any incorrect execution of orders with regard to the funds/instruments chosen by the Client due to, but not being limited to, any link/system failure, delay in transfer of the funds on account of any unforeseen circumstances/issues in banking system/Payment aggregators, sufficient/insufficient funds in the Client’s bank account which may occur at the end of the Client, Zerodha or any exchange platform/bond house/service provider with respect to execution of such trade via this platform/financial institution towards whom the orders may be placed.

The funds for all purchase orders are directly debited from the Client's bank account (same bank account as mapped to Your trading account) and credited to Indian Clearing Corporation Limited’s* (“ICCL”) bank account ( *Indian Clearing Corporation Limited is the Clearing Corporation entity w.r.t mutual funds transactions transacted via BSE Star MF; & ICCL is also a subsidiary of the Bombay Stock Exchange). The funds received by You from all redemption orders on Coin are directly credited to your bank account (same bank account as mapped to Your trading account) by ICCL as per the settlement time of the respective Asset Management Company (“AMC”) scheme as selected on Coin.

In case of purchases with respect to Bonds/Govt./Fixed Income Securities, where You have transacted in Bond/G-Sec units, but for any reason whatsoever, the transaction with respect to bank/payment transfer from You was not completed and such units have been credit to You, Zerodha shall have the right to take any action against You to recover such amount that is owed by You with respect to such instruments.

In the case of NPS, the settlement to the respective bank account(s) is done by the banks and payment gateway partner entities, and will be done on a best effort basis as per their timelines. In case of transfer of funds for NPS, the applicable NAV in respect of purchase of units of the respective NPS scheme shall be subject to realization & availability of the funds in the bank account of the NPS Trustee account before the applicable cut off timings, irrespective of the amount of investment. Zerodha, as per the PFRDA Guidelines, will ensure on a best effort basis, that money is debited on the same day and is settled to the NPS Trustee bank account as per the respective cut-off timings.

Execution Platform Only & No Advisory Provided

Coin is only an order collection platform, and help clients execute such transactions on its platform, as stated above.

The Coin platform does not construe to provide any form of advisory services. Zerodha and/or any of its affiliates do not provide any tips, advisory, solicitation, opinions or portfolio management services regarding buying, selling and trading of any securities, directly or indirectly, in any manner.

Information displayed or laid out on this Coin platform by Zerodha, including but not limited to; Zerodha Varsity, tradingqna, charting and other tools on the Kite and Pi platform, Coin, Opentrade, Kite web, Kite Android, Kite iOS, Pulse, and all other platforms including social media, are purely for either educational, informational, or discussion purposes and should not be construed as direct or indirect recommendation to invest, trade or speculate in the markets. Zerodha would welcome and appreciate immediate notification or notice, if any person would come across any such tips, advisory, solicitation, opinions or related services regarding buying, selling and trading of any securities, directly or indirectly, in any manner from any person or platform which is believed to be or likely to be believed as Zerodha. Please visit our Support portal for any of your queries with regard to the same. In no event shall Zerodha be liable for any investments, trades or speculative activities performed by any person based on any such information or content and all such activities shall be solely at their own risk.

Usage of Services on the Coin Platform, Support & Charges

You will be allowed to avail or use the complete services of this platform only when the You complete the KYC & Account opening procedures with Zerodha, and agree to abide by all such Policies & Procedures, Terms and Conditions, Risk Management Policies, and all such consents & terms that you have agreed to during account opening with Zerodha along with all such rules/policies available on their website, i.e. Zerodha may use your personal data and in order to provide services to you, your personal information may be processed by or transferred or disclosed to and / or by third parties like BSE Star MF, Bond Houses / Financial Institutions, RTA’s, Asset Management Companies, KRAs, CERSAI, Government Agencies, or 3rd party service providers & partners etc where necessary to enable us to provide services to you. With your consent, your personal information, and usage of the website / mobile app / services of Zerodha and/or Coin, may be used by us in order to provide you with information, user experience and marketing materials in relation to other products and services used by You. By visiting this platform, you agree to these terms of use and you confirm your wish for your personal information to be processed for these additional purposes. If you do not agree with these terms, we suggest you do not signup or avail any services offered by Zerodha. You may avail the Services by using your Zerodha Client ID, Password and PIN which is provided by Zerodha. You agree and that you shall be solely responsible to ensure protection and confidentiality of all your sensitive information such as Client ID, Password and PIN at all times and any disclosure thereof shall be entirely at your risk.

