Zerodha Updates – July 2015

July 30, 2015


Quick update on everything new that has happened this July at Zerodha.

Our new workspace

I am excited to let you all know that we are in the process of transitioning into our brand new 25,000 sqft office in Bangalore. So, all the current 3 offices (Sales, Support/Tech, and Account opening) will come under one roof at:

#153/154, 4th Cross, J.P Nagar 4th Phase, Bangalore – 560078 (Landmark: Opposite Clarence school, Dollars colony)

The support team will be moving into the new office on Sat, 8th August, 2015, and hence our customer support number 080-40402020 may not be available on that Saturday.

With this transition we are going to double our current team strength of around 200. Also, we are currently looking for Android developers for our team (apply here).

We will also be very happy to host you if and when you are in this part of Bangalore!

Here is a glimpse of a portion of our new tech floor. More photos coming soon.


Our new tech floor

Pi available for all

Over the last 6 months we had restricted access to Pi – our new desktop trading application to clients with at least Rs 10,000 in their accounts or executing 10 trades a month. The reason for doing this was to ensure that we slowly scale up in terms of number of users. We have opened up access to Pi to all our clients active or not. You will still have to login to Q to request access to Pi, but in the next couple of weeks everyone will be enabled to Pi by default.

We also have some very exciting news for all the programmer crowd that trade the markets which we will be announcing soon.

Kite (web) – beta

India’s first true HTML-5 Platform. You can check out more details here.

New Bitmap Image

Kite Web

We currently have over 300 beta testers, and all of you should get access to this in the next couple of weeks.

Our business

As and when we are getting bigger, and increasing our product suite ( Kite, Pi, Q, Quant, Varsity, TradingQ&A, and more…). Like in any other business, the number of people trying to pull us down are also increasing πŸ™‚ If you see any smear campaigns doing rounds, duly ignore! We are amongst the most conservative, and profitable retail brokerages in India burning the midnight oil to ensure that you, our client, get the best experience trading and investing in India.

As always, Happy Trading!

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha

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  1. Amit Kumar Sarkar says:

    I request the Zerodha team to provide an updated version of kite so that we can add more than 20 scripts in a page . Otherwise zerodha team should add more than 5 pages in kite …

  2. Nagesh says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Why dont you give feature in PI / Kite to convert the BO in to normal order and normal order to BO subject to the availability of funds. This will be very useful feature

  3. Puneeth says:

    I want to know how zerodha is predicting parabolic sar reversal point one day earlier. Please help me. I have been trying from almost a month to find out the formula. Please do the needful.

  4. chandru says:

    Dear Nitin ,

    Sometime back i had read an article about indian laws allowing indian investors to trade & invest in foreign companies like google , facebook etc.

    Does Zerodha have any plans to get into this route.

  5. chandru says:

    Dear Nitin ,

    I faced a outage from your end on Pi today for a brief time. Luckily i had Kite to login into .
    I had certain suggestions since today i had a real opportunity to buy sell through kite but had to switch back to Pi.

    a) When you popout a chart in Pi is it possible to insert the “Buy / Sell ” indicators on the popout chart. It is kind of inconvenient to change screens and do the trade .

    b) In Pi when you log in to trade for the first time it asks you for a trade password and then followed by a small popout reconfirming the trade. This has been done away in Kite .Is it possible to have the same process .


  6. Hi Mr.Nithin

    i have few suggestion in kite zerodha
    left side there is only 20 stocks can be add .it is quite small number .
    i suggest you should increase no of stocks should be more so that we can monitor stocks from one side
    rather searching and adding it every time.
    second one is the stocks list should sort automatically and reflect based on the movement
    now in this 20 stocks list . it will not move and sort .it just remain same and its really creates confuse
    we really have to pay lot of attention to see the live movements

    i hope this will help lot of customers to to happy trading

    Damodhar reddy.g

    • Amit Kumar Sarkar says:

      Agree with u sir …. To make the kite user friendly zerodha should allow the clients to add at least 50 scripts in a page .

  7. amar says:

    When kite android app will be launched ?

  8. Nishant Raj says:

    Hi Nithin

    Can bracket orders be placed via Kite ? I am desperately waiting for it.


  9. Sanjeeva says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I have placed an order from Pi and try to modify using Kite on desktop – chrome browser.
    I am not able to edit the order. Edit button is visible but no action is performed when i click on place order button.

  10. SUJIT DAS says:

    Why Zerodha is not providing GTC,GTD in MCX market. Earlier it was there but now a days it has been disabled by Zerodha where as this facility is available with other brokers.I am client of zerodha since begining. kindly update on this.

  11. Sandip says:

    Please provide support for PineScript in Kite also Buy and Sell window on Advance chart

  12. Sandeep Prabhudesai says:

    Are you guys a DP now ? In that case, is there an advantage in shifting my demat account from ILFS to Zerodha ? Are the charges different? Will pledging/unpledging shares be easier and real-time instead of the current 24 hrs turnaround ?

  13. shaunk says:

    I have been using ‘’ since March. But Kite is awesome. I’m disappointed that I wasn’t informed about the availability of Kite just like when Pi was made available. It could have saved me so many ‘Refresh’ clicks on ‘’.
    Looking forward to the day when MCX is also made available on Kite.

