Various Types of Accounts

October 16, 2012
Open an Account


At Zerodha you can open an Equity & Derivatives Trading account, Demat account and Commodity Trading account. Let me explain what can be done with each of these accounts:

Equity & Derivatives Trading Account

An Equity & Derivatives Trading account is what you open with a Trading Member (Stock Broker) of a recognized Stock Exchange (presently NSE,BSE and MCX-SX in India). A Trading account is the account to which you transfer funds and then buy/sell stocks, Futures & Options.This can be done, either online or offline.

In an offline Trading Account, the only way you will be able to trade is by calling your broker or by visiting his premises.

At Zerodha we offer only online Trading Accounts and you will have an option to trade either through a software based platform, a web based platform or a mobile application. We also offer a Call & Trade option, in case you don’t have access to any of the platforms.

All settlements on a Trading Account happen on T+1 day. So what it means is if today (T day) you make a profit of Rs. 10,000, you will be able to withdraw this profit only on T+1 day. You can however utilize the Rs.10,000 profit to take a fresh position on the same day (T Day).

With a Zerodha online Equity & Derivatives Trading Account you can trade Stocks, Futures & Options of Stocks, Indices and Currencies. There are no Annual Maintenance charges for a Trading Account.

Equity Demat Account

Dematerialized Account popularly known as Demat Account, is the account where you keep stocks in electronic format. Similar to how a Savings Account allows you to keep money in electronic format, a Demat account allows you to keep stocks in electronic format. In essence a Demat Account is a safe storage for your stocks and this is the only use of a Demat Account. Whilst opening a Demat Account you’d be required to sign the Demat Form and the Power of Attorney. Click here to read as to why you’d have to sign the PoA.

For all those who trade only Futures & Options, please understand that you don’t need a Demat account regardless of whether you’re an Intraday trader or a positional (overnight) trader. All Futures & Options are contracts which have an expiry date and hence there is no concept of a Demat Account for trading Futures & Options.

Presently in India, we follow a T+2 rolling settlement cycle for Delivery based trading. What it means is that if you buy 100 shares of Reliance on Monday (T day as we call it) for delivery, the shares will come to your Demat Account only on T+2 day (Wednesday evening). Similarly when you sell stocks from your Demat Account, you’d be able to withdraw the money (Sale credit) only on Wednesday (T+2 day), you can however use the credit on T day itself to make fresh purchase of Equities. Once the stock is in your Demat Account, you can keep it for as long as you want. Annual maintenance charge (AMC) for a Demat account at Zerodha isΒ Rs.300 which is collected at the end of the financial year on a pro-rata basis and the Demat account opening charges are Rs.100

Commodity Trading Account

A Commodity Trading account is what you open with a Trading Member (Commodity Broker as you call him) of recognized Commodity Exchange (MCX, NCDEX etc. in India).

Similar to an Equity Trading Account, you will have to transfer funds into your Commodity Trading Account before trading Commodity Futures (Commodity Options have still not started in India). All settlements again are done on a T+1 day basis. If you make profits you get it the next day, but if you make a loss it is debited the same day.

There are no Annual Maintenance charges for your Commodity Account at Zerodha and you can trade on MCX (Multi-Commodity Exchange). Only futures trade on MCX and hence there is no need of a Demat Account for trading Commodities. At the end of the contract, the Future is cash settled (if you haven’t already squared off the position)Β  or you can opt for physical delivery (not allowed at most of the online broking firms, including Zerodha).

Important things to remember while opening an account with us:

1. Open only “Trading Account” if:

You intend to trade only Futures & Options and/or Currencies, be it Intraday or Positional. Demat account is not required.

2. Open “Trading and Demat” if:

You intend to take delivery of Stocks (buy and hold stocks overnight) along with trading in Futures & Options and/or Currencies.

3. Open “Commodity Trading Account” if:

If you intend to trade only Commodities.

Welcome on board,


Your friendly neighborhood discount brokerage


  1. Vishal says:

    Hi, can you also eloberate on charges of the DP, in terms of transaction or instruction slip

  2. S.sivakumar says:

    I have an equity trading account with Zerodha. I have a demat account in ICICI.Is it possible to tranfer the shares purchased in Cash equity to my demat account with ICICI.

  3. Nithin Kamath says:

    @Vishal, DP charges is in terms of debit transaction. So for eg, if you have sold 10 shares of reliance 3 times in a day, all the 30 shares at the end of the day is debited at one time from your demat, so the DP charge is only once(Rs 13). But if you sell reliance and Tata steel, you will be charged DP charges twice..

    • Shailendra says:

      Hi Sir,

      I have 3 in 1 a/c with ICICI…and I am interested to get into Zerodha.

      My question is…if I am using Zerodha trading a/c….and buy some CNC shares…and If my ICICI demat a/c has linked with you…when I buy share it will has been sent to my ICICI demat a/c….when I want to sell that shares let’s say after 1 year….I will have to sell it through ICICI trading a/c… but that time my trading a/c will be zerodha. Is it possible to have two different trading a/c active at ones?

      Or should I close my ICICI Demat+trading a/c first? And open Fresh trading+demat with you?


      • Yes, you can have as many trading accounts as you want, you just can’t have two with the same broker.

        • Jay says:

          One quick question, I do not seem to find any legal embargo on having two trading accounts even with the same broker – say, one may be for my active trading whereas the other may be for my investment related portfolio. Can you pls guide me with the legal regulations restricting a broker to open two trading accounts (with the same broker) for the same individual? Thanks.

          • Jay, exchanges don’t allow brokers to create two accounts with the same PAN. Everytime an account is opened, broker updates it on the exchange with PAN. Multiple ID’s with same PAN not possible.

            • Jeyakumar says:

              HI Nithin,

              I have a different question but related to previous thread. Moreover I am not a client of zerodha.

              1. Can I open account in multiple brokerage firm with same PAN no?

              2. Is it possible to manage other person account (friend account)? If so, Is there any link with my account and their account and How they will pay for me for managing their account?

            • Govindram says:

              Opna achunt

        • smitesh shah says:

          Hello, nitin sir, if you can see my message. I wanna say that, please upgrade kite software… Please add unlimited script option of stocks in zerodha kite.. There are several brokers who are allowing unlimited script of stocks in there platform. And there software is powerful that having unlimited script doesnot decrease quality of there platform. So please provide unlimited script stocks facility as quikest as possible in coming update of kite 3.0 and 2.0….

          • Matti says:

            Hey Smitesh, we wouldn’t be doing unlimited scrips in the marketwatch simply because we don’t see how anyone could monitor more than 250 scrips at a time.

    • Sudheendra says:

      Hi Nithin

      I have Trading and Demat account in ICICI Direct. They charge too much for the delivery based trading. I am not a intra-day / futures trader. I only follow buy-hold strategy for 3-60 Months. I dont want to do any transaction in ICICI Direct including sell txn.

      I like to reduce the brokerage on any buy/sell trxn I do in future. So is it possible to transfer my shares from ICICI Demat account to zerodha demat account? If yes, normally what charges I have to incur for demat to demat shares transfer?

      Thanks and Regards

      • Sudheendra, yes you can transfer shares from ICICI demat to the new Zerodha demat. You will get a DP ID when you open a Zerodha demat account. You have to mention this in the ICICI delivery instruction booklet, and submit it back to them. Once they receive, they will transfer it to your new Zerodha demat. We don’t charge anything, ICICI will. You will have to find out from them.

    • Hasit Chhipani says:

      I Am From Jamnagar,Gujarat,India i am interested to take franchise Of Zerodha In Jamnagar So Please Inform me what is the process for this ?

    • Siddarth says:

      If I sell shares on 3 different trading days,will the DP charges be applicable on three days seperately?

  4. Nithin Kamath says:

    @Siva, yes it is possible. Link your icici demat to our trading account by giving your icici client master sheet which they would have sent to you when you have opened the account with them. Once it is mapped to your trading account, you can start buying as CNC, so everytime you buy shares it is sent to your icici demat, but when you want to sell these shares, you have to do it through icici..

    • Shailendra says:

      In the trading account opening form, there is a mention of existing DP Id and BO Id (not sure what BO Id is ??)
      So by mentioning existing ICICI demat account id in the account opening form, will the zerodha trading account be linked to the icici demat account?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Yes Shailendar, just mention your DP ID with ICICI and also attach a copy of your client master details with ICICI which carries your DP ID while sending the account opening forms to us.

      You might have received such an email from ICICI or if you login to your trading account it should also be updated in your user profile, you can take a snapshot of this and print it out…

      Some brokers will give you just 1 DP ID, some will mention it as DP ID and BO ID…

      Hope this helps..


  5. Ramu says:

    I have an equity trading account with Zerodha. I have a demat account in Ventura. Can I Link the Demat account online(Ventura demat to Zerodha trading account)?

  6. Nithin Kamath says:

    Yes you can link your ventura demat to Zerodha trading account, so this way you can take delivery, but to sell it from your demat you will have to use the ventura trading account..

  7. mknits says:

    SEBI has proposed a no-frills demat account called Basic Services Demat Account(BSDA). Do you offer such an account?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Yes we can offer, but there is still confusion over the exact rules for BSDA..

    • sibaprasaddash says:

      dear Sir,

      1. Do you allow BSDA account at present ? if yes, then what amount i will pay as advanced AMC for a year when i first open the demat account.
      2. if i want the certified copies of the agreement what will be the cost or you will send these digitally signed documents through emails.

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      yes we allow BSDA accounts, if you opt for this there will be no AMC when opening demat account. But to be eligible for BSDA, you need to have only 1 demat account and your holdings should never exceed Rs 2lks. If either of the above happens, in that case the applicable AMC will be charged.

      We send digitally signed documents through email,


      • Kumar says:

        What will be the AMC charged if it crosses 2Lacs? Would you also charge demat opening charge & previous year AMCs in this case?

        • If it crosses 2lks, it will become a normal demat which means AMC of Rs 400/year, previous year AMC won’t be charged in this case.

          • Kumar says:

            But I’ve received price list of Rs. 150 per quarter for demat on behalf of IL&FS, i.e. Rs. 600 AMC if it crosses 2 lacs. Could you pls sort out your pricing & update.

            Would you also charge demat account opening fees retrospectively if BSDA goes above 2 lacs limit ?

            • Kumar, yeah for BSDA account it is Rs 600, I was talking about AMC on a normal demat account, which is Rs 400. Account opening fees won’t be charged retrospectively.

              • yuvesh says:

                hello sir

                i paid for money opening new account but your sell department to totally bakwash no responce any thing,, i so many time callig to mahefooz and anuradha.. i also talk but manking me fool.. it my mistake to i choose zerodha i never refer to choose to zerodha and mahefooz given all worng information i want to terment this person, always tell i call to within 30 min but no one call me so if you want i joint with us so urgent contact with me other wise return my money…i all info about my experience shere with all social site and request all off them whos visit your site and given feedback dont open account in zerodha…i have all recoding taking with anuradha and mahefooz both people are making me fool and dont take essay i also write mail in gujarat gov and newspaper that also know how is work zerodha
                Dear Yuvesh,

                We have received your request and created the ticket #346836. You can click on the link to view and track the progress of your ticket online.

                Subject: Re: Zerodha Account Opening – Payment Successful
                Submitted: 21/02/2016 4:40 pm

      • Debjit says:

        Hi Nithin
        I want to convert my Demat account into BSDA,just some concern will I loose any facility from Zerodha by doing so ? like my brokerage charges will be different.Or in CNC order taking delivery I will charged differently.


  8. sarvesh says:

    when zerodha will start trading in ncdex segment

  9. anil says:

    do you offer ncdex trading as well? are these trade orders directly sent to various exchanges using now trading platform ie by logging through zerodha? most of brokers give facility to send orders through their terminal.
    how much leverage/margin is given for shares in demat account?

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      NCDEX is still not available, you can trade on NSE, BSE, MCX-SX & MCX. The trading platform we offer is called Zerodha Trader(software), Zerodha Web(webbased) and Zerodha mobile. Yes like other brokers when you place an order on the platform it is sent directly to the exchanges..

      You get margin from your demat account based on NSE haircut margins. So basically if you have 1lk of stocks, based on what stocks you have, you get between 50 to 80% margin for trading on futures and options.

  10. Shailendra says:

    I have a demat account with ICICI. I understand that I can link it with Zerodha trading account for buying stocks, but have to use ICICI for selling them. But in case I link my ICICI demat with Zerodha trading account, will i be allowed to buy stocks thru ICICI online trading account?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Yes shailendar, you will be able to buy through both icici and zerodha. But while selling, you will have to do it only through icici.

      Demat is very similar to your bank account, you can receive money from any account, but when you are transferring it out you have to use your primary bank..

      Hope this helps..


    • Shailendra says:

      I am currently outside India, so will the attestation of photocopy of my passport done by a competent authority in my current location, be a accepted by zerodha as a valid address proof?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Yes that should do, we will accept that as an address proof, we would also do an In person verification over a webcam once your forms are here based on your convenience. If this process was already done by another broker then it will not be required to do an IPV..


      • vijay says:

        I am outside india as well. I do not have my permanent Indian address in the passport. What would be the best way to open an trading & demat account with Zerodha

        • Vijay,

          Is this for trading equity or Futures&Options?

          • vijay says:


            This is for equity.

            And FYI, i have icicidirect 3 in 1 account already and like to move to Zerodha. I am more of a investor than a trader


            • Vijay,

              If the bank account you have is an NRI account, the only route to invest into equity is through the PIS route, which I guess you are presently opting for with ICICI. You will need to map this PIS of yours with our trading account. When you do this, ICICI will share your account balance with us which will be updated on the trading platform, everytime you buy or sell, we will report the contract notes to ICICI and they will release the funds or when you sell the funds will automatically get credited to your ICICI Bank account.

              If your ICICI account is a normal SB account, I guess the best and easiest way to open an account is as a normal account(instead of NRI). So yes you can use your international address, but you will have to give us a declaration that you are an Indian resident.


      • meera singh says:

        I have demat account with geojit bnp paribhas. I have opened trading account with zerodha but is not activated due to inperson verification.I have demat and trading account with geojit bnp paribhas which have done my in person verification.Do i still require ipv…

        • If you are KRA is done and updated correctly by Geojit, you would not need another IPV. But if there is any mismatch in the KRA to the documents you have provided, it will have to be done again. Do let our account opening team know that your KRA is already done, so they can check if IPV is required or not.

