Updates – June 2015

June 9, 2015


Firstly, a question I have been asked quite often in the last few months. Why don’t we have special free trading offers for new clients? Why don’t we extend the 60 day challenge into a competition between traders and have a big lottery prize for the winner – the temptation of the lottery should get us a lot of new clients, surely?

As a business, we are a team of almost 200 working with a vision to be the best brokerage in India – costs, education, support, technology, tools, and initiatives to give that important edge a trader needs to help win. The belief has always been that if we can achieve what we have set as a goal, we can grow the business without any marketing gimmicks.

Here are some of the latest updates at Zerodha

  1. We officially launched our desktop trading platform Pi, which should definitely be among the top platforms in India. We have posts on Z-connect explaining all the advanced features on Pi. Over 10,000 clients have already migrated to Pi. Check this to get started.
  2. With Pi, we also want to popularize the concept of backtesting strategies and have expert advisors/programs spot trading opportunities unemotionally. We have started this process off by having a repository of 50+ sample expert advisors which can be backtested and then taken live on Pi. We are also taking and answering all coding queries on TradingQ&A.com.


    Repository of Expert advisors

  3. We have got a phenomenal response on Varsity, easily the most popular online educational initiative on markets in India. Over 3000 comments in 5 months from when we launched. Karthik is currently writing chapters demystifying option greeks. If you are an amateur options trader, this is definitely something you should check out. We will soon start working on the module “Programming for traders” which will help people with non-programming background get started from basics and be able to trade using the very powerful Amibroker Formula Language (AFL).
  4. We’ve had over 1.5 million pageviews in the last 30 days on our reporting and analytics tools Q and Quant. Since launch, they’ve both received over 10 million pageviews. We have also introduced a bunch of new reports to help you out this tax filing season, again for the first time in India. We are currently working on adding a very cool global search feature on Q.
  5. We have started working with multiple financial technology startups through our incubator Rainmatter with the idea of bringing in innovation to the Indian capital markets. If you are a startup or have an idea, time you got connected with us through [email protected]
  6. Finally, we are on the cusp of launching our in-house web trading application, Kite – an HTML 5 trading app built with speed, simplicity, and ease of use in mind. I am loving what our inhouse tech team has built, and I hope you will all like it as much as I am doing right now testing it out. We are in the process of getting exchange approvals and are hoping to have a release soon.

    Kite – our new HTML5 trading app


Hoping that you like what we are doing as a business and will continue to be ambassadors for Zerodha spreading the good word. We will continue to focus on building out the best brokerage firm for you as we always have.

You can always reach me on [email protected] with ideas, feedback, and suggestions.

Happy Trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Ravi says:

    Hi Nithin & Team,
    Recently i have shifted to Zerodha, Trading experience is very good with Kite.
    Iam having 2 issues want to share with you.
    1- In Market watch list, i dint find BSE Index to add,
    2- Iam using Iphone, ios mobile app is not good, can we expect the ios kite app as it is available for android.

    Thank you.,

    • 1. Sensex will be available on Kite soon. Give it a few more days.
      2. IOS will also take some time. Until then I guess the best bet is to use Kite on your mobile browser.

  2. chhavi says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have started trading since Sep 2015 with Zerodha. This is the first time that I would need to fill ITR-4. It seems quite confusing to me even though Zerodha has clearly given every detail in Tax P&L report. Can you give some references who can help me fill ITR-4?

  3. PRASANNA says:

    Dear Nitin & team,

    Actually I had emailed you this two days back but there is no response from your side. May be all of you are busy– no pun intended. I believe it.
    I am enclosing 2 charts of USD INR – day & 3 minute chart. Both of them are showing different rates. 3 minute chart is fine but please check day chart. I have come across such discrepancies earlier as well. Pl. do the needful.

  4. Muthusamy A says:

    Dear Mr. Nithin,
    i am one of the satisfied clients came to zerodha very late, i sincerely appreciate you and your team on continuously improving the trading experience. kite is one. i request you to add a feature called supertrend which comes in” http://www.marketcalls.in/sgx-nifty“. including sgx nifty for different time intervals. in that case i need not refer any other charting tool or software or what ever it is. Looking forward a sooner implementation.

  5. uma says:

    Sir, a wooping Rs.2300 something was charged as stamp duty yesterday. It appears that for Tamilnadu, unlike other states like Karnataka or Andhra Pradesh maximum per day is not fixed. Whether broker community has not taken this issue with the Govt of Tamilnadu. This eats into profit, if any, and adds to mounting losses. Is there any way out for this?

  6. Ameer Khan says:

    Dear Nitin,
    I am a new client of yours. I could not find any link to your payment gateway to transfer funds to my trading account. I have to resort to NEFT transfer method. ( Or the link if exists, does not come to the attention easily).
    Please do something, by providing a link in the Fund-Transfer page (https://zerodha.com/funds-transfer) for this.

    With regards

  7. Sivaprasad says:

    do i need to block my userid on kite platform for using nse now app and nowonline.com
    please clarify.

  8. aaditya choubey says:

    hello nitin,
    i wanted to open a dmat account with zerodha, so as per the procedure i sent all the documents and cheques to the office in banglore MORE THAN A MONTH AGO, it is not open yet, i am highly disappointed.
    kindly give me your email id or contact no. so that i can tell you in detail about the goof up they did with my account,TIME and MONEY.
    thank you
    aaditya choubey

  9. Srinivas says:

    Does kite provides VWAP indicator presently ??

  10. chella says:

    Which vendor will be able to provide ‘Historical Intraday” on the Index Futures (NIFTY). In NSE TAME Historical Intrady charts are not available.

  11. soujanya says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I can see commodities in KITE..
    Does that mean I can trade MCX from KITE?
    anyway thank you so much for MCX charts on KITE, it’s really helpful.
    and please update if i can place orders from KITE.

  12. mahesh inani says:

    Nithin please clear on Bracket order in mcx . Please make it clear will it be ever released or not waiting for it since long time .

  13. Makarand Supekar says:

    Unable to download android app kite. Pls let me know how do I get it. Unable to trade due to Java restrictions.

  14. Sriram says:


    Market watch in kite showing 0.05 as 0.5

  15. Nalini says:

    Hello Nithin,

    Firstly a big thank you for this fantastic app KITE. To be frank, as soon as I got my trading account with Zerodha and was asked to open trade.Zerodha.com to start trading, I have to admit I was utterly disappointed to see the layout and the presentation of it. I regretted getting excited for selecting Zerodha. Later, when I explored Pi and now KITE, I am sure I made a right decision. As a software professional, I badly needed a portal like KITE to continue my trades when I office, though minimal. Trade.Zerodha was a nightmare for me, coz of all the java requirements/blockages and Z3 doent work at all. So all in a a happy customer. I surely will pass on my feedback to my colleagues. Please continue your good work. Cheers..

  16. Rahul Malik says:

    Dear Nithin, request your urgent intervention with MCX charting on PI.

