Zerodha updates – Nov 2016

November 22, 2016


Firstly, web traffic analytic platforms like Alexa, Similarweb, etc., currently list us as the second most popular brokerage website in India in terms of traffic, just behind ICICI. An economy of scale business model like ours working on extremely thin margins require high volumes to remain profitable and sustainable. So let me thank you. We wouldn’t have been able to get here without your support.

As we are getting closer to the end of calendar year 2016, it’s time I update you on everything new that is being worked on at Zerodha.

New backend (core) for Kite platforms

We’ve been working hard on replacing the entire core for Kite (currently licensed from Thomson Reuters) to address stability issues that have happened recently. Data streaming on Kite is already the best in the business in terms of speed, reliability and bandwidth requirement. With this massive change, Kite Web, Android, and APIs should become faster in general, and we should see a great improvement in their stability.

All new Q

Even though the skin of Q was built by us 3 years back, the underlying trade and reporting processes is still on our old vendor built back-office platform (Thomson Reuters). What seemed like an easy project to build in-house has taken us almost 2 years because of the enormous amounts of data to be handled. We are finally at the juncture where we are bringing this baby home, so everything from ledger to trade process to fund transfers/withdrawals will happen through the all new Q. This would not only mean better reports, analytics, and visualizations, but also almost instant trade process/contract note delivery, much faster fund withdrawals, and more. We are targeting on replacing the current Q completely within the next 4 months.

If you have a feature request for Q, fill this form or use the comment section on this blog post.

Kite Web

We are continuously working on adding new features to Kite. The latest being stock widgets with fundamental data for top 2000 stocks and top 10 indices.

We are building a marketplace of premium addons for Kite that’ll help you make your trading experience even better.


Kite Connect API’s are also becoming quite popular among programmers looking at building custom personal trading tools.

Partnerships to help grow the ecosystem

Alongside the various in-house initiatives, we are continuously working with fintech startups to help build the capital market ecosystem in India. A few of them are

  • Tradelab – have built our desktop trading platform Pi and currently working on developing end to end software solutions for the global trading community.
  • smallcase – a platform to invest in ideas that you understand rather than individual stocks that you may not. Each idea is a basket of stocks with an index attached to track its performance. All Zerodha clients can instantly logon and start using it.
  • Digio – onboarding clients is a big challenge for financial services businesses like us. We are about to go live with Digio for digital signature and biometric KYC using AADHAR, which will give a paperless and almost instant account opening experience.
  • Balance – will be launched for Zerodha clients within the next 4 weeks (details will be announced soon).


Happy trading,

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. aldrin rayen says:

    It’s frustrating so much your guys can’t update kyc for 3 days and no proper reply & I am wasting all my trading days.
    ticket no:#20190114957254.

  2. Rushita says:

    We used to get the contract notes by email with proper name i.e. – client code and trade date was a part of the name of the PDF file. Now the file is just named contract.pdf. Why? It makes searching through multiple CN soft copies so much easier to have the client code (or at least client name) as well as trade date.

    • Matti says:

      We’ve recently shifted the contract notes bit to the new backend. The names should be changed soon.

  3. VRS says:

    Disappointed to see no update/eta for Stoploss AMOs.

  4. GiriBabu D says:

    hi nithin ji,
    Ticket #965077
    Ticket Status: Open
    Department: Incoming
    Create Date: 25/09/2017 9:58 am

    Ticket status till open pls forward your support team to close ticket status.

  5. Ardik says:

    I am Buy Soril Holdings in BSE but after 2 days stock shown in name of Sorilhold-BE and it will be traded in NSE, Why not in BSE.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Ardik, BE is a group on NSE and if you seeing the name of the stock’s name with the suffix BE, that means you have bought the stock on NSE and BSE.

  6. Swapnil says:

    Any updates on the replacement for Q?

  7. Pradeep Patil says:

    sir maine last month me share trading open ke liye aaply kiya sir a/c open hua kya? koi mail nahi aaya .
    2)robo auto trade ke sambandhi jankari hona hai sir meta 4 soft wear se connecting karke /pluging ke sambandh me jankari detail me dena sir

  8. Lokesh Sharma says:

    Hello in nov 2016 you confirmed that you were working on VTC orders in comments above. Is there a timeframe when this will be implemented? Thanks.

  9. Anoop says:

    Hi Nithin
    Please ask your marketing team not to spam forum. You guys are adding zerodha promotional comments for almost all stock forum pages. This is irritating for forum members. One comment you guys added for eg:
    Hope you dont wash your hands off by saying we are not responsible for the above comments. The link in the comments points to page which recommends zerodha account opening. Hope ethics has some place in your company.

  10. Souvik says:

    Hey! Waiting for the much-awaited new Q. When’s it gonna release?

  11. V Guruprasad says:

    Hi Nithin
    Is there a separate thread relating to Retail Segment for NCD / Bonds (under Z Connect). If not, which is the thread under which I can post issues relating to this. Or Why not start a separate thread. This is a growing segment, particularly when Bank FD rates are falling. Lots of gap in information on this segment. May be Zerodha can take advantage, make a separate platform / revenue center like Coin / Screener on subscription model ?

    v guruprasad

  12. ryz1992 says:

    A kind request to Zerodha ….please make a platform to apply for IPOs or at least show the price of the IPOs allotted shares in the trading account .It is showing N/A right now for IPO shares.

  13. Karthick says:

    I am not able to get P/L statement or Tax statement from reports. It gives a “502 Bad Gateway”. I am trying to get these reports since april for my IT filing. When will it be sorted out? Can I get these reports by contacting Zerodha support?

    Also I am not getting any monthly or yearly account statements. Is this normal?

  14. Sandeep P says:

    I have recently closed my ILFS demat account and moved all my holdings to a new Zerodha demat account.
    There is an Mphasis buyback (from 12th May to 25th May) in which I want to participate. But the form I have got from the company already has my ILFS account details pre-filled. How do I submit my shares from the new demat account for buyback ?

    • Sandeep P says:

      Nithin, request you to help out pls

    • Venu says:

      You’ll have to surrender the old buy back form to the RTA, along with that attach a copy of your new CMR which is opened in the name & style as your previous account which qualified for the buyback. You’ll can request the RTA to send you a fresh form with the new Demat accout details mentioned. Upon receipt of the same, you can take part in the buyback.

  15. prem says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I can’t find super trend chart in studies after the new update, has it been completely removed or I can find it some where……..

  16. Raju says:

    Is there any changes to the charting platforms in kite Android

  17. Subhankar says:

    Is the link disabled.I’m not able to find the link anymore

  18. Santosh says:

    I see that zerodha have sent a FATCA declaration email, i logged in to it and i see that you are requesting for income details.
    What income details that I have to select, should it be per-annum basis or per month basis.

    It is not mentioned anywhere in your FORM.

    (It might be a silly question, but any help is much appreciated.)

    please confirm!!
    Thank you!!

  19. Ashish Patil says:


    where on zerodha website do I need to submit FATCA declaration?
    I couldn’t find a way to do it in kite web login.


  20. chandru mehta says:

    dear nitin ji

    I hv got this message frm ILFSS ” submit FATCA declaration ” or account will be blocked ? . why do I need to submit this and where ? if there is a delay will I be not able to trade intraday ?

    • Venu says:

      It’s imperative that you submit the FATCA declaration for both ILFS and Zerodha. An email was sent by Zerodha as well in this regards. Both the submissions are to be done online and will take you less than a minute. The regulators require us to block the accounts in case the FATCA declaration is not received in time.

  21. chella says:

    Dear Sir,
    Is there a way to get ring/alert in mobile when a stock reaches a particular price

  22. Aditya says:

    Any update on ? I see it is mentioned in this post but still does not seem to have been launched.

  23. nirav shahanand says:

    Its been 4 months no update in pi, it is good trading platform ,with regular updates it can be made best

  24. Atanu says:

    I am using windows 8.1 pro in my new PC; Pi is working properly but ,in Kite technical chart not refreshing automatically; every time needs manual refresh.Please resolve it with your technical team.

  25. Sandeep P says:

    I need clarity on docs needed for moving from ILFS demat to ZD demat for my partnership firm. Have written to support 3 days back. Inspite of 3 reminders, no response yet !!!!

  26. Hemant says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Today at 10:45 am, I transferred funds from my HDFC Bank account to Zerodha via eCMS.

    My bank account has been debited the sum few minutes after I hit transfer, but Zerodha’s systems are not showing receipt of the same till the time of writing this note – 7:45 pm.

    I had phoned Zerodha Support at 3.30 pm. I was told the issue would be resolved in half hour.

    I phoned again at 5.30 pm. I was told Funds team has been advised to look into it. The representative was kind to open a support ticket #850393.

    I phoned once again at 7:00 pm. I have been told the issue should get resolved by 7.30-8.00 pm ish.

    On three interactions, I have been given three distinct responses by Zerodha Support.

    Please advise.


  27. Sandeep says:

    Pls clarify how the new NSE circular on txn charges for equity options affects clients

    • Doesn’t change anything for clients, that circular is meant for brokers. Smaller brokers who don’t trade F&O will from now need to pay a fix Rs 2500 per month.

      • Sandeep says:

        But if this brings down your costs, won’t you pass on the benefit to clients and bring down the 5.3 bps being charged currently?

        • First 3 crores there is a flat Rs 2500/crore charge, so the saving is only Rs 12500 across 50,000 active clients for a month (less than 25 paise). Rs 300/crore is how much the clearing member charges, that is among the lowest in industry as well.

  28. Rajiv says:

    Hi nitin,

    Still not able to see relized profit, only charges are showing.

    • PR1743 says:

      Ok….Decided against opening a support ticket….Guess the problem is not an isolated issue but experienced​ by a minority of users….My problems are as followed……Still getting the 502 bad gateway issue…..While accessing the ledger it shows data only upto​ the 31st of March…..In p&l I can only get the data from 1st April…..Any earlier period only gives the charges not the realised profits….60 day challenge shown as active from 1st of April…..Not from the day that I enabled them

    • Give us a couple of days more to sort out all the issues on Q.

  29. PR1743 says:

    Is the new Q online? No updates? Still getting the same old error while accessing it

  30. chandru mehta says:

    You take 2 days on the weekend , put the server on maintenance and then on Monday PI is down . What kind maintenance was that . On trading days if PI is not available our funds get locked with Zerodha . Kite is of no use in Multiple charts trading .

    • Chandru, Q upgrade and Pi login issue were unrelated. It took a little while because we had issues with certain internet service providers. DNS resolving was failing for some users. Each ISP has its own DNS records, some might have taken time to update.

      • rajiv says:

        Hi Nitin,

        Still facing the “502 Bad Gateway” issue.Is any way,i can check my P/L statement.As from last two week i am not able to check because of your long standing issue with q.

  31. rajiv says:

    This is now becoming very irritating, i could not able to check P/L from q back-office .Every time it shows “502 Bad Gateway nginx/1.10.1” .It has been now continues one week. Also raised to support but they take no time to blame my system.
    Please resolve it ASAP.

  32. chandru mehta says:

    Dear Nitin ,

    a surprising feedback , i squared up all my positions using ” square of all ” at PI , it squared one position while it did not square off the other position in-spite of my repeated attempts . I logged out and used Kite but it did not allow it me to sell . I then had to call up Call n Trade to square off the position . Can you please ask someone to check this out at your end . Its very surprising .

  33. Bhushan says:

    Hello Nithin Sir,
    With launch of new platform “Coin”, I hope the commitment time for new Q is on the verge.
    Hence the entire backend for Kite / PI would be upgraded as per your promise.
    Anxiously waiting for the new Q…its features and most important stability and performance.


  34. Santosh Shetti says:

    Hi Nithin,
    There is one App on Google Play Store by the name “Chartist”. That App says Zerodha Trading Account can be linked by adding the Zerodha Client ID and can do Trading. Just want to confirm whether it is an authorised platform of Zerodha for carrying out trades?

    Thanks & Regards
    Santosh Shetti

    • What that app does is essentially opens the Zerodha web platform within their app when you enter your login/pwd and allows you to place orders on which is open as a webview within the app. We have a bunch of apps.websites using this. Since the order is getting placed on Kite, it is as good as you placing an order with us.

  35. chandru mehta says:

    sorry to raise this here .

    I recd a message this morning which reads ” your a/c is due for qtrly settlement , as per your consent ” .

    what does this mean ?what settlement ? Can you please answer this query .

  36. Sandeep P says:

    Why are interest charges not updated in Q on a daily basis as was done earlier. Its 17th March now and Q is still only showing upto 15th Jan ?? Becomes a pain to track the same and escalate in case of calculation errors

  37. chandru mehta says:

    Nitin ji

    I totaly agree with Bhuhsan ji’s above comments . I think you need to bring PI to a level where we are comfortable in using it. Horizontal lines and drawings need a lock on a particular price . I hope you agree that PI has not changed much over a long time while other software’s have moved in up-gradation much faster . I dont know the reason for this neglect . Are your subscriber additions month on month poor that makes your interest level low .

    Even a smaller companies are offering better software’s which makes PI & KITE Both “antique”. I dont know why your interests levels have gone down . KITE should have had more features by now . BUY SELL features on pop up windows which was discussed in 2016 has still not come up on KITE .

    a) I honestly use PI for order placement only . Compare PI with basic features of NT7 or Investar . They have drawings on charts open up default without any issue and adjust accordingly even if you change from1 min to 2 min etc. PI is way behind on saving features to be pulled up automatically the next day . I cannot vouch that for PI .

    b)When the data feed goes down other software’s work fine after a split second .In Pi even after you ” reconcile ” you can never be sure and one has to login & log out .Technicality issues needs to be enhanced.

    I hope you are serious about the development of PI & KITE. Please do not take ages to get there , I hope March 17 would make us feel proud of PI .

    • Arjun says:

      Maybe the Pi development is lacking behind Kite is because of “Pi bridge” which allows us to trade using NT7, MT5 etc. Which is a paid service of zerodha.

  38. Bhushan says:

    Hi Nithin sir,
    At present in PI if we have to add a horizontal line to chart then we have to right click and choose insert horizontal line. This gets plotted to a level say near to the spot where we click the right click of the mouse.
    However if we intend to plot a line say exactly at Rs. 100 of a particular script we may not be able to click exactly on 100. In such case the line may be plotted at 100.15 or less than 100.
    Kindly make a provision so that we can give the absolute value where to draw the horizontal line.
    Similarly the horizontal line for buying and selling can also be made available.
    Please check teh technical feasibility of the issue and if possible please provide us update for the same in the next PI update.

    With Regards,

  39. Jeetu says:

    It’s been a while since Pi got an update (significant one). Is there a genuine timeline by when a update is possible. Also, any reason why updates have stopped coming to Pi (not so comfortable with charts in Kite)?

  40. Bhushan says:

    Hi nithin sir,
    At present from Q we are able to download the tax PNL for FY which shows data / PNL scriptwise.
    Is there any methodology to change the same day wise so that the net losses during that FY will be shown on day basis.

    With Regards

  41. Vivek Dabhadkar says:

    I am not able to see the DMAT balance for the security, this is in particular to liquid ETF (LIQUIDBEES), where it periodically gives the dividend in terms of additional units. THose units need to manually updated in your portfolio, under q, in portfolio view, it is saying need the value for discrepant trade, but it is not clear.
    Please help.

