Account Opening Documentation & Charges

October 17, 2012


There are certain mandatory documents required while opening either Trading, Demat or Commodity account.

1.PAN Card (Permanent Account Number): You are required to provide a self attested photocopy of your PAN card.

2.Address Proof: Everything at Zerodha is online and all the information from us will be sent to you on your email. Even then, it is compulsory for you to provide us with an address proof.

You’d be required to provide proofs of correspondence and permanent address. Your correspondence and permanent addresses could either be same or different. If your correspondence address is different from your permanent address, then you’d have to give us a proof for each of the addresses. However, if you are already KYC compliant then PAN card and Address Proof is not required.

To get your account opened at Zerodha, you are required to courier us the Account opening forms. We would request you to give us your original documents like land line telephone bills, electricity bills, bank statements etc., as your proof of address. In case you are providing us your Passport/Driver’s License/AADHAR Card or any such document, we would appreciate if you could get such document notarized or signed by a gazetted officer. Regulators require us to ensure that none of the proofs you provide are forged and this process will help us ensure the same along with ensuring that your account gets opened faster.

The account opening instruction sheet has a detailed list of all documents that can be attached as address proof. Click here to download the Instruction Sheet for Equity or Commodities.

3. Aadhaar: You will have to fill your Aadhaar number in the application form as well as send us a self attested copy.

4. Income proof: To trade Futures & Options or to trade Commodities, Exchanges ask us to ensure that the client has some other source of Income/Networth. Hence if you want to trade these segments, you will be required to give us an Income proof or Networth Certificate. It could be Form-16, IT acknowledgement copy, 6-month Bank statement (will also act as an address proof), Stock Holding Statement, or the CA certifying your networth. This is a mandatory document for trading Derivatives today.

5. Photos: Passport size photos would be required to open an account. The number of photos required will depend on what kind of account you are opening.

6. Cancelled cheque : An original cancelled cheque is required to confirm your Bank Account and because it is an original document, it also ensures that we are complying completely with the exchange regulations. We would need one original cancelled cheque leaf and a cancelled cheque leaf would look something like this:

Cancelled Cheque Leaf

7. Charges for the account opening:

Update(9th December 2019):

  • If you are opening your account on or after 9th December 2019, you will be charged Rs. 200 for Equity account opening and Rs.300 if you open both Equity and Commodity account with us online.
  • If you wish to open your account offline then the charges will be Rs. 400 for Equity account opening and Rs.600 if you open both Equity and Commodity accounts.(To be paid via a cheque in favor of “Zerodha Broking Ltd.” for offline accounts)


Old charges:-

Trading account only (1 cheque in favor of “Zerodha”)

  • If you use our physical forms: Rs 300. If you print the forms yourself: Rs 200.

Trading and Demat account (1 cheques)

  • If you use physical forms: Rs 400 in favor of “Zerodha”. If you print the forms yourself: Rs 300 in favor of “Zerodha.”  Annual maintenance charge (AMC) towards your demat account is Rs. 300/- which is payable at the end of the year.

Commodity Account only (1 cheque in favor of “Zerodha Commodities Pvt Ltd”)

  • If you use our physical forms: Rs 300. If you print the forms: Rs 200.


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  1. Tapan Kumar says:

    We want to open an Account in the name of Family Trust , Kindly arrange to share the list of documents and allocate a RM to guide the process.

    in this account we will transfer some stocks of worth 1.15Cr from Marcellus PMS.

    My cell is 8510857890

  2. Chandrasekhar says:

    Just now I have paid 200 rs for demat account and while continuing my process it asked for kyc and my aadhar card phone number is not updated. You must have mentioned these type of thing before charging 200 rs. Please let me know the procedure to get my 200 rs back.

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Chandrasekhar, we’re sorry about that! But the fees paid towards account opening charges for enabling equities as well as commodities are non-refundable.

      You can either opt for the offline process or open your account in the future with the same mobile number and email ID, once your aadhar is linked with your mobile number.

      You can refer to our refund policy here.

      We’ve also mentioned that online account opening requires your mobile number to be linked to Aadhar in the very first step.

  3. soham says:

    i have completed the precess of opening demat account on zerodha official website but it didnt asked me for any fees … is there any issue?

  4. Deepanshu says:

    Sir my name deepanshu i have not pan card but account opening to transfer to uncle detail i am fill

  5. Deon says:

    I have opened my zerodha trading account. However while opening the account, it never directed me to the payment option. Even after my account got activated , still no deductions. Checked my bank statement too.

  6. Bhavana Shetty says:

    After paying 200/- during registration it is showing mothers first name is invalid although i am not getting option to edit the same

    • Shruthi says:

      Hi Bhavana, please create a ticket at so we can have this resolved at the earliest. We’ve explained the process of creating a ticket without logging in here.

      You can track the ticket via email updates in your registered email ID.

  7. Jawaid Kalim says:

    Can I open dmat account jointly with my 2 yr grand son. Naturally I shall operate it, later will be passed on to my grand son.

  8. Rohan says:

    I created a zerodha account but there was no option for submitting a cancelled cheque and I gave all my details and submitted my application. Is there any problem for opening with my demat account as they didn’t ask for it.

  9. Most trusted trading platform says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Krushant says:

    Hello Sir, My wife just opened account but in document verification your system mail me that bank account details and PAN name doesn’t match because in Bank details my wife’s father name is there and in PAN card updated name is there (My Name) so there need Marriage certificate but how can I submit? There is no way to submit. Can you please guide me?


    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Krushant, please create a ticket at and attach the additional documents requested so our team can check and assist.

  11. Lisa Karani says:

    @Nithin Kamath Sir,

    Sir, While I was adding funds to zerodha
    Its very unfortunate that your support team is of no use. I have send all documents for name modification as told me by support team. and they rejected my documents mentioning it as mismatch of signature. which is not the case..
    my signature is same.. n now just to lengthen the procedure and to make it more difficult. they are asking for more documents.. My name has changed in PAN & Aadhar and in Income tax and in bank also.. that’s the biggest proof that government and bank has changed my name in their documents. which documents is superior than these???
    Kindly resolve issue at the earliest.

  12. Utkarsh Kumar says:

    I paid the account opening fees but i am not able to complete my KYC on the site. I am a student and don’t have income certificate. can I complete the KYC later on anytime? My aadhaar is not linked to digilocker and phone number i gave to zerodha. Kindly guide

    • Shruthi R says:

      Hey Utkarsh, since your aadhar isn’t linked to your mobile number you can either opt for the offline process now as mentioned here. Or open your account in the future with the same mobile number and email ID, once your aadhar is linked with your mobile number.

      Also, income proof is optional and is only mandatory if you wish to trade in futures and options. More here.

  13. janak thummar says:

    I am uploading password protected file with the correct password. but after the automatic refresh, it won’t upload. I try 3 to 4 times but I am not able to upload the file.

  14. Ekta says:

    Sir, I am a house wife. I have dmat account with zerodha with a bank account opened about 2 month back only.I only deal in Equity section. Now I receive a mail that “submit income proof one out of five given options “. I don’t have as i am a house wife. So, pls tell me, if unable to submit
    1. Will you close my account.
    2.if yes, how much time do I have.
    3. What will happen with my holding shares, and money in trading account.
    Please guide me ASAP, very worried.


    account opening

  16. purva bhalodkar says:

    Hello zerodha,
    I have some doubts… I’m a 21 year old student… So I dont have any income proof.
    And My adhar card is not linked by my mobile number….
    My adhar card is linked with my mother’s mobile number.
    Adhar card is not added in digilocker.
    In this situation can I open a demat account??
    Please help.

  17. Asiya Tasneem says:

    @Nithin Kamath Sir,

    Its very unfortunate that your support team is of no use. I have opened an account with Zerodha many months ago. When i did not get the login credentials, I contacted zerodha support via Ticket #20201130597342. Despite providing all the details, the person never solved my issue and he never even bothered to tell me why exactly i am facing this issue (his response and way of handling was pathetic).

    ISSUE : After account creation, never got login credentials. Also if i use forgot password link, it just give an error “Invalid Credentials”, and no way to proceed.

    PROBABLE CAUSE : While creating the account i provided my husband mobile number (He already have zerodha account). Probably zerodha do not support two different people account with same mobile. But in this case it should not have allowed me while creating itself.

    Please help on this.
    Client ID : MR7320

    • Asiya Tasneem says:

      The forget password link only ask for
      ClientID+PAN+Email or ClientID+PAN+Mobile
      In both case after giving those details, It gives error “Invalid Credentials”, and no way to proceed.

      I have provided screenshot for both cases, and the support ticket handler even tried hmself and saw that, but after many months he closed the ticket saying “Please clear browser cache” (which i tried many many times, and the ticket handler knew that).

      If Zerodha cant allow me an account then even in that case the ticket handler could inform me the same.

    • Asiya Tasneem says:

      Thanks a lot for resolving the issue.

  18. Ram says:

    Is the uploaded signature should be the same as the bank account signature or it could be different ??

  19. Sankeerth Sujay says:

    Hello sir,
    I am a student, and is it mandatory to produce a income certificate for us also.
    It is little to produce it, is there any alternative for us to open a account in zerodha.
    Thank you

  20. shraddha kadekar says:

    Online form procedure is completed except for aadhar verification. I am sending my form through speed post to Bangalore. What documents do I need to send with the physical form?? Do I have to sign every page of the form?

  21. Neeraj singh says:

    Sir , I have opened trading account on zerodha, and I am unable to add funds to trading account as the bank is not associated with zerodha.
    I do not have any account in other banks , what should I do ?

  22. Rakesh M Kelaginamani says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    What is wrong with your account opening procedure, why the account opening charges are taken first when all those 7 steps of account opening are kept after deducting fees.

    Now after deducting the fees of 300 rupees, in the 1st step itself your system is throwing error saying “your date of birth doesn’t match with PAN details”. What is this error? when my PAN details are absolutely fine and correct as per ITD.

    I don’t want to open account with you/Zerodha, kindly refund my deducted fee amount.

    Thank you,
    Rakesh MK.

  23. Pratik Poddar says:

    Hi ,
    I am trying to register a new account. But it says your Date of Birth doesn’t match the details on the PAN card . However , I have checked multiple times and it seems to be right . Please help. Thankyou and expecting a quick turnaround.

  24. Viraj Punatar says:

    After paying 300 Rs fees, Zerodha is giving me an error about MY DOB doesn’t match as mentioned in PAN. I have checked twice , details I entered are absolutely correct. Please look at this and send me a mail for resolution.

  25. Sudheer Akkala says:

    Same issue here. 300 was cut from my bank but dob not matching pan details?? Please clear the issue


    After paying 300 Rs fees, Zerodha is giving me an error about MY DOB doesn’t match as mentioned in PAN. I have checked twice , details I entered are absolutely correct. Please look at this and send me a mail for resolution.

  27. Sushma Agrawal says:

    I was trying to open an account with Zerodha. After making payment of the fees of Rs.300 now it throws the error that my DOB does not match as mentioned in PAN. I know for the fact that the details in my PAN are absolutely correct and I have been using it regularly

    I noticed that many people are facing this problem when opening account with Zerodha. Something wrong with your system.

    Please immediately address this issue and send me a mail.

  28. Athaullah Khan says:

    Hi Team,

    I am facing below issue while cfreating an account. Kindly look into this & do the needful

    Issue: Though I have entered my DOB correctly its still thrwoing an error “Your Date of birth doesn’t match with PAN details.”

  29. Rajendra Kumar Joshi says:

    I have already paid the account opening fees, but when I entered the PAN and DOB it’s not matching, which is not possible as I have tried it many times and it is still showing the same, please help me with this. its two days in a row that it is still showing the same.


    Rajendra Kumar Joshi

  30. MANJUNATH SHET says:

    While trying to open a trading account I have paid online Rs 200/- post which I get a message that date of birth as per PAN does not tally. I wish to inform that your system must be accessing some old data base as regards the PAN data I have changed my date of birth long ago in my PAN records and the date of birth which I have used for opening the account is correct as per the PAN verification data on the income tax website.
    I have also seen similar complaints in this section. Kindly help me complete the transaction and I can submit other proofs of date of birth. The amount should be collected only after verifying all the required information and not before that.

  31. Jithin Joy says:

    I was trying to open an account with Zerodha. After making payment of the fees of Rs.200 now it throws the error that my DOB does not match as mentioned in PAN.
    Please help

  32. Aastha Rath says:

    I was trying to open an account with Zerodha. After making payment of the fees of Rs.300 now it throws the error that my DOB does not match as mentioned in PAN.
    Please help

  33. Mikhil says:

    I have open both Equity and Commodity account online by paying Rs. 300/-
    It is still showing commodity not active. How to get it active?

  34. Praveen Mishra says:

    Hi Nithin/Zerodha Team

    While opening the account with Zerodha PAN number and date of birth verification happen two times. Once before taking payment for account opening and other after payment for opening account. There is a bug with their software and they are not willing to accept there fault. Before making the payment the PAN number verification and Date of Birth get validated correctly and after the payment same validation fails and says that “Your Date of birth doesn’t match with PAN details.”. How is this possible at one step the validation passes and post paying the account charges the same validation fails.

    After raising the ticket to Zerodha support their customer support says try entering the month and date by swapping the values. Now if you enter the date and month as suggested then to my surprise this validation gets passes and I am is able to proceed further and open the account.

    Now after opening the account user gets CMR (customer master record) the document from Zerodha which has all the required details and in this document the date of birth is different from the actual.

    On this page, around 15-20 people are reporting the same error. Is this some kind of scam to ask the customer to pay the account updation charges even if this is the mistake of your software?

    I raise the ticket for the same for 3 weeks and still no resolution with the same. Every time the CCE starts with the same script that you KYC is not correct from where we are fetching the data.

    Kindly look into the issue and resolve the issue.
    Ticket details are as follows:


  35. MASHOOB K K says:

    While account opening, I am facing an issue of “Your Date of birth doesn’t match with PAN details.” raised ticket #20210420645743, but still no resolution provided

  36. Devansh says:

    I paid 200 rupees for opening my zarodha account and I am on Step 2 of the process if I do not proceed further with the account will I still be charged 300 for AMC or any other charges

  37. Vishnu says:

    Hi I have a savings account with 35,000 in it.
    Can I link this account to Zerodha while creating a profile? Is it wise?

  38. Tapas Bistu says:

    I am facing a problem after paying 300 as “your DOB doesnt match with PAN Details”. please resolve this issue ASAP. i have seen lots of users has faced the same issue previously.

  39. Lurdina says:

    how to send POA physically to avoid T-PIN to place orders.

    Thank you.

  40. Vatsala Bhalla says:

    I have paid 200 rs account opening charges but further says dob does not match pan details but they are absolutely correct. Mobile no is 9419624367. Please sort out the problem to open my account.

  41. Atif says:

    Dear Sir,
    I want to ask you one question. what is the time limit to complete the account opening process once payment is done.