    I have already logged a complaint on this, and Sreenivasulu(from zerodha) has confirmed this as a problem with zerodha servers, where the MCX charts do not load as required. So for example, if i want to load 500 bars, i have to make approx 10 to 15 attempts. In each attempt it loads random number of bars. I see this problem comes in NSE too, but only once in 5 attempts, but with MCX this is intolerable. Please do have this resolved urgently, as this is making trading nearly impossible on MCX

    Thank you

  17. Sandeep Prabhudesai says:


    Is there anywhere I can park my excess funds over the weekend ? I assume Liquid Bees will not help as the units will not be credited to my account before T+2 and hence I wont be eligible for any dividend

  18. Ashwin Shetty says:

    Dear Nithin,

    I have been using Kite since last week. It is an excellent addition to the trading applications of Zerodha. Its quiet user friendly and a big improvement over Z5 (Nest Trader).

    Cant wait for the Kite mobile application to be launched (I hope its on the cards). Also, waiting for BO and CO to be activated on Kite.

    Good work by the team and we hope to see further improvements to this application.

    Ashwin Shetty


    ID RM2427 is showing invalid now though traded earlier today plz chk the issu.

  20. SaviNenapu says:

    Hi Nithin Sir,
    Since today’s trading hours I used KITE. When I am trying to login now, its showing error message “Your kite account is not activated yet, please contact support.”. My ID is DR2531. What would be the problem? Please advise.

  21. Krish says:

    Couple of points on Kite.
    1. No clock
    2. Can’t rearrange/sort the list in the Position tab

  22. Krish says:

    How to see the live nifty and sensex index values in Kite? Couldn’t find these in the market watch list.

  23. mp6843 says:

    Pi absolutely fantastic. But also keep eye on ZT, since it have option strategy, span calculator etc. Sincerely speaking performance of nest plus is par below to normal. It has several reasons to not login, configuration error restart plus system, user not logged in plus system etc etc…. and after that ZT also stops working.
    Please make it as comfortable as ZT or PI login. Otherwise we hve to migrate back to NSE now. which is most sturdy platform I think

  24. bipin says:

    sir , i try to add parabolic SAR to chart in kite but it not happening .
    kite looks neat and clean, easy to use .

  25. Vikas says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I zerodha’s active client – salute to all your technological products like Q,Quant,PI and now Kite.
    Trading is art and making money while trading requires experienced skill.
    I am in mkt since last 9 yrs ..lost big money now got good approch to make money while trading.
    But recent news like Bailouts , Greece drama…makes me worried.
    what i am planning is put all my hard cash in gold ETF.
    for eg. 20 lac of gold ETF.
    Now questions is i have read that RBI bans load against gold ETF of MF.
    Does Zerodha provides – margin for trading against GOLD ETF ?

  26. Satish says:

    do we have kite for mobile?

  27. ameheta says:

    I recent log into the kite. Look and chart are amazing. One thing missing was the order pane in advance chart.

  28. ameheta says:

    One problem with pi. Suppose I am tracking three to four char at a time. I want to place bracket order directly from chart by shift+f3 or shift+f4. When i press shift + f3 buy bracket order of the stock selected in markert watch is display. for example
    Now i am tracking the chart ABAN-EQ. Now i want to place buy bracket order by pressing shift + f3.
    now see the stock selected in order window is tata steel.

    For this i have to go to market watch and select aban and place order.

    can u help on this ?

  29. abhi says:

    waiting for KITE………..

    • Hey Abhi, the beta of Kite is already out there. If you have access to Pi, you can also use Kite. Kite.zerodha.com, if you don’t have access to Pi, login to Q our reporting tool and request for it.

  30. abhi says:

    Awesome customer service……
    thanks nitin

  31. SaviNenapu says:

    Hi Nithin, How could I know whether KITE is activated on my ID. Its DR2531

  32. saidarao says:

    Hi Nithin,

    1. What are the tax implications of Liquidbees? Is there any TDS?
    2. Why zerodha doesn’t talk about buying/trading corporate bonds? Is there any TDS and tax implications?
    3. Can’t you explain how to buy mutual funds in the trading platform and pledge?

    • 1/2. No TDS on any of this. You have to declare the income and pay taxes accordingly. Check this module http://zerodha.com/varsity/module/markets-and-taxation/. For all non equity funds (liquid or debt or corporate bonds), long term capital gain is 20% after indexation benefit. Short term gain is taxes as per the IT bracket you fall in.
      3. Currently mutual funds can’t be be bought/sold/pledged. You can only trade and pledge the ETF’s like Niftybees, Bankbees and etc. To pledge, send an email to [email protected] asking to pledge.

  33. sriramkandukuri says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    I just experienced the view of KITE. such a good looking platform it is. The interface is awesome. Search is too good.

    I also came to know that CO/BO will come to it soon.

    I have a problem when I am clicking advanced chard its opening in new tab(chrome) and nothing is coming in that tab. Can someone look into this issue.

  34. Mithun Banerjee says:

    I can’t trade in equities till now though got the Demat account mail from the third party plz inform me when I can start trading in kite?

  35. Deepak says:

    Just want to congratulate and looking forward to have same kind of platform where we can get all financial products like IPO, MF, NFO to invest in.

  36. Rohit says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am able to login to kite without sending a request to ACTIVATE my ID.
    But when i logged in i am not able to view live data feeds in market watch and Market depth is not showing any data.
    Just wanted to check will i be able to trade from Kite Beta version.
    Can you please advice on this issue on Kite Beta version.


  37. Sandip says:

    Does Kite has used the code base of Trading View?. Looking at it seems so.

  38. SivaKumar says:

    Pls. add MCX Futures in Kite Platform. I am not able to see them in KITE as of now..

  39. ameheta says:

    I faced a problem in PI. Let i have created a chart pattern with all my favourite indicator like EMA, RSI and expert advisor.
    Now i want when i open new chat all these indicator should add automatically on that chart.

    But in pi when i open a new chart i have to add all these indicatore again and again. This is the waste of time for a fast intraday trader.

    Can you help me on this ?

  40. Sumitra says:

    I am not able to place Bracket orders on PI.. and not able to login KITE?

  41. Irfan says:

    From the first few mins of usage, kite looks awesome. However, It’s not displaying the market depth, it keep saying “no market depth”, I dont know if i’m the only one facing this issue here. also same issue as mentioned above of charts not getting auto refreshed.

  42. Debasish says:

    I’m facing one critical issue while accessing Kite from my office system. It does not stream the real time quotes neither the chart gets auto refreshed. I guess the problem with http port not being opened there. So my question is over which port it streams the data ? Is there a workaround of this problem?

  43. karthike_m says:

    Dear Nithin,
    There is an Option in TradeTiger called “Snap to Excel” which exports the data of all scrips available on Market watch to an excel sheet and the data changes real time in the excel sheet also.
    Can we expect this option in Pi in near time,Any plans??

