Account Opening Documentation & Charges

October 17, 2012
Open an Account


There are certain mandatory documents required while opening either Trading, Demat or Commodity account.

1.PAN Card (Permanent Account Number): You are required to provide a self attested photocopy of your PAN card.

2.Address Proof: Everything at Zerodha is online and all the information from us will be sent to you on your email. Even then, it is compulsory for you to provide us with an address proof.

You’d be required to provide proofs of correspondence and permanent address. Your correspondence and permanent addresses could either be same or different. If your correspondence address is different from your permanent address, then you’d have to give us a proof for each of the addresses.ย However, if you are already KYC compliant then PAN card and Address Proof is not required.

To get your account opened at Zerodha, you are required to courier us the Account opening forms. We would request you to give us your original documents like land line telephone bills, electricity bills, bank statements etc., as your proof of address. In case you are providing us your Passport/Driver’s License/AADHAR Card or any such document, we would appreciate if you could get such document notarized or signed by a gazetted officer. Regulators require us to ensure that none of the proofs you provide are forged and this process will help us ensure the same along with ensuring that your account gets opened faster.

The account opening instruction sheet has a detailed list of all documents that can be attached as address proof. Click here to download the Instruction Sheet for Equity or Commodities.

3. Aadhaar:ย You will have to fill your Aadhaar number in the application form as well as send us a self attested copy.

4. Income proof: To trade Futures & Options or to trade Commodities, Exchanges ask us to ensure that the client has some other source of Income/Networth. Hence if you want to trade these segments, you will be required to give us an Income proof or Networth Certificate. It could be Form-16, IT acknowledgement copy, 6-month Bank statement (will also act as an address proof), Stock Holding Statement, or the CA certifying your networth. This is a mandatory document for trading Derivatives today.

5. Photos: Passport size photos would be required to open an account. The number of photos required will depend on what kind of account you are opening.

6. Cancelled cheque : An original cancelled cheque is required to confirm your Bank Account and because it is an original document, it also ensures that we are complying completely with the exchange regulations. We would need one original cancelled cheque leaf and a cancelled cheque leaf would look something like this:

Cancelled Cheque Leaf

7. Charges for the account opening:

Update(9th December 2019):

  • If you are opening your account on or after 9th December 2019, you will be charged Rs. 200 for Equity account opening and Rs.300 if you open both Equity and Commodity account with us online.
  • If you wish to open your account offline then the charges will be Rs. 400 for Equity account opening and Rs.600 if you open both Equity and Commodity accounts.(To be paid via a cheque in favor of “Zerodha Broking Ltd.” for offline accounts)


Old charges:-

Trading account only (1 cheque in favor of “Zerodha”)

  • If you use our physical forms: Rs 300. If you print the forms yourself: Rs 200.

Trading and Demat account (1 cheques)

  • If you use physical forms: Rs 400 in favor of “Zerodha”. If you print the forms yourself: Rs 300 in favor of “Zerodha.” ย Annual maintenance charge (AMC) towards your demat account is Rs. 300/- which is payable at the end of the year.

Commodity Account only (1 cheque in favor of “Zerodha Commodities Pvt Ltd”)

  • If you use our physical forms: Rs 300. If you print the forms: Rs 200.


Welcome on board,


Your friendly neighborhood discount brokerage


  1. sibaprasaddash says:

    Dear Sir,

    1. Do you allow BSDA account at present ? if yes, then what amount i will have to pay as advanced AMC for a year when i first open the demat account.
    2. If i want the certified copies of the agreement, what will be the cost ? or you will send these digitally signed documents through emails.

    • Abhinav says:

      1. BSDA accounts whether they provide or not , upto 50,000 rs holding AMC is 0 and 50,000 – 2,00,000 its 100 rs.

      2. Yes they send Digitally Signed copies via email.

      • Aditya mungse says:

        Sir ,
        I didn’t open any account till and I want to open an trading account bt i want to open BSDA account so can I ?

        • Akshay.A says:

          Hi Aditya,
          Yes, we open BSDA account. Tick the option to avail BSDA facility on Pg.13 of the Trading & Demat account form.

          The break-up of AMC is as mentioned below:
          Up to RS 50,000 worth of stocks in your demat account no AMC.
          If it is more that Rs 50,000- Rs 200000 the AMC is RS 100.
          Above Rs. 200000 normal AMC will be applicable

          • SOUVIK DEY says:

            Sir, Recently i had opened a demat account in Zerodha, but i want to convert my account into BSDA.
            while opening an account i mistakenly put a tick mark on conventional demat ccount instead of BSDA.
            sir guide me how to convert my account into BSDA. is there any charge for converting?

          • CHARAN says:


          • Pavan Kumar says:

            Can you please help me in opening a NRE Demat A/c . am from UAE

      • arepalli koushik says:

        i want to open a demat and trading account for my mother. will there be a confirmation call as she cannot speak in english and is the cancelled cheque mandatory as my mother’s account does not have cheque facility. We live in warangal please provide us with the contact details.

        • Matti says:

          We would call to confirm the owner of the account. If you don’t have a cheque, you can also submit a passbook or 1-month bank statement with IFSC code, account number and name.

      • shyamal singha says:

        new zerodha account kaise khole

    • Jaikrishnan says:


      When stocks leave Demat account, for each stock, you are applying DP charges at zerodha. Agree, this is norm across all brokerage if you choose the basic demat plan. But other brokers also offer different plan options where in you can pay higher fee( instead of 250, we end up paying 1500), but no DP charges for every stock that moves out of Demat holdings. Unlimited delivery and sell, without any DP charges.

      Consider my case here at zerodha. I take delivery and sell on weekly basis on and average 20 stocks. imagine my DP charges alone rise upto 20000 per annum which is ridiculous to stomach.

      I urge you to open up other plans to your customers as well similar to the different options provided by other brokers. I hold account with motilal oswal, and i am on 1500 per year annual maintenance plan for demat, there is no DP charge for each transaction.
      I am eagerly waiting for your reply on this.

      • Matti says:

        Hey Jaikrishnan. At Zerodha, we’ve always believed in having just one pricing structure for all clients. It’s unlikely that this would change.

  2. KumarVinny says:


    • Harshad Govande says:


      I have read your brokerage plans and i must say it is very attractive….
      I have few question

      i want to open F&O, currency and commodity trading account. no Demat account

      i have HDFC bank account singly operated opened 3 years ago.
      is 6 months statement is enough for address proof as well as income proof??

      waiting for reply,



      • Yes Harshad, the same doc will act both for address and income proof.

        • Harshad Govande says:

          Thanx for your prompt reply,

          then total charges for opening of all trading account,
          and how can i pay to you?? by cheque??

          • If you print the forms it is Rs 200 + Rs 200 (equity F&O &CDS, Commodity), if you use our couriered forms it is Rs 300 + Rs 300. You can either send the cheque or use this gateway to make the payment (

            • Harshad Govande says:

              thanx for your reply.

              i have received your mail containing all forms and instructions regarding filling up of forms.
              i had also received call of your representative regarding form filling.
              thanx for that prompt response

              but you didn’t provide mailing address in your e-mail.
              please give your correspondence address.
              post submitting my forms will some person do physical verification??
              i already have demat account with HDFC sec.

              • Address: Zerodha, 175/176, 2nd Floor, Bannergatta Road, Bilekahalli, Bangalore – 560076. Ph: 080-49132020

                If you already have HDFC demat, there won’t be any need of In person verification.

            • sushil pathak says:

              Dear Sir
              I have completed online account opening forms & print completed form. i have paid opening chargs by net banking. Please tell me how many document are send with forms.

            • Deepak Sonawane says:

              Hi Nitin,

              Recently I have joined with zerodha family, 4 weeks before I have initiated online account opening process after that I have couriered all the require documents and got the receipt of delivery from zerodha.
              I have applied for both equity and commodity accounts my equity account is opened however till the time commodity account is not linked to my id. From last couple of weeks i am following up with customer care through online ticket, email and over the phone but every day I am only get response as your commodity segment will enable today and after 48 hours you will be able to see changes. Now I am afraid that if account opening related issue i have to follow up 3 weeks and not sure the deadline then what will happen in future if anything went wrong with my investment and to whom will take care of the responsibility to look into my future issues if happens any.

        • Shubham says:

          Nitin, I recently have applied for account opening at zerodha website, and to complete the registration I am required to submit the required documents via courier.
          But I don’t have cancelled check or (check book),as it is stated on the website. Can you please suggeat an alternative to this,or bank statements of 6 months shall do the work?

        • Gouranga Sarangi says:

          I have applied for trading and demat account on zerodha.
          But i did one mistake while applying through online that I attached my password protected account statement instead of normal account statement.
          Could you please advise if any problem comes in the account opening process.

          • Zerodha Social says:

            Gouranga, someone from our team will be in touch with you when your application is processed. You can share an unlocked version of the bank statemen then.

        • Tushar says:

          Sir,I only want to trade in equity and want to keep the stocks for long tym is it necessary to open an demat account ?

        • amit2018 says:

          i want to open account for equity and f&o,here zerodha demand 6month bank statement for F&o.
          Is THERE any minimum monthly average Balance required during 6 month,OR any other conditions required for 6month bank statement??
          PLS reply ASAP i am waiting to open Account.

    • viky says:

      my bank account is four months old so i have only 4 months bank statement is it enough to open bank statement

  3. Deepak says:

    i have demat and trading account in kotak securities and commodities, if i open demat and trading account here what will be the account opening charges, and brokerage charges, i want to trade in equity, f&o, currency, mcx give me whole detail

    • Deepak,

      Brokerage : Rs 20 per executed order irrespective of quantity, scrip, equity, F&O, currency or commodity. We also give a benefit of 0.01% or Rs 20 whichever is lower for intraday and 0.1% or Rs 20 whichever is lower for delivery based trades, if your equity turnover is less.

      Account opening: Trading 300, Commodity 300, Demat 300. Rs 100 waived off in case you print the forms for trading and commodity

      AMC, nothing for trading and commodity, Rs 400 for Demat

      • Ravi says:


        I had Demat and Trading Account with HDFC Securities… I would like to open trading Account with you..Can i link my Demat and My Bank Account with your trading Account…


        • Yes you can link the bank account for fund transfer/withdrawal.

          You can also link the demat acccount, no issues trading F&O. But if you are trading equity delivery, you will be able to buy stocks which will be sent to your demat, but once it is in your HDFC demat, you will have to sell it using HDFC securities itself.

          • Sreenivas Doosa says:

            Dear Nithin Kamanth,

            Here is the answer I have been searching for the question, what happens if we link our already existing Dmat account to Zerodha trading account.? You clearly answered it once the stocks are transferred to Dmat account we can sell them only through the broker channel that belongs to Dmat account. Your answer is very transparent and highly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

            • Jayesh says:

              I have Dp with sharekhan,can i trade (Intraday-Not delivery) with zerodha ?
              if yes what documents i have to produce I ahve already Fno and Comodity trading a/c with Zerodha.
              only my sharekhan dp id if isend to you it will link with same sharekhan dp id?


      • amarendra.patel says:

        Hi Nitin,

        I wanted to transfer my shares from SBICAPSEC to Zerodha. What is the process. Please guide

  4. Shiny Khan says:

    What are the charges for demat and remat?

  5. rajiv says:

    i simple question ?
    if suppose i am using your demat account purchased 100 shares of sesa goa at the rate of 200 on delivery base. and after 1 year i sold all of them for rs 300 each. here you charge brokrage of 97.18 rupees. But what are the demat charges other then amc.

    • Hanan says:

      Demat charge for Delivery based sale transactions is Rs. 8 per scrip (irrespective of quantity). Additionally, you have to pay Rs. 5 per scrip to NSDL and service tax. All of this adds up to Rs. 14 apart from brokerage and other charges.

      • Usha says:

        is the demat charge applicable only on sale?.. also is my understanding right that there is no brokerage on purchase or sale of delivery based transactions.. ?

  6. Suresh Kumar says:

    Can my Father use my bank account to trade?

  7. Suresh Kumar says:

    Thanks for the prompt reply.Yeah I can do that. But, he has sbh account and ibanking is not activated on it. Is it not possible even if I join as a co-holder?

    • Yes Suresh, if you are a joint account holder and your fathers name appears on the cheque leaf along with yours, it can be.

      • rafik says:

        dear nithin

        Can you subbrokership (i mean ap) free of cost

        i have too clients, already i do my business in coimbatore but there is only classical brokerages so i cant provide brokerage to my clients like zerotha

        please contact me


  8. Suresh Kumar says:

    Ok. Anyways..thats what I asked. If I opena join account with Zerodha with him..and I m second holder/nominee. I can use my bank account in account opening form?

    • Suresh,

      A trading account is always opened in an individuals name, there is no concept of second holder or nominee (both second holder and nominee are only for demat account). So yes your fathers trading account can be mapped to your bank account, provided your father is the joint holder of your bank account, and his name appears on the statements and the cheque leaf.


