POA – Power of Attorney for your Demat account

November 8, 2012


Demat Account required POA

Demat Account requires POA.

Each one of you when opening a demat account with an online broker would have had to sign a POA (Power of Attorney). Sounds like a very serious document and hence arises a lot of questions from investors on why exactly you are signing this piece of document. My first recall of the acronym POA was from the movie Baazigar, where Shah Rukh Khan and the villain both at various times in the movie use it to transfer all assets into their name. I will write down in this blog what a POA is, what can be done with it and what are its various uses.

When you buy shares, be it in an online or offline account, the shares are automatically transferred to your demat account, you don’t need a POA to do this.

When you sell shares or want to pledge them, that is when the shares are going out of your demat account, this is when the POA is required if it has to be done online.

Traditionally (offline method), you would have to send the delivery instruction slip asking to debit the shares from your demat and send it to the brokers office. Once the slip is received at the broker, he would debit your demat account. Some of the issues with this method were: Costlier (slips had to be physically delivered and hence the courier/transport cost), Risk of Auction (if the slip doesn’t reach in the stipulated time, risk of auction penalty) and generally more cumbersome.

With the advent of online broking the above method was no more viable. POA was introduced for smooth operation of the demat account. With the power of the POA, everytime you sell shares the broker uses it to debit the shares from your demat account and provide it to the exchange. POA is also used to debit shares from your demat account when you intend to pledge them to get collateral margin for trading futures and options. Find following a brief about what a POA is and why it is required:

What is a POA?

Power of Attorney (POA) is a legal document giving legal authority to another person to operate your account (in this case the demat account) as per the instructions contained.

Is a POA compulsory?

No, it’s not compulsory, but required for smooth operation of demat account. Remember it is required only for the demat account.

Different types of POA?

Specific/Limited and General POA. Specific POA states the limited range of powers of the POA whereas General POA is generic. The POA given to Zerodha is specific and mentions the various powers on the POA. Ensure that when signing the POA, it is only in the name of a SEBI registered stock broker and no one else.

Use of POA?

While trading futures and options or intraday equity trading, there is no requirement of the POA. But whenever you sell shares from your demat account or want to pledge them for getting margin for trading F&O, the POA is used to debit the shares from your demat account. This ensures that the entire process is online and less cumbersome.

POA, though not a mandatory document to be signed, is required for smooth operation of your demat account. Hopefully this clarifies your doubts about POA.

Happy Trading,

Nithin Kamath

Founder & CEO @ Zerodha. Partnering startups through Rainmatter. Love playing poker, basketball, and guitar. @Nithin0dha on Twitter. | Personal website: https://nithinkamath.me


  1. kinjhoh says:

    Is there any POA Charges with Zerodha? If yes, how much need to pay?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      No POA charges..


        Sir, I have been opened demate and trading account in zerodha though online. After a purchase of shares in a delivery base, the shares are now shown in my holdings in very next day. I contacted by phone to support zerodha. Mr. Ravi Kumar attended. I asked him my above query with him. He intimated me that I have to send POA for selling shares. But before the purchase of delivery shares nobody your staff guided me to that I have to first send POA. Please issue necessary directions to concerned team show my shares in my holding. I will send my POA shortly by courier. Examine please.

      • Jenith says:

        Please give me Address to send POA Documents?where to send signed POA documents?

        • Matti says:

          Jenith, check out our contact page: zerodha.com/contact
          The head office address is mentioned for all mail correspondence.

          • Rajdeep Bhagat says:

            Sir, I have been opened demate and trading account in zerodha though online. After a purchase of shares in a delivery base, the shares are now shown in my holdings in very next day

            • Matti says:

              Hey Rajdeep, this will be because you’ll not have sent your PoA for the demat account. Once we receive and process your PoA, you’ll see the holdings on the trading platform. In the meanwhile, you can see the holdings on Console – the backoffice.

      • Abhishek Gupta says:

        Hi Mr Nithin,
        I really liked services from Zerodha. However, I am just wondering when you would be able to reflect correct avg price of a stock in case of transferred shares/ shares got from demerger etc. I have been writing to Zerodha support for a long time but everytime they write that they will do it once their new back office gets operational. Could you please provide estimated time when I will be able to see the correct avg prices of such type of shares in my portfolio ?