  44. Naveen says:

    Is it possible to provide price popup alert on pi terminal, by this no need to stare on price action every second.?

  45. murli says:

    Kite is awsome and i realy like your serch feuter in kite i am just waiting for your kite Android app it will make more smoothness than browser just one suggestion for your android devloper plz make light android app so it can run fast

  46. Parijnan says:

    Zerodha rocks.. Moved from another broker to Zerodha and I’m amazed by the complete eco-system offered by Zerodha. I understood derivatives only after going through Varsity and am eagerly looking forward to the pyschlogy, risk management and strategies section.

    Great job Nitin and team. Your passion to be the best broker in India gives us small investors great confidence. Waiting for you guys to add mutual funds and then I can forever be rid of my previous broker.

    Another request I had was being able to see the OHLC values, volume and exact time in the Pi chart window as a tooltip for each candlestick. This feature exists in Z5, but would definitely like to see it in Pi. Or am I missing some setting here?


    Pls find the image which has been displayed in my kite cover page . But when I logged on for the first time it was alright but later in subsequent times the tabs like Dashboard, order funds and so on are not showing until I press the Menu button which should not be the case, so kindly take care of the issue.

  48. balaji says:


  49. Jay says:

    Started using Kite. Its looks great. Few Questions and suggestions

    1. Cannot I modified Bracket order using Kite?. Just wants to change the price of the limit or SL-M order. I tried buy got an error in Kite there is some “network problem” error.
    2. Chart not supporting 5min interval.
    3. how to keep multiple chart windows. I dont see any option to move except advance chart which opens in new window
    4. Since i mostly to CO and BO orders, it would be great if buy supports to use that.

  50. VJ says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I had a look at Kite, it looks relay cool as of now. May be awesome gradually.

    1) Order Books looks just awesome.
    2)Notification – No comments, very Nice work.
    3)Watch list – Buying and selling made very easy.

    I had few suggestion.

    1) Why don’t you show the total Investment in the Right side of the Kite.May be if it is like the Q dash Board.
    2) Would it be possible to allow buy and sell from the Holdings section ? very handy if i want to accumulate some stock to my existing portfolio.
    3)I think Much possibility of merging the holdings with back office instead it get open with new link.
    4)Not sure If you Allow to Squre off from Position. If not Please provide a way.

    A big thank you for the new tool, expecting more updates and being the best tool.


    • VJ says:

      Yes one more suggestion.

      I think Pulse could have been in left side in a small column. In the Place of Pulse could have added Max gainer,Most active stock ,NSE,BSE price,Gainers,Looser Kind of More in to market .Just like it shows in Money control (May b better)

  51. Ajay mittal says:

    hello team,
    when we can expect fully automated 2 way algo trading on zerodha ?

    • Venu Madhav says:

      By 2 way algo trading are you referring to complete automation? If yes, then its currently unavailable for retail traders. Exchange doesn’t permit algo trading for a retail client through the Internet based application that you use for trading. You’ll have to register yourself as an Authorised person of the Brokerage to avail these facilities.

  52. RS6209 says:

    Dear Sir,
    please explain what is the means of ‘ Liquid Bees’? How to invest in ‘ Liquid Bees’?

  53. RS6209 says:

    Dear Sir,
    At a time how many charts open in Pi. I cannot open charts more than 12.

  54. Hi

    I am having login problem now using web version.

    PS: just couple of hours ago I have traded commodities but now I am not able login….and have kept my positions open overnight…anyways will call customer care tomorrow to square off my trade. thanks

  55. deepak says:

    sir, r u going to include mcx in kite. by the way Kite is very nice and user friendly. Thanks and regrads deepak (rd1006)

  56. ameheta says:


    Sub : Alert for bunch of stock if alert condition satisfy.

    Suppose i have added 50 nifty or all zerodha CO&BO stocks to the market watch. Now I need alert for those stocks only whose price action trigger weekly high or low.

    Is it possible in Pi ?

    Still now no reply.

  57. stock says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Why 60 day challenge p/L account not updating?
    I appreciate if you post one article about alert setting…..Sorry to say PI alert setting not user friendly
    what we need…..if any stock price/volume breaking particular level then we need pop up window or sound alert.
    I appreciate if you give one detailed post about this subject..

    • Natvar Patel says:

      I too faced same problem. The 60 day Challenge page did not open from 6th July night till 7th July 3 pm.

      This resulted in me missing out starting a new 60 Day Challenge beginning July7th. I was able to start only from 8th July but the 60th day falls on 01 October 2015 – the Challenge closes on September 30th 2015 so I lose an opportunity to try taking part in the 60 Day Cahlenge because of the 60 day Challenge page malfunctioning


      Natvar Patel

    • Venu Madhav says:

      The 60 day challenge P&L seems to be working fine. Could you write to [email protected] if you’ve noticed any issues with your client Id and we’ll have it checked.
      About the alerts, we’ll make a video and update it on our Youtube page. Meanwhile do go through the other Pi help videos that we’ve uploaded here: https://www.youtube.com/user/zerodhaonline

      • Stock_Hunter says:

        Hi Venu, thanks for your reply. I really surprised as a active client of zerodha . Giving more than rs 1500 brokerage consistently every month…I was not aware of this webinar….. Anyway..that webinar was very useful……..lot of new functions i learned…..please ..please …..inform us these type of near training prongramms………….. and one more request ……please post about alert..i belive alert is very important to any successful investor
        hope ur positive response

  58. Abhinav Thakur says:

    Hi Nithin,

    thier is one update today in Pi… want to know about that…??
    & is this update have support & resistance.. feature in it..??



  59. Sandeep Prabhudesai says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Is margin blocked against cash first or against collateral ? I have ample collateral, yet am facing a negative ledger balance – thereby I cant make any cash withdrawal. Have emailed support and Venu, haven’t got a reply yet.
    Also, have requested for Kite activation. Not done yet

  60. vinay says:

    I got access to kite some min back.. first look of the kite is superb. real-time data update in a browser trading platform is really an edge to this tool.
    I found an issue while checking basic functions. if i try to delete any script from the watch list which show at left side of the browser, kite getting logged off with some error message. could you please get this fixed.


  61. Dhiresh says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Still no reply from Zerodha Team for KITE beta access…. 🙁
    Id: RD1027

  62. ameheta says:


    Sub : Alert for bunch of stock if alert condition satisfy.

    Suppose i have added 50 nifty or all zerodha CO&BO stocks to the market watch. Now I need alert for those stocks only whose price action trigger weekly high or low.

    Is it possible in Pi ?

  63. Arun says:

    Hi Nithin – Any date for Android app?

  64. Debasish says:

    I’m thrilled after a bird’s eye view on kite. I’m a software engineer myseft and I rarely came across a cool app like this. Congratulations to the build team.
    I would like to mention just one thing , it would be great if we get three minutes and five minutes intraday charts along with the one minute one.

  65. Mithun Banerjee says:

    I visited the link and when I tried to log in it is showing my kite account is not activated so is there any spcl requrmnt to acces the kite and when it will b activated for trading?


