Updates – August 2014

August 1, 2014

Traders & Partners,

We will be celebrating our 4th Anniversary this Independence day, 15th Aug 2014. I will be sending you all our plan of action for this year and some really exciting news soon, but here’s some sweet music to get August started.

Clearing charges dropping further to the lowest in the Country

Thanks to your support and increased volumes on the exchanges, the clearing charges drops by a further 80% to only 0.0002% on futures and 0.002% of premium on options, the lowest in the industry. The total transaction charges(Exchange charges + Clearing) on NSE is now 0.0021% for futures and 0.053% on option premium. Our Brokerage calculator and Charge list have both been updated with the changes.

The wisdom of the crowd is summoned. Stay tuned.

Launch of Crowd.in

Crowd.in will be live by 4PM on August 1st 2014, an idea conceptualized by our very smart boys Nikhil and Kailash. We look forward to all of you participating, winning big cash prizes, and together building the most intelligent forward looking market indicator.

Do check out Q, 60 day challenge,TradingQ&A, and also let us know on anything new you wish to see at your favorite brokerage. 🙂

Remember to spread the word,  we completely rely on you to help grow our business, and to be able to build tools and initiatives that can help you stay profitable trading while also keeping the trading costs as low as possible.

Happy Trading

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. 1sabarivasan says:

    i can not access BRACKET ORDER.. NOT WORKING I THINK.. client id: DS 3875

  2. 1sabarivasan says:

    hello sir, i am confused,, whenever i try to login to Q dashboard , i can not login using my password. i repeatedly reset my password. it making me irritating..whats wrong?
    1. if i input even the correct password i will be replyed as “password is incorrect”
    2. if i reset the password again the i fall into reset it again by the same irritating erroe ” password is incorrect”
    3.how can i withdraw my money if i am in urgent.. please solve my trouble..

  3. RAj says:

    Hi mr.Nitin what will happen MCX Jan 2015 contract, if FMC not approving.

  4. 1sabarivasan says:

    sir, is there any monthly plan for reducing brokerage amount ? are you planning to introduce? better if you are planning.

  5. Arpit says:

    Hie…Please provide some introduction/guidelines on new mobile application for iPhone users…

  6. arti says:

    Hello Nitin,
    i read at trading Q&A , that Beta Version of PI is available for Testing . Can you Provide Same For Arti Mittal DA1727

  7. K R ANAND says:

    Dear Nitin ji, do prepare and provide a detailed user manual on how to use the new trading platform and its specialities for gaining maximum from it. I think that is very essential for we traders. Thanks

  8. ajay says:

    Hi Nithin,
    These interactive Blogs on ZConnect are very informative , and i learnt a lot from them .and i am grateful for same. but what i feel for regular followers , as currently these blogs are topic wise, should also be date wise as one want to know what new added on all topics at one place.

  9. Dear Nitin ji,
    Please tell us the release date of Pi

  10. MilindMA says:

    Hello Mr. Nithin,
    What do I have to do to open a new account? I tried calling your sales team and asked them to call back, but no luck. Have you stopped new account opening? I am pretty impressed by the offerings of Zerodha and would be keen to open an account with you.
    Can you help please?


  11. sauptik sinha says:

    I had joined Zerodha last month and after a long delay my demat account got activated. But still I couldn’t muster the courage of trying it out because of the poor trading platform (Z5 and Mobile trading).One gets frequently logged out of the system and the interface is real poor . In Z5 trading platform one cannot access the information as no scroll bar is provided. Besides there is no provision of market indices like Nifty , Sensex, Bank Nifty etc where we can view the scrips of the respective indices. The application needs massive overhaul and it needs to be faster user friendly. I currently use Trade tiger and it’s quite fast and user friendly.

    Zerodha, please come up with a better version of mobile application and also improve the functionality of Z5. For someone who has used various trading platforms, the current platform of Zerodha is really unimpressive. Therefore apart from the low brokerage , there is nothing impressive or spectacular with regards to the trading platform.

  12. harsha33 says:

    i have applied for trading and demat account as soon as trading account gets activated can i trade in equity intraday cash?

  13. vinaynp24 says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have found that crowd.in portal cannot be accessed in apple product. I have checked it in iphone with different browsers. After some time the browser app will get crashed. Could you please look into this?
    Please let us know if the portal is not compatible with apple.
    Note: New back office is working fine in the same device.


  14. nn says:

    Hi Nithin,

    impressive demo in youtube…can’t wait to see the new software “Pi” getting rolled out.


    Why did the team come up with the name “Pi” for a trading software.


  15. novicetrader says:

    IMO, there is very big flaw in your back-office authentication. If anybody knows my client ID, using PAN no and DOB can easily change my password and check the account details..

    Don’t you think this security flaw need to be fixed ?