        • Matti says:

          Hey Abhishek, this should be fixed soon with the new Q. The current platform is a vendor platform and has some issues.

      • Chirag kumbhar says:

        Is any stamp required on POA while sending?

      • Ajay Kumar says:

        If the power of attorney is required to sell online, then you can use this power of attorney to sell the shares with my Demat account without my knowledge

        Can you misuse the power of attorney

        • Matti says:

          No Ajay, this is a limited PoA allowing us to sell only against debits on your account.

        • sumit says:

          Is it possible that you can use poa to withdraw money from my linked saving bank account zerodha.

          on zerodha Poa why have you mentioned this clause

          I/We also undertake to pay such demat charges/fees and such other charges incurred by Zerodha under this Power of Attorney and
          that I/We further authorise Zerodha to debit my/our account with Zerodha with the said charges as and when the same becomes due
          for payment and I/we hereby undertake to pay the same immediately on demand made by Zerodha. All charges have been mentioned
          in the Tariff sheet in the application form.

          To validate on my/our behalf any such instruction so given to the Depository Participant(s), in written/physical or other form as may
          be required by the concerned Depository Participant.

          i think this is not req. for the same purpose which sir Nithin Kamath have mentioned above.

          • Matti says:

            Sumit, this PoA in no way gives us any power to debit your linked bank account. Only your demat account can be debited.

            • Bijay umar says:

              Does your POA clauses and T&C by any means allow Zerodha to SELL my CNC shares bought on Zerodha platform without my knowledge and without my SELL button hits on Zerodha Kite platform ?? Does Zerodha by any means use customer’s signed POA’s to maintain it’s own margin and account profitability by SELLING client’s CNC Shares without it’s client’s knowledge ??

              • Matti says:

                The PoA is used to execute your sell trades, or to square off stocks in case of non-repayment of trading dues, like margin shortfall in case you’ve pledged stock and the position goes against you.

      • tushar says:

        i have a new account if i send poa you can sell shares without my consent? is it right?

      • Prakash says:

        Hii nitin sir, is it possible to do offline transaction in zerodha demat account means while taking delivery i can fill delivery instruction slip to sell my shares debit my share to exchanges with zerodha.

        • Matti says:

          Hi Prakash, while this is possible theoretically, it isn’t really practical for an online broker like ourselves, so we don’t allow selling of shares on our online platforms without a PoA on the demat account and there is no way to place a sell order without a PoA in place.

          • Kingshuk says:

            Then why is Zerodha referring the same as “Voluntary” and not “Mandatory” ?

            • poonam says:

              I have the same question. please answer

              • Matti says:

                That is because this is a voluntary document, in the sense that an account can technically be operated without this. Hence, SEBI labels this as a voluntary document. However, with an online broker like ourselves, we would be unable to render services without a POA as the selling of stocks wouldn’t be possible in a practical manner on our online platform.

      • Sunny says:

        I was asking that there is also to fill the POA and ECN form or just sign and send the office.

      • Praveen giri says:

        Sir zerodha have which type poa ?

      • Rohit Mittal says:

        Sir can I fill nomination details in POA ??

      • sarat g says:

        i have already sent POA raised ticket jj4047 its been 3 days no holdings were updated i need to sell them kindly update the same .no reply from you people ,worst service by zerodha connectivity issues and all what not,even though i joined zerodha its my fate .i have shared courier details which was clearly showing poa has been delivered with stamp and signature do needful ,will soon get out of zerodha to not become zero

      • Dinesh kumar says:

        Hindi lengvese

      • Sunny says:

        Hi sir,
        I want to send POA pls let me know how much amount of frankin is to be done on PoA. And apart from PoA is there anything else I have to send?

      • Ram Pravesh singh says:

        Sir I have been Opened demate and trading account in zerodha though online please help me

      • Satyam Singh says:

        Hi sir, is there any new way for sending POA online.

      • Chaitali says:

        Cranking is require on POA. HOW MUCH AMOUNT OF FRANKING SHOULD DONE

      • Anuj says:

        Is it just the signature to be put on POA document?
        Thank you!

      • Rajiv says:

        Hi Nithin I have requested zerodha customer care to revoke my POA and change it e-DIS but they didn’t allow.