    • All dividends for liquidBEES is through new units. In the discrepant field enter the value for all these new units as 0. This way your acquisition price drops and you can see the right P&L on your holdings.

  42. Sudipta says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am facing some difficulties in Kite. The average purchase price calculation is completely messed up in many scripts (while it is correct in some other scripts) in my portfolio. For example, I bought ONGC in 4 different trades with an average price between 200 and 201. But currently in Holdings in Kite, it is showing an average price of just 99. I have spoken to your support person over phone and they could not help. They suggested me to drop a mail, which I did. I got a response after 4-5 days that the issue is resolved and it will now show correct purchase price. But in reality it is still showing 99 (after 3 days from the date I got the mail stating it is “resolved”). I do not know what is resolved. I have same problem with at least 2 other scripts (Infratel and Aurobinda Pharma). Take Infratel. I bought 100 shares @ Rs 301 and then 100 shares @ Rs 83. So my average price should be around Rs 92. But it is showing my average price as 83 only.
    Since talking over phone and interacting over email failed to solve the issue, please suggest what I can do next. I hope you can understand that the issue is not just fixing the existing problem. I cannot continuously keep a track of my transactions manually and keep monitoring if the price shown on your platform is correct. I need a basis to trust the price blindly so that I can concentrate more on the trade and less on the book keeping. Please help. My customer id is RS6963.

  43. Arup Das says:

    Hi Nitin

    With Q being non functional for last couple of days, I am getting jittery being unable to reconcile my trades, fund and not getting the ledger not p/l position. When can we get those , presumably in a new platform ?

  44. Bhushan says:

    Hi Nithin Sir,
    Any way to add all the FNO stocks in one go rather than adding every single stock in PI since only PI supports more than 100 scripts (Limitation with Kite) (FNO scripts are approx. 160+)


  45. PR1743 says:

    Is there something wrong with wallet in q….can’t see this month’s balance…

    • U r talking about referral wallet?

      • PR1743 says:

        Yes….if u need to check….my ID is the same as the name in this post

        • Vinay says:

          Hi Ranjith,

          Thank you for contacting us,

          There is a modification in referral wallet update, we have migrated the data from old back office to new back office, from here onwards we will update the wallet amount monthly once after completion of that month. Once our new back office is completely developed with all functions, we will update wallet balance on a daily basis.

  46. mayur says:

    Are you folks going to allow trading in ncdex

  47. shriram says:

    I have used Bank of India account for registration. Can I use SBI account for the fund adding through IMPS and later upload the proof for the same at IMPS Transfer Proof Upload?

  48. Sandeep P says:

    Am seriously tired of seeing “502 Bad gateway” on your Q page. When are u sorting it out once and for all ??

  49. abhradip says:

    I observed sometimes the charts on pi are not updating properly some of the latest candles are missing in some cases where as kite is showing them. any solution?

  50. Suman Sen says:

    SL-Cover and SL-Bracket order should be implemented by Zerodha.It will be considered a future changing step

  51. chandru mehta says:

    nitin ji

    i wish zerodha could offer trading for us markets stocks / fno for a start ,like kotak is with saxo singapore . cant zerodha tie up with saxo ?

  52. Venkatesh V says:

    Dear Nitin,

    When would be the launch on your new Q Back office? Its a quite while we were waiting?

    Can we also expect New version of your Kite as well along wit your new Q Backoffice?

    Any Improvements expected in your Android/iOS Kite Mobile Apps?


  53. Manoj says:

    Nitin, It has been frustrating that backend team disables downloading of contract notes and reports from old zerodha portal at their will without any notice or intimation to customers. It happened twice in last 3 weeks , 1st on 13th Jan then again today 8th Feb. Please look into this . I have sent an email also on this issue. Regards Manoj

    • Manoj, we will have this fixed soon with our new in house backoffice. Currently we take down this feature when processing end of day files. We are facing some issues with this.

  54. abhradip says:

    Is ZERODHA going to introduce valid till cancelled orders or GTC orders anytime soon?

  55. Bhushan says:

    Hi Nithin Sir,
    One suggestion regarding Two factor authentication. Instead of the 5 questions and their answer other brokers are providing option with PAN No. / date of birth. Can Zerodha also implement like this ? (Transaction password was alos removed on such requests)


  56. Rajesh says:

    Dear Sir,

    I have been calling your support team for nth time, and sent mails too.. to solve my problem in Viewing and downloading ” View Day Bills “… from the site “ I need to download my Day bills from April for accounting purpose.. which runs in hundereds..

    So please help me..

    Rajesh Nahar

  57. Bhushan says:

    Any probable dates being planned for launch of new Q. Yesterday was checking with some ledger details. but there was error of bad gateway.
    I think some maintainance was going on . pls inform.

    • For sure before March 31st. What we are changing right now is the backend, the front end will take some more time.

      • Bhushan says:

        hi Nithin Sir.
        Nice look and UI for all new Trading Q & A !!! Hope same appears in Kite Web / App / PI and the most awaited Q…
        Big Cheers to team Zerodha !!!


  58. Mohan Vamsi says:

    Hi Sir,

    I would like to know when Zerodha will introduce subscription of IPO where lot of customers will be benfitted from that.


    • Since we are not a bank, it is quite tricky to offer IPO

      • Bhushan says:

        Hi Nithin Sir,
        Other traditional brokers are also offering services of IPO. the only fact is that we have to input the details of Client ID and DP ID in the net banking alongwith PAN Card. Thus if we apply through this process and if the IPO is allotted the shares will be credited to the demat account.
        I have enquired last week on phone whether the IPO functionality is done through with support team, they told that it is not available.
        Other non banking brokers are updated with this functionality. This year lot of good IPOs are in pipeline. With this functionality made working , i think we can apply through Zerodha and need not maintain any other demat account for IPO.

  59. Arva says:

    Frequently I am facing an issue . whatever Order I place in initial 5 minutes of market opening that order shows me in pending for a minute and then it get executed. I am placing market order and then also this issue is happening
    Today this issue happened in YESBANK (order no.170206000018506 ) placed at 9:16 am but executed at 9:17:09 (Exchange order no.1300000000159935)
    So please please help me to solve this issue . 1 minute in stock market is big time frame
    thank you

  60. Pavan says:

    Hi, is down most of the time these days. Says ‘502 Bad Gateway’. Even when it is up few links won’t work and also it is slow in responding.

    • Yes Pavan, we are in the final phase of moving Q from vendor to in house. Once done, none of these issues would repeat.

      • Jitendra Behera says:

        Yesterday I tried to add funds on kite website (add funds button does not work inside the app) and the amount showed for an hour under Equity Pay in and vanished thereafter. This is a serious issue I feel. Who can help?

        • I am guessing you added this when mock trading was happening on the exchange. Nothing to worry, it will show up before start of trading tomorrow. If you login to, you will see it there.

  61. Pradeep says:

    Maine demate account ke liye December last week me form submit kiya tha. Fir mujhse online document mange WO bhi Maine post kiye. Fir mail aayi your documentation clear. Lekin aaj tak I’d aur password ka wait kar raha hun. Tell me aakhir kab tak I’d aa sakti hai.

  62. shivasrinivas says:

    Nithin sir , Please add vwap indicator in your to do list , eagerly waiting .

  63. Bhushan Kela says:

    Dear Sir,
    Unable to add and see the charts of Jain Irrigation 105 CE Feb 10 expiry in Web Kite.


    • Guess, Siva called you on this .

      • bhushan says:

        Yes Sir,
        he sent a email to type in JISL CE 105.
        Just wondering how the nomenclature can differ for a script in derivatives, while other call options are coming on the same codes which are used for EQ scripts.

        One suggestion to add script search option by the name also in addition to the present SYMBOL search. Please check on the feasibility. Lots of questions on this would be permanently solved.

        Thanks for replying on such a late night note.

        Cheers !!!


  64. abhradip says:

    Hello Nithin, any chance zerodha will be allowing trading in “India INX” too?

  65. Zebra says:

    Kite does not updates ticks frequently enough. It usually skips 2 or 3 ticks and then updates. You boast that kite marketwatch only uses 5kb/sec. I think most people would give priority to speed of updation over use of data. I request you to make the scrip price update more frequent even it it uses more data.


    • Hi, we stream a tick only when there is a change in the underlying tick price. So if a stock is at 100, and it is not changing, we don’t make it blink like other platforms. We send a new tick only when there is a change. Currently the update rate is 1 tick per second, anything more than that on a manual platform may not be of use.

      • Zebra says:

        On a desktop platform if an option goes from 100.5 to 100.9 and then come to 100.65; kite will show 100.65 after 100.5 and will not show the tick in between. This is because it does not update frequently enough. This is highly detrimental when trading options especially on a day like the budget day.

  66. Aziz says:

    Dear Zerodha,
    why you don’t add an news indicator in market watch list on a stock which added by clients. so if any update or news occur in a selected script in market watch list they will be aware regarding stock like done by ICICI securities or by angel broking.

  67. sivaraaman says:

    nitin /team

    please include price alerts for nifty/ scripts in KITE
    its very important for a day trader , when not monitoring
    during the day trade.

    thanks & regards

  68. shivasrinivas says:

    Nithin sir , when will vwap added in ” Zerodha PI ” ? last time told it is in list to do , eagerly waiting for vwap.

  69. sivaraaman says:

    Hi Nitin
    I am using KITE since one year. compliments for the nice app on android.
    But i request you to add an ALERT sms for scripts.( like the one in nest trader).
    please include this in KITE android app ASAP.


  70. Brijesh says:

    Hello sir

    i am using kite and pi both

    but some tools in kite is more useful than kite.

    we can see FIBONACCI tools in kite is smooth and gives us upper and lower more two level than pi.

    Please do In FIBONACCI tools can edit other two level in PI and can drag smoothly to other also.

    and also zooming facility in kite is smooth than the pi because when we decrease price range from right side in pi its a little bit pause and cannot zoom exactly.

    in kite its smooth and easily can go with that.

    Thank you

  71. prashanth says:

    hi nitin

    please add a grey color option as well for site so that we could change accordingly
    as it inturn saves some energy as well may be it is minute but it will have impact for n no of users. windows phone adopted this style as it helps environment

  72. Srinivas says:

    Hi Nitin/Team,

    I have a doubt, if a particular stock is in ban period and we are not allowed to trade options for that.. how could we see traded volume for that stock option(Eg: Jpassociat option)? Is there anything we are missing?

    • Venu says:

      During the time a stock is in bank, one cannot add any additional positions and create more open interest. Volumes change because people holding existing positions will be closing their positions thereby reducing OI.

  73. Bhushan says:

    Hello Team Zerodha,
    I am not receiving contract notes since 19 Jan 2017. Please resolve the issue.
    Yesterday called support they say I will receive in the evening for all notes since last delivery.
    Please help urgently.

  74. Venkatesh V says:

    When would be the New Q Back office expected to launch?

  75. Subrahmanya says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Is it possible to add dotted line showing yesterday’s closing price in the Intra day chart.

  76. PR1743 says:

    In q while accessing the reports (p&l, ledger etc) section why can’t we have some default periods like last week, this week, this month, this, yesterday etc,…may be like radio buttons where we can select an option with single click or less preferably a drop down list…..or at least a option default option where we can pick a date (like 1st of the current month… start of the week or any date that we set and the results are shown from that date to their day)…. instead of picking the dates each and every time we access the reports/ledger.

    Y is the crudeoil contract located way down just above the zincmini contract in the commodities margin section, instead of being right above/below the crudeoil contract where it should be logically…

    while in line beak chart of any contract in kite …once I scroll to the right by left clicking the Mouse button and dragging then the chart keeps on scrolling even resetting the chart to the latest bar by clicking on the double arrows don’t work

    There some great features exclusive to pi and some great features exclusive in kite…..y don’t work towards getting the same features/feel to both platforms, instead of making us feel a little lost/different while switching from one platform to other

    Quant section not getting updated…sync button doesn’t work…plz do some thing

  77. girish says:

    zerodha 60 day challenge not showing our name. only client id it is showing. IF name is there , then it increases trueness .

  78. Mahendra says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I want to request updating the algo and expert advisor with some new tools… kindly add two leg segment trade like buying and selling options together

  79. chandru mehta says:

    sorry forgot to re mention again , pl evalute if you can reduce the font size by 1pt in PI fo r script chart headers ” HINDUNILVR17JANFUT ” . it takes much space when you have multiple charts opened up . One can create more space if the font size can be reduced by atleast 0.5 or 1pt .

    thanks and i hope you consider this for this PI update.

  80. chandru mehta says:


    so when is the Pi update or latest version going to happen , can we expect minor or major updates as per feedback provided by us ? . Also when is Q being updated , eager to see flashback again .

    I hope ” lock” for H lines / drawings would be available

  81. Arjun says:

    It would be a kite evolution for traders if you add a floating Buy/Sell widget on Kite web. As we traders need to place orders straight by looking at chart. Pi is idle for traders but the issue is, the charts are not smoother. Charts in TradingView are great and robust. please work on improving charts on Pi. Both the platform has advantage and disadvantages!

  82. reubenmenezes says:

    Hello Nitin,

    I am not receiving the contract notes through email since 6th of Jan. Have been following up with the support desk – I receive a standard reply that issue is resolved and I will be receiving the same from the next day.Need your intervention to get this sorted. My user id is ZV6705. My laptop has a problem with IE and I unable to access the page to download the contract notes.

  83. Sudipta says:

    Hi Nithin,

    While pledging a stock for margin, I see a charge of Rs. 60 is being applied. My demat acct is with IL&FS. If I open demat acct in Zerodha itself, will this charge be still applicable ? Or can it be lowered in case of Zerodha demat ?


  84. Harish Balaji Ramachandran says:


    I have some shares, NCDs and Infrastructure Bonds in Demat account (Sharekhan). Will I be able to transfer NCDs and Infra Bonds to ZERODHA Demat account as they have lock-in period?


  85. Lakhbinder Singh says:

    pls add Gann HiLo indicator. A trend indicator

  86. Bhushan Kela says:

    Hi Nithin Sir,
    At present Bracket order, for target and stop loss we have to put the difference in points. Eg. For a stock buy at 100 and want to put a stop loss of 98 and target of 105, we have to put as 2 and 5 respectively in stop loss and target screen. However there are few people who like to have absolute values like 98 as stop loss and 105 as target. can you please provide the option to the traders that they can choose whether to have difference in unit price or absolute values. This is a request. If feasible please add it to the next version upgradation of PI.
    Secondly the charts UI in PI software is way far behind the Kite Web charts UI. Please bring some upgrade to charts in PI to have a better UI in PI software.
    Happy Lohri/ pongal / makar sankranti to you and team Zerodha.
    Cheers !!!

    • Bhushan says:

      Please provide us your valuable inputs and comments Nithin Sir.

      • Hey they are all on our things to do, but there are like 1000 things on that list. We are doing things based on priority.

        • Bhushan says:

          Ok Sir.
          Thanks for letting us know. Just wanted to pass the feedback to you.
          I know one day or another all such feedback would be incorporated in PI and Kite together.
          Thanks and All the best for New Q and updates for PI

  87. Arup Das says:


    In the android apps version of Kite, one can open a chart right from the holding screen as there is a button available against each scrip held in demat. But unfortunately this button is mission in the web version of Kite. Thus if I want to draw a chart of one of the holding stocks, I have to add it in marketwatch and then get a chart. Providing a button for the scrips in holding screen for web version of Kite will be of immensely help as it will conserve precious marketwatch 20 scrip limit.