  42. Harsh says:

    My friend got 1 rupee from zerodha after account opening form filing in his bank account,I am not getting it.
    My question- why zerodha deposit 1 rupee. And if not get 1rupee then it affects account of zerodha

  43. Abhishek says:

    Date of birth does not match with PAN.
    Paid 200 already.. Kindly tell the next steps or return the money back.

  44. Gaurav Vyas says:

    There is issue an opening a new demat account.. I have to inform you that I have paid your fees and now your system saying that you DOB mismatch..How can it is possible??…So therefore as customer I am requesting you to resolve a problem within one day time period or either you can return my money back..

  45. Jayesh Kulkarni says:

    Your Date of birth doesn’t match with PAN details even after its correct.

  46. MoizKhan says:

    I also faced the same problem after payment it shows the error that your date of birth does not matched with PAN details. To whom should we contact to solve this problem.

  47. Ketan Thakkar says:

    While account opening, I am facing issue of “Your Date of birth doesn’t match with PAN details. Kindly assist to resolve.

    • Lindo says:

      Our salesperson will reach out to you to help out with this in a bit.

      • Ishita says:

        I am facing the same problem. Can anyone reachout and help?

        • Radhey says:

          I’ve been trying to open an account with your platform, but despite the money being deducted, there is an error being displayed on the screen that the Date of Birth does not match with the PAN details. This is absolutely incorrect because I’ve been using the same details for multiple events, and there has not been a single inconsistency or error till date. Please do resolve this situation at the earliest.

  48. Abhishek gupta says:


    Facing issue of PAN-DOB mismatch while signing up after paying the fee on INR 300, please help.

    I have entered correct PAN and DOB still showing mismatch error and have validated this on the ITD site and document. I notice that many other users are facing a similar problem.

    Request you pls have someone reach out and help resolve the issue.

  49. Rachana says:

    Hi Team,

    I am also facing same issue as everyone else, after payment its throwing error that my pan details does not match, I validated the details already. Ideally the payment should be collected at the final stage after all the verifications are completed. Absolutely not acceptable from a big platform like Zerodha. I have already raised below complaint 5 days back but no solution yet. Can someone please assist or refund the money at least?

    Complaint # 20210113392131

  50. Prashant Srivastava says:

    After paying account opening fee I am facing the same issue that Date of Birth does not match PAN database. Raised a ticket yesterday but no response or resolution

  51. Nachiket says:

    After deducting 300 rs, I am continuously getting the message of my pan card record and birthrate not matching. Need assistance to open the account.

  52. Mohammad Hasan says:

    I am a student i don’t really have any income proof what ever i get as my income is in cash. I want to create a secondary source of income trading options but the problem is my bank statement shows a very little amount of about rs. 8000 in last 6 month will i be able to trade options.

  53. Aditya Wad says:

    My DOB on PAN is correct still i am unable to proceed to open account as it is showing error that
    my DOB on PAN not matching.

  54. Rajnik Ptoliya says:

    hi sir, i am student
    i have decided to open demat account and trading account zarodha.
    i can open account or not?


    I am facing error during signup, i have done payment Rs.200 but at the end DOB mismatch error occured. I have checked with Pan and Aadhar card both, details are correct. Please solve this kind of error and process my account.

  56. Himanshu Saini says:


    I was trying to open an account with Zerodha. After deducting the fee of Rs.300 now it throws the error that my DoB does not match as mentioned in PAN. I know for a fact that the details in my PAN are absolutely correct and I have been using it every year to file my ITR. I have raised ticket 20201111993046.

    Request you look into the matter and address the issue.


  57. ritesh says:

    dear Sir,

    My account opening process is in complete at Zerodha
    I am trying to upload my signature but all the time it showing unclear pics, because of this issue i am unable to complete my application.

    Please help!

  58. Himani says:

    Facing the same issue. Paid the 200 rs as an account opening fee and now it is saying that the DoB does not match with Pan records.

    There are so many complaints about this issue. Tried calling support but no response.

    I wonder, is this a big scam being done by Zerodha?

    My ticket number is: 20201107695891

    After this pathetic experience, I think it’s better to pay a bit more but stick with the known players (ICICI, Sharekhan, etc).

  59. Balkrishna says:

    I was opening a Demat account. I completed my payment successfully and now it is saying the DOB does not match for the PAN Number shared. It is an error as the details entered were correct.
    To confirm there is no error in government digital and physical data – I reconfirmed the details of my PAN card from the income tax efilling portal.
    Please check and help with the issue.

    Very poor support team tried contacting multiple times, nobody responds back to the call.

  60. Sam John says:

    Dear Sir,

    I’ve been trading in Equity for 3 months in Geogit, i would like to apply for F&O in Zerodha. My monthly salary is 18k. Will i be able to apply for F&O with my salary proof? is there any minimum salary requirement?

    Thank you

  61. Radhika Patel says:

    Hi There,
    I have submitted a request to open a new demat account with zerodha. Since I have a joint account with my husband, I have already verified with customer care regarding my eligibility using the joint account. But after the process of account opening, I am getting rejection based on my bank account documents.
    Please help me to sort this out. I already raise a ticket for that and also talked with customer care. If you want i can share my ticket number.

  62. Vinod says:

    after payment of rs 300, it is saying my DOB doesn’t match with pan. Thought my pan has correct dob. please help resolve asap.

  63. sahil Malhotra says:

    Already a zerodha account and was helping a family member to open an account but after payment it says DOB and PAN DOB doesn’t match. It is indeed correct and same is mentioned in the PAN I have. Please clarify.
    I would have expected Zerodha to specify any issues before the payment, this is rather strange.

    You can mail me on this as soon as possible, need to get this done soon.

  64. Kuptekar S.V says:


    Can we pay account opeining charges with another accunt, which is not account holder.

  65. Niranjan Dake says:

    While account opening, I am facing issue of “Your Date of birth doesn’t match with PAN details.” raised ticket #20200918435176, but still no resolution provided.

  66. Ashutosh says:

    Can i a demat + trading account account be opened to trade in equity and F&O by a housewife having savings Bank account?
    Only 1 month bank statement is available as the account is new

  67. PK says:

    Same here. Why cant all this validation be done before asking money? For paying no validation is asked, plus customer is left wondering ?

  68. Dilbag says:

    Facing same issue of DOB not matching PAN, checked Goverment website it matches. 200 rs cut ,please resolve this issue

  69. Avinash says:


    Facing issue of PAN-DOB mismatch while signing up after paying the fee on INR 300, please help ASAP.

    I have entered correct PAN and DOB still showing mismatch error and have validated this on the ITD site and document. I notice that many other users are facing a similar problem.

    Please have someone reach out to me and help resolve the issue.

  70. kaushik ananthanarayanan says:


    Facing issue of PAN-DOB mismatch while signing up after paying the fee on INR 200, please help.

    I have entered correct PAN and DOB still showing mismatch error and have validated this on the ITD site and document. I notice that many other users are facing a similar problem.

    Request you pls have someone reach out and help resolve the issue.

  71. Milton Debnath says:


    Facing issue of PAN-DOB mismatch while signing up after paying the fee on INR 200, please help.
    I have entered correct PAN and DOB still showing mismatch error.

    Ticket no-20200828573562

  72. Sharad says:

    I was trying to open an account with Zerodha. After making payment of the fees of Rs.300 now it throws the error that my DOB does not match as mentioned in PAN. I know for the fact that the details in my PAN are absolutely correct and I have been using it regularly

    I noticed that many people are facing this problem when opening account with Zerodha. Something wrong with your system.

    Please immediately address this issue and send me a mail.

  73. Siddarth says:

    Already a zerodha account and was helping a family member to open an account but after payment it says DOB and PAN DOB doesn’t match. It is indeed correct and same is mentioned in the PAN I have. Please clarify.
    I would have expected Zerodha to specify any issues before the payment, this is rather strange.

    You can mail me on this as soon as possible, need to get this done soon.

  74. Rinkal Trivedi says:

    I have uploaded my all document on digi locker there after its showing option for capturing picture but after capturing verification picture that there is no option showing whether process completed or what
    its a month from payment of initial charges no one is responding on call.

  75. Vipul Vamja says:

    I have tried to open online account, before making payment i found that mobile number i have mentioned is not same as registered to aadhar & pan. Hence logged out and tried signup with correct mobile number. But system shows error that PAN is alrrady registered. Pls guide me for resolution of this matter…

  76. anil says:


    I was trying to open an account with Zerodha. After deducting the fee of Rs.300 now it throws the error that my DoB does not match as mentioned in PAN. I know for a fact that the details in my PAN are absolutely correct and I have been using it every year to file my ITR.

    Now i can’t anyone of zerodha team.
    Hope they all are safe and alive & will do something in this matter

    Request you look into the matter and address the issue.


  77. anil says:


    I was trying to open an account with Zerodha. After deducting the fee of Rs.300 now it throws the error that my DoB does not match as mentioned in PAN. I know for a fact that the details in my PAN are absolutely correct and I have been using it every year to file my ITR.

    Request you look into the matter and address the issue.


  78. Ashish says:

    While trying to open an account, your website first required an authentication for PAN DOB and then payment. I did payment and then this is telling that there is a mismatch in PAN and DOB!

    I checked at ITD website and found that PAN-DOB is correctly entered.

    However your website is not able to correctly match with ITD data.

    More surprising is that this validated in first go and allowed the collection of account opening fee (300/- INR) and then this started giving false error that PAN – DOB does not match!

  79. sandeep kumar says:

    i want to open the account, KYC has been Verifed , Payment also been deducted 200 Inr for Account opening
    But showing DOB is not matching with PAN submitted, However i checked many times..

    Please suggest.

  80. Ankur Agarwal says:

    After payment, i am also getting PAN and DOB mismatch. I have verified the details in IT database.
    Create a support ticket 20200525759158.
    Please look into this asap or refund back the amount.

  81. Deepak says:

    Yes..facing the same issue. they took screenshot and no followup yet

  82. VIRENDRA JOSHI says:

    I received a call for assistance and i sent a mail with the screenshots and the problem that i was facing but there was no follow through. kindly help. I want it to be done asap. it is the same problem of the DOB issue with the PAN card even after entering the correct DOB that few others are also facing like i read. kindly look into it.

  83. VIRENDRA JOSHI says:


    I was trying to open an account with Zerodha. After deducting the fee of Rs.300 now it throws the error that my DoB does not match as mentioned in PAN. I know for a fact that the details in my PAN are absolutely correct and I have been using it every year to file my ITR.

    Request you look into the matter and address the issue.


  84. Robin says:


    I was trying to open an account with Zerodha. After deducting the fee of Rs.300 now it throws the error that my DoB does not match as mentioned in PAN. I know for a fact that the details in my PAN are absolutely correct and I have been using it every year to file my ITR.

    Request you look into the matter and address the issue.


    • Robin says:

      Its been a week and still not response whatsoever. Tried reaching out through various modes to no avail.

      Request you either kindly respond to the query or refund the money.

      • Matti says:

        Hey Robin, don’t see any support tickets with your email ID. Can you please email lindo[at]zerodha[dot]com with details? Will have this sorted ASAP.

      • Chandra Prakash Mathur says:

        Hi Robin

        Did your problem get resolved? I am also facing the same issue but no resolve yet. Nobody answers the phone numbers also.

  85. Aditya Arya says:

    I was opening a Demat account. I completed my payment successfully and now it is saying the DOB does not match for the PAN Number shared. It is an error as the details entered were correct.
    To confirm there is no error in government digital and physical data – I reconfirmed the details of my PAN card from the income tax efilling portal.
    Please check and help with the issue.

  86. Cion Ranbhise says:

    hey hi i just did the process of filling PAN card details and did the digital thing by providing AADHAAR number and did done the fee procedure and did the transaction of 300 rs what you needed for accounting opening.
    May i know what will be the next step as i did not get any new information after i did my procedure.
    Can you please help? Will i get any notification on my email address to provide docs or what?

    • Lindo says:

      Hi Cion,

      Looks like someone from our team has assisted you on the call and you have completed the signup formalities from your end. You will get an email with the link to set up your account shortly.

  87. Rajendra says:

    Hi All,
    I have opened zerodha equity and commodity account in oniline at a time, equity segment is active but commodity segmentis not active im not able to add funds to my ommodity segment, can anyone explain what is the problem.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Rajendra, I see that you have not e-signed your commodity account and hence it was never opened. Please go to and complete the e-sign process for your commodity account.

  88. Abhinav Shukla says:


    i am a Student and a small advertisement Maker, do stock exchange is a good option for me?

    i have 6 month bank statement, but my income is not regular, will it work?

    please guide me.


  89. nithul says:

    Sir Iam from Kerala and now working in Kuwait.I need to open an account in Zerodha.Now i dont have a NRI account in any of the following banks that you are listed. please provide further procedure and list of documents that are mandatory

    • Akshay.A says:

      Please refer this link for the process of opening an NRI account. The brokerage charges for NRI accounts are 0.1% or Rs. 200(whichever is lower) per executed order. Check out the other charges apart from brokerage here.

      Kindly share your contact details to nridesk[at]zerodha[dot]com so that we can have someone assist you further.

  90. Hemant says:

    I have chosen both equity & Commodity instead of only equity. i also paid for both. now during the process it asks for income proof for commodity to complete the esign. what can i do now for opening only for equity account ?

    • Matti says:

      You can omit uploading the income proof and the commodity account will remain pending. It’ll be activated whenever you provide the income proof in the future.

  91. Shashikant Ojha says:


    I am trying to Signup to Zerodha to create both equity and commodity account. Payment is done.
    While trying to connect to digilocker I am trying from my mobile number as my Aadhar is linked with my father’s number.
    Query: While attempting connect digilocker using my mobile number I am getting popup saying “Your Digilocker isn’t linked to Aadhaar yet”. Is it going to take time? or my Signup is having some trouble?

  92. Yasachandra Bansal says:

    I tried to sign up for an account by paying 200 rupees (for equity). Then i upload all the required documents. Then i e-verify my adhaar and PAN by entering the OTP i received on my mobile. Now the screen shows a payment of Rs 100 for commodity. I uncheck the Commodity checkbox and click on the pay & continue button. It asks for a VPA. So I enter a VPA. Then I click on pay & continue button. It says “invalid amount”. But I don’t want to choose commodity. I thought it was optional to take commodity. Please reply to why i can’t proceed further in account opening without selecting commodity.


    After payment of stipulated charges & upload of required documents, on line account opened on 1st Feb20, but no client ID and password have been provided yet.

  94. KIRAN says:

    i have a NREPIS accountwith AXIS BANK and trading & demat accounts with AXISDIRECT.

    Now i want to open trading and demat accounts with ZERODHA.

    can i map the same NREPIS account of AXISBANK for to zerodha tradinf and demat accounts?

    do i need to close the trading and demat accounts of AXISDIRECT or can i continue to hold them too?

    please clarify.