      • SWAPNALI says:

        HI, i am beginner. i want to understand, that if i bought shares today, it will show T1 position under Holdings for more than 2 working days at times. I have noticed GTT for target and stop loss is not allowed till the T1 position disappears. Am i right ? if i wish to exit with small profits and my buy is not yet complete but i want sell to book profit , will POA help here?

        • Shruthi R says:

          Hey Swapnali, you can place GTT OCO sell orders for T1 and T2 holdings i.e. for stocks that are yet to be settled in your demat account. POA should be fine for easy execution in this case.

    • Gaurav says:

      I heard that Zerodha did not put the share in Demat and rather keep shares in pool. Is it true?
      How do I make sure my investment in equity is in Demat and not pool. ?

      • Of course not, we never keep shares in the pool. When you buy a stock, as soon as stock hits your demat you get a message from CDSL(our depository). You can login to CDSL and double check if stocks are in your demat or pool.

        • gourab says:

          Today found that not all shares were transferred to demat account. Have sent a mail to support. Waiting for their reply.

          • Venu says:

            The settlement cycle in India is T+2 which means shares will hit your demat account 2 days after your purchase. Till such time they’ll reflect under T1 holdings. So if you’ve bought stock in the last 2 days, they won’t reflect in holdings yet. Yesterday’s purchase will show in holdings tomorrow and day before yesterday’s by eod.

    • Naveed says:

      I want to knoe what are the documents to be submitted with Demat POA

    • Sridhar Kulkarni says:

      Hey Zerodha, I have really liked ur service, I had opened online. Recently my frnd opened his account online and he received mail regarding POA, as he saw it today, he wasn’t able to send the hard copy still, Can he trade in options tmrw without POA..?? Or we have to trade after POA process itself..?? Pls reply

      • Sridhar Kulkarni says:

        Sorry I had opened offline, so I had already signed it. My frnd opened online, does he needs to submit POA and then start trading..?? Or we can trade in options without POA for tmrw..??

    • JATIN SHAH says:

      hi sir,
      i received your file but i could open this file so please sent me anthoer file so i have open and take print and sent as well very early

      jatin shah


      Poa wat f13 f14 ver


      In short period of time you have achieved great success but team should also maintain that success when you have grown in large.

      Please note i have send Speed Post on 28.12 wide POD details as EM897067225IN but till date i.e. 12.01 my POA status is not updated, in meanwhile i have transfer my holding to new account but the same is not visible as my holding is stuck up with POA process.

      Entire POA system need to fix so that traders can trade effectively.

      Your prompt account opening was USP but at this time i am facing hurdle, please resolve ASAP, hope to receive Positive feedback from your end.

      client ID is ZH0981


    • RINKESH says:


      • Matti says:

        You’ll receive an email with the doc as soon as the sign-up flow is complete.

        • Rohit says:

          I had received your poa with my email but file is not opening because file not supported or not opened. I had many conversation with your call center members but didn’t get help. So how can i get poa document and sign it to send you. Now what can i do.

    • Bhavik says:

      Hi i have received confirmation from your support team that poa is not require to buy shares by trusting him i went ahead and bought some share as delivery base. Next day I am not able to see my holding or position of the stock. When I called again support team says poa require to even see my holding. And does selling or pledging I’ll require my confirmation.

      • Matti says:

        Hey Bhavik, while buying shares doesn’t require a PoA, in order to sell it, you’ll require the PoA to be in place. As such, since these shares cannot be sold, they aren’t shown on the platform.

      • Dhiraj Chandra says:

        I am also new in this field but i guess if you had choosen order type as MIC instead of CNC then this problem can happen.

    • Deepak Bahl says:

      I ve opened my. Account with zerodha…Do I ve to sign poa for trading in futures intraday as I do square off during same day closing …

      • Zerodha Social says:

        Hey Deepak,

        The POA isn’t mandatory if you trade derivatives. However, we recommend you to send the POA because in case you make delivery based trades, you will not be able to see these shares or even sell them without the POA.

    • bhavesh b bhimani says:

      Account open nathi thatu

    • AMRIT says:

      DEAR SIR




    • Rajesh says:

      sir till now ididnt send the POA but i buy the share in wipro throgh the login but now its not showing any shares in my account.may i know the reason.regarding this issue when i am calling to customer care its asking zip password what is the password.could you explain detail sir..thank u sir

    • Praful Himant Halvadia says:

      CN5088 my acavut vold

    • Sandip Das says:

      What will be cost of franking on POA as per stamp duty of Maharashtra? Who will bear the cost? Specific answer please.