You hereby represent and warrant that you shall make use of this website, the Zerodha/Coin mobile application as a prudent, reasonable and law-abiding citizen of India. Zerodha/the Coin platform shall not be responsible for any delay or failure in processing any transaction or any request whatsoever resulting from infrastructure issues, such as server downtime, network unavailability and connectivity issues.

Any calculators / tools / planners that are designed to assist you in determining your appropriate amount of investment are not to be construed as any investment strategy. They are tools to help you plan your investment transactions and not investment advice from the platform.

All frequent support queries can be found here: Coin/Mutual Fund Support & Tradingqna - Coin, and any further queries or complaints to be escalated shall be emailed to “[complaints][@][]”.

All charges with respect to services/transactions on the Coin platform can be seen while transacting on any instrument (before making such purchase) read along with the list of charges displayed on the Zerodha platform here: Zerodha list of charges.

Charges with respect to NPS, shall be stated below, and may change from time to time, subject to the PFRDA Regulations:

  • Account opening fee Rs 200.
  • Contribution charges: 0.25% subject to a minimum of Rs 30 and maximum of Rs 25000.
  • Exit charges 0.125% of the corpus with a minimum of Rs 125 and maximum of Rs 500.

Links to Third Party Websites

The Zerodha/Coin platform may contain links, information or pointers to other websites or services for payments, information verifications, information processing, transaction processing or other required / appropriate services, but you should not infer or assume that Zerodha operates, controls, manages or is otherwise connected with these other websites. When you click on a link within the website/platform/mobile application, Zerodha may or may not warn you that you have left the website/platform/mobile application and are subject to the terms and conditions, disclaimers (including privacy policies) of such other website or its partners & service providers. Please be careful to read the terms of use and privacy policy of any other website before you provide any confidential information or engage in any transactions. You should not rely on the terms of this Zerodha/Coin platform to govern your use of another website. Zerodha/Coin is not responsible for the content or practices of any other website even if it links to the site and even if the website is operated by a company affiliated or otherwise connected with Zerodha. You acknowledge and agree that Zerodha is not responsible or liable to you for any content or other materials hosted and served from any website other than this website/platform/mobile application.