  11. drsuhask says:

    My wife is having equity & derivatives trading account. With that account whether she can trade in currency. If yes how to activate this service in that acount ?

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      Currency would most likely be enabled if while opening the trading account your wife had signed next to currency segment. To know if you are enabled or not, log into backoffice and see in your user profile.

      The other way to find if you are enabled or not is while adding scrip on your market watch, if you see CDS, then it means it is enabled.

      If not enabled, you will have to sign the segment addition document and courier it to us. The form is available on ..


  12. Kumari says:


    Currently I hold Demat account with IDBI paisabuilder. I have some shares in that DMAT account. Is it possible to change my DMAT account to Zerodha. If it is not possible, Am I allowed to open only trading account with Zerodha.
    Please assist.

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      yes you can open a new demat with us and transfer those shares.

      You can also open only trading account with us, but the issue with this will be that when you buy shares it will go to your idbi demat, but you cannot sell the shares sitting in your idbi demat using the zerodha trading account..

    • Kumari says:

      Thanks for the reply. I have some follow up questions.
      I am thinking of opening a trading account with Zerodha for only for intraday and derivatives (options) trading. I would like to continue existing account with IDBI where I have some share in my DMAT account.

      1. Am I allowed to have two trading accounts (one with Zerodha and the other with another broker)
      2. If I am allowed, will I be able to operate my existing account the way I am doing today or will I have restrictions on that account.

      You have mentioned in your reply that if I buy shares from Zerodha trading account, it will go to IDBI account. I don;t intend to buy shares for delivery throuh Zerodha trading account. However if in any circumstances, if I buy them how will I sell them

      Also after opening the trading account with Zerodha, will I be able to buy and sell stocks in my IDBI account

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      1. Yes Kumari, you can have as many trading accounts as you want. The restriction is that you can’t have 2 trading accounts with the same broker.

      2. For trading derivatives both intraday/positional or intraday trading on equity you don’t need a demat account. You could just open a trading account with us.

      3. Your existing IDBI account will continue to operate just the way it is now, nothing will change.

      4. When you link your idbi demat to your zerodha trading account, whenever you buy stocks, the stocks will be delivered to your idbi demat account. You can then sell it using the idbi trading account.

      Hope this clarifies.


      • Abinash says:

        Dear sir, I wanna join zerodha as an investor cum trader. I have some doubts. Please answer if time permits…

        1. I want to know whether there are any option for lifetime AMC free for demat account.
        2. How can we transfer funds both in and out to zerodha trading account.
        3. Which banks are registered for fund transfer.
        4. How is your system for squaring off of intraday position, will it automatically do or we have to go.
        5. Whether any options for automatically convert positions into delivery?
        6. Trading AMC how much? Is there any lifetime free AMC offer available ?
        7. How many times of margins available for trading intraday using zerodha mobile App ?

  13. piyush says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have lost few of my physical share certificates how can I get those back and once I get those back how can I dematerialized it? Is there any time frame to apply for a duplicate share cerificates and is there any charge applicable? How long the procedure takes? Waiting for your reply.

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      You will have to get in touch with the company directly for this. The process and charges might differ from company to company.

      demaertialization can take around 15 days once you have the physical certificates.

  14. bsm says:

    If I open an account for trading future and options Nifty and currency is it possible to place orders by phone through your Kochi office(Kalamassery) if needed?(in case failure of internet )


    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Yes bsm, other than you being able to place trades online, you can also call the Kochi for call n trades in case of internet failure and also our bangalore office

  15. Dewashish says:

    Do you open account in non-individual / corporate category also ??

  16. Dewashish says:

    Can tell me about documents needed for opening account in Non-Individual category ?
    I am register the firm ; as per documents required i ll proceed in that direction.

    Dewashish Jain
    [email protected]

    • Zerodha says:

      Hi Dewashish,
      Here are the documents required to open an account in the name of a Partnership Firm:

      ·Partnership Deed with Banker’s attestation
      ·PAN Card copy of firm
      ·List of all partner’s photo with signature’s on original letter head of the firm
      ·Partner’s photo’s and Address proof (Pan card, Passport, Driving license, Voter ID )
      ·In partnership deed there has to be a specific clause that the firm can trade in secondary market
      ·Address proof of the firm
      ·Bank statement of the Firm(1 year)
      ·Signature proof (All partner’s)
      ·Latest Balance sheet of the Partnership Firm (CA Attested)

      You can email us at [email protected] for the Forms/Annexures..

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Dewashish, propreitorship is not allowed, you can either create a partnership or pvt ltd company. Either of this would be alright.

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      We will get someone to get in touch with you.


  17. rajblr says:

    I have a question regarding the Rs.20 brokerage per trade.

    Suppose I placed a single order for 10 lots for Nifty futures buy on Zerodha platform and it actually got executed in 5 pieces ( 2 lots per execution) at exchange, will the brokerage be 5 x 20 = 100 or just Rs. 20?


    • Nithin Kamath says:


      It will be only Rs 20.

      We charge per executed order and it doesn’t matter how many trades the order gets executed in.


  18. janaki says:

    about referrals we are trading other securities at high brokerage and also hidden charges but service is good. my sub broker found zerodha and opened account with u at a time. he has give me a reference for zerodha i contacted zerodha
    but they asking direct referral without my introducer we are new trader can u guide and give guarantee in future my referral clients under with me?

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      Am a little confused, yes all people you refer using our backoffice will get mapped to you itself unless if the person whom you referred sends the form mentioning someone else.

      Will get someone to call you/email you back to get more details. You can look at this link for more.


  19. PremN says:

    Hi, I am currently using my hdfc trading and demat account for intraday trading. i am right now outside india and will not be able to send physical documents, is there an option to send them electronically or is there a separate account for people in abroad and willing to open an account ? man, this hdfc brokerage is killing my profit..

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      Unfortunately it is not allowed to open accounts electronically, you have to send us signed physical document.

      I know it is an effort to print and courier, but you know that the savings could be huge.. πŸ™‚

      Look forward to having you on board soon,


  20. sathishv says:

    Hi Zerodha team,
    I am one of your very happy customers trading futures . I currently have an individual account and would like to know if i can open a trading account with you as registered company in India. i am not sure if technically thats possible.

    Thanks in advance

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Yes Satish, you can open account with us as a registered company. If you can send an email to [email protected] he will send you the details required. Alternatively you can call on 080-49132020 and speak to Sandeep or Rakesh.


  21. tharun232 says:

    myself and my friend want to trade in a single a/c.
    If possible ,please tell me the process.
    thank you.

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      At one time, only 1 person can access a trading account.

    • tharun232 says:

      Thank you for reply,
      my query is can we both open a single trading a/c.

    • Zerodha says:

      You can open 2 accounts in Individual names.. However you can only place orders only for one ID from one login.. If you wish to place orders on your account and your friend’s account, you need to be logged in as two different users..

    • tharun232 says:

      Can i open joint a/c?

    • Zerodha says:

      A Trading account can be opened in the name of an individual/partnership firm/company.. There’s no concept of a “second holder” when it comes to a trading account.. You can open your demat account with a joint holder.. The trading account will be in the name of an individual..

  22. jaad54 says:

    Please explain more about the margin amount

  23. Mahendar says:

    What are the Trading & Demat Account Opening Charges? is AMC free for First year?

    • Hanan says:

      The cost of opening a Trading & Demat account is Rs. 600 (300 + 300). If you print the application on your own, it’s only Rs. 500. Please note that you have to pay upfront AMC for the first six months which is Rs. 200. AMC is chargeable at Rs. 200 every six months.

  24. sanjay says:

    how much time is needed in processing of opening demat account after opening of trading account

  25. Hi there…

    I am planning to open an Equity trading account with Zerodha and a demat account with lets say Axis Bank. I read above that I can take delivery of shares through Zerodha (buying on Zerodha platform & crediting in Axis Demat) but when I have to sell those shares I have to use Axis trading account.

    Now, I do not plan to open trading account with Axis Bank. I plan to sell those shares on Zerodha platform itself & give instructions (before settlement) to debit my Axis Demat through NSDL’s Electronic DIS (Speed-e) for Zerodha to be able to debit my Axis Demat. I further wish to state that I do not intend to execute any Limited PoA in favour of Zerodha for it to debit/operate my Axis demat in any way.

    I want to know whether Zerodha permits the above arrangement?

    I am in touch with your sales rep & she uses the words “Axis will sell” inspite of me telling her that I won’t be having any trading account with Axis for it to be able to act my broker & sell the shares!

    Thanks & Regards


    • Hi Aashish,

      Presently we are not offering the facility of giving debit instructions through NSDL’s Speed-e facility. We should have this up in the next few months.


      • Yogesh Sane says:

        Hi Nitin,
        I have exact same requirement as Aashish Agarwal. I want to sell though Zerodha without opening any Demat account with Zerodha. I can give instructions to my current DP or directly to NSDL (using online facilities provided by either of them) to transfer securities to Zerodha’s pool account for settlement of my sell order. If required, I can give transfer instructions before placing my sell order as well. Will you be able to accept such an order? More importantly, will you be able to credit my bank account with the sales proceeds?


        • Yogesh, our systems are presently not ready for this, but hopefully soon we can do this. Yes the sale proceeds will be credited to your trading, from where you can withdraw to the bank.

          • Yogesh Sane says:

            In that case, will you be able to map my HDFC Demat account to credit all my purchases and my demat account with Zerodha (with POA) for all my sale orders? I will handle transferring securities to be sold from HDFC demat to Zerodha demat.

            Essentially I want to separate execution and custody to two different entities. I really do not want to give POA to a broker to operate my custody account.

            Does Zerodha’s demat account with IL&FS offer speed-e services of NSDL? If yes, you can credit my zerodha demat account for all my purchases and I can use the speed-e to transfer them to my custody demat account.


            • Yogesh, for now like all other online brokerages we would require a POA to debit shares and we don’t really have a process in place yet to accept shares through speed-e and selling through us. But it is on our list of things to do, but not right now.

              Coming back to your first point, Yes you can map HDFC demat to Zerodha trading, and we will transfer shares to your HDFC demat everytime you buy through us. You can then transfer this to Zerodha demat, but it has to be done before you place a sell order with us.


  26. Pravin says:

    I have found only individual account opening form on your website. What if I want to open trading & demat account in partnership firm ? is the same form do ? Please reply

  27. Amjad says:

    Sir My questions are 2

    1) my capital is 5000 rupees can i trade in options
    2) for trading in options demate acount is required or just trading acount is manditory

    please help

  28. raj says:

    hi nithin…
    i am planning to open an trading/demat account with zerodha…

    i already downloaded the complete form and found ‘ECS’ form for debit instructions from the bank account.
    Why is it mandatory to give ‘ECS’ to you ?
    I am not interested in giving ECS instructions for debit of amount in my account. How ever I will be happy to pay the AMC charges upfront anytime.

    Let me know the solution.


    • Raj,

      ECS is not mandatory, it is upto you if you want to sign it or not for AMC charges of the demat account. You can write an upfront AMC cheque for either Rs400 for 1 year, or Rs 200 for 6 months.

      Can you let me know whom are you talking to at Zerodha? Can’t find any lead in our system with your email id.


      • raj says:

        thanks for the quick reply nithin…..
        mail id i used for interacting was entered below now…….and i was interacting with ‘sushma’ ….the last time i spoke to them, they confirmed that i can’t open an account with out ‘ECS’….!!

      • aashish says:

        Hi Nithin

        I am about to open an account with Zerodha. I am not comfortable with opting for ECS at this stage. There is a section in the form which asks us to fill our bank details and your form also asks us to submit a cancelled cheque leaf? Why is that so if a person does not wish to opt for ECS?

        Thanks & Regards


        • ECS form is for the demat AMC, you can opt to not sign it.

          The cancelled cheque leaf is for a different reason, it is to map your bank account to the trading account, we ask for the original cancelled cheque to ensure that the bank account belongs to you only. It is a regulatory requirement, for us to ensure that the bank account mapped to the trading account for transfer/withdrawal of funds belong to the person who opens the account.

  29. rajan margan says:

    sir i would like to know whether multiple bank accounts can be linked to my trading account is so kindly let me know how can i do it

  30. Girithar says:

    I was trading in zerodha but now i came to dubai..can i use the same a/c for trading?? it was f&O trading a/c..

    • Yes you can use the same account. If your residential status has changed to NRI with your bank account,then you will need to open a NRI trading account with us.

      • Girithar says:

        thanks for reply, What r all the documents required to open nri account?

        • Venu Madhav says:

          1.Copy of PAN Card
          2.Copy of Passport
          3.PIS FEMA NRE/NRO Cancelled check leaf
          4.Foreign Address proof
          5.Indian Address proof
          6.Account opening check + Demat AMC check
          7.Passport Size photos
          8.Duly signed account opening forms

          If you are in India while opening the account no attestation of documents required, else copies of PAN, passport,foreign address proof have to be attested by Embassy/Local Banker

  31. Mathew says:

    Hello Nitin,

    Is there a cover order option for Options?. Recently one of the discount brokers in Mumbai has also introduced it in Options segment too.



    • Mathew,

      Yes cover order can be used with options, but you don’t get any additional leverage while buying (it is the same with the other broker you are talking about). With cover order the margin benefit is for writing/selling options. Check this blog.


  32. Ravi Kiran says:


    How to open BSDA ?? I didn’t find it anywhere while filling up the online form ! Kindly help regarding the same.

  33. Dinesh says:

    Hi Zerodha..!!

    I am havind trading account with you and my demat account is with FEDERAL BANK.

    My question is, Can I have positional buy call option till expiry or I need to open demat account with you.

  34. Kumar says:

    I have demat account in SBI and I would like to open demat and trading account in Zerodha. how can I transfer my shares and what will be the charges?

  35. ICICI Direct says:

    I have been watching the Zerodha z-connect for a few years now. I have a 3-in-1 account with ICICI (trading, demat and bank account). I understand that if I open a Zerodha trading account, I can link my ICICI demat account to it and have all my buy transactions deposit the shares into my ICICI demat account. On the sell side, you have been saying *for a long time* that it would have to be done from the other provider, which in my case is ICICI Direct. The main reason I am looking at Zerodha is to save a lot on brokerage because ICICI Direct charges a minimum of 0.55%, which is quite high.

