Clever ways to save up with Balance 

New recipe from Balance for Cricket fans: Save up money with Howzat!

Howzat! Now available on the Balance App. With the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 starting today, Balance is proud to announce a brand new Recipe: Howzat! This recipe allows you to save up money automatically while enjoying cricket, our nation’s favourite sport. “Saving money while watching cricket is like losing weight while eating parathas.” – Navjot S. Pidhu Howzat! […]

01 Jun 2017

Zerodha updates – Nov 2016

Traders/Investors, Firstly, web traffic analytic platforms like Alexa, Similarweb, etc., currently list us as the second most popular brokerage website in India in terms of traffic, just behind ICICI. An economy of scale business model like ours working on extremely thin margins require high volumes to remain profitable and sustainable. So let me thank you. […]

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha
22 Nov 2016

Zerodha Updates – July 2015

Traders/Investors, Quick update on everything new that has happened this July at Zerodha. Our new workspace I am excited to let you all know that we are in the process of transitioning into our brand new 25,000 sqft office in Bangalore. So, all the current 3 offices (Sales, Support/Tech, and Account opening) will come under […]

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha
30 Jul 2015

Latest updates PI – 23rd July 2015

Traders, We have a new release of Pi, and here is a list of everything new in this version. Firstly, if you have any version lower than, make sure you uninstall the old version and install the latest from Q. If you have Version or higher, click on “Check for updates” in the help […]

India's largest broker trusted by 1.3+ crore investors.
23 Jul 2015

Updates – June 2015

Traders/Investors, Firstly, a question I have been asked quite often in the last few months. Why don’t we have special free trading offers for new clients? Why don’t we extend the 60 day challenge into a competition between traders and have a big lottery prize for the winner – the temptation of the lottery should get […]

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha
09 Jun 2015

Updates – August 2014

Traders & Partners, We will be celebrating our 4th Anniversary this Independence day, 15th Aug 2014. I will be sending you all our plan of action for this year and some really exciting news soon, but here’s some sweet music to get August started. Clearing charges dropping further to the lowest in the Country Thanks to your […]

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha
01 Aug 2014

Updates at Zerodha – June 2014

Traders, Here are some of the latest updates at Zerodha… 1. Bracket orders and Trailing Stoploss Bracket orders and Trailing SL are completely functional for intraday trading on Equity, Currency and F&O. When we launched this in April 2014, we were also the first brokerage in India to do so for Currency and F&O. If […]

India's largest broker trusted by 1.3+ crore investors.
11 Jun 2014

Review us – July 17, 2013

Dear Fellow Traders, When we started Zerodha back in 2010, our main focus was giving our clients a pricing edge without compromising on the quality. We also realized that keeping our clients profitable is important and just low brokerage would not be enough for that. We started Z-Connect for sharing market knowledge and started algoZ for people who follow […]

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha
17 Jul 2013

Update – June 26, 2013

Traders, It has been a rocky few weeks for the equity markets, but as Zerodha, we believe that it is an intermediate downtrend in a bull market. It is the lack of liquidity in the markets which is causing the sudden upward/downward movements. A few important updates: 1. Commodity transaction tax, which was proposed in […]

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha
26 Jun 2013