    Arup Das

  88. ZAC says:

    Hi Nithin,
    When will the new backend for Kite be implemented?

  89. Yash says:


    I am a long term investor and not a trader, however I really like your products and services. I will make only 4-5 large transactions a year and have read in your websites that Zerodha makes trading and Demat account dormant for inactivity. Please elaborate and confirm if this is true.
    Can zerodha sell my shares in Demat (dormant)without my permission??

    • Venu says:

      Hi, No stocks will be sold without your permission. You’ll have to execute the sale order on your own. If there is no activity in the trading account for a period of 6 months, the account status will be changed to Dormant, this is a regulatory requirement.. You can make a single trade buying 1 share to keep the account active.

  90. Bhushan Kela says:

    hi Nithin Sir,
    please upgrade PI and Kite both so that the basic scanning of OPEN = HIGH and OPEN = LOW can be checked into the market watch. At present in PI , if we prepare two expert advisor then it scan the data on candle basis instead of Daily basis. the OPEN = HIGH or LOW concept works on Intraday basis mostly and is used by many clients, traders / investors. Please look into an option if this request is suited for modification in PI as well as Kite.

    Bhushan Kela

  91. satyavrat says:

    still no update on supertrend in pi ????????????//make it thick and visible as it is in kite .

  92. Hilesh Chaudhari says:

    Dear Sir,
    in order to get the direction of the stock(trend i.e. up/down/sideways) which is the basic need to get in to the position. For that daily,weekly and monthly chart are of good present Pi doesn’t providing weekly and monthly chart.

    so it is my kind request to you & your team to upgrade Pi in such a way that we will get weekly and monthly chart in next up gradation.

    hilesh chaudhari

  93. saidarao says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Could you please get the following features.

    For Kite:
    1. Sorting feature for market watches on name, %change

    For Q:
    1. CAGR (Yearly yield) for each position and XIRR with cumulative CAGRs for that scrip.
    2. P&L Reports are not at all working and not opening at all.
    3. Can you give an option of scheduling background job and sending the report via mail for the reports that are taking long time till you come out with improved Q.
    4. Can you give an option of another column with the “Holding Days”( it can show at least the days for the first position in case if multiple positions are there for a single scrip). This will help us on sorting and seeing oldest positions in terms of Days.

    • Sai, your feature requests are coming soon. We were running some maintenance of Q over the last weekend, I am guessing this pain because of our vendor based platform should end soon. Trying to do things that we can ease any inconvenience being caused until then.

  94. Ron says:

    Can I buy shares listed on the us stock exchange as an Indian resident?

  95. chandru mehta says:

    Nitin / Siva ji

    Sorry for this question here

    i did mock trading today , i hope my funds dont get blocked or affected due to this for my Monday trading , Am i right in this as i read a note in Kite .

    Pl confirm

  96. Sudipta says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am unable to see the details of the charges for each trade. Hence I had opened a support ticket but not much help. My requirement is, I want to see the charges (brokerage, STT, other charges or cess etc) for each trade. I cannot see that anywhere in Q back office. In Ledger, I can see the net flow of money date wise, but that does not give the details of the charges, and definitely NOT at a trade level.

    The response I got from the support team is this: “You need to check contract note for date wise transaction details and charges. Please note,in contract note of a particular date shows the charges of all the transactions for that day. Please visit Z-Connect for any general queries.”

    It fails to address the basic request – How do I see the charges for each trade ? As per the above response, Contract notes will show the aggregate value for a particular date. Is there no way to see the charges for each trade individually ? For example, if I buy Nifty option, sell SBI and Infy options on a given date, how do we I see the total charges incurred for each trade, how much is STT, how much is the brokerage etc. ?
    Please help. I thought this is a fundamental need, but it seems to be missing.
    Thanks is advance.

    • Sudipta says:

      Hi Nithin,

      Waiting for your kind response/suggestion on this please.


    • Venu says:

      Missed replying to this Sudipta.

      We don’t charge brokerage on a percentage basis. A single order can get executed in multiple trades, so it’s difficult to split the Rs.20 that we charge amongst the different trades. It’s for this reason that we aren’t currently able to provide you trade-wise charges.

      Having said that, I’m glad to inform you that version 2.0 of our backoffice will be launched soon, which will have the option for you to generate trade-wise report. We’ll let you know as soon as it’s released.

      • Sudipta says:

        Ok, thanks Venu. Please trust me, getting a trade-wise report is definitely very basic requirement for a systematic money management. However, I understand from your explanation that it is not exactly a trade-wise report in your language, but what I am looking for is an order-wise report. If I get a trade-wise report, I can also sum up and make the order-wise report. Trade-wise report will be the most granular report.

        Let’s say I ordered 100 Nifty Buy and 100 SBI Put simultaneously. I want to see a report that shows how much cost I incurred for Nifty Buy and how much for SBI Put – separately (2 different cost amounts). Now, the 100 Nifty Buy may consist of 5 individual trades. It is ok to know that details, but all that I need is to know the total cost for 100 Nifty Buy. It should not be mixed with the 100 SBI Put. At present, you are giving the total cost of Nifty Buy and SBI Put together, end of the day in ledger. This mix up needs to be avoided. So, I need an order-wise or trade-wise report. Will wait for the announcement of the backoffice 2.0 version. Hope that will help me.

        I got an additional question from your reply. Let’s say my 100 Nifty Buy is executed in 5 trades (just an extreme example may be). So I will incur a brokerage charge of 20 X 5 = Rs 100 plus taxes, is it ? Kindly confirm.


  97. sidhant says:

    I have been using zerodha pi and kite and notice that kite quotes update only once in 3 seconds on google chrome on my mac. I have removed ad blockers, tried incognito mode etc but the problem remains. This post mentions speed updates and more stability for kite. By when can I expect kite to run as fast as pi. BTW I have a fast connection so that is not the issue.


  98. Srinivas says:


    Why is the sixty day challenge page is not loading in Q. Could you please look into this?


  99. Sudipta says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Hope you are doing well. I have a suggestion / request.

    I know you are yet to implement VTC (valid till cancelled) order. That will be helpful. But I want to mention another superb feature currently provided by ICICIDirect, which is immensely helpful. This new feature is named as Improvement Order.

    Lets say I bought a script at 420 and current market price is 440 and it is going further up. However, in order to catch the best price, which may be 550 or may be 560, I have sit in front of my computer and continuously monitor the price. I can place a stoploss order to minimize the risk of loss. But I cannot automate the process of placing an order around the highest price of the day. In Improvement Order, once I place a stoploss order, if the price goes further up, the system will automatically update my stoploss order with a higher price limit. It will keep chasing the price & keep revising the price. This feature is so great, as you can imagine. We can sometimes double our potential profit & we dont need to stick to our machine or mobile.

    I know Zerodha is a discount brokerage firm and I appreciate it. But may be some exclusive features like this can be provided for a cost. I may not need Improvement Order for all my scripts. And when I need it, I may not mind spending a few rupees to gain extra profit. Please see if this can be implemented. It is just an automation of the manual order update that we do. So it should not be as difficult or as complex as VTC order.

    Thanks in advance and hope to see some positive news 🙂

    • We call this bracket orders, Check this. Currently only possible for intraday orders, but we are working on allowing it for delivery as well.

      • Sudipta says:

        Thanks Nithin. That sounds great ! Will eagerly wait for this to be available for Delivery as well.
        Is it available for F&O which is NOT intraday ? For example, say I bought Nifty Options 3 days back. Can I today sell them with a trailing stoploss ? Or is it only limited to intraday F&O orders ?

  100. Srinivas says:

    Hi Team,

    I have a doubt regarding the prices for Natural gas commodity. When I searched for the OLHC for this commodity , today’s high is showing as 223.90, but when I checked the chart none of the candle had crossed 222. Why is it and how come it is showing that much high price. Could you please help me to clarify this?


  101. Bhushan Kela says:

    Hello Nithin Sir,
    Wish you and Team Zerodha a Very Happy New Year !!! Cheers…..
    1.Kite Web – Can you please add one tab Exchange in Holdings and position tab.
    2.Days change (Both % and absolute amount) in Kite Mobile App for android.
    3.Please add place to show top gainers / losers in NSE / BSE / NSEFO.
    4. Kite android app – funds tab is taking a lot of time to open. pls optimise the time taken for updating the funds position in real time.

    • Bhushan Kela says:

      point 1 – Exchange as a coloumn in holdings / position tab.

    • Venu says:

      1. Once stocks are already in your demat, one can’t distinguish such holdings as NSE/BSE.
      2. This is already available.
      3. This information is readily available on the internet. We don’t want to clutter Kite by giving too many options.
      4. Will get this checked.

      Wishing you too a happy and prosperous new year 🙂

      • Bhushan Kela says:

        in Kite holding and position, net change is available in percentage and absolute amount.
        Request you to please add day’s change option (column or feature) in holdings and positions. This should be absolute value as well as %.
        since this is a very small requirement, I don’t think this would be an issue to you or the developer.


  102. ajay says:

    Hi, I want to know when trading nifty fut, does the movement in fut precede the nifty spot index or vice versa. Is there any point in monitoring the nifty spot levels when trading the nifty fut.


  103. vivek jaju says:

    Mr. nithin, live options greeks are really required…..kindly add this feature on kite soon….

  104. ds says:

    zerodha q tax p&l not opening. 502 bad gateway error each time I try.

  105. Sanchita says:

    Can you please let me know how do I get the contract note in CSV.

    I’m using a PMS which is suggeting to download the same from

    But I’m not able to access the page. Can you please let me know how to log in to the page.

  106. harishbalaji says:


    Do you have plans to integrate with Perfios for automatic update of holdings and fund balance?


  107. SJ says:

    Hello Nithin,
    Backoffice Q has refused to dish out any reports [Profit-loss, 60 days challenge] for the past week or so. It’s very frustrating as one doesn’t know the profit or loss one is sitting on, hindering informed decisions. Have written 3 mails to customer support but other than reminding me to keep on refreshing the page, they have nothing much to offer.

    I am sure other traders would be experiencing similar issue. It would be great if you could attend to the problems in Q on an urgent basis.


  108. Sudipta says:

    I am trading in Zerodha. Can Zerodha somehow help us to know about big market movers during the day ? Let me give an example. Today we saw huge price fall in Divis Labs. I could not get any hint of it. After the market hours, I was browsing the net and I discovered it. Then I came to know about the full history of this price fall. During market hours, I mostly follow Moneycontrol(dot)com for market news. I was online but I was not following pharma stocks. And there was no specific news article in moneycontrol about Divis Labs till evening. So this big movement completely slipped my notice. My query is, can Zerodha somehow help here ? If not, how do people track such sudden movement in any counter real-time ? It is certainly not possible to open each script and check their news every hour… there are more than 500 companies there. How to track the big news items ? Please help or guide me on this. Either Zerodha owners or any experienced trader, please suggest how you track big news items.

    Thanks in advance.

  109. jobby says:

    Why is that you and DP do not update KYC change data from KRAs?
    What is the purpose of KRA if I have to approach each SEBI intermediates individually.
    You talk about paperless account opening and stuff, when you do not implement or use the existing SEBI mandated (if not enforced) system.

  110. Amit says:

    Hello Team
    I have a Zerodha account, the mutual fund customer service is really bad no one knows who is supposed to deal with MF also on the MF website there is no option of purchasing NFO (New Fund Offer) can you please advise if its going to start

  111. Virendra Patil says:

    Dear Nitin Sir,

    I really appreciate Team Zerodha For 60 days challenge but can i know why 60 days challenge brokerage refund limit is set at 6000 rs per challenge.

  112. saidarao says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Could you please get the following features at the earliest

    For Kite:
    1. Sorting feature for market watches on name, %change

    For Q:
    1. CAGR (Yearly yield) for each position and XIRR with cumulative CAGRs for that scrip.
    2. P&L Reports are not at all working and giving time out errors.
    3. Can you give an option of scheduling background job and sending the report via mail for the reports that are taking long time.
    4. Can you give an option of another column with the “Holding Days”( it can show atleast the days for the first position in case if multiple positions are there for a single scrip). This will help us on sorting and seeing oldest positions in terms of days.

  113. Parag says:

    Can you please check what is the issue with Q. Multiple times, we get the error

    502 Bad Gateway


    When we contact Zerodha support, they are unable to offer any explanation. It is very irritating.

    Thank you.

  114. Bhushan Kela says:

    Hi Nithin Sir,
    Can you please add % change to PI Holdings as the same is appearing in Kite Web holdings i.e. net change % and day change %. This will help to know more about profitability statement.

  115. chandru mehta says:

    Is it possible to add ” copy ” ” paste “feature on right click to Pi charts , one can easily copy a rectangle , horizontal line or any drawings without the effort of doing it all over again

    Is it possible to introduce this feature sometime in your coming updates

  116. Vipul says:

    I have trading + Commodity account with Zerodha. I invested in 3 ELSS funds this month with SIP option. Now i have to claim tax benefit under 80c but i don’t have any receipt to claim the same nor i have any allotment letter from any of three companies – Axis long term equity, Franklin, Birla SL 96 tax relief.

    One of my friend was saying that ELSS need to be done with at least 6 months SIP to claim tax benefit. Is there any such rule?

    Please help.

  117. Apoorv says:

    Kindly provide kite with camarilla pivot points and also pi shows pivots for only current day. I request you to make it continous so that we can see for previous days as well like we can see in kite.


  118. chandru mehta says:

    Nitin & Siva
    Is it possible to add ” copy ” feature on right click to Pi charts , one can easily copy a rectangle , horizontal line or any drawing without the effort of doing it all over again

    Is it possible to introduce this feature sometime in your coming updates

  119. SJ says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Your new account opening page claims to be completely paperless but the followup procedure entails prospective clients to sign and send contract documents.

    How soon can we expect completely paperless account opening account through Aadhaar based authentication mechanism ? Any timelines…

    • Hoping to be up within next 4 weeks.

      • Preethi says:

        Hi Nithin,

        When can we expect the paperless registration to go live. Any update on the timeline?


        • Preethi, if you are KYC compliant and have aadhar with correct mobile number, we are hoping by weekend.

          • Krishnakumar says:

            I gave the Aadhar number while trying to open an Account thinking that it will enable me to complete the formalities online without having to mess with papers and signatures. However as I reached the end of registration process, I realised that the process is not really paperless. So I want to remove my Aadhar number from my personal details. However I can’t find a way to change or remove it. Could you help .


          • Jaya Kumar says:

            Hi Nithin,

            First of all, kudos on the great job you guys are doing. You have made equity market more accessible to the common man. The varsity pages have been so helpful in understanding more about the share market.

            I have a few questions though:
            1. I want to know if the portal to open a zerodha account through ekyc and aadhar number (the paperless method) open yet?

            2. Is it possible to use an existing demat account along with zerodha trading account instead of opening another demat account?

            FYI: I am KYC compliant and have aadhar with correct mobile number.

            Thank you.

            • 1. Aadhar not yet, some confusion on if it is valid for CKYC (new KYC introduced) and POA.
              2. Yes you can, you can buy stocks with us, but u will have to sell using the broker whose demat you have mapped. You will not be able to use many of our analytics then, best to have both open with us.

  120. karan says:

    Is the margin required for shorting weekly banknifty options the same as the monthly banknifty options? because zerodha span website only gives margin required for monthly banknifty options.

