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New recipe from Balance for Cricket fans: Save up money with Howzat!

June 1, 2017

Howzat! Now available on the Balance App.

With the ICC Champions Trophy 2017 starting today, Balance is proud to announce a brand new Recipe: Howzat! This recipe allows you to save up money automatically while enjoying cricket, our nation’s favourite sport.

“Saving money while watching cricket is like losing weight while eating parathas.” – Navjot S. Pidhu

Howzat! lets you pick your favourite cricket team starting with the ICC Champions Trophy 2017. It automatically prompts you to save an amount set by you for every match your team plays and a larger amount every time you team wins. Follow your team’s performances with Howzat!

Sounds similar to our Football Fan Recipe?

Very much so! Howzat! adds a new dimension by sending you daily match prompts as well. Correctly predict the winner for the match of the day and save some more!

We’ve also added a whole range of trophies for you to win and share as well! So select the all new Howzat! Recipe on Balance and introduce a clever way to save in your life, a way that bleeds blue, just like you.

Howzat! has immense saving potential, just like Football Fan- which has helped users transact for more than ₹1.3 Lacs in less than 4 weeks, with an average transaction per user of around ₹2000. With our unique match predictor saves- you can save even more while earning the right to call yourself a true Cricket Guru!

Here’s a quick guide to applying the Recipe:

First, update your app if you are an existing user or simply download the latest version on Google Play. Find out more about Balance here.

Select a Goal, add a recipe, select Howzat!, select your team, set save amounts and start saving!

If it is your first time on Balance, here’s what you need to do:

Add any Goal, add Howzat! recipe, select your Cricket team, set save amounts , connect to Kite and start saving.

This is what saving through Howzat! looks like:

Save cards with Howzat!

Predict match wins and save up with Cricket:

Do you think you have a knack for cricket forecasts and wish to try your hand at match predictions? Look no further. Every time there is a big match, starting with the ICC Champions trophy 2017, Howzat! will send you a notification to predict a winner. Get into the spirit of the game, while saving money when you make correct predictions. Who said saving up money is not exciting? Make predictions on Howzat!

Predict match winners, save up when you are right, win exciting Trophies.

So what are you waiting for? Apply Howzat! today and have some fun while automating your saves with Cricket.

Install or update Balance on the Android Playstore

Note: With overwhelming response and queries regarding iOS we are launching soon for Apple users as well. : )

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  1. Muralilingoodu says:

    Sir I was mistake in my account I deposited 200 in howzat account
    Please tellme refund it my phone pe number 8886241741
    Please sir refund sir please


    har mahine Being “Pi bridge charges for the month” kenaam pr kaisacharge rs 590 kt rha hain?
    jbki bataya gya tha kithareis n hidden charge
    so what ?

  3. Dr Kaushal Patel says:

    Please make an iOS app!

  4. ritesh says:

    Can IL&FS demat holders use BALANCE.

  5. SHIRSENDU says:

    Hii nitin sir was curious to know when would the bracket order with stoploss trigger price be available….currently its limit order type …nearly impossible to trade quick breakouts??

  6. Sumit says:

    When it will be available for iPhone users…

  7. Shravan says:

    Still waiting on the iOS app for a few months now. Would appreciate an update!

  8. Gokul says:

    Sir please add my holding in my account.


    I am Interested invest through Balance But not understand How ?
    Pls revert

  10. Akash says:

    A little Suggestion, allow the user to select any fund of their choice rather than pushing selected funds for each goal/target. The funds that are suggested by the app are below par as compared to other funds that are available. for example spendbot suggets me to save xx amount of money and it will then put the same into ICICI zz mutual fund. instead please allow me to select , say DSP BR yy fund and then it should invest in DSP BR fund everytime i save change/my team wins/ or the satellite orbits earth.

  11. Akash says:


    How do i change the Funding Account from Kite to my savings bank account on the Balance app ?


  12. Anantha Krishnan says:

    When will this app come for iOS ?

  13. Sourav says:

    Why you have put square off time 3:00 PM today. Due to technical issue didn’t get enough time and another 20 mins less!!

  14. Pratk Patil says:


    Is balance app available on iOS ?


  15. Ravi R says:


    Payday receipe doesnt seem to work. I had setup payday recipe , with the save triggering on 1st of every month. But nothing happened yesterday (june 1st)
    What is the issue ?


  16. Prasad MR says:

    Why can’t add recipes more than three, when I do it no more action done.
    Why balance limited for ICICI only, I suggest to zerodha user have privillage for choose their on MF catogery