    Do you have any time line or a proper plan to provide sell-side support for other demat accounts through Zerodha, either through a PoA executed in favor of Zerodha or some other means (Speed-E)? I have seen people asking this of you for a long time, but there’s no change at all and it has been pending for way too long. This is a huge barrier for me to switch to Zerodha. On the other hand, if you’re able to provide this now, how does one apply for it (what documentation, process, etc.)?

    • POA will not really work with an ICICI direct account, as they will make it tough for us as they would be losing business. Speed-E is something we are looking at, but presently not on top of our priority list.

  36. pravakar says:

    Hi, 1 basic query here. Can I have 1 demat account connected to multiple trading account?

  37. Jacob says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Congratulations first on spotting an opportunity in discount brokerages and facilitating cost effective trading for the retail investor. I would like to open an account with Zerodha for trading equities and bonds. I was using an ICICI Direct account when I was resident Indian. Recently my status changed to NRI and I wish to open it with Zerodha. Can u advise on the following.

    1) Can I transfer my existing holdings demat from to zerodha demat account.
    2) Would Zerodha be able to provide reports required for taxation purposes like cap gains short/term long term
    dividend etc etc
    3) Any specific bank that zerodha has tie up with so that I can open NRE/NRO/PINS/NON PINS etc account accordingly and where to contact for procedures for NRI’s

    Thanks in advance


    • Thanks Jacob,
      1. Yes you can.
      2. Yes we will.
      3. Either Axis or HDFC will be okay.

      • Jacob says:

        Hi Nitin,
        Thanks for your personal reply. Had a few more queries.
        1) Can you advise the brokerage applicable for NRI’s for Cash Equity and Cash Bonds.
        2) Is there a demo facility to view trading platform, tax and P&L statements.
        3) Have opened NRE account with axis as per your advise. Once the PIS/Non PIS is opened in Axis bank , can I approach Zerodha to open trading account. ?

        Thanks and Regards


  38. shrivathsan says:

    1.Can I link my father’s demat account to zerodha trading account which is in my name?
    2.Since I am only 19,i am not sure if i can open a demat account in my name…can I?

  39. maulesh patel says:

    which is best site for back office

  40. 27sachin says:

    Hi Nithin –

    Can NRIs open trading account to trade in F&O. If yes what are the requirements ?

  41. Devendra says:

    I wish to trade Stocks on Intraday basis ONLY.
    No Delivery. NO F&O, Currency, Commodity.
    Will opening Zerodha Trading Account serve the purpose ?

  42. Anish says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I’m an existing customer of Zerodha. It has been good so far.

    Wanted to have Dmat with Zerodha instead of the one with Icicidirect. Spoke to customer care last week and they emailed me the forms. I sent the hard copies during weekend.

    Now they are saying that one of the forms is not valid, and a new version should be used.

    Isn’t it gross carelessness ?

    I have asked them to send me back all the documents I have sent. Anyway, will continue to use the Zerodha trading account.

    Please ask CC to send the url instead of sending files.

  43. Pravin says:

    Hi i have new zerodha trading nd demat account but my KYC status is still awaiting so right now is it possible for me to buy or sell any share

  44. M A KHAN says:

    I have a job offer overseas. Perhaps in the near future i shall change my Bank account with ICICI to NRE one. I have a trading account with ZERODHA. Do i have to any kind of modification with my trading account ?

  45. drparankar says:

    i want to open account to whome i speak, there no phone number seen here

  46. Ashish says:

    Hi Nithin,

    You mentioned that one cannot open a trading account in the name of a proprietorship but can one link a bank account of the proprietorship to an existing trading account of the proprietor. The proprietor already has a personal bank account linked to his existing trading account and wants to add the bank account of the proprietorship to his trading account to speed up the transfer of funds. Can you confirm if this is possible ? Assume that a CA can provide a certificate that the proprietorship does indeed belong to the proprietor.

  47. Gaurav says:

    Hi Nithin and fellow readers,

    I wish to open a trading+demat account with zerodha, and transfer all my shares from my existing ICICI demat account (and close it) to my new demat account with zerodha (through IL&FS). Are you aware if ICICI would levy any charges for such a transfer to a new DP?

    Some people online say it is free during demant account closure with ICICI, while others say they would charge 0.04% of value, with a minimum of Rs 30 per ISIN. My issue with the latter charge structure (if it is true) is that I have a lot of stocks with many of them having very small quantity, and a charge of Rs 30 would mean 2-5% of the value in many cases.


  48. Nihar says:

    Mr Kamath,
    My wife has a Demat a/c with ILFS and would like to open a trading a/c with Zerodha. Can the new trading a/c be linked to the existing ILFS demat and can we sell from that Demat a/c? (operate the demat with all faculties of buying & selling)

    • Yes Nihar possible. You will have to while opening the trading account unmap the POA of your demat account, from your previous broker and map it to us.

      • Nihar says:

        Mr Kamath, the Demat a/c is stand alone, its not linked to any trading (broker) a/c. In fact she does not hv any trading a/c at all. One more thing can the trading a/c be opened on line.

  49. Ayush says:

    I am currently living in Singapore and have an ICICI demat and trading account. I have a few questions –
    1) Would I be able to trade in ETF’s
    2) Can i setup automated recurring purchase of ETF’ s (similar to SEP in icicidirect?
    3) Can I open a trading account with Zerodha without coming to India (Submit scanned documents ?)
    4) Can I link my trading acccount to my ICICI demat account as i dont want to create multiple DEMAT accounts
    5) In case I opt for only the trading account what would be the fees and charges ?

    • 1. Yep
      2. Not available as of now
      3. Yes, you will have to print our online application form, attach the documents and courier it to us.
      4. Yes. The only issue with this is that when selling you will have to do this via your icici direct account. You can only buy it through us then.
      5. Trading account opening is Rs 200 if you print the forms. No other fees/charges. Rs 20 as brokerage everytime you trade.

  50. jayanth says:

    i am a zerodha customer , in future i am planning to invest 3-5 lakhs, will i get direct market access terminals and i will fulfill all the condition of sebi , plz let me know

  51. jayanth says:

    i am sorry its not direct market access terminal its only direct market access, i think you know direct market access, all pro traders and investors will use all over the world, to exicute their orders even quicker and at the best price available , even SEBI is also providing DMA to brokering firm and their clients also…

  52. jayanth says:

    do you provide for institutional traders and SEBI also told that registered brokering firm can give to their clients also (

  53. yash says:

    if i have an equity treading a/c (not f&o) then ,can i tread cover & bracket order in equity cash market?

  54. Karthi says:


    I already have Demat and Trading account with Zerodha.

    Do you have any plans in future for buying IPO and Mutual funds through Zerodha a/c?


    • Yes, we are working towards it.

      • Charan says:

        I recently opened a Zerodha account. I had asked this question earlier when marketing person called me.
        Can I buy mutual funds (ELSS) through Zerodha. Answer was “Yes” from his side.
        Then I went ahead and got the account opened.
        But I see posts in different forum now saying mutual funds cannot be brought in Zerodha?

        Can you please clarify ?

        • Charan, you can only trade ETF’s (exchange traded funds) for now. We are working on taking mutual fund trading live, should take a couple of months more. Do you remember whom you spoke to?

          • Charan says:

            Here is his name and email-id : Shashin Birha

          • Ajay Nagariya says:


            When are we getting mutual fund buying (SIP) option by Zerodha?

            I spoke to one of executive/expert from Zerodha last week during demo I got for my new account, he suggested that most probably by end of this month, Zerodha should have mutual fund buying option.

            Could you update/confirm please?

  55. Anu says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I am planning to open an account with zerodhha and have filled all forms required. I did a quick check on the reviews before sending the docs and found that most people have complained about the customer service/shortage of staff even though they are pleased with the rates. Has the problem been adressed? I did speak to the staff to get some queries resolved, some of them seemed to be in a hurry to close the call. Hence, I thought of getting this clarified before joining. Thanks.

    • Anu, we are a team of 150+ and adding quite fast, but that said we are essentially trying to be an online brokerage. Ideally if you are trading online, you would never need to speak to us once the account is opened.

      • Anu says:

        Thanks for the quick response. Agreed that a customer may not need assistance with “how to” of trading online, but what about technical glitches, system/portal issues, credits/fund transfer issues? These are possible with any online broker. How we handle them is important. I did find something around those on one of the review. I have sent across my documents for opening the account though, hopefully things should be better in good time.

  56. Shirish says:


    I want to open two DMAT accounts:
    One with my name as first holder and my daughter’s name as second holder
    Second account with my name as first holder and my son’s name as second holder

    Would I be able to open a trading account (in my name) with you and link these two DMAT accounts to the same? I would like to select one of the DMAT accounts from above, when I execute a trade.

    Currently I have a DMAT account with another entity. It is solely in my name. Would it be possible for me to transfer current holdings to the newly opened DMAT accounts that are described above?

    Thanks in advance for your attention and patience with reading a long question!

    • Shirish, we can’t have two demat account mapped to one trading account, it is a huge operational inconvenience and can also lead into unnecessary issues.

      • nirmalraj says:

        Can I have two demat and trading account in my name?

          • NIZ says:

            can i have two zerodha trading account linked with one demat account. like myself and my brother wants trading account on our own with zerodha. but we want only one demat account. we are willing to open the demat account with zerodha. so that we can have all our shares in one account. if i want to sell the shares of my brother, i can do it from my trading account itself. ist possible?

            • No Niz, exchange compliance rules won’t let this happen. The trading and the mapped demat must belong to the same person.

              • T.M.Joshi says:

                Hi Nithin, I had a query similar to Niz. As per your answer, two trading accounts cannot be linked with one demat account. But then what is the meaning of a joint demat account and how is it operated. SEBI allows opening of a joint demat account and if joint account holders of a joint demat account wants to operate the account (buy/sell stocks holded in that demat account) by their respective trading accounts, it should be possible otherwise how a joint demat account is operated, i want to know?

  57. Bala says:


    I have an icici demat a/c. I understand that if i use and link this account to my Zerodha account i would be allowed to only buy and not sell via zerodha. Wanted a clarification if this applies only for delivery or in case of Intra day buy/sell as well?

    I subscribed to Zerodha only to avoid those crazy charges from ICICI. However the entire purpose would be defeated if i am unable to play intraday here.

    Do let me know on the way out.

  58. aashutosh says:

    I am having trading account with zerodha , for demat account which form I need to download.

  59. vijaysmile says:

    hi dear…

    i want to link my hdfc demat account to zerodha trading account…what to do for that?

  60. Harish says:

    Hi Nitin,

    You mentioned that for intraday in equity, opening a trading account with zerodha is enough. Does it mean that i dont need to have demat account at all ? Provided, i dont want delivery ?

    • Yes you need not open a new demat with us. But to trade in equity, even if it is intraday, as per new SEBI/exchange rules there has to be some demat account(any that you have in your name) mapped to your trading account.

  61. Renu says:

    Hi Nithin,

    For opening normal trading and demat account charge is Rs.850 (Included 1st year AMC for Demat Rs.400); if i would like to open a BSDA demat account what will be the charge? as for BSDA no AMC is required

    • Am copy pasting from our support link

      A BSDA can be opened by retail investors at reduced cost. All individuals who have only one demat account can open a BSDA provided their value of holdings is not more than 2 lakhs at any point of time. An individual can have only one BSDA in his/her name across all depositories.

      Charges: The Annual Maintenance Charges (AMC) structure for BSDA shall be on a slab basis; if the value of holding is :
      (i) Up to Rs. 50,000 there will be NIL AMC and
      (ii) For value of holding from Rs 50,001 to Rs 200,000 AMC will be up to Rs. 100

      The value of holding shall be determined by the DPs on the basis of the daily closing price or NAV of the securities or units of mutual funds. If the value of holding in such BSDA exceeds the prescribed criteria at any date, the DPs may levy charges as applicable to regular accounts (non-BSDA) from that date onwards.
      You can open a BSDA DP account at Zerodha. The account opening charges for BSDA is Rs.150.

  62. Vikram Singhyb says:


    I have a couple of queries regarding my application:

    1. Can i have 2 demats linked to my trading account in Zerodha?

    2. While applying I had qualms signing the ECS form. But the sales rep told me that it is mandatory. Could you please let me know whether it is mandatory or not?


    • Vikram Singh says:

      Hey, I figured out the first question as a no by reading above issues/resolutions! Could you please help me out with the second one? I had a detailed argument with the sales rep regarding that and don’t want to give out any ECS mandate to anyone.


    • 1. No
      2. ECS is preferable, but not mandatory. ECS is only for AMC charges, and if you wish this can be debited from your trading account.

  63. Kuljit Singh says:

    I am an NRI and holds australian passport. I have PIO. Just wondering if I can open an F&O trading account in India.

    • Kuljit, to trade on F&O as an NRI, you need to come through the CP code (custodial participant) route. What this means is that, along with opening a trading account with us, you will need to get a CP code for yourself (through a custodian, we have partnered with ILFS). Getting a CP code is some task, will ask someone from our team to email you the requirement.

  64. Krishna says:


    Me and mine friend recently opened a joint account with zerodha via your branch office located in delhi. The joint account includes both demat and trading. I am the second holder but zerodha opened trading account of first holder only.

    1) Do I have to apply separately for trading account?
    2) If first point is true, Which documents are going to be needed and How could I proceed towards that?
    3) If first point is true, Would I be able to use the same demat acount of which I am the second holder?

    Kind Regards,

    • Trading account can be opened only in the name of one person (no joint accounts allowed).

      1. If you want to trade separately, yes you need to open another trading account.
      2. Same set of documents that you used the first time, Photo, PAN, Address, Income proof (in case of F&O), bank cheque leaf.
      3. 1 demat can be mapped to only 1 trading account, so the demat where you are the second holder, can be mapped to either of the trading accounts. If you want a demat to be mapped to both the accounts, you will have to open another one.

      • Krishna says:


        If there is a feasibility of trading together in Zerodha, I do not want to open a separate account for now. As per mine understanding of your message, It looks like, we both can trade from same account.

        I hope, It would not violate any of your policies and would stand on guidelines of regulatory organizations.

        We are the freshers here. Just confirm this last thing.

        Kind Regards,

  65. Thulasiram Thota says:


    I have a Demat Account with ICICIDirect and holding some shares in that account.Now,I would like to open an Account with Zerodha as I heard brokerage charges are very less and currently I am paying 0.75% in ICICIDirect.

    What are the brokerage % you charge for equity trading with delivery?