    • Akshay.A says:

      Hi Kiran,

      Yes, you can open an NRI trading & demat account by linking the Axis Bank PIS account. A PIS permission letter is required for the NRE account.
      You cannot have multiple accounts linked to one PIS account. You would have to initiate the closure of the accounts with Axis direct once you open the Zerodha account.
      Kindly share your contact details to nridesk[at]zerodha[dot]com so that we can have someone assist you further.

  95. AVIJIT MALIK says:

    Can I open a demat and trading account with Canada bank in zerodha

  96. RajKumar says:


    While trying to open the account I have put my phone number and my Wife’s PAN card number by mistake, Now when I try to start the account opening process it is not letting me edit the PAN number, I want to open the account with my name and PAN respectively. Can you please reset the process for me.

  97. Divyansh Luthra says:

    Zerodha asked me to mandataorily invest in uti master share mf min 100 investment. I have lost a lot of money through that. Are there any other account types where there is no mandatory investment asked by zerodha?

  98. Ankit Singh says:

    hello, i filled all the forms online and i got a POA, my problem is that do i have to sign in 3rd page where nominee section is given since i dont want any nomination so should i just sign on 3rd page and send it to you?

  99. shiva says:

    hi. ..can i upload 6 month passbook entries for income proof or (i have 5 months and 18 days statement will it be ok for income proof)???
    the account which i am linking with zeroda ,the bank statement dose not have IFSC code and MICR code printed on it they stamped both the codes on statement will it be ok???

  100. Harshit says:

    What is minimum amount needed to maintain in the account to trade in F&O so that it can be verified by Zerodha without any rejection ? (since i m student but still want to trade in F&O although I have DEMAT account on zerodha )

  101. Rajat says:

    I am trying to register but it always says date of birth is not matching with PAN number

  102. Biju says:

    I already have zerodha trading account with active F&o, currency and commodity segments. Don’t have demat account.
    Now I want to open DEMAT account. Want to know the procedure.

  103. sandeep kumar mahto says:

    can I submit another doc in place of Cancelled cheque.

  104. vinay says:

    i want to ask if a student want to open account , how will he able to show income proof . , but i am 18+.

    • Matti says:

      If you have a demat account with holdings, you can give the DP holding statement. If not, you can also submit a 6-month bank statement.

  105. Srikanth says:

    I have 2 bank accounts
    One is axis Bank which is opened 4 months ago
    Other is indian bank which is opened an year ago
    I want to open demat account with my Axis Bank account
    For bank proof i can submit the latest bank statement
    But for the income proof as 6 months bank statement is mandatory can i submit the indian bank’s 6 month bank statement

  106. Jarina says:


    While sending the nomination form as a courier to your head office, is it mandatory to provide the proof of identity of the person we are nominating.

  107. Deepak says:

    sir, when will my account gets activated, i couriered 2 days before, still my demat account has not activated, i can open the zerodha kite aside but any idea when will my account activate??

  108. Ramu says:

    I have commodities account in Zerodha. I just need to open Demat/ Equities account. While trying to open account it’s just starting with PAN number along with DOB. Once i enter these details it’s throwing an error like “This PAN is already registered with us”.

    How can i open online account.

    • Matti says:

      If you already have an account with us, you can’t use the online process. You can download the forms here, sign and courier them to us.

  109. Naveen kumar M says:



  110. Kishan says:

    my account opening was rejected due to wrong image uploaded in cancelled cheque.
    Now i want to upload the same unable do that. please help

  111. tarak says:

    During process of a/c opening it just asked cash/currency/FNO segment and also commodities. I did not choose commodities. The process did not specifically asked for DEMAT a/c. So I have paid Rs 300/- . Please let me know how to open the demat a/c.


    • Matti says:

      In order to trade in the cash market, you’d need a demat account, so a demat account is opened as well. You only need to sign and courier the PoA for the demat account. Log into to download the PoA.

  112. Dharmendra says:

    Can I use yono sbi insta savings account with zirodha
    It No full kyc

  113. Shridhar Ganapati Gouda says:

    Dear sir,
    I have submitted document signed successfully what is the next Procedure to open the A/C?
    And paid the charges through net banking.

  114. Dharmendra says:

    Can I use axis asap bank account with zirodha
    It is not full kyc

  115. Navin says:


  116. Himanshu says:

    I want to apply offline.Zerodha say photo copy should be self attested.I have to attested from an officer.

  117. Tannu says:

    I have paid 300 but my aadhar is not linked with my mobile no.I want to apply offline.But I have not personalized cheque can I send my bank statement instead of cancelled check.

  118. Rahul says:

    Can I use my 10 days old bank account.6 month old account is necessary.

    • Matti says:

      You can use a 10-day old account for opening an account. A 6-month statement is only required as income proof to trade F&O.

  119. Rahul says:

    Can i use my father’s bank account for opening zerotha account.I have no bank account.

    • Matti says:

      The bank account holder and the trading account holder have to be the same. If you want to open a trading account in your name, you’ll need a bank account.

  120. Sasikamal says:


    I have paid 500 Rs to open the Zerodha account (online). When I tried to enter the PAN details in the page “Let’s start with your PAN” . Error message as “This pan is already registered with us”. Please advise how to proceed further.
    I tried contacting Zerodha help but not much help!


  121. Sachin Lahane says:

    i have a bank statement from Jul 18 to Jan 19, will it work for F&O activation?

  122. Deepak says:

    I have account with zerodha since 2015. Recently received communication from zerodha that we have to close our IL&FS demat account (Opened by zerodha) and open a new account with zerodha. I sent all required forms filled before Oct 2018 and my demat account with IL&FS should have been closed within 10 days (as confirmed by ilFS and zerodha support). There was no followup done by zerodha support and ILFS charged me AMC amount for next one year till Nov 2019 which was debited from my account.
    I should not be charged for this lapse in process followup and work commitment at zerodha and I Should be refunded the AMC charges debited from my account.

    • Deepak says:

      Nitin, Do you mind paying attention here. its a small amount but big for me… Now due to delay at your end, another issue is recently allotted shares having inactive ISIN remained with ILFS demat..

  123. says:


    I want to open only Commodity account and equity account not required. Is it possible?



    1.After opening demat and trading account in zerodha, do we get charged for maintenance of demat account even if we dont to do any trading for one or more years.
    2.Is doing trading below 50000 in zerodha free( ie] no maintenace charge for demat account )?

    • Matti says:

      1. If there are no holdings in the demat account, it is automatically converted to a BSDA account and no AMC is charged.
      2. If the holding value is less than 50,000, the account is again converted to a BSDA account with 0 AMC. If the value of holdings is above 50k, but below 2lk, the AMC changed would be INR 100.
      Explained in more detail here.

  125. Ganesh says:

    Res sir,
    I want open demat account ( all ) but .
    I have not any proof income , no transaction from 1 year and also not any it returns proof
    But I want to have cheque book nd other pan ,adhar, identify proof..
    Can I open account ??

  126. n.venkateswaran says:

    i would like to open demat account for my mother. she is 91 year old. for converting physical shares to demat format. i had applied for pan no. for her. i need to process this within a week as SEBI kept deadline for converting physical shares to demat by dec.5th.
    kindly help so that i can open this at the earliest.
    pan no. will be getting within a week.
    also please share your chennai contact address and person name to open an demat a/c.
    824 844 7185

  127. Vishal Bandiwar says:

    Sir, what if MICR code is not printed on my passbook (IFSC code is printed) of Union Bank of India, is it ok to submit passbook copy as Bank proof ?
    Please do reply
    Thank you for previous replies 🙂

  128. kalpesh says:

    I all process complete for open trading account I get a message FORM PICKED BUT NOT YET VALIDATED

  129. Deepesh says:

    I wanted to open a account for equities alone. I have pan, aadhar. I am a student. I opened an account in Digibank yesterday. There are no cheques in the bank.
    1.Will i be able to open account now.?
    2.What should i do for bank statement?

  130. Vishal Bandiwar says:

    I want to trade in equity only (intraday)
    I have opened a account in Union Bank about 2 weeks ago
    I have aadhar card , pan card , bank passbook and photographs (don’t have cancelled cheque, bank statement)
    1. Am I able to open demat and trading in zerodha ?
    2. Can I upload bank passbook scanned copy as bank proof ?
    3. Is it mandatory to courier you cancelled cheque leaf ?
    ( Or it will be sufficient to courier you photocopy of bank passbook for complying with exchange regulations)
    Plz do reply

    • Matti says:

      1. Yes
      2. Yes.
      3. No, passbook would suffice.

      • Vishal Bandiwar says:

        Thanks for your reply Sir
        I am not KYC registered
        What should I do ?
        I will open account through online mode

        • Matti says:

          Just enter your details and proceed. Our online account opening form will guide you through the process. If you’re stuck at any point, a sales executive will call you and help you with the process. 🙂

  131. Harvinder Chauhan says:

    i have courier commodity account activation forms which have been delivered to you on 13/10/18. kindly check
    & activate the same

  132. kamesh says:


    I have a Trading/Demat account with another service provider, and it is a basic plan which does not provide facilities like Charts, bracket order, Cover order..etc., they advised me to change to advanced plan to get the same which is costlier than basic plan., I would like to know whether Zerodha also having such a classifications? , if not, then i would like to open a Trading/Demat account with zerodha. Please explain in detail so that i can decide.
    Thanking you,

    • Matti says:

      Hi Kamesh, we have the same pricing structure for all our clients. Our trading platform is available to everybody at no charge.

  133. Harvinder Chauhan says:

    I have demat account with zerodha. Now i also want to activate commodity account. can this be done online?

  134. Salman says:


    I want to know, whether I can update my primary bank account as Digibank (DBS). Digibank will provide Statement online. Do you accept such statements copies, if I send you the printed copy via post?

    • Faisal says:

      Yes, if the statement carries Bank logo, account name, account number and IFSC code, we will accept it.
      You need to send a signed account modification form along with this.

  135. Masih Patel says:

    I am having NRI account with Zerodha since long time. Experince with Zerodha is Fantastic. Very Professional and Co-operative staff specially Mr. Pawan Tripathi. Thank you

  136. Harvinder Chauhan says:

    SEBI extended NSE derivative segment trading hours till 11:55pm from today(i.e 1st Oct) . But timings havent changed. Why is that so?

    • Faisal says:

      While SEBI has approved that trading hours can be extended from Oct 1st, the exchanges are yet to implement the same.
      Equity derivatives market will function till 3.30 PM only until further notice.

  137. Daksh Verma says:

    Hello sir,
    I open an account before 1 month but till now your care employ not provide me the authority of sell the share.

  138. mukesh says:

    a canceled cheque is compulsory for opening new A/c

  139. Dinesh says:

    I am not able to open the account in zerodha because system is showing locked sign while opening account

  140. Monica says:


    I just completed the online process of opening an account with Zerodha. I was charged Rs. 300 as the account opening fee. Does this include the fee for both trading and demat accounts?

  141. Raomanoj says:

    can i open demat & trading account in zerodha ? using karnataka bank saving account? what is the requirement documents from karnataka bank? check or statement? pdf or zerox copy? for online account opening? any trouble to fund transfer or withdrawl in karnataka bank? pls answer??

    • Matti says:

      Hi. You can use Karnataka Bank in order to open a Zerodha account. You can, however, make online fund transfers only through UPI/NEFT/IMPS as Karnata Bank does not support payment gateways for direct payments. With UPI, however, this shouldn’t be a concern. In order to open an account online, you’d have to submit either the PDF of your bank statement or a picture of your cheque. Only make sure that whatever document you upload has your name, IFSC and account number clearly visible.

  142. Ramadevi says:

    Sir, I am trading in equity & FnO. I want to enable commodity services. Presently I don’t have a cheque book. Will six months bank statement be enough for for starting mcx.

  143. Kisalay Kumar says:

    Hi, I had opened new account with Zerodha thru online mode by uploading all required KYC documents & signature. Please confirm how these documents are completely safe and cant be misused by anybody. Thank you.

  144. Nikita says:

    I paid INR 300 for opening account with Zerodha,however the registration process could not be completed as my Aadhar was not linked to my Account.Now when I login,the option to pay fees is displayed again.Is the fees I already forfeited ?

  145. Ganapathi says:

    I want to open account in zerodha with my father’s bank account, is this possible
    and im unemployed
    during signup on Zerodha, is there two procedure for demat account and trading account
    help me to open account

  146. Paras says:

    Hello There!!

    I would like to open an account here but I’m very new to this and taking baby steps.
    Will you please guide me?

    Appreciate your guidance in advance.

  147. subhash says:

    how to know whether my existing demat account is Basic Service a/c or conventional demat a/c?

    • Matti says:

      All demat accounts that are eligible to be BSDA are BSDA. If your account breaches the limits for BSDA, it is automatically converted to a normal account.

  148. Prabhu says:

    for income proof i tried to upload bank statement in pdf format , but it says ivalid document format !!!
    which doc format should i try???

  149. Suman says:

    I am not having aadhar card. Is it possible to open the demat account without Aadhar?

  150. John shende says:

    What are the charges for opening an account of a proprietorship firm. Amc and other charges aswell. If the bank account is new which will be used for transfer of funds but the firm is old and has other bank’s account. The address proof and Id proof will be provided seperately. Which bank account statement do you need.

  151. Avinash says:

    How much amount need to be paid in advance via cheque?

    • Matti says:

      There’s no initial cheque required to open a Zerodha account Avinash. Only the account opening fee need be paid.

  152. Tathagat Shah says:

    I am a student.
    I want to trade in fno through zerodha.
    Its been 2 months since i opened my bank account.
    I havent filled income tax.
    What can i now attach as income proof to trade fno with zerodha?


    • Matti says:

      You can purchase a couple of shares and ask us for the demat account statement. This can be used as a proof of income.

  153. hirock says:

    I accidentally made payment of Rs. 300 for opening account(equity and currency), but later i could not give the aadhar details as it is still not issued in my state(ASSAM). i have bank document and address and id proof but not aadhar.

  154. MAnish says:

    Sir. I want to know that I want to do trading in f and o options trading. I am a student and doing part time teaching job at home. So is there any physical income proof required to open an account in zerodha. I have all the documents like pan card Aadhar etc.. except income proof. I don’t file itr. I don’t have form 16
    Is there possiblity to open an account in zerodha. Plz open I want to do trading in options.

  155. vinothini says:

    i want to do intraday trading on equities,as of now i don have any income proof ,can i still open account on zerodha?

  156. Rahul Sharma says:


    Would like to open an account of my friend. However, got struck with a query.

    Wish to understand, Is signature required on a cancel cheque ? and if cheque is not available can i submit bank pass book original without signature.

  157. Bhavtik says:

    I want to trade in FNO but I’m unemployed since last 6 months.
    So what I have to submit as a income proof. I haven’t filed any IT return till now. What to do next?

  158. Abhijeet says:

    If i don’t have cheque, then can i use Bank statement.