  121. Raghav says:

    Two more weeks to go I guess.. But what is

  122. kushal says:


    I really love the updated Kite Android app. Requesting a suggestion which can be incorporated in future releases is that in the stock widget include the stock specific news/recommendations for that day.

  123. Chandramohan says:

    Dear Mr. Nithin,
    I am new to Zerodha. I joined recently and enter my first trade yesterday only. A good experience with BO. I feel it very user friendly. I am sure the following question must have been asked & answered. Is it possible to extend the BO facility to position trade. That will be of great help like me. i am not a full time trader sitting before the computer to watch the market. Intraday BO is fantastic and i enjoyed. I was able to do my other work with out much worry.

  124. Rohan says:

    I want to completely switch to kite from pi as the user experience is much more intuitive and simple. However for trading fast moving markets like banknifty options or index futures, I am at a disadvantage when compared to your own zerodha pi because there is a visible delay in updation of quotes in kite vis a vis pi. Now i know for a fact that kite quote updation can be made up to speed with pi because i have used platform and the quotes updations is much faster. I know your team is working very hard at making your platforms better, but please but more emphasis on the speed of updation of quotes. Very often, I miss out on trading quick movements on banknifty fut because it updates relatively slowly in kite.

  125. Srinivas says:

    Hello Nitin,

    Thanks to all your efforts in making trading easy for us. Without any doubt I can say Zerodha(Kite) platform is the best among all the platforms.

    One thing I want to request, when it comes to cover order, we don’t have limit option in kite platform and also it would be great if there is a option to exit with a limit price instead of exiting from market order?


  126. Raju says:

    Nithin Sir

    How to draw trend line in kite Android app

  127. Deepak Hemadri says:

    Getting Pi to work on corporate laptops and networks would be a great step ahead. Pi doesn’t work even when I am not on the corporate network. It works fine on the personal laptop though. Thanks.

  128. Roshima says:

    Please include status bar notifications for order execution. For intraday trading, its crucial. A part of holdings cash value may also be permitted for using as margin money for intraday trading.

  129. Siddhant Jain says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Please make Pi compatible with Mac.
    Thank you.

  130. VIVEK KUMAR SINGH says:

    why is market on on saturday

  131. Bhushan Kela says:

    Hi Nithin Sir,
    One suggestion I would like to tell you that the Pulse should be updated simultaneously in Q also as it is updated on Zerodha Pulse web page. At present the earliest post is 25th Feb 2016. I hope the same gets updated at least at the End of Day process.

  132. Dinil Mathew says:

    Dear Nithin,
    In my opinion, please add a Simulation Account (facilitation SIM trading in live market environment) and charge a nominal fee for activation/subscription of it. For a discretionary price action trader like me, I can switch back and forth between SIM/Real Account as well as scale up/down my lot sizes more easily based on my performance/ betterment of the trading system. I think SIM trading is very common outside India, but hardly find any good option here. If a SIM account is provided (with same look and feel of real account), it will be a boon to struggling traders like me.


  133. AK says:

    Currently Pi and Kite are not integrated. Can you look at integrating both? Esp the MW can be integrated as user id and other related data is same. Also if both Kite and Pi are opened simultaneously Pi logs out saying that already logged in to Kite. This is a needless bother. If they are not integrated what’s the issue if both are open?

    • Venu says:

      Integration is going to be tricky considering one is an exe and other a web app. For the log out, it’s an Exchange rule that we allow logging into one application only at one time for security reasons.

  134. arpit says:

    Zerodha has stopped sending contract notes on mail and the downloading from backoffice site almost never works.
    I request you to at least continue sending contract notes unless the backoffice site works properly.

    • Venu says:

      Hi, Contract notes are sent on a daily basis, maybe you’ll receive them late (1 am or later), request you to check your SPAM folder as well. We’re working on being able to send it to you faster.

  135. Karan Dutt says:

    When i try to buy a share or add to watchlist. I get multiple options such as NSE or BSE. But mu doubt is along with it there is a option called BL and BE. For example SBIN

    Can u please explain what are those ?? I am new for stock market .

  136. Siddhant Jain says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Please make Pi compatible with Mac. Its a pain to use bootcamp only for that.

    Thank you.

  137. Jeeth Raju says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Please consider inter segment transfer of funds. As of now we have to withdraw funds to bank then again pay in to the respective segment. This involves lot of delay and losing out of precious trade opportunities.

  138. Ak says:

    1.pls provide option of customized timeframe by the user.
    2. provide chart linking facility from marketwatch.
    3. provide weekly, monthly chart option.

  139. JP Makwana says:

    i have already submitted forms to open account with you…

  140. JP Makwana says:

    I came to know ZERODHA when read in ET about you recd Economic Times award.. Read your story on net and so impressed that I decided to join you for trading….
    i have done some trading through another broker, but not much knowledge..
    Can u suggest me how should i learn for earning in market ???
    Thanks and regards,,,jpm

  141. Senthil Kumar says:

    I would like to open a zerodha account , I have already sent a couple of my mails . Please send the person to collect the documents

  142. Srinivas says:

    Hello Nitin,

    This is my second request am posting here. The first one was regarding a stock 52week high/low in the info bar and thanks for adding the widget to get the info straight away.

    I would like to request you to add the limit option in the cover order in Kite web application. This would help us to trade within the range we want to. Hopefully you will consider this request too..


  143. chandrashekar shetty says:

    Hiiii Nitin Sir,
    Please allow watchlist to sort in terms of volume,Price movement in % and absolute value.Add technical analysis and fundamental analysis tab in kite web and mobile can also add Zerodha Chat for Zerodha clients like facebook and whatsapp messenger in web application so that users can chat and trade simultaneously with with their friends.

    Thank You.

  144. Anjaneyulu says:

    Hi Nitin Sir,

    I am Happy with Zerodha Services. If possible try to upload how to trade in all the segments by videos in you tube or z-connect. I got only trading in equities. I want to learn F&O and other segments by watching videos. Please do needful. I want to grow along with zerodha growth.


  145. Surjith says:


    Great move adding exact change value in Kite Marketwatch.

    But please please don’t remove the % percentage value. Please add it inside a bracket.

    Eg: +56.25 (+1.85%)

    This will be super helpful.


  146. Ravindra kumar says:

    Hello nitin sir,
    I would suggest that the stablity of the kite app should be improved. Secondly there should be a scanner which can filter out the scrips which have their open price = low price and open price = high price for the particular day…

    Thanks and regards….

  147. Bharat says:

    You’re doing good already!
    A couple of new suggestions:
    – Plz add Sensex and Nifty index display upfront on watch list and order screens in a freeze position irrespective of scrolling. Superb, if it can display index chart and other details on clicking from watch list screen.
    – Need market depth button for items in Positions screen as well which will help in exit decision.
    – Superb if you can show count of max how many shares can be traded based on available margin for order screen.
    – Can you display the approx break even amount on order screen after we input quantity and price? It will be very helpful for intraday trade.

    Thanks in advance.

  148. lokesh says:

    Is Zerodha representatives trade on our behalf, as we don’t have time to trade, but we will invest

  149. Skand Bhargava says:

    To compare ZERODHA and ICICI can you give a clear analysis:

    If I buy shares for Rs. 100000/- and sell for Rs. 120000/-.

    Assuming I pay 0.5% brokerage to ICICI and 0% to ZERODHA. What will be my NET gain in the two cases?

    It is difficult to for us to calculate because there are some charges which are included in brokerage at ICICI but we have to pay to the bank directly if we use ZERODHA.

  150. Kishan Bobba says:


    What a great platform. What a great platform to trade.

    This is how i dreamt about a trading platform. I trade in F&O segment from 2006 and I never saw anything like this.

    The P&L statement is the highlight of the platform.

    Thank you sir providing this to us.

    As far as wish list is concern I think ‘price alert sound’ is a sensible thing to have on kite.

    I may be working on other tab or word processor and if I can get a alert sound at my desired price of a stock or index then i can think of closing or adding to that particular position.

    Price alert sound is a must feature.

    Hope I explained my self properly.

    Thanking you sir.

  151. pranath ronghang says:

    i am new with kite zerodha, i was doing trade with other brokerage firm since last 10 years. now i regret for suffering so much with that broker. I think there is no other brokerage firm in India as good as Zerodha. I have a suggestion to make kite zerodha even more beneficial by adding feature of link of life audio business new channel like cnbc or zee business. thanks, regards

  152. Subroto Dutta says:

    All the trading applications are windows based…please provide Apple Os based applications also

  153. muniraj says:

    how to buy/sell order in kite chart ?

  154. Bhavin Soneji says:

    I have opened demat/trading/commodity account, however my name is incorrectly mentioned as per order of name. Upon complaining I got pathetic revert and still the name has not been changed in account. ID # ZZ2298

  155. karsing patiri says:

    Dear Mr Nitin,
    Congratulations on achieving this milestone.I am a newcomer to equity market . And thanks to your varsity programme and kite I am learning to trade. As a busy professional I rarely get time to trade in market hours. Please add 1)after market orders and 2)notifications and alerts which we can set for our book marked stocks.
    3) can we do sip for index etf? If not pl add this option.
    Thanks very much in advance . Am sure zerodha will make it happen.
    Regards karsing

  156. Venkatesh V says:

    Dear Nitin,
    I respect your intension of keeping all the Kite platforms same look and feel is fine, however in reality you have to think out of the box and make thing simpler for below.

    I’m referring this especially to Kite Mobile for iOS and Kite Mobile out of desperation.

    1) Search and place a Script as fast as possible
    Present search option is better however need to drill down a long list as it lists options etc, instead why don’t you provide segment hot icons “EQ”, “FU”, “OP”,”MX”,”CD” by which one can select first the segment and then search the relevant stocks, this way search and place the stocks would be faster.

    2) Place the order (view the best bids at least 3) as fast as possible
    However the reality is..
    – No live Bid/Ask Qty displayed
    – LTP Not Live Updated.
    – Qty of Lots cannot be changed since no up/down arrows present

    3) Net Positions Live Value
    – Some time updated sometime not, don’t know the reason why

    4) Buy/sell/cancel Notification could not be cleared

    5) Present white background suits ok for Desktops, whereas while for mobile this background makes uneasy to see the quotes properly on bright light back ground and also consumes more battery power, pls Allow to change app background to darker themes (Light grey, dark grey or Black) which makes battery efficient and also the quotes would be visible.

    hope you would take a serious look in to this and make life better for mobile traders like me.


  157. Jeeth Raju says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Is Zerodha planning to open a window for trading US stocks in NASDAQ/NYSE ?
    Not the Dow futures which NSE allows but direct retail trading into US listed stocks.

  158. Shashi Karkhanis says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I m a pro trader in Nifty and Banknifty for more than two years. I have more than 10 clients for whom I trade through Zerodha. I have observed lately that your service quality is not the same what it was about two years ago. I have been with you guys since December of 2014.

    New accounts are taking more than 10 days to get activated.

    I trade in FnO only so all my clients submit tax returns or last Six months Balance statement but still need to call at least 5-6 times for activation of FnO.

    I humbly request you Nithin to take a look in these aspects. Your Mumbai office in charge Kalpesh has been very helpful and a good friend of mine. But certain things need to be speed up and streamlined.

    Thanks & Regards.

  159. Amna says:

    Can i trade the global indices from Zerodha trading account ?

  160. Gaurav says:

    Hi zerodha,
    If possible add brokerage and other tax in position. I know its present in brokerage calculator. but if its present in kite , till now how much charges are there and my real time profit/loss.

  161. sitaramaraju says:

    Dear Sir,
    please provide an option to draw a trend line in kite android app and provide gainers and losers and all nifty indices with stocks

  162. mohan Babu says:

    1. Pi hangs and crashes very much frequently. We are facing this issue very much.
    2. pls provide chart linking facility from marketwatch, so that when we click on a scrip on the marketwatch , chart of that scrip automatically open in all the opened chart of different timeframes.
    3. provide dragging facility of different study on the chart, specially on the price line.

    • 1. Pi crashing could be a function of your system/internet power. If you open a chart with lot of data, or multiple charts, or many indicators on a chart, and your system aint’ that powerful, it might crash.
      2/3. on our list.

  163. Pratik vora says:

    Kamath sir, couple of request, being Zerodha as a broker it should provide atleast couple of tips or ideas daily in both equity and derivatives to help it’s client gain and also it will attract them..also in kite Android there should be some additional features like alerts and one more thing in derivatives like options there should be a real time greek which will help clients to know their entry and exit points more clearly if not perfectly.
    Thank you

  164. Ak says:

    Hi Nitinji,
    Pi software hangs very much, pls provide immediate solution for this,
    Please try to provide following features in chart
    1. Add weekly , monthly, quarterly chart option.
    2. Provide increase or decrease of thickness of different study in chart.
    3. Provide dragging facility of different study in chart . So that we can do up and down, also on price line.
    4. provide Line chart type option in chart.
    5. Provide chart linking facility of scrips in chart, so that when we click a scrip in marketwatch then automatically same scrip is opened in all the opened charts of different time frames.

    • AK, Pi software hanging is also a function of your system/internet speeds. If you open charts with lots of data and you don’t have powerful system, it is bound to hang. Your requests are noted.

  165. Ryan Richards says:


    Just want to let you know that I am very impressed with your offering. The functions provided are my benchmarks to other platform providers, but just that I have been hooked to them for more than a decade. Job well done by your team and good luck.

    Cheers for prosperity and growth.

  166. uma says:

    Sir, Provision for viewing charts of past months contracts is not available in Pi. Further, is there a way to get alerts in mobile as soon as a particular price level is reached for a stock?

  167. Kunal says:

    First of all Kudos to the team!
    So far the experience has been nice 😀

  168. Sachin says:

    1. Please work on adding an option-chain in Kite. It will make options-trading so much easier, & of course, that will mean more profit for you guys as well.
    2. We should also be able to load charts by typing symbols in the charting-window itself rather than having to add symbols in the market-watch first.

  169. arun says:

    In pi, when we change the candle to heiken ashi the indicators are drawn according the actual candles.
    However, in kite the indicators repaint. for example, macd crossover in heiken alshi happens few candles after it happens in normal candles. In pi it is constant.

  170. Bhushan Kela says:

    Hi Nithin Sir,
    When will the new Q be launched? Any time frame is being planned or it would be a new year event in Zerodha.
    Bhushan Kela

  171. Mihir says:

    Nice to hear the announcement of being the 2nd most used web portal. Go show!!

  172. Shabong says:

    Dear Sir,
    When you will give margin to the investor/trader

  173. Prasanna says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Namaskaara. Varsity is a great place to learn & improve the knowledge in Investing. Have been using & sharing it to my friends from last couple of months. All of them have liked it. However, I am bit disappointed as you are not offering any of the chapters in Kannada. My brother who is also a investor stays in Shivamogga & he is more comfortable in Kannada compared to English. So, I would request you to offer all the varsity chapters in Kannada as well. This should help you to take Zerodha more easily to Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities of Karnataka.

  174. ck says:

    pls do not keep on adding features to the kite platform where there will be high chance of lags in volatile days.(brexit and US Elections)
    Please Develop the two Trading platform kite and other platform
    1. ( keep it Simple trading platform such as buy,sell,and Chart only)
    2. Please Develop Another Trading Platform For DAY TRADING (Or) Professional Trading ,you can add the NEW FEATURES in that Trading Platform


  175. naresh vassudeo naik karmali says:

    Hello Nitinji,

    Please note that it is not against any collateral. If the stock is paid then the delivery is directly credited to Demat account. And if the stock bought is not paid for then the stock is kept in Beneficiary account and only credited to demat a/c on making the payment, and if the payment is not made within the stipulated time then that stock is directly sold and the shortfall if any is recovered.