    Is it possible to open a Demat account with you and transfer the shares from ICICI?

    What are the account opening charges and how much do you charge for transfer of shares?

    Also I have ICICI bank account through which I can Allocate money to and forth to Bank and Demat.Is it possible with Zerodha?How do I allocate funds to invest in market through Zerodha?

    • We charge Rs 20 or 0.1% whichever is Lower per executed order. You can see everything here.

      Yes you can open an account with us and shift all your holdings.

      Account opening for trading + Demat is ( 300 + 550), if you print the form it is (200 + 550). This 550 includes AMC for demat account for the 1st year.

      • ansh arora says:


        i want to ask that i have two bank accounts one is old(2 years) and one is new (3 months) i want to open account in zerodha in F&O segment if send 6 month bank statement of different bank abd cancel cheaq of different bank it is work plsssss reply as soon as possible

  66. ankurume says:

    I have a demat account with HDFCsec. I want to link it with Zerodha trading account. I usually deal in delivery based trading.
    1. What are the charges for transferring funds to and from Zerodha trading account?
    2. What are the charges of transferring shares to and from Zerodha trading account into HDFCsec demat account?
    3. Maximum within how many days shares have to transferred from Zerodha trading account into HDFCsec demat account?

    • 1. Transferring funds into Zerodha is Rs 9, no charges for withdrawing.
      2/3. If you map your HDFC demat to our trading account, you can buy stocks with us and it will be transferred to your demat on T+2 days. There are no charges for this. But if you don’t open a demat with us, you will have to sell these shares using your HDFC trading account only and not our trading account. The reason for this is because when you sell, we will have no right to debit your HDFC demat account.

  67. Pravir says:

    I would like to have a second demat account for segregating sale of shares acquired through exercise of ESOPs (this will help avoid co-mingling with existing balances and capital gains problems arising from first in first out). Can this be additionally linked to my existing trading account? Alternatively, am I permitted to open a second trading account in my own name?

  68. Pravir says:

    Understood. How easy or difficult would it be to change the demat account that is mapped to my trading account? I am wondering if I could work around the problem by changing this mapping when required (perhaps once in a month)?

    • If you are going to be using one of the demat only once in a while (one in a month or so), we could have a workaround. You open both your demats with us, and you have one trading account. Whenever you want to sell anything from your inactive demat account, you could tell us the quantity and price via email the previous night. We could do it for you from our side. Mapping/unmapping is a complex process.

  69. Pravir says:

    Thanks Nithin. This would be immensely helpful. Could the support team help me to open this new demat?

  70. varun jain says:


    I am in Process of opening the account with you. I want to know one thing, if I just opened trading account and then link my existing demat account will I be able to use collateral margin given against the shares in Zerodha for the shares in my linked demat account.

  71. varun jain says:


    Ok I will Open the demat account with you.

    But will i am able to used that collateral margin in F N O segment of NSE ( not intraday)..position for week or so as long as i am able to maintain daily MTM.

    My Plan is to invest few lacs in bluechip stocks ( delivery) and used the collateral margin against these shares for taking positions in Options segment


    • Yes Varun, once you pledge and get the margins, you can use that for F&O for as long as you want. As long as you are meeting the MTM requirement, no issues at all. Note that you are not allowed to buy options as this is a margin, and hence can be used for trading futures and shorting options.

      • varun jain says:

        Perfect. I want that margin to be used specifically for getting into Short strangle in nifty intraday during low volatility days. I do it regulary through my other account.

        What kind of leverage can i expect from Zerodha getting into this strategy . I usually get 30-35 times through my other account..

        i.e can short 1000 qty of call and put simultaneously intraday having around 50k as margin.

        Can this type of leverage (30-35 times) for short strangle be provided intraday through zerodha ??


        • πŸ™‚ , 30 to 35 times, no way can we match that leverage. Check our SPAN calculator, you can enter the strategy and it will tell you the overnight margin requirements. If you do this for intraday, the margin required will be 40% of this, and if you use Cover orders/BRacket orders it will be 25% of that.


  72. varun jain says:

    Thanks for the info .

  73. sohail says:

    I have a demat account at NSDL which i opened thru SHCIL branch here who is my broker too but he doesnt do intraday and brokerage is too high so my question is can i use that same demat account for trading with zerodha online please answer ASAP

    • Sohail, yes you can map it to us, but there is a catch. For F&O and equity intraday trading, there is no issues at all. But if you are doing delivery based trading, you will be able to buy stocks through us which we will send it to your SHCIL demat, but while selling you will have to use SHCIL, and hence pay their brokerage charges. If you want to avoid that, you will have to open a new demat with us.

  74. Vinay Hari vaidya says:

    If I have demat account in icici can I open trading account whith you?I don’t wan’t other demat account.I buy shares in small part 15+25+30+25+25=120 after become total or amount valuation 25 -30000 then I request to you please transfer so & so shares in my icici demat account in that I swing trade[sell 30]after few week or day again buy 50 @ lower but after making 25-30000 Rs value I request you to transfer my Icici demat. 1st Is it possible? 2nd whats charges of POOL Account?

    • Vinay, firstly we don’t keep any stocks in our pool account, it is not compliant to exchange rules. So if you link your demat to our trading, everytime we get delivery of stocks, it will be sent to your demat. We won’t keep it in our pool. You will have to sell this via your ICICI trading account once in ICICI demat.

  75. Anandh says:

    From a long term investment perspective is there a difference between keeping stocks in zero dha demat vs icicidirect delay acc ? Is one safer than the other? If I planto invest few crores, will safety of seamy be a factor?


    • We don’t get into any lending/margin activity, so safety shouldn’t really be of a concern. But if you open a trading account, opening a demat with us will always be more convenient.

  76. Rajesh says:

    Hi Nithin…

    I have a normal trading account with Zerodha since 2 yrs…Since I will become an NRI soon, I was thinking of converting it into an NRI account…But, after having gone through your previous comments regarding NRI account and trading in Equity/F&O, it seems that it’s quite a complicated procedure to get this done…So, I was thinking of an alternative –

    What if I opened a regular trading account in the name of one of my family members (who is an Indian resident), and I trade on their behalf ? Would it still be “legal” ? (legal as in, would anyone look into the ip addresses of orders placed, other complications etc ??)

    Please let me know your thoughts…


  77. manjitha says:

    i have opened a trading and demat account in zerodha , at present only trading account opened and iam waiting to open the demat account ,
    how come i will get to know that my demat account is opened ?
    i have got the mail regarding DP ID and client id , is this is the mail which i should get for opening the demat account opening ?
    after opening demat account how many days it will take to enable bse and nse in trading account ?

    • Manjith, if you have received your email with DP ID, your demat account must already be open and activated. You can login to your trading account and buy stocks.

      • mathew says:


        I have a resident trading and demat account with Geojith with shares in it, but not operated for the last 2 yrs

        Also, I have not operated the nre 3 in one account of icici which was opened in 2008

        Please let me know whether I can open a trading and demat account with zerodha. If yes, which one will be better resident or nre ?

  78. hitesh says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I am NRI and I plan to open my mother’s DEMAT and Trading account with Zerodha as the services being offered to NRIs by any online broker leads to a lot of additional charges. Just to clarify, my mother still stays in India. I have a resident savings account with HDFC but I plan to close this because this is not allowed (6 months post you leave India and become an NRI). Now, while opening the account with Zerodha, in the bank account details section can I put my NRO account number while the DEMAT and Trading will belong to my mom. (I can put my mother’s bank details but it will be inconvenient). Also, It will be great if you can suggest a product for an NRI (DEMAT and Trading) that will help me save the additional costs. Also, is it that with an NRI trading account you cannot do intraday square off? Looking forward to your reply.

    • Hitesh,
      Yes you can open an account in your mothers name. But you cannot link your bank account to her trading/demat account. You would have to first transfer funds to your mother’s bank and from there to her trading/demat.
      NRI’s are allowed to do only equity delivery based trading (no intraday equity, and if you want to trade F&O it has to be through the custodial participant route).
      As an NRI, you will have to open a PIS account with your Bank. This PIS is linked to Zerodha trading/demat account. When you buy shares, only when we send the contract note to the bank, do they release the funds to us. This causes an incremental effort to service a NRI, hence the brokerage charges are higher. We now charge Rs 200 per executed order, which is still quite cheap compared to everyone else.

  79. karthik says:

    Hi Nithin Kamath,
    First of all wish u thanks for your quick and responsive engagement with queries even they are not an entitled customers of Zerodha. This is the one thing (sure! very basic one) that other brokerage firms to learn and keep it follow. okay let’s coming to question in short and quick…

    My present Situation:-
    1.)I’m having a 3-in-1 account with HDFC Bank {3-in-1 in sense bank account, demat account and trading account) and problem is very high brokerage, useless ‘tips'(they’re calling like that), hectic relationship manager. So, i found no reason to hang around there.
    2.)I searched through online(with complete sense:P) for brokerage firms and shortlisted sas online, My value trade, trade jini, tradesmart, composite edge, rksv and zerodha. To be honest, in various aspects and factors each and every firms in the above said comes handy.But, some ‘sensible’ comparison i found rksv and zerodha to make a call..( i ask my fellow investors don’t fall in the trap of by just considering brokerage amount differences like Rs.9, Rs.10 and Rs.15, Rs.20. really some other factors are there to give importance.(i’m saying this cos it may help some other starters,so..)
    3.)I’m in talk with rksv for past 2 days and in true said,”their customer service is okay” compare others. i request your team for call back but still none (for past 24 hrs!)

    Documents I’ve in my hand:-
    1.)Photocopy of my address proof
    2.)Photocopy of my pan card
    3.)CML form my HDFC bank
    4.)1 passport size photo
    5.)Cancelled Cheque leaf

    My Questions here:-
    1.)what I want to do to open a trading account with zerodha?
    2.)Is opening a fresh demat account with Zerodha is necessary or handy(because currently i’m having a demat account with hdfc bank..but in the previous comments you told only ‘buy’ side is supported by zerodha if demat is with other one(here my case HDFC) and if i want to sell those shares(considering delivery one because no need of demat for intraday) then i should go with the firm where i’ve demat account(here in my case HDFC). my question is still this scenario is existing or zerodha now supporting both buy side and sell side even the demat account is with other firms(here my case HDFC) ? Because in rksv they told me that they support both buy and sell even i’ve demat with others.
    3.)If you still not supporting the ‘sell’ side then what is the procedure to open a demat account and fee if i’m ready to go with zerodha?
    4.)when i’m in speak with rksv they told me some Rs.22 as a depository fee for each time shares delivered into my demat account. is the same here with zerodha? if yes can you explain in detail because they(rksv) hiding those charges or something not honest in revealing to customers.
    5.) If i’m opening a demat account with zerodha then i want to pay AMC every six months once and don’t want to sign ECS is it OK? Is signing ECS mandatory( i read previous comments that you said not mandatory but just asking to confirm because i don’t want to get reject of my application if i’m going to open an account with zerodha) ?
    6.)Is margin trading facility is available with zerodha or still not added?

    note: i know it’s long comment but I strongly believe it might be useful for starters once got answered by you.

    I If you want you can contact me in 97 51 528 593.

    Eagerly waiting for your response Mr.Nithin
    Thanks in Advance.

    • Karthik, Firstly the lead that came into our system had a different mobile number but the same email ID that you have used to post the comment. Our sales manager tried to reach you a couple of times on that number but was not reachable. Will get him to call you back on this asap.

      Why Zerodha? It is just not about pricing, I guess in today’s world Rs 20 or Rs 15 doesn’t make any difference. Firstly we are probably the only profitable and debt free brokerage business in the entire low cost universe. Secondly, we are way ahead of other technologically: Q and Quant are probably the best reporting tools out there, Pi our new trading platform which is in beta has been getting rave reviews, Kite our yet to be released web based application will definitely turn heads, and there are 20 other reasons here. I can keep selling πŸ˜‰

      1. Documents you have is enough, the sales manager will help you out with this.
      2. Yes, it is best to open a new demat with us. We will not be able to link your HDFC demat to Zerodha Trading and allow you to sell. This kind of setup linking to another demat is prone to short delivery mishaps.
      3. Demat account including the first year AMC costs Rs 550.
      4. DP transaction charges, click here to know more. is a flat Rs 14 for every debit instruction with us. Btw HDFC charges 0.04% or Rs 25 whichever is higher as dp charges.
      5. Yes, ECS is not mandatory.
      6. Yes margin trading is available for intraday. Check our margin calculator.

      Will get someone to call you back asap.

      • karthik says:

        Hi Nithin,
        hope u doing grt.. yup i’m on-board with zerodha now and really enjoying this 15 days. First, i want to share my experience in zerodha with fellow ‘RODHA’ breakers and may help newbie’s too.. πŸ™‚
        1.) ur Sales team is really good to take care of all the necessary procedures and actually one shouldn’t need to do anything than just read the documents and signed on places. That’s it.. remaining will happen @ ur end πŸ™‚ but one thing I’ve to share here.. the days between trading account opened and demat account opening was around 10 days and that is somewhat frustrating to know whether everything going well or not.. so at-least ask ur people to send some mails regard what is happening?! cos now the people who are familiar with 3-in-1 account is coming to zerodha and seriously they have to face this kind of embarrass moment.. hope u get what i mean to convey you πŸ™‚
        2.)Actually first time when i put a call back request from ur website, man there is no response for next 48hrs πŸ™‚ and even i too further start to consider other brokerage firms ( now there is no need to tell their names i think πŸ˜› ) but my second instance told me to give an another try before finalize.. and the remaining is not a puzzle to guess. i’m here .. πŸ™‚ so kindly make a note on this issue cos as a part of ZERODHA family, i don’t want you let any investor out .
        3.)BIG thanks to ur technical team and their kindness for patiently listening queries (! now i smiled abt those childish questions πŸ™‚ ) that i raised regarding trading platform. They really stand tall man.. but when i called the trading team to ask some questions that i really felt disgust with their way of approach to end call as soon as possible. yes as a discount brokerage firm i know your limitations in these HR issues but if she listened one time patiently then should make the answer in seconds.. especially the girl i spoken with made me really tense πŸ™ see this kind of things make dark fade in ur gud woks too.. just address this as an issue.
        4.)Finally i want to thank a person who is listening everything and addressing utmost possible πŸ™‚ yes to u nithin.

        okay now i’ve a question which seeks answer from u
        i want to refer two more people from my family circle and i know that referrals and all.. but the thing i want to know is should i go for 2 trading acc.(each one) + 2 demat acc.(each one) or else just 2 trading acc. which can be linked with my existing demat acc. ?! if yes then will be any issue while calculating tax ?