  14. GILARI says:

    In KITE,When we change view,time frame also changed.View should not be linked to Time frame.

    • View is not linked to time frame. You can add a particular view with indicators and time frame and save it. Once saved it will be there.

      • GILARI says:

        No,Sir That is not the case. If a view is created with 5 minute time frame and if it is tried to load on 10 minute chart , 10 minute chart automatically become 5 minute chart.
        We may often forget this fact and reach wrong decision based upon wrong chart.

        • hmm.. Gilari, if you change the time frame, it has to change right? Am not getting what you are trying to say. Will get someone to get back and check from you.

          • GILARI says:

            It is simple
            I have created veiw of sma cluster in 1 minute chart and saved it as view ” SMACLUSTER” I logged out the kite and after a while ,logged in again,opened a chart of 5 minute and applied the VIEW SMACLUSTER.Then time frame of chart changed to 1 minute automatically.
            Actually I have created three view in one minute,and when view is changed in 10 minute chart it goes to 1 minute and I have to reload 10 minute chart each time

            • Gilari, each of those views is like a template. The indicators/time frame gets saved. So if you have a template with 1 min candle saved as smallcluster. You change the time frame to 10min, and then click again on smallcluster it will change back to 1 min. That is how templates are meant to be. But if you don’t click on smallcluster again, it will continue to be 10 min.

  15. vishyvishy says:

    status of kite for MCX approval?

  16. Sandeep Prabhudesai says:

    Is there an ETF tracking the VIX ?


    It is working and pls suggest me where from I can know the volatility rate for both the index and the stocks in calculating options…… Thanks in advance for your cooperation

  18. chandru says:

    Nitin / Venu

    I noticed today that Raff regression is available under tools. Well it is of less use there . Ideally it should be in the indicators for charts as it goes live changing the trend as the market moves and it also has to have the options to change & adjust the settings as a chart indicator for Period & Standard deviation.

    I hope you do something about that cuz as a tool its of no use.



    Options calculator is not working as it is showing ” No data” plz chk the issue.

  20. ABHA KUMARI says:

    The Order Placed through chart is best but when logout, the Placed Order is cancelled. Is any other process to close the pi where the order is in place.

  21. Amar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Nice to see Zerodha’s development.. However can you tell the launch date of KITE Android App. As I usually trade from mobile due to office.

  22. Amol says:

    Kite is really nice it,search is very good.just add live index on top.and when watching best 5 bid it start blinking alot when rates getting refresh makes it unable to watch….rest all gud.would liked more with black background.

  23. K R ANAND says:

    OK Nithin
    Thank you so much. I will watch the videos

  24. K R ANAND says:

    Thank you Venu,
    I will see to it. But, please tell me how can I get alerts for two different strategies (For example – one for PSAR bullish crossover and also for PSAR bearish crossover).

  25. bipin says:

    is pi free now or i have to maintain 10k in trading account .

  26. K R ANAND says:

    Hello Nithin,
    The scanner is not working well in Pi. Suppose, I want a pop up (or something like that) when a particular condition is met. For example, if any stock crosses parabolic SAR (up or down) in a particular time frame, I need to be intimated through some highlight. In this way, I will get new stocks to trade at right moment.
    Please guide me how to do so.
    Thank you

    • Venu Madhav says:

      You’d have to check the alerts under: Alerts –> Generated Alerts

      You get a sound alert when the alert gets generated.

      • Naveen says:

        Sound alert is not useful, Some kind of popup alert is required right on top of the desktop to react imminently.
        Also sound alert for order execution is very pathetic, its sounds like train information announcement in the railway satiation.

  27. Himanshu says:

    Hi Nithin

    Almost a month back you advised on Q&A above that capability to place bracket orders on Kite – web will be available soon. So any update on that.

    In case it is not happening, is there any way I can place bracket orders without installing any software on my PC or is there a way I can place bracket orders via mobile?

  28. Vismadev Chatterjee says:

    In kite you can add a drop down button just above the “search for a symbol” to select Equity, NFO, CDS & MCX separately just like Pi. And that would be much more organized during search for symbol. You can also show available fund in the right section of kite main page just after “funds” button. And also show margin available on the top of the right section of kite’s main page, or on the main chart page which comes after clicking” Chart(c)” for a particular symbol button. There is good amount of space available on the kite main page to do this changes.

  29. bipin says:

    Sir , i have 70 share of sbi at avg buy price Rs 239…but my holding show 70 share at 256 ….see something is wrong .

  30. Adhik says:


    How can we see previous days Pivot points on the chart.

  31. algogeek says:

    yes, the settings are there in pi, go to pi-> view-> user settings -> Order window and set the product code and other setting, and save it

  32. bipin says:

    sir , i apply expert advice and it generate alerts but when i click on buy/sell under trade ….buy /sell order open without product code and with 1 there any way i set default setting so that when alerts are generated the i have to simple click on trade symbol which open buy/sell order with default setting that i set and place order i have to change everytime i click on trade can i change the setting .

  33. chandru says:

    Nitin ,

    Just read naveen’s comments on icharts & yours mentioning (working on all 3 points ).

    saving drawings would be really helpful , i too have to use a external chart software and its cumbersome to toggle and trade . Hope you incorporate some suggestions as well as the indicators. Sorry keep reminding since raff regression and super trend both are awesome.