  9. Gopi Lingamgunta says:

    To start a trading and demat account, what is the minimum amount I should have in my bank. If I have little amount can I do only stock trading and demat.

  10. kiran @2014 says:


    I have a salary account with ICICI bank. While opening the account, they provided me with an instant welcome kit. As a result of which, my name is not printed on the cheques provided by them.
    Please reply whether if I am eligible to apply for opening a trading account by providing cancelled cheque without my name printed on it.

  11. Roky Patel says:

    I wanna open demat account ( I have trading acct with Zerodha) , i haveprinted the form and will send it via courier (same as i did for trading account) . Do i need to attach cancelled cheque? Also, is charge for Demat 400 or 300?

  12. ANAND KUMAR says:

    Dear sir i want to open a demat account in zerodha for that what should i have to do….

  13. prasad says:

    can we link 2 bank accounts to trading account? for fund transfer to trading account

  14. pralhad531 says:

    I want to add 2nd bank account to my trading account. What shall I do?

  15. paul john says:

    i want to trade in futures segment so is it req to open a demat account…if not what is the total cost add up to be …….
    more over i am not working …will 6 months bank account statement be enough .what is the min balance or any other criteria u look out for in the bank statements…

  16. umadevi says:

    If I have funds available in NSE and If I want to trade in MCX. Will you allow me to trade?

  17. RS3359 says:

    what is the procedure for closing the trading and d-mat account,how can i get all document ?

    • Documents are not given back, but u can send us a written request asking to close your account. Send one for trading and another for demat. Closing for any reason that we can fix for you or just generally?

  18. Mohamed Mohideen says:

    Hi Nithin

    I’m an NRI
    My barrage of questions are as below:-

    1. Please confirm whether self attested copies of these documents will be suffice for intended purposes

    PAN Card (Self attested)
    Passport Copy (Self attested) – for Proof of Identity
    Latest (Month of June) Original Bank Statement (Commercial Bank, Qatar) – for Proof of Correspondence
    Ration Card (Self attested) – for Proof of Permanent address in Chennai

    2. At the time of opening my NRE – savings account with Indusind bank, they issued a cheque book with account no printed alongside my name, but by a directive dated in the year 2012, they changed the alphanumeric account nos. with new numeric ones, so my cheque leafs will be with old account no but actually I am practically using my new account nos for all my transaction. Will that be suffice if I attach Cancelled cheque to you as it is bearing old account no or do I need to apply to bank for new cheque book issuance reflecting new account nos.

    Note: Bank is still clearing my cheques with old no.

    3. In regard to Power of Attorney, please note here in Indian embassy they are having their own standard forms and we need to fill the blanks and sign it in front of official which he will endorse, Could you please confirm whether I can sign it along with witness and send it across your format without embassy endorsement or can I use standard format for PoA with embassy attestation?

    4. I am not going to involve in commodities, do I need to send 6 months bank statement as proof of my income?

    Hope to receive your clarification at the earliest

    • Mohamed Mohideen says:

      Please clarify above queries

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Hi Mohamed,

      Before answering your questions, its imperative to know whether you’d like to trade in only the Equity segment or the F&O segment too because the documentation would change accordingly. On the assumption that you are looking at trading only in the Equity segment here are the answers to the queries you’ve raised:

      1. Self attested copies will suffice if you are in India while opening your account and one of our executives is meeting you for this purpose. Else you’d have to get the account opening documents attested by the Embassy where you are residing.

      2. For now Zerodha has a tie up with HDFC, Axis & we will be able to service you only if you have a PIS account in one of these banks. We are expanding the number of banks but for now you’d have to have a PIS with either Axis or HDFC. We could help you with the account opening at one of these banks if you wish to.

      3. The PoA that you sign is a limited PoA which allows Zerodha to debit shares in case you sell stock from Demat. We are not sure what the PoA as provided by the Indian embassy would contain. We would require you to sign the PoA in the format as prescribed by us.

      4. For now NRI’s can’t trading in Commodities and hence this is ruled out. No need of sending 6 month bank statement.

      If you are looking at trading in the F&O segment too, please note that the documentation is different and you’d have to obtain a CP code for which the procedure is different too.

      Please get in touch if you have any other queries.

  19. Mohamed Mohideen says:

    Thanks Venue for prompt and detailed response

    For starting up, I will be involved in equity only and let us see f&o in future.

    For attestations I will go ahead with embassy in qatar or notary in india as I probably come to India for couple of days.

    In regard to PIS account please note I was involved in equity during the year 2009 by opening account with icicidirect and they had opened PINS and NON PINS, I do trade some shares very shortly, sold remaining shares and discontinued due to other commitments. Now if I apply for PIS from Axis bank, can I open it straight away? I didnt even accessed my icici account for the past 4 years. Please assist me in opening PIS from Axis

    Also clarify whether I can’t use my indus Ind account to fund my zerodha account ad I mentioned Indus Ind account in zerodha and ILFS forms

    Mohamed Mohideen

    • Mohamed Mohideen says:

      Dear Venu

      Please respond for above

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Hi Mohamed,

      As mentioned earlier, there wouldn’t be any fund transfer that you do to your Zerodha trading account. You’d have to maintain a PIS account with Axis/HDFC bank and the bank would report margins to us based on which we would set your trading limits. You’d have to do all withdrawals/deposits to this PIS account of yours.

      Do send me an email at [email protected] with your contact details and I’ll get someone from Axis bank to contact you and assist with your PIS account opening for trading.

      • Mohamed Mohideen says:

        Dear Venu

        I haven’t received call/mail from Axis Bank to open PIS account

        Nevertheless I am feeling much hindered in the documentation requirement for an NRI to start trading.

        What I am hoping is to make my wife open a normal savings bank account in order to proceed with other formalities with Z and ILFS to open demat account on her name

        Please confirm to me whether this is acceptable to tax authorities in India, since I am a working non-resident and she being a home maker staying with me as a non-resident in Qatar without any source of income for her, could able to explore this option.

        I will transfer for eg., 10-15K INR to her account on monthly basis and that will be invested in equities

        Will proceed on this immediately upon your response

        • Mohamed Mohideen says:

          Dear Venu / Nitin

          Please clarify my query, I wish to invest ASAP
          Can I open a normal resident savings account for my wife with SBI / Axis bank in order to transfer and start trading.
          She is with me in Qatar and she is non-working, non earning member
          Her account will be funded from my account only
          Mohamed Mohideen

  20. Can a student open a demat + trading account with you..?

      • manoj kumar pandey says:

        If I send a cancelled cheque with my name printed on it.. Do I still need to send 6 month bank statement..? I am having a axis bank saving account but it is only one week older..

        • Manoj, the requirement for 6 month bank statement is as income proof for trading on derivatives. If you don’t have it for Axis bank, you can send it for any other bank account for which you have, you can also send DP statement with stocks on it, your ITR acknowledgement receipt or your Form 16.

          • manoj kumar pandey says:

            It means Cheer’s ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Hariom says:

            Dear Nitin

            I want my daughter to open trading account with zerodha to learn trading.She is a college student and not earning yet.I plan to transfer some amount in her bank account.She would trade only in equities.She will not trade in Derivative segment.
            Is it possible to open her account because she won’t be able to provide income proof.Please reply

          • HARI OM MISHRA says:

            I want my daughter to open trading account with zerodha to learn trading.She is a college student and not earning yet.I plan to transfer some amount in her bank account.She would trade only in equities.She will not trade in Derivative segment.
            Is it possible to open her account because she wonโ€™t be able to provide income proof.Please reply

  21. Heba Shine says:

    I opened demat account with ILFS on 17/1/2012. Till now paid Rs 1350 as AMC charge and Zerodha and ILFS confirmed i have paid AMC till Dec 2014. Now zerodha is saying i have AMC dues. I already made a complain and the ticket number is 790826. ILFS is sending me a total bill from which i am not able to make out what is the AMC amount i have to pay. Since there is no clarity and this issue is pending for long time Nitin please help…


    Heba Shine

    • Hanan says:

      Heba, yes, there’s some confusion about AMC and DP charges combined in the IL&FS bill that is sent to you. We’re in talks with them to have this changed at the earliest.

      In the meantime, I’d like to assure you that you need to pay only your AMC which is Rs. 400 every year (plus taxes). If this is paid, don’t worry about it. If you have paid additionally, it’ll get adjusted with your next billing cycle, so you don’t have to worry about it.

    • Heba,

      Will get someone from ILFS to get back to you on this asap. If there any queries on AMC, you can address it directly to [email protected]

  22. Kid@Trading says:


    Just small suggestion, also I don’t know whether its correct location to report this or not. Anyways main motive is to get thing correct.

    It gives different understanding from charges section for Service tax “12% on Brokerage+Transaction Charge”

    In simple words or math, I read this as (example brkg : 580 and TC : 740)
    12/100 * 580 + 740 = 809.6
    But this is not the actual calculation as told by customer care staff.

    So, I would like to rectify on web page as “12% on (Brokerage+Transaction Charge) which means
    12/100 * (580 + 740) = 158.4

    I know its prospective to see the expression but by just placing () braces the information is more clear and accurate without any assistance.

    Maybe you will laugh but still if you have done maths then you can understand the difference from silly mistake to perfect without any error.

    Please take care when you update the website, its small thing but I will highly appreciate you if you consider this.


  23. Manoj Pandey says:

    Received mails from zerodha about my forms and attachments are correct and verified.. I want to know how much time it takes to open a demat account after verification.. Does it take more than 20 working days.. ?

  24. viki says:

    . I want to know how much time it takes to open a demat account after verification

  25. manoj kumar pandey says:

    It is more then 30 days and my demat account is still not opened.. Your application tracker shows my demat account opening projected date 12-aug-2014.
    i was suggested to wait for 12 hours but after 7 days nothing happened..

  26. A.J. says:

    Hi Nithin,

    My documents were received by your team on 13th August. My demat account is still not opened . Could you please let me know the ~app. date when I am able to use my demat account.

    Also, have dropped a mail to Sandeep. i will really appreciate your help in this matter


  27. Durga Prasad says:

    Dear Mr. Nithin,

    I would like to open trading account with Zerodha but I don’t want use my existing accounts as fund transfer accounts and I like to open new saving account with other bank to link with trading account. Request you to inform about the procedure and also mention which bank have good compatibility with zerodha.

  28. ashok says:

    I am Ashok,
    I want to open account with Zerodha but i have a doubt regarding what are all accounts have to be opened for only Equity online trading.
    Can any one suggest me regarding this

  29. Ram Prabhu says:

    Nithin, I got my applications through courier . I am bit confused in filling the forms. Can I just sign it and send it across to u so that u can complete the rest of the process .

  30. Ram Prabhu says:

    I have sent all the documents yesterday . I asked them about the total time to process the demat account . The answer was 15 to 20 working days.. I am not satisfied with the answer. In website it says 4 to 7 days ..

    • Ram, Trading account will opened within 2 working days. Demat if all your documents is in place, will definitely be opened in 7 working days. Will speak to the account opening team on this today.

      • Ram Prabhu says:

        Please see the reply from you team today Ticket #672889 . “We regret for the inconvenience, but due to the change in demat account procedure with IL&FS it will take so much time.”

      • Ram prabhu says:

        Nithin its been one month and still I have received my Demat account . Is it still being processed ?. I have submitted all my documents clearly.

      • Ram Prabhu says:

        Nithin you are awesome . I am able to access my demat now . Thank you so much ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. manoj kumar pandey says:

    Whats wrong with login..??
    after login, at 35% it asks to continue and after clicking the continue box it only stucks with 35%..

    • The first time you are trying to login to ZT, it might take a while at 35%, because this is when it is downloading the over 50000 stocks and F&O contracts that trade on the exchange. From the second time, it is quite fast.

  32. Pankaj says:

    Hello Nithin,

    I have been tracking your responses here. I m really impressed with the speed and accuracy of resolving the matter. i have two queries.

    1. i want to open a trading account with Zerodha in my wife’s name. She is already trading with IIFL. But for opening a trading account with Zerodh, i want to open a new bank account and give the details of it to Zerodha. But for trading in F&O section, there is requirement of 6-month account statement. So please suggest me what to do, as my wife mainly trade in &O and Currency section. For your info, i have a filed my IT eturn till FY 2011-12. Will that IT return will do the case for you.

    2. I also have a HUF in my name. I am going to open a bank account in its name sooner. Further, i would like to open a trading account with Zerodha for HUF. But again the 6-month account statement issue will be there as i will mainly be active in F&O and Currency segment.

    Hope to see your reply soon.

    Thanks & Regards

    • 1. You can give your wife’s older bank account 6 month details. It is not mandatory that you should give 6 months from the same account that you are linking for trading. If she has stocks in her IIFL demat, even a copy of the demat holding should be good enough.

      2. For the HUF, you could ask your CA to give a networth certificate, that should be enough. There is no minimum requirement of networth, it could be as little as Rs 1000.