        Thanks in advance nithin
        with regards,

        • Hey thanks Karthik for the feedback. Discount pricing doesn’t mean that we will compromise with lower quality, let me track your account history and work on issues that you spotted fixed. Yes, you will need to go for two trading and two demat accounts, you can’t map their trading to your demat account.


          • karthik says:

            thanks nithin.. and i didn’t question ur service quality @ anytime but just remind the limitation for u people compare with Full time brokers. Anyway if u take it in a good note i’l be happy πŸ™‚ yes i’l done that opening of accounts within this week .

            Thanks again nithin

  80. Mukesh Gupta says:

    I want to clarify the brokerage regarding nse equity option. In your website i read it as 0.01% or Rs. 20 per executed order, whichever is lower. But In brokerage calculator, it shows minimum is 20. Please clarify. Here i am attaching a snapshot.

    • Mukesh, 0.01% or Rs 20 on your contract value while trading options and not on premium value. So if you buy 1 lot of Nifty 8700 calls at Rs 100, the contract turnover is 25 x (8700+100) = around 2.25 lks.

      • Mukesh Gupta says:

        Dear Kamath, I got u. Thanks for clarification. Actually, I was looking for some broker where i can buy n sale in option for a small margin. Your brokerage is good for other segment but there is a barrier for option.

  81. Mukesh Gupta says:

    one more question, can I trade on equity (intra-day) and commodity without having demat account.

  82. Krishnan says:

    Dear sir,

    I wish to open a trading account with you for trading intraday equities, derivaties. Further can I upgrade my same trading account to Trading + Demat + Commodity trading, if i start with only trading account.?

    Please help.

    ~ Krishnan

  83. mathew says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Can you please clarify the following :

    1. Can I opening a trading and demat a/c in my minor daughter’s name and close it by myself, if so please let me know the documents required.

    2. what are the negatives of operating a resident trading and demat account instead of NRI PINS

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Hi Mathew,
      1) As a Business policy, we restrain from opening Minor accounts.

      2) There are no negatives as such. Its easier and more convenient to open and operate a resident account.

  84. Tamil says:


    I’ve opened a zerodha trading account.. I’ve a dmat account with sbi..
    can the same dmat with sbi be mapped to this trading account for the purpose of trading intraday equities???

  85. samit says:

    only bsda account opening charge and only trading account(NSE bse cash and MCx commodity) opening charges.can intra day trading can be done with out demat account in cash segment?

  86. Amit Gupta says:

    Hi Nithin Kamath,

    I am trying to open Zerodha account.I have few queries:
    1). I read your posts here which suggest ‘no ECS’ is required but I talked to sales guy today and they said that it is mandatory.Please let me know how to proceed.And also If I am not opting for ECS , how my next year’s AMC will be paid.

    2). It is told to me that my Bank account’s six month statement is required.Can you please let me know why?

    3). I want to pay Rs.750/- by net banking.Is it possible?

    4).Why canceled cheque leaf is required?

    5). Suppose I buy a share today , can i sell it tomorrow? or my share will be squared off automatically?

    6). Why power of attorney is required by Zerodha?

    Please let me know my query clarifications.

    Thanks and Regards
    Amit Gupta

    • 1. The purpose of the ECS is to take an authorisation from you to debit your AMC charges once in a period of 6 months. The demat charges may either be debited from your bank account (ECS Authorisation) or from your trading account (Next sheet which iss β€œAuthorisation to debit Demat account operating charges”). Since your trading account’d be with Zerodha, you can choose to sign the Voluntary page and ignore the ECS page.
      So no it is not mandatory, if you don’t sign you can ask us to debit it from your trading account with us.

      2. To trade F&O, an income proof is required. So you can choose one of the proofs for income, 6 months bank statement is one of them.

      3. Yes possible, make sure to send us the snapshot of the transfer once done.

      4. Exchange requires us to capture an original proof of your bank account.

      5. If you buy a share today as delivery, yes you can sell it tomorrow. If you buy today as an intraday, it gets squared off immediately.

      6. If you are trading online, it is required to debit shares from your demat whenever you sell it. Wherever you trade online in India, POA for the demat account has to be given for debiting shares everytime anything is sold.


      • Amit Gupta says:

        Thanks Nithin for your quick reply.

        Regarding point 5.
        “If you buy a share today as delivery, yes you can sell it tomorrow. If you buy today as an intraday, it gets squared off immediately. ”

        what if , I buy share for delivery and sell them on same day,will intraday brokerage be applied(0.01%) or Delivery brokerage (0.1%).

        Regarding your other replies , i will also talk to your sales guy and clarify him that ECS is not mandatory and payment can also be done by Net banking.

        Thanks and Regards
        Amit Gupta

  87. Amit Gupta says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Can I have your email address so that I can communicate with you as I am not getting any response Zerodha’s sales Team for opening of new account.

  88. Mayank Gupta says:

    Dear Nithin,

    I wish to open an account with Zerodha, but have couple of initial queries – hope you will be able to clarify them.
    – Presently i have a demat & trading a/c with a local broker which i wish to continue and at the same time use the Zerodha platform for buying & selling. For doing so, i just need to request for a trading account with Zerodha right (and not demat) ?
    – I wish to apply for OFS by Govt. for India for various PSU divestment (which may happen periodically) – how i can avail this facility, as the same is not available in the trading platform?
    – Whenever i will buy a share – will it automatically get transfer to my demat a/c or is there some broker pool a/c arrangement? And if it is getting transferred to demat a/c automatically, what will be the additional charges?
    – Lastly, if say some order is executed in parts – then the applicable brokerage would be for 1 order or different parts?

    Thanks in advance.
    Looking forward for your reply.

    Best Regards


    Well Nitin,
    I wud initially appreciate the way you respond to the queries. I wud just like to know, when the share are purchased suppose thrugh ZERODHA, initially they are put in a pool account & it takes some time to get the credit to the Demat. Well during the time can i sell the securities through ZERODHA if I have maintained an account with some other DP.

  90. Devesh says:

    Can we trade NCDEX through zerodha? If not, any timeline?

  91. Satya Singh says:

    Hello Sir,
    I am student (from madhya pradesh), I would like to open trading and demat a/c on zerodha, is it possible ? how can I..

  92. Sandeep says:

    I am student , i want to open a trading account for derivatives and commodity trading, i do no have any income , i plan to use my savings in my bank account for trading. so how can give income proof document

  93. satya singh says:

    on which address, I have to send required documents ?

  94. Shubhang says:

    Consider the scenario for BSDA a/c. A newbie to any demat a/c opens a BSDA at ILFS through Zerodha.
    Say, For initial 2 yrs his toal investment valuation is Rs. 2L
    Then the AMC from 3rd year onwards will be Rs. 400 per year or more than that?

  95. Amit says:


    I have a simple question-

    Suppose I do a trade with you for delivery of say 5 shares of infy @ 2000 so I understand I would be charged 10 rs approx brokerage + 1rs approx taxes and If I sell it after a week at same price i understand similar brokerage +taxes would be charged.

    I want to know what is DP charge rs 13 mentioned above and would it mean I would be charged DP transaction for every delivery based transaction?

    So in this case this would brokerage 11 +11 +13+13 rs for transaction ..

    Am I understanding this correctly.

    • Amit DP charge is applicable only when you sell the stocks which is lying in your demat. So Rs 13 only when you sell. So it will be 11+11+13. All brokerages have DP charge, we are amongst the lowest.

  96. Harshad Govande says:

    i have statement of account given by hdfc sec. for F.Y.2014-15
    I want to link my hdfc sec. account to zerodha trading account(which i want to open)
    is statement of account as a proof enough for linking my demat account to zerodha tading account??

  97. shikharjaiswal says:

    I’m planning to switch to Zerodha from HDfC Securities but I have few questions and doubts.

    1) I already have a Demat and trading A/c with Hdfc so if I open an A/c with Zerodha do I need to close my Demat and trading A/c from Hdfc? or Do I need to open only trading A/c with Zerodha.

    2) I have few SBI share in Hdfc and if I open an A/c with Zerodha. whether my Hdfc portfolio will be transferred to Zerodha A/c or not?

    3) Question related to brokerage charge.
    Suppose I purchase 2 shares from hdfc of Rs577+ brokerage charge of Rs 18, so total 595Rs and after opening A/c from Zerodha, whose brokerage would be charge HDFC or Zerodha? I’m asking this because Hdfc brokerage is too high and after buying shares from Hdfc can I able to sell shares from zerodha in order to save brokerage charge on selling?

    4) I suppose Zerodha office is situated in Bangalore and if I’m right then how do I open A/c with zerodha if I’m in Uttar Pradesh. How do I sell share, transfer funds, ask query? Do you have any broker in Lucknow or Gorakhpur?

    5) What additional charge will incur if I already have demat and trading A/c and want to open with zerodha?

    6) I own MacBook so do you have any trading software for Mac? and what are the trading platform of Zerodha?

    7) Is there any other hidden charges apart from AMC and Brokerage charge?

    • 1. You don’t need to close HDFC T&D account. If you open only Trading at Zerodha, you can buy shares through us, but these shares will get credited to your HDFC demat. While selling you will have to then do it through HDFC itself.

      2. Open a T&D with Zerodha, you can transfer all the shares with HDFC to Zerodha demat. Once transferred you can do everything with us.

      3. Yes, if you open T&D with us, you can do both buying and selling with us, and hence only our brokerage applies. If you open only trading account with us, you will buy with us so our brokerage, but you will sell using HDFC, so their brokerage.

      4. The business is online today, and we have clients all across the country/world. So where you are is immaterial. You can transfer funds through the online payment gateway, withdraw funds online, trade on India’s best platforms, and all your queries are already answered online. If you still have any query, 080-40402020, we have a team of almost 200 in Bangalore for all kinds of support.

      5. The account opening fees, and upfront AMC if you are opening a demat account. Check this:

      6. Check this: all your queries are answered here.

      7. All charges are here:, you can also use our brokerage calculator:

  98. shikharjaiswal says:

    I thank you for your prompt response and assistance.

    1) Please elaborate the fees charged by Zerodha. In terms of opening trading A/c fees and AMC fees for trading A/c and Demat A/c opening fees and its AMC charge.

    2) What is the difference between Demat and DP charges or both are the same thing?

    3) If I open only Equity Trading A/c will I be able to trade in ETF?

    4) What are the AMC charged by Zerodha and IL&FS? Do I have to pay AMC for both Zerodha and IL&FS separately?

    5) And also explain the charges charge by Zerodha and IL&FS.

    6) Do you also charge for the stock SMS alert?

    7) What is BSDA? what are the charges charge on BSDA?

    • 1. Everything on this post.
      2. Yes both are usually referred to the same charge. When you sell shares from your demat, this charge is applicable.
      3. Yes.
      4. No AMC for trading, only for demat. We collect it on their behalf and pay it to them.
      5. Point 1, check the link.
      6. Yes, Rs 1 for SMS for end of day SMS. If any orders placed calling the call center, SMS sent on execution for free.
      7. Check this for BSDA.

  99. Vinod says:


    Does the dividends directly credit to my linked bank account or to trading account?


  100. Anand says:

    Dear nitin,

    Can I link another of my sb account in different bank (iob) so that I can directly transfer to zerodha..

    Presently I am transferring from bank2 to bank1 and then bank1 to zerodha..and vice versa during withdrawal..



  101. Sheik says:

    Hi.. i opened my trading azccount in last sepotember.. til the demate account mapping process going on.. any advice ..?

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Could you send an email to [email protected] with your trading account details? One of our support staffs will get back to you with the status of your demat account. A demat account typically takes 10 days provided all the documents provided are correct.

  102. Achintya Sett says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Many many good wishes for coming up with Zerodha.

    Being an IT guy, I must thank you for founding such a technologically advanced brockerage firm which can cater to the young generation of traders/investors.

    Z-connect, Varsity, Q, Quant, Pi all the products are so nicely designed and user-friendly that I love to do the trading myself instead of calling up to trade.
    Thanks to Zerodha, I have learnt so many technical details in trading.
    Awaiting eagerly for Kite! When you guys are planning to launch it?

    I need your help on migrating a demat account to Zerodha.
    Situation is like this:-

    1> My father have a trading and demat account with HDFC.
    2> I have my trading and demat account in Zerodha.
    3> He wants to create a trading account in Zerodha, move his shares to my demat account and link his Zerdha trading account with my demat account.

    Can you please guide me on how to proceed?
    I believe if POA is provided, then sharing a demat account with two trading accounts is possible.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Achintya Sett

    • Thanks Achintya, the beta of kite should be out in the next 10 days.

      You can’t link a third party demat account to the trading account. The demat account holder and trading account holder have to be the same. Your dad will need to open both trading and demat with us.

  103. prasad_p says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Glad to know that beta of ‘kite’ will be launching very soon. I have a suggestion for ‘Z-connect’ website.
    There will be lot of queries expected for ‘Kite’ regarding ‘how to’ Buy/Sell, position, charts, funds etc. If it is possible for you to compile some videos (1-3 Min.) and post under special ‘video category’ at the top of the web-page then it will be very helpful to understand new system.
    The same logic can be applied to all videos available on this website to come under special ‘video section’ at the top of website.
    Thank you.

  104. viswa says:

    I have an equity trading account with Zerodha. I have a demat account in SBI. Can I Link the Demat account online(SBI demat to Zerodha trading account)? what forms can i submit? and how? In future if i open demat in zerodha (ilfs) two demat accounts link one trading account or add only zerodha demat account?

    • yes you can link SBI demat, send the client master report of your SBI demat. Yes in future you can shift from SBI to Zerodha demat account. You can’t have two demats mapped to one trading account.

  105. madhavi says:

    i have a trading a/c with zerodha. But it is inactive as i am not trading and there is no amount in it.
    Now i want to start it again. If i wish new Account no and close old one ……is it possible? U have all my documents copies so creating new id/account number without physical form fillling is possible or not???

    • Madhavi, you can have only one trading account with a brokerage firm. You will have to first send us a letter to close the existing account, and then send a new form/documents to open another account.