  176. irshad says:

    Can you please advise your team to add trigger entry in Options. This is very important to take entry at a particular price lever which we are missing very badly in PI.

    Hope this too will be added in the next update of PI


  177. Shaha says:

    Please provide placing orders based on margin amount to be used too, instead of just quantity. Say someone has to place order using Rs5000 as margin in any particular script… One may be able to directly place order mentioning margin to be used for the order. As of now it becomes cumbersome to calculate quantity looking on the margin requirement and then the price of the script. Other brokerage houses have calculate button near order quantity for this. Can it be added in zerodha too?

  178. Musharraf says:

    Have been waiting for VTD or GTD (Valid/Good till Date) orders for long. Many other Brokers have this feature. When will you start it ? Can’t we start it forEquity Delivery ?

  179. rahul says:

    Hi, any possibility to include group info of stock in kite app?

  180. naresh vassudeo naik karmali says:

    Nitin Sir,
    I am very much impressed by your constant efforts to help small investors ( not a trader ). But I am little dejected as
    I am not able to punch delivery orders without there being no balance in the account. and if I transfer funds in advance in the account I am not quite sure about getting the price which I expect and hence my money lies idle in the account. I would have been happy if you could provide the limit based on the holdings in the demat account which all other brokerage houses are providing. If this disadvantage is taken care of I would be very happy as I would be able to punch orders in this very much volatile market.

    • Hmm.. Naresh, if you go by exchange compliance regulation, we are not allowed to use collateral value for taking equity positions, only derivatives are allowed.

      • naresh vassudeo naik karmali says:

        I agree to your point but I was dealing with Prabhudas Lilldher; Kotak Securities; Networth Stock Broking; IL&FS ; but I never had the problem. I used to buy first and then I was given time T+1 to T+5 to pay the amount. This is not special for me but to all clients. Are they violating the rule for that matter. If there is violation it is to the disadvantage to your clients. Please make sure about the same. By the way, it is really against small investors for whom you are dedicating your service. Anyway Thanks for your support and quick response.

  181. dcagrawal says:

    there has no option of deletion of script in watch list by mobile trade in kite app,pl. provide.

  182. Rajath Kowshik says:

    Sir, kindly make Pi compatible with all Apple softwares and products. Most of us, with iOS, are unable to use Pi.

  183. Nitin Acharya says:

    Please add greeks and square off button in kite.

  184. SHANKARA S says:

    Sir Jam using your kite android platform for trading for last 2 months. This is best trading platform I seen But one difficulty is I can’t add more than 20 stocks in one watchlist and their is only 5 watchlist to use.These are very limited please increase the capacity of watchlist. Then we can easily made bookmarks for more stocks

  185. Venkatesan says:

    Hi, please give provision to add Banknifty index, Nifty index….. in Kite market watch to track. Since we are not able to watch the movement of banknifty, for weakly contracts of banknifty options trading

  186. Gaurav says:

    Hi Nitin- as I said before and written to your support guys-

    I desperately require the mechanism which allows me to put Stop Loss at least for a month – behind the hood, the stop loss expires each day and can be placed automatically the next day during pre-opening session …and that goes on for a month! This facility takes away a big big operational workload from me – and makes my system mechanical to operate.

    Now there are many many people like me who have big portfolio – can’t afford to login daily and put stop loss for 20- 30 scrips – that not even close to practical…So in nutshell I’m asking when are your guys planning to introduce this facility? I opened account with you for zero brokerage but let me frankly tell you that in absence of this facility, I can’t even think bringing my portfolio over..let me know what you think about this?

    • Gaurav, we are working on it. Like I posted earlier, exchanges don’t support GTC orders in India, we have to build this as a layer, it is a little tricky and hence taking time. (All orders which are not executed, we have to store and replace it on exchanges again, instead of u doing, we have to do it on your behalf).

      • Gaurav says:

        Thanks Nithin- appreciate your reply and all hard work of your team!
        Can you kindly provide any tentative time for this? just a rough idea should be good so that I can plan accordingly.

  187. Ram says:

    hi, I am happy your services.

    please add camarilla pivot levels in kite.

  188. abhishek kumar sah says:

    Are you guys planning to launch PI compatible with mac os?

  189. TAMAL KANTI BAKSI says:

    While ordering let say 33 stocks of an equity which I want to buy in limit 105.7. So, I request to give a field to show total traded value. It will be easier for an investor to know the fund value engaged in the order, rather than calculate it own

  190. Jitendra Bane says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Is there a plan of releasing kite for iphone?


  191. Narendranath says:

    Hi Nithin! Great effort by you and your entire team in providing a high quality low cost brokerage service.

    Most banks offer free (zero charge) NEFT transfers to other branches of their own accounts. Would it be possible for Zerodha to open bank accounts with at least the top 5-10 banks? This will enable us to transfer funds to Zerodha without incurring NEFT charges…

    Ought to be a low cost effort for you, but could save all those NEFT charges for all of us on a recurring basis.


  192. Sandeep V says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Its very nice to see you replying to each and every quires. I’m really happy with the simplified platform.
    Is there any plans of releasing Pi platform to the MAC OS.


  193. Sundar says:


    Please let me know whether Zerodha offers the following facility on placing orders

    1. BTST or STBT

    2. GTD orders in case of BSE

    3. option of updating purchase price in case of shares allotted on IPO. Despite some provision was provided, it was difficult and not user friendly

    • 1. BTST yes, STBT only if you hold shares in demat.
      2. Not currently.
      3. Go to holdings page on Q, click on discrepant quantity, update IPO price or price of any stock transferred to our demat.

  194. Bharat Rao says:

    Hello Nithin,

    You guys are doing a great job in communicating new developments and crowdsourcing suggestions. However, I have been facing issues regularly with Kite and Pi, some of which are listed below :

    1. Whenever I log into Kite, my Pi session gets terminated with an error.

    2. In equity trading, I’m not able to place orders at a predetermined price (buy, sell, stop loss, bracket). So, I have to buy, sell or square off positions manually when the stock has reached a particular level. This has been happening since a week or so. I was able to use it earlier.

    3. Pi & Kite gets stuck and does not reflect new data. Have to be restarted.

    Would be great if you could get the above checked so that the trading experience is better and smoother.

    Thanks & regards,
    Bharat Rao

  195. SHANTANU says:

    Dear Sir,
    Zerodha made life meaningful. . Honestly, Like all magnificent things, Kite by Zerodha is very simple. Just keep it simple

  196. Rajesh Reddy says:

    Please add TRIGGER based Bracket Order to Kite web.


  197. Srinivas A says:

    Please introduce bracket order with optional trailing stop loss for commodities. This will be of great help for intraday traders. Best regards.

  198. swap says:

    i cant apply for IPO through zerodha , please take necessary steps.
    i want to continue in present dmat of il & fs for mutual funds

  199. kashinath says:

    My CA is asking cash flow while finalising ITR4. Therefore requested to include cashflow (statement of cash-in,cash-out, P&L etc.,) in back office dashboard.

  200. Nitin Chhajed says:

    Kindly integrate IPO application in kite app or kite web so one can totally switch from broke like hdfc sec or icici…nothing else overall best experience zerodha.. 🙂

  201. bhargav pathak says:

    firstly, thank you for providing a competent trading platform.

    i hope im not asking for too much by requesting the following add-ons

    1. the closing EOD price ( post after market @ 4:30 )which gets updated the next day, if it can be done like in SPYDER the very same day. Thus it might help us in planning our trades.
    2. kindly include parallel channels in technical tools on pi
    3. auto identification of fractal high’s /lows.
    4. whilst drawing a trendline, the selected candle’s high/low is automatically taken as the reference point as it becomes cumbersome & flawed otherwise.

    Thank You.

  202. Manoj says:

    Hi sir, are you guys making any app specifically designed to work in blackberry phones just like kite is there for anioriod phone..currently kite do not function in blackberry phones..

  203. SATISH says:


    I had requested in the past multiple times to enable the Esip option for Equities . Kindly let us know when this will be activated .


  204. Manoz says:

    When can I expect providing of Margin in cash and carry segment?

  205. anil says:

    About 4 month ago I opened my account with zerotha but bank official stopped my e-banking service so I applied for a new account in another bank one month ago . all in all I want to say kindly do not activate my demat account until my new bank account will have gotten six month older .

  206. Srinivas says:

    Hello sir,
    I am using kite in my android mobile, if I open any scrip chart i want to add simple / exponential moving averages into RSI panel but it’s not possible. can you please tell me will this function be added in future release, as this will be too beneficial. if this function is available please help me pertaining to this.

    Thanks in advance,

  207. Dhananjay says:

    It would be great to see following changes in Positions Tab
    1. A column showing total tax paid already (this can be provided a day later as calculating it real time might slow the Kite)
    2. total tax to be paid (including brokerage) if Exited the position at the CMP
    3. Clicking on the Instrument name, should show Best Ask and Best Buy. This will help as one may need time to find the same on MarketWatch Tab

    In the orderbook window,
    1. pressing – (Negative) should change the side of an order i.e. from Buy to Sell or vice versa
    2. total tax to be paid (including brokerage) if Exited the position at the CMP

  208. Ganapathi Kamath says:

    AMO orders (Off market trades) are restricted to be placed after 7 pm even during non trading days. If the day is non trading day (say Saturday/sunday/public holidays), you should be allowing AMO any time of the day right? That’s what was allowed when I was trading with HDFC Sec.

  209. Vipul Shrimali says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Just want to say “Thank You!!” for providing us such a clean, simple yet powerful trading platform.]

    Thanks for the intuitive interface on Kite – it help us to focus on trade than anything else… very much appreciated.

    While there are many suggestions by fellow traders (and I too look forward to ‘alert’ feature), my only request is as the platform (kite) evolves please don’t clutter the UI. Its best now being simple 🙂

    Thanks & Cheers !!
    Vipul Shrimali

  210. Pankaj Belsare says:

    During volatile days when the frequency of trades increases due to some events KITE abruptly stops.I have experienced it on Brexit and Trump election day. Stability is very important. Please add set alert feature and if possible most traded, top gainers, top losers , option calculator etc features.
    Overall KITE is very useful but also need updation.

  211. ds7582 says:

    There is no reply again sir please for god sake please provide arrow in supertrend as it is in kite please sir my sincere request to you siva sir

  212. Sreedhar Yengalasetti says:

    Please add BSE Sensex and NIFTY scrips in the kite web app. Currently to see the market trend we have to go to other sites. This will be very useful if displayed on the top of the kite page (or somewhere) to make the trading decisions.

  213. N.RAJU says:

    It is nice to see your info on updates.Thank you

  214. Pratik Uday says:

    Thank You Sir For Providing Such Platform.
    I am very much happy by doing trading throught Zerodha.As it is the world Best brokerage.
    1) Sir Please Provide Kite Application for Windows Phone Users.
    This will something weird but I want to know
    2) Sir Please tell me about the process of Getting Placed as a intern and a employee for MBA Finance Student at Zerodha?

  215. vivekkulkarni says:

    Hello Nithin,
    Highly appreciated for giving opportunity to learn stock market.

  216. Ajoy says:

    There are few items like “Gold sovereign Bond” which we buy through banks, so the avg cost in kite shows as 0 whereas LTP value shows as per market. Now due to this Kite takes “Current Value” amount as profit which causes wrong total profit/loss.

    Can you please check if we you can provide some way to enter avg cost for this kind of scrips in kite or can it be done at the back end, by sending mail?


  217. Farhan says:


  218. Dheeraj says:

    is it possible to place Bracket order for commodities in kite??

  219. Vinay says:


    If possible please try to put Trailing Stoploss which is currently used in Intraday to be used on Delivery based investments/equity also. So that the loss for investors will be less.

    Also introducing KITE is the best solution you have given to us. Thanking you once again.

  220. Sooraj J Mishra says:

    Hello Team Zerodha,
    I really want to thank you for the services you provide to your clients. I heavily depend on the terminal based trading ( being intraday trader). Among different terminals that I have used PI is the perfect especially for charts and Bracket orders. What I see while Kite is very good for positional trading, PI is more reliable for intraday trading. Plz make sure that you donot give more focus to kite over PI.. what I mean improvement in both should go hand in hand together.
    Further I would like to suggest you that besides 60 Days Challenge you can also form different groups like Intraday Traders, Positional Traders, Short term Traders, Investors etc among your clients and rank them as per their performance just what is done by ICC in Cricket. This will be quite exciting to watch our ranks going up or down…!!!
    I am very happy to have you as by broker…God bless Zerodha…!!

  221. K Ramakrishna says:

    If I don’t buy or sell using bracket order and use just use buy and sell then please provide a facility to place both a target and stop-loss.

    • siva says:

      In that case you can place both stoploss and target for your position but two separate orders are required, also one needs to cancel manually the other pending order after one among the two is executed.

  222. Satyanarayana Boggavarapu says:

    Please add the scans in the kite. This is a standard feature in almost all competitive products.


  223. md gouse pasha says:

    My Id APDG0139..this account opend Long back 2012. I recently open Demat on sept not mapped with my account till now…though I cant buy anything @ CNC… I send many queries but no use.. PLZ help..

  224. Shalki says:

    Congratulations to Zerodha.

    You can drive more customers and this will drive more traffic and usage of your platform. Just ask clients to put 17500 as margin for Nifty and other futures. You can cut their intraday positions at 3:15 PM automatically. Many platforms are doing this. I don’t know why Zerodha is keeping it around 51000 rupees as margin, as this is too much.

    Out of my curiosity just want to know why this step is not taken!! Is Zerodha considering it as risk?

  225. Yogesh Poddar says:

    Suggestions for Kite web and Pi :

    A separate tab for Options Chain is required. Such that the options can be directly traded from the Options Chain.
    Aslo Greeks like Delta, Theta, Gamma, Vega should be displayed live in the Chain table.

    Ideas can be taken from the world no. 1 platform ThinkorSwim . Looking at the huge turnover in NSE Options market, these features are urgently needed !…. and it will ensure Zerodha remains at the top of the Brokerages in India.

  226. Gaurav keshwani says:

    Hello sir

    If.possible can u add nifty and sensex on top bar in kite it is shown in ur pi will be great then.

  227. Sathyan.R says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Any idea to give us the historical intra data’s in Excel format (For year or above).



  228. muniraj says:

    how to buy & sell on kite chart ?

  229. Santosh Deshpande says:

    Sir we miss Quick buy/sell feature on kite desktop screen like Zerodha pi. Pl. activate

  230. Sukesh says:

    Please include good till cancelled orders on kite.

  231. Bhushan Kela says:

    Hi Nithin Sir,
    It will be really great to know that after new Q launch the speed of the program will show positive performance.
    however can you please add the following modifications in Kite Web.
    1. Show Market Index NIFTY and SENSEX on the top bar in Kite Web and Mobile app.
    2. Realtime of your server to be displayed on Kite web at top.
    3. At present pulse is not updating in Q, please enable the same.
    4. Bulk / Block deals update in Kite web and also 52 Week high / low stocks on realtime basis in Kite Web.