  159. Rahul Pandey says:

    Hello sir,
    I want to trade in commodities as well . Please let me know what process shall I follow and what charges will I have to pay?

    I will be thankful.

  160. Tushar says:

    I want to open a Demat Account

  161. Anuj says:

    Where i can check the address that i have used while opening the account

  162. vennila says:

    for account opening i dont have account number. my brother have account. can i use his account detail?

  163. Sanjay says:

    I completed my zerodha sign up process but after that i got mail regarding bank statement
    The following corrections have to be made in your forms before we can get you to start trading:

    Bank Statement/Passbook
    Bank name & logo missing on given bank statement. What to do please help me

  164. Ratnakar RP says:


    Can I open a trading Ac. in a minors name?
    What are the Ac. opening charges and annual charges ?

  165. Mukesh says:

    I have get my Clint I’d but also got an email from zerodha team that your bank statement not show micr code. Now I tell you have 3 bank accounts and non of them no micr code I have physically check all of the branches.Now what can I do for micr code for completing my account in zerodha.plz reply immediately. Thank you.

  166. Ajay says:

    Can i link Oriental Bank Of Commerce with trading/deemat account to transfer fund

  167. Kamlesh Trivedi says:

    customer care asking for vpin wher is this ??

  168. Kamlesh Trivedi says:

    My Document rejected two times because of sign not available on POA form kindly provide sample copy of POA form where i have to sign. Customer Care not Respond Properly

  169. priyanka patel says:

    I have my demat account. I want to open my trading account only. So what is the AMC for trading account?

  170. priyanka patel says:

    I have my demat acvount. I have to open my trading account only. So what is the AMC for trading account?

  171. Bhavik says:

    I gave 300rs cheque for account opening. I have a enough balance in bank but somehow cheque was return. I want to know whats the reason for dishonor the cheque. I contact the support zerodha but no reply from support.

  172. Milind Agrawal says:

    I am an NRI. AM I eligible for opening a share trading account with you?
    If yes what is the procedure and charges? Do you also offer consultancy?

  173. Rajneesh says:


    I opened my account 2 weeks ago and gave my aadhar card as one of documents.
    Currently I am staying/working in Pune and as my aadhar card have permanent address( Himachal Pradesh) the same is stored for my zerodha account. Because of this my stamp duty charges are 50rs/day(statewise charges).

    Is it possible and how to change my zerodha account address to my current/temporary address which is Pune so that Maharastra stamp duty charges are applicable for me?

  174. Ashutosh says:


    Is there any minimum balance required to maintain in Zerodha account? Or what do i need to provide Zerodha when opening an account. e.g. 1000,5000,10000

  175. Karthikeyan says:

    i had opened an demat and trading account yesterday by paying 300 rupees. i also had uploaded my bank statement and signature and verified through the aadhar in online. today i got a mail from ZERODHA team stating that my bank statement was not clear. it needs to be reuploaded again in order to trade in zerodha. Now how can i re-upload my bank statement documents ?

  176. Brijesh Jivani says:

    maine kal account open karne keliye login kiya aur 300 rs pay kiye., ab muje aadhar card me address aur mobile no change karwana hai, documents collect karne keliye zarodha se koi 4-1-18 ko aane wala hai… magar ab me aadhar me ad change karne ke baad doc submit karna chahta hun to ab kya karu?

  177. ajay bhalekar says:

    i want you to collect my document give contact no of person who collects document

  178. Keshavamurthy SR says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Its good to see CEO of the company replying to all our common queries .Its good to see Bangalore based company is giving such a good support in trading.

    I wish to open an account with Zerodha, but have few initial queries:-

    1. How zero brokerages in Equity delivery segment works for Zerodha ? when majority of brokers plays with brokerage charges.

    2. What one should pay(Account Opening Charges) if i opt for BSDA account and formed printed and filled by us. Details of trading and Demat account opening charges.

    3. If KYC non compliant, any KYC charges levied by Zerodha for completing KYC formalities ?

    4. Does Zerodha has own DP ? or II &FL.

    5. Demat AMC its says Rs 300 per year. In some Rs 400 per year and if BSDC crosses 2 lakhs its says Rs 600 per year in such year.what is the current scenario and charges? i dont need to pay Demat AMC on opening account if i opt for BSDA right.

    6. What is DP charges for delivery based equity selling per share at present?
    i find 8rs / 13 rs

    7. Are there any Charges for Failed Transaction.
    What are such transactions ??

    8. Does Income proof bank statement 6 months is compulsory for equity segment trading also ? Does Income proof bank details is added to map in new trading account?

    Can i give my new Saving bank account with cheque for mapping trading account apart from my other Saving Bank Account for Income proof ?

    9. I am interested only in equity trading as investor. If i change to derative trading any change in request is needed.

    or i can trade both by default except commodities?

    10. Does self attestation is enough for KYC or Notary attestation is required as mentioned in your Signature guidelines. Whether inperson verfication compulsory or just we can forward suporting documents or do it Online by signup ?

    11. Last question and most common one for formalities !! Any other hidden charges apart from mentioned in website? and any offers for fresher who open first time T &D account in Zerodha 🙂

    This questions might answers to all commoners who wants to open T&D account. I feel all queries can be complied and published as FAQ.

    Hope my answers get reverted at the earliest.

    Thanks in advance.

    Keshavamurthy SR

    • Keshavamurthy SR says:

      Hi Nithin,
      I was expecting prompt response.
      Hope you dint missed my long questionnaire!

      • Zerodha Social says:

        1) A majority of our client trade in F&O plus being an online broker our operational overheads are less and hence we can afford to offer 0 brokerage.
        2) Rs.300 for equity and Rs.200 for a commodity account.
        3) No charges, we’ll do the KYC.
        4) We are a DP with CDSL.
        5) Check this post.
        6) It’s 13.5+taxes.
        7) No charges.
        8) Income proof is required only for F&O.
        9) You can opt for all segments and start trading whenever you choose to.
        10) No offers, one deal for all our clients. 🙂

  179. rahul says:

    sir ,
    i am a student i didn’t have any income proof can i open my tradingaccount

  180. Pranav says:

    I want to invest in mutual funds for my son who is a minor. How can I do that here. I want to create an account for him and not invest out of my account for him.

  181. Avinash says:


    I would like to open a trading and demat account in my mother or sister’s name and link it with my own bank account. Is it possible to do so on Zerodha?

    My mother and sister have valid pancard and aadhar card with them. I notice that for opening and account I need to furnish following details: PAN, Address proof, cancelled cheque, photos. So can I open the above mentioned account by furnishing my mother or sister’s pancard, address proof, photo along with cancelled cheque of my own bank account?

    Kindly let me know the details. Thanks !

  182. Divya Mishra says:


    I have opened an account with Zerodha. Is there a minimum amount of fund that I need to include for my account to get activated?

    • Matti says:

      Nothing as such Divya. You can transfer whatever amount you are comfortable with whenever you’re comfortable doing it.

  183. mukesh says:

    Please help me with the following queries.

    1) I already have a TD account with zerodha but did not get fno and currency segment activated. As per comments on zconnect i need to send segment addition page and 6 month bank statement to get this activated right?

    2) Will a print of downloaded 6 month bank statement from bank’s online portal will be okay or does it need to be signed and stamped by the bank?

    3) I would also like to open a commodity account. Can the same be done online using e-sign as i am kyc and ipv verified. If so, please inform me the procedure regarding the same?

    4) If not possible online, please inform me the offline procedure and documents required? and ipv will be needed to be done again?

    5) Also, please inform the time it takes for segment addition and opening commodity account?

    • mukesh says:

      please reply!!!

    • Matti says:

      A bank statement will do as long as it has the bank logo. Self-attest the document though. You can go to and open a commodity account. When you’re done with the process, you’ll receive an ECN declaration. Courier it along with your segment addition form (since you’re anyway sending the courier) to activate commodity trading. The commodity account isn’t activated until you send a physical ECN declaration.

  184. avinash says:

    i signed up for opening an account yesterday but there is some correction needed on my part regarding invalid document that i uploaded. I need to upload 6 month bank statement how can i do so.

    second thing, is P.O.A compulsory for demat and if yes then what is the address on which i have to send those documents. Is there any online process for this or courier is only option.

    • Matti says:

      You can log in at and upload the required proof. I’m afraid PoA has to be couriered. You won’t be able to sell shares you purchase for delivery until you send this. Check out for our head office address to send the courier.

  185. Giri says:

    I want to open account , but i paid 500/- for account opening now i decided to have only trading it possible to have equity only ? @nithin

    • Matti says:

      Can you write to support[at] with your registered contact details? Your sales manager should be able to help you with this.

  186. Ashish says:

    I am new to the trading thing. I want to open trading & demat account with Zerodha. But I want all the transactions to be taken placed in separate saving account. So I opened an online saving account in Kotak811 recently. I dont have chequebook or past six months’ statement for proof. I can give my salary slip as my income proof. If neccessary, i can give statements of my salary account also. Is there any scope, i could get my account opened with you with Kotak Saving account??
    Or is there any scope that, i could change my bank details after opening my account? If yes, then what will the procedure??

  187. Vaishnavi Kamath says:

    My mother holds some share certificates and now she wants to sell those share.
    Please advise how to proceed? I am a Zerodha customer. Can those shares be transferred to my demat account?

  188. Kaustav Talukdar says:

    I am very new to Zerodha who just completed my online account filling process at Zerodha. I need to send the pre filled forms now to the Bangalore office. Can you please give me an A to Z elaborate list regarding proper filling of the downloaded forms ( as in what documents are required and how many copies, who needs to attest, if self attesting everything would do). I downloaded both the forms, equity as well as commodity. How do I proceed after that?

  189. Subhash sanjan says:

    I have opened my account in Zerodha, and I have to send my POA and CNC documents to Bangalore. I got the POA document but I can’t find out THE OTHER ONE. So will u please help me me to finish the final step. Thank you.

  190. Md javed says:

    sir , kya demat account ke liye cheque jaroori h ya without cheque bhi account open ho sakta h
    aur bank account mai kitna minimum balance hona jaroori h pls reply

  191. Vinod Mishra says:

    I had made the online payment of the commodity account opening charges. On 07.11.2017, an executive from Noida Sales office came to collect the form and documents. I was also told to only sign and leave the form blank. Now on 14.11.2017 I am coming to know that email id entered by them is wrong. It has been one week and account still not opened.

    Mobile Number – 8586981172

  192. Veena says:

    Hi, I had submitted documents for account opening on 31st Oct 17, one document was required by your team which was sent on the same day i.e., in 1st November and I got a mail on 2nd Nov stating that your verification is clear and account will get activated within a day. After that there is no update on the account till 11th November. Your executive Chennakeshav had told that my account is activated on 6th itself and told to check the mail and spam mail so that ID will be sent (conversation was on 8th Nov) after that I called on 9th again now he was telling that some Franking issue it is getting delayed. If you people have Franking issue give the form to me I will get it done within half an hour. Franking is necessary for POA to DP right meanwhile you can open trading and commodity and send me the login credentials. I have been creating tickets in support and even sent mail to Nithin also but there is no response.
    So, there is no point in following it with you since we have so many options in the market I have decided to move to other broker. Please refund my account opening fees of ₹500, since I had taken the printout of application return it to me at least the xerox copies. I am ready to pay for xerox fees.

    Since you have lost the trust how can park my money with you without any support or response from you people. I understand that it will not matter for you guys if one account gets canceled where you will get lakhs of accounts.

    Please refund my money asap.

  193. SHANTI DEVI says:

    For new account I have sent all documents including bank passbook statement , cancelled cheque and 6 month bank statement.
    On cancelled cheque IFSC AND MICR is given but MICR is not available on passbook statement . Bank manager is
    saying that we provide MICR only on cheque book not on passbook . For this reason zerodha sales manager (Venkata Sai Kumar mob-9538912020) is not opening my account . supportzerodha via sales manager giving same excuse.
    Kindly check it as my family members have account with zerodha with same bank but there is no issue in opening their accounts.

    • Matti says:

      Hi. If the cheque has the MICR and IFSC, there should be no issue in opening the account. Please email your contact details to social[at] and we’ll take action.



    I already have a trading account with Zerodha, Now I want a Demat account as well with Zerodha,

    Please tell me the procedure and fees involved,
    Also let me know the documents I need to provide.

    Is this process can be achieved online ???

    Best regards

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Junaid, you cannot open just a demat account online. You can download the demat application form under the profile section of Q. The demat account opening charge will be Rs 100 and no documents are required.

  195. Shounak says:

    I Already have trading account. But did not trade for past 1.5 years. Today when I placed the order it said Client is not registered for any exchange. Raised ticket with Zerodha Support. They are asking to resend the Demat opening forms and after they receive those forms they will take 24-48 hours. I am sure my account was opened and active till 2015 Dec. Then why asking again.
    My ID is DS4105 and DP ID is 12081600.

    Nithin, Need your urgent attention.

  196. Sanjiv Gupta says:

    It has been more than 15 days since I have applied for my new account. documents are all send to ur office. Till now I have got no response from your team. The person I contacted megha jyothi kept on saying it is in processing since last 10 days . Can you guys please look into it and tell me when ur going to opened my account.

  197. Pravin says:

    I have uploaded my bank statement for the verification of my account number, IFSC and MICR codes. But the statement is password protected as received from my bank (Password is my 12 digit account number). There is no way I can mention the password details while uploading the document at your website.
    Kindly let me know how I can provide these details to your team who would be reviewing the documents. Also, I assume that they would contact me to get the password details and would not directly reject the application.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Pravin, our team will get in touch with you.

      • Ankush kumar singh says:

        I have submitted a kyc for account opening and the bank statement which I have uploaded is password protected ,so please if u need password contact me and don’t reject my application .

  198. thathabeer says:

    hello sir

    i linked icici bank account for my tradind account. it is new account. i havn’t 6 month statement for income proof. but i have another corporation bank account. i have 2 year statement in corporation bank.can i submit that account for income proof

  199. SOUVIK DEY says:

    Sir, Recently i had opened a demat account in Zerodha, but i want to convert my account into BSDA.
    while opening an account i mistakenly put a tick mark on conventional demat ccount instead of BSDA.
    sir guide me how to convert my account into BSDA. is there any charge for converting?
    Is there any difference in brokerage charge between BSDA and regular demat account?

  200. apoorva goyal says:

    Hello Team,
    I already have an account with zerodha and now i am looking forward to start trading in F&O too. Do i need to send my salary slip proof in physical form or can be emailed?

  201. Jai prakash saran says:

    Today i have got a mail saying that IPV is not done properly so how can i do re ipv

  202. Amit says:

    Hi Nithin/Zerodha Team,

    Thank you for doing an outstanding work. Just a small query:-
    1) While opening an account, I saw a Sell(Debit) Charges as Rs 8+ 5.5(CDSL Charges) for Market Trades.
    2) While opening/converting it into BSDA Account, I got a new Sheet stating the Transaction Charges for Sell(Debit) as Rs 25+5.5(CDSL Charges).