  34. Adhik says:

    and how can we extrapolate the same setting (MAs, indicaters etc.) for all charts,,,or we have to set it individually for each chart

  35. Adhik says:


    On my PI charting, it is showing different daily pivot points on different time frame eg. today i am using tatamotors sepfuture chart for 1 min and 5 min, both showing different pivot points…how is it possible

    • This can only happen,if u have opened the chart before 9.15 am,as Pivot point values would be showing yesterday’s and it doesn’t change automatically after 9.15am(only option is to untick day separator and tick again)
      And after 9.15 if u open a new chart ,it will show new (today’s pivot).

  36. uday says:

    Hi nitin,

    Could you please tell us when will be kite opened for MCX. Do you have any timeline set to release

  37. Naveen says:


    Please add continuous future charts to PI

  38. Naveen says:


    Charting feature on PI is awesome, I ditched icharts now using PI for day trading. I found some issues/concerns while trading live.
    1. left/ right arrow, up/down arrow and home/end keys for maneuvering the chart are good option, only concern is they are not smooth as icharts/amibroker, can you make it smooth?
    2. can you give pageup/pagedown keys some work for faster maneuvering of charts similar to amibroker.
    3. I cant able to save the drawings, please give the option to save, icharts has this feature.

  39. Karthi K says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have some issues with Kite.
    1) Market watch is not streaming (not even loaded even after long time) in my office. But its working in my personal laptop.
    2) In Microsoft edge browser Notification is not displaying after any event.

    And one suggestion. Please add multiple market watch in Kite.


  40. rnandan273 says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I am a new user of pi. I had placed a bracket order , but then there was a network connection outage. When I logged in again I found that the order was squared off by the system. Is this the way the system works? Do we have to be connected to the system always, or should the last connected state be maintained. Pls clarify

    • Vikas says:

      Dear Mandan,

      If you read BO functionality properly then it Clearly suggest that your have to log in continuously, as it triggers orders by every tick move as per your tick setting while placing order.

      Better to use cover order it remains open throughout the day. no need to login either.
      BO is good provided you keep it open and live throughout day trading hrs.

    • Order could be squared off because your TSL or target got hit. The order doesn’t stay on your system but on the server, so no need for you to be connected after order is placed.

  41. bhaskar says:

    hi nithin
    I am using pi from january, but after latest update i got frustrated with this pi software it is hanging like any thing when ever i applied template on charts , i was facing this problem every day multiple number of times from last months.

  42. bipin says:

    sir , pi have quick limit order box on chart but can u add quick market sell/buy order ..will be helpfull it possible . ..i always use market price to place order .

  43. Rohit says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am not able to view daily candles data beyond 2nd Feb 2015 in daily charts of Pie.
    Even if i want to see data for more than 1 year it still gets stucked in the above date.
    Is this a common issue or only i am facing it in my system?
    Please let me know on this issue.

  44. D.Omprakash says:

    Hi Nitin
    I am regular client to zerodha. id# DO0042. Can u please tell me when crudeoil market opens in us in indian time IST. I googled CME group but i am unable to understand the timing. please reply me IST timing for both daylight saving..

  45. Vijesh says:

    I just couriered the zerodha account opening forms to your Bannerghatta office as that was the address written on the form. But looks like you have changed your address. Now should i recourier a new set of documents to the new address?

  46. Arun Kamath says:

    No update for august..:( Was eagerly awaiting for this announcement

    “We also have some very exciting news for all the programmer crowd that trade the markets which we will be announcing soon.”

  47. Vismadev Chatterjee says:

    In Pi I can create custom template based on various technical studies. Which is very convenient for me to view a stock price respective to those technical studies. But in Kite it’s not possible. So, I have to manually insert technical studies every time when ever I need to view the advanced chart. So, can you add this custom template creation functionality to Kite?

  48. Arun Kamath says:

    Kite provides api access to institution. Any plans of making it available to retail traders ? I think this can be used for automated trading using web apps in much easier way right?

  49. Vismadev Chatterjee says:

    In kite, if the “studies” button is available in the main page instead of advanced chart tab or “buy” and “sell” function in the advanced chart tab, then it would be much easier for us to trade. As We don’t have to refer another tab to see the live price change in respect with various technical studies and then come back to main chart tab to place our order.

  50. ram says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I am a happy investor after coming to zerodha, with paying up less brokerage.
    Please make multiple market watches available for PI. Its easy to switch in between watches rather than scrolling up and down . Can you please pass this message to trade labs.

  51. Ramkumar says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I have just strated with Zerodha , a wonderful service, thanks for the same.
    But addons will bring the better to best of the service

    I trade only through the mobile app, i would like to high light important points for trading,

    1. Market watch streaming ( Initializing ) is too slow, if flip the screen, it takes more time for the same. which needed immediate attention.

    2. I traded with options, if position is hold , than the ours Positions rates are not seen, instead P/L is calculated with the last day close rate, so its been hard to recollect what rate it has been bought & calculate actual P/L , if trade for more than one..

    3. while putting trade or squaring off the position, the latest price is not able to trace, which need to flip the tap in same screen, which help to trail the order for P/L..