    Rough drawings for UI representation for Kite Web will send you today on your mail Id and to Siva sir. please check the feasibility.
    Awaiting eagerly for launch of Q.
    Bhushan Kela

  232. Raghuram says:

    Why you are not bringing GTC for equity users, I hope it will change everything for delivery customers. I think here zerodha lags with competitors.
    Raghuram Anantha.

  233. Kumaresh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    First of all, you guys are doing a phenomenal job by offering a nice platform for small investors like me. Kite has a few features which are not available even in ICICI Direct. However, there are a few issues that require urgent attention –
    1. Scalability of Kite during Black Swan events – Kite is just not accessible during days with major market movement. There are multiple Gateway errors, Msg queue errors, and connectivity timeouts. Had to fall back to ICICI Direct to execute buys if one has to leverage the price movement
    2. Even if one logs in, the order positions are not updated, the margin details are not available and even the holding details are not available. It is just not possible to use Kite during black swan days!
    3. Fund withdrawal at times is a major issue with the Q not getting updated with the correct balance. At times the withdrawal gets rejected saying insufficient balance. It may be because of the sync between the Kite and Q

    It would go a long way if the scalability is addressed or urgent footing so that the price movements are taken advantage of.


  234. kishan says:

    congrats to ZERODHA team and its clients for being in top of traffic to website,

    and thank u for kite as a Ubuntu user i like kite, so now i can forget all the nonsense of running virtual machines and its delays

    thank u,

  235. satyavrat says:

    i requested this it thousand times before also kindly give arrow in supertrend in pi as it is in kite pl pl pl

  236. satyavrat says:

    u have provided macd and macd histogram separate in pi it makes this indicator cumbersum occupy lot of space on chart make it same as in kite i e histogram mixed with macd with green and red histogram

    • siva says:

      Few traders want to track them separately, anyhow one can drag histogram on to MACD, save it as template and load the same template on any chart, it should fix it.

  237. Prashanth says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Thanks for building such a great portal. I am taking this channel to let you know few bitter experiences I am facing

    1) About 2 months ago Kajeria shares have been split for which I am unable to track in my profile as the price is not reflecting. I sent around 10 emails and called up the customer care. All the time I get auto generated email with a ticket number without resolution. I am seriously disappointed with this. I am not getting motivated to trade using Zerodha since then.
    2) Cannot track BSE and NSE shares in KITE mobile app

    Appreciate if you could look in to them, resolve them positively and make the portal more trustworthy.

    All the best

  238. Vinod says:

    While buy/sell order on kite it shows “number of shares applied for” and “limit/mkt price” but currently it did not show the total amount required on top header(red/blue) which is helpful to check sufficient funds is available in account, save time to open calculator:) and to avoid order faliure.
    Another thing is you can find some place on kite dashboard screen/head part of pages to show current nifty and sensex value and up/down value &℅.

    These are some small changes but they will make life of a trader easier.

  239. Rajesh Kumar says:

    Sir please add number of points change display other than percentage in Kite we platform

  240. Anonto Baruah says:

    Greek folio must be there to make kite more attractive…

  241. Anonto Baruah says:

    Buy above or sell below orders must be in CO to make it an ultimate tool for day trader…

  242. saurabh says:

    Also one more request to add the feature of entering target price and stoploss at the same time in the commodities section. I.e. If the target price is met or executed, the stop loss should be deleted,

    • siva says:

      This type of orders are called as Bracket orders and we provide for equities, futures and currencies , but Mcx won’t allow this product type for retail clients. It’s an obstacle from regulators.

    • Saurabh, brackets haven’t been given approval by MCX yet.

      • saurabh says:

        Oh… that’s sad. I did came across the term bracket order while going through the Kite manual and thought that it could be implemented in MCX as well with changing or tweaking the script, was not aware that it requires approval.

        I have become a fan of Zerodha and even though I like all the aspects, my most favorite one is that you are not providing any tips, which indeed has motivated me a lot to do my own study. Earlier, I did use help of paid tip providers when I was with a different broker, which sometimes made me profit and mostly loss, however, at a certain point I felt that I was getting dependent on the tip providers, I was only trading blindly, when I used to receive tips, but now, I can take my own call and the credit goes to Zerodha. Even though I have not made any profits so far, but I do feel, I am on the right track.

        And with the efforts that you people have put in and putting in, I do feel and wish Zerodha becomes number one firm one day.

        Thank you,

  243. saurabh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Could you kindly ask the programmers to add value in rupees besides the percentage in the kite Web, like it is available in the kite app.

    Thank you,

  244. nitin says:

    please provide stoploss facility for next day

  245. MP OF says:

    Market Profile ?
    Order Flow ?

    Paid if not free.

  246. RCK says:


    Please improve the stability of the system (Pi & Kite) instead of concentrating on so many other features. Am not against the features that your team is trying to introduce. But what is the use of all these features when there is no stability in the system. How to utilize the features when it is not working at the time of need. Actually I stopped trading recently through Pi and Kite. Because of many bad experience and also lost money due to lack of stability in the system. Many time I have experienced it that Pi will not work at the most important situations or during when it is very much needed or at the time of emergency. Whatever saving due to low brokerage which I got lost everything in single trade just due to the system. It becomes meaningless. I suggest instead of concentrating on several things and on adding so many new features. Please make the system robust , make the basement and platform strong so all the features can sit steady and firmly on top of it.

  247. girish says:

    i would be happy to have zerodha 60 day challenge certificate button on q zerodha

  248. HumptyDumpty says:


    Currently its difficult to know how much margin is required if we have to short Option. Can you add a column which provides the details of margin required to short an option. There is no way to find it out except putting a false order and expecting it to get rejected.


    • Hi Humpty, we have a SPAN calculator for you to check option writing margin requirements. Check this:

      • HumptyDumpty says:

        Thanks Nithin.

        Its very cumbersome to keep shifting pages when trading in a high volatility situation. also creates difficulties when placing orders on multiple legs.Having the margin requirement as a hover window will be really good as i get to know immediately how much margin is required. Also some one mentioned earlier, please try to give a facility of placing orders for multiple legs, such as straddle and strangle at one go. Currently we have to place an order one-by-one leg which often leads to missing the ideal price. So in short, one window to place orders for multiple legs with a cumulative margin requirement detail will help me take a decision whether the strategy risk reward payoff is ideal or not.

  249. Rachit Gupta says:

    Hii ..Nitin … All the zerodha platforms is now working very nice no major issue .. i would like to suggest you to change the charts User Interface like

  250. Ankur Agrawal says:

    I want a charting tool in which I can plot companies earnings (net profit or PAT) along with the price chart. Please, Please, Please make this feature available.

    Peter Lynch has said that while investing always see the companies earnings. Also in all of his three books, there were numerous charts in which the earnings per share of a company were plotted along with the price. I have looked this on the internet, No broker is providing this facility.

    I would be really awesome if you could be the first broker to provide this facility.

  251. Shalu sharma says:

    Dear sir,
    I request you to please provide alert facility in kite app for stock and commodity . We should get sms on Either email or mobile sms whenever price trigger through pre set trigger value.
    Many time I have to continue watch the price to get into the trade at particular level. If I don’t watch due to myself busyness in some other work , that time I missed my trade.pls incorporate sms alert system .

  252. Venkata Rao says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I am a big fan of you guys but lately have been very frustrated with lack of information/support by your team. All I want to know how to use the “Flashback” feature in Q. I couldn’t find it in the left hand navigation of Q.

    When I called the support center, they told me that it would be available in the next Q release but when sent an email to [email protected] they told me that that feature will no longer be supported.

    I love the idea for analyzing my trades on the charts at the end of the day and Flashback looks like a perfect fit but the puzzle is how to get there?



  253. Dinil Mathew says:

    Happy that Zerodha is getting better and better day by day with new features and updates. And I am an extremely happy customer and using Kite regularly. But some days, Kite is unstable and I think, it become more stable with the current updates.

    Thank You,

  254. Raj NAYAK says:

    Thanks Nitin for all these fantastic features. Hats off to u & ur team’s relentless hard work behind this great trading platform for small traders like us.

    However, I have one request To provide the trade execution SMS facility.Make it as a paid service if anybody wishes to. I don’t know the logic or rationale behind this why we get a message when we call n place a trade.(maybe we pay 20+20 for this :))

    • If people are ready to pay 20+20, I will figure a way to have this by next monday. ;). On a serious note, two issues -1. the cost, which we will have to recover, 2. reliable SMS gateway provider. Unless we build our own gateway, we have seen that SMS delivery can sometime take a lot of time.

  255. Venkatesh V says:

    Dear Nitin

    Issue on FNO orders..
    At present on Kite Mobile App (iOS) If i need to place or modify a order for FNO by default it comes with a single lot size and if wanted to place mutiple lots i have to enter number manually….manytimes when i need to place orders in multiples or if require to modify, it takes good amount of time and the price go away far by the time i enter and execute.

    Place an Up/Down Arrow just to specify the lots in number instead of lot size, however you can display the total lot size in a greyed background, this would make the order punching faster…trust me peoples trades in Futures always remember total lots in numbers but not but in lot size.

    sure you would consider and implement


    • Venkatesh, building a native iOS app is on our list. Btw, when you click on buy/sell order form, the default lot size shows up. But yeah get your point, unlike on the web, u don’t get a up/down arrow button to increase/decrease lot size.

  256. Nikunj says:

    Please work on adding the features of IPO and OFS to your offerings.
    This is only reason holding me with other brokerages.

  257. sabya says:


    Few feature requests for

    Kite Developer API:

    1. Close multiple position simultenously – currently it is not possible. If there are 5 orders for the same script, it needs to be closed in 5 separate requests passing those orderid’s one at at time. Ideally the API should be able to take an array of order_ids and close the positions.
    2. Limit cover order


    3. Even though Quant report is one of the fantastic visualization provided by any Indian broker, it is still buggy. It is still zero indexed – aka, shows the month October as September etc. Quant->Time Analysis->Profitability->yearly/monthly/daily. The bar’s are left shifted. Example – all the profit/loss made in 2016 is shown to be under 2015
    4. Ability to see CAGR/XIRR for overall trading/investing activity


    5. Data for major markets like DOW Jones, Nasdaq in Kite/PI

  258. Swarna says:

    Hi Nithin, many congratulations to you and your team.Happy to be with Zerodha. Do you have any proposals of giving calls(tips) to your customers like few others. It would be of great help to small traders like me.

  259. VISHAL says:

    Hi Nithin, First of all kudos to you guys for giving us a great trading experience with minimal costs. My suggestion is pls do not keep on adding features to the platform where there will be high chance of lags in volatile days. Keep the platform as simple as possible OR dedicate one platform for Traders like us who doesn’t require any additional features other than Charts(with studies).
    Looking to see Zerodha reach new highs in coming days.
    Thanks & Regards

    • Barun Maiti says:

      I have the same request. If possible please dedicate a simple web based platform with just realtime price without any additional feature. As we still see kite lags on volatile days.

  260. Shiva Nadar says:

    1) Kindly increase the number of scrips in Market Watch

    2) Kindly provide automatic SPAN calculation & Number of
    shares can be traded in order page (Like ICICI Direct)

  261. Vidya says:

    Is it possible to add real time and eod stock screener based on Candlestick and technical indicators in Kite?

  262. Saurabh K says:

    It would be great to have option chain and folio Greeks on Kite web. Especially option chain will make taking a position very easy. Currently we have to change platform or website for this.


  263. Dhivya says:

    I am a new user to zerodha.

    Kindly change in Admin Position tab the trading will be faster.
    Update the Buy and Sell keys of F1 and F2 in Admin position tab

    Your PI trading platform is very nice and user-friendly.

  264. bhushan says:

    1> Need mechanism to create portfolios and move or assign tags to your holdings
    Problem: Positions on kite web reports all the holdings you have in your account. If I subscribe for say small case(say it has 20 stocks ) and you have 30 Stocks already in your existing , so your positions will list all 50 stocks, options, derivatives etc. It looks so messy that , it’s difficult to manage.if we have an option to manage the holdings by categorizing them : ex: smallcase, longterm, derivatives, etc.. its easy to manage and focus on certain themes of your interest on any given day. if we can get this feature.. we can have both investment and trading account with zerodha.

    2> Way to select different options and place multiple order in one go.
    I need a platform to where I can select 4 options legs at say strike price x,y,m and n and place all the orders together in one go.
    3> Way to see the option chain by just mouseovering on the stock symbol or by just clicking on it.
    4> possibility to see the market depth of the instrument in the position/order/trade book. right now I don’t have that option . it makes trading so cumbersome on the platform.
    Say I have bought GAIL at 450 on Nov 10, Now I want take a call on this position based on the trend, depth, average price etc. Now its not possible, first we need to add the stock to watch list and then check the required values.Why cant we have it directly on the position / trade or order book?We should be moving around so many tabs/pages or even sites to see the info on a stock you have traded/position.

    5>Consistent prices irrespective of the trading hours or non-trading hours.. now the LTPs,Avg prices get changed once the trading is over, you cant asses your position value by EOD,on some weekends

    6>kite API is bit expensive for small traders, make it cheaper, You can get the trades done by using free kite web or PI, but you need to pay Rs. 2000 to do the same trade using API. I am sure if you make it cheaper many programmers would use and trade more, result in increase in trade volume and revenue to your company.
    7>Buy and sell signals alerts based on certain user set parameters or just alert on price drop/price increase.
    8> Naming watch lists- not really happy to see them as watch lists as 1,2,3 ,4 ,5 🙁
    There are so many feature can be added to make traders life easy and in-turn make them trade happily, make them realize more profit by taking right call at right time–>generate more revenues/user

    sorry for any typos…

  265. Durgesh kumar says:

    Also improve the server load as on gap down it crashes regularly

  266. sumit says:

    Please add basket order facility to Kite

  267. Dhananjay Bhat says:

    Hi Team Zerodha,

    Extremely happy and proud to be with Zerodha.

    I just thought I would share that if the whole process of Span Margin calculation can be done on the trade page itself, it will help save a lot of time to place an order after checking the exposure towards the same.

    Although I am not a big fan of ICICI Direct, but the only thing that I like about their UI is the availability of span margin calculator on the buy/sell page itself.

    While trading when a quick buy or sell order needs to be placed, it becomes a little time consuming to open the span margin calculator, search the stock, check margin and exposure details, then come back to kite and place the order.

    This is one feature which I miss. I sincerely hope that this would happen someday for zerodha trading platforms.

    Hats off! for all your efforts to innovate the way we trade.


    Dhananjay Bhat

  268. Harish says:

    I desperately need a stop loss cover order… Can that be included please..??

  269. AD says:

    Nithin and Team,
    Good to see you progressing and improving the platform periodically and maintaining the edge (among competitors) at the same time.
    It would help if following feature (s) can be added in “pi”.
    1. The audible alert when the particular derivative (from futures or options) or even equity reaches a level set by the subscriber i.e. an alert sound will suggest Axis bank (future, option, script) has LTP “greater/less than” configured value in alert. It may help as one can’t be monitoring all the screens at the same time.
    2. If there is no regulatory issue, a link in “pi” for Q, which when clicked directly can open the backoffice without asking for credentials again, can make the experience better.

  270. Akash says:

    Plz. develop Zerodha App for Windows platform also.

  271. Vinay says:

    Hi ,

    Superb effort from you and the entire team. I have just one doubt that I am unable to find nifty chart in kite. I am getting etfs and futures and options. Unable to see nifty chart itself though.

