Updates at Zerodha – June 2014

June 11, 2014


Here are some of the latest updates at Zerodha…

1. Bracket orders and Trailing Stoploss

Bracket orders and Trailing SL are completely functional for intraday trading on Equity, Currency and F&O. When we launched this in April 2014, we were also the first brokerage in India to do so for Currency and F&O. If you aren’t already enabled, do check the post on how to get started and use the flexibility that Bracket & Trailing SL offers in terms of leverage, protection and increasing profitability.

Bracket and Trailing SL

Bracket and Trailing SL

2. Instant SMS for trades executed on Zerodha Dealer terminals

You will now get an instant SMS for all trades executed through our Call & Trade numbers free of cost.

3. Joby, Market Wizard from Thrissur featured on Z-Connect

Joby, one of the most consistent winners of the Zerodha 60-Day Challenge talks on strategies he follows while trading the markets and the key to his success with no educational background or access to any online tools.


Interview with Joby

If you haven’t yet taken the challenge, get started now.

4. Nithin, our CEO featured on CNBC Young Turks

Nithin was featured last weekend on CNBC Young Turks and the repeat telecast would be this Wednesday, June 11, at 7:30 PM.  If you are not able to catch him on TV, click here to see the video on Moneycontrol.


Nithin on Young Turks

5. Trading Q&A

We have over 600 questions answered on markets, if you have any query don’t forget to post it on

Trading Q&A

Trading Q&A

We look forward to your feedback and suggestions on [email protected].

Happy Trading,

Team Zerodha


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  1. Niranjana Kansara says:

    Message is required even while trading via pie platform. Please do something about it.

  2. sandeep says:

    In bracket order, which is better? ATP or LTP. I mean what is the meaning of ATP in bracket order? LTP is sometimes hit quite early.

  3. Girish says:

    Is it possible to select the order Type (SL or SL-M) for the first order in bracket order? This will help to enter on break out with a stop loss Buy. The order Type is grayed out currently in bracket order any specific reason for this?

  4. rajneog says:

    1) Is it possible to open nest plus platform of the same account simultaneously on two different computers?
    2) Are you planning to launch a mobile platform for I Phone or BB 10?
    3) How do I activate bracket orders?

  5. Sajeev Kumar P K says:

    Is bracket order or cover order available on android tablet (google nexus 7)or android mobile.If no,is there any chance in nearterm to do so?

  6. Arpit says:

    Hie…Any update on application for iPhone….??

  7. VIJAYAN says:

    Sir, today in F&O segment, it is asking for 100% margin money for intraday. Is it because of rail budget day ??

  8. RASHMI HOIZAL says:

    How can I download capital gains for FY2013-14 for filing IT returns

    • You need to login to the backoffice bo.zerodha.com and download equity account analysis statement for FY 13/14, if you can wait for a couple of days more our new reporting tool Q will be ready which comes with a Tax P&L statement.

  9. george says:


    How find resistance and support line in new zt (3.11.2) plus chart?. earlier version this shows in DRAW SYMBOL>SUPPORT AND RESISTANCE LEVEL>SHOW OR PLOT. but in new version not working

    thanks & regards

  10. Aman Prakash says:

    When will you launch ‘Pi’ ? If you cannot give an exact date just give the approximate amount of time you think its going to take .

    • Aman, the platform is ready and a few of us are already trading/beta testing it in our office. What is taking time is getting approvals from the exchanges, and unfortunately that is not something in our control and hence don’t know the timeline.

  11. omswarup says:

    Can we get to see NIFTY spot value in NEST Trading platform from our terminal like we get to see in mobile app?

  12. Aashutosh says:

    i am here to appreciate your newly started sms facility for the executuion of trade. thank you it had helped me a lot.

  13. pravinb1 says:


    Thx for the reply. How about a facility where margins will be required as soon as long position is removed and short positions remain. Provide margin benefit when both long positions and short positions exist. Execution risk is eleminated with spread orders.

    Theres no risk in a butterfly spread if one
    a) Enters through spread order
    b) Exits through spread order.

    People who enter and exit through spread order 2l, 3l be given margin benefit. Something that kind can also be explored. Thanks.

    • Pravin, what if you enter a butterfly and exit one side? The other side will now have unlimited risk. As I had mentioned, unless these spreads itself start trading doubt if the margin requirements will come lower. Also a broker in India like US can’t offer such spreads to trade on his own and also the margin required is set by the exchange and not the brokerage.

  14. pravinb1 says:

    Hi nithin,

    Request you to kindly lower margins for spread orders. Orders like butterfly, bull call spread and so on. In butterfly the risk of loss is restricted to the cost of premiums. Still margin calculator shows margin of Rs 45000 for 1 butterfly plus the cost of premiums. You provide reduced margins for calendar spread the same logic can be applied to all spreads. That will be very handy for all option traders.

    Note: The same is provided at US markets http://ibkb.interactivebrokers.com/article/603

    Please also check http://www.cboe.com/learncenter/pdf/margin2-00.pdf
    which is applicable at Us markets. Definitely that is provided since the risk does not exist.

  15. Bhaskar says:

    Hi Nithin,
    The Margin Requirements for ‘Bracket Orders’ seem to be 1.725% (fixed) of the ‘Actual Value’ irrespective of the stoploss (checked only for equity futures since Zerodha enabled it across the board from 11th June’2014 onwards) & “not 1.5% to 2.5% of the Actual Value depending on the stoploss” as described by you in the blog, which anyway gives a whopping 58-times fixed leverage; please correct me with elaborations if I am wrong; if I am right please let us know whether the ‘BO Margin Requirements’ would be as it is in the future as well or you would revert back to what you have described in the blog.
    In any case Thank You & Zerodha So Much for this Facility.

    • Bhaskar, what I suggested was indicative and we might keep changing it, it is always best to assume that there might be a slight difference in margin requirements of between 5 to 10%. So if it shows 10k on our calculator, in real it might be between 9500 to 10500. Check our calculator for more.


      • Bhaskar says:

        Hi Nithin,

        Well, 5% to 10% difference than what the margin calculator shows is pretty okay; even 10% upside than what the margin calculator suggests would raise the “Margin Requirement in Percentage” from 1.725% to about less than 1.9% which is still meagre, but that was not even what I tried to know!

        What I wrote in the comment was about “Margin Requirement depending on the StopLoss which as you mentioned in the blog was in the range between 1.5% to 2.5% of the Actual Value”.

        In the Margin Calculator, no matter where you put the stoploss, the ‘Margin Requirement in Percentage’ is always 1.725% of the Actual Value which is why the leverage is always 58x — i.e the margin requirement is always fixed when it should actually change depending upon where the stoploss is placed!

        In reality, while I tried to place Sell Bracket Orders in Zerodha-Terminal (Nest), the ‘Margin Requirement in Pecentage’ terms for RCOM was about 4%, for HINDALCO it was about 3.5%; again irrespective of where I put the stoploss!

        Now, in these cases the ‘Margin Requirement in Pecentage’ terms were way beyond the upper range of 2.5%+ which to me is quite strange!

        I wish to know the reasons for such huge variations.

        Sincerely hope you could elaborate on these issues.