    4. Report of the P\L in trade needed to refreshed again and again, can we make it real time p/L screen, so that decision can be taken for trailing the P/L ..

    so pls give technical team id, which can used for further technical aspects which can be added .


    • Ram, we are building our in house mobile app called Kite. Currently the kite web version is out which works very well on the mobile browser also. Try it out,, most of your concerns are addressed on it. The mobile app of kite will be out in the next few months.

  52. rohan narvekar says:

    nitin sir,
    I have just started trading with zerodha. thank you sir for providing such a great platform for trading with low brokerage and you have a great support and tech team.

  53. Vismadev Chatterjee says:

    Wilders Moving Average is available with Kite but available with Pi. Please add this Wilders Moving Average to Pi.

  54. Pat says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Such a great effort from your part, absolutely no words to thank you.

    I am a retail idiot and have lost around 80000 in FnO. But, I want to get rid of this taxation headache. I want to let go off this loss and never turn back again into FnO. I do not want no CA and no audit. I will just show around Rs 5000 profit in ITR-4 with my salary of Rs 2 Lakhs, I do not fall into the tax bracket after 80C deductions.

    I just found a simple way to interpret this in ITR4. Fill nothing in Part A – BS (Balance Sheet) and in the next worksheet “Profit and Loss”, FIll under Column 53, Row 158, Under Gross Receipts , I put total turnover, Gross Profit, I put whatever I can put here in this case 5000, Expenses, I put brokerage amount, and Net Profit Comes….That is it….Nothing else to fill except the usual salary details, 80c details, intraday and delivery transactions if any under CG……

    Am I correct here….is anything awfully wrong from IT Department Perspective ? Kindly Guide.

    (I do not prefer ITR4-S because I have equity delivery loss of around Rs 1 Lakh from previous year, 2010-11 which I want to carry over).

    Again, thanks a ton for your effort to our poor retail investors.

    • Pat, firstly if your income is less than 2.5lks it is not mandatory for you to file your returns. But it is preferable to do because people have been getting notices for year 2012/13. Everything you need to know is here:

      Show all positive turnover in gross receipts and negative turnover in gross sales. Receipts – sales = your profit/loss. You can leave everything blank whichever not applicable.

  55. prasad says:

    Hi Nithin,

    How many more days for MCX on KITE?

    I can see most of the people are trading from Office, as we can not install PI in office system, we need something like KITE to trade during office free hours.
    webtrade is not really good, it’s taking time to place the order, missing profits.

  56. kiran says:

    pls answer 1)when is your KITE android app launching? 2)when CO orders allowed in KITE??

  57. Sidharth Kumar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have been an active trader with Zerodha for about a year a now.

    I just wanted to know what regulations you apply to decide client daily turnover caps, and if it is hypothetically possible for a non-HNI to have his or her total daily turnover limit increased – and whether you entertain such requests on a case by case basis or have a general set of requirements to be met for that.


  58. Shaji says:

    When will mcx enabled on kite?

  59. Himanshu says:

    Hi Nithin

    Can you please advise me on following 3 queries:

    1. Does Kite web also offers real time (not delayed) charts of commodities on MCX particularly of Energy and Metals and NSE Currency Futures?

    2. Any timeline by which bracket orders on NSE will be available via Kite?

    3. Any hope of bracket orders on MCX commodities in near future?


  60. peter says:

    After a disconnection of Internet:- If net reconnected, Pi also got reconnected and start working well. But , could not able to place any order. It gives a error message – error code zero, message build error. only possible option is re- login, Any other remedy is possible.

  61. siva says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am using Zerodha(RS3321- Hyderabad) from last 1 year. I am happy of the service that zerodha is providing. Few months back i referred my friend to zerodha. he came to me and said i am getting calls from other brokerage firms also and asked me why did you give my number to other firms. I though, may be he might have submitted his number on some website and that’s the reason he is getting lot of call from brokerage companies. Two weeks back i referred another friend. he also started getting calls from other brokerage firms. Looks like someone from zerodha is giving customer contact numbers to outside persons. please take care of this.


  62. Sukesh says:

    Role of Arbitrage in Markets?

    Hi Nithin,

    What is the role of Automated Arbitrage trades in Indian market?
    Would it be correct to tell that all the price movements in instruments like futures/options/index/stocks etc are connected only though Arbitrage trades?

    In other words, the prices of futures, options & stocks might not have correlated well if there were no arbitrage trades taking place?



    Hi Nitin,

    If I purchase shares on Monday by Delivery the shares will enter into my Demat account on Wednesday but if I want to sale it on the very next day of my purchase will it be possible or allowed by any means to process the transaction and if so any additional charges do I need to incur? Plz confirm and thanks in advance

  64. Nurith says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am facing a lag on the pi platform since the new update,
    every thing works ok until an order is placed, as soon as an order is placed and it shows up in the admin position the lag begins, that particular strike price starts laging, Every other strike price keeps running normaly. I contacted your support team but did not get a solution on the problem. Answers that i received from them were terrible, i told them to connect through team viewer and even sent the id and pw and waited all day long for a reply but no one seemed to bother, at the end of the day received a mail saying check if you are running the latest version (TERRIBLE).

    and now i think i see a problem in the margin, less then what it should be.