Transactions Carried out on this Platform - Coin

  • Your funds for all purchase orders on Coin are directly debited from Your bank account (same bank account as mapped to Your trading account) and credited to ICCL's bank account, which is the Clearing Corporation w.r.t mutual funds transacted via the BSE Star MF platform. The amount received by You from all redemption orders placed via Coin is directly credited to your bank account (mapped to your trading account) by ICCL as per the settlement time of the respective Asset Management Company scheme. The orders are placed on a real time basis in BSE StarMF's platform and the funds are transferred to ICCL's account depending on the mode of payment as mentioned in this Support Article.
  • ICCL would further transfer the funds collected, towards the respective AMCs, at a daily cut-off time of 3 P.M or any such time as prescribed by the Exchanges & SEBI.
  • For Client’s to receive the same day Net Asset Value (“NAV”) for transactions via Coin, they would have to follow the cut-off timings as prescribed here (subject to change from time to time at Zerodha’s discretion).
  • With respect to transaction purchases of certain Bonds units via Coin, you are required to directly purchase such units from your bank account that was linked to your Zerodha trading and demat account. This account shall be linked with respect to receiving any proceeds/redemptions with respect to your transactions of Bonds units at all times. It is your responsibility to make sure that there is sufficient funds in your bank account and that it is active at all times until the redemption/proceeds related to such instruments are completed OR that you have taken action to make sure that your bank details are updated (in case of any modifications) with Zerodha/Coin and the Bond house/Institution or such third party website; as the requirement may be to receive such credits/proceeds/redemptions.
  • You agree that any transaction request falling due on a holiday or after the cut off time mentioned on the website would be processed on the next working day and respective NAV would be applicable as per the Mutual Fund's Scheme Information Document. The cut-off timings will be prior to the statutory cut-off timing specified under the SEBI Regulations and the Scheme Information Document for operational convenience. Depending on the mode of payment the cut-off timings have been decided by the exchanges and payment aggregators/bank as mentioned in this article.
  • Holiday means any day which is not a Business Day. The transactions once placed may or may not be cancelled. Please refer to the updates & notifications on Coin & for updated status on your order at all times.
  • There may be a possibility of variances in values arising out of delayed data feeds, transmission losses in electronic data, electronic fund transfer etc. for which Zerodha and its authorised representatives shall not be liable.
  • You agree to maintain a clear balance in your Zerodha trading account and/or Bank Account at all times to cover the purchase price and other costs and charges / quantity of units.
  • Redemption proceeds and dividend payouts shall get credited directly by the AMC into your bank account provided at the time of registration with Zerodha. This is provided, the bank account provided by you is from the list of banks with which the Mutual Fund has a direct credit arrangement. The list of such banks is mentioned in the Scheme Information Document or Key Information Memorandum (KIM) cum common application form of the respective Mutual Fund.
  • You agree and acknowledge that transactions done through Zerodha will be tagged with the Zerodha’s trading member code: INZ000031633, will be treated as Direct.
  • There may be applicable exit load/any other charge levied by the Mutual Funds/AMCs will be chargeable in accordance with the Scheme Information Documents(SID) /Key Information Memorandum (KIM) and addendums issued thereto from time to time (collectively referred to as “Scheme Related Documents”). You shall read all the scheme related documents before investing.
  • Investments from residents in the United States of America, Canada & UAE are not permitted for certain mutual funds as decided by the respective AMC from time to time. Zerodha shall not be liable for rejections of such applications by Mutual Funds, where investor is a resident from such countries under the ban list by respective AMCs. All such residents are required to do their own diligence with respect to eligibility in investing into such mutual funds/instruments.
  • Since in this Platform - Coin, your Mutual funds are held in Demat form maintained with Zerodha Broking Limited, the nomination applicable for your Demat account will be applicable for your mutual fund holdings as well. Please read the the Instructions to nominate here. Nominees stated as per the nomination process on Coin shall be applicable w.r.t to your NPS subscription/holdings via your Zerodha account as well.
  • You agree and acknowledge that National Pension Scheme product transactions done through Zerodha will be tagged with the Zerodha’s Point of Presence (POP) code: POP319072020.

Price Data & NAV

NAV / prices / any data shown on the platform to You for the purpose of transacting in any instruments are shown directly on an ‘as is’ basis, which may be provided by a third party data vendor, directly by AMCs / bonds / financial institutions/PFRDA regulated entities, and/or by any such entity that Zerodha may have an agreement/association with. Differences in such price data due to any delay/connectivity issues, Zerodha/Coin shall not be liable for any such inaccuracy or consequential damages. You are required to do Your own diligence on prices required to be paid by You on transactions made on any instruments via the Coin platform, and all such decisions to transact to such instruments would be based on Your sole discretion.

Upon any investment made, units are allocated by Mutual funds/ AMCs / Bond houses or institutions as per applicable NAV/Bond price traded/issued as the case may be, which is not under the control of Zerodha/Coin. Zerodha does not warrant that the calculation of NAV and units allotted by Mutual funds/Bond houses/PFRDA regulated entities for NPS or financial institutions are correct. In case you notice any discrepancy, the Zerodha/Coin customer support team shall help assist You to resolve Your query through such AMC/Bond house or financial institution.

Investment based Risks & No Advisory

Investments into market linked instruments come with inherent risks which You should solely rely on your own discretion while transacting in such instruments or consult a professional advisor. Zerodha and/or the Coin platform shall not provide any specific advisory with respect to assisting You to invest into certain funds/instruments or scrips. Coin is only an order execution platform allowing You to place orders to transact in instruments with data shown on an ‘as is’ basis by fund houses/Exchanges/third party vendors which would allow You to place orders.

You confirm that for investments in any units of the scheme You have read and understood the content of the Scheme Information Documents / Statement of Additional Information of the scheme, which are either available on this Coin platform or on the website of the AMC/ Mutual Fund house/PFRDA regulated entities for NPS or Financial institution that has issued the instrument. You must always read all terms provided on the issuer’s website along with the terms included herein. You have also read and understood the terms, conditions, details, rules and regulations governing the schemes.