  33. Pralhad Raut says:

    Thanks. Does it have to be personalised cheque?


  34. Rakesh Kumar Panda says:

    hi, i have opened an salary account in ICICI bank i received the kit and after that i transfer my money to that account after 7 days now i m not able to do any transection as account is freeze and process is going on its almost 7+4 dayzz…my account has been opened…scanning process is still going onn…please help

  35. sivaranjani says:

    whether Zerodha Pi trading platform will provide Historicao EOD data, historical IEOD data if so how much historical data will be provided for both EOD & IEOD. In addition to above whether option data is provided wit OI.

    • We are looking at providing upto 50000 candles of historical data. So if you are looking at a 1 min chart, 50000 1 min candles, and if you are looking at 1 hour chart, 50000 1 hour candles. There is no historical OI data.

  36. Dhiraj Narang says:

    I wish to open a demat cum trading account with zerodha, I am already doing trading with sas online, now I have some queries like : do u allow trading in penny stocks which are less than Rs.2/- and which comes in t2t or z or be or bz category, secondly is trade alert sms is paid, and if I sell 4000 shares at 20 paise each what will be the selling charges and how much amount will be credited to my trading account if you can explain the selling charges except brokerage charges, and if I purchase shares through your company will these shares be kept in your pool / beneficiary account or it will be automatically transferred to my dp account and will it be free of cost or transferring of shares after purchasing thru zerodha to my dp is chargeable and at the time of account opening will witness column being filled by your or have to be filled by us, and do i transfer margin money after opening the account and trading shares in bse does charge extra through nest

    • 1. Penny stocks yes
      2. Yes trade alert SMS is payable. But exchanges send you something end of the day for free
      3. When you buy shares, it automatically goes to DP(never kept in pool) free of cost. When you sell, other than brokerage there is a DP charge which is a flat fee of Rs 13 irrespective of much you have sold from your demat.
      4. You can have someone around you fill up the witness signatures. But make sure it is done on all the pages.
      5. Yes you can transfer money after opening the account. There is no extra charge for trading on NSE, BSE, or MCX-SX

      • Dhiraj Narang says:

        but can I open the account under bsda scheme bcz initially my invest is less but surely it will be increased gradually and is there any diwali offer.
        plz ask any of your sales person to guide me in process

  37. Dhiraj Narang says:

    thanks for your reply , may i know the restrictions and yesterday i had filled a online form by my mother”s name Sheela Narang.

  38. yash says:

    can i tread in F&O segment without income proof ? B’cos i m a student.

  39. Shaik Mahmood says:


    I filled all the given and required forms and submitted along with the documents specified to open a trading account on saturday dated 25/10/2014 at your sales office. I received three emails this evening on with login Password. However, there is a email asking for me to submit income proof and states my documents have been returned due to incomplete proof. I gave a soft copy of my 6 months bank statement. Can someone please look into this.

    Thanks and Regards

  40. Viji Thomas says:

    Whats meant by original bank statement? In the case of new generation banks, the statement is always e mailed to us. Is a printed copy of that (6months) is enough for income proof? Or it needed to be attested?

  41. Nihar says:

    I had sent a mail on some quarries I had on the a/c opening form on 2/11/2014 to [email protected]. Hv not got a reply todate. Can some1 pls clarify.

  42. Neera says:


    I opened an account with Zerodha about two weeks back and last saturday, I got the KYC acknowledgement letter as well as the DEMAT welcome email. But my account status at is still showing as KYC pending and I am not able to trade on NSE or BSE.

    Kindly let me know what is the issue.

    PS: I called up your office numbers just now and no one is picking up. Based on my initial expectations, that was kind of disappointing.


  43. priya says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    I am basically Housewife and doing trading in F&O (Not investment). I dont have any regular income. so how can i open a Trading account with Zerodaha? I have a Bank statement for 6 months but i kept my saving money only in the account.. will that help?


  44. Mohamed Mohideen says:

    I am almost done with opening PIS account with Axis bank
    but they need the following details for broker and DP
    Please provide the same ASAP for me to proceed with this

    Stock Broker Information:
    Broker Name –
    Broker Address –
    Contact person –
    Email –
    Tel No –
    Fax No –
    Mobile –

    Depository Participants
    DP Name –
    DP ID –
    Client ID –
    DP Address –
    Contact Person –
    Email –
    Tel No –
    Fax No –
    Mobile –

    Mohamed Mohideen

    • roker Name – Zerodha
      Broker Address – #175/176, 2nd Floor, Bannerghatta Main Road, Bilekehalli, Bangalore 560076
      Contact person – Pawan Tripathi
      Email- [email protected]
      Tel No. – 08040402020

      Depository Participant-
      DP Name: IL&FS Securities Services limited
      DP ID: IN300095
      Client Id: This detail can be obtained after opening your demat account
      DP Address: L&FS Securities Services Ltd.,IL&FS House Plot No.14,,Raheja Vihar, Chandivali,,Andheri (E), Mumbai – 400 072
      Contact Person: H.Dharamaraj
      Email [email protected]
      Tel No- 08043464008

  45. gaurav.alw says:

    I have recently opened Trading account with Zerodha and wanted to open Demat account also. I have enquired about the documentation with the customer care and they have mentioned that they will send me all the details on my email ID, however I have not yet received any details and a week’s time has already passed away. Same issue I have observed while opening the trading account. Should that the service I expect from Zerodha?

  46. Srini.K says:

    HI ..I wanna open a Trading account. Pan , Aadhar , Photos and 6 months Bank statement along with a cheque for Rs.200 is enough or shall I have to send a crossed cheque too .. Can I go to nearest support center of Zerodha – Vijayawada A.P to open an account ??


  47. Rico says:

    Dear Sir,

    Regarding opening PIS account with Axis, from a Zerodha operational point of view, is there a preferred Axis branch in Mumbai or can it be any Axis branch in Mumbai?


  48. Hari says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Can you pls suggest a contact person and tel no./email at Zerodha who is competent to open a trading account with Zerodha and where the PIS (NRE & NRO) is with Axis and the Demat account is with ILFS.


  49. Mahalaxmi says:

    For opening a Trading and demat account.

    1. Pan card with self attestation.
    2. Address proof : Voter ID
    3. Photo
    4. Two Cancelled cheques

    Will those enough??

  50. vasundhara says:

    I wanna open commodity trading account with zerodha…but I wanna need clarifications as stated below:-

    1. Will my self-attested PAN CARD, ADHAAR Card and MTNL landline bill is sufficient for photo identity and address proof.

    2. I will print commodity a/c.opening form, dully filled and signed and also courier with above attested proof docs alongwith cheque of Rs.200/- to your banglore HO so after receipt on how many days ma account get opened wihout any hassles of giving webcam interviews etc?

    3. Which trading software will be given to me apart from NEST & NOW?

    4. My latest snap in passport size is not formal one. Will that do?

    Awaiting replies from your end asap…Kind Regards/Vasundhara.

    • 1. Yes.
      2. If you form comes to us correctly (with no signatures missing), we will open the account within 24 hours.
      3. NEST, and very soon our new in house platform Pi.
      4. Yep.

      • Vasundhara says:

        Hi NK,

        Appreciate your prompt response. Just now I checked Pi software video, as its features & functionalities are quite similar to Trade Tiger (software, I am using currently for EQ & FnO)

        Pls. note that I have filled and signed your commodity forms as guided in instruction sheet in which it was mentioned that webcam interview will be taken… is it so?? please confirm becoz my kid while playing ball has damaged my webcam n its not working…

        Thanks and kind regards/Vasundhara

        • Webcam verification is for IPV(in person verification). If you have a sharekhan account, my guess is that you are already KRA compliant, in which case you don’t need to do the IPV once again. Our account opening team will check this once we receive the forms.

  51. vasundhara says:

    You got right I am having sharekhan a/c. & already KRA Compliant which is only for equities/F&O and not for commodities which I intend to start with u.

  52. vasundhara says:

    So that means no webcam verifications will b done again …kindly confirm to enable me to proceed with mcx a/c opening with zerodha.

  53. revanth says:

    sir ,
    i want both trading and demat account , but the problem is iam a student and i doesnt have a cheque book . i have sbi bank account and they said that they are not giving any cheque books to students . is that the cheque book is mandatory for trading and demat acc ???? i have any alternative ????????

  54. revanth says:

    payment through neft ?????

  55. Amaresh says:

    I want to open Demat and trading account with Zerodha. I have very little knowledge about share trading and all. I live in Patna,Bihar. I have all the documents that are needed to open account. Can I work with you?

  56. Shivam says:

    Hi, Would a crossed check(A/C payee) work for you?

  57. Rahul says:

    I have few questions :

    1) What’s the difference between opening one Demat account in HDFC and using it for both HDFC securities and Zeroda and opening one each for the two trading accounts?

    2) I had closed my previous account 8 months back. I don’t have a lot of funds in my present account although being a year old. I do have about 20,000 and I’ll be adding more funds, but it has also come as low as a 100rs. few times in the past 6 months. Is it still ok for opening a F&O account?

    3)I do understand the restriction that at any time, net shouldn’t cross 2lakhs, but otherwise, what is the procedure to make the demat account into a BSDA one?

    4)How’s the Zerodha iphone app functioning?

  58. Rahul says:

    Adding to my previous list;

    5) So ideally, it will take about week to 10 days for Demat account to open, after which I can start trading. Is it not?

    • 5. You can start trading equity intraday and F&O (intraday and overnight)immediately (trading account takes 1 day time). Demat can take upto 10 days, so yes delivery based trading in 10 days.

  59. SONU MITTAL says:



    • 1. Yes for now we have a tie up with ILFS for DP, but we are in the process of getting one.
      2. No, we have charged it for all our 50,000 + clients.
      3. As long as you have access to internet, we can serve clients anywhere in the country.
      4. Yes, we have an instant payment gateway for SBI, so that works.

      • sonu says:

        in reference to ques no 2, AMC fees for demat a/c are charged on calendar year basis or financial year basis ? please clarify if i open a demat with you now, when will my amc period commence ? how do you calculate it ?

        if i open a trading plus demat a/c with you, how much will i be charged ?

        hoping for a early reply………

  60. mrinal says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have demat account with sharekhan.What is the procedure to transfer it to Zerodha.Also what wil be the charges for transferring all my shares.

    • You will have to open a new demat account with us. Once that is done, mention this on the DP slip that sharekhan would have given you. Give this slip to Sharekhan and the shares should get credited to your demat with us in 24 hours.

      • mrinal says:

        i have bought some mutual fund through sharekhan. Since zerodha doesn’t support mutual fund,can i transfer the mutual funds from my demat account to respective banks. For ex i have SBI mutual funds,so if i open an online sbi mutual fund account can I transfer the mutual fund over there.

        • Mrinal, depends on how you bought the mutual fund. If the mutual fund is sitting in your demat account (i.e you bought it using NSE MFSS or BSE Star MF), then yes you can transfer. But if it is bought not through the exchange, it is a little tricky. You will have to speak to Sharekhan to find out the exact process for this. We at Zerodha are looking at offering mutual fund in the next 3 months.

  61. TraderZ says:

    Is the demat account you provide, maintained by some other company? I saw the name il&fs on the demat form. Do they charge for each of my transaction differently from you? In their form, in the end, they ask to give them authority to “debit my account on 25th of every billing month”. Are they debiting from my bank account? What is this debit for and why?

    What is rejection charges 35Rs 500gms Please explain this.

  62. RAVI KUMAR says:

    SIR,in the account opening form there are too many spaces asking ‘CLIENT ID’ what is to be filled in them?

  63. ashish gupta says:

    I am a student..can I start trading with zerodha.

  64. Sridevi says:


    I am from Hyderabad and I want to start trading/Investment in market. What accounts I need to open with you. One is trading account and how about demat account. Is this mandatory to open. In intraday trading how much leverage you are providing. (ICICI is providing 5times). What are the account opening charges, AMC, etc. What documents I need to submit to you. I do not having any income proof, becoz I will trade with my husband’s money. Pls give me more details. (looking for best brokerage firm)

  65. hussini mubarak says:


    I am currently trading with geojit and has holdings, and i would like to open an a/c (trading and demat) in zerodha. Is it possible to transfer those shares to the new demat. If so how??

    • Yes Hussini you can transfer. Once you open a demat with us, mention our Demat account details on the delivery slip that Geojit would have given you. Submit this slip back to Geojit, they will transfer the shares to the new demat within 24 hours.

  66. Mahendra says:

    Hello Nithin,

    I have a query regarding the “Electronic Clearing Service (Debit Clearing) Form” that is a part of the Application Kit which was sent to me.

    At the bottom of the page, just before the client signature column, a sentence states as follows: “I hereby instruct you to debit my account on 25th day of every billing month.”

    Could you please clarify as to what exactly does the above stated sentence mean? What would be the need to debit my account every month when i would already have balance in my trading account? Or, is it something else? Please clarify this. I need to sign the application and send it back to your office, once i get the clarity. Thanks in Advance.