    Thanks Again

  272. Swapnil says:

    Currently in Kite, I can pull up chart of any company which is in my watchlist. Ideally I should be able to pull up the chart of any company traded on bse/nse without first adding it to my watchlist.

  273. Harshal says:

    I completely agree to Nagraj S:
    “While it’s good to see these improvements , I believe Kite as a software as a long way to go. I consistently face – error fetching data message, the dashboard and even position change throughout the day. It’s a highly unreliable software.
    On a volatile day, you just can’t use software, I experienced this during Brexit and US elections events.”

    I have faced similar issues.. you just cant bet higher quantities due to inconsistent software.
    Also, is it possible to add sorting feature in Market watch (sort by Name, % Change, etc)?

  274. Venky says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Can you provide common platform for all trades. (MCX, NSE, BSE and Forex).
    As of now MCX is other platform or maintain amount will access for both. (Same account pool)

    Thanks & Regards,

  275. PrabhakaranRajendran says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Kuddos for your work.

    1.It would be great if brokerage values along side of the p&l section.
    2.For TopUp we have made something like this (, if you can provide it inside just to check how much money i need and what Avg value it will be. mostly i need to switch to calculator for doing this.
    3.If i can get a notification when an order is executed, i am out of the app in mobile and a count update in the tab when on other tabs will be good.

  276. Pavan Marudhuri says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Thanks for the updates and the relentless improvements made. Few suggestions from myside

    1. Performance issues should be addressed. Few here already pointed out examples, need not say more on this.
    2. Indices, Cash Withdrawal (in Andriod App) could be added.

    On the other hand, if Zerodha can make IPOs also available, it would be really great.

    Pavan Marudhuri

  277. george says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Thanks for your continues effort to updating trade platform .
    I would like to suggest some features for kite. normally after execution of bracket order for 100 shares .
    will display in order book may be 100 separate line . maximum 200 line ie. buy and sell order.
    this make confusion . For modification needed each order separately change. please try to find more easy way.
    Another thing, while placing or exit an order can we see both market depth and chart in a same window.


    • George, unfortunately no way around brackets for now if order executed partially. Market depth and chart while placing an order on the mobile is it? The screen will be too small to accommodate. You can do this easily on kite web.

  278. Dilip Nair says:

    Dear Nithin,
    First of All, Congratulation for your, in-fact “OUR” achievement. I am really happy with the kite platform though there are some issues i currently face.

    Here are few suggestions for Kite-HTML & Q-HTML platforms:-
    1. Please include live sensex/nifty (or other indexes) ticker as available currently in Pi.
    2. Please allow to add sensex to watchlists.
    3. In Q- Please show break up of charges or P/L for individual trades rather than consolidated charges & P/L for all trades for a particular day in Reports. (As in ICICI)
    4. Please reduce the time taken for transfer of money from/to savings account. Also withdrawals are not done during holidays. You can overcome this by using the IMPS options for 24/7 cash transactions.

    Issue being faced: In Kite-HTML (through Windows mobile) :-
    When I place BO buy/sell by entering stoploss and target price, the order gets executed but when I check the order book for pending position square-off orders, the stoploss and target price for the same order will be different from what i had entered. It automatically selects the Upper ckt and lower ckt limit rates of that particular stock in place of my entered values.

    eg:- I give VEDL BO sell @ 204, with Stoploss @205 & Target @202.
    The order gets executed.
    But the stoploss and target price would be different (shows like SL-217 & target 187). I have to modify both again by going to order book. This can cause huge losses to me if I do not change it at right time. Kindly look into this matter.

    Hoping to get these issues resolved soon.

    Thank you.

  279. Jnyanesh says:

    In Kite’s marketwatch, there is only % variation of script for the day. It would be great to have actual price variation also. Or an option to choose % or points, like in google finance (just for example)..

    • RAJNIKANTH G says:

      I am also having the same question to dear Nithin sir, please add the feature of price change by every LTP in kite. (It’s available in mobile app downloaded from play store. But not in Kite)

  280. Parag Rane says:

    Please add facility to “IPO” option to for trading.

  281. Shekhar Singh says:

    Please add facility to “limit” option in cover order for buy and sell in kite.

  282. Jayant J Sane says:

    Kite Charts are not as fine as PI
    So, not able to use Kite for Options Trading.

  283. Jayant J Sane says:

    Portfolio in PI needs lot of improvement.
    LTP should be live in it as in Market Watch window.
    It should have two clear columns to show Purchase Cost including Brokarage+Taxes and Live LTP price.
    Next to it should be column to display Live Profit/Loss.
    One more column can be “Realised Profit” which will show profit realised till date in current financial year in that stock.
    This is available in ICICIDirect portal and is quite useful.
    Can you please provide this in PI also ?

  284. Oliver says:

    Congratulations on the good work so far and looking forward to the new features being rolled out.

    Having been using Kite API for a few months now, my concern is delay in order execution’s
    Though i get an order id back in 3 sec’s it takes any where between 5 to 30 seconds to sent to be market (or so it seems by looking at the timestamps on the order) by the time the edge is lost.

    Is this something that will be improved on?

    • Oliver, this shouldn’t take so much time. Is this the first one minute of trading (between 9.15 am to 9.16 am)? It could take some time then because of crazy number of orders that gets queued up at our end (not more than 15 to 20 sec). If you have these logs, can you email [email protected]

      • Oliver says:

        Yes Nithin, it is during the first minute of the day at 9:15a, I’ll share the logs too at [email protected]
        So as number of users grow for Zerodha will this further deteriorate? (It seems like)

        Is your team looking at solutions around it?

        • Oliver, brokers connect to exchanges on leased lines with a capacity of certain orders per second. We are continuously adding to this capacity. The issue here is also that, NSE itself can handle 50,000 orders per second, anything over that and order gets into a queue.

      • Prashant Rane says:

        Can you also provide feature of good till cancel for delivery based trading instead current -AMO ORDERS

  285. BANDHAN SHARMA says:

    Hi Nithin,

    May you progress leaps and bounds, Due to your efforts and not charging brokerage, small investors participation in the market is being increasing day by day. Your Kite web platform and App is awesome. Please introduce live Sensex and Nifty 50 status in top of the Kite program. Also when we placed Limit order in Buy/Sell, a SMS should came in the customer mobile after order executed so that he could placed second order vice versa.

  286. PKM says:

    Dear Nitin,
    It would be great if you could sent SMS alert for the order executed, it will really helpful for traders like me who are working in office.


  287. maahdhw says:

    hi nitin,

    navigating thru charts shud be made easy like as in amibroker, (when we press down arrow on watchlist, charts shud be able to display of respective scrip) . this will help intraday traders to easily go thru charts.

  288. Jawahar Lal says:

    Please add Pi software support for Ubuntu as well. Its not running on my Windows 7 Desktop either, having issues. Being a noob techie, I left my attempts to use Pi and using Kite only.

    In the market watch, stock LTP along with change in percent only is shown now. Please show the LTP along with price change also e.g. + 5.00 or – 4.50. Same with NIFTY also

  289. Mahesh says:

    Hi Nithin Sir ,

    Its really nice to see the new updates made to the trading platforms , making life easier for a smooth trade .
    I have one suggestion as i could see that there is no option of withdrawal of funds in the kite mobile app .


  290. Dibyajyoti Mohapatra says:

    Nice to see so many updates coming!!

    One feature request for Kite:

    Just like there are sections like “Kite”, “Smallcase”, “Mutual Funds”, there should be option to cluster the scrips under the “Kite” section. This would be useful when someone is holding a lot of scrips(say 100), I should be able to see them under different custom categories such as very long term(5-10 yrs), long term(1-5 yrs), short term(5-12 months), trading(0-30 days). This is just one example but the user should be able to create their buckets and put the scrips into the buckets and visualise according to their personal understanding instead of scrolling through a long list of holdings.


  291. Latesh Narula says:

    Please add weekly and monthly time frame in Pi software .

    I am not able to run the scanner in Pi , when I do , it hangs the Pi .

    Please try focusing on this and resolve it asap .

  292. MANOJ KUMAR says:

    Every FNO trade should be alerted by SMS

  293. MANOJ KUMAR says:

    Please provide VTC ( Valid till cancellation) facility and square off all at once facility on kite as it is there on Pi

  294. sumit vishway says:

    Hi Team,

    I would suggest , simple blank page 1or 2 should be there to note down important things.

  295. SIMON says:

    Congrats to you and your thing I would like to suggest is on the pi platform the daily charts have a period of 1 year but it doesn’t show all.hope you will do the needful,thanks
    best regards

  296. Vinayaka KN says:

    1) provide platform it will be good for FnO trading.

    2) and also provide a feature in technical charts to save our bought and sold (traded) entry so that we can keep track record of our trading performance and we can analyse our profitable and loosing trades and improve our trading skill easily and reduce earlier errors done.

    3) publish idea feature similar to

    4) provide up and down arrow buttons next to the script name entering box so that if we press that button or if we press upward arrow or downward arrow key in our key board next script’s chart appears automatically by this lot of time can be saved in viewing charts, now we have to enter name separately which takes lot of time,
    and also give a short cut to only see charts of NIFTY, FnO, sectors etc,, so that we can see important scripts only and skip small cap and unwanted scripts by this feature also we can save time and very convenient to use.

  297. Bhavin says:

    Dear Mr. Nitin,

    Great progress. Request you to also look for addition of following.
    1. Continuous display of New high and new low for F&O scripts added on market watch
    2. Continuous display Bulk deals may be > 10 Crs in single script
    3. SMS alerts when pending script traded
    4. Rules/Alerts when script is below or above certain price

  298. Prashant Shah says:

    Thanks to Zerodha team for all your great efforts.

    I would like to know if new backend will get IPO allotment price automatically once the shares are allotted and credited to our Demat account?

    Currently this process is manual and every time I get IPO allotments, I need to manually go to backend and enter the price on the discrepant transaction screen and it’s prone to human error!

    Also, I would like to see the ‘+’ button under holdings either on kite or backend to segregate my portfolio based on various parameters to name few are;
    i) Time horizon wise holdings
    ii) Sector wise holdings etc…
    So that I can drag and drop my holdings under the proper folders that I can create with ‘+’ button on holdings screen.

    Thanks and awaiting your kind assistance

    • Until the IPO is applied directly from our platform, we will need manual intervention. Otherwise we will have no idea if this is IPO stock or if it was transferred from another broker or the allotment price.

      Holding analytics screen is coming up soon.

  299. Ak says:

    Hi Nitin,
    Please try to provide following features in chart to make Pi a complete charting software :—-
    1. Add weekly , monthly, quarterly chart option.
    2. Provide increase or decrease of thickness of different study in chart.
    3. Provide dragging facility of different study in chart . So that we can do up and down, also on price line.
    4. provide Line chart type option in chart.
    5. Provide chart linking facility of scrips in chart, so that when we click a scrip in marketwatch then automatically same scrip is opened in all the opened charts of different time frames.
    6. provide refresh option in chart.
    7. provide shortcuts for chart time frame and chart type.

    • siva says:

      1. Working on this.
      2. As of now only possible for drawings.
      3. One can drag only if it is added on to chart.
      4.Will be available for next release.
      5. Point is noted.
      6. One can change timeframe to get chart refreshed for time being.
      7. As many timeframes are there it is not possible to give shortcut to change timeframe. Also check all shortcuts available on pi by visiting pi shortcuts under help menu.

  300. shirish says:

    kindly provide smoth heikenashi candles in pi and kindly provide day high and day low indicator in pi

  301. Ram T K says:

    You are doing great.

    1) Pl provide a feature to input orders for derivative strategies (futures and/or options combination) in a single click
    2) Pl provide price alerts on SMS/Whatsapp
    3) Provide SIP/SWP facility for scrips

  302. Vamsi says:

    Please make visible the NSE & BSE live market on top of Scripts list in Kite.

  303. KAJAL says:


  304. Anupam says:

    Must include Nifty 50 and sensex indices at top screen of kite android apk.

  305. Debajyoti says:

    Currently the charting software in Pi does not have Ichimoku clouds. Would request you to please incorporate the same.

  306. Leela Sai Chaithanya says:

    “I have one complaint… Whenever a sale order is placed it is being executed with a bit of lag which could pottentially turn profit into loses. So Zerodha could make a lot of difference if it is corrected.”

    I tink this is much needed improvement coz I feel we are a way behind ICICI in terms of user friendly hassle free trading platform. Apart from the tech improvements I think its better to include some more analytics like segment-wise profit or loss in backoffice with graphs as far as Q-Quant is considered, more data like top losers & Gainers, most traded stocks, top movers in terms of volume and value.

    Its better if fund transfer within trading accounts is facilitated.
    IPO would be a great achievement if facilitated at Zerodha.
    Zerodha is better than most of the brokers but still it is behind the top performer so lot of improvements has to be made to be No.1.

    And the mobile application doesn’t work on 2G but ICICI works on 2G… You need to take care of that.

    Sector-wise index is lacking which can hep the clients.

    Hope you would accept the suggestions…

  307. Kashi says:

    Thanks for the improvements, Nitin.

    Would like to request:

    a) “Square-Off” in PI for AMO (After Market Orders). Also the Square-Off window doesn’t tell which positions are being squared off and at what price in the pop-up. This would minimize errors.

    b) Ability to do spreads, strangles and condors as “Combos” which automatically adjusts margins. Currently users are being penalized – as margins are not being offset for opposite trades – e.g. Strangles.

    c) There is no visibility to Greeks while placing option orders. Would be great to have them.

    d) Would be great to have a field giving position sizing per order, based on a set percentage of portfolio.

    e) Qty shows only total quantity and not lots in Order Book and Admin Position.


    • siva says:

      1. It is not possible to give prices if square off is happening from admin position window as one can select market price or even can select multiple positions to square off at same time.
      2. We don’t have anything to do with margins, if exchange give any benefit we pass the same to clients, we don’t charge more or less but only mandated by exchange.
      3. Working on this.
      4. Will check on this possibility.
      5. Point noted.

  308. Akshay says:

    Hi Nitin, congrats for getting placed among the top most brokerage house. Although you technical team might have their hands full it would be great if you create a real time screener service for professional traders. Like API it can be made chargeable. I actively use various screener for trading in US markets, let me know if you need more input on it

    • Akshay, can you email me on your exact requirement to [email protected]

    • Parag says:

      I would agree. I think Kite is an excellent product, and many thanks to all the team who work on it and support it.

      An excellent addition would be to add candlestick screeners eg. bullish marubozu. With a frequency such as daily or hourly. Another form of a screener could be based on moving average crosses.

      This will add a level of intelligence to Kite which will leave other competitors far behind.


  309. Arun says:

    Dear Kamath,
    First of all i congratulate you for giving a good things to your clients (US) with full of enthu. From my part, I request you to add chart facility such as compare any two charts(line chart like in nse) in same chart windows (like script vs index).
    Thank a lot

  310. arun says:

    HI Nithin,

    Attended your webinar with quantinsti. Just a request.

    Can you provide a sample code for automated trading of any simple strategy like MA crossovers like Quantopian and IB, where if we wish , we can simplycopy and use that code to go live.

    This will help many of us to get into algo trading with ease as we have a wrapper to code around.

  311. Usha Swami says:

    Pi and Kite both are excellent. Kindly you add option strategy builder and option Greeks in both.