Common risks associated with investing in market linked instruments such as mutual funds / bonds / stocks / NPS, including but not limited to, are:

Mutual Funds:
  • Market risk: The risk that you will lose some or all of your principal. As markets fluctuate, there is always a possibility that the mutual funds you hold might be caught in a decline.
  • Inflation risk: The risk of losing purchasing power. If your mutual funds gain 5% in a year and the cost of living goes up by 2%, you are left with a real return of only 3%.
  • Interest rate risk: The risk that rising interest rates will cause your mutual funds to decline in value. When interest rates rise, bond prices decline and bond mutual funds may also decline as a result.
  • Currency risk: The risk that a decline in the exchange rate will reduce your gains (or add to losses).
  • Credit risk: The risk that the issuer of a security won't have enough money to make its interest payments or to redeem the bonds for face value when they are due. Securities with a higher risk of default tend to pay higher returns.
  • Inflation risk: This refers to the effect of inflation on investments. When inflation rises, the purchasing power of bond returns (principal plus coupons) declines. The same amount of income will buy lesser goods.
  • Interest Rate Risk: This risk refers to the impact of the movement in interest rates on bond returns. As rates rise, bond price declines. In the event of rising rates, the attractiveness of existing bonds with lower returns declines, and hence the price of such bonds fall. The reverse is also true. Short term bonds are less exposed to this risk while long term bonds have a very high probability of getting affected.
  • Call Risk: This risk specifically associated with the bonds that come with an embedded call option. When market rates decline, callable bond issuers often look to refinance their debt, thus calling back the bonds at the pre-specified call price. This often leaves the investors in the lurch who are forced to reinvest the bond proceeds at lower rates. Such investors are however compensated by high coupons. The call protection feature also protects the bond from being called for a particular time period giving investors some relief.
  • Reinvestment Risk: The probability that investors will not be able to reinvest the cash flows at a rate comparable to the bond’s current return refers to reinvestment risk. This tends to happen when market rates are lower than the bond’s coupon rate.
  • Credit Risk: Credit risk results from the bond issuer’s inability to make timely payments to the lenders. This leads to interrupted cash flow for the lender where losses might range from moderate to severe. Credit history and capacity to repay are the two most important factors that can determine credit risk.
  • Liquidity Risk: Liquidity risk arises when bonds become difficult to liquidate in a narrow market with very few buyers and sellers. Narrow markets are characterized by low liquidity and high volatility.
  • Market Risk/Systematic Risk: Market risk is the probability of losses due to market reasons like slowdown and changes in rates. Market risk affects the entire market together. In a bond market, no matter how good an investment is, it is bound to lose value when the market declines. Interest rate risk is another form of market risk.
  • Default Risk: Default risk is defined as the bond issuing company’s inability to make required payments. Default risk is seen as other variants of credit risk where the borrowing company fails to meet the agreed terms of the issue.
  • Rating Risk: Bond investments can also sometimes suffer from rating risk where a slew of factors specific to the bond as well as the market environment affect the bond rating, thus decreasing the value and demand of the bond.

Proper assessment of every bond issue for the above risks is very important in order to minimize the impact. A new market entrant can be easily duped by an issue that looks good on the face but is marred by so many risks that the eventual payout might not be attractive at all. Good market knowledge is essential for bond investments; else otherwise safe investment heaven might turn out to be a loss-making exercise only. Avoiding too much dependency on a particular type of bond can help mitigate these risks to some extent. Some debt instruments come equipped with clauses that aim to minimize a specific type of risk.

Limitation of Liability

In no event shall Zerodha, due to operating this platform, i.e. Coin, and or its contractors, agents, licensors, directors, employees, associates, partners or suppliers will be liable to You or any third party for any special, indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive, reliance, or exemplary damages (including without limitation lost business opportunities, losses in investment products, lost revenues, or loss of anticipated profits or any other pecuniary or non-pecuniary loss or damage of any nature whatsoever) howsoever arising. This paragraph shall survive the termination of Your usage of this platform.