    • Venu Madhav says:

      The purpose of the ECS is to take an authorisation from you to debit your AMC charges once in a period of 6 months. The demat charges may either be debited from your bank account (ECS Authorisation) or from your trading account (Next sheet which iss “Authorisation to debit Demat account operating charges”)

      Since your trading account’d be with Zerodha, you can choose to sign the Voluntary page and ignore the ECS page.

  67. Anup mishra says:

    I have opened a new S/B account with SBI. Can I use the same to link with my new trading account( which I am about to open with u guys)?

  68. Ashish says:

    Suppose I open a Trading account with you and don’t use it for a year. Will it attract any charges, is there any min time in which you have to do 1 trade.
    Also are there any yearly charges if I don’t do a single trade in a year.

    The reason I am asking is this is the first time I will be trading so I dont know how many trades i will make.

  69. hopejd says:

    I and my friend want to start a joint account (Both trading and Demat)

    My questions are

    1. Should we have a joint bank account for this or use the existing separate account
    2. Whether we have to visit in person to your office to start this, We are from Kochi.
    3. I have already a demat account with ICICI Direct Can i transfer the holding to the new joint account.
    Thank you….

    • 1. Yes you should have a joint bank account.
      2. Not required to meet anyone personally. This can be done online, but you will have to print the forms, sign, attach all the documents and courier back to us.
      3. yes you can.

  70. mahendra says:

    And by the way..i have got the Demat ID from IFSL but on my trader it is showing as pending

  71. mahendra says:

    My DP ID : IN300095…I want to know if it has been integrated with my trading account or not..I am unable to find the BSE and NSE dropdown option in Zerodha Trader software..only NFO is currently available…

  72. monk says:


    Can I participate in IPOs/FPOs using Zerodha account


  73. Goura says:

    I am using india infoline demat and trading account. They are charging Minimum monthly DP charges(including monthly AMC) of Rs.45/- which increases depending on trade and brokerage of 0.5% for delivery and 0.05% for intraday. I want to know what you charge on these.

  74. Asif says:

    I have bank account with sbi and pan card ,can i open trading account with it?
    I am new to trading please guide me in detail.


  75. suvojit ganguly says:

    hi sir,
    i am a student and i have no source of income…can i open a demat and trading account?
    i have a sbi savings a/c..
    plz help

  76. tarun kumar saroch says:

    Nithin sir i m having trading and commodity account of zerodha from last 2years but now i wana open a demat account with zerodha, can u explain is there any single form for demat account opening and how it will link with my trading account and what are current charges if u can provide me link.thanku

  77. Sundar says:

    I have trading account in Zerodha, I would like to open a demat account too. Is there any separate account opening form for Demat to link with my existing trading accont ?

    Can I trade options (holdings-not intraday) only using trading account or demat account is required if the options trade is not a intraday? Please Help. Thanks.

  78. Vaibhav says:

    I still didnot get your charges for trading. I dont have Demat and Trading account. I am planning to open it. Can you clarify what charges Zerodha will take for each trade and for opening trading and Demat accounts.

  79. RAVI KUMAR says:

    SIR, I want to open an online trading and demat account with Zerodha and want to trade only in equity intraday/delivery .
    Is the income proof is necessary?

    plz answer

  80. smohamma says:

    Hi Nithin

    Is it possible that I Open Trading+Demat & commodity account with Zerodha and link those to my Sister HDFC’s account ?

  81. satya singh says:

    I want trading + demat a/c on zerodha, so I needed, 1 cancelled cheque + 1 cheque [Rs 300] + 1cheque [Rs 500] . Right ??

  82. RS6006 says:

    Hi nitin,

    Why arent there Good Till Cancel and E-margin options. Should be gr8 if you include them.

  83. Ragavendran says:

    I have submitted my documents and my trading account was opened yesterday. I was told that it will take 20 days to open demat account. Can you please get it done quicker if possible?
    My login id is DR2952.

  84. Kailash Gupta says:

    Sir, My client id is blocked. Pl tell me how I can unlock it.

  85. RS6006 says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Who coded the trading terminal and PI. Your employees or omneyses tech. If you have to add new options to terminal, who will add them ??

  86. grace says:

    im house wife and i want to trade. as i dont have salary slip how can i proceed further. my husband is working and i want to use this amount for trading. pl guide

    • You can send your 6 months bank statement or else open the account in the name of your husband.

      • smohamma says:

        same as Grace, my sister does not but having account (active) in PNB and recently she opened in HDFC, she doesn’t have personalized cheque too. Please advise as she wants to use HDFC for Trading but the account is new. So which statement she has to provide and she does not have earning then what proof she needs to show. She has one joint account with her husband in PNB also.

        • If she doesn’t have a personalized cheque, attach a bank statement of HDFC along with the cancelled cheque, it doesn’t matter even if the account is new. She can show the 6 months bank statement in PNB for income proof.

  87. hussini mubarak says:

    I like to open trading a/c with you , but i have already an account with geojit, is it possible to link the zerodha trading a/c with the demat of geojit a/c, i have got shares in that and not intend to sell those shares , so what to do?? which demat you are providing in zerodha,

    Whats the solution for this, having two demat will make me pay AMC for both, the details of demat in geojit of mine is :
    Sole Holder



    Please Nominate








    [email protected]

    Please get me an answer for this

    • Hussini, if you don’t intend to sell the shares that you have bought, you can link the Geojit demat with Zerodha trading account. So when you buy shares, it gets delivered to Geojit demat, but you will have to sell this only using Geojit. Will get someone to write back.

  88. HD says:

    I wish to open account with you.
    My Axis bank account is just 2 months old. I have a welcome kit.
    I want to link this Axis bank account with my trading account.
    I do have another bank account in UBI, for which i could easily provide 6 months bank statement.
    I will provide cancelled cheque of Axis bank.
    So, would it be possible if I provide UBI’s statement as a income proof and link my Axis bank for trading purpose?

    • vikas says:


      Good that you decided to open account with Zerodha. I am client since last 9 mnths and very happy customer.
      what i suggest is first open account with UBI and then later on add Axis bank as another bank to link.
      As far as I know Zerodha does provide multiple link bank accounts.
      Enjoy trading life with zerodah in coming days and have discipline approach for trading.


    • HD, yes you can give UBI’s statement for income and link Axis bank account for trading purpose.

  89. Abhisekh Mitra says:

    Can I submit DEMAT holding statement of equity share worth of Rs.20000 INR as a income proof for opening trading account with F&O & MCX?

    Please let me know.


  90. Surajsingh Rajput says:

    Is it a requirement that the cancelled cheque and 6-months account statement to be of the same account? If the answer is No then what are the minimum number of transactions made in the past 6 months or any minimum balance maintained during this period?

    The thing is I have a one year plus old bank account with cheque book but I rarely used it and I have another bank account which I use regularly but without a cheque book.

    • No, they need not be the same.

      You can give the 6 months statement from what you use actively for income proof.
      You can give the cancelled cheque from the other account and have that bank mapped to the trading account. If the cheque leaf is personalized, you don’t need a bank statement for that.

      • Surajsingh Rajput says:

        Thank you Nithin for such a quick and accurate response.

        Will the 6 months bank statement(which I wont be linking but send only for income proof) serve as address proof for my permanent address?

        And I got the cheque in my welcome kit so it is non personalized, as you said I will have to attach a copy of bank statement, is previous one month’s statement enough for this purpose?

  91. ADITYA GUPTA says:

    I want to open a new trading and demat account in Equity segment with Zerodha. What is the initial expense to open the account and apart from AMC of Rs 400/year is there any other hidden charges. I am from Kolkata so will any one will come to collect the form and document or I need to courier them?

  92. Abhisekh Mitra says:

    Can I submit DEMAT holding statement of equity share worth of Rs.20000 INR as an income proof for opening trading account with F&O & MCX?

    Please let me know.


  93. ayush mittal says:

    you said that brokerage is rs 20 per trade, but in the brokerage calculator , it ia showing rs 40. Why

  94. Nishant Aggarwal says:

    I have filled equity trading account opening form just now. Could you please tell me that how much time it will take in account opening. I have chosen priority route. Can i track courier package.

  95. amit says:

    my account opening form is on the way to zerodha. i want to deposit 750 /- account opening fees online. please provide link.

  96. Robin Naniappa says:

    You have mentioned for “Trading and Demat account – 2 cheques”

    For what denominations each cheque should be?
    Both in favor of ZERODHA?

    PS: I’m planning for self printing of application.

    2. Also, If I open a trading a/c, will i be able to do F&O, currency transactions? (I wil submit income proofs)

    3. Post submitting the documents thru courier, will some person do a physical verification? coz in day time i’ll be in office and currently staying in PG. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

    • 1. one cancelled cheque and another for Rs 750 (this includes first year AMC of Rs 400).
      2. Yes, you will.
      3. If you have already done KYC with any other broker, this is not required. Otherwise, we will do in person verification over a webcam at your convenient time.

  97. Raghav says:

    Returning interested person here.

    Last time I tried to open the account, I was told by your representative to also add cheque of at least Rs 5000 which will reflect in my account and that it is needed to make account active. So, I didn’t send the documents and never opened an account.

    Can you please clarify that how much money is needed to make activate account? Can’t be done by Online payment later on when account is ready to be used?


    • Yes Raghav, not required to send the Rs 5000 while account opening. You can transfer this once the account is opened and online using payment gateway. There is no Rs 5000 condition as such, you can transfer anything you want.

  98. sriram says:

    actiully iam having my demat occount in my

    in that iam holding some equities

    i want to change that holdings to zerodha occount is it is possible

    if it is possible iam instentllyy readdyy to open demat occount in

    pls reply

    • Yes Sriram, once you open demat with us, you can transfer the shares from icici to us. ICICI would have given you a dp sliip, mention the new demat number/DP ID that you get from us, and enter the quantity/stocks. The shares will be transferred by ICICI.

  99. sangram24 says:

    1. I want to trade equity – intraday only and F&O… So along with a trading account i also need an existing demat a/c which can be mapped or linked to the trading account. so what documents or statements would you need for my existing demat a/c

    2. the stamp duty mentioned for my state mentions Rs 0.005% or Rs 50 max for equity intraday , futures , options separately for each segments. Is it Rs 50 max for the day for all segments put together or Rs 50 for each segment ….

    • 1. Any proof of your existing demat account. A client master report, or yearly statement that you might have received.
      2. There is only one contract note for Eq, F&O , and Currency. So Rs 50 max for all of them together.

  100. geetha says:

    Can I come to bannerghatta office to open an account.

  101. Anita says:

    Hello Nithin,

    Have a few questions.

    1) I am a homemaker having a saving account in Canara Bank. I am interested in trading in F&O. Would savings bank statement suffice as income proof.
    2) Can I transfer funds using NEFT in Zeroda trading account through Cnara bank.

    Thanks in advance.

  102. HD says:

    I want to open Trading+Demat and Commodities account and I have taken print out of blank forms which I will fill manually.
    I have seen on Chittorgarh website, that there is a discount of Rs 100 on account opening charges, so what would be the net amount that I need to pay.
    Can account opening charges be transferred online??

  103. Ghanshamdas Amula says:

    Dear Nitin, in case of zerodha ,invester has to pay for additional Rs. 13/-as demat charges. This charge is normally not seen with other brokerages. i assume this charge is there in all cases irrespective whether a person is holding demat account with you or not. Will this be charged both on buy and sell trade ?

    Thanks Ghansham

    • Ghansham,

      DP charges is applicable with every brokerage out there. This is applicable only when you sell stocks from your demat account with us (not applicable for intraday trades). For example ICICI charges Rs 25 or 0.05% whichever is higher as DP charge.

  104. Zohaib says:

    Hi, I am new to trading and have been learning about stock exchange from past 3 months, now I would like to trade with exchanges in India.

    Note: I am a student and most of the time I do not have an income so to open a Trading account for currencies ( since I would like to trade with currency), do I really require to provide you the income proof?
    And also let me know the exact and total cost step by step from opening a trading account to trade live in your platform.

    Thanks and Regards
    Zohaib Hyder

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Hi Zohaib,

      It wouldn’t be in your best interest to start off trading in F&O/Currencies especially if you’re new to trading. A more systematic approach would be to get yourself acclimatised to the functioning of the Stock markets and then explore newer trading options. A good starting ground would be to go through the various modules at Zerodha Varsity:
      Varsity simplifies the markets for you in understanding various concepts.

      Yes, the Exchanges do require every client trading in F&O (including Currency Derivatives) to produce an Income proof considering the inherent risk that comes with trading F&O which is why they’d want people to have a source of income.

      My advice: Start of with something small, something which if you lose wouldn’t really affect you much. Start of trading equities. As you gain more experience, you could trade other market segments.