    • SHANTANU KUMAR says:


    • Parveen says:

      My POA form is deleted . Can I get a new POA PDF form. Plz help me. How?

    • saif bin sayeed says:

      hello sir i have signup my account in zerodha by equity on the date of 20th june 2019 and aslo the form has been approved but from that day it stills shows that (waiting for the account to activate)how much is it gonna take for the activation kindly reply

      • Matti says:

        Once you esign your application form, provided all documents are in order, your account should be open in two working days.

    • VIVEK SHARMA says:


    • RAJESH KUMAR says:

      होल्डिंग में शेयर को दिखाना और शेयर को शेर करने ओप्सन

    • Saurav kumar says:

      I send my POA 26th augest by courriar comapny DTDC how can i know my courriar recived zerodha co. Can i get any msg or email from zerodha

    • aryan suman gupta says:

      How i get poa so i wilp send it to u

    • Sunil shinde says:

      Why zerodha customer care number is not giving proper service.
      Trying to contact zerodha customer care number since 4 days but failed all the time.
      I didnt get response from zerodha when called on working day from 11 am to 4 pm.

    • Ravi Sanakyanavar says:

      Dear Sir
      Please solve It is mandatory for a government employee to obtain departmental approval before opening an account in the stock market

  2. kinjhoh says:

    POA Charges please??

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Sorry Kinjhoh had missed your post..

      The charge is Rs 12.5/debit irrespective of the number of shares..

      Rs 12.5= Rs 8 + Rs 4.5(NSDL charges)

      • Lakhan says:

        That means for each time I sell I have to pay 12.5 rupees along with brokerage?

        • Matti says:

          This charge is levied only when you sell from your demat account. So, if you buy a stock, hold it for a few days and then sell, it’s charged. The charge is on a per day basis. So, if you sell let’s say 100 stocks of Reliance in the morning and 100 more in the afternoon, only once are you charged the DP charges.

          • Siddhant Gupta says:

            So that means every time when we sell our holding shares from demat account, it charges 20 + poa charges(i.e. 12.5) or just 20.

            • Zerodha Social says:

              Hey Siddanth,

              When you sell shares, you will not be charged brokerage. There is no charged called POA charge.

              You will be charged Rs 13.5 + 18% GST per scrip per day along with the exchange transaction charges, STT & Stamp duty. Check out this page to know more – https://zerodha.com/charges

  3. Amit says:

    POA can be missused to transfer shares from one account to another? Same fear of movie “Baazigar” .

    • Nithin Kamath says:


      There is no way to be online without a POA, every online broker in the country would require this. I remember the first time I heard about POA in my life was also in Baazigar.. 🙂 .. It is a necessary evil, but as brokers because of our internal policies of no margin funding, not keeping stocks in pool and and etc… We are probably a lot safer than a lot of your other traditional brokers..


    • Amit says:

      Ok, i understand it but lets be on safer side is there any real time alert when share moves from respective demat account.?

    • Nithin Kamath says:

      Amit, We open NSDL demat accounts for you and you will receive sms from them both when there is a credit or debit from your demat account when it gets debited..

      • Raghava says:

        The answer is unclear, there is no use of SMS alert once the shares debited from DMAT account. Just wanted to know whether Zerodha has some plans where it plays with Investors shares?.

        • No, we don’t play with any investor shares.

          • Mahaneesh says:

            It would be really great if you guys can implement an alert feature that can be set by the investor from his A/c dashboard (from web or mobile) to keep track of his trading and getting an alert when the price is expected (which also the investor/trader puts on their a/c.
            Do check with Robinhood app (its for US) similar to Zerodha. They have this feature for traders as an option within the dashboard.
            Please do check this, it’ll be really awesome.

  4. pruthul says:

    hi i have submitted form and give cheque for open demat account with IF&s since january but have not got any massage to open the account when will i get message if it open or not and my mobile no is 9825969081

  5. rehman says:




  6. Venkat_V says:

    Dear Nitin,

    However i am curious to know why Zerodha do not have their own DP rather tie up with ILFS? Do you have any such plans near plans?