You agree to indemnify, save, and hold Zerodha / the AMC / Mutual Fund / Bond house or institution, their affiliates, employees, officers, directors and partners harmless from any and all claims, losses, damages, and liabilities, costs and expenses, including without limitation legal fees and expenses, arising out of or related to: (i) Your use or misuse of the website/platform/mobile application; (ii) any violation by You of these terms or applicable laws; or (iii) any breach of the representations, warranties, and covenants made by You herein or while signing up/agreeing to any documents, including but not limited to; applications forms and undertakings, signed by you during account opening, and any terms/consents/policies included on Zerodha’s website/domain, i.e., including its “Terms and Conditions”, “Policies & Procedures”, “Privacy Policy”, and “Disclosure”; or (iv) any act, neglect, misconduct or fraud on your part; or (v) sharing and or disclosing the information disclosed hereunder. Zerodha reserves the right, at your expense, to assume the exclusive defense and control of any matter for which you are required to indemnify Zerodha, including rights to settle, and you agree to cooperate with Zerodha’s defense and settlement of these claims. Zerodha will use reasonable efforts to notify You of any claim, action, or proceeding brought by a third party that is subject to the foregoing indemnification upon becoming aware of it. This paragraph shall survive termination of your usage of the website/platform/mobile application.

No Warranties & No Waiver

To the fullest extent permissible pursuant to applicable law, Zerodha/ the Coin platform, along with its officers, directors, employees, affiliates and subsidiaries disclaim all warranties or guarantees – whether statutory, express or implied – including, but not limited to, implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement of proprietary rights. You expressly agree that use of the services of this platform is at your sole risk. All information provided through the website/platform/mobile application is provided on an ‘as is’ best effort basis. The Zerodha/Coin website/platform/mobile application and any data, information, third party software, reference sites, services, or software made available in conjunction with or through the website/platform/mobile application are provided on an “as is” and “as available,” “with all faults” basis and without warranties or representations of any kind either express or implied. Zerodha/Coin and any third party suppliers, affiliates, subsidiaries, licensors, employees, and partners do not warrant that the data, software, functions, or any other information offered on or through the app will be uninterrupted or free of errors, viruses or other harmful components and do not warrant that any of the foregoing will be corrected. Zerodha/Coin and any third party suppliers, licensors, affiliates, subsidiaries and partners do not warrant or make any representations regarding the use or the results of the use of the website/platform/mobile application in terms of correctness, accuracy, reliability, or otherwise. You understand and agree that if you use, access, download, or otherwise obtain information, materials, or data through the website/platform/mobile application, the same shall be at your own discretion and risk and that you will be solely responsible for any damage to your property (including your computer system and / or other device) or loss of data that results from the download or use of such material or data. We do not authorize anyone to make any warranty on our behalf and You should not rely on any such statement. This paragraph shall survive termination of your usage of this platform or the services of Zerodha/Coin the platform. In no event will Zerodha/Coin be liable for any incidental, consequential, or indirect damages (including, but not limited to, damages for loss of profits, business interruption, loss of programs or information, and the like) arising out of the use of or inability to use the website/platform/mobile application.

The failure of Zerodha to exercise or enforce any right or provision of these terms will not constitute a waiver of such right or provision. Any waiver of any provision of these terms will be effective only if in writing and signed/sent from Zerodha as per the Notice clause below.

Security precaution and password

Zerodha will provide the You with a username and a trading password which will enable him to avail of the facilities of transacting online through the Zerodha website, over the telephone or in any such other manner as may be permitted by Zerodha for availing of the services after you become a client by completing all account opening formalities. Zerodha may also provide the client with the username and password for accessing its back-office for various reports, etc. All terms regarding the use, reset and modification of such password shall be governed by information on the website.

Our trading terminal system/online platform has a stringent Two-Factor authentication (2FA) secure system for every client to enter into their login ID using their Client ID and Password, along with a 6 digit PIN OR Authentication via apps such as Google Authenticator set by the Client himself/herself.

This 2FA mechanism is set in place as per SEBI & Exchange guidelines with respect to Internet Based Trading Rules. Each Kite (or Zerodha trading platform) Password has a 2FA system in place for a secure login experience by each client. After a client enters his/her Client ID, he/she is required to enter his/her (i) Password; and (ii) a 6 digit unique PIN set by the Client him/herself OR an Authentication mechanism via an application such as Google® Authenticator or Microsoft® Authenticator. A link to create Password & 2FA are sent to all clients along with the welcome email while opening an account. This Password and 2FA set by each client, is unique to him/her, and is not known to anybody else apart from the client him/herself.