  105. Mithun Banerjee says:

    I have a trading and demat a/c linked to my bank sb a/c so if I open a trading a/c with you and link all these required accounts will it be possible and how long it will take along with the cost.

    • Mithun,

      Yes you can open trading account (cost Rs 200 if you print, Rs 300 if you use our physical forms) and link your Bank SB account and demat account. The issue with linking ur bank demat account is that when you buy stocks, the stocks will get credited to your demat, but while selling you will have to use the banks trading account. No such issues if you are trading F&O or equity for intraday. If you want to do both buy/sell on your equity holdings, you will need to open a demat with us as well (Rs 550, out of which Rs 400 is upfront AMC for 1 year).

      • MITHUN BANERJEE says:


        I appreciate your information , and in my opinion it will be better if I open Trading and Demat A/C with u without any link to my existing accounts and I saw in the if I fill up a contact form through them I am entitled to get RS. 100 off. Please comment about this. I am from Kolkata and there is a branch of Zerodha so will it be possible to do the proceedings at the earliest. I am also eager to open a new SB account for trading through you can you help me? Thanks for your valuable feedback

        • Yes Mithun, you can connect with the guys in Kolkata, you can also directly contact our Bangalore office. The discount that Chittorgarh offers is also available to all our other clients who print forms.

  106. Joel Thomas says:

    Sir i hold a demat and trading account of ICICI Direct. So can i use that to trade or do i need to open new trading and demat account with Zerodha. Please help. Thank You.

    • If you want to trade futures and options, you don’t need demat, so open just a trading at Zerodha. If you want to trade intraday equity, link ur existing demat to Zerodha trading. If you want to do delivery based buying/selling of stocks, u need to open demat and trading with us. Explained in the post above.

  107. Mithun Banerjee says:

    Please confirm me the account opening charges both trading and demat and if the trading account is opened within 1 day will I be able to start intraday?

  108. Anurag says:

    I posted questions regarding account opening. It has been 1 month since my payment and it is still not ready to use!!!!
    Have you deleted my post instead of answering it?

    • Anurag, our account opening team will call you back. Your previous query was on a different post.

      • Anurag says:

        Thanks. I checked the other post and seems you have not even posted it yet on the forum.

        I have been in touch with your account opening team since 1 month but there are so many issues and delays from your end. I was expecting to trade in 7 working days as what your website promises but even after 1 month of payment, I am awaiting your processes to complete!

        • Anurag, the trading account would have been immediately. Demat account opening takes a little longer, but you should be ready by end of day. Guess someone from our team has already called you up.

  109. anoop says:

    hii Nitin sir i have two doubts while filling trading and demat account opening forms :
    1. i want nomination in my trading & demat account so there is an option of two witnesses. Plz clarify whether you will make witnesses or i have to do at my end ?

    2. In Demat form there is First Holder i know its me..but what is second and third Holder..Is it mandatory to fill second and third?
    Also in Demat form Signature box i.e F1 it is written use black Ink only..Is it for F1 only or all Demat Form Sign Boxes?
    Please Clarify.. Thanx in advance..

    • 1. You can get witnesses or we can get someone from our side. Upto u.
      2. Second and third not mandatory. Just F or first holder signatures are enough.

      • anoop says:

        Thanx for ur quick reply sir..have final question… is it mandatory that signature on PAN card should match with signature in Trading & Demat account opening form..because i have different signatures on PAN card and Bank account..Problem is that IL&F’S Demat form is asking bank clearnce certificate so i have to do my bank account record signatures on that certificate also mandatory same signatures in rest but my PAN Card having different sign..plz guide me which one should i choose..for your information i am having my bank account in state bank of travancore

        • Anoop, keep the signatures like the way it is on PAN card. That is usually used to cross reference mismatch. But if you want to sign like it is on the bank, just send a declaration stating the same. Make a declaration that states that you are using the other signature which appears on the bank, and have both signatures on this document.

          • anoop says:

            Thank you so much nitin sir…

          • jonty says:

            Hello. I’m a zerodha account holder and my signatures on the account opening forms were different from my PAN card, but it was approved. Do I still need to send a declaration form? If yes then is that form provided by zerodha?


  110. Faizan says:

    I want to open trading account with zerodha. I already have demat account. How do I link existing demat with zerodha trading account. In form of zerodha we have to give DP ID and BO ID. Is this sufficient? Demat statement will be proof that I can send alongwith the form.

  111. GS says:


    Need your help on the following queries:

    1. Brokerage is 0.1% or Rs.20, whichever is lower – am I correct?
    2. For ex. Buy 100 shares at Rs.10 = Rs.1000 + Rs.1 (brokerage) + STT – am I right?
    3. Sell 100 shares at Rs.12 = Rs.1200 + Rs. 1 (brokerage) + STT + Rs.13 (Dmat charges) – am I right?
    4. Sell 1000 shares at Rs.100 = Rs.100,000 + Rs. 20 (brokerage) + STT + Rs.13 (Dmat charges) – am I right?
    5. Buy 1000 shares at Rs.100 = Rs. 100,000 + Rs. 20 (brokerage) + STT – am I right?

  112. Ravinder Singhal says:

    What is the minimum amount for starting?
    Is there any minimum amount for maintaining in trading ac?
    Many other brokerage house to maintain a minimum amount and a initial amount for investing.

  113. Ravinder Singhal says:

    And also tell online trading portal charges? Is it is free or we have to pay additional amount for it?

  114. Ravinder Singhal says:

    can we apply for IPO also?

  115. Ravinder Singhal says:

    1.IS in online application wizard, we have to upload self attested documents?

  116. Ravinder Singhal says:

    1. If I pay opening fees online then I have to send a cancelled bank cheque ?

  117. Ravinder Singhal says:

    In Delhi, how many Zerodha offices where we can go to open an account.

  118. roop dedania says:

    hello, since 8 days my demet account not open & i didnt received any mail regarding demet account from much time it taken for opening.

  119. Venkat says:

    Hi Nithin

    I hold a demat account with Sharekhan. Can I open a trading acccount with Zerodha and link it to my Sharekhan demat account? I read all your pricing terms from your website and I see that you have a tie-up with ILFS – so demat charges reflected there are for ILFS right? What would be the demat charges for a Sharekhan demat a/c holder with Zerodha trading account?

    • Venkat, yes you can link your sharekhan demat, but there is an issue with this. F&O trading you can do both intraday and overnight trades (no issues), Intraday equity no issues, but when you trade equity for delivery – you can buy through us, but you will have to sell it through Sharekhan. So if you are trading equity delivery, it is best you open a new demat account with us.

  120. Parth says:

    Can a student open account with zerodha?

    I have a bank account since last 2 years .

    now where should i open Demat account for Trading which is easy to use for me.

    Is there any criteria for minimum Amount which i should have in my account for trading?

    what are the other requirements for trading with zerodha other than Bank account and Demat account?
    Thank you sir in advance.

  121. Parth says:

    Thanks for your prompt reply.
    I also have PAN card.

  122. Shubhang says:

    I have 2 doubts on proofs

    1. I have IT returns document (ITVR) of last year. Can it act as Income proof?

    2. Since I dont have name printed cheque, I am providing bank statement also along with cheque. But the bank statement is of the month of Feb2015. Also these are the monthly statements emailed to me and there is no seal on it. Whill this be accepted as proof for Bank details?

    • 1. yes
      2. Feb 2015 statement will not work. Send the latest bank statement, and yes the emailed bank statement will work as long as your name/address/account number is fully visible.

  123. ken says:

    I would like to start trading but the income proof is the trouble. My only option is bank statement but its been inactive. I do not deposit often. I run a small and local business.
    I started livestock supply business for 4 months now.
    Please help as to what are my options.

    Thank you

  124. Vijay says:

    Hi Team,

    I’m quite impressed with your handling the issues. I’m residing in Chennai & I’m interested in opening an a/c with you primarily for trading in Equities (Delivery) which may be expanded to F&O, Commodities in future.

    Presently I’m holding a Demat a/c in ICICI hence I want to have a trading account with Zerodha with the deliveries made to existing Demat a/c.

    In this scenario:

    1) Can I freely trade (both buy & sell) using the ICICI Demat & Zerodha trading a/c?

    2) Do I need to have sufficient balance in my a/c for trading or there’s margin/leverage available?

    3) Is it possible to meet someone in Chennai to discuss about any queries/issues?

    4) Will there be any difference in cost if I opt for F&O, Commodities, Demat along with Equities (Delivery) now as against opting for these later?

    5) When I place an order for certain number of shares (say 1000 shares of ITC) and if they get executed as multiple trades (say 5 trades for executing these 1000 shares), then would I be charged Rs.20 for this order or more (Rs.100 assuming the case above of 5 trades to execute the requested number)?


  125. Selvaraj says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    I applied online using online application and paid 950 via net-banking (There is a price difference of 100 Rs from the article above). uploaded all my documents for review as well. But nobody from Zerodha responded regarding my application review. It would be great if you could provide some specific contact, so that I can email he/she for review and submit the documents at the earliest. My application is: 58035.

  126. shrikant V Narkar says:

    what are proof required for income proof??

    • Mentioned in the post above: Form-16, IT acknowledgement copy, 6-month Bank statement (will also act as an address proof), Stock Holding Statement, or the CA certifying your networth. This is a mandatory document for trading Derivatives today.

  127. satya says:

    I want to know that, can I send 6-month bank statement downloaded via net-banking?

  128. Vijay.K. says:

    Thanks Nithin for your prompt response. I shall plan on the basis of this info.

  129. Vishal agarwal says:

    I want to open trading and demat account so what are the charges for the same. And what is the minimum amount to start with because I am new in market and want to learn trade so please answer me and if possible courier the forms to me I will fill it up and send back to you. Waiting for your prompt reply

  130. Shubhang says:

    while i tried to pay online, only PayU option was enabled. CreditCard/DebitCard/NetBanking options were present and were disabled. Why is it like that…?
    Should we pay only through PayU option?

  131. safdar says:

    I am a student and i want to open a trading and demat account and i am starting with investing 500 rupees only to trading. Can i use my father sbi saving account

  132. rahul says:


    I already have icici 3in1 account(Demat + trading account). I also like to open trading account with you , so what is the procedure? Will i have to link my icici demat account? what happen when i trade intraday using zerodha trading account but i already trading account for that demat account.

    • Rahul, if you map ICICI demat with Zerodha trading, everytime you buy stocks it will be sent to ICICI. But you will have to sell using ICICI trading account. No issues for trading intraday or F&O (both intraday and overnight).

  133. sreejith says:

    for open demat account in zerodha, how is certified the form “Electronic Clearing ( Debt clearing ) Form ” by Bank ? i need to go bank for this ?

  134. babu thomas says:

    i am working in merchant i wont be able to pay annual maintenance fee at the time.can i pay for 2-3 years upfront.i want to open demat & trading account.i have saving account in is good or should i open account in any other bank.i will buy stocks and keep it for minimum 6 months(i’ll be sailing).which is the best option for i need to pay tax for this kind of investment.

    • Yes SBI savings account is good. If you leave some money in trading account, whenever AMC is due it will get debited. So nothing to worry. You have to pay tax only on gains made and not on the investment.

  135. Jones says:

    Hello sir i am new to share market.And i want to open a demat and trading account with you.My question is how can i have money in my trading account?will i have to deposit in bulk(using cheque or by other means) or i can transfer from my bank account whenever i needed?and after i sell my share how will be the reverse processing occurs?(i.e trading accnt to my bank accnt)and charges for that transactions.

  136. D. Pramod says:

    Hi Nithin & Team ZerOdha

    Subject : If NO income proof available.

    I have signed and sent all docs however unable to send income proof as I am currently not working with any organization or company. I have opened a new bank account in HDFC bank last month so I have sent the statement from opening date to till date. I am interested only in Equity day trading, NOT in derivatives, currency or commodities. Please advice. Thank you.

  137. Sachin says:

    Hi, Nitin,

    Checked all your posts, videos, responses etc. Delighted to note your ‘2020’ approach.

    I already have account at SAMCO since last three months but they don’t provide software like zerodha provide. Btw, they don’t have BO option yet.

    Hence can’t wait to switch over to ZeroDha.

    (1) When already I have an account with SAMCO, what all documents will be required?
    (2) Suppose all my documents reach to you on Monday, when will I get userid password, activation of software and start trading?


    • 1. We will still need all the documents.
      2. We open trading accounts within 24 hours, but demat currently would take atleast 5 days. Once the trading is opened, you can start trading F&O.


      • Sachin says:

        Thanks Nitin for quick answer, even on Sunday.

        1. I already have demat account with Samco, so is it possible to link the with Zerodha? If yes, what documents/information will I require to provide?

        2. I have mentioned my SBI account information on application as I wish to use SBI only hereinafter. As I don’t have cheque book yet of SBI, I am providing cancelled personalized cheque of Axis Bank. For income proof, I am providing Form16. Will this be ok?