    • Novice, our guess is that your PAN details/Client ID would be private to you. Also note that on the backoffice, there is no way anyone can change any details. Make sure that you keep your client ID private.

      • novicetrader says:

        Dear Nitin,

        Please don’t get me wrong. I am just trying to help Zerodha improve their system. For me, it is important that Zerodha does well, as my hard earn money is with them. 🙂 I am having decade+ software security experience and have at-least dozen of open accounts in various banking/NBFC houses. Candidly, nowhere I found such a poor authentication mechanism(I am talking about Zerodha Back-office). Zerodha trading authentication is good, though.

        The very reason for stating this as a huge security flaw –

        If you see yourself there are several client IDs that you would find on Zconnect itself. Human tendency is – only passwords are to be kept secret. How many people would have seen your pan card photocopy ? Please don’t consider PAN details as something secret. PAN details are available almost everywhere e.g. salary slip, income-tax return, form-16 and on several banking applications. Don’t you think PAN details for most of corporate accounts are in pubic domain ?. Please do a google-search on PAN and check images, you would get DOB/DOI and PAN-No of thousands of entities. PAN details and client ID are constant and they don’t change during the course of life. If one is exposed to security vulnerability then do you think he should remain exposed throughout his/her life? That’s weird….There must be an option to reinstate account security which Zerodha doesn’t have at all…

        Well, one can easily place at least a withdrawal request ? or change email ID and mobile no ?. Hackers and offender are smarter than a common user and Zerodha as a service provider must ensure that a common user is not vulnerable to a simplest trick that someone can use to breach the security.

        What can be done –

        IMO, you can improve this using very simple change – Currently, your back-office sends an email to client whenever password is reset. So, basically back-office is alerting user to check if there is an unauthorized access to his/her account. Instead, your back-office itself should reset the password and send the reset password to the user’s email address. This would ensure that nobody can access back-office with constant details like Client-Id, PAN and DOB. This is the simplest to begin with. You can also introduce compulsory change-password on the first access once password is reset.

        I Hope you revisit your perspective.


        P.S. : My client ID is known to only me and Zerodha. But, I still consider my account security is extremely vulnerable.

        • greater says:

          I too concerned about it. In many ways zerodha account is vulnerable to hacking.
          Initially I was surprised by the simplicity of it.
          and also Zerodha office staff proudly said that he can view all the clients positions at any time. I am ok with a back office staff with certain authority can view my positions and ledger balances but if a front office guy can have access to it then it is a problem for me.

  16. Krishna Rath says:

    Your current trading platform seems to have a problem of executing orders. Many times orders do not get executed, and I have to restart the application to see if the order actually went through. That takes a good 5 minutes of time. Also , please if possible remove the annoying pop-ups “user has logged in” and “application has exited”. Your brokerage is the best. Zerodha is not for high frequency intra-day trading due to the technical issues of orders not getting executed.

  17. Venkatesh V says:

    Dear Nitin,

    We all eagerly expecting your “New PI SW” and “New stunning Mobile App” launch during this independence day, but got disappointed.

    When are you planning to launch the same?

    When can we expect the same?


  18. Udit says:

    Hi nithin,

    I am not sure whether this is the right forum but I cant think of anything else. My client id is du0126. Its been close to 5 months since I filled up the form for a demat account. The account is still not opened. The problem is with the communication. Until I specifically ask for an update regarding the status I don’t get any reply from zerodha. Last month after sending another email to zerodha I found out that there were a couple of fields missing in the application form. This should have been notified weeks ago. I corrected the mistake promptly but still haven’t heard anything about the progress. Please look into this. I am sure others are also facing similar issues with their demat accounts.


  19. Venkat_V says:

    Dear Nitin,

    We all eagerly expecting your “new PI SW” and “New stunning Mobile App” during this independence day, but got disappointed.

    When are you planning to launch the same?

    When can we expect the same?


  20. There is any restriction in participating and prize amount in CROWD.IN? Like must have trading account in Zerodha…!!!

  21. p7agar says:

    Hello, Mr. Nitin Kamath sir

    Long time we whait for this facilty as like BO .
    thanks for this.

  22. sri55566 says:

    thank you sir

  23. sankar says:

    Awaiting 4 your plan of Action……………………………..on your 4 th Birthday ?

  24. sri55566 says:

    Hello, Mr. Nitin Kamath sir,

    I am a ner user of Zerodha, earlier I was using icicidirect since 3 years, due to many problems I shifted to Zerodha. Really first day itself I made a good profit and feeling very happy for saving huge brokerage. I am very greatfull to you and your team and very much interesting to trade in coming days.

    your customer support and brokerage are unbeatable!!!!!!!!

  25. gilari says:

    We have all expected launching of Pi today.But nothing happend.


  27. skumar says:

    The charting of instruments has not improved at all.