    Please do not contact me on the registered no only email, as i am abroad.


  65. SUKANTA says:


  66. vaibhav says:

    I am going to buy Macbook in next month, is Zerodha planning setup for Pi.
    also I am facing problems on kite regarding the streaming. in every 5 to 10 min I need to refresh the charts for latest quoting prices and when suppose I set the chart of 15 min & refresh , it returns to default 1 min setting.
    kindly Help.

  67. Deepak says:

    I am interested in opening new account with zerodha and saw the PDF at As per the PDF, the account opening charges is Rs 500 for demat + trading, if I print the forms (Rs 600 minus Rs 100). But customer care told me charge of Rs 750. Either the PDF is wrong or your customer care.

    • Hanan says:

      I think we’ve got some old PDF doing the rounds on our website, we’ll get that information updated. The right pricing is Rs. 750 for Demat and Trading account as you would have to pay Rs. 200 for Trading plus Rs. 150 for Demat. Additionally you would have to pay Rs. 400 as advance AMC for your demat account. This adds up to Rs. 750 if you’re printing the form on your own. If we send you the form, it’s Rs. 850 for Trading and Demat.

      • Deepak says:

        what confidence do you give to a prospective customer with such anomalies?

        • Hanan says:

          Deepak, I don’t know how you got to our old website, but that link is not operational anymore. If you navigate from our current website directly, there is no link to this page which was part of our old policies and procedures.

  68. Himanshu says:

    Hi Nithin

    Can bracket orders be placed via Kite – web? If not, any plans to introduce that?


  69. Abhishek Chowdhury says:


    Thanks for replying to my earlier email. I really appreciate your taking in Voice of Customer. I believe Zerodha is in very able hands and has a bright future….

    (On a lighter note ) Seeing the bright prospects of Zerodha, I would love to buy Stocks of Zerodha through Zerodha πŸ™‚

  70. Mukesh says:

    I I do average on same scrip again and again then for this always I have to pay 20 rs on same script. Buy 100 shareABC on rate 100 rs after some time again buy 200 share then I have to pay brokerage 40β‚Ή or 20 β‚Ή plz update me.

    • Our brokerage is 0.01% or Rs 20 per executed order, whichever is lower. So if you buy 100 x 100 = Rs 10,000 the brokerage will be only Rs 1. When you buy another 200, the brokerage will be Rs 2. It will never exceed Rs 20 per executed order.

  71. mastsngh says:

    well congratulations for your new office.
    You at Zerodha are doing a great job.
    hats off …

  72. Abhishek Chowdhury says:

    Thanks Nitin for your earlier reply to my query regarding chart data not available before Feb 14. Approximately when will all chart data loaded…Another suggestion is for commodities also future charting also historical data should be loaded. Although a contracts are 3 months duration, the historical charts (5 -10 years) should be based on near month traded price..A very good example of such types of commodidies charts is…What do you think?

  73. Vinay says:

    Cannot load index scripts(CNX Nifty) on Kite. It says invalid trading segment. Please advise.

  74. Sukesh says:

    Hello Nithin,

    Congratulations on your new Workspace πŸ™‚ . May you achieve greater success and milestones from your new office.

    I also have a question on the market behavior in recent times:

    I’m observing that markets are behaving strangely from past 10 to 15 days.

    Any particular direction, up or down, is not sustaining throughout the day. On days when markets are up, it crashes suddenly in last hour of market and on days when markets are down, it shoots up suddenly in the late trade.

    All intraday positions which are profitable suddenly crashes towards the end of the day, had not faced such volatility in last 4 to 5 months.

    Is there any reason this is happening now? Am i missing something?



    I can’t see MIS ticker list in your website eager to know what changes and updates are you making in this respect.

  76. Shan says:

    Getting data server error while trying to get Crude oil data from PI. Unable to view the crude oil chart from PI. But snap quote is working. This issue is present for about 2 weeks now. Could you please take a look.
    Error msg – “Unable to connect to the data server. Should be soon”

    • Working fine here, have u updated the latest release of Pi? Click on check for updates under help menu of Pi. Released 27th July, you should see this date if you click on about Pi under help.


    Will I not get margin for MIS on the ticker INFRATEL and plz ensure whether u have any plan to increase the number of stocks for margin soon.

  78. Abhishek Chowdhury says:

    HI..When I try to open 3 years charts, for most of the companies in pi it is not there. In fact for most of the companies even 6 months data is not there. I am not even able to plot 150 Days moving average for most of the companies except a few ones..Please

  79. Ravi says:

    Nithin Sir Congratulations !!!!!
    As always you and your team are busy with providing new updates and new products to Zerodha Clients.
    One request sir, As like scrolling charts left and right , zoom-in and zoom-out through mouse on kite , please implement same on Pi.

  80. kiran says:

    Hi Naveen , i am using Pi, i need nifty chart , which is not available,mine is trading Account, i am using nifty future Chart, can you make Nifty and Sensex (cash) Default in ultimate trading platform Pi,

    That will be very helpfull ,

    • Kiran, without a demat account mapped you will not be able to see any spot/stock data including Nifty/sensex. Send across proof of any demat account that you hold to us, it will get mapped to our trading account, and you will be able to see this data.