        • 1. Yes you can link that. You can trade F&O intraday and positional. But equity, you can buy with us for delivery which will be sent to Samco, but u will have to sell it through them.
          2. For SBI, you will have to give some proof. So attach a statement of SBI bank account as well.

  138. mayur shirke says:

    Hi, i have applied for demat and equity trading account through your online application wizard ,payments done and uploaded documents also…so when u should i expect revert whether account has opened???

  139. Jones says:

    Hello if i have Demat account in trade smart online can i link it with your trading account???And is there any other charges involved for using other Demat account instead of yours?

  140. Sudhangsu Sekhar Mahato says:

    I have demat account and trading account with icicidirect , linked with icici bank saving a/c .
    Wanted to open trading A/c with Zerodha mainly for option and day trading .
    My queries is
    a) Now I don’t have regular income . Does my demat statement help to open the trading A/c ?
    b) Can icicibank saving A/c be linked with trading A/c .



  141. jessy says:

    In i read that you have started your own DP service.Is it true??And regarding AMC, if i open DP account this month at what month AMC will be debited in my account?

  142. Raman says:

    Dear sir,
    can u please tell me what the reason behind broker asks for six month bank statement and minimum INR 10000 in such account.
    Pls.. correct me. is it NSE requirement.

    • Raman, income proof is mandatory to trade on F&O. 6 months bank statement can act as income proof. But if you have income tax receipt, Form 16 or any other income proof, even that will work. Rs 10000 minimum is not mandatory as per exchange rules, certain brokers might ask you for that though.

  143. pankaj says:

    is there any branch office of zerodha in odisha ? Can i open account from here..?

  144. Keval Patel says:

    I want to open a trading account and BSDA(under 50,000).
    1.Can you tell me the total charges?
    2.I am currently studying in a college and live on rent outside my hometown.I do have proof of my hometown address.So will the hometown address proof suffice?
    3.Can the account opening forms be couriered to my present address(not hometown)?
    Thank You.

    • 1. We don’t currently offer BSDA account. Open a normal account, it will be better. Rs 300 if u print the forms for trading and demat.
      2. Yes
      3. Yes, but it is best u print, sign and courier back us the form.

  145. shubham agarwal says:

    hi , i wanted to know how do we have to pay the charges of ILFS demat account which is linked to zerodha trading account? charges like the annual maintenance charges and other charges like rs.13 when shares get debited from our demat account. will these charges get debited from our trading account or will they get debited from our linked bank account or is there some other way ?

  146. Jones says:

    Hello sir,Reg AMC charges at what month you will charge AMC charge for demat account???Already you answered as “end of financial year”.That means December or any other month?

  147. Satish Goel says:


    If I wish to open only trading account, I shall be charged 200/300 as mentioned on your website?

    I already have a Demat Account (which shall be mapped with the trading account opened by you) and when I purchase delivery based shares, do the shares automatically gets credited to mapped Demat account or remain in the pool of shares held by Zerodha?

    If the shares are automatically or request based credited, does Zerodha Charge any extra amount for crediting shares to my Demat?

    P.S. – Any amount charged by DP of My Demat will be my responsibility and I wish to understand the charges levied at your end.

  148. Rahul Valia says:


    I want to open an account for trading in FNO only – Trading Account.

    I have queries for documentation required:

    ID Proof: PAN Card
    Address Proof: Bank statements
    Income Proof Bank statements

    The bank statements above – do they need to be the stamped bank statements from the bank or can I take my PDf statements received from the bank (I have stopped physical statements) and attach them to the online form? If I do that, do I have to again send you print of the statements with the physical form?

    I have two accounts, one is my salary account, and one is the account that I use for my daily transactions. Do I need to give the Salary account statement? Or both? or just the normal savings (non salary) account statement will do?

    The cancelled cheque has to be from my account where I want the funds to be deposited from Zerodha? In that case it will have to be my non salary account. So the same question of which bank statements doI need to give and a cancelled cheque from which account?

    What other cheques do I need to send with the form? and for what amounts?

    Also, I tried calling the customer care, but hung up after 6 minutes waiting. Please answer soon.



    • If the PDF statement has logo on it, that should be enough.
      Since it is for income proof also, send the salary account statement
      Yes, cancelled cheque has to be from the bank account you want to map to your trading account.
      Other than this 1 cheque for Rs 200 if you are printing the account opening form. Otherwise Rs 300.
      We don’t work on Sundays, and half days on Saturdays.

      • Rahul Valia says:

        Hi Nithin,

        I have filled in the online form and also paid Rs. 350 ( I thought it was 300 as you said, anyways) through PayU gateway online.

        Now the process as I understand is that I will get the form from you guys through courier and I just haveto sign and send it back.

        Are there any other documents I need to send with the form? Also, since I have already paid online, I dont think the cheque will be required, except the cancelled cheque, of course. Please confirm.

        Also, please let me know if I can expect my account to be live by Wednesday-Thursday of this week.



        • Rahul, yeah if you have paid Rs 350, we can fill and courier u the form for you to sign and send back. But sending u the form and u sending back might take some time. If you want this faster, best would be to get your sales manager fill the online form for u, u print it and send it back. We will open the account within 24 hours from when we receive if all docs are proper. We will need a copy of PAN, address proof, and Income proof (salary slip, bank statement, form 16 etc).

  149. Amiangshu Jana. says:

    Hello Sir,
    I have known that you have opened branch/ centre at Durgapur, westbengal. If yes please send me the exact location and contact no of the centre.


  150. Sheik says:

    Sir.. I am already having trading account with zerodha .. now I would like to open a commodity account to.. should I apply again with all documents…? Or can I just add it along with my trading account by paying cbarges…

    • Venu Madhav says:

      You’d have to sign and send us the commodity forms. No need of sending documents. Account opening charges would be Rs.200. You can download the forms from here:
      Do mention your mobile number & email ID on the form along with your existing trading account code.

  151. Farsheed says:

    Hello Nithin,

    I’ve printed and filled in the application forms (one for the trading account and another for the demat account. Please could you assist me with the following barrage of questions? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1) Do I need to print out the document titled “Annexure” and include it in the mail package?
    2) Where should I mail the documents? Do you have a location in Mumbai where I can send them?
    3) Can I add a nominee later? If so, can this be done electronically or does it require a hard copy of the document to be mailed again?
    4) The Zerodha application page informed me that I need to include Rs. 300 (200 for the trading a/c and 100 for the demat a/c opening charges). Is this the total value of the cheque to be enclosed? DO I need to add anything for the demat a/c’s annual maintenance charges?
    5) Can I transfer my holdings from another demat a/c to Zerodha? If so, what are the applicable charges (if any)?


    • Farsheed says:

      Missed a couple of questions:

      1) There is a section in the application form that asks for the depository account details. Do I need to fill this in (I am applying for a demat a/c)?
      2) The tariff sheet asks for a client ID. What do I need to enter here?

      • Hanan says:

        Here are the answers for your missed questions:

        1. Nope. Don’t fill those details. They will be populated by our Account Opening team.

        2. Again, leave it blank. It’s going to be filled after your account is open.

    • Hanan says:

      Our answers, Farsheed. No problem with the number of questions. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. Nope. No need to print the annexure. It’s just for your information.

      2. Best is to send it to our processing center directly in Bangalore
      #153/154, 4th Cross, Dollars Colony,
      Opp. Clarence Public School,
      J.P Nagar 4th Phase,
      Bangalore – 560078

      3. Nominee can be added anytime, but we need the physical form. Regulations state that we need to collect everything in hard copy.

      4. Yes, that’s the total amount you need to send for account opening. AMC is charged at the end of the financial year at Rs. 300 per annum.

      5. When you transfer shares from your existing demat account to Zerodha, you’ll have to pay your existing DP. Zerodha doesn’t charge anything for receiving these shares. If you are closing that demat account you should be able to get the transfer done for free.

  152. Yogesh says:


    I would like to open an account for Equity trading only still I have show my income proof documents.


  153. Dinesh says:

    Hi Sir,

    One of my friend wants to open account in ZERODHA for all segments Equity, Derivatives and Commodity. But he has bank account with just 3 months old so please let me know whether we can use 6 month Salary Payslip for Income Proof instead of Six Month Bank Statement. Otherwise he has all the documents properly PANCARD, AADHAAR, VOTER ID, etc.,

  154. Dinesh says:

    Hi Sir,

    How to get my referral ID to introduce my friend?

  155. Siva Krishna says:

    Hi… i am planning to open trading & demat account with zerodha
    My quesry is , i have hdfc demat & trading account, now i want to open trading account with zerodha and want to use existing hfdc demat account, plz advice. Will i face any problem if i do like this or do you want me to open both accounts with zerodha…. plz explain if so
    FYI, i am about to send my documents

    • If you aren’t doing equity delivery based trading, you can map your HDFC demat to our trading. But if you are doing equity delivery based trading, it is best to open a new demat with us. If you map HDFC, you will not be able to sell stocks that get transferred to HDFC demat through us. Also, all our P&L statements will not make much sense to you then.

  156. Siva Krishna says:

    Thank you for prompt response ๐Ÿ™‚

  157. surinder singh says:

    what is the personalised cheque demanded by zerodha for account opening

    • We ask for a cancelled cheque as a proof for mapping your bank account to the trading account. If you are opening trading and demat, the account opening fees is Rs 400 (if we courier u the form), Rs 300 (if u print the forms).

  158. Shivam says:

    Hi Nithin,

    This is not a query but a vote of thanks which I wish to express. Your firm is really doing a great job, yes its a low brokerage rather I should say lowest brokerage charging firm, but then I was more impressed by the way you have reduced down the costs, letting people courier their own forms and then filling up at your offices on their behalf, thus saving a lot of man power and fuel etc.
    I have read about you recently and really loved how you yourself have grown since 2006 till now, here I was so much impressed again that you are replying to each and every query of the users yourself. Wish to someday meet you in person if that is at all possible.
    Wishing you great success and growth. And of course wishing your employee cum friends a great career with you.Keep rocking.


  159. Nivas says:

    I want to open trading & demat account.
    1 ) I don’t have kyc how you will do the IPV for kyc
    2 ) can I send self attested pan card xerox , aadhar card xerox & bank account statement xerox for proofs

  160. K.Srinivas says:

    Hi. I am a starter in stock market and I want to open only a Trading a/c for now. Earlier I have downloaded and printed a copy of application form version 3.x . Is that still works or shall I have to download and print latest version ? IS the fee for only trading a./c still Rs200.??


  161. JAYADEVAPPA says:

    Sir i have opened SB a/c with ICICI Bank 2 years back, i have not transacted any thing in that account since 2 years.Now 2 days back only i have kept Rs.50000/ in that a/c.Is it ok for account opening.

  162. Can I change my linked bank account later?

  163. Jagadeesh Godi says:

    i want to open Dmat& trading account with zerodha, could you tell me how many days will the total process take and i want to open commodity account as well.

  164. Jagadeesh Godi says:

    what are the documents required to trade in futures and commodities.

  165. Bappa says:

    I want to open trading & demat account for equity delivery only. I have axis bank saving account.

    What supporting documents do you need except zerodha application form ?

    1) self attested pan card photocopy ,
    2) Voter ID card photocopy &
    3) cancelled bank cheque for proofs.

    You do not need bank statement as I will open only equity delivery account. right ?

    Another question,

    how you will do the IPV ? Any other way except skype ?

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Photographs will be required additionally on the forms. We don’t need any bank statements as long as the cancelled cheque you’re giving is personalised.

      Let us know where you’re located, we can schedule an IPV accordingly.

  166. Dev says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I want to open a trading account and demat account for equity delivery based trading.
    What all document do I need to do the same
    I am unemployed for last one year,so how can i apply for an demat account with zerodha without income proof. Can my IT returns acknowledged copy for assesment year 2015-16 serve the purpose to open both the account?

    • Dev, if you are doing only equity trading, there is no need of income proof. Income proof is required in case of trading futures and options only. If you want to trade F&O, yes the IT returns acknowledgement copy will do.

      • Dev says:

        Thanks for your response.

        So what I understand is, if I want to do equity trading and get those stocks delivered to my demat account( a demat account which I want to open with Zerodha) , I do not need any income proof. I can open a trading and demat account with Zerodha for equity based trading without any income proof.
        How can I upgrade it to F&O trading account later…What’s the procedure?

  167. Francis Santos says:

    Dear Mr. If I am not inquisitive, I would like to know how do you manage such a big team without brokerage income. Let me know if there are any hidden charges, what is the AMC? and other recurring charges over the years. Regards.

  168. Suhas Kothavale says:

    Dear Nithin,
    Actually I am asking this second time. I am unable to search under which heading I posted this query first time. I lost that link also which was describing that account. Query was regarding that 3-in-1 account that company was offering, which was mentioned in the link , not related to broking banks. That account was linking our trading account to our existing bank account in which excess funds are transferred to banks at 3.25 pm so that clients enjoy bank interest as well as clients will not suffer from unavailability of margin.
    Secondly , I request you to start margins against demated mutual funds units so that we can play low risk option strategies in our accounts.
    Thanking you.