      • madhavi says:

        so again i have to follow same procedure of opening new a/c right? do i need to pay opening charges again?
        in case i want to continue with my existing a/c then?
        how yr Amc charges r taken from client? Do u charge for inactive a/c ?

        • Yes you will have to repeat the entire process including account opening charges. If you only have trading a/c with us, there is no amc. Demat a/c is Rs 400 per year.

  106. Ajay says:

    Can you please confirm comodity account with nri, I just applied nri demat and tradding account with Zerodha but I m also interested with comodity.

  107. sabari.c says:

    Hi how many days happen for opening trading and demat with zerodha?

  108. bob says:

    Can i use my hdfc demat account for opening a trading account here…how to link them, where i can get more info on this? Thanks.

    • Bob, yes you can link your HDFC demat to a new trading account that you open with us. The blogpost above explains you all the details. To link your HDFC demat, you will need to attach a copy of the HDFC client master report when sending us your account opening forms. Do speak to our sales manager who is helping you out.

  109. Ram says:

    I want to open bsda and trading account.What are the charges and the procedure.What are amc?

  110. murli says:

    Hi nitinji
    I hav trading and demat (if&ls)account with Zerodha
    If i wnat to close my Zerodha demat(if&ls) and map my another Kotak demat account than what will the proccessor for it

  111. murli says:

    Can i send both application at Zerodha bcoz i dont know ifsl address and all i just open account with you

  112. murli says:

    Thankyou sir πŸ™‚

  113. Hari says:


    I opened a trading account with Zerodha last week. I want to link my existing HDFC demat account with my trading account. I sent my Client holdings report containing the DP details as asked by the sales manager, but I haven’t received any update even after repeated follow up. How long will take to link them? and is there any minimum balance to be maintained in trading account?

  114. TP says:

    Many brokerages have tie-ups with banks whereby Bank and Demat a/c’s are with banks and trading a/c is with the brokerage permitting both buy and sell.

    Do you plan to have such arrangement with banks in near future?

    Such an arrangement I believe would be beneficial for clients in locations where you do not a presence. Further it becomes important in situations where transmission of securities becomes is concerned for successors to follow up.

    • We are speaking to a few banks on this.

      • TP says:

        Would be eagerly following your blog for this development.

        It would be win-all situation for Zerodha, banks and customers as well. Tie ups with banks having extensive pan-India branch network such as PNB, BOB, Canara, SBI would be especially nice.

  115. Priya says:

    I m interested to open an account with zerodha , but before that I hv few questions
    1. What documents do I hv submit to open a commodity account?
    2. Do I need demat account for commodity trading?
    3.Is there any charges other than the charges mentioned in brokerage calculator?
    4. Do you provide signal for nickel trading? If so on what frequency ll I get the signals?
    5.How long ll it take for deposit/withdraw money? Which bank account ll be easy for timely withdrawal/deposit?
    Please reply asap to my queries. I called to the number provided in ur site 08049132020,but it was on hold for 5 mins. I couldn’t wait much n disconnected bcoz its not a toll free num πŸ™‚ .

  116. vinod says:

    Can we trade in NCDEX via your platform?

  117. sandeep says:

    i read that zerodha does not allow to purchase in ipo shares. so if i am having a demat and trading accounts with zerodha, then is it possible to connect my demat account with others like axis bank to participate in ipo.
    if yes then how to sell those shares obtained through ipo? is it through zerodha trade account or axis account?

    • Sandeep, we don’t have the online interface to apply for IPO. But yes, you can use the Zerodha demat account number and apply for IPO either through offline, or any other way of applying.

  118. vinay says:


    I already have a Zerodha trading account and I want to open a Demat account and also paid the AMC fee 550 rs for same using online platform.

    I want to ask what should be my next step ?

  119. Ritayan says:

    Dear Nitin,
    I applied to open a trading account for which submission of document is not yet done but payment of Rs. 200/- is done (I’ll courier the documents myself). But mistakenly didn’t opt for opening the demat account.

    1. Is there any way to rectify that error now so that I pay and opt for demat account along with this current application?
    2. I have already active trading, demat accounts with SBI Smart for which my KRA is done and updated correctly. Is self attestation of the required documents by zerodha will suffice?

    Thanks for your reply in advance!

    Warm Regards,

  120. kamal says:

    can i open derivative account later, right now i want to open only equity account.
    and what would be procedure for opening derivative account?

  121. Ravinder Singhal says:

    If we open an trading a/c with zerodha, can we trade in equity as BTST. OR

    it is necessary to have demat to trade like BTST.

  122. Ravinder Singhal says:

    I have an account (demat +trading) with SAS online, but they charge, DP charge on buying today and selling tomorrow. If i open trading with Zerodha can i save my DP charges?

  123. Max says:

    What are your DP charges for delivery based transactions? Any additional charges(to Rs 20) when transfering from zerodha to IFLS or other demat providers?

  124. kamal says:

    i have sent my documents and form on monday 21 september but till now i havent received any mail regarding account opening.

  125. TP says:

    If I start with one demat account, would it be possible to add more demat a/cs (of course in different combinations) and link it with the trading account in future?

  126. Nitin Desale says:

    Hello sir,
    can i open trading & demat account offline..
    means by walk in your Zerodha Sales Center
    Because i’m not comfortable with online
    And one more thing is,
    Is that any compulsory to make trade for any brokerage target or something, or its all up to me, because i heard from somewhere that in xyz broker they do trade by themselves without any permission of trader for completing there target for brokerage..

  127. CDesai says:

    What is the time taken to open Demat account with you? And what are the charges? Do you provide margin against shares if the demat account is with you?

    • Demat account now takes around 3 to 5 working days once we have received the forms. If you print the forms, the account opening for T&D is Rs 300, otherwise Rs 400. Yes you can pledge stocks to get margin against shares.

  128. jaideep sharma says:


    Is Bse trading allow in the equity delivery …..on zeroadha.

  129. Nagaraj T says:

    I am a first time investor and I have decided to go with zerodha. Please advice on the following:
    1. Which type of account i should go for ?
    2. Will you be advising on regular basis about the modalities till i get in to practice?

    A word of reply would comfort me.


  130. Sandeep Puri says:

    Sir, I have applied for Zerodha Trading A/c online and paid Rs.200/- fee but today I got a call from your executive and I was told by him that I can not open only trading a/c? I do not understand this?
    I already have a ICICI 3-in-1 Demat A/c and I do not wish to open a new demat as I hardly trade in Cash market.
    1.) Kindly, let me know if I’ll be allowed to open only Trading A/c with Zerodha?
    2.) If yes, Is it mandatory to link my existing ICICI Demat to open trading a/c with zerodha?

    Waiting for an early reply!
    Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Sandeep,
      1. If you want to trade only on F&O, just trading is enough.
      2. IF you don’t have any demat mapped to the trading account, you won’t be even able to see any equity prices ticking. So best to map your ICICI demat to our trading while opening the account.

  131. drsuhask says:

    Dear Sir,
    I am having commodity trading account with Zerodha & my wife is having equity-FNO trading account. Now I also want to trade in equities & FNO. Till now I was doing it with reliance securities. I want to know-
    1) Is it necessary to open new trading account for eq.& FNO , or I can trade under same trading ID used for commodity.
    2) How to shift relience demat account to you.
    Actually I contacted Zerodha support , but I got two different answers. Then I asked Deepak Shenoy on his CapitalMind , he told me that same ID can be used for equity & FNO, just I have to open demat with Zerodha.
    Kindly guide me so that I can proceed.
    Dr.Suhas Kothavale.

    • 1. Same trading ID will get used for equity. But u will have to still send us a new form+documents.
      2. Once you have opened the Zerodha demat account, you will get a DP ID. Reliance money would have given you a delivery instruction slip, on that mention the new Zerodha demat DP ID, and all stocks that you intend to transfer.

      • drsuhask says:

        Dear Nithin,
        I told in first message that I received two different answers. But before opening account with Zerodha , I am confirming again. I have to open demat with Zerodha or IL&FS because the person who told me the same ID can be used had sent me demat opening form only(not whole trading account+demat opening ) that to also Zerodha Securities LTD’s demat & person who told me that new account opening is required had sent me whole trading AC opening form with IL&FS securities demat account opening form.
        Please clear the things whether I have to send only demat opening or whole form trading + demat , and which demat IL&FS or Zerodha.
        Dr.Suhas Kothavale.

  132. SUNIL says:

    Hi Team,

    I have a just trading account with Zerodha which i opened when i was a resident back in 2010. Now I hold a NRI status. Most of my bank accounts in India now are NRE/NRO accounts. However my SBI bank account is still in resident status(I did not convert it to NRO/NRE yet) which is linked to my Zerodha trading account too. Now i want to participate in Equity in NSE/BSE for long term investements. I know that i might need a Demat account to do that as I currently hold only Trading account with Zerodha. Kindly let me know which kind of account and what bank account i need to use in order to participate in Equity market.


  133. Faizan says:

    I am existing zerodha customer. I have zerodha trading account linked to ICICI demat. I have following questions :
    1. Suppose i started 60-day challenge. Then I bought some shares for delivery, that will go in ICICI demat. After some days say 50 days I am in profit and book profit(could be partial or full) by selling that share thru ICICI. So how zerodha or 60-day challenge will come to know i have booked profit on that trade.?
    2. In future, suppose I want to open demat with zerodha, and de-link my existing zerodha trading account with ICICI, and link it with zerodha demat. Can I do this? If yes, how can I, as I see forms(links) for two options only, a.Trading b.Trading+Demat.
    3. What I have to do to transfer shares from ICICI to zerodha demat?

    • Hi Faizan,
      1. Only trades (buy and sell both) executed within Zerodha in those 60 days will be considered for profitability of the challenge.
      2. You can see only Zerodha demat form here:
      3. Once Zerodha demat is open, u can fill up the delivery instruction booklet provided to you by ICICI, mention the stocks u want to transfer, mention the zerodha demat account number, and submit this to ICICI. They will transfer this within 24 hours.

  134. Sandeep Puri says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a new member of Zerodha and I would like to thank you for providing such a great trading experience!

    I have opened a trading account only with Zerodha and I have existing ICICI Demat A/c which I intend to link with my Zerodha trading a/c as NSE Cash rates are not available to me while trading.

    The issue is that I do not have the “Client Master Sheet” as required by you. Is there any other alternative to Client Master Sheet? Can I send the NSDL – Statement of Holdings of my ICICI Demat A/c?

    Waiting for your response!

    Best Regards,
    Sandeep Puri

  135. sreejith says:

    Sir i have a demat account in geojit and i newly start a demat account in zerodha .what is a process of transfer shares in geojit to zerodha ?

    • When you opened zerodha demat, you would have got a DP ID. Mention this number on the DIS slip given to you by Geojit, and submit it to Geojit. They have to transfer the shares to your new demat within 24 hours.

  136. Jibin says:

    My wife want to open a trading only account with Zerodha. She already have a Demat account with Aditya birla. Only Intrested in Equity Delivery now. I understand that if connect existing aditya birla Demat account with Zerodha, she can buy from Zerodha but sell through Aditya birla. I heard that there is no Brockerage for Delivery trade in Zerodha now,there is no DP charges also for buying and no AMC for trading account.She have no plan to trade in other segments except delivery trade.So how Zerodha will get profit if you provide a trading only account?

  137. Anu says:

    Is there any minimum amount to keep in Trading account?

  138. Jibin says:

    Please provide following details of Zerodha, to update with current Brocker. We need to open a Trading account with Zerodha.
    1.Name of the stock brocker?
    2.Name of the sub brocker, if any?
    3.Client code?
    5.Detail of dispute /dues pending?

  139. GILARI says:

    You have made the equity investment charges zero .Why can’t you charge a monthly fee for index option trading ?
    When we buy a nifty option at Rs 100 and sell it 101 ,total charge is about Rs 55/-.Out of 55 rupees, Rs 40/- is brokerage.
    If you charge a fixed fee , it will lower break even point and so success rate of small traders will increase and frequency of trading also .It will enable us to pay fixed monthly charge.
    Please note that we are not asking for zero charge , but a fixed monthly charge.

  140. Yogeshwaran P says:

    Hi Nithin

    Is cancelled cheque leaf is mandatory for account opening. Then for my first six month upfront amc can i pay online. Is there any ways like that.

  141. Shankar Sharma says:

    Dear Sir,

    Dubai based company can trade in Future & option in NSE ???.

    can also trade in MCX ???

    • Yes you can, but you have to come through the custodial participant route. You will have to open an account with custodian (we have a tie up with IL&FS). This involves quite a bit of effort, won’t make sense unless you are planning to trade big.

  142. sunil says:

    I already have equity trading a/c in zerodha, now i want to attach commodity trading a/c, what is the procedure?

  143. Gaurav Jadaun says:

    Respected nitin sir
    Please solve my quary about opining trading account, I’m an active f&o trader, and I am doing f&o trading as business, and now want to do it by pvt. Ltd. Opc company presently I have trading account with hdfc securities but they do not provide discount brokerage so I want to switch to zerodha, so please tell me what is the procedure of open trading account of newly started pvt. Ltd. Opc (one person company )company and what documents required

  144. SAGAR UNDRE says:

    Dear Sir.

    I am interested to have a demo of KITE.
    do you provide demo login for KITE ?

    I read that we can set our own platform.
    Is it possible in KITE ?

  145. ABDUL RAZZAQUE says:


  146. ABDUL RAZZAQUE says:

    Thank you very much, Please again one more,
    Last 4 years I did lot of transaction including intraday [Invested 20 Lack and lost 15Lack]. how to treat the previous transaction incase of tax and related issues.
    furthermore, I dont have any other income other then nri job.
    Hoping your kind advice

  147. Kamal says:

    Hi Nitin

    If I open a trading account with Zerodha, link it to my existing demat(with Sharekhan) and give POA on the same demat to Zerodha as well, will it be possible to sell my demat holdings thru Zerodha trading account?


    • Firstly Sharekhan won’t let you give a POA to us, even if they did I doubt if they will give us access to use it.

      • Kamal says:

        so if the demat is mine and its with NSDL, can they stop me from issuing a POA to anyone else? I mean, do I need to seek their nod at all? what would you need from me in order to ensure you have the access?

        • Yes, they can. You will need to speak to them and ask them firstly to allow you to give us the POA, and secondly give an access from where we can debit shares when you sell.

  148. vENKATESAN d says:

    i want to open a trading account .is it demat account is required for equity intraday trading not delivery ?