  66. Naveen says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I also requested for Kite but still i not received any feedback from you guys.
    ID : DN0188

  67. Arun says:

    Just got the email confirming my activation from Zerodha and logged in(some issue got resolved) but very nice HTML5 pages.. super sleek I enjoy it and for casual trader like me this is more than enough
    Thank you Zerodha, I have a question though I don’t see BSE still listed under that are you guys not a broker with BSE or my account is not activated?

    Arun Sharma

  68. Arun says:

    Thank Nithin for the link, I have requested the beta access my ID : DA0223, haven’t got any reply from Zerodha yet though.
    I have a question here, will I be able to use KITE and Pi simultaneously? means the margin, limit, Holding and Open Position will be available in both the platform so that I can trade in one and other?

    Thank you
    Arun Sharma

  69. Dhiresh Mundada says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Any updates on KITE? Atleast release a teaser video of KITE.
    Waiting eagerly for it.


    I have sent a cheque of Rs 20000- in favour of zerodha .The amount got debited from my account and after a few days it again got credited to my account. Now there are no funds in my trading account. What should I do to start trading.

  71. balaji says:

    hi nitin,

    I need your help — code for back-testing following simple strategy.

    buy @ say 8401/8411/8421/8431& so on basically at each 1th
    & sell at each corresponding 9th ie 8409/8419/8429/8439 & so on..

  72. Shashank Choudhry says:

    The +/- buttons dont work while buying and selling in Pi.
    Shift+f1 to cancel the order and shift+f2 to modify the order doesnt work in the order book instead it brings up the cover order window. Will this be fixed? It makes the trading very slow.

    Thanks and regards,
    Shashank Choudhry.

  73. Sandeep Prabhudesai says:


    What’s the NSE overnight investment facility and how do I invest in the same through Zerodha ? Also, how is it different from Liquid Bees ?

    • NSE overnight investment facility is more meant for brokers. As an individual it is best to invest into liquid bees, works almost the same.

    • Sandeep Prabhudesai says:

      Hi Nithin,

      When is the dividend from an investment in Liquid Bees credited ? I had invested in the same a week back and don’t see a credit

      • Sandeep, you will not see the partial dividend credits. You will see it in your holdings only once it becomes a minimum of 1 unit. If you want to exit partial unit credits, it has to be done through Goldman Sachs itself.

  74. H.C. says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Big Thank for fast Zoom in & Zoom out with latest update/patch for pi. It is even faster than our expectation. 🙂 Also thank so much for introducing a cross hair.

    With latest fix of Bracket Order, order type for entry is showing as LIMIT. Is that SL-M showing as LIMIT or just a LIMIT order?
    It would be very helpful if there is SL-M order also in future (means no pending order during fast move or full execution big order) WITH MAX SLIPPAGE IN % DEFINED (where we can set default slippage % according to our choice, like 3% for options).

    Best Wishes & Happy Trading.

  75. Mithun Banerjee says:

    All of my documents have been couriered to you yesterday and I have got a mail of application tracker and hopefully u will make the verification today so its my request to make the process quicker so that I can start trading tomorrow , which I have requested to the guys here in Kolkata and please note that in ZAT it is stated that the process is to be started yet.

  76. karan says:

    hi Nithin your trading platform pi is amazing…
    can i request you to add somethings in it please …
    there is a feature on Nest trader that allows u to change the colour of the scrips in the marketwatch ..eg – suppose a scrip reaches high of the year/day it shows green colour and when low of the day/year it turns red in colour according to our settings …. this feature is not in pi … so can you add this one …
    GO TO — preference > user settings > marketwatch >then you can see second box Market Events …


  77. rahul says:

    Thanks for ur reply
    How much time it will take sirjee
    I am eagerly. Waiting for it.

  78. rahul says:

    I am a second year btech student not having much money but a passion for business and interest in stock market.
    Hence i have the following queries:-
    1. What are the total account opening charges and AMC?
    2.Do i need a demat account for low volume stock trading.If yes,what are the charges?
    3.In intraday trading, am i credited the profit immediately?
    4.Are there any charges other than what are shown in your calculator?
    Hope you answer these questions.
    P.S:The website is great.

    • Hey Rahul,
      Check this post Rahul

      1. Tradind and demat account opening is Rs 350 if you print the forms. AMC is Rs 400/year, which has to be paid upfront.
      2. Yes you will need to have a demat, even if low volume. Charges as i said is Rs 400/year AMC
      3. Yes you are credited profit immediately to trade, but u can withdraw money only the next day.
      4. Nopes, all charges on the calculator.


  79. Binny says:

    Hi Nithin

    The Zerodha mobile application is seriously of no use. The need of the hour is good mobile platforms with trading at ease while travelling. I am online user and every time cant be in front of desktop
    I hope you would definitely cater this solution to all your clients.

    Looking forward for your response.

    Thanks & Regards

  80. Murli Dhinglani says:

    Dear nitin sir
    When will release kite app i am waiting eagerly

  81. Venkatesh V says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Will kite be released positively released this week as promised by you?


  82. mehtachandru says:

    Nitin , Hi

    Your feature of Buy / Sell in the same box is a great advantage for day trading.

    Is it possible that the box stays on the screen after one places a order . For example i have placed a sell order and would like to buy within a short time frame . I have to go back to the menu fill a price and qty and place the order.In intraday trading valuable time may turn expensive.

    I know people would advise me to pre fix the orders in advance , but in choppy and on the go markets i sense that the buy / sell box remaining in place on the screen may be an advantage.

  83. Mithun Banerjee says:

    What is the funds withdrawal charges (In and Out) by Axis Bank, HDFC Bank and SBI. Can you confirm me which banks do not charge any amount for in and out of funds from the trading account or even a nominal charges. Moreover can you provide a link for demo of trading platforms web based and mobile so that it will be a lot easier for me to learn the uses.

  84. Sandeep Prabhudesai says:

    1. How do I pledge my stock ?
    2. Is there any interest charged for margin provided under the pledge. What are the charges for pledging the stock ?
    3. In case of insufficient cash balance to cover any negative mtm, do we get a call to topup before squaring off the stock or is it done unilaterally ?
    4. I assume F&O positions taken under this margin facility can be carried overnight as long as the margin is sufficient ?


  85. Vj says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Had a look at Kite, Looks Awesome.

    Just Few Question which reside.

    1) Does it integrates BO along with it ? Or do we need to sign in to BO(Q) for tracking the stokes. If not do you see a opportunity to integrate as it is like ICICI, Sharkhan ,HDFC.
    2) Is it possible to directly buy and sell from the Watch list ?
    3) Understanding is in future Mobile application also come in same style. Hence does Mobile application has the facility of AMO ?
    4) Any update in kite on Good Till cancel order. In the screen you have shared I do not see this option.

    I love trading at zerodha and I would like if you move swiftly rather your comments very soon.