    • Venu says:

      Since we aren’t a bank it’d be difficult to transfer funds to your account and you transferring it to back to your trading account everyday. There’s time and opportunity lost. The experience will not be seamless.

      Margins for demated MF- we’re working on it.

  169. Mandar says:

    I have been investing in quite a few MF. Is it possible that I open a Trading n Demat account with Zerodha and use it for MFs? Can I get my existing MFs added into new demat account?
    This will help me track all the MF – existing and new.

    Also, can you clarify the total charges to open a account? On the top of page its mentioned :
    If you use physical forms: Rs 400 in favor of โ€œZerodhaโ€. If you print the forms yourself: Rs 300 in favor of โ€œZerodha.โ€ Annual maintenance charge (AMC) for the first year towards your demat account is Rs. 300/-

    So, if I get my own prints, is it Rs 300 account opening charge and Rs 300 AMC, total Rs 600?

    Please advise and clarify.

  170. Amit says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am trading on DEMAT account with linked with the ICICI bank on the name of my wife, since 2007. I would like to link the same with zerodha for opening trading account (Equity, F&O & MCX). What all documents are needed to do the same. Will I be able to do delivery based equity purchase and get it transferred to my DEMAT account of ICICI. Or do I need to open a separate DEMAT account with your firm. Please advice on same.

    • Yes you will be able to do equity delivery based buying which will get credited to ICICI demat. You will have to sell using them. But I would say it is best to have both buying and selling with us, you will be able to make use of all the reporting facility we have. Documents required is as mentioned in the blogpost above.

      • Amit says:

        Thanks for an early reply. However would like to clarify further as to whether i need to close my current demat account at icici so that i open with zerodha. In case I just open a trading account with zerodha and link it with icici then do i need to provide you with all the requisite documents as in case of demat account. kindly clarify.

        • Venu says:

          You need not close your ICICI demat to open your demat account at Zerodha. The only reason we recommend closing existing demat is to ensure you don’t pay AMC unnecessarily and also transfer from one demat to another becomes free.

          In case you still wish to link ICICI demat, then you can only buy from Zerodha. You’ll have to initiate sell transactions through ICICI. In such case, we will require you to send us an attested copy of the Client Master Report (CMR) of your demat account.

          • Amit says:

            dear venu,

            I did not understood your statement that transfer from one demat to another becomes free. Also to open only trading account and link it with icici. how do i go about it. I don’t think I have client mater sheet or how do i get it. Which form should I fill in to open the trading account with zerodha and map it to icici demat.

            • Venu says:

              When you transfer shares from one demat account to another, you have to pay a fee. But if you are going to initiate transfer by choosing to close your account at the same time, shares will be transferred without any fee.

              CMR, please request your DP to give you this. You need to send us the hard copy of the CMR. Please call us on 080-49132020 and one of our sales managers will help you with your account opening.

  171. Priya says:

    after reading many comments yet i have no idea about trading process . will u explain in brief

  172. Priya says:

    I’m pursuing final year of my UG, is it ok to start trading to earn money. I might satisfied with very small profitable income and i can’t invest huge money here , so what should i do now? i need total guidance

    • Venu says:

      Yes, starting early is a good sign ๐Ÿ™‚ You can learn more on the markets on Zerodha Varsity here:

      • Priya says:

        Thanks for ur replies. two more queries…
        1. I’m not from even semi-urban centre. Will u surely make my account as soon as possible if i send the application form along with all required documents?
        2.I have printed trading and demat ac application form. In form filling i have some doubts so… shall i leave the doubtful blanks?

        • Venu says:

          1. Yes, if all the documents are in place, your account will be opened within 48 hours.

          2. Do get in touch with one of our Sales managers by calling on 08049132020 who’ll help you with any doubts that you may have.

  173. sir i have a religare demat account. can i opena trading accuont through zerodha.

  174. Sujeet Kumar says:

    Hi, I want to open a demat and trading (F&O, Commodity) account for my wife. She is not working, but do have a saving account. Her account for above will be funded by me. So will it be fine if I am providing her last six month bank statement. Sujeet

  175. keerthi says:

    yesterday I have applied for demat and trading account via online and also done the payment of 400 . As the standard payment method still i doesn’t receive the mail of application which i want to print and send back . when will u send the filled application form, I’m waiting. Is it take more time to verify the uploaded documents and send the filled form?

  176. Vinod Kumar says:

    I have my demat and trading account with ICICI Direct. Can I open a trading account with Zerodha and use the existing demat account? If yes, what will be the procedure for this.


  177. Gaurav says:

    Can we use online 6-month bank statement with logo for income proof, as well as in place of cancelled cheque?

  178. noname says:

    can u tell me xerox of passbook copy will be enough for a bank state or i have to go branch and ask for bank statement.

  179. Bicks says:


    I read all the comments and mostly it solved all my concerns but still i have some doubt which i need to ask :

    1. AMC : first year it is waived off , from next year it is 400 per year ?? Will it be charged at the start of 2nd the year of at the end of 2nd year.
    Also i read AMC will vary according to my transactions , what is the maximum AMC do i need to pay ?

    2. If i do IMPS for money transfer, will it be chargeable ( Rs 9 which you mentioned ) ?

    3. Do you provide Client Based Margin Trading ? If yes what are the charges ?

    4. I want to close my current Demat account and open a new fresh Demat account with you, but as you don’t support MF as of now, is there a way out to hold MF ?

    • Venu says:

      1. If you’re opening a demat account at Zerodha, AMC is Rs.300/year which will be collected at the end of the Financial Year on pro-rata basis. AMC has nothing to do with transactions.
      2. Zerodha will not charge you anything for such transfers
      3. Not yet, but we’re working on providing this facility
      4. You can hold MF’s in your newly opened Zerodha Demat. Btw, we’ll be offering the MF platform soon.

  180. omprakash says:

    Sir zaroda ka lifetime amc charge kya h

  181. Ajit Jha says:

    At the day end will the extra funds lying with zerodha be transferred to my linked bank account automatically or it has to be done every time.

  182. Anu says:

    sir- I would like to open Trading cum DEMAT a/c with Zerodha. I have an Bank a/c with City Union Bank Ltd, can I link it with Zerodha?.

  183. Balaji says:

    If I open only trading account with zerodha and link hdfcsec demat account, while selling only brokerage & transaction charges from hdfcsec apply right? Will there be any charges from your side ?

    Also what is dp debit instruction of rs 20?

  184. rahul rupwate says:

    sir i will like to know whether there is any alternate document for cancelled cheque to open trading and demat account….
    and can i link for sbi account to transfer online funds in zerodha trading account …

  185. Manish Take says:

    Your idea of zero brokerage on delivery trades is appealing. I am keen to open such account.
    I have a demat account of CDSL and have trading account with IIFL. Do I need to open demat account again ? The demat account was opened through IIFL.
    Also I am unable to get info about annual recurring charges or AMC, please provide the same.

  186. Gaurav says:

    Do we need to fill exactly the same address as mentioned in the address proof (aadhar card in my case). Because in my address proof the S/o part is missing. I would like to include that in the address. So are minor additions (no changes) allowed?

  187. Sunny says:

    Charges towards opening Trading and demat account is
    forms if I print myself = 300rs
    AMC for first year = 300rs
    total = 600 rs

    Correct if I am wrong.

    Also what would be the AMC for subsequent years?

  188. hrishi says:

    I am 17.i will turn 18 on july 2016.i want to trade options and futures but as i am a student i don’t have income is only my pocket money i get from my parents.and since i want to trade from very beginning of 18 years my bank account will not be of six what about my address proof and income proof

    • Venu says:

      If you don’t have a steady source of Income, we’d advise against you trading in F&O. It’s compulsory to provide an Income proof to trade in Derivatives. Bank Statement can serve as address proof.

  189. Laxmi says:

    I’d like to open an equity options trading account with you. I already have a 3in1 Canara account. Can the existing Canara Bank account be mapped to Zerodha?
    Will there be a POA for the bank account or are funds transferred to Zerodha and there will be no POA? How does this work?

    • No POA on bank account, you transfer money whenever you wish to trade and withdraw it yourself. You can map your canara bank account and best if you open a new trading and demat with us. If you map your canara bank demat to our trading account, you will be able to only buy shares from us, selling you will have to do with canara bank itself. If you are doing only F&O trading, only trading is enough.

  190. Sunny Pathare says:

    Hello sir i have recently opened account with zerodha. while transfering fund option list did not show my bank i.e. bank of baroda. when i call customer care they said i have to change my bank for fund transfer. while opening account they did not ask me about bank. so pls tell me sir what can i do now?

  191. KBR says:

    Hi Team

    Do you allow BSDA account for people who are yet to open an account in zerodha ? if yes, then what amount i will have to pay as advanced AMC for a year when i first open the demat account.


    • Venu says:

      Yes we open BSDA account and the break-up of AMC is as mentioned below.

      Up to RS 50,000 worh of stocks in your demat account no AMC.
      If it is more that Rs 50,000- Rs 200000 the AMC is RS 100.
      Above Rs 200000 normal AMC will be applicable.

      • KBR says:

        Thanks Venu.

        Could you please confirm the charges for opening Trading + BSDA +Commodity accounts all together if i print the forms and also if you send the forms through courier ?

        Hope no other yearly AMC charges apply other than the one mentioned in above BSDA ranges .

  192. Vivek Vaish says:

    Correct if I am wrong.
    Trading and Demat Account.
    -> Account opening charges(for both, when forms printed ourselves) = 300
    -> AMC(demat) = 300 at the end of year
    -> AMC(trading) = free

    -> Brokerage(equity) = 20 flat on delivery

    e.g. I buy 100 shares of 100 each
    I pay 10020 + plus small taxes

    and when I sell 100 shares at 200
    I get 20020 + plus small taxes

    What does delivery mean here?

    • Brokerage for delivery is free now. Delivery is when you buy stocks and sell it next day. If you buy and sell during the day it is called intraday. For intraday we charge 0.01% or Rs 20 per order whichever is lesser.

  193. Gaurav Goyal says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I also asked this question last year. Do you offer lifetime free Demat account now? Last year you replied that you are soon becoming a depository and then you will provide it.

    Secondly, I have one demat but I want to close it and opt for BSDA. Can I open BSDA first and then transfer shares and then close the old account. The old account is not BSDA but it is lifetime free with Master Capital.

    What are the differences in charges of normal demat vs BSDA Demat? Any link for comparison on your site?

    Good to see that now you have office setup in Chandigarh also. I will try to contact your local office too.


    • Venu says:

      Hi Gaurav,

      AMC is Rs.300 p.a
      You can’t open a BSDA while the other account is opened. Here’s what you’ll have to do. Open a new regular demat account at Zerodha. Transfer securities from your other demat account to your Zerodha demat account.
      After transferring the securities, opt to convert your regular demat account to a BSDA account. Note that the value of holdings should be < Rs.2,00,000. AMC on BSDA is as under: 0-50,000 = No AMC 50,000 - 2,00,000 = Rs.100 AMC > 2,00,000 = normal AMC is applicable

      You can get in touch with Karthik while you’re at our Chandigarh office who can help you get started. Good luck

      • Gautham Tantry says:


        I had a demat account with HDFC and i had not even entered the login. Hence i closed the same 2 years ago. Now i interested to create a trading account. Hence can i open a BSDA with zerodha now?

        Apart from the AMC charages being 0 untill 50k and so on, is there any difference with the normal account when compared with BSDA account? The services you provide, the brokerage charges you apply?

  194. Gaurav Goyal says:

    Thanks for reply Venu but you forgot to answer 2 points in my previous question.

    1. Do you offer lifetime free Demat account now? Last year you replied that you are soon becoming a depository and then you will provide it.

    2. What are the differences in charges of normal demat vs BSDA Demat? Any link for comparison on your site?


    • Venu says:

      Hey Gaurav,

      I thought I already did.

      1) AMC is Rs.300. No free lifetime demat.
      2) The difference is only in terms of AMC. Again, its been explained in my previous reply.

  195. Mahabala bhat says:

    Hi, what is the yearly maintenance charge (for second and consecutive years) for the demat account?

  196. Rahul Bagul says:

    I had open SBI bank account in IISc bangalore branch during my studies but I do not live there now. My passport address is also the same. Currently, I am living outside India as a temporary worker. Pls suggest me how should I open an account on-line. Back in India we do not have our own house, as complete formalities are not done, so I do not have a address proof over there.

  197. Rocky says:

    Hello Zerodha.

    What are the annual service charges of trading + demat account?


  198. Sachin Santuka says:

    Do you provide off-the-market sale/gift transfer facility?

  199. yograj says:

    hello sir

    my query is demat account is compulsory. i m trading in only intraday in equity cash segment.