Passwords and 2FA credentials are privileged information, and must be kept in high secrecy by each client and not shared with anybody else. As per instructions from SEBI & the Depositories, we are also required to obtain the above stated Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) for all such sell transactions where shares are debited from the demat account using the Online DIS route. Therefore, the same PIN set by You for Your Kite/trading terminal login, will be required to be inputted by You each time during a debit/sell transaction from your holdings from Your demat account via Kite. This will be required only if You are using the Online DIS route and not if you have submitted the physical Power of Attorney, that can be found here. For Call & trade, each and every client is required to mention the last 4 digits of Your Client ID along with his/her personalised 4 digit Pin (known as Telephone code) which can only be seen inside his/her trading account, that can be entered into by the You only after entering the Client ID, Password, 2FA. To know more about creating, changing, and using Your Telephone code, please read more here. Any Password can be reset by the You at any point of time, by selecting the ‘Forgot Password’ link under the login area.

As soon as You select the ‘Forgot Password’ link, a reset link is sent to Your registered email ID, where the same process of setting a unique password is followed. You shall be responsible for keeping the Username and Password confidential and secure and shall be solely responsible for all orders entered and transactions done by any person whosoever through Zerodha’s platform using the Client’s Username and/or Password whether or not such person was authorised to do so.You shall immediately inform Zerodha of any unauthorised use of the Client’s Username or Password with full details of such unauthorised use including the date of such unauthorised use, the manner in which it was unauthorisedly used, the transactions effected pursuant to such unauthorised use, etc. You acknowledge that you are fully aware of and understands the risks associated with availing of online trading services through internet including the risk of misuse and unauthorised use of his Username and/or Password by a third party and the risk of a person hacking into the Your account on Zerodha’s online platform and unauthorisedly routing orders on behalf of the Your through the System.

You agree that he shall be fully liable and responsible for any and all unauthorised use and misuse of his Password and/or Username and also for any and all acts done by any person through Zerodha’s online platform on the Client’s Username in any manner whatsoever. Without prejudice to the provisions mentioned herein above, You shall immediately notify Zerodha in writing with full details if: You discover or suspect unauthorised access through his Username, Password or Account, he notices discrepancies that might be attributable to unauthorised access, he forgets his password or he discovers a security flaw in Zerodha’s online platform.

Privacy Policy & Processing of sensitive/non sensitive information

Zerodha’s Privacy Policy, subject to changes/updates from time to time, shall apply to this Coin platform as well. Please do read and take note of updates with respect to Zerodha’s Privacy Policy with respect to Zerodha’s processes on handling sensitive/non sensitive information.

Rights to this Platform - Coin

The website/platform/mobile application are owned and operated by Zerodha Broking Limited. The visual interfaces, graphics, design, compilation, information, computer code (including source code and object code), products, software, services, and all other elements of the Services and the website/platform/mobile application provided by Zerodha Broking Limited are protected under IPR laws of India. You agree not to remove, obscure, or alter Zerodha or any third party’s copyright, patent, trademark, or other proprietary rights notices affixed to or contained within or accessed in conjunction with or through the website/platform/mobile application. Except as expressly authorized by Zerodha, You agree not to sell, license, distribute, copy, modify, publicly perform or display, transmit, publish, edit, adapt, create derivative works from, or otherwise make unauthorized use of the any content/material from the website/platform/mobile application. In case You have comments regarding the website/platform/mobile application or ideas on how to improve it, please contact “[legal][@][]”.

Modification of Terms

Zerodha reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove any terms/clauses of this Terms of Use and/or Privacy Policy and disclaimers displayed on the Coin Platform & Zerodha website from time to time (each, a change and collectively, changes). The revised terms shall be made available on the Coin Platform. You are requested to regularly visit the Coin Platform to view the updated and most current version of these terms. It shall be Your responsibility to check the terms periodically for any such changes. If You do not agree with any such changes/updates, Your sole and exclusive remedy is to terminate Your usage/relationship with Zerodha and the website/platform/mobile application. For certain changes, Zerodha may be required under applicable law to give You advance notice, and Zerodha shall comply with such requirements. Your continued use of the website/platform/mobile application following the posting of changes will mean that you accept and agree to the changes.