    • Even for equity intraday trading, you need to have a demat account mapped according to new exchange regulation. If you don’t want to open a new demat, you can send us an existing demat account of yours.

  149. Dr. Santhi says:

    Hi Nithin,
    You are an inspirational personality. First, My best wishes to you… πŸ™‚
    I have a demat account with Motilaloswal with many scrips in it. To transfer from them to your DP account, they have asked per scrip 0.03% of the Market value of the shares or or 30/- which ever is higher (Not lower). For me this 0.03% charges leads to too much of a bill because AUM is a Big number.
    I read some where in the internet that, as per SEBI, if I apply for closing down the existing Demat account (of Motilal), then they are not supposed to charge me anything at all And should transfer all my scrips to my new Demat account (Zerodha account) for free. Is this information right? Is there such rule existing? If YES, I don’t mind closing down that Demat account and getting in to Zerodha full time. Please let me know.

  150. Dr. Santhi says:

    Where as if I ask for few of my scrips / shares to be transferred, rather than asking for closure of their Demat..then they can charge. (This is what I read in the internet). Please clarify this.
    Thank you.

    • Dr. Santhi says:

      Thank you Nithin,
      As usual, You are too helpful when it comes to clarifications. You should have been a part of the team of “Doing business in India Easier” program of the govt, you could have been valuable asset to them ..

  151. Ankit says:

    Can i open trading and demat account in different ? for example if i open trading a/c today and can i open demat a/c after six months ?

  152. Riddhi says:

    How can I check from Demat account holdings? I got a bonus share for one of the scrips I am holding. I wanted to check if it has been credited to the demat account?

  153. Aakash says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I have a demat acct with Citi Bank and trading account with Citi Wealth. As Citi Wealth is ceasing operations I need a new trading account. Can I open one with zerodha and link to my existing Citi Bank demat or do I need to open a demat as well with zerodha. Please let me know.


    • Venu says:

      You can link your existing demat account to your Zerodha demat account. However by doing that you’ll only be able to buy stocks at Zerodha. It’s best to open a trading & demat account and transfer your shares to the new demat account that you open.

  154. VIPUL PARIKH says:

    Hi Nitin, There is very little info on the net on NRI and trading accounts. I am in an NRI in Australia. Currently I have an PIS Ac and a 3 in 1 acc with IDBI. As you and everyone is aware that as an NRI there is NO DAY TRADING. It has to be cash and delivery. As you know IDBI capital and others like ICICI, HDFC etc charge a lot of brokerage. Me and others like me would be happy with nil or negligible charges like you guys. Can you be of any help. Guide us if possible to get maximal benefits??

  155. SG says:


    I want to open a few more accounts and let my employees use them to do intraday trading. I believe i cannot open more than one account in my name with the same PAN. I don’t think opening accounts in each employee name, transferring my funds to their accounts, maintaining books, legalities, etc is efficient and feasible for me.

    Is there any corporate account or trader account (sub ID, etc) which can be subscribed in my name or my companies name?

    How do trading firm or investment bank employees trade on behalf of their employers. I want to do intraday as a trading business.

    Thanks for your reply.


  156. Ganeshkumar says:


    How and where I can have BSE Sensex futures to trade in Zerodha Pi / Kite?

  157. Yogesh Kamath says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I am having demat account with Saraswat bank. Can I link it with your trading account and use it both to buy and sell,there is no trading account linked with it currently. What is the procedure for the same ?.


  158. Abhishek says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Currently, I have my demat and trading account with Geojit BNP Paribas.
    I want to open a trading account with Zerodha keeping my existing demat account with Geojit. I have few questions:
    1. Currently, geojit gives me some margin to buy into F&O based on my holdings in my demat account. Will Zerodha also offer this?
    2. Also, if I buy some shares from Zerodha and it goes to my demat account. Will geojit be able to see that shares and increase/decrease my margin based on those shares purchased from zerodha account

    • 1. If you hold stocks in Geojit demat, we will not be able to provide any F&O margin on trading. You could open a demat with us, pledge those shares and get margin for F&O.
      2. Yes, once shares hit your Geojit demat, they will provide you margin on that .

  159. Anand says:

    Dear sir,

    It is possible to open a new account if I scan & mail the all signed documents to you as i am out of country. Kindly reply.

  160. Vins says:

    Hi ,

    currently I am on NRI status . Can I open demat account here ?
    What documents will be require ?

  161. Kaustabh Ray says:

    When I am not taking delivery of shares (EQUITY STOCKS INTRADAY ONLY as the orders will be MIS 3.20 pm) Why I need a Demat account? kindly help to understand.

    • This is stipulated by the exchange. My guess the logic is that if stocks hit circuit down after you buying, a demat account will be required to take delivery of the stock.

  162. Kaustabh Ray says:

    Kindly don’t reply my previous question. I have understood as your support replied. Actually this line made me confused.

    “A Trading account is the account to which you transfer funds and then buy/sell stocks, Futures & Options.This can be done, either online or offline.”

    – Here this “stock” word made me confused with equity stocks intraday. I am a beginner. Kindly don’t mind.

    Also kindly make this option like when you reply to our questions we get a email notification. This will be very helpful. You have many articles and there are 2K + replies to you. It becomes difficult to search with a mobile portal.

  163. Putraju says:


    I want to open only a Trading account for intraday equity.. is a demat required ?

  164. Anand Kumar Jatav says:

    is ncdex trading account available now?

  165. Madan says:

    Hi sir, I want trade only nifty futures and nifty options, so I just need trading account ?

  166. Ahmed says:

    How long will it take to open a demat and trading account with you ?
    What are the costs involved (amc / opening charhges) if I want to open only a trading account ?

  167. deepak says:

    How long does the code in the client’s id. After account opening fees

  168. Kushendra says:

    Hello Sir , I am executing a BO order today but message said this bracket order is not available for my account. How to solve this issue?

  169. Rushabh Sanjay Mundada says:

    I have account with you as well as sharekhan leading to creation of 2 demat accounts.I want to close 1 demat account and link my trading account at zerodha with the demat account which I already have with sharekhan or vice versa.Please help me in the process.

    • if you are doing delivery based trading with us, it is best if you can transfer shares to our demat and close the sharekhan account. If you map sharekhan demat to our trading, you will be able to buy with us, but not sell.

  170. sunil says:

    I am NRI and i want to open demat and trading a/c with zerodha and i have already NRE and NRO a/c with HDFC now i want to take equity delivery only and my max trade for buying is 12000rs per equity script so how much brokerage charges will be for equity delivery for NRI?
    can you tell me total charges including buying and selling and all other charges?

  171. Atul says:

    My dad wants to swtich over to zerodha for equity and derivatives trading. He isn’t really familiar with online trading. Can he trade via call to zerodha sales and will there changes in brokerage for offline trading?

    Please suggest.

  172. Manish says:

    I have a demat account already. Can I simply open a trading account through Zerodha to conduct delivery based FnO trades.

  173. Varun Jain says:

    As an Old Customer of Zerodha… desperately waiting for the NCDEX segment to be started and available in Kite.
    This is the only thing, i need to trade from other account. For everything else, zerodha now suffice

    What is the realistic timeline , this will be available ??

    • Varun, we don’t think this will happen anytime soon. The trading activity is not much, and we are not comfortable in terms of risk because of the reduced liquidity.

  174. Bhaskar says:

    Dear Sir,
    As a costumer of zerodha. I like to be working with zerodha but now i want to be make this relationship more stronger. I belongs from uttarakhand. Even from where city does i belongs (Almora) .There are eventually any trader or investor. So i want to be part of zerodha sales partner office at there. I will be very grateful for being a part of fastest growing and emerging company in a financial world.

    Thanking You.

    Bhashkaranand Joshi
    Brothers Security

  175. Tejas walawalkar says:

    I have my commodity account on zerodha but i trade on MCX but now i want to trade on Ncdex also how to do that???

  176. tarak says:

    I have ICICI direct demat a/c as well as zerodha demat a/c. As I have less than 2 lac worth shares in ICICI direct, thought of converting it into BSDA.

    Is it possible (technically and legally) to have 1 BSDA account with ICICI and at the same time have a normal demat a/c with zerodha.


  177. Dinesh says:

    Request clarification of queries from Account Opening Document.
    I am referring to ZerodhaTDsep15.pdf document

    Page 8 : Tariff Sheet says
    Equity Delivery : Zero Brokerage

    and at the end of the table
    “Disclaimer: For Delivery based trades, a minimum of Rs. 0.01 will be charged per contract note”
    What is meant by this Disclaimer.

    Page 11 : Running Account Authorization
    “7. All accounts with credit balances of Rs. 10000/- or lesser may be automatically retained and transfer of funds to the bank account may not be made as per SEBI circular”
    Does this mean we need to maintain a minimum balance or Rs.10000?

    Thank you

    • We can’t charge 0 for a service we provide, so we charge a minimum of Rs 0.01.

      It doesn’t mean u have to retain any balance. If you have any unutilized funds, we send it back to your bank account once every quarter. If there is less than 10k, we don’t send unless you ask for it.

      • Dinesh says:

        Thank you very much Nithin for your kind answer.
        Really amazed by your prompt reply that too at a late night.. Do you really sleep or not?

      • Dinesh says:

        Could you please also share some link that gives information on bank transaction charges.
        ie., the charge we may need to pay to bank for transferring fund to Zerodha account and to transfer back from Zerodha account to our bank account.

        Thank you

  178. siva says:

    how can i transfer shares one zerodha account to another zerodha demate account

    • You will need a DIS slip. You can send a request to our office asking us to courier you the DIS slip booklet. You can sign, mention the other account details, details of stock you want to transfer and send it back to us.

    • Hi Siva,

      You can ask for DIS slip from zerodha. Fill DIS slip and submit it again to zerodha. Shares will be transferred with in 7 days. Precaution should be taken with DIS to avoid misuse. Remember to strike out remaining shares rows which left empty.


  179. veer says:

    What is Basic Saving Demat Account. whai is the benifit & Limitation of its. Is Zerodha provide the Basic Saving Demat Account open facility.

    Pls Explain the charges etc….

    • Venu says:

      SEBI introduced the concept of Basic Service Demat Account (BSDA) to encourage small investors to opt for securities in Demat form. It’s like buying a no frills Air ticket. You only pay for the seat to take you from point A to point B. Similarly, by opening a BSDA, you’re entitled to receive limited services at reduced costs. There’s either no AMC, lesser AMC charged for such accounts. There’s an eligibility criteria if you wish to open a BSDA account, the details of which are on this link

  180. Kunal Lad says:

    I would like to invest in equity stocks, as in I would like to buy and hold a variety of stocks for a 1-3 months, then sell, buy something else, like this. Along with this I also plan to trade in F&O occasionally. What type of account do you recommend I open? Kindly mail me your opinion in the above given mail. Thanking you in advance, Kunal Lad.

  181. md asif farid says:

    I have to open trading and demat account, so in your account oppening form there is a mention of “DP ID” & “BO ID”.. So my question is, how would i have dp id and bo id as i don’t have any existing demat account.. so what to fill there..??

  182. Gaurav says:

    How to trade offline shares on Zerodha ? shares taken a decade ago and exists in the form of contract notes.
    please advise.

  183. sable nitin says:

    How many minimum amount to open zerodha online trading?
    Plez advice

  184. Swapnil says:

    I am having account in zerodha. I would like to transfer my offline mutual fund in zerodha is it possible ? .

  185. tarak says:

    Dear Zerodha

    I’m trying to open a a/c with zerodha.

    DP charges for BSDA a/c is (Rs.25 + Rs.5.5 (CDSL Charges). For a normal a/c it is around 18 Rs. Please clarify?

    Brokerage calculator does not seem to include the DP charges. If so, Why?


    • Tarak, DP charges are mentioned in the charge list. For normal account it is Rs 13.

      • tarak says:

        BSDA is primarily targetted towards small investors and encourage those entering the market. It is unfortunate that the charges are more than normal a/c. Even though SEBI-God gives, broker (mediator) takes !!

        • Tarak, don’t think you are aware, all accounts with less than x amount of holdings automatically gets converted to BSDA at the end of the year and there is no AMC on that. DP charges remain at 13, like a normal account. Btw in Zerodha you have a mediator who doesn’t charge any brokerage for delivery trades πŸ™‚

          • tarak says:

            Thank you. Sincerely appreciate the quick responses!! Minute details such as this, helps alot. I knew the conversion into BSDA as mandated by the God SEBI but did not know DP charges will continue to be as previous (Rs 13).


  186. Rohit Vijayvargiya says:

    Hi, Nithin Kamath.
    I have to open a Trading and demat account in zerodha. I am from Gwalior (M.P). I have 3 questions.
    1). I dont know how to operate your software. is there any training video so that i can learn how to operate software.
    2). What will be best Internet speed for intraday trading activities.
    3). Can I buy also Sip through zerodha.

  187. Raminder Gujral says:


    I just got my Zerodha ID/Password today and wanted to check if I can buy NCDs from your platform please ?

    Today there was India Bulls NCDs advertisement and in the past it was DHFL that I missed it.

    I am new, I might take some time to understand your system, what does Zerodha mean πŸ™‚ ?

    Thank You. Regards, Raminder Gujral

  188. BVI LLP says:

    Recently started an LLP at BVI, wanted to know as an international LLP can i open an account for Demat and Trading with Zerodha. If so what are the requirements.

  189. 27pin says:

    Just opened my account at zerodha today and tried placing an order through which failed. So smallcase support says I am not enabled to trade on NSE. Before zerodha I used to trade on NSE through sharekhan. So what could be the problem here? ticket # 296375

  190. Vikram says:

    I have an existing demat with HDFC bank with several Stocks held in it. I wish to sell many those stocks and update the portfolio.
    What is the best way? Can i sell with trading account of Zerodha linked with hdfc Demat account?
    Or i should open both Demat and trading account with Zerodha and transfer all shares to zerodha.
    What is the process and charges for transferring the shares to zerodha from hdfc?

  191. siva j says:


    if i invested(Equity) in a company 2 months ago, now the company is not traded on BSE/NSE in the last 30 days,
    1)what about my holdings?,when&how can i sell?
    2)what are the possible problems for not trading?

  192. Kunal Lad says:

    Hi, I was trying to open an account. But during sign up it is saying my mobile number is already registered. I have not registered before. When I click on forgot password, they’re saying my email is not registered. I dont have an account with Zerodha. Please get my situation sorted and help me open an account at the earliest.
    Regards, Kunal Lad. Mobile number 9637723637.