  200. Shantanu says:


    Can you please let me know the complete list of documents required to open a demat account and trading account for an NRI? I have recently opened an NRE savings account with HDFC bank. How can I link that bank account to this trading account and what are the maintenance charges?? I would like to trade in Equity and F&O.

    Waiting for you reply, thanks.

  201. santosh says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have salaried account with HDFC, I would like to trading from ZERODHA. whether I need to open demat account with HDFC or ZERODHA. How does it affects my if I doing trading from form HDFC or do I need to open a new bank account for trading. Please a clarity on this

    • Venu says:

      You’ve to open a trading & demat account with Zerodha. At the time of account opening you will have to map your existing HDFC bank account to your trading account and then transfer funds from your bank account to trading account for buying & selling. There’s no need to open a new Bank account.

  202. Subhas says:

    Hi, I do maintain a savings bank and demat a/c with IDBI bank and would like to open a trading a/c with Zerodha mainly for equity segment. My query -can this demat a/c be linked with trading a/c with Zerodha?

    • If you link, you will be only able to buy through us. You will still have to sell through IDBI. If you want to buy and sell through Zerodha trading, you will need to open a demat with us.

  203. Lalan says:

    I am an applicant of Demat and Trading Account.
    (1) I have duly filled the online application form and paid online Rs 300/-. I’ve got the payment confirmation email as well. Still When I relogin and redownload the form, Website shows a figure of Rs 300/- to be paid.
    (2) I am sending alongwith the signed application form(Printed back-to-back), self-attested copies of the PAN Card (Proof of Identity), Driving License(Proof of Residence), Bank Passbook(Proof of Correspondence Address), Income Tax Assessment order(Prrof of Income), Cancelled cheque, 6-months accounts statement. Is that sufficient? Will the self-attestation of the document serve the purpose?
    (3) What is the address to which I have to speedpost the document?

    • 1. Will get someone to check, but do send the forms, we will figure out why it was not showing.
      2. Yes it will. However if you are not already KRA compliant can you get the bank statement notarized by Notary Public, Gazetted Officer, Manager of a Scheduled Commercial/ Co-operative Bank or Multinational Foreign Banks (Name, Designation & Seal should be affixed on the copy).
      3. #153/154, 4th Cross, Dollars Colony, Opp. Clarence Public School, J.P Nagar 4th Phase, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560078

  204. Srikanth says:

    So Can I simply open trading platform but use my existing Demat account with you. I happen to have an existing Demat account with Kotak Securities. Can I connect that demat account to your trading account?

    • Venu says:

      Yes, you can link your existing Demat account with your trading account at Zerodha. However by doing it, you’ll only be able to purchase shares through Zerodha. You’ll have to initate all your sell transactions through your other broker where you have the demat mapped. In order to be able to buy & sell through Zerodha, you’ll have to open a demat account with us. Additionally, you also get the benefit of buying & selling Mutual funds if you open a Zerodha demat account.

  205. Mark says:

    What is the minimum value of the stock holding that is required to be used as income proof?

    For example, min. value should be 25k or 50k or more.

    Pls specify.

  206. santosh khinvasara says:

    sir ,
    can u add Bank of Baroda (retail) in your express funds pay in facality ?

    If yes,what time?

  207. Anil says:


    I am interested in opening a zerodha trading + demat account and transfer all my equities from my existing icici direct account. I have few questions. Will appreciate if you could please answer them.

    1. I want to completely close my existing icici direct account as the charges are high. However, I have also purchased bonds and corporate fixed deposits in this account in addition to mutual funds and equities. As I understand, the equities can be transferred to a new demat account. But can the Bonds, Mutual fund units and corporate FDs be transferred as well?

    2. Are there any charges to transfer all the above financial assets into zerodha account? Will ICICI direct charge me for transferring out these assets? (I know ICICI direct is right entity to answer, but just asking..). Are there any charges to sell the equities after having transferred them into the newly created zerodha demat account using the associated trading account.

    3. I live in Bangalore, so can I just drop by your Bangalore office with all necessary documents and open the account the same day?

    4. I also am the joint holder in another demat account (again ICICI direct) with my spouse. We would like to close this demat if possible. So can we transfer the assets from a jointly held Demat into one new demat (possibly singly held)?


    • 1. As long as what you have in demat is exchange traded, you can transfer them. So bonds, MF (if bought through star MF), corporate FD’s no.

      2. If you are closing your account, they will transfer for free. But if you are just transferring, there is a charge.

      3. Yes.

      4. Yes

  208. Gurdip pujji says:

    Mr Nitin

    I want to open trading acct with zerodha as i am a retired person i cannot give monthly income but only bank statement. Can i get membership.


  209. shubham says:

    Sir I sign up account opening form by my fathers email which I use .I have printed the form and paid online payment will it cause problem. Can I change email after account opening. Will my form be rejected.

  210. shubham says:

    Sir I sign up account opening form by my fathers email
    which I use .I have printed the form and paid online payment
    will it cause problem. Can I change email after account
    opening. Will my form be rejected.

  211. Hemanth says:

    I want to open a trading + demat account for my Wife.
    She does have a PAN card and a savings account with AndhraBank.
    However, for address proof and income proof, will you accept my POA and Salary Cert (or) my bank statement along with our marriage certificate?

    Thanks & Regards,

  212. Manikantha says:

    I am very exited to open account with zerodha, but after confirmation from zerodha that documents are received my demat account is not yet opened. You guys say that it takes 3 days to open an account but its already 15 days.

  213. Sushila says:

    What will be the charges for movements in demat account

  214. pradipta says:

    here I found that amc is required, but I heard that no amc is required to maintain demat ac… i m totally confused. pls clear me

  215. Farzana says:

    Hi, Following charges are appearing in my Q Ledger today – ‘Being AMC charges for Zerodha Demat account for FY 2015-16 โ‚น123.28’

    However, I couldn’t find any mention of these AMC charges in the article above.

  216. Deepak says:

    I already have a Zerodha account. Just wanted to check if we have an option of paying lifetime AMC charges which may be between 1000-3000 rupees to avoid paying monthly or yearly.

    Please consider it as a suggestion if such option is not there.


  217. abdul says:

    I have opened an account few days before, in my profile my last name has mentioned in place of first name , where first name in place of last name, as I realise in my pan card database my name was mentioned as above said manner (ex, kamath nithin) but on my pan it was written correctly (ex, nithin kamath).after realising I have applied for my pan database correction, now my name is in write format in database of pan. How to change in my trading account profile. I request to check by yourself in trading account and demarcation also, I don’t have trust in u sales manager. My accont dr5132

  218. abdul says:

    Eod means ? Any way how long this will takes?

  219. RON says:

    Can I drop by Andheri mumbai office. And fill the application form and provide necessary documents proof?
    What are the charges of person picking up documents from home. Will he verify on pick up?

    • Venu says:

      Yes, you can. If someone from our team has to pick up the documents, it’ll be an additional charge of Rs.100. Your Sales manager will verify the documents, the pickup person will only collect the forms.

  220. Tinku says:

    Hi ,

    I am a first time investor , I want to open demat account with RGESS option enabled . Is it possible to open RGESS demat via zerodha ?

    What are the account opening/brokerage charges for demat – is demat life time free ?


  221. Padmakar says:

    Is cancelled cheque mandatory ?

    • Venu says:

      Yes, the cancelled cheque acts as a proof of your bank account and also helps us capture the MICR/IFSC which is required to initiate online fund transfers.

  222. Rahul says:

    hello sir.. if i want to trade only in equities (long term, short term, intraday) , do i still have to give income proof ?

  223. rameshb says:

    I want to trade (Options) in my wife’s name. she is a housewife and has no source of income. i am a govt employee and is high on taxes. can i give her some money on monthly or yearly basis, where she can trade. pl guide

  224. Bikram says:


    Please provide the address where we need to courier the documents and proofs. Currently residing in Chennai.


  225. Nikhil says:

    Hi ,

    I already have a demat account , i want to open a trading account , i have a bank account without cheque book, is there any other document that can be submitted instead of a cancelled check? and can i pay account opening and amc charges online?


  226. Ram Avinash Ravipati says:


    i have opened an account in zerodha. but i have received a call from your executive that the mininum amount(i.e funds) required to transfer from my account to zerodha account is Rs.5000/-. is this amount mandatory now? kindly give a reply so that i can go forward.


  227. Pankaj says:

    I do have a bank account statement for last six months but i rarely use my bank account , so can i attach my ITR-V as income proof as i want to trade in F&O.
    Right now i am trading through Edelweiss but they want me to deposit advance brokerage again after i utilized my previous advance brokerage, so i want to know, Do i need to deposit advance brokerage in zerodha for trading or is it as per some bill cycle like weekly or monthly.

    Thanks in advance.

  228. Brijesh Mehta says:

    Annual maintenance charges for the first year is INR 300/-. How about 2nd and coming years?

  229. Imran says:

    I want to open a trading account with zerodha for option trading, I have all the documents but I have join account in corporation bank. Can I open the account with join account.


  230. Anurag says:

    I am KYC compliant. So to open Trading and Demat account, I only need to send the signed forms along with cancelled cheque and Rs.300 cheque. No need to send address proof and Pan card copy? How many photos?

  231. Neeraj says:

    How many cash to trade commodity

  232. Manjula says:


    Two days back i applied for online account opening and paid online (Rs 450) as well .

    Can i cancel account opening request and get refund of the amount paid ? As i have postponed the plan to open account at present due to some unavoidable reason.


  233. Raj says:

    AMC charges include demat account opening and maintenance?

    You should give a table showing these charges, because the present page is not exhaustive.

    For non-DP case:
    A/c opening 300 and no AMC?

    For DP case:
    A/c opening 300 and AMC of 300 p.a.?

  234. Ani says:


    1. I already have a demat account with HDFC .Can I transfer it to Zerodha?
    2. If not, then is it mandatory to open a new demat account through Zerodha for buying and selling equities on delivery basis?
    3. If it’s mandatory , then how long it will take to open the demat account & complete the other processes so that I can start the equity trading?

  235. nishad says:

    southindian bank savings account can connect with zerodha demat account?

  236. gurwinder says:

    Hi ,

    Is there any requirement for monthly salary/minimum money which should be in bank account statement for last six months. I want to know this because I am starting new work and may not have lot of money in bank account.

  237. Kuruvila M Jacob says:

    I have just completed my online payment for ZERODHA Equity Trading and Demat Account. I have not paid for the commodity Account which is still being displayed on the payment page as I have not opted for that. What are the AMC for Equity Trading and Commodity after the first year?

  238. Kuruvila M Jacob says:

    Within how many days will the forms be delivered? And, I can’t find an option to review the forms as stated in the priority registration. The only option available is to “go back to form” in the top end. And, I could not find a provision to upload my bank statement as income proof.

  239. tanmay says:

    I am a student. I have account in bank. But don’t have source of income. There is money in my bank but that is not mine. Then what should I do to open demat account. How can I give you income proof. Or any other ways..please explain. thank you

  240. Tanmay says:

    One more issue. I checked your security of changing password. I got, when one clicks on forgot password, he/she is asked to write thre things
    1. Userid
    2. Email
    3. PAN no.

    And filling this right can let you reset your password.
    But dont you think userid, email, PAN ID is easy to find…means not that difficult… isn,t it risky??

  241. Monimoy Deb says:

    1. Is it necessary to provide cancelled cheque? 2. What is the procedure of a/c open fees payment? a.Cheque. b.Online payment.

  242. Tanmay says:

    I read procedure for opening account. What I saw at one place is the complete procedure is online and in other place you are saying that we ll have to send physical form and scanned documents by post. Whats the matter??

    • You can just pre-print the form online. You can also request for us to courier you a pre-filled form for signature. But account opening can’t be still done completely online.

  243. Jithin says:

    I’m jithin from Kerala. I’m having a state bank of Travancore(SBT) bank account and soon I will get my pancard. I would like to know if that is enough to open an demat, trading account and start trading with zerodha?? What else I need?

    In Kerala zerodha office is in Cochin.
    So if I’m going there they will provide trading account and Demat account? How many days will it takes for me to start trading if I apply?

  244. GURMEET says:

    How to map any existing demat account with zerodha trading account?

  245. Jithin says:

    I would like to trade only stocks, so for creating account with zerodha is income proof essential ?
    I heard it is needed only for futures and options?

  246. jithin says:

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚
    Can i do the account creating process through offline with cochin branch (Zerodha) ?
    What all documents should i take if im going there?
    If you give a idea it will be helpful bcz its 3 hours travel from my place.

  247. Rishabh Khurana says:

    I had made a payment of Rs.450 online towards priority account opening on 15th May,2016.
    It has been more than 20 days, and I have not received any documents to sign on.
    The sales manager does not pick up my calls/replies to the emails.

    Kindly refund the money,for I do not see any reason to wait longer.

    Rishabh Khurana.

  248. Jithin says:

    I received my pan card but the name is printed as jithil instead of jithin. Will that be a problem to trade with that?