Zerodha may provide You with notices and communications by e-mail, SMS, push notifications, regular mail or postings on the website/platform/mobile application or by any other reasonable means. Except as otherwise set forth herein, notice to Zerodha must be sent by courier or registered mail to “complaints[@]” and “legal[@]”. Zerodha shall send out all notices, information and other correspondence to you by email / sms at the email address / telephone number provided by You. In the event any notice, information or other correspondence is sent to you via letter, such letter will be sent to the postal address that you have given as your Communication address. In case of any change in your email id and / or mobile number / Correspondence address, you shall inform Zerodha in advance in the prescribed format to carry out the necessary changes in its records. It is solely your responsibility to update your registered contact details with Zerodha and/or the Coin platform to receive all updates/notifications.

Refund & cancellation policy at Zerodha

The Refund & Cancellation policy for all payments made towards account opening or any other services using any mode of payment shall stand as under:

  • The Fees paid towards your Zerodha trading & demat account opening charges after enabling equities, commodities, mutual funds, NPS, or any other services is non-refundable.
  • Pick up of required documents related to the account opening procedure is subject to availability of our representatives, given at any particular time and location. In case your account has not been opened by Zerodha, after the tenth day passing by from the day of collection of all necessary supporting documents and receipt of all due authorizations from you, you may request for a full refund of the charges as paid by you towards account opening.
  • In case you have paid the charges relating to account opening multiple times, please create a ticket here and we will initiate the necessary procedure to refund your money.
  • In case of any technical issues faced either via Zerodha, the banks, payment gateways, due to which the money has not been transferred to any of Zerodha’s or Zerodha’s nominated accounts to provide services enlisted on its website, a refund shall be initiated by Zerodha itself. In case Zerodha has not refunded any such amount due to a technical issue, a ticket can be created here.
  • The completion of any refund procedure is subject to agencies such as banks, payment gateways, and may take upto 7 working days to reflect in your account.

Governing law and forum for disputes

Any claim or dispute you may have against the platform Coin or Zerodha must be resolved by the process set by Securities Exchange Board of India (and the Exchanges - NSE & BSE, as per their Exchange redressal mechanisms provided) of redressing investor complaints and/or a court having jurisdiction in Bengaluru, India. Your usage of this platform and/or any website/platform/mobile application of Zerodha shall be governed by Indian law. This paragraph shall survive termination of your usage of the website/platform/mobile application.


If any provision of these terms is held to be unlawful, void, invalid or otherwise unenforceable, then that provision will be limited or eliminated from these terms to the minimum extent required, and the remaining provisions will remain valid and enforceable.


Upon termination of these terms, any provision, which, by its nature or express terms should survive, will survive such termination or expiration as applied to transfers and relationship prior to such termination or expiration.


These terms and conditions read along with all documents, including but not limited to; applications forms and undertakings, signed by you during account opening, and any terms/consents/policies included on Zerodha’s website/domain, i.e., including its “Terms and Conditions”, “Policies & Procedures”, “Privacy Policy”, and “Disclosure” between you and Zerodha relating to the subject matter hereof and such terms will not be modified except by a change by Zerodha in accordance with the terms of such terms & processes agreed upon.

Force Majeure

If the whole or any part of the performance of the respective obligations of the parties hereunder is prevented or delayed by reasons of natural calamities, war, arson, civil disturbance, unavailability of any communication system including Internet, breach or virus in the processes or payment mechanism, sabotage, acts of government, computer hacking, unauthorized access to computer data and storage devices, computer crashes, breach of security and encryption codes and such other reasons beyond the reasonable control of a person (each a “Force Majeure Event”), then to the extent either party shall be prevented or delayed from performing all or any part of their respective obligations under these terms despite due diligence and reasonable efforts to do so, then such party shall be excused from performance hereunder for so long as reasons of Force Majeure Event continue. A Force Majeure Event shall not affect the payment obligations of the parties unless there is legal bar / embargo to the making of the payments.


The right to use the website/platform/mobile application is personal to you and is not transferable by assignment, sublicense, or any other method to any other person or entity.