  81. GILARI says:

    Please enable Parabolic Sar in KIte

  82. D.Omprakash says:

    Hi nitin
    when commodity mcx will be added in kite. Frankly speaking your mobile nest application available in android is worst pathetic often gets hanged very slow. So kindly tell me the exact date when kite available for mcx….

  83. vikas says:

    Hi Nithin,

    i have laptop having wndows8 and Pis is working smooth without issues , Windows 10 is live now and pop up is appearing for free upgrade…should i go with it.
    only doubt is is Pi proven on windows 10 ?
    does your tech team have tested pi full functionality on windows10 ?

  84. Rohit says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have query regarding the order types with respect to Pie and Kite trading terminals. Please refer the below scenario,

    If i buy 1 lot of MotherSumi with order type as BO/CO in Pie terminal
    Later if i want to modify/exit the above trade, Then will i be able to modify/exit the above trade through Kite terminal.

    Please let me know if above scenario works with current systems.


  85. Sunny says:

    In Kite, can you add one more column or may be a pie chart which shows % wieghtage to my holdings

  86. ranjit says:

    i want to include another bank account to my zerodha trading ac

  87. Arun Kamath says:

    What is teaspoon that you are launching?

  88. venkatesh says:

    great job kite…….. πŸ™‚

  89. Sandeep Prabhudesai says:


    Is there any way I can open 2 instances of Nest to login from 2 different accounts ? Pi keeps freezing and crashing with alarming regularity for me

  90. Ajay Mittal says:

    Any future plan to provide Two way Fully Automated trading ?

  91. S Sinha says:

    I have been quite critical of Zerodha whenever there has been a slip up from your side but the resolution that I received was always top class. One of my biggest complaints was lack of good trading website platform but I must admit, Kite is really a good addition and it’s working quite fine. One of my requests to you to make some additional improvements in the Kite website.
    1) Make a provision of displaying the Nifty and Sensex values on the Kite account homepage.
    2) Can there be a provision of selecting a market watch of Stocks under a index . For example if I select Nifty all the 50 scrips are displayed. This provision is present in Sharekhan.
    3) Provision of adding market watch. At present there is a limitation on the no of scrips that we can add. (i,e 15) . The same provision of multiple market watch shall also be provided in Pi.
    4) Hopefully you can launch the Kite android app soon.

    • 1. Currently you can add Nifty on the watchlist (search for cnx nifty). Sensex will get enabled after BSE goes live.
      2. Yep working on this.
      3. Yep soon.
      4. Yep soon.

      Thanks πŸ™‚

  92. madhu says:

    Can i install Pi in windows 8 tab?… if not, thn which tab wil support Pi??// u havn’t replied to ma query. πŸ™

  93. Taneja says:

    It would be good if you start TOLLFREE support number as IVR and long wait costs it much .

  94. chandru says:

    Nitin ,

    I am really looking forward for Linear Regression Channel on Pi . Its really helping me trade well . I want to give up my other software and i hope you would accommodate my request . Its better than Linear slope & linear r squared . Linear regression channel overlays on the chart and gives a direction to the trade.


  95. Sandip says:

    HI Nititn,


    1. Please provide a facility to Send SMS and Email from Pi for Generated alerts and Scanner
    2. Chart color options to be shifted to User Settings
    3. Custom theme…so that once set, it gets applied to all the charts, rather than applying template
    3. Once crosshair option is selected, remove requirement of pressing a left mouse button.
    4. Password protection for scripts if we have to show the results to some investor interested in the script

  96. Rahul Malik says:

    Even the admin position were showing the values of mock trading session of saturday. zerodha is getting unsafe everyday for trading.

  97. Vimal says:


    System has been trying my patience. Can anyone please kindly tell me why option prices are appearing decimal?
    How am I supposed to trade like this? Tried reaching your contact center and no one is picking up.. absurd is the word

    • dilip says:

      my terminal also showing Nifty option 8750CE in decimal .What is this ? I am worried seriously.

      • Dilip, orders were going correctly but there were display issues in the morning. Logout and relogin should work, if not For NEST Go to File > Delete Scrip Files, log off and login to view the right data on your terminal. For Pi Right click on Pi icon, open file location, delete nse_fo_contract.bin and Relogin.

    • Vimal, orders were going correctly but there were display issues in the morning. Logout and relogin should work, if not For NEST Go to File > Delete Scrip Files, log off and login to view the right data on your terminal. For Pi Right click on Pi icon, open file location, delete nse_fo_contract.bin and Relogin.

  98. Aditya Singh says:

    Nifty aug options inaccurate, they are off by 100x. Pls help.

    • Aditya, orders were going correctly but there were display issues in the morning. Logout and relogin should work, if not For NEST Go to File > Delete Scrip Files, log off and login to view the right data on your terminal. For Pi Right click on Pi icon, open file location, delete nse_fo_contract.bin and Relogin.