    Why this discrepancy? So, that means small investors cannot benefit from BSDA account? Waiting for your reply.

  203. Siva Kumar DR says:

    Hello Nithin,

    Could you help me with the procedure to apply for IPO in zerodha account( DS5917).

  204. siddharth says:

    i just had opened demat account online and scheduled an pickup for documents proof i have just one query regarding 6 months account statement as i have linked my account with zerodhar which is an new account .so can i share my another savings accounts statement which is old one.

  205. Srinivasan M says:

    Hi Nithin, I will try to visit your chennai branch. If not possible, if I fill up address change form, print and post it to your Bangalore HQ along with Original LL Tel Bill along with probably Pan copy. Will that be ok to change my address ?

  206. Amol says:

    I have submitted all details online with 300 rs charges and I downloaded PI and nominee for myself and couriered to Banglore office by paying 100/ then it became 400rs charges for me.
    please explain it how it is.

    • Ah if you couriered, there was no need of additional 100. You can send an email to [email protected], we will refund this to your trading ledger after account opening.

      • siji k says:

        Hi Nithin,
        Same here with me… I have paid Rs.300 while opening the account, and had to spend an additional Rs.150 to courier the POA and nomination to your office. I am sending an email as suggested by you for reimbursement of the courier charges.

  207. Ashish says:

    As above mentioned list of bank…
    Some banks are not listed there example Canara bank etc..
    So how can these bank transfer funds to zerodha account..

  208. AMOL TRIVEDI says:


  209. Srinivasan M says:

    Hi Nithin, I want to change my correspondence/permanent address. I will produce LL Tel Bill. No other change in my account. Do I need to submit photo also ? For DP address change I can visit Chennai office and change there. Can you send me change of address form ? Is there any IPV needed ?

  210. subodh says:

    For address proof:
    Recently I changed my house .My all documents like voter id ,pan card have old address .
    I have recent phone bill having latest address but it is registered on my fathers name. can I use it as address proof ?
    I can give my ration card copy to prove family relationship .
    Will it be considered as my address proof ?

  211. Ravi says:

    Yesterday I opened account using Aadhar card.
    Now which documents do I need to courier for demat + trading account ?
    Is it necessary to send that account opening form (of 20 pages) ? or just need to send POA & eca form ?
    & when will I get the Credentials for login & Software to use ?

  212. Debjit Roy says:

    Hi I am actually a bit confused please help.

    I am a student,having a new bank account month old at PNB ,yet to receive my debit card to do net banking hopefully this or next week I will get it ,as per the bank.I have check book and pass book,other than that have PAN,AADHAR,Voter ID( spelling mistake in name on Voter ID so cant use i guess).

    I would have proceeded to open the account using AADHAR but just know I understood about KYC.So I can’t

    Q1) If I open my trading + demat at zerodha using standard method, do my KYC will be done by you people as I understand as per SEBI we need KYC to deal with securities.Or I do it separately?
    The equity form have a KYC part,but in instructions its written

    ” If your PAN is not verified or rejected, you should either send us an original/notarized* address proof”

    Cant I use a self attested photocopy of PAN ?

    Q2) Now for the account using standard registration ,the documents needed is self attested photocopy of PAN (got it) and for address proof can I give a self attested photocopy of AADHAR card I just don’t want to go for the gazetted dude sounds complicated,or what other options do I have? Bills are not in my name.Though I have my bank pass book do the photo copy of the first page where address is mentioned will be enough?

    Q3) What checks I have to issue for demat + trading account,and what amount ?

    Thank you

  213. Bhavik says:

    Sir, can we access Demat and Trading account with one login at zerodha? How i can access the zerodha Demat account? I am very confuse between Demat and trading account in zerodha.I have paid 300 rs one cheque for account opening at zerodha. Can i get both trading and demat account with 300 rs? How i know that which is trading and which is demat account?

  214. Rajesh says:

    I don’t know anything about share market,new to this .. I am interested in opening an account for trading purposes.. Is it compulsary to have/open demat account? If yes ,can I open demat account later (with zerodha)?
    kindly reply

  215. Imk says:

    I want to open an account dmat + trading.. want to know can i add DBS Digibank saving account as a primary account for fund transfer? Because they claimed them self.. digital bank with no paper work.. what proofs i have to submit to use that account as primary or secondary…?

  216. Vimal says:


    I am a student, want to get an insight of how things work here. I am opening a demat account, what are the charges applicable other than the Rs. 300/- debited during the opening of account? Is there any minimum number of transactions that I have to make in a year/ is there a minimum balance which I need to maintain?

  217. Abhijit says:

    If I proceed with this link:
    and pay Rs.300 online and courier docs like pan and aadhar, what type of account will it open with Zerodha? Will it be a demat? or trading? or a 2 in 1 demat + trading?

  218. Anand says:

    I have opened an online account with Zerodha yesterday evening using Aadhar. I am yet to get the login credentials. Please let me know when will I get the same in my registered e-mail Id.

  219. priyatham says:

    can I use my bank statement instead of the canceled cheque?
    can I use the same bank statement for income proof?

  220. pranjal says:

    cancelled cheque is compulsary ? can i submit any other document for account confirmation ?

  221. Harvinder Chauhan says:

    My user id is – RH1861.
    I had courier the application along with personalized cancelled cheque to change primary bank account details.The forms have reached you as i got confirmation email from support@zerodha. Its been over a week now but my bank acc. details still not have been updated. Kindly check and do the needful.

  222. Rohith Mohan says:

    Hello Zerodha staff,
    I registered for Zerodha account at the website on 23/8/17, made the payment of Rs 500 towards account opening charges, and scheduled a document pick up for 3PM today(25/8/17). Called up Zerodha support yesterday to re-confirm the document pick up schedule. The support executive enquired if someone had called me regarding the pick up. When I said I didn’t receive any calls he informed me that someone will be calling me today and picking up my documents at 3PM. Neither did I receive any call today from Zerodha nor was the documents picked up. Tried calling Zerodha support 3 times during the day and waited for 20-30 minutes each time but couldn’t speak to the executive as the line was busy. I also tried to contact Zerodha Kochi support office later in the evening over phone but couldn’t connect as the number was ‘temporarily out of service’. I had great excitement while opening this account but the account opening experience itself has been disappointing so far. Not sure whom to contact to get my documents picked up.
    Rohith Mohan

  223. Rajender says:

    I want to open the trading & Demat account.
    -Started filling the detail for online opening the account (4 days back)
    -Erroneously some wrong detail was entered.
    – there is no option to correct that.
    – Data was reset from your back end but option was not coming to correct the Aadhar no.
    – I was told that your representative will come and will do the formality for opening the account. due to some technical issue for resting the complete data
    -No one came for that. When I contacted your branch office I was told that field team will contact me but no one called back.
    – Your system does not allow to create another user ID by using either of the mail ID or Mobile no.

    Due to all the above issues I am unable to open my account.

    As complete data is not reset from the system so alternately can my user ID be deleted from the system so that I can fill the details by creating ID again(with same credentials) to complete the accounting formalities.

    Also pls confirm that will the cancelled cheque be suffice (as it will fulfil your requirement of verifying the IFSC code & account no.) instead of bank account statement.


    • Venu says:

      Hi Rajender,
      Sorry for the trouble, I’ll get Shashank, your sales manager to give you a call and help you out with the account opening. Alternatively, you can reach him on 9540872020.

  224. lalit says:

    For opening a new account,
    1. Do I need to send a copy of Demat PoA?
    2. Do I need to provide my client id on it?
    3. Do I need witness signatures?
    4. Do I need to send it by courier or can I email a scanned copy?

  225. Sandip says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I already have a trading account with Zerodha (CDS, NFO segments enabled), and want to enable Commodities too. I have downloaded and printed the pre-filled Commodity trading form available on my profile page in Q. I have the following questions :

    1. Do I need to attach a passport size photograph in page 3, or just need to sign the various sections ?
    2. Do I have to pay any additional fee for enabling the Commodity trading facility ? If yes, what is the amount ?
    3. I am guessing the completed document should be couriered to “153/154, 4th Cross, 4th Phase, JP Nagar, Dollars Colony, Opp. Clarence School, Bangalore – 560078” ?


  226. krishnamurthy says:

    Hi, recently i opened a BSDA account with IIFL, now i don’t want to continue with IIFL. is it possible to transfer from IIFL to ZERODHA as a same BSDA account, if yes, what is process to transfer. otherwise what i have to do to open ZERODHA.
    Thanking you in advance.

  227. harjinder says:

    i want to change my bank account details. if i email scanned copy of personalised cancelled cheque, then would this be enough or i have to courier the cheque?

  228. Siva Kumar DR says:

    Hello Nithin,
    If I am a Demat account holder, Can I do trading on equities and commodities also using the same account ?

    • Akshay.A says:

      You’ll have to open a commodity account to trade commodities apart from the trading & demat account. You’d not require a demat account to trade commodities.
      You’ll get the same client ID to trade in equities as well as commodities. Check here for more.

    • Venu says:

      A demat account is used to hold equity shares. You don’t need a demat for trading commodities at Zerodha.

  229. Ananta Das says:

    I have a trading account with you and want to open Demat now.
    I’ve already downloaded 8 pages prefilled formed from my Q backoffice.
    Now —
    1) What additional documents I have to enclosed with this form?
    2) Which document I have to enclosed as “Proof of Identity” for nominee? Is PAN / Bank Statement of nominee sufficient?
    3) Any Opening Fee etc. — How to Pay?

  230. Siva Kumar DR says:

    Hello ,
    I have a trading account with Zerodha, now I have to open Demat account, I have downloaded the Demat prefilled form and Customer care executive asked to me to sign and courier the same to office with some closure letter , I over heard the name on that document .
    Could some one help me with the document name and where it is available.

  231. raghu says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I have been a zerodha customer for the past one year.
    Recently i wanted to open an account for my mother. I did the latest AADHAR option on the site
    1. eSigned the KYC (via aadhar option ) and got the acknowledgement doc
    2. Uploaded all documents ( signature, bank, PAN card )
    3. The representative has also collected the signed documents.
    However i got a mail that the date of birth doesn’t match.

    To verify i went to the Income Tax site and verified the PAN Number against the date of birth and it matches.
    Isn’t AADHAR and PAN verification valid source of authentication data?
    It has been almost 2 weeks that this is going back and forth.
    Kindly intervene and also apprise the people concerned about the problems faced by customer because as per the site it is
    “Open your account instantly with AADHAAR”
    You have a wonderful platform. do let these things make the customer go away

  232. Mujeeb K says:

    Hey! I want to know if i can start currency trading with Zerodha! Can i start with a small amount like for example Rs.5,000 to Rs.10,000??? I am a student currently with an interest in currency fluctuation. My main purpose is to learn how things work out in currencies(forex).

    But being a student i currently have no income except what my parents give me!! So can i produce my icici bank statement of 6 months as an income proof even if it only has transactions or balance ranging from a few hundred to say Rs. 15,000 to 25,000 currently! Also on a side note, if i’m allowed to trade with a smaller amount on starting and that i am able convert a profit. So, can i withdraw my payments or will there be hiccups on Zerodha’s part!!!

    Another question!!! Do you allow Custom Demo Trading? I mean if i don’t want to start demo trading with a huge amount but want to start like i would start a Real account trading. Can i do so?
    Mujeeb K

  233. Amul says:

    I have just opened an account (trading only). I registered using Aadhaar esign.
    Uploaded a days statement for ifsc and micr code.

    Now at the end of all this, it is asking me to courier the DEMAT POA and Nomination forms.

    1) Where is the address that I’ve to courier these forms?
    2) Do i need the 2 witness name + signatures on the both the forms or are they optional?

  234. NAVEEN says:

    Hi there,
    Is there Annual maintenance charges from you?

  235. babajan says:

    hi sir iam working in dubai and recently i opened nri account in icici bank and i want to do online trading so can you please explain me the proceger how to open account and how much money need to deposit to trade please tell me sir thank you

  236. E Ramesh says:


    I have submitted details online and requested for door pick up of documents.
    i have paid 300 online for equity trading, do i need pay any more amount?.
    I am serving in Army, I have copy of Form 16, latest payslip, Aadhaar copy, IT Return copy, but not cheque, copy of passbook updated will be sufficient?
    I gave details of my and my wife’s joint account, is there any problem? Pls guide me sir, my door pick up schedule is 31 Jul at 0900hrs.

    Thanks and regards,
    E Ramesh, Karur (TN)

  237. UDAY DANDGE says:


    I have submitted details online and requested for door pick up of documents.
    i have paid 300 online for equity trading, do i need pay any more amount for trading account.
    And how much time it will required to open account? can i use same account for demat?
    do i need to open demat account open separately.
    please suggest,


  238. vidula says:

    Hi , my bank give me simple print of statement without any stamp or signature Or logo. What is the alternative?

  239. Manish says:

    What are the doc’s required for demat for minor.

  240. Jignesh P Patel says:

    Got this msg on social media..
    Zerodha requested big broking house for funding, they shorted BNF big time. Plz confirm from Ur sources also. Zeroda prop is closed for further trading but old BNF shorts are still there.
    There was a news in ET recently where Sebi/exchanges issue a notice saying from 1st of June or July brokers cannot use clients money to fund other clients.Plz chk dates. But they have duly signed POA of every Account holder to use their stocks and money fraudulently. So guys be careful while choosing your brokers specially if they have prop desk.
    Pls avoid such brokers to be on safer side

    Is this true? What is prop desk?

    • I had answered this earlier
      This is a joke. These kinda things keep getting put out there by competitors.
      July 1st the new SEBI surveillance things come into play, this helps us more than anyone else. Most of the traditional brokers will get hurt (people who have been offering margin funding and all). We are super excited by the opportunity that will open up in July.

  241. Hanif Siddiqui says:

    I want to have a trading+demat a/c.Which form i have to fill up.
    I received 2 attachment (zerodha comodity & zerodha trading+demat) .
    Or the “open an account” option in zerodha’s official website.
    Thank you

    • If you have an AADHAR and KYC compliant, online open an account is the best. You can open an account instantly. If not, you can sign and send the Zerodha trading+demat.

  242. chandra says:

    i am student 19 years old i don”t have any income proof and also my bank a/c new i mean 10 days old what should i provide for income proof i don”t have 6 months bank traction

  243. Vivek Kumar says:

    I’ve just opened the Equity Trading and Demat account with you. Suppose If I don’t purchase any delivery based share throughout the year, will I still be charge for Rs 300 AMC at the end of financial year??

    • No, account will automatically become BSDA and there won’t be any AMC charge.

      • Vivek Kumar says:

        What If I already have a BSDA Demat account with other broker?

        • Only one BSDA allowed.

          • Vivek Kumar says:


            I know only one BSDA account allowed. But that was not mine question. Mine question is:

            I already have a BSDA Demat account with another broker. Now I had open a Trading + Demat account with Zerodha as well. For Zerodha Demat Account AMC is Rs 300/- as mentioned on your website, but suppose If I won’t purchase any delivery based share throughout the year, then Zerodha still charge me Rs 300/- AMC or NOT?