  86. vikram.kallam says:

    Hi Nithin , when will the zerodha PI will be launched for MAC users?

  87. sonia.soni04 says:

    Hello Nitin,

    Similar question again but need your expert comments on this.

    I have traded in F&Q in F.Y 14-15 (A.Y 15-16) but profit are less that 8% of turnover as incurred loss but have other income from interest. This all remain less that 2.5 Lakhs.

    I want to file ITR as suggested but which ITR form will be applicable for me in this case as there is not Tax liability.

    I checked the link
    which mention, if your total gross total income (trading + Salary or other business) is lesser than Rs 2lks, you don’t need an audit even if your profit is less than 8% of your turnover or if turnover for the year is > ₹1 crore

    Is it possible to fill only ITR-1 and show interest income and leave this F&O thing to report ?

    • Sonia, you will have to use ITR4 and show the F&O loss under business income. The advantage is that you can carry forward this loss to future. Like you already know, no need to have this audited.
      If you fill only ITR1 and not show this F&O income, you will be unnecessary taking a chance if any scrutiny happens. Best to declare this.

  88. Karthik says:

    Hi Nithin

    Suppose I have some open positions and I want to take an action when Nifty reaches a particular level only. If alerts are cleared at the eod, then I will end up having to set these alerts every day.
    Cant something be done like if one has very few alerts (say within 5), then they are not cleared every day?


  89. Karthik says:


    I would like to be notified via email or sms as soon as nifty crosses a particular level.

    If I set the alert and then log out of ZT, wont i be notified?

    eg : A few days ago, I set an alert like this – If nifty > 8400 i would like to get an email.

    But i never got any alert. And the alert is no longer there in ZT. Please help.



  90. Any updates on KITE release?
    Desktop versions are not suitable for most of the office goers.

    Today being expiry day, Z5 is not working(Unable to log-in),
    Luckily there are no open positions for me.
    Let us know an alternative way for squaring off our positions when trading platform sucks.

  91. Sandeep Prabhudesai says:


    How do I transfer shares from my Zerodha DP another DP online ?

  92. pvohra says:

    I thought I would share the ONE and ONLY thing I do not like about Zerodha…

    In the other (both normal & discount) brokerages that I have dealt with (ICICI Direct, others) funds are available for withdrawal by 0800 on T+2. While ICICI automatically transfers the funds even in the case of the discount brokerage, if a withdrawal is made before 0900 funds are invariably available in my bank account by 1100 on T+2 itself. In the case of Zerodha however the funds are available for withdrawal only by the afternoon on T+2 and withdrawals are actioned only after 1900 hours. So, of course, the funds actually hit the bank accounts only on T+3 (even when the account is with HDFC Bank). This can be quite crummy if one needs to urgently redeploy the funds

    What has surprised me though is that no other trader seems to have this issue… have I got something wrong here?

    • With ICICI it is different, since they are a bank also. A standalone brokerage will not be able to beat them in convenience of moving funds around. When you sell shares, you have funds credit given to you immediately if you want to buy more shares. But yes withdrawal of this can be done only on T+2. We process all withdrawal requests end of day, so it will get processed on T+2 evening. If you have HDFC, it hits your bank same night, other banks it will be next day. Same thing we have been following for 5 years almost now.

  93. Saranjit says:

    I have my trading account with zerodha since long and am an active trader. I trade primarily in FnO segment of NSE. My query is whether I can park the entire cash in LiquidBees instead of keeping cash to take care of margin requirements.
    For example, my total amount kept with you is Rs 1 lakh in cash. With this, I can take position (Buy/Sell) in 6 lots of Nifty Future with this (margin approx Rs.97000). Can I keep parked the entire amount of Rs 1 lakh in liquid-bees and keep doing positional trading in Nifty Futures, with Liquid Bees, instead of cash, acting as margin.

    • Yes Saranjit, you can buy liquid bees and pledge it. Two things to keep in mind:
      1. You can use this margin for only futures and short option trades. You can’t buy options with this.
      2. It is best to keep atleast 10 to 20% in cash for any mtm loss. If there is a loss and no free cash, the collateral can get squared off.

  94. sathish says:

    Hi Nitin

    Is it possible to enable BO for all FNO scrips in Equity cash segment.? Some of the scrips like wockhardt, Engineers india etc., are not there in BO.

  95. Raja says:


    Does pi have fib retracement, gann, Elliot wave and ichimoku cloud .


  96. Nilanjan says:

    Any chance of porting the Pi or a similar platform for the OS X users?

  97. Abhishek Chowdhury says:

    Hi..Does Kite also have back-testing features?

  98. Souvik says:

    Hi there! Will there be an app for iPhones and iPads. Since, an app for iPad (especially) will be much appreciated as tablets are the mini-computers and for office-goers like us, we’ll be able to trade much swiftly than to look at small mobiles! Hope you got my point. Let me know, what you think on this!

  99. Raja says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Gud day.
    Is there an iPad version of pi or iOS version in general? If not, may I please know if this is getting launched any sooner?

    Prakash raja

  100. madhan says:

    Yes, we are working on having a similar solution to what Kotak does – valid till cancel.
    Dear Nithin the above work done on pi?

  101. Haridas says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am trading since 2008 . Attend too much paid seminars on technical analysis & strategies but never get success consistently rather lose much more capital..
    Our ZERODHA VERSITY is quite apart from that seminars,and I have win consistently from last three months .Though I have not go for 60 days (& will never go )I am confident that I will get success regularly.

    Thanks Nithin
    Thanks Team zerodha.

  102. abhinav says:

    i love trading with zerodha and i am
    aggressive scalper in options
    i need to get my books audited under 44 ad

    my query is can zerodha along with its team
    provide any software or format
    where all the executed trades are reflected along
    with the turnover specially in options
    for ease of auditing and saving time

    can zerodha provide traders
    their books in a systematic format
    as required for audit us. 44ad
    for hassle free income tax return filing

    traders willingly want can get their books
    audited from any ca or CA by zerodha
    if zerodha offers tax filing (in future)

    i needed a format where i can show all trades
    and reflect my turnover at the same time
    for ease in return filing

    hope zerodha can help out in this matter

    • Abhinav, check out the tradewise turnover report in Q (have given the link in the post above), it has all that you need. Zerodha doing your books, or tying up with a CA, hmm.. currently not on our POA.

  103. Sandeep Prabhudesai says:

    Hi Nithin,
    With reference to your suggestion of using the Liquid Bees instead of an MF for parking idle cash, can you clarify if the usual STT, stamp duty, etc are applicable when transacting the ETF. If yes, then won’t the return be reduced as compared to a liquid fund (in addition to the fact that their expense ratio seems higher than an MF) ?

  104. Sudip says:

    Why pi is not accessible to member who don’t have 10000…..it should be made available to all clients otherwise amateur trader will think many times before trade…..atleast 1 month it should be made accessible so that they can practise….above all it is not mentioned or shown in demo video…..terms & conditions apply…

    • Sudip, there is a lot of resource that goes behind maintaining Pi. We want to ensure that this is given only to those who are active with us. Active is not just 10,000, even if you have executed a few trades, you can request for this.