  99. Krishnamurthy B. says:

    The NIFTY Options prices as well as Strike Prices are showing as 1/100 of the actual market values in both PI and Zerodha Trading Website since today morning (actually noticed it on Sunday as well)… This is extremely disconcerting. Can you please have this fixed ASAP…
    Regards, Krish

    • Krish, orders were going correctly but there were display issues in the morning. Logout and relogin should work, if not For NEST Go to File > Delete Scrip Files, log off and login to view the right data on your terminal. For Pi Right click on Pi icon, open file location, delete nse_fo_contract.bin and Relogin.

  100. Rahul Malik says:

    on PI – NIFTY AUG 8500 CE is showing as below Rs 2. Can we have this corrected please ?

    The zerodha customer support is rude and very unhelpful.

    • Ajithakumar says:

      Nifty August Call Options showing quotes below 1. and executing trades also.. Some serious issue….

    • Orders were going through correctly, there was some issue with the display. If you are still facing the issue, logout, Right click on Pi icon, open file location, delete nse_fo_contract.bin and Relogin

  101. Vish says:

    Nithin – Pls look into Pi application server load balancing as the app hangs quite frequently during peak market closing hours, mostly from 3:00pm – 3:20pm. Have noticed this frequently. Thanks!

  102. Arun says:

    Being a option trader i am looking forward to updates which could help me trade various strategies easilly. Also wanted to know is there a way to fire a spread order in Pi / Kite

  103. madhu says:

    NIthin sir,
    Can i install Pi in windows 8 tab?… if not, thn which tab wil support Pi??//

  104. Rahaliyas says:

    Dear NIthin,
    I am not a frequent trader but have been buying and selling since last 10 years.Following Zerodha since its inception and part of it since last one year ……Impressive ….
    A member of icici direct now a hard core fan of zerodha……A more informed buyer of equities thanks to varsity…… Eagerly waiting for Kite access……. Love to be associated in a small withe the firm…….Gr8 going Nitin…… we would not allow any smear campaign….. to malign zerodha.

  105. SaviNenapu says:

    Hi Sir,

    Please add refresh button for KITE,

  106. vish.smiles says:

    Love the quotations on the splash creen that appear while Pi launches. Pls continue doing it and add more…

  107. Sanmati says:

    Dear Nitin,hearty congratulations.The Android mobile trading app need to be improved .

  108. Dear Sir,
    Kindly update the iOS App as it crashes frequently.
    Pravat Kumar Sethi

  109. manasa says:

    Could u provide me script for supertrend indicator, if possible

  110. Honest krishna says:

    Super Nithin, For the honesty and trustworthiness + always up-to-date.

  111. chandru says:

    system down @ zerodha again , As ussual other softwares working . Data not getting updated

    • Guess Sreeni spoke to you when u sent that email. We didn’t have any issue here today. If you can let us check ur system the next time it happens, we can investigate on why.

      • chandru says:

        i will be forwarding you the video and screen grabs. The issue is not at my end too since 2 of my trading a/c with other service providers were working fine. The issues are popping up again maybe since they haven’t been identified or resolved . Internet connectivity is definitely ruled out at my end and speed @ 2 megs is definitely not a issue.

        3 times of back to back reconcile did not help its all there in the video.There is a data linkage issue & lag somewhere in the system for sure.

  112. Shashi Kanth Hebbagodi says:

    Dear Nitin,

    Been your happy customer for last 5 years and been a great fan of Zerodha

    Just want to let you know that it is the kite which is the best product that has come out of your stable. I have been using this and have been immensely thrilled at the quality. In Pi, you need to work om lots of issues.

    On one of issue of kite, I am a bit disappointed to know that you will provide the restful api only to institutions and not to retail investors. I do feel with these services and a web platform for automated trading would be ideal than a vm running on cloud.

    Do appreciate if you can open these services and by doing so you would be the first few brokers in the world to be doing so..

    Looking forward to your reply… and keep rocking. Congratulations to your new office

    Shashi Kanth

  113. atul says:

    congratulation sir ,hope u will release kite web based platform as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  114. atul says:

    congratulation sir .hopw u will realise kite as sooon as possible

  115. Sourabh Jain says:

    Also provide some recommendations on buying of shares.

  116. chandru says:

    Dear Nitin & Team Zerodha

    Congratulations on your expansion .

    Hope My / our criticism or feedback is taken positively. Its only given since no other forum offers such a opportunity. This will further take you to new heights .


  117. Harish says:

    Congratulations Team Zerodha!! πŸ™‚ I would like to thank each and every one of you working out there for making your customers feel proud about their broker. Keep up the good work. We trust you πŸ™‚

  118. Gopal Biswas says:

    I and my colleague have a dream to visit your place and meet our beloved person like abhay kumar. It will be a great pleasure for us if you take RASOGOLLA OF KOLKATA from us. We are from West bengal, sir is it possible to meet you somehow?

  119. Mehul Mishra says:

    Hi Nithin
    Congratulations Kite is fantastic
    My concern however is that i am not able to find a particular stock on it.
    This one :
    Name : Foods and Inns
    Symbol : FOODSIN
    BSE: 507552
    Not traded on NSE i think
    I can trade this stock on Z5 however . i mailed this issue on the feedback section but did not get a response
    Hope this issue will be resolved before Z5 is replaced.

  120. Madhukar Sutar says:

    Further updation kindly show buy signal and sell signal in pi candle stich chart.
    it will very use full for traders.
    hope you will given due consideration.