    Further, i am fed up paying with this yearly AMC funda, at least is that possible to work out an plan with ILFS for lifetime AMC option. Just in case customers like me who are interested i feel we at least should have an option. what do you think?

    I feel you must consider my this genuine appeal.

    Do share your views


  7. Anish says:

    Hello Nithin,

    Hope yr body fat % is decreasing ;-),

    Does Zerodha has tei-ups with Demat of ICICI also? Why the tie-up is limited to ILF&S only? I have a ICICI Demat acc and want to link it with Zerodha trading acc… will it work seamlessly for both buy and sell (in delivery based trades)

  8. Nandini Munuswamy says:

    i have linked my unicon securities demat account while opening Zerodha trading account . Now i want to change to sbicap or ilfs demat account .
    Is it possible and how to do it

    Nandini Munuswamy

  9. Sekhar says:

    I received an email today with subject ‘Update on DP Power of Attorney’. Believe me I had no idea of what it said. I searched for ‘Pool account’ first and was afraid a bit when other sites explained that your broker may take away your ben shares without your knowledge and stuff into the pool account. Then somehow with a different search term I landed here and satisfied with what was said. Looks like this is sorta necessary to give your broker the PoA.

    2.) Going through other comments here, you mentioned about some news regarding your own DP next year. When it materializes, I hope you will provide your existing customers a seamless transfer from ILFS to your DP. Having accounts with same broker and DP will be easy.

  10. pawan kumar says:

    where do i have to put 4th signature (sole holder) on power of attorney form in demat account fill up form

  11. partha mallick says:

    is there any possibility to link my zerodha trading account with sarekhan dp account? any problem i have to face? when your own dp services will start?

    • Partha, yes you can link your sharekhan DP with Zerodha trading, courier a copy of your sharekhan client master, and a request letter asking to map your Sharekhan DP to your trading account. The only issue with this is that when you buy shares will be credited to your sharekhan DP, but you would have to sell using your sharekhan trading account.

      We are looking to start our DP services this year.


  12. Navneet says:

    Is the issue of not being able to sell via Zerodha applicable for all DPs? I am opening a SBICAP Securities demat account, will I be able to buy AND sell shares via Zerodha trading account?

  13. Vijay Ananth K says:

    Hello Nithin,
    I am having a demat account with HDFCSEC, will I be able to link to Zerodha? If so, will I be able to buy / sell of equity cash (delivery) and intraday seamlessly? Will POA be required? will you charge for the delivery transactions to my existing demat account? Am I being charged for depositing my delivery equities by HDFCSEC also and am I not aware? or is this applicable only to you because you are not having both trading and demat account.

    • Vijay, if you map your HDFCSEC demat, you will be able to buy which will be seamlessly transferred to your HDFC demat, but you will not be able to sell it through us. HDFC will not let you map that demat to us using POA.
      There is no charge for depositing share to the demat, with us or HDFC, the DP transaction charge is applicable only when you sell shares and shares are debited from your demat account. I am sure HDFC will be charging you a DP transaction charge, you can probably find it on the ledger.


  14. Kaveri. M says:

    Hi Nitin, I have pledged ‘equity shares’ with Zerodha for creation of margin for trading in F&O. I have sent a email to Zerodha, based on which, the pledged shares were transferred from my D-Mat account to Zerodha Pool. I keep adding more shares also to the pool, increase my margin.

    Now, at any given point of time, if i want to know what are the details of securities under pledge, how can i verify it online. Is there any option or menu available in the Trading Terminal or Back Office.


  15. shashi says:

    Hi nithin
    I have opened trading with u now i would like to open demat account only ..here m not getting only demat application

  16. Ramesh N says:

    I plan to open a trading cum demat a/c with Zerodha. I already have an existing demat a/c with HDFC Bank. Can I link both demat a/cs to Zerodha and choose at the time of placing an order where I want the shares I have bought for delivery to be credited? Or will it always go to the ILFS demat (Zerodha a/c ) by default?

  17. Kaveri M says:

    Nitin, I have already opened the Trading Account with you, and my D-Mat account is with IL&FS. Now, i understand that you have your own DP Facility. Can i switch over to your DP. Whats the procedure.

    In that case, whether my pledged shares for margin trading will continue to be in my DMat Account itself (with lien marking / blocked for margin trading) or here again you will transferring the shares from my D-Mat account to Your Broker Pool Margin DMat Account.