  105. Rajat says:

    I heard about a rumored plan that traders will have ability to broadcast their trades for a certain fee for other zerodha users, is that still on?


    • Rahul Malik says:

      This sounds copy trade option – available in international markets on forex trading. This is usually done internationally for a flat fees, or % based profit sharing. Not sure about the legalities though in India

    • We had started our initiative opentrade on similar lines, but shelved the project because of SEBI advisory compliance regulations.

  106. Sunil says:

    I have been worked in this sector for 12 years and lost my and others money in blind trading when I lost all hopes I fortunately got Zerodha with pi now im optimistic on my trading as pi opened my wise eyes and helping me to learn trading positively but need to be deciplined with whatever strategy. Pi become pro investor and leading Nithin is boon for 3g and 4th generation trader. Thank you very much for your care.

  107. Saurav says:

    Hi Nithin,

    One great thing about you which others have not pointed out is that CEO is available directly to all investors through the numerous posts! Thats great.

    I don’t understand the ownership/rights over shares held in DP account between the DP account holder, DP participant and the broker.

    One of the investors mentioned in one of the posts: Any update on getting DP Account in-house? Eagerly waiting to be free from this pledging and releasing stock business.

    Can you explain this a bit? What does it mean that you don’t have a DP account-in-house and how does it affect investors?

    Another question is that if I buy a stock and take delivery, it goes to DP which I have opened through you. After that, can Zerodha sell those stocks without my permission and collect the proceeds? What is the safety net for investors that their DP holdings are safe and not under the control of their broker, who, at the time a cash crunch, can theoretically sell those holdings.

    When I asked my existing broker to transfer shares to Zerodha, he suggested that my DP holdings maynot be safe with you. I dismissed it as an attempt by him to hold me back, but curious to know if there is some truth to it?


    • Thanks Saurav,

      Once the share hits your demat account, it belongs to you completely. A demat is very similar to a savings bank account, once money in that no one can touch. This is also the reason why a POA with right to debit shares is taken when u open an online demat account. The reason being, when you sell, the shares have to be debited from your demat and given to the exchanges.

      Currently the demat accounts are maintained by ILFS (biggest pure DP service provider in India), but they work in the background and you never really get to know. ILFS charges a slightly higher AMC of Rs 400/year, and it is also a little inconvenient to pledge stocks. This is what the other guy was referring to.

      When you open a demat with us, yes we get the right to debit shares from your demat, but only when you sell or want to pledge the shares. Works exactly the same way with any other online broker in India. Like I explained earlier, we are probably more safe than any other broker out there in India, we have no debt and don’t offer any loans. Your existing broker makes a very high brokerage from you selling delivery holdings with him, so what he is saying is to hold back on you moving your business.

      Both depositories NSDL/CDSL, send u an sms as soon as any shares are debited from your demat.

  108. H.C. says:

    Dear, Nithin,
    Don’t worry. Such competition is for selective top performer traders who are confident of achieving 700-800%+ return per year. You know number of such traders is very very less, so it would not effect your business.

    As Zerodha is moving forward steadely in all respect, Zerodha would attract mass trader group constantly. And no other discount broker has fast and advanced terminal like PI.

    I hope a cross hair and dual colour ema(like trade tiger) are in your top priority list for PI. 🙂

    Best Wishes.

  109. Prashant Bhatti says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am the client of Zerodha since 2012.

    I just came to know about kite. Simply wanted to ask few queries below.

    1) Does mobile version will have charts like candle sticks with indicators such as EMA, Slow stochastics, RSI….

    2) Since I am a Office goer and a part time trader – it will be very difficult for me to use web version from Office (for obvious reasons 🙂 ), does the Android version will give real time quotes if I wanna punch trade.

    Thanks and I must say you people are doing great job!!


  110. Akshay Jain says:

    Hi Nithin, I recently sent a mail to your team for inquiring about a fixed brokerage plan. The funny thing is I’m paying a hefty brokerage to my other broker but its still turn out to be cheaper than your flat brokerage plan, because of the way I scale into a trade. Maybe you want to have a look into the matter and provide better option to highly active trader.

    Akshay Jain

  111. Ankur Gupta says:

    your 60 days challenge is best. Keep continue.

  112. prasad_p says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I have recently (last week) open ‘trading account’ and trade using ZT. I have visited ‘kite.trade’ and it looks very promising.
    suggestion: URL address for kite is seen as ” http://kite.trade ” It will be better for all of us if you choose ‘Https://’ instead of ‘Http’ for secure and safe trades in long run.

    Thank you.


  113. Saurabh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am a new member at Zerodha & have found the zerodha mobile app to be difficult to understad & operate.
    Is there a manual that explains on how to use the app? I cannot access other apps at work.

    Having said this your on call support is excellent.


  114. kiran says:

    tell me,the exact date of launching KITE web.

  115. Ankit Kukadia says:

    If possible try and give trailing stop loss feature for positional trade too when we enter stoploss order for positional trade..

  116. Milan says:

    Zerodha is best platform for all kinds of trading, weather it is app , web , or window. all softwares are running smoothly. now we are waiting for fly with kite. trial screen seems like it is Develop with very light color combination, it’s really a great idea. light colors are more attractive and easy to find out name/numbers/chart etc.

    Thanks to Zerodha team …..

  117. Saurav says:

    Great work Nitin! The sincerity and effort which you and your team is putting shows through.

    My profile is slightly different from most of your other investors/traders. I am on a regular job and trade infrequently (though in large lots) and long only from my office or mobile. I always take delivery of stocks: so no leverage or futures.

    So here are a few questions:

    1. I can’t install PI at office. So hopefully KITE is the solution. I hope it is as versatile as PI and provides all charting features/indicators including custom indicators and across timeframes. Hopefully, back-testing as well as stock scanner/screener on the basis of technicals is available. When is it getting released?

    2. I am currently not trading and money is lying idle in my account with you. Can you put in an ability to invest idle cash in a liquid mutual fund plan (till the time you have a full fledged mutual fund platform)? The problem appears during periods like now when I want to hold cash. Then, I have to first move it out of your platform, go to some other broker/fund house, invest there. When I want to invest back in equities, then I have to first liquidate my mutual fund, wait for the funds to hit my bank account and then transfer it to you before can trade with you. So I lose 1-2 vital trading days here plus have to go through a lot of headache and effort. So I end of reviewing every trading decisions thrice.

    3. Between, for people like us who are infrequent traders and take delivery, if you can allow two days time to fund (by reducing maybe the the leverage allowed for such trades) it will be great. As I explained, It takes time to move funds.