  244. Arun says:

    I want to open a trading account in Zerodha and link my ICICI SB account and ICICI Demat account. Let me know the process. Also mandatorily do I need to open the Demat account with Zerodha?

  245. Pralhad says:


    How can i remove my existing ICICI Bank account from Zerodha trading as well as my Demat account and add HDFC bank account?

    Thanks & Regards,

  246. DINESH says:

    Started a partnership firm having main objective of investment & trading in shares recently…so i have a bank account opened recently … We want to trade in futures & options as well as do investment in shares…So what all the documents u need …
    PARTNESHIP DEED is available with us
    PAN CARD is available with us
    BANK STATEMENTS opened last month so 1 month statement avail;able with us.


  247. Krishna says:

    Dear Nitin,
    I have changed my signature as it was in my PAN card. will it be an issue?

  248. Nitesh lathkar says:

    I don’t have cheque book right now…..can I do account opening with bank account statement….??

  249. Mahendra says:

    I don’t have a Demat & account, So I want to know is that “Do you open Demat & Trading Account both at the same time with Rs 300 accounting opening charges or is there separate charges for both and also time required to open both account.

  250. Sabareesh NV says:

    I have some doubts regarding starting an account with you guys. I am new to stock market and wish learn about it a bit more. When i started to register myself some confusion arise. Zerodha says that my PAN card is not KYC verified. I got my pan card just some weeks ago. How should i do KYC verification of PAN card? Is linking PAN with my bank account enough to be KYC compliant?
    Also i haven’t asked my bank to issue me a cheque book. Is a cancelled cheque necessary. Since i dont have a cheque book currently, can zerodha take its cut/fee through debit card.

  251. Sandeep Panghal says:

    Hi ,
    I am investing for first time and my KYC is not done. Please tell if KYC process will also be carried by you or if i should get it done by third party?

  252. Ruth quansah says:


  253. Anirban says:

    I have filled up the online form. Now I will take a print out of it.
    If I send the following documents is it sufficient ?
    POI – Photocopy of PAN (self – attested )
    POA – Photocopy of Voter ID (self – attested)
    Photocopy of last year ITR acknowledgement (self – attested )
    Cancelled cheque
    Nomination – Photocopy of my wife’s Voter ID/Aadhar (self – attested by my wife)
    Some from Zerodha needs to come to my place and verify the documents and collect the form along with the documents ?? Please let me know.

  254. Koushik says:


    I have certain queries regarding Trading and demat account opening.

    1. Do you have any office of Zerodha in Kolkata where I can directly go, take help regarding the form fill up and submit the form as well as the payment cheque and get the documents verified.

    2. Is there any facility to pick up the account opening related docs from my home?

    3, If I need to send the form to your Bangalore office, in that case I need to send the form by courier or speed post?

    4. For the Address proof of the nominee is the self attested aadhaar card of the nominee sufficient?

  255. Prashant Kumar says:

    Can you please tell me about the following sections in the account opening form
    1. Power of Attorney
    2. Running account Authorization
    How these 2 documents are going to be utilized.

    Though the document says – voluntary, but sales manager is insisting on signing these 2 documents.
    He says if I do not sign the document then for every purchase/ sell i have to visit branch office or make specific request to execute it. Is this correct?


  256. Manoj Negi says:

    Hi, Can I use passport as address proof? And secondly, I don’t have aadhar card(It’s misplaced), is there any other alternative to this?

    • Yes address proof as passport is good. Aaadhar is required if you want to digitally sign the account opening form. You just need to know the number, no need of the card.

  257. Deepak says:

    Hi Sir,

    I just registered myself in Zerodha and I’m done with the payment of 300 rupees as well. I have also uploaded bank account and signature scanned copy.

    Now, I have to submit the POA form only. One of your executive asked me to submit the form and then transfer rupees 5000 for the first time. I asked him if I can transfer less amount or not, he refused saying the zero balance account will not be activated if I don’t transfer full 5000 rupees into my zerodha account. He told that this is only for the first time and I can transfer any amount later on.

    Could you please let me know if this is mandatory to transfer 5000 rupees for the first time.


  258. Ashok Kumar Ekka says:

    Dear Zerodha,
    I already have a equity trading a/c with Zerodha. Now I want to trade Future and Options. Will I have to open a new trading a/c or will it be enabled in my present trading a/c. If it could be enabled in my present Trading a/c then what is the procedure. Please reply.
    Ashok K. E.

  259. rishabh soni says:

    sir, mere paas cheque book nahi hai funds add or withdrawl karne mai problem to nahi hogi agar hogi to koi dusra option ho to suggest kare

    • Akshay.A says:

      You can provide a bank statement to map the bank account. You could transfer funds via NEFT/RTGS & IMPS if internet banking facility has been enabled on your account.
      Shouldn’t be any issues to transfer/withdraw money from your trading account. Check this link for more details.

  260. Ankit says:

    I have filled Trading and Demat Form Online and Paid 300rs Online….
    I have uploaded Bank acc. Statement and Signature while filling the form…(E-signed the form)

    But when i downloaded the filled Form at last Only Half page of Signature is showing..half signature is missing…..

    What needs to be done in this case….Since i hv E-signed the form dont know whether Half signature is Signed or Complete sign…

  261. Vamsi says:

    I want to open an account for MCX segment. Can I submit “Oriental Bank Of Commerce ” bank statement as an address proof and income proof and Can I link HDFC bank ( New one, Opened with in a month ) account to the trading account?

  262. Adi Mirle says:

    Dear sir, I have the acknowledgement copy of pan card , the original copy is yet to come in few days so can i open demat+trading account with acknowledgement copy of pan card.

    • Akshay.A says:

      Adi, You’ll have to provide us with the PAN card. It wouldn’t be possible to open your account with the PAN acknowledgement copy.

  263. Jayasri G says:

    Mr Nitin Kamath has, in several earlier posts under this category, confirmed that once KYC requirements are complied, the process need not be repeated for account opening.

    I (together with my son G Vignesh as the second applicant) submitted application for opening joint T+D account. The account opening process got delayed (yet to be opened at this point of time) as undergoing a fresh KYC process was insisted upon. I have submitted all the required documents, but I have put this on Z connect to flag the following issue:

    Whether a Joint Account of two individuals who are already KYC compliant, requires to under a fresh KYC process just because they want to open account in their joint names. My understanding and representation is that (1) maximum number of Three individuals who are already KYC compliant, can open a Joint T+D account (2) that account will not fall under the “Non Individual” category and (3) a fresh KYC compliance is not required for account opening.

    Kindly verify and confirm.

  264. Bhagat Shah says:

    I want to trade in F&O but i don’t have a source of income currently. Is there any alternative (such as net worth requirement) to trade in F&O?

  265. Kailash chandra swami says:

    I want open an account with Zerodha,but have not cheque book.i mean i cant send cancelled cheque.
    there is any alternative of cancelled cheque ?cancelled cheque is compulsory?

  266. mukesh says:

    Hii Nithin,

    Thanks for your prompt reply to my last query.

    i just opened a TD account with zerodha and got login credentials for kite and Q on April 22. Support from your sales team agent was great throughout the process but now the agent keeps insisting that i have to transfer Rs. 5000 mandatory for account to be activated even after i informed him about your comments regarding the same on z-connect. Is it really mandatory to transfer the money ? Please look into it.

  267. Arjun says:

    I am very eager towards opening an Trading + Demat account with you. I tried multiple times to request cheque book for my SBI savings account, but always an error popped up saying “Cheque Book not available for this account”. I currently don’t have an Income proof either. So, I was wondering whether the first page of the passbook will work as an alternative to cancelled cheque or not?

    PS: My Aadhaar card is not KYC registered either!

  268. Pranita Phadnis says:

    can i open just a trading account as i have a Demat with SBI

    • Matti says:

      Yes, you can. However, the Power of Attorney for this demat account would stay with SBI and as such, though you’d be able to buy shares through Zerodha, you wouldn’t be able to sell them. Selling will have to happen through SBI and the charges applicable for such trades with SBI will be applicable.

  269. Jayesh says:

    Dear Sir,
    I have Dp with sharekhan,can i trade (Intraday-Not delivery) with zerodha ?
    if yes what documents i have to produce I have already Fno and Comodity trading a/c with Zerodha.
    only my sharekhan dp id Number if i send to you it will link with same sharekhan dp id?
    is there any AMc will effect from zerodha, once link?


  270. udhay says:

    hi Folks!

    Where do i check my demat account number? I received a mail from CDSL for using their portal for checking, but they are asking for a 12 digit demat number? Thanks.

  271. NITU TOSHNIWAL says:

    I want to change bank details

  272. Manish says:

    Sir, I have opened an account with Zerodha through online using my adhaar number to esign the form. After that I received mail from digio. They had attached my esigned form for reference. But I didn’t received any client ID from Zerodha. It’s been 20 hrs since I registered online for opening account. Is it because of weekend that my request has not been processed?

  273. Hardeep singh says:

    Maine zerodha equity mai account open karwaea hai. But abi trading nhi ki. Mujhe zerodha se phone ayea k 5000 rs fund add kro nhi to apka account deactivate ho jayega. kya policy hai apka?

  274. Adithyaa says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I have a couple of questions.

    1.For income proof, will a statement from any bank account in my name suffice? Or should it be only from the bank i am linking to Zerodha?

    My salary gets credited to HDFC bank account. But i am going to link my IndusInd bank account with Zerodha. Will that be okay?

    2. My current signature doesn’t match with the one on my PAN card. Kindly clarify if some other proof can be used for signature. If yes, please elaborate on the proof that will be accepted.


  275. harpreet singh says:

    how much time it take to open account with adhar card and what is fees to open new account online of only trading and trading +demat account what is amc for both . i have to send the documents by post or not and what about power of attoney and its charges

    • If your KYC is already registered, you can open account online instantly. Gets enabled by next day. Yes the demat POA is required for you to sell stocks, but you can do everything else. Rs 300 account opening and Rs 300 as AMC.

  276. Harish Chopra says:


    Can I file IPO with Zeroda Demat account ?

  277. Sameer W says:


    What is the AMC for T+D+C account?
    Also how much is it for just T+D account?

  278. Prathamesh Ponkshe says:

    Sir, yesterday I opened an account with you through your adhar digital sign facility. I have got my ID too. but till now I have not received password to access my account. How much days it requires to get the password?

    • Prathamesh, since we have just gone live with this process, it is taking a little longer. Ideally we should do it in a day.


        A lot of praise to you and your team for such a quick reply. Thats why you are called the number one tycoon of Discount brokers in India. Eager to get my password and start long term relation with you.

  279. Ajit says:

    Hello Nitin,

    Thank you for your response. I just became a part of Zerodha now and have access to Kite for trading. However, when i went to add fund, the bank is not getting listed for which i have submitted documents to link my trading account with the given bank. When contacted to sales person, he informed that my bank (Canara Bank) is not a part of the banks with which Zerodha is associated. Now how do i solve this? While verifying itself , if the team would have informed that this bank is not supported than i would have added another bank. Now, adding another bank would require sending all documents related to that bank. How the account became active without linking bank with the trading account? The sales team has sent a account number of Zerodha and asked to transfer money on that asking that it would be credited to my trading account but this is not a feasible way every time. Rather, while withdrawing , how zerodha will know to which account it should deposit – it would again require me to give details of my account, which is not at all a clean way. i would rather like to have my account associated with this so whenever i can i can add/withdraw from that bank account rather doing a NEFT/IMPS to Zerodha account and doing follow up while withdrawing the amount.

    Kindly advice ASAP!

    • Ajit, to add another bank account, just email [email protected] with screenshot of a personalized cheque of your other account. It will happen by end of day. You can also transfer from your registered bank using IMPS/NEFT, when you withdraw, the money will go back to your primary bank account registered with us.

  280. Nikhil Sharma says:

    From when I can open my account with aadhaar card ?

  281. Ajit says:

    Hi Nithin,

    So, i wanted to open an account with Zerodha and i followed the steps to it. I have completed filling the form, took a print out, signed and couriered along with the following documents. Pan card, Last 3 months salary slip, Aadhar card for permanent address, Bank passbook for linking bank account (As i don’t have cheque book & also as said by the sales team who interacted) and Flat maintenance bill for correspondence address (It was mentioned in Zerodha website dropdown in Upload section that Flat maintenance bill is accepted as correspondence proof). Now, i got a call from a representative who says that, they cannot accept flat maintenance bill as correspondence address and they would like to consider my bank passbook as a proof (bank passbook also contains my correspondence address) which i am fine with but to proceed with this they are asking my latest bank statement.

    Now, i would like to know -1) How address verification is linked with account statement?
    2) When it is mentioned that flat maintenance bill will be accepted, than why it is not now? Flat maintenance bill clearly has my name,flat no. and address. The sales team calls up and says that as the bank passbook address is similar to your correspondence address, so we cannot consider this. I am sorry but i don’t understand this. To open a bank account, we need to submit local address proof and that is what would be there in bank passbook.
    3) If at all i need to submit the bank statement, can you assure me that it is safe sharing my bank statement?

    Kindly let me know as i would be more confident in what you speak up!

  282. Mayur Mhapankar says:

    Hello Sir/Maam,

    I have opened a Zerodha account few days back and transferred Rs 1000 initially. As i am a beginner, i don’t want to take risk. I also started trading with this amount that i initially transferred. I have been told that to completely activate the account one needs to transfer Rs 5000 to the account. Can you please elaborate as to is it mandatory to transfer Rs 5000 to completely activate the account?

    Thanks and Regards,


  283. Imran says:

    Sir I have filled the forms to open account with Zerodha, payments have already been made. I need to just send the form through courier. I had few doubts while filling
    1. One of the page asks for witnesses sign I am only account holder do I still need witnesses to sign
    2. When asks for copy of ID proof and address proof document with originals or notarised. Please advise on this as well.

  284. Prakash says:

    Hi NItin,

    How do we know, that client is KYC compliant or not. is that client need to check with bank ? (Because sometimes client doesn’t know whether he has got KYC compliant account or not)
    You have mentioned, unfortunately still one document to be sent if account is opened via Aadhar, which document to be sent.
    Also when this account opening via Aadhar will be starting ? I feel, this will be huge change in industry in terms of digitization platform and so far nobody has started yet. Ideally I would think, should be 100% digitization and one should not required to send any document via courier.

  285. Mayur says:


    I just opened my Zerodha account and transferred Rs. 1000 on 15th Feb, 2017. However, the current margin available shown is -10.35 on 16th Feb, 2017. I haven’t even started trading. Can you please elaborate as to why the amount is deducted from account?

    • Nikhil A says:

      Hi Mayur. This is the payment gateway charge being debited. The payment gateway used to transfer funds to your trading account charges Rs. 9 + service tax per transfer, which is Rs. 10.35.