  121. Mohanakrishnan says:

    When will Mutual Fund Transactions be enabled? What would be the transaction costs for SIP in Mutual Funds?

  122. Manish Astral says:

    Congratulation to the Zerodha team for this much needed upgrade to their workspace. The new place looks great ( in the image ) like one of those Game Developement Studios. I’m sure that this new transition will be more grandeur and exciting for Zerodha and its clients, as it continues to evolve into the perfect brokerage company. Keep up the good work!!

  123. Varsha says:

    Congrats on all the goodwork u r doing.
    Please add Fibo. Ext. to pi, as soon as possible.


  124. karthike_m says:

    Nithin sir , Congrats
    Kite looks great.I am able to login to kite.Is it officially released.
    Have 3g network issues at office,Will kite work on 2g network also.

  125. Aditya Sharma says:

    Hi, there are some technical issues I’ve faced on Pi, like freezing of charts, server disconnection (although internet is up), Pi process start consuming RAM at a high rate sometimes thus occupying a big chunk of memory which ultimately leads to freezing of Pi software thus I have to kill the process in the mid of trading.
    I hope Zerodha team is working to resolve all these.

  126. pranav says:

    Congrats buddy….Zerodha rocks…

  127. Pranshu Bansal says:

    Congratulations Team Zerodha on moving to your new office!!! πŸ™‚

  128. vishyvishy says:

    I wish Kite starts working with MCX market ASAP

  129. vinod says:

    Zerodha always rocks.
    Nithin sir I salute your efforts
    Happy to be a Zerodha client.
    Thank you…

  130. manasa says:

    Any new indicators added in our updated version?

  131. Vedprakash says:

    Congrats Nitin, on the success of ur hard work !
    πŸ™‚ R u moving the fish tank too ?(had been to banergatta a long time ago)

  132. Vismadev Chatterjee says:

    Thanks for introducing us to the nextGen trading solutions. Keep up the good work. πŸ™‚

  133. Karthi K says:


    One question. I know out of topic. Is Rainmatter sister concern of Zerodha?

  134. Monojit Dutta Choudhury says:

    Just a request. Profit and Loss position in Admin Window should display Order Wise (Day Wise and Net Wise already there)

  135. Mohit Grover says:

    Congrats! Nithin & Team Zerodha.

  136. Karthi K says:


    Congrats. I’m happy for you.

    All the best for all your new initiatives πŸ™‚ Happy to be a Zerodha client.

  137. Akhilesh says:

    Woovv..Great Nithin and Zerodha team.
    I always hated the old web portal which was damn slow and less user friendly/intuitive.I hated even more since I am using Apple MAC system which has lot of issues with the webpage. But The new KITE webpage has just blew my mind.One word for you guys..AWESOME.:)

    Curiously waiting for the android KITE app!!

  138. rajesh kumar says:

    my respect to u nithin is increasing everyday….thanks fr all ur efforts …zerodha is always about customers and not about MONEY

  139. Naveen says:


    3min time frame is still not available in kite..

  140. amit jain says:



  141. ATUL says:



  142. Anand says:

    Congrats team zerodha…

  143. Aditya Sharma says:

    Congrats Zerodha team for the achievement. Being a Zerodha customer, I know you need not give any explanation about the negative publicity. At least I have full faith in you guys. And once again, my age old question – Any chance to launch Pi for Mac.


  144. Varun Agarwal says:

    Hi Nitin

    Congrats!! I am really happy for entire Zerodha Team. Its exciting and tremendous. I have seen the smear campaigns being carried out few stock brokers and infant during my evaluation stage of choosing broker, Sharekhan reduced the brokerages as soon as i mentioned Zerodha πŸ˜‰ But until then was holding onto 05 and 0.05.

    Now i call this as growth!! Mention of your company name makes Tiger (Sharekhan) become pussy cat. Anyways the fact that i am writing this at Zerodha would say which one i chose (read Zerodha) for obvious reasons.


  145. poulomi says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    Just wanted to check if there are any updates for the android app because its quite old fashioned compared to peers.


  146. prasad_p says:

    Hearty Congratulations for new office facility.

  147. Vinay Halli says:

    Hi Nitin and the Zerodha team. Congratulations on the new workplace.

    Wish you prosperity and success in all your endeavors.

  148. AC says:

    Nithin Congrats!

    Would like to see different tabs for market watch in Pi software like how the Nest Trader software has.

    Also it would be great if Pi is compatible with Mac & iOS

  149. sunita dahale says:

    make it more user friendly , like i prefer to work on Z5 than kites , at the same time Z5 goes blank(No flicker-no steaming -nothing ) for few minutes -second after every time interval of 12-19 minutes , jus overcome it .
    All the bests

  150. Harish says:

    Latest PI has bug which is regression, please fix.
    – Stochastic does not work with 15 min chat
    – Need hourly chat for 200 days at least.

  151. roy says:

    Great ! Way to go.

  152. selvaganesh says:

    Need a qualification requirements for zerodha carrer

  153. Ghansham says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Any plans to make Pi available for Mac platform


  154. Nithy says:

    Zerodha always rocks. Thank you

  155. Raveendra says:

    Very nice.. I use Mac n faced lot of issues