    4. Most of the banks have limits on how much funds one can transfer online on one day. So every-time, I have to trade, I have to visit my bank for RTGS as I dont have an HDFC account. And after I RTGS, I have to wait for your account to get funded and then you to transfer it to my trading account. If you can have open accounts with multiple major banks, it will help investors a lot. Also for investors who have to transfer funds to you via RTGS/NEFT, you can create virtual accounts mapped to individual investors which will make funds transfer and reconciliation process very easy for you and your investors.

    5. Because of reasons mentioned above, I am still finding my old broker who allows 2 days time grace for funding plus mutual fund platform a lot more convenient than your platform as of now. If you can address these, you will become unbeatable even for investors with my profile.

    6. Need an SMS to be sent whenever a trade is done and not just if I do call and trade.

    7. Also, wanted to understand one thing. Lets say if I am holding stocks in my DP account and no cash in trading account and I sell all my holdings in morning, can I buy it back later during the day or tomorrow (say when I hit a SL) or will I have to wait before my account gets funded at T+2?


    • 1. I think you will like kite. 🙂 No backtesting and scanning ability as of now.
      2/3/4/5. Why don’t you just by Liquidbees? They are ETF’s and much more cost effective than liquid MF’s. You can buy this right from your trading platform similar to the way you buy stocks. This way you will never have to move money out. Should solve all the 3 points at one time.
      6. This will take a little longer, we are working on this.
      7. You can buy back immediately. You can withdraw the funds only after T+2.

  118. GEETHA says:

    Pi is good.But sometimes it did not show the correct high and low.(Particularly when day’s high or low is breached).I compare it with NSE also.Kindly do the needful in this regard.

  119. Deepesh Jethwani says:

    Hi Nithin,
    By when does Zerodha intend to have a Windows Phone app; given that there are already Android & iOS apps? The website version on mobile is decent at best and an app would definitely help!!

    • Deepesh, the current mobile apps are vendor based (Omnesys/Thomson Reuters). We are working on launching our in house mobile app soon for android. Windows will take longer.

  120. Hitesh patel says:

    zerodha pi charts you need to work when we move curser to volume or candle it is not shpowing high low properly,also try to make it more user friendly .
    try to make like amibroker

  121. Naveen says:

    Great work Nitin and team. Really looking forward to ‘KITE’. looks awesome!!

  122. Sumanth says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Firstly, i would like to thank you for providing such an informative blog to follow Zerodha updates and tools for traders. I would like to know if you have any kind of portfolio management or related tools which shows fav stocks and their movements though we’ve not purchased it.I know it’s asking for too much it’s just that we’ll be able to track everything under one place ‘ZERODHA’ instead of moving around places. Are there also any chances of Varsity having portfolio tutorials sometime.


  123. Nithy says:

    Hi Nithin. Cover order is not available for Kite?

  124. Santosh More says:

    Dear Nithin,
    I am a Zerodha client and a full time trader based in Mumbai. I wanted to know that is there any training program for Pi platform? i.e. how wold I use Coding, Back-testing, Building and applying EA’s. If yes please let me know.

  125. Abhishek says:

    Line charts in Pi, Line charts in Pi, Line charts in Pi! {I am shamelessly requesting this regardless of the topic everytime I get a chance to post}. Due to lack of this, I have abandoned Pi and have to stick to the web platform.

  126. vishyvishy says:

    Is the 60 day challenge only for once in life time? If so I suggest you to make it once in every year for Zerodha traders, if feasible.

  127. SAMiT says:

    Idea of extending 60-day challenge is exciting.
    It keeps traders motivating and enthusiastic.

  128. vishyvishy says:

    Dear Nitinji,

    Please add the GAME changer feature of Max. loss control in any trade position set by the PI or Kite user, internally in PI settings.
    If I take a copper trade buy at 400 Rs. CMP and i have set 500Rs. max loss limit then, after price getting to equal or below Rs. 399.5 the position should be squared off internally and all related order in the same script be cancelled. This way —

    — We will be Most disciplined in controlling our losses all over India (The most IMP feature)
    — We wont necessarily need bracket order for MCX approved since we can just put target and relax
    — We dont have to calculate stoploss every time we get in a position
    — We dont have to call you after PC crash, Net crash , Power shutdown etc. etc.

    So please think about this request seriously. And if it is not possible to implement it in PI then give us a way around as I can request it via email to it@zerodha or support@zerodha to get it set as per my wished max draw-down limit at your back-end.

    It will be of TREMENDOUSLY helpful thing for emotional day traders like me, who can’t control risks.


  129. AAPLover says:

    Nithin, would appreciate if you could share with your customers the Road Map for Pi for the next 6 months. I know you have ambitions of making Pi the best Trading/Charting platform for Indian Traders.
    This way, Zerodha Pi fans will know what is coming and will look forward eagerly to the Pi updates and not be tempted with other offerings.

    • A lesson I have learnt from experience is to underpromise and over deliver ;). We have many exciting things planned for both Pi and Kite, but don’t want to put it down on paper. Hopefully you understand.

  130. shankar says:

    If you are developing mobile platform can you have a look at the metatrader 5 mobile app it is brilliant

  131. Ankit Kukadia says:

    your 60 days challenge definitely help us focus on our trading and also give added funds for trading!! 😉

  132. Atit says:

    Hi Nithin

    Any update on getting DP Account in-house? Eagerly waiting to be free from this pledging and releasing stock business.

    Cheers 🙂

  133. Shrikant says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Great job with all the swanky new tools you are coming out with.
    Been using Pi for quite some time now, and a few important things I would like to give feedback upon :
    1) It will be great if we can have a scroll bar at the bottom in Pi charts. This way we can scroll back to see more historical data easily. Currently we have to do it by keyboard and it is a slow and tiring process.
    2) Also, a button to go to the end of the chart after we have viewed the historical data will be helpful. Right now, it’s the same slow process to go to the end through the keyboard.
    3) Give a slider on the zoom options, which will help us to set the appropriate zoom level.


  134. Rahul Malik says:

    Congratulations Nithin, on the winning way ! You seem to be on the right track.

    One thing very inspiring about 60-day challange (the way it is right now), is that it allows the competition with your own self. This is much more important than any other competition, and more encouraging more an individual trader to rely on , to check his performances. If we can beat our own selves in performance, we don’t need any other benchmark. Kudos !

  135. Steffin says:

    What about the mobile trading platform.. the present one is so horrible to use while compared to the others.

  136. Chandra Prakash says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Your sincerity is your strength. I never had a late credit when I requested a withdrawal and your customer service reps are awesome, as they are the keys to your success. There was a Gujarati who gave flats and cars and diamonds and gold to all this employees who he thought were reasons for his success. Your team deserves that kind of treatment, I mean I don’t how much tenure each one has and how good each one is but hey there is joy in giving, and you should experience it. With your team you are going to go even more places as long as you take care of them and their needs. All the best to Zerodha.

    • Like they say, a company is only as strong as the team behind it. I might be the face, but it is the team of 200 that makes Zerodha what it is. We are on the verge of giving out stock options to everyone on the team, and make everyone a partner in the business.