  312. Rahul says:

    Hi Nithin

    When are you guys introducing Margin Trading. Last time I asked was May and you said in few weeks 🙂


    • 🙂 I know taking more time than it ideally should. The reason for delay is also because of vendor based backoffice platform. Once new Q goes live, we should be able to do this quickly.

  313. Rajan Patil says:

    Dear Nithin, excellent development ideas! I am eagerly waiting to have these updates functional soon.

    I have one suggestion for Kite. If we can place price or volume alerts on scrips in the market watch, it will be a great advantage. Thx

  314. mukesh marhia says:

    I want to sell put and call option simultaneously as we do to square off the position going to admin position. So pls.give the feature in order window of pi where I can sell put and call option in one go instead of going differently.



  315. Murali says:

    Hi…Nice to see the Zerodha efforts on continual improvements.plz add Camarillo pivots with scanning and price alerts which alerts with sound notifications (greater or less than the set price)

  316. Vikram says:

    Many a times the signals/candles in Kite vary from that of PI using the same chart settings.

  317. Jamuna Rani D says:

    please add vwap in PI… please also add delta, gamma and vega value…in options

  318. Himanshu Jain says:

    I would suggest to add live ticker of Sensex / nifty on dashboard so we can get live feed.

  319. B R Subramani says:

    Excellent and really excited!!
    Appreciate very much for your and your team continuous efforts to improvements and advancements.
    This is the unique of Zerodha, keep it up
    Thanks heaps,

  320. Santosh Shetti says:

    Very Good App – Kite. Few suggestions for mobile version:
    1. While placing buy/sell orders we can see spot price in Top ribbon but same is not seen while modifying the orders. pls. make spot price seen in top ribbon while modifying also.
    2. For F&Os in “Details” section/widget pls also manage to show spot price of underlying; may be next to OHLC data or Date of Expiry. It will be very beneficial.

    • Steffy says:

      Pls display the LTP in the modify screen also.

    • Ah yeah, let me see what can be done.

      • Santosh Shetti says:

        Hi Nithin

        Thanks for considering the suggestions mentioned above. You guys at Zerodha are doing fabulous job. Really appreciate ur sincerity & promptness in attending to our queries & greviances.

        Is it possible to show Break Even Point/Price instead of or alongwith “Avg.Price”?

        What I mean is when I take multiple trades in one particular scrip, and if I go to position tab it only shows Avg.Price, but I have to manually calculate to know BEP where I will make no profit/loss.

        Pls consider to add BEP.

        • Yeah Santosh, it is on our list of things to do, but there is so much on that list :), it might take sometime. The small issue with our brokerage model is, we charge per executed order and not turnover, so when you are at position page, it becomes tough to get count on how many orders placed. If it was a % fees, it was straight forward.

  321. Prajwal says:

    Getting this error using Kite publisher JS:

    When will you fix it?

  322. Prakash says:

    For kite in market depth average trade prise (ATP) is not available.

  323. Minab says:

    Please provide 4-Hour chart in Kite.

  324. Vikram says:

    In Kite, for example when we use the SuperTrend Indicator on a particular chart, the signals tends to change when u Minimize/Maximize the chart using +/- buttons.

  325. Amol R. Mashankar says:

    commodity charts in kite are incorrect and shows wrong candles especially with heikenashi candles, i have checked and verified it with software like investar and web like, due to this i am facing losses kindly take note of it and take necessary actions.

  326. vasu says:

    dear sir,
    can zerodha give daily calls charge based bcoz most of the companies offering so why u try and help customer to get more profit……..

  327. MADHU SP says:

    Please add the percentage of returns in our account. We will know where we are.

  328. Sandeep says:

    Hello Sir
    Why there’s no option for chart trading from Heikin-ashi candle sticks. Of course it is possible from Standard candle sticks.
    It would be great if there is a chance for chart trading from Heikin-ashi candles.
    Can we expect it in near future?

    • Sandeep, since heiken ashi charts are a derivative of the underlying chart, for example HA-Close = (Open(0) + High(0) + Low(0) + Close(0)) / 4, what this means would be that the closing of the HA chart will not coincide with LTP. So allowing trading from charts would be misleading.

  329. vishwajit vaigankar says:

    when market opened on trump victory day my screen of positions showed 2,91,000 profit but kite got stuck and i could get only 1,30,000 profit instead of 2,91,000. this kinda issue with kite occured on surgical strike day also. hope kite works well in future as such crucial money making days dont come all days we loose any ways. call n trade also busy on such days.then people in zerodha advise to use other platforms without thinking that 1 minute is enough to wipe out profits from screen. usual days i am satisfied with zerodha 100% perfect service n all good. hope it works well on next crucial day to come. thank you zerodha

  330. Govind says:

    Kite web charts do not give a CMP correctly across higher time frame.
    Ex. Nifty trading at 8000, 1 minute time frame will show the same, where as hourly time frame will show 7950 or something…pls have it corrected

    • hmm.. seems to be showing correctly to me. Can you send your contact details with a screenshot of what you are seeing to [email protected]

      • Pushparaj says:

        Hi Ji.

        Many time i noticed, there is a mismatch in price with first candle in the screen. For Eg. If NF opens 8700, but first candle ( any time frame ) It may say 8710 or 8689 etc. When we see the same candle tomorrow it adjusted with original open price. Its happening with MCX too. Yesterday (21/11) Nickel Mega (15 min candle ) 9:45 PM candle’s high price was not matching with other data providers. Please have a look and fix it as soon as possible.


        Pushparaj S

  331. Shy says:


    Great job. You should allow opening of multiple zerodha a/c’s for same mobile number — say one wants to use one a/c for cash/delivery transactions AND other a/c for trading fno. This helps a lot in answering unnecessary queries from tax dept — one a/c for business income and other for STCG/LTCG.

    Segregation of stocks into portfolios would a good feature to have — ie. some into long term, some into mid term and some into momentum..with same stock(but different quantity) in multiple portfolios.


    • Shy, you can use same mobile number for more than one accounts, as long as these accounts belong to your family members (this is an exchange regulation). Btw, SEBI doesn’t allow an individual client to have more than one trading account with the same broker.

      • N says:

        Possible to have different sub-accounts?

        This will enable us to invest and trade and show these separately to income-tax as well as comply with SEBI.

      • Shrawan says:

        Your referral system doesn’t allow to refer family members with same mobile number (even when different email address is provided). Referral allowed only when email and mobile is different which is a nuance in my opinion.

        Another point I want to raise is your field staff is not well versed in HUF accounts opening process – they don’t know where to take sign etc. I am struggling for HUF account for almost a month – account is not opened yet.

        • Narendranath says:

          I’m surprised by this feedback. My efforts to open an HUF account were minimal. Service was excellent. Handholding for obtaining signatures for account opening was done remotely over phone, without any hassles.

          Hats off!

  332. Girish says:

    Excellent Initiative… We sincerely appreciate that efforts done by your team are beyond comparison. We have used several other platforms and brokerage houses since last one decade. We are very much satisfied with your platform for providing both intra-day and end of day graphs on the same screen. Keep growing and adding value to the system. It will help everyone….

    With Regards

    For MS Financials

  333. vijay says:

    Nice updates.

    Kindly add a feature where we can tag our shares to categorize by our selves like “Short term/Long term/others” etc., so that we can filter as per the tags.. currently you provide the same like holdings/small case/mutual fund.. it will be help full if you allow us to tag our selves..

  334. Nagraj S says:

    While it’s good to see these improvements , I believe Kite as a software as a long way to go. I consistently face – error fetching data message, the dashboard and even position change throughout the day. It’s a highly unreliable software.
    On a volatile day, you just can’t use software, I experienced this during Brexit and US elections events.

    • bhushan says:

      I agree.. kite sucks big time.. its totally unreliable.. and the profit/loss indicated on the kite web is misleading.
      Many times it doesn’t report proper trade execution status. At times it reports huge losses in net position like 30Lakhs etc..

      • parag says:

        I concur.

        While Kite is one of the best sites in terms of ease & UI, it lets me down especially when there are major events that need quick response during trading hours. I have therefore requested to focus on stability before adding new features. New features are great, and welcome. However, protecting our capital during volatile days is very critical 🙂

        • arpit says:

          I have also felt same issues.
          Below is the list of Features that i would like to have in kite
          1.I would like to have trigger alerts
          2. Increase in number of marketwatch from 5
          3. Number of stocks limit to be increased from 20 in a single marketwatch.

      • Bhushan, getting someone to call you. Shouldn’t have the kind of issues that you have mentioned.

        • Jeeth Raju says:

          Hi Nitin,
          I am completing 5 years with zerodha now. Good things, not so good things. Good things I earned back all my losses and became a profitable trader using zerodha. Thanks for the platform and the low brokerages. Not so good thing. Still step motherly treatment towards mac , absolutely nothing to look forward. Kite web is a real dampener. The data it shows cannot be believed specially at the begining of market hours. Market may be moving somewhere else the data shown in kite will be in opposite direction then i need to open other sites to check the correct value.
          Can a trader who is playing with his hard earned money take such risk of relying on a probably corrupt software. Will you as a trader rely on this. Whatever comments are coming about disfunctionality of kite is true. Its a good concept but needs to develop leaps and bounds.
          Your USP of low brokerage has now matured and there are few more who offer such comparitive brokerages, technology is what you have to improve to keep them out and reinstall our faith on the trade software. Please do it fast because you never know when time will run out.
          Keep up the great work

          • Jeeth, there is no way in hell Kite can be showing wrong data, we have over 60,000 people using Kite everyday. Can you email me the next instance you see anything like this, to [email protected]. I will get our team to call you back. Unless there is something blocking web sockets streaming, which is possible if you are working on an office network which doesn’t allow streaming of data/trading websites.

            • Jeeth Raju says:

              Dear Nithin,
              I wish I was wrong regarding this, but sadly its true and I am accessing data from my home network. i will send the screenshots when I face the issue next. Aim is not to put the blame on you guys but to develop into a great trading experience.

    • Like I have mentioned Nagraj, the new backend should ensure these issues shouldn’t happen in times of extreme volatility. Typically on these days, response times from exchanges also can go down, which can have a contagion affect. These days, the experience on every broking platform having a decent trading activity can get affected. That said, we are working to ensure whatever effect, is minimal.

      • Nagraj S says:

        Thanks Nikhil for taking time to respond to the comments. It’s not only the volatility during events day, which is an issue. The most irritating one is – when you see different data in dashboard, P&L and the rates changing during non market hours. Hence I mentioned “unreliable software” – No software is perfect, but these kind of unreliable data coming up is just not acceptable. I had spoken to the support guys and their response was Kite is still a beta version and I should look at data only 7:30 pm in the evening.. I don’t know why this auspicious time. Clearly I am exploring other softwares as well.

        • Nagraj S says:

          There you go….. today the average price has not been changing at all in Kite. Support centre says it will take 1 hour to fix this issue. Kite really SUCKS !!!

          • Am checking on this, I didn’t see any complaints on this today.

            • Arjun says:

              Me too got suffered by the chart issue on kite. No movement on chart though quotes were working. Even after refreshing the tab, still the issue persisted. Even Pi has same type of issue somedays, please make both Pi and kite stable.

              • Hmm.. shouldn’t be happening, getting someone to call you.

                • Sreekumar - ZZ7021 says:

                  Dear Nithin,
                  The chart updation problem still exists, I experienced the problem today.
                  Candles in the main chart were getting updated, while tech indicators below where not in sync! The out of sync tech charts get synced up when clicked on the refresh icon.

                  Pleas do the needful …

                  thanks and regards,

            • Nagraj says:

              Here you go again.. just made a buy on Maruti futures for a very short trade, at 10.10 am and it didn’t show up on the positions or order book till 10.20 am – this is crazy !! Unfortunately can’t attach the screen shot here

          • bhushan says:

            I had faced similar sort issue on 22/Nov. Avg price was changing, LTP was changing but P&L in the day’s history tab wasn’t getting updated.It was same for almost 2-3 hours. I thought some issue with java-script/web-socket but it wasn’t. I have tried logout,login and even switching to Firefox to IE/Edge browser. Still it was of no use. I had to look into trade logs to calculate P&L, correct prices,etc… Again tradelog is mess, user cant sort the trades based on the execution status.I’m just bothered about the trades which are in completed status,let cancelled,rejects etc be in another tab or allow the user to sort it??

            I’m seriously thinking of switching to different broker/trading platform. At least if they had opened up API’s and made it cost effective programmers would build their own trading systems and integrate with their other programs than relying on kite/API.

          • Sunil Katke says:

            Dear Nagraj,

            you may need to think 10 times before using “Sucks” kind of words in front of a Father of a child called Kite. we Indians have a habit of taking things for granted, if some one gives a finger we have a habit of holding their hand and so on… if there is a problem there are good ways of getting it resolved or many alternative platforms to trade that avoids that challenge. my only suggestion is be polite in getting your work done (it doesn’t cost money to be polite). hope your problem gets addressed. remember you get what you pay for. in this case you are getting 20 times more for 20 times less that you are paying for.. so……..

        • “Nithin” :), Nikhil is my younger brother.
          Like I have mentioned in the post above, currently trade process happens on different piece of vendor software. There is a set method of completing trade process, at these times, your account balance/holdings may show zero. But like I said in my post, this should be sorted once we have an in-house trade process running.

    • Swapnil says:

      Agree with Nagaraj. On US elections day, I was not even able to squareof my positions since the open positions page was showing “unable to fetch data” error

  335. AVINASH says:

    When will be limit cover orders are available from kite

  336. gaurav says:

    hello Sir

    Thanks for giving simple platform Kite..just some question why do not you add sensex in indices??which is most imp for intraday trader like me..

    second question in ur mobile platform there was option set alert..kindly add this option in kite..

  337. GANESH PATEKAR says:

    Please Add ATP in Market Depth and LTP in Modify order window in Zerodha Kite Android App

  338. Himanshu says:

    Please improve iOS app offering and the various features being requested since long like Valid till cancel order types

    • Native iOS app will take a little longer. Valid till cancel orders are a little tricky because exchanges don’t support them, we have to maintain these orders. We are working on launching only equity delivery trades on VTC first.

      • Hardik says:

        When should this functionality (VTC) will be live for equity delivery ?

        • Hardik, some more time, can’t tell you how much time.

          • Arup says:

            Nithin…After joining ZERODHA , I requested you for VTC and got your response also that you were working on the same. Glad to see again that you have it in your agenda. BTW, I am enjoying my experience with ZERODHA.

            Wish you all the success.

          • Jagdish says:

            May know if valid till cancel button is added for Equity?

              • Abhay says:


                Please let us know if this feature is added. It means a lot for non-frequent traders! Any mm-yy time line is highly appreciated.

                • Arvind says:

                  I love zerodha but VTC is a feature I sorely miss. I still use icicidirect even though they charge an enormous brokerage since I can place VTC orders for Buy and Sell and get a better price. I am a long term investor, have regular office and no time to track markets on the week days. So I keep these VTC orders over the weekend for the price points I am comfortable with.

      • Neeraj Agrawal says:

        Plz show market price or LTP on modifying panel on kite mobile

  339. Prashant Kumar says:

    PLEASE add “SQUARE OFF” button for all legs at once at LTP or Market price in Kite too as it is available in Zerodha Pi software. Thanks a lot for the great platform, Kite.

  340. Durgesh kumar says:

    Well I would like to request you to add folio Greeks for options trading where we can see Greeks of exiting position..