      • Arvind says:

        I opened my account recently on this discounted trading platform to save money on trade commission charges , moving from sbi securities. I did observe same deduction after my first transfer. I wanted to know if this is one time change or every time I move-in move-out money this will be debit 🙁 of course sales guys did not explain this before to me. I did check this my friend who is a volume trader @zerodha could not explain. I never paid such a charge on sbi securites.


        • Matti says:

          Hey Arvind, I believe you’re referring to payment gateway charge of Rs. 9 + GST. This is clearly mentioned on the payment gateway page where you transfer funds to the trading account. Check out for more payment options. Since SBI sec and SBI bank are closely tied, there is no charge for moving money.

  286. vaibhav says:

    i already have an account with only equity and cds enabled. now i also want commodity segment enabled. while opening account the first time i signed on all the columns. should i print and send the form again for enabling commodity segment?

  287. Raj Bose says:

    Hi Nithin,

    When account opening via AADHAAR card option will be available ? I want to open an equity trading with Zerodha.

  288. ARJUN says:


  289. Imran says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am very new to trading and any thing i know about trading is only through online videos, but i am very interested in Day trading . Please advise if there is any minum amount in our accoun to open Trading and Demat account with ZERODHA and also advise if there will be any support given initially from you people on how to day trade.

  290. sachin mohapatra says:

    My pan card has no photo bcz I have applied it when I was minor so can I open account with that pan card

  291. praful says:

    can i send 6 months bank statement as income proof it’s enough to trade in the F&O segment ?

  292. Heman says:

    Hello Nithin,
    Hope you find time to address this.

    I referred a person to open account with Zerodha. He got document from sales.
    The sales manager from Zerodha asked to send photo copy of Pan card and some other document to make sure address is filled correctly as electricity bill has slightly more address detail than passport.
    The sales team refused to accept PAN card as the photo on it is faded as PAN card was issued in 2003.
    The PAN card was not provided as identity or address proof and yet not sure why photo on PAN card is important.
    My understanding is PAN number is used to verify name and not photo identity.

    Can you shed some light on this aspect.

    Also sales manager told me that the referral is linked by phone number so in case of me changing my phone number to the one of referred person (my spouse) will break referral link.

    As I my self is software professional, I don’t think your technical team has used such a poor logic to create referral link.
    Please also clarify on this point.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • You are right Heman, our account opening team I guess spoke to you already. When you enter a referral, you enter a mobile/email. As long as this matches when , the new account is mapped to the person who referred. If both don’t match, there is no way for us to know who has referred the person.

  293. Ashutosh says:


    I want to open demat and trading account in Equity and F&O. Currently I am in South Africa, I can provide all documents (Scan Copies only including check). Please let me know if you can open account for me.


  294. Vaibhav Sarupria says:

    when will digio aadhar starting

  295. amit says:

    what is lifetime account. is it necessary to deposit 5000 rs in equity and 5000 in commodity acc. please guide

  296. k g charan says:

    I want to open trading account with zerodha. i have an existing savings a/c in karnataka bank. I will be opening demat a/c also there in a few days. Can i link my savings account and demat account of karnataka bank with trading account of zerodha. If possible, will i get any issues in future in maintaining trading a/c and demat a/c in different places?
    Pls mail the trading a/c opening form to my mail.

    • It is best to open both trading and demat with us. If you link KTK bank demat, you will be able to buy through us, but you will have to sell using KTK bank trading account.

  297. chetan agrawal says:

    i am exist client of Zerodha with id DC0160. i want to open an MCX Account but don’t know nothing about MCX and NCDEX. my Query is-
    1- MCX and NCDEX both offer same commodity for trading like BSE and NSE ?
    2- Zerodha offer both Exchange MCX and NCDEX or only MCX.
    3- if only MCX then how can i trade commodities available on NCDEX. any plan to offer NCDEX in future.

  298. vikas chauhan says:

    Dear Sir
    I have equity and F&O account with zerodha for last more than 8 months, I’m content with the service of zerodha, and i want to explore more trading field like commodity. kindly tell me how can i open commodity account with zerodha. will i have to fill the form with all the documents? please let me know.


  299. vishnu says:


    how much your AMC charge for open demat and trading account ? Is there any other hidden charge ?

  300. vikash says:

    One more question….
    I have no cheque copy of my SBI account. I can give you photocopy of my bank account copy and bank statement. Sir please reply….
    I need some help…
    Thanks sir

  301. vikash says:

    Sir , I own my new Pan card. I received my Pan number but does not received Pan card. They say it took 15 to 20 days.But I give its photocopy to you after I received it because it take time.
    And I have my all documents but only Pan number. And I will send it after receiving.
    Can I open account through zerodha….
    Thanks sir….

  302. kasim says:

    hi, Sir,

    Im a CFA Level 1st Candidate From Mangalore. I need Demat and Futures trading account for my live project practices. Pls Help me How can i open Account Without Income Proof. But still i have Bank account statements with Last 3 Years transaction, It enough right. Please clarify


    Want to Open a Zerodha Account


    Name in Address Proof: Hari Netral

    Name in Bank (Cheque Leaf): Hari Netral

    Any problems in opening the account?

  304. Raghu says:

    What is the income proof letter needs to be submitted for farmers to open Zerodha account?

  305. OM PRAKASH jha says:

    Dear sir,
    I am a student and I want to open a trading account with zerodha so can you tell me the document required for student to open a trading account with zerodha.

  306. Arjunsinh Jadeja says:

    I just open an account here online, I fill all the details and paid 500.
    but I didn’t receive any mail or massage from your side….
    second thing…if I want to upload my documents online rather than courier than How can I do that ?

  307. Guest says:

    I already have a Demat account with ICICI bank. Can I just open Trading account with Zerodha and connect it to ICICI demat account? Also, can I do only delivery trading with this? Please clarify.

    • No, you will have to open both a trading and demat account with us. If you link ICICI demat, you will be able to only buy stocks with us, you will have to then sell using ICICI.

  308. MD ASIF FARID says:

    sir my form has varified on friday, now how much time it would take?
    thank you.

  309. K. Dinesh says:

    I am unemployed. I Just recently activated my bank account(1week ago), so don’t have bank statement and income proof also. I have PAN, Address proof, cancelled cheque, can I open an account in Zerodha to trade in equities and equities margins only.


  310. Sudip says:


    I’ve middle name. But your online account opening form asks only for first and last name so is it okay for me to put the middle name also on the first name field or should I leave it blank ?

  311. jatin says:

    I had i conversation with one of the zerodha support personnel and he told me that a only PAN, address proof, photographs and income proof is required for opening an account. However, he never mentioned about a cancelled cheque. So it is actually mandatory. Can i give my passbook photocopy to substitute the cancelled chque?

  312. rajesh says:

    i want to open my zerodha account in online. if i was completed my application process. canceled cheque are required or not? and after completed my application process in online. after process tell me.

  313. Varun says:

    Hello Nithin,
    I am a Commerce student who is interested in investing in equities and not in commodities and F&O.
    As of now, I have no income
    I have a savings account with Dena bank and wish to open a trading and demat account with Zerodha.

    Following is a set of my queries:
    1. How much is the minimum amount i have to deposit other than the mentioned charges
    2. Can the amount be transferred using a payment gateway.
    3. When will the account be activated
    4. Are there any charges to transfer the profits back to my savings account
    5. I am unclear on the documents that I’d have to furnish

    Eagerly waiting

  314. Kirit Shah says:

    I want to open trading and demat a/cs
    please advise me.

  315. OM PRAKASH JHA says:

    i Have my saving account can i open an trading account with zerodha hope you will answere my question

  316. prashant says:

    I want to open an account on my wife’s name. She is a housewife and I have following documents as a proof:

    1. PAN card on her new name (name after marriage)
    2. IDBI passbook for address proof on her new name (name after marriage) which is opened 1 month back
    3. Aadhar card for address proof but it is on her old name i.e. name before marriage
    3. Cancelled cheque of IDBI bank
    4. Bank of Maharashtra statement But this is on her old name i.e. name before marriage
    5. Marriage certificate
    6. Photo graphs

    Also she is a house wife so she does not have a fixed income.

    Can I open account with zerodha on her name ? Please guide.

  317. AB Saha says:


    I’m interested in opening a Trading and Demat account only with Zerodha. I’m already KYC Compliant : – checked here.

    Please note : My correspondence and permanent addresses are same.
    I’ve no interest in trading Futures & Options or Commodities.

    So, What documents I need to provide :

    1. Do I still need to provide bank account statement ( and attest it ? )
    2. Do I need to provide electricity bill as address proof .( I can get a e-copy and print out the same as I’ve opted for e-bill only bill not anymore sent to my address ).

    Please list all of the documents I need to send to zerodha. Moreover I would really like zerodha to send me the printed forms after paying online. I want to open an account with least possible printed papers to support the go green initiative wherever possible.

    • If you are already KYC compliant and information is the same, just sign the form, and send it to us. No need of any proofs. Also no need of income proof/bank statement if you don’t intend to trade F&O. You can choose the priority option when filling up the form. Our team will send the courier of the forms to you.

  318. Jarita Gomes says:

    I have recently opened a demat / trading account with Zerodha. However till now i have not transferred any funds into the Zerodha Trading account. I plan to start off with the same sometime during the start of next year. I hope that shouldn’t be a challenge with Zerodha.
    Please let me know.

  319. OM PRAKASH JHA says:

    i Have my saving account can i open an trading account with zerodha

  320. OM PRAKASH JHA says:

    which type of account is required demat ,current or saving bank account to open a trading account with zerodha

  321. Balachanar says:

    I am living secunderabad. I want open demat account and have all necessary document. Anybody come physically to my home to collect document?

  322. Suresh says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Can i use second holder as a nominee for my demat account?

    • Venu says:

      Yes, you can, but it doesn’t really make logic to do so. Upon expiry of one of the holders, the securities are anyways transmitted to the surviving holder.

  323. DM says:

    Hi, I have an NRI account with Axis bank. MY PAN details and KYC already registered. I found from the Zerodha that PAN card and Address Proof is not required if already KYC compliant. Please advise what others documents required for the account opening. Is there any way to send all these documents through email from overseas or need to send only hard copies through post? Thanks.

    • Venu says:

      Would you be opening an account with the residential status as NRI or resident? If it’s a resident account, then we’ll only need your bank proof (personal cancelled check leaf) & an Income proof to allow you to trade in the F&O segment.

      • DM says:

        Hi, Thank for your reply. Actually I am living in Singapore and overseas info/address already registered in my KYC. Would you please suggest which would be best way to open this type of account and documents required? I prefer to trade in equity, currency and commodities segments. Thanks.

        • Venu says:

          As I said earlier, it would depend on what your current residential status is. If your current residential status is that of a resident, you’ve to open a resident account. If you want the address to be updated in the KYC records, we can do it for which you’ll have to send us a modify request KYC form, along with the relevant address proofs.

  324. Cp says:

    Account opening charges are really high. 600 rs. for equity and commodities (including printed form courier). I am a student and dont feel like paying too much for account opening, There is upstox, which is not charging even a rupee, also the AMC is 0, Its just that i am in love Zerodha’s tools and website. That’s why opened the account by paying 300 rs. (out of my savings), for equity , but didnt pay for commodities and forms. as they would have costed me 300 bucks more. Also AMC is rs. 300. I am just a student , trying to learn how stock market works, i dont earn much.

    Got infatuated towards zerodha, after seeing the website, the simplicity and so subtly layout. but i guess its just meant for regular traders and not the ones like me.

    Anyways Thanks.

  325. Swan says:

    Hi..I was an NRI for 6 years. Now I am returning to India, and hence will change my status to “Resident”. However, I will still continue my employment from the foreign country, they have allowed me to work from home. If I want to open a trading account as a resident Indian, can I still provide the proof of employment from a foreign Institution? As I understand from this article, I can alternatively show a proof of net worth. What’s the minimum limit of net worth below which one won’t be allowed to trade in FnO and commodities? In case of the proof of net worth, can I not show that I am employed by a foreign institution?

    • Yes you can open a normal resident account. You could just give us a pay slip for one month or bank statement for 6months as income proof. No minimum networth or income requirement.

  326. Sudip Saha says:

    Hi, I want to open an account with Zerodha. So I’ve some doubts in my mind. Please answer them :

    1. ” To get your account opened at Zerodha, you are required to courier us the Account opening forms. We would request you to give us your original documents like land line telephone bills, electricity bills, bank statements etc. as your proof of address. In case you are providing us your Passport/Driver’s license or any such document, we would appreciate if you could get such document notarized or signed by a gazetted officer. ”

    There’s nothing said about AAdhar card so If I send a self attested photo/xerox copy of AAdhar card will this be counted an an valid address proof or do I need to sign the xerox copy by a gazetted officer still ?

    2. I’ve more than an year old BSNL telephone bills ( discontinued the service ). BSNL bill address and AAdhar card address is same. Can I send one year old BSNL landline bill’s original copy as address proof ?

  327. hussain says:

    my bank statement is not older then 3 months , I want to trade currency pairs ,is it possible?(

  328. mani sankar says:

    hi sir,
    1) i already have a demat trading account account with karvy does it mean i am already a kyc done person and what is the account opening opening process?
    2) i am a student and i have no regular income. the amount i want to invest is from my father. so am i eligable to open a account?
    3) as i said earlier i have no income. will my 6 months bank statements are valid or not?
    4)as i mentioned in 1 above i already have a demat account so can i open another one with you?
    5) no of cheques needed if i am eligable to open a account?
    thank you.

    • 1. Yes, you would be already KYC done. You will need to send us an account opening form with documents self attested. No IPV/KYC will be required if your address proof is the same as before.
      2. Yep, no issues. We don’t check the source of funds.
      3. 6 months is valid.
      4. Yes you can.
      5. 1 cheque is enough.

  329. vicky says:

    Iam Filling Commodity trading form and want to know about last two page which is about Central KYC Registry, i have to paste photo on that with sign across it.

  330. Nitesh says:

    By opening Zerodha still I want to open demat account??? M totally new

  331. heena says:

    Hi, iam going thru ur commodity trading account and want to know if it is compulsory for signing Voluntary Annexure document. iF my balance is lying in ur commodity account, will it be used by ur staff for purchasing commodity without my consent. All day are not trading day so if some day iam not trading, my balance should not be used by ur side for buying some commodities.

    One more thing iam using bank statement as address proof which i get from my bank branch with stamp on it. it is compulsory to get attested from Gazetted officer.

  332. Pranav says:

    I have filled the form online and made payment for equity as well as commodity online but I have few questions:
    1) As read in the previous comment if I am KYC registered ( through demat account in hdfc securities which I opened last year ) I won’t need to get attested my PAN card copy and address proof ( self attest will be enough). I checked in
    2) I have chosen option for courier me printed forms for 100 /- does that mean I won’t need to print form and it will be provided from zerodha by courier.
    3) For the proof of Income I have 6 month HDFC bank statement generated through netbanking (savings account ). Will it be enough or if not from where can I get my demat holding statements. Please guide me…

  333. abhimanyu says:

    Sir i want to open both dmat and trading account my queries are

    1. Dont have cheque book. Would 6 month bank statement suffice ? Generated Through netbanking. time taken to open both trading and d mat accounts.