      Thanks Chandra,

      • Brill says:

        Nice to hear that. One thing you have to make them remember ALWAYS is that your customers are King and they have to be humble as they are now, in future also… I am sure you and the Zerodha Team will achieve greatness.

  137. Sandeep Prabhudesai says:

    Is Kite being planned for IOS and Android as well ?

  138. Kamal says:

    My experience with zerodha is Great , I’m expecting GTC order support in zerodha even GTC NOT supported by nse/bse but you can offer this order type like kotak securities


  139. vishal patil says:

    Absolutely agree. You should not have freebies as that can actually be counter productive. We hope you share more info on scripting etc, add more features to benefit everyone instead of prizes that might benefit a few.

    I am curious to know if there an interface so we could fire orders from core programmming languages like python or C. With that also come the need to get data feed from Pi directly to our code.

    • Being able to fire orders directly from Python or C, should be possible in the very near future. Taking data feed out of Pi is not compliant to exchange data vending rules, but we will have something very interesting for that very soon.

      • Umesh says:

        Your portfolio of tools is very confusing to a new customer. A very disintegrated set of tools. And many of them with different acronyms. Have one platform with all capabilities. Else You will keep the veterans but novices will run away

  140. victorramphal says:

    Sir I am a regular mobile trader. Due to slow nature of nest mobile apo I have shifted to now platform which prevent me from using the features of pi. But now mobile is good. How many more days should I wait Si tat kite android app will be launched so that I can use the features of pi desktop features. Though even u may not know the exact launch date, let me know ur target date

  141. Sarat C Sahu says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I think you are following a very sane practice by no indulging in any Market gimmicks, such as, lottery etc which is nothing but gambling.
    I am sure you will achieve greater accolades in future.

  142. Nice to see a digest of updates. Waiting eagerly to see the Kite flying soon and even more eager for the mobile platform.

    Pi, with all its bells and whistles, is like a flight cockpit for trading, while Kite is an adorable two-wheeler to get the job done for daily corner-store shopping.

    I have two questions

    Do you have plans to introduce any Systemic Equity Plans for stocks to average the buys over a period of time and for the benefit of those who cannot login to the trading platforms on a regular basis?

    Do you have any plans to start a mutual fund platform, IPOs, I know trading is all your bread and butter. I’m not sure how it would work in your business model being a discount broker and still have a MF option. but still curious to know? Any thoughts?


    • Thanks elegant,
      Yes, our focus has been the trading community. But as a business we also want to solve the problem of increasing market participation. This can happen only by facilitating investment in stocks and MF’s. We have started working on it, results might take a few more months.


  143. vikas says:


    I am your client since last 9 mnths and really pleased with your service and all technology your provide for traders. Q, Quant, PI is really remarkable. and many more coming as pointed out.Awesome.
    I got your point that SAMCO has launched ITL and this topic is in response to it.
    I really doubt that few of your clients get switched to them just because of 1 cr tag. but i checked their tool – they are not at all near to PI . Zerodha has changed my trading style definately. I urge fellow traders to never ever think to stop zerodha trading in temptation of ITL.

    Temptation is big enemy in stock market and if it drives your trading style then you are in danger.
    Stick to your rules and use technology wisely which Zerodha is providing.
    if you are in game for long run then 1 cr is very small amt.

  144. aslam says:

    i appreciate your effort towards traders, i wish zerodha will become largest brokerage firm in near coming future.

  145. Sridhar says:

    Pi is good. We need some thing like that for ios/android platform. Also as of now i can see only three time frames in Pi charts is it possible to have more? (asking for too much?). that is what happens if you pamper us 🙂

    • Kite mobile apps also should be out soon. Only three time frames? Using the combination of periodicity and Bar interval, you can create as many time frames as you want. Have you checked this post?

  146. premik says:

    Like I read somewhere the other day, ” Game changers win, followers survive”. There are 100 brokers out there who have copied Zerodha’s business model with zero innovation. Will be interesting to see what they do to counter all this that you are doing.
    Great job, I feel as if I am part of the Zerodha family.

  147. Salman Q says:

    How will the charting be on Kite, will it be better than any other browser based platform?

  148. loke4300 says:

    Thank you. Very nice initiatives.

    One suggestion as posted in Traderji by someone : have your 60 day winners list sorted and displayed with most winners appearing first.

    • Thanks Loke. The idea is to not make it a competition among traders, about who has more badges and all. The idea is to give an added incentive to stay disciplined while trading.

      • Puneet says:

        Hey Nithin,

        Do we have any concrete plans to launch an improved simple iOS app for iphone and ipad?
        We are desperately waiting for it.

      • vishyvishy says:

        Hi Nitin, Not displaying 60 day challenge winners is one policy as one should compete with himself. But many of us want fame with money. If the trader is willing to share his achievement through mysterious pet name(not to reveal his real identity) like mine –“vishyvishy” no one understands nothing than more than my vishyvishy. But if seeing vishyvishy on TOP 25 LEADER BOARD , motivates me to trader better and perform better then why not?
        So I suggest let the traders to compete 60day challenges openly through some masked identity let the traders like me compete with other competitors like mine openly. This competition is also Big incentive for personalities like mine who are not introvert sadhus.:)

        • :), let me bounce the idea with our team.

          • Saurabh Kumar Gautam says:

            I think not just leader board will do the trick, why not reduce the broking charges for new investors in intra day as if your sell is not beyond .50 from buy and it’s not in turn over above 1,00,000 it is tough to book a profit in intra day. The profit the small traders earn in range of 100-150 goes to broker or the government taxes.
            I don’t think this way more investors will come to trade in equity.

            Thers should be way out for intra day. Some charges can be cut or a financial modeling can be done to reduce from 0.01 like after you pay total brokerage of 50 or 200 then it becomes free.

            As service tax and other tax is calculated on brokerage it will give profitability to small i hraday traders and new people will join the platform.

            • Venu says:

              You’re contradicting yourself by using “Investors” and “Intraday” in the same para.
              If we don’t charge for delivery, don’t charge for Intraday, how do you suppose we can give you all those awesome trading tools 🙂 We want to get the investing crowd in, and hence don’t charge anything for delivery trades.

      • Subbu says:

        Nithin, i am Zerodha customer from last 9 months. am excited with kite app. are there any plans providing to keep CO/BO orders with Kite .

      • Adnan says:

        Hi Nitin

        I’ve had an account with Zerodha since a couple of years now and seen your progress. I must say you are doing a really great job, the way you engage with your customers and the amount of focus and commitment you display (I’ve always received great customer service), you guys are going to be really really big (where can I buy your shares, LOL).

        Though I’m yet to make any progress on my trading skills 🙂 I’m sure your educational blogs will be a part of the learning that helps me get there.

        Keep up the awesome work!

  149. Vivekanandan says:

    Absolutely appreciate your dedication towards us Traders. The kind of newer tools you have been doling out have been one of the finest as compared to any other brokerage firm in India. Everything World class.
    Please keep continuing and progressing…