  18. Mady says:


    When can we expect DP services from Zerodha? I am not convinced with the process of pledging from DP to Zerodha even in IL&FS to get get intraday equity margins.. which I feel its delayed and not friendly.. My previous broker gave me intraday margins automatically without informing and without any pledge creation charges. So I’m expecting something like this..

    Zerodha gonna start DP services anytime soon??


    • Mady,

      We have a bunch of other things that we are working on presently, DP might take a while. But we are working on something where this pledge creation is online and can be instantaneous, will keep you posted on this.


      • Kaveri. M says:

        Hi Nitin, Where can i find the List of Approved Shares for Pledge (Margin on Shares)

      • Mady says:

        It will be great if it becomes instantaneous! Is it possible to make margins automatic if you provide DP services on your own as I have mentioned above? About charges?

        Is it Nithin who is commenting? I doubt it..

        • Mady,

          Yes the best way for this would be if it was instantaneous. Whatever are the charges presently is what ILFS charges for pledging, so yeah if we become our own DP, those charges most likely won’t be applicable.

          Yeah, Nithin commenting, why the doubt? 🙂

  19. Madan says:


  20. raj says:

    When can we expect dp account whith zerodh

  21. raj says:

    Dear, sir I am from bihar and i have union bank of india account and want to open demat and trading a/c with zerodha .how my a/c link for payin and payout

    • When opening an account with us, if you send a cancelled cheque leaf of your Union Bank account, it will get mapped to the trading account. We don’t have instant payment gateway with Union Bank, so when you are transferring funds to your trading account, you will have to do it using NEFT/cheque/RTGS, all withdrawals from Zerodha will be done online, so any withdrawal requests you place will be sent to your bank online. Do speak to our sales managers on 080-49132020 for more.

  22. Mangesh says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I have recently opened a Dmat acct at a mumbai based co-op bank (which is a DP) and while I was looking for a good broker for opening trading acct, I came across Zerodha. I have not yet opened any trading acct for the said Dmat acct. Now, if I open a trading acct with Zerodha, is it possible to link the said Dmat acct and do delivery based trading (both buy n sell) seamlessly? If not is there any way out for doing so? When are you starting DP services?
    — Mangesh

    • Mangesh, if you map the Demat that you have opened with our trading account, you can buy seamlessly but not sell.

      If you want a seamless transaction on both buy/sell, you will need to open both demat and trading account with us. For demat we have partnered with ILFS one of the biggest DP service providers in the country.

  23. Ajay Gupta says:

    I have the trading and demat a/c with ICICI Direct. Due to their high brokerage, I want to shift the trading a/c to Zerodha. I will be trading ONLY in Future/Options and would like to take benefit of having extra margin by pledging the shares I have in ICICI direct DP a/c. Please guide what I need to do?
    Can I pledge shares directly from ICICI Direct DP a/c (if yes, what is the process), or, do I need to open another DP a/c and transfer from ICICI DP to that DP?
    What is the process of pledging the share for the purpose of increasing the margin for F&O trades? Is this done online or some paper work is involved?

    Are there any charges for pledging the shares?

    • ajaygupta says:

      Waiting a reply on this!!

      • Ajay, if you intend to pledge shares then you will need to open a new demat account with us. For trading F&O you need to open only trading account with us, but if you intend to pledge then both trading and demat.
        You cannot pledge the shares directly from your ICICI DP.
        Presently, you just need to send an email request to pledge/unpledge, you will soon have an online module for doing the same, but yeah it is online and no paper work involved. One round trip of pledging and unpledging will cost you around Rs 60/scrip including all charges.

  24. Ved says:

    As a friend was in a hurry in april to open a zerodha account we went ahead with a franked POA .
    On searching we found very shares of companies in a different name sequence which included A , which were thought to be dormant/dead but have revived thanks to their real estate.

    Instead of A and B signing the franked poa , it has been signed by A and C …Can one cross the sign of C and countersign the same by A and B ?

    Legally any change needs a counter sign by contracting party.

    • Venu Madhav says:

      Hi Ved,

      Didn’t understand your question very clearly. Do note that there cannot be any modifications/cancellations on a POA. A fresh copy has to be signed in case it is being signed by two different