    First off, there is no provision to see historical Index chart. I moved to 3.11 Nest trader version with some hope. It only offers, intraday charts of index. Let down again.

    I try analysis with futures charts. Now the historical charts of Nifty futures does not show up. It comes up with blank chart. I tried calling support, but the explanation is that historical charts work with equities well, but not so well for futures.

    Please try to address this.

  28. vinaynp24 says:

    HI Nithin,
    My Query is related to Crowd.in. I could see the chart having crowd index and nifty. could you please let us know how crowd index is plotted. Is it a MA of latest prediction?

  29. Rajesh VenkatRam says:

    Hi Nithin, Have been with Zerodha for close to 2 years now,use the app in my smart phone to trade, I am a compulsive trader and trade close to 2 million rupees every day(Only on Zerodha). It has been a amazing journey so far, have saved tons of money on brokerage, have no tech issues with your app on mobile, works gr888 all the time.
    Need more details on how I can use my shares in CNC as a margin to trade in MIS

  30. lakshman sharma says:

    hi nithin plz answer my questions i a have posted on aug 1

  31. Anil says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Zerodha is great gift to all traders and makes us feel that we are trading in free zone.

    It would be really great if some technical analysis utility can be added with web trading platform.

    There may be many like me who can not install the Zerodha trading software due to different reason.
    For me, it is – I am software professional and carries my Co. laptop where installing other software is restricted.

  32. Manish says:

    Hello Nitin,

    I am still not able to get it correct on all 4 expressions
    I want to buy trade only on confirm close of a candle or a bar above 20 day exponential moving average of high and as a filter RSI of 10 period of close should be above 55 and again RSI should be above the simple average of RSI

    Same way I want to sell only on confirm close of a candle or a bar below 20 day EMA of low and here filter should be RSI of 10 is below 45 and again RSI should be below simple average of 10 days RSI

    Once this works fine in demo I want to further set redefine profit as well as loss levels but that later

    Please guide

  33. Manish says:

    Can somebody guide me

    I want to take a Simple moving AVERAGE of RSI

    I tried SMA(RSI(Close,10)) but it returns error

    What should be the code ??

  34. Sriram R says:

    Dear Sir,

    Is there a facility to change the back office password. It is required if not already available.

  35. Bala says:

    Nithin Sir & Team,
    I feel zerodha is best for all type of traders. very good interface. my doubt is whether the new version of zerodha nest 3.11 beta version has rt features?. and the new version is not working properly for me. shall i know the reason??.

  36. Anand says:

    That’s right Balaji…
    Mobile app has many flaws..
    Esp it log out frequently and need to login with long process.
    Even old “nse now” was very cute .. light.. and easy to app.. compare to this app.
    Please improve…
    Needs a complete change…

  37. Balaji K J says:

    Hi team,

    I was extremely happy on trading with Zerodha.. not just because of low brokerage & also Customer service & new innovation in developments.

    My Concern on Zerodha Mobile App –

     Request to change the design on login page as simple as possible. Every time security questions is really required??
     Frequent session expired is also concern during switch over from market watch to order screen. This create frustration for a client for login again & again.
     Need to improve lot on Mobile Apps to serve even smart & better in Android.
     Expecting the mobile Apps for Apple User.

  38. vinaynp24 says:

    Hi Nithin,
    This query is related to Crowd.in contest. Its given that we have to predict the close of nifty spot. Is it LTP or CLOSE. Generally CLOSE price is VWAP of last 15 min I think. Please clarify.

  39. Gaurang says:

    Always easy to be too clever by half standing on the outside – but I gotta say, you guys have been nothing short of a revolution for trading Indian markets. Hassle free, easy, but most importantly – cheap. Your branding exercise – start to finish just hits a sweet spot in a crowdsourcing world. Meanwhile, brick and mortar brokers complain about how business has dried up. Brilliant stuff.

    That said, I will say – your platform is almost impossible to use with a multi-screen setup – so I really hope the new terminal is a little more friendly for those of us that use multiple screens. Cheers.

  40. Girish says:

    Happy 4th birthday in advance to Zerodha team ! Congrats on the success so far and wish you the best ahead !

    On a different note, The Crowd.in site doesn’t open for me. Is it operational yet?

  41. kishan says:

    just like ICICI DIRECT and Rsec – Zerodha should allow the equity to pledge and trade on their platform.
    I am sticking to icici direct or Rsec only because of this.
    Nitin can you say is there any possibility of implementing this feature.

    • As I mentioned Kishan already available, we are still not loud about it because our reporting tool doesn’t have an online interface to do so.

      • kishanbobba says:

        Right after reading your comment (Yesterday) I called zerodha and to my surprise i figured it out that ‘shares as margin’ facility is available (Some six months back they told me they do not know what it is).

        Today they chased me (I was surprised) to open the demat account. Later I realized that you instructed your people to contact me.