  193. Akash Singh says:

    Hello Sir ,
    My account just recently got opened (around 3-4 days ago ) , i also transferred a sum of Rs.11000 from my bank account to my zerodha account , but when i log in through Kite i see a message in front of Equity and Commodity section mentioning “Segment is not enabled ” .

    Kindly help in understanding this and please resolve any discrepancies ,if any

  194. Pritam Ghosh says:

    By mistake, I have transferred a sum of Rs 30000 to my trading account from a HDFC bank account which is not linked to my trading account.
    Will Zerodha refund the amount to that bank account? When will they do it?

  195. Arjun Sankar says:

    i have an sharekhan account formaly traded 3 shares with that account i check with sharekhan the account have the shares can i transfer that shares into my zerodha account

  196. G MAHALAKSHMI says:

    It is informed tome by zerodha that they have received my d-mat applcation
    on 28.9.2016. i reminded them on few times
    so far it is not activated

  197. khalid says:

    khalid says:

    October 25, 2016 at 1:58 pm

    Dear NithinJi
    If I have spread as mentioned below (Bank Nifty) and I can see the loss is in between 19600 to 20000 If I keep the position till expiry. Anything below and above is profitable.
    CE Long 19400, CE Short 19800
    PE Long 19800 and Put Short 20200.
    How can make the loss in to Zero by adding position or hedging?

  198. MOTILAL SINGH says:

    Sir, i want buy IPO equity . zerodha provides this facility or not .

  199. vinay sharma says:

    Sir i new in online trading. I want to open demat account. Please tell me the procedure to link my pnb bank account with zerodha account.

  200. Rakesh Mandal says:

    For equity Cash intraday, do I need a demat account?

  201. Kumar says:

    Dear Sir,
    I accidentally signed the application form to open a demat account but I am only interested in Stock Futures, Nifty Futures, Options, Currencies and Commodities. Do I still need a demat account for Stock futures? I submitted my application today. Can I call them tomorrow and tell them to not cash my cheque of 600 Rs as I do not need a demat account?


  202. kuntal koner says:

    What will be the charge, if I buy some share in delivery EQ and sell them in the same day ? Is it intraday EQ charge?

  203. raghuram says:

    Procedure for transmission of shares in case of death of shareholder(individual and joint account)with and without nominee?

  204. Hussain says:

    Sir, I hv saving account in a bank bank called urban cooperative bank but I searched online somewhere I got I got thats the branch of axis bank , I m in confusion , whether that bank’s statement valid or not ,,,, ifsc code-UTIB0SHUCBL,

  205. SSJ says:

    I would like to know can I add a joint holder in an already opened demat account with Zerodha. Also I would like to know if the joint holder is in “Either or Survivor” Mode i.e. anyone of the joint holder can operate it in case death of any person? What is the procedure to transfer shares to nominee in case of death of demat account holder?

    • Venu says:

      Once the account is opened, you can’t add any holders. No, both persons are required to operate the account. If there’s death of one of the holders, the account will have to be closed and a new account in the name of the survivor will have to be opened. Shares will be transferred from the joint account to the survivor’s new account.

  206. Sanjib kumar says:

    How can I convert my regular account(demat) to basic service demat account in zerodha.

  207. Santosh says:

    I have zerodha account but I am not able to trade in F & O section please help me.

  208. Jyothi says:

    Hi Sir, I have DMat account with Icici direct. I allocate funds to the DMat account from my Icici account. Now I want to open DMat and trading account with you. Can I have two DMat accounts and can I allOcate funds to Zerodha DMat account from my Icici account or do I need to open other bank account.

  209. Sourav says:

    I have just opened my account with Zerodha. I have few questions mentioned below:

    1. If I buy any share, will I be able to sell those on the same day Or I have to select this intraday somewhere?
    2.In case of intraday transaction, say I used Rs.10000/- to buy some share and I sold them on the same day at 10500.Can I get the amount I invested to my bank account on the same day?
    3.In intraday transaction, is it must to sell those share on the same day or it will be sold automatically at the day end?

    • Venu says:

      1. Yes, you can buy and sell on the same day. It’s considered an Intraday trade.
      2. You can withdraw profits on settlement, i.e on T+1 day, the day after you make the profits.
      3. Depends on the product code you’re selecting. If you’re placing orders under MIS, then the positions get squared off automatically. However the onus of squaring off all intraday positions lies entirely on you.

  210. Sourav says:

    I want to use my current account for trading in Zerodha. I there any issue doing the same?

    • Venu says:

      For retail individual accounts, we’re mapping SB accounts only.

      • Sourav says:

        Thanks Venu! I will courier the required documents to get tomorrow. I will send following documents:
        1.Copy of pan and Permanent & Communication address proof.
        2.Copy of last year IT return as income proof.
        3.Cancelled cheque(How many?)

        Please let me know if anything else is required.

  211. Subaid says:

    Can i trade (intraday)from dubai in zeroda kite


    I have demat and trading ac with zerodha
    i wanted to take ac of icici direct or angel broking or choice broking for daily tips and recomendations
    can i use zerodha demat for them

  213. Vinod says:


    Suppose, If I have two accounts with zerodha (One personal and one may be HUF or partnership firm). Is it possible to trade with single login ?

  214. Darshan says:

    I have Demat account in SBI. can i open an account in with zerodha ?

  215. Preeti says:


    It’s great that the founder of Zerodha himself replies to most of the questions (although most are transactional).
    Adding to the list:
    I have a Zerodha DEMAT Account and no trading account.
    How can i starting trading in F&O (Equity) and how long would it take to activate this service?
    Need to know ASAP to take advantage of the volatility due to the upcoming budget.


  216. Prantik Pariksha says:

    I am a beginner in Zerodha, trying to be familiar with the interface of KITE.
    5 days ago in Equity section dashboard I checked that the ‘Margin available’ and ‘Account value ‘ was 4.67.
    Then I added RS 500 from savings account.On the very next day I found ‘Margin available’ and ‘Account value ‘ to be 494.32 which should be 500+4.47=504.47.I cant find any strong hint for that missing across 10 RS.Can you please help me in that?

    May be its a very basic question,I may not know due to lack of knowledge!!

  217. Bandhu says:

    I have a trading account (& DP) with a discount broker. Can I open a new trading account with Zerodha. Can I have to close the Demat account and open new Demat with Zerodha. Is it possible to keep two Demat account.

  218. maneesh says:

    Currently I have an account with inditrade.i just want to switch into Zerodha.what is the procedures,cost and how long it will take?

  219. Umesh Ramchandran says:

    Hi. I have received the trading account opening form via email. If I already have a demat account with ICICIDirect but I still want to open a new one with Zerodha, is it still required to give details of my existing demat account to Zerodha or can I just fill out the form without the existing demat details and send it across. No specific reason for wanting to do so, just want to know, that’s all.

  220. Jitendra says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have added CitiBank account to my Zerodha Account. But I am not directly transfer the funds to the Zerodha.
    Hence, I have opened a Karnataka Bank Limited Account for funds transfer.

    How can I add this new KBL account only to transfer funds to Zerodha account?

    Jitendra Kumar Sahoo

  221. ansh arora says:


    i have two bank accounts one is old (2 years) and one is new (3 months) i want to open account in zerodha in F&O segment with my new bank account (3 month) if i attach 6 month bank statement of my different bank account and cancel cheaq of different it is work plssss reply fast as possible as…

  222. Chaitanya R says:

    Hi Nitin

    I’ve been using Zerodha for around 3 months now and have had a great experience. I was hoping you could help me with the following doubts:
    1) Can I link a trading account opened with another brokerage to the demat account I opened through Zerodha?
    2) I am closing my trading and demat account with another broker and transferring securities held there to my Zerodha demat. Is it enough if I just submit the closure form to the other broker, or do I have to notify Zerodha or the DP? Will there be any charges/fees for this?
    3) I want to link a second bank account to my trading account? The cheques do not have my name printed on them? Is a cheque still sufficient, or do I have to provide some other proof?
    4) Also, can I withdraw funds to the second account? If not, is Zerodha planning to add this feature any time soon?

    Thanks a lot

    • 1. No
      2. Yes, you can give closure form to the other broker with your Zerodha DPID on it. You don’t need to notify us. No charges from us, they might charge you.
      3. Send us the cheque along with the bank statement.
      4. No, currently withdrawal only to the primary account.

  223. Anuj says:

    It’s only now after opening the trading account I am realising that NCDEX training is not available with Zerodha.
    And as per Nitin there is no near roadmap.

  224. Senthil says:

    I would like to open the BSDA with Zerodha, What is the Account opening charges for BSDA. Weather BSDA comes with Trading Account as well or not. If Not then how can I buy Equities and Mutual Fund.

    • Senthil, you don’t have to open specific BSDA account. If you are transactions are below a certain point, all demat accounts automatically becomes BSDA. If you are printing the forms yourself, you have to Rs 200 for trading and Rs 100 for demat for opening.

  225. Mani Kantan says:

    hi sir,

    i need to be take franchise of zerodha can u assist the procedure

  226. RS says:

    I’m also looking to open an account for my wife( Equities and Commodities). I’ve already been advised about what documents my wife needs to submit.

    To make it a joint account with me being the second holder, what documentation will I need to give please?

  227. Mudit Mehrotra says:

    I have applied for IPOs and got the allocation 2 days back but the shares don’t reflect in my demat account. I have written to your support group and they have mentioned that it will be reflected on listing day in secondary market. While going through net in many forums its states that your demat should be active and read state for receiving shares. So wanted to check is there a option for this in Q or Pi some where and how & when does allotment comes in Zerodha account

  228. Sachin says:

    Hi Nithin,

    My daughter was saying I don’t like uncle Nithin.

    Can you please guess why ?


  229. Jitendra says:

    Do i need to fill any form for BSDA account if my holding is below 2 lac ? so that i do not have to pay AMC charges.

  230. suresh kumar dubey says:

    sir pls tell me is my f n o segment active ornot my client id is ZW9036

    • Venu says:

      You’ll have to give a valid Income proof for us to activate the F&O segment. You don’t seem to have submitted that, please get in touch with your Sales manager.

  231. suresh kumar dubey says:

    sir, today at 3:03 m trying to take9150 call of nifty bt everytime i placed it,is gets rejected kindly inform me about dis

  232. Mihir Patwa says:

    Is it possible to open a join account in Zerodha. If yes, then how and what are the procedures.
    Thank You.

  233. satya says:

    Trading in Nse/Bse and MCX requires to maintain different margin amounts in different accounts.Is there any possibility of providing the flexibility of using the same funds for both equity and commodity

  234. suresh kumar dubey says:

    sir, today i want to take a position in reliance 1380 call but the order is rehected n comes up with[rms:blocked for optstk mkt nse_fo broker- zerodha remarks: option stock market orders are not allowed block type: all.]wat it means my documents related to f n o are all verifed bt still m not able to trade in dis segment pls acknowledge me as soon as possible my client id is ZW9036 THANKYOU

  235. Shashi says:

    Hi Sir,
    Does Zerodha provides BSDA(Basic Service Dmart Account) Account?

  236. M Singh says:

    I am a NRI from Dubai. I want to start trading with Zerodha in equity and F&O, but there are too many rules and restrictions to do so. So can you please answer the following questions so that I can consider other options.

    1. Can I open a Demat and Trading account on my father’s name(who is not a NRI and lives in Punjab)?
    2. Will I need a Power of Attorney to do so? Or it doesn’t matter who operates the account?
    3. Since he is retired and has no fixed income, what kind of income proof can he show? I send him every month so can he show that as a loan or something like that?


    • Venu says:

      1. Yes, you can.
      2. The forms will have to be signed by your father and all of his proofs are required. As far as operating is concerned, the account related details will be emailed to him. It’s upto him to share it with anyone he wishes to do so at his own risk.
      3. You can provide a copy of his 6 month bank statement which will contain details of the transfers you’ve made.

  237. Pramod Dhivare says:

    Hi Team Zerodha,

    Client ID: DP2596

    My account’s current enable segment is showing NSE only, I am also interested in MCX commodities trading.
    Is my account type is enable to trade in MCX commodities. Please check and advice.

  238. Ranjeet Kumar says:

    Hello Nithin Sir

    Is there is any option my q or kite where i check which segment activated or which not.
    Like EQ, Derivative Commodity.


  239. Bibekananda Ksheti says:

    Dear Sir
    I want to refer a friend to open an trading account ( both in Equity & commodity) . For this Pls mail me the required forms . What are the required documents to be sent with the forms.What are the process to open a demat a/c .How can it be known that I have refered a friend .

  240. Bibekananda Ksheti says:

    Thank Q Sir

  241. Akhil says:

    i have savings account in South Indian Bank, which is not among 28 banks registered for instant payment gateway. how do i transfer fund ????ο»Ώ

  242. sasi says:

    Hi Nithish,
    I already have a Zerodha account for Equity. Is it possible to have two different portfolios in this account. i.e one a portfolio for Long term investment and another for daily trading.

    • Akshay.A says:

      Yes, you can use the same trading account for both.

      • sasi says:

        Thanks Akshay. Is it possible to maintain two different portfolio-group in a account.

        For example,
        Group-1 portfolio

        Group-2 portfolio (which will have same portfolio)

        • Akshay.A says:

          Sasi, Currently there isn’t a way wherein the same components could be under Long-term and Short-term as we do not differentiate the portfolios. It’ll be a single portfolio at Zerodha.
          What you could do as as an alternative would be to check in Q >> Back office >> Reports >> Tax P&L >> You could check the INTRADAY/SPECULATIVE PROFIT, Short-term & Long-term PROFIT.

  243. RajeshVP says:

    I (Rajesh) have one trading & demat account with Zerodha as single / sole holder. Now, I want to open two more accounts as under:
    a) First name: Rajesh; Second name (joint holder): Milind
    b) First name: Milind; Second name (joint holder): Rajesh

    1) Is it possible to open accounts as above in addition to my existing account in my sole name? My brother (Milind) has two demat accounts with icicidirect as under:
    a) First (Sole holder): Milind
    b) First name: Milind; Second name (joint holder): Harshada

    • Venu says:

      You can open multiple demat accounts with different joint holders; but we would be linking only one trading account to your demat account for now.

  244. Sumit Purve says:

    Can i link more than one bank account to my zerodha account?<