    3. Self attested copies of pan card as address proof is okay?

    4. My account is with PNB…is OKAY?

    • 1. Netbanking statement won’t work, you will have to get one from the bank. Or print the statement that bank emails.
      2. If everything is in place 2 to 3 days.
      3. PAN card doesn’t have address. Your bank statement will be enough.
      4. Yes

      • fazal says:

        Why u need attestation from gazetted officer on aadhar card or bank passbook for address proof. Self attestation on this document should be OK. Let me know if self attestation on this document is OK or not so that I can send u my commodity trading application form.

        • Fazal, if you are a client who is already KYC done, no attestation required. You can check out if you are or not by clicking on the KYC inquiry link here: IF you have opened another trading/Demat/MF account anywhere in the last 5 years, you are most likely compliant.

          • fazal says:

            Hi, I am trying to get 6 month bank statement from my bank for showing income proof for commodity trading account but due to money exchange work at bank, it will take time, just want to know is there any format for self declaration for income proof. I have seen other broker providing self declaration income proof form with thr company symbol, so zerodha is also having such form

  334. Prasad says:


    I would like to open a new account with you, Demat Account Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) will not applicable for new account holders right at Zerodha for the first year?, Is this correct?,

    Shall we get some basic training on how to buy/sell shares on your trading platform’s?
    Please confirm. Thanks.

  335. Ankur Agrawal says:

    Dear Sir
    I have completed online account opening forms & printed completed forms of trading demat and commodity demat. i have paid opening charges by net banking. Please tell me how many documents are required to send with forms and self attested photocopies of pan, voter id, income proof will work or not?

  336. Sam Charles says:


    Is it possible to convert a stock trading and demat individual accounts into a joint accounts?

  337. Nitesh Kumar says:

    Hi Nithin,

    My account has been opened and i have received my user id and password and in kite it is showing that in euqity and commodity margin available 0 earlier it was showing segment not available.
    My bank account is not listed in add funds as it is not supported by zerodha.
    Please confirm what is the minimum account to start the trading in equity and commodity that i can neft or rtgs or IMPS.

    Nitesh Kumar

  338. Rahul says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am a student and i want to open a trading and demat account ( no F&O, no commodity).Can u tell the documents and fee required for that and the complete procedure.

  339. Rohan says:

    Hi, I’m Rohan.
    I recently registered on your site.

    I recently graduated from college, I have secured a job, but its is going to be two to three months before my training starts (in the company). So for the time being I am neither a student nor an employee.
    1)So what do I put my status as ?

    2)Right now I have no annual income , and my net worth is less than a lac, but that is going to change in coming 2-4 months, so what do I enter ?

    3)What is included in Utility bills ? Currently, my permanent address and correspondence address is same, but it may change in 2-4 months. I am staying at my parents house, can I give original electricity bill of my house (parents) for proof of address (permanent and correspondence)? I am asking this because I don’t want to do Notary.

    4)I don’t want to trade in F&O, so is it necessary to provide proof of income (Currently I have no income) ?

    5)What are the exact documents needed for my case (please mention original and photocopy)? Do I need to courier my original pan card ?

    6)I entered my net worth as below 1 lac, but in the form the annual income >25 lac is ticked for some reason and the net worth is black line.Is this normal, What do I do ?

    7) Do I have to take color printout of the form or is B&W okay ?

    Thank You.

  340. shailendra says:

    i want to open demat account online. what is charges and what documents i have to attached with it.i want invest only in Equity and i don’t have cheque book.

    • Shailendra, completely online is not yet possible. If you are already KYC compliant, you can print, sign and send the docs. IF you aren’t our team can visit and pick up the docs from you. If you don’t have a cheque book, you can attach a statement.

  341. md asif farid says:

    Hello sir,
    I want to open trading and demat account for trading into equity only, so for this i need to send cancelled bank cheque leaves , but in my cheque my name is not printed only my account no. Printed, can i send this?
    Or anything else in place of cancelled bank cheque leave?
    Thank you..

  342. satya says:

    Hello Nithin,
    Is the account opening still not completely online process? (I mean do we need to send the documents – PAN, Address prof, income certificate and cancelled check in form of hard copies via couries?) i read somewhere that it would be completely online if I have Aadhaar number with me?
    Also, is cancelled check required is anyone wants to trade in Equity only?

  343. Motilal says:

    sir, i have union bank account . how shall i withdrawal balance from dmat a/c to my bank account.

  344. Motilal says:

    sir, i sent hard copy of application .it has verified howmany time you take to activate dmat & trading account .

  345. MJ Surya says:

    I understood that AMC charges for demat account will be Rs.300 and my doubt that, is there any maintanace charges for trading account and commodity account? and is there any charges for ideal (not using) the trading and demat account for years and when will the accounts be automatically cancelled if i am not promptly or frequently using Zerodha after creating the all trading accounts?

  346. ankur saraswat says:

    new demat account ko open hone main kitna time lag jata hai ??????

  347. sanjay says:

    Payment link is not working!!!

  348. namrata says:

    hello team zerodha,

    im a school teacher, I also want to open demat account,
    I dont have cheque book, so how could i proceed

    even one of your representative called me once but after that no one is attending me

    pls support…

    • Venu says:

      You can provide a letter from your banker confirming details of your bank account on the banks letterhead. This should suffice as bank proof.

  349. md asif farid says:

    My permanent address and correspondence address is different, i leave in a pg..
    So what can i provide for correspondence address?
    Thank you..

    • Venu says:

      We don’t send you any hard copies of correspondences, so you can let your permanent address proof be your correspondence as well.

  350. Arun says:

    Today I submitted the forms to your representative. I was asked to pay charges of Rs 600. Payment is done using Cheque in Name of Zerodha. Have I been overcharged ?.

  351. maqbool says:

    currently i hav an demat/trading with capstocks. if i open a trading account with u by linking my existing demat, at the time of selling equity delivery, will i need to pay brokerage to capstocks ??

  352. md asif farid says:

    When i will have to pay annual maintenance charge for trading and demat account, at the time of opening account OR at the year end..?

  353. Abhay says:

    I don’t have UIID mailed aadhar card. Is e-aadhar card is enough for address proof? I checked with UIID portal they said e-aadhar card is valid address and identity proof. Whats zerodha stand on this?

  354. Vaibhav Mali says:

    I have my PAN card, a bank account, proof of identity. I am a student, so I don’t have any income proof. So please consider telling me what should I provide as a income proof?

  355. Sumeet Das says:

    It’s been 12 days and I have not received the Credentials yet. I got the ZPIN day before yesterday. And when I am calling the support team they are saying that you will receive the Credentials by the end of the day. But I have not received anything except the User id which i got by calling them. Somehow I managed to generate a password through the user id and the registered mail by using the forgot password option. I successfully logged in to Q back office but I am not able to login to Kite and Pi as I have not received the Credentials. Please send all the Credentials to the registered mail as soon as possible . I have been waiting since 10 days and calling everyday to the support team just to hear the same response everyday.

  356. Premji says:

    I already have F&O Trading Account. Now I want to open Demat account. What is the fee ?

  357. aditya says:

    I am a student and i am very interested to invest my some money in stock market.
    I want to trade in EQ only.
    my query is,
    I do not want to trade in f&O.I want to trade in only E.Q.
    Should i send banks statesment ?
    Can i give address proof only in place of bank statement??

  358. Shailesh says:

    I have Zerodha trading with ILFS demat account.
    What is procedure to open Zerodha Demat account and transfer/close ILFS demat holding to Zerodha demat account.
    Please let me know which all forms I need to submit and any applicable charges if any ?

    • If you login to and click profile, you will see a pre-printed Zerodha demat form. Just sign it and send it to us. Along with it, send an ILFS closure letter, you can find that here: Once the account is opened, shares will automatically get shifted for free at no costs and account closed.

  359. vivek yatnalli says:

    I have tried to open account for 2 times and also i requested for call, But yet i have not received any calls from your side for assistance.
    Ph +91 9742912767

  360. himanshu arora says:

    i have already demate acc. of sharekhan. so , can i open a acc. with zerodha also?????

  361. sansh says:

    I recently opened my very first trading account in zerodha. the account manager from zerodha said that the payin minimum is rs. 5000 for first time. I wanted to start with rs. 1000 as I’m a hopeless newbie. plus there are charges of rs.10.65 levied, though the transfer was through net banking. I remember reading somewhere on the manual or other info that transfer through net banking is free of charges.
    also i request you sir, to please waive the fees for newbies like me as even rs. 20 is a high amount for us and my one time meal costs rs. 20. for every small income transaction where the income, if any, is rs. 10, brokerage will be heavy burden on small people like me. As the trades increase you can levy brokerage but for small transactors please spare the brokerage.

    • Sansh, the brokerage is 0.01% or Rs 20 whichever is lower for intraday, for delivery it is 0. So if you buy Rs 10000 for intraday, you will be charged only Rs 1 (0.01% of Rs 20). About payment gateway charges, do a NEFT/IMPS, no charges from our side. If you use the payment gateway that we offer, the Rs 10 will be applicable. It is not mandatory to transfer Rs 5000, you can tell the sales guy this.

  362. Shailesh says:

    I want to open Trading +Demat account for my wife. Address proof in my name (Landline Tel. Bill) is accepted?

  363. Nikhil C says:

    in zerodha application form i have to just sign and zerodha agent fills the application form … Is it true??

  364. Shaileshkumar Dayani says:

    I already have Trading only account with Zerodha. I want to open Demat account and map to my trading account.
    what forms I need to fill ? and what are the charges ?

    • Venu says:

      Login to Q by clicking here
      A pre-populated Demat form is available which you can download and send. Since your account was opened before September 2015, there are no charges for the demat account.

  365. prateek miglani says:

    is it compulsory to attach 6 months bank statment to open trading account as i want to trade in equities only and not in f&O commodity or currency as i have new bank account so can i open account without income certificate please reply asap

  366. KAPIL GAUTAM says:

    I already have a trading and a commodity account.Now i want to open my demat account also.Cheque of how much amount i have to send for this?

  367. Rahul says:

    Hi Nithin ji:
    Me& my partner wish to open only trading account.
    The bank account is joint& mode of operation Either/Survivor.
    I don’t have the PAN card.
    So can only her PAN card enough?
    The trading account will be opened in her name?
    Also our bank account is new, 2.5 months only?

  368. S V Vedharathinam says:

    Dear Zerodha,

    I am already KYC compliant with SEBI registered intermediary. I have a DP account maintained with CDSL.

    Now, can I just send filled account opening form along with cancelled cheque and ID proof?

    • S V Vedharathinam says:

      Correction – ‘I have an account with a DP in CDSL’

    • Yes, you can. When filling the form, make sure to fill it exactly the way it appears on you KYC. You can check it here:

      • S V Vedharathinam says:

        Thank you Mr. Nitin. I have opened an account with Zerodha. But there is a minor discomfort. It seems the format of my address has been changed slightly, resulting in it not being printed fully in my monthly CDSL account statement. The position of initials in my name is also changed. This has happened after the account opening. I suspect that, inspite of me being already KYC compliant, a CERSAI KYC has been done by Zerodha again. Can you please check this?

  369. Sathya says:

    I opened Demate & Trading accounts in zerodha through online and I paid 300 rs for both accounts. After this if I called to customer support team they are saying like we will call you back with in 30 min. But I have been waiting for 8 hours no one called me. They are not help us. Your service is very poor.

  370. Sathya says:

    I opened Damate & Trading accounts in zerodha through online and I paid 300 rs for both accounts. After this if I called to customer support team they are saying like we will call you back with in 30 min. But I have been waiting for 8hours no one called me. They are not help us. Your customer service is very poor.

  371. venkat says:

    In ZERODHA web site its says, “Open your account instantly with AADHAAR” ,
    if i do that ,i still need to send documents? , I’m are already KYC compliant
    i have filled the form online but didn’t proceed with payment ,i just want to get clarified before doing payment
    can any you help me on this

    • Digital signing with AADHAAR will take a few more days. For now you will have to pay, print the form, sign and send it to us.

      • Harsh says:

        Mr. Nitin..about online form filling…
        1.should the documents uploaded be simple photocopy or photocopy of self attested/notarized??
        im assuming that these uploaded copies are just for verification so simple photocopies are fine right??

  372. Harsh says:

    I recently saw on your website that i can open the account using AADHAAR.. Can you please show us the demo or any document how it can be done? I only want to open a trading account and link my existing DEMAT account, can it be done online. After completing the online process with AADHAAR, do i need to send any physical documents?

    Please Clarify.


    • Harsh, the Aadhar bit is not live yet. You will have to open both trading and demat together. If you are already KYC compliant, no other documentation required, but if you aren’t, yes we will need a KYC form with all proofs.

  373. sunny says:

    Is important to send the cancelled check,or the bank statements for 6 months

  374. dipesh dadhich says:

    Hi Sir,
    Current my trading & demat account is in axis direct in which I have 40 scrip worth rs 18 lacs. I want to open an account in Zerodha and tranfer all the shares in Zerodha demat account. So can you tell me what will be the cost to tranfer all the share.

    Thank You.

    • Venu says:

      Get your trading & demat account opened at Zerodha. Initiate a closure cum transfer of your demat account since there are no transaction charges if you’re closing and transferring securities.

  375. Dinesh says:

    I want to open an trading+demat+f&O+commodities+currencies account for my wife. But she is not working and doesnt have any IT Returns. Can I show my income as a backup and open the account in her name?

  376. Raja sankaran says:

    I want to open trading account f&o, currency derivatives in my mother name, but I will trade on behalf of my mother. Is it possible or not.

  377. vikas says:

    Sir, u have given 28 bank for transferring money into trading account. Does it inculde union bank of India ?

  378. Soumyajit Ghosh says:

    Hi Nithin

    I have a startup company in Financial Trading and Strategy Development. I am willing to open an account in Zerodha in the name of my company. Are all the the Documentation & charges same??


  379. gaurav says:


    i got a mail from IL&FS Securities Services Limited Depository Services
    i quote from the received e mail
    “you are requested to submit a self-certification to the Company regarding your status under Rules 114F to 114H notified under section 285BA vide Notification No. S.O. 2155 (E) dated 7 August 2015.

    You are therefore requested to provide your residential status as per income-tax in self-certification form enclosed herewith along with documentary evidence within ­­7 days of receipt of this letter.”

    plz guide me ,how do i reply to this e mail , as there is no clarity on which documents to be submitted
    the attached self certification form also lacks clarity
    thanks gaurav

  380. irfan says:

    I want to trade in commodity, iam retired from central govt services, what income proof i should provide.