        What a dedication from zerodha people.
        Thanks Nitin for the back up.

  42. kishan says:

    Hope I can pledge my equity (shares as margin) in zerodha and trade.
    This is really missing.

    • You can do it at Zerodha, send an email to [email protected] mentioning the quantity of stocks you need to pledge.

      • N says:

        Nithin, please have a post on pledging. This is a confusing subject for a lot of your clients (which includes many of my family and friends). I had to get queries resolved with Z support and it took several iterations. A blog post can save some time for Z support too.

  43. ncfmacademy says:

    can you send me your Brokerage and other things, so i can refer my students. We are from NCFM Academy Hyderabad. we do training in Live Trading and NCFM Certification Training .NCFM Academy hyderabad

  44. dc0267 says:

    This is best for Call and put writing trader
    but first watch 1 month

  45. NARAYAN says:

    Feeling Extreme Happy !!! My lucky broker … Won 60 day challenge …I have a suggestion that we need a good live charting with supports and resistance..can add oi and vol too…. expect your consideration

  46. Akshay Govekar says:

    ADVS of zerodha
    2) VERY GOOD customer SUPPORT
    3) got 1 of the best sales manager (kalpesh)
    4) luckly it has got 3 trading platform
    Zerodha nest :- need much changes
    Zerodha now :- its good
    Zerodha mobile:- best to trade with …(power cuts)

    Things to change please (nest trader)
    1)charting on nest trading platform (cant maximize, (its frustrating to use mouse and maximise it again and again).

    2)charting indicators are very different (not user friendly).

    3)Not able to set 1 day view(as default).

    Things to change in zerodha now
    1)maximizing order book, position book.

    2)Frequent logout,it just logs users out saying season expired. When a client want to place an order it gets logged out!!!,please to increase the time delay of inactivity.

    Things to change in zerodha mobile
    1) In Market watch there must also be an option to view chart (BUY/SELL/Mbp/REMOVE SCRIPT/CANCEL/CHART), I know there is a seperate option (quote option), but would be much better if there is atleast a line graph!!!
    I know its not possible for you guys to do all changes right away but few could be done ;).

    Akshay Govekar!!!

  47. chvssr says:

    nest mobile trader is not good.pls chane it to other like now nse trader

  48. mukul kishor says:

    i also request pl add in mobile application TBQ and TSQ.

  49. Anand says:

    Really there is still problem to open Qin smartphones… page doesn’t open properly..

  50. lakshman sharma says:

    Hi Nitin have a suggestion why cant you make a platform where in charts we can draw support resistance horizontal line on charts in candlestick charts where we can draw lines on price , stoploss,& target orders in charts itself n just click enter all entry target n stoploss get executed. cover order is very good but not getting proper price it will be very usefull for intraday traders.hope to see soon this features where emotion are not in control once orders executed.so all most any body can make money once they done with their analysis.

  51. i love trading with Zerodha.. not just because of low brokerage but there Customer service and transparency… good deed rip fruitful success…

  52. Ajeet Jain says:

    that sounds osum. Also waiting for the new platform named after the world famous – “Pi”. pun intended! 😉

  53. Manojmurthy says:

    I am welcome this same time our platform couldn’t really well so my request is new platform with using simple my suggestion is……

    (i) Low speed net also with using comfortable …
    (ii) Same time platform early morning opening to take more than half an hour …
    (iii) And then order execution touch up formats fast execution get smart platform am expected ……

  54. Parmesh Kadam says:

    Q back office not working in smart phone very well

  55. Ravi Kiran says:

    What actually Crowd.in is ?

  56. Vijay says:

    Hello Mr Nitin,
    Pls give us a world class trading +charting platform ( drawing trendlines on ur current Nest Trader charts is a cumbersome painful experience)…Mr Bharat had promised us trading+charting platform a million years ago…:)

  57. Naresh says:

    by ‘most intelligent forward looking market indicator’, you mean an indicator that can predict the market?

  58. Rajesh says:

    i would like to see an option to buy/sell futures based on its underlying. thanks..

  59. Manish says:

    Hello Nitin

    Thanks for always thinking to improve traders experience with Zerodha. Your current transaction charge is 0.0025%.. In the post above you say dropped to 0.0002% and then “new charge is 0.00215%” … is the new charge 0.002% or 0.00215%..? plz clarify. If new charge is 0.00215% as opposed to existing 0.0025% then how come it is 80% drop ??

    • Manish the clearing Charges drop by 80% and not the total transaction charges,for example the transaction charges on option premium until now was 0.05% to exchange and 0.009% as clearing, the 0.009% has dropped to 0.002%.

  60. sankar says:

    But ,,,,,,Not a word on your New platform of trading,,,,,,,,,,,waiting for a long time,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  61. Alok says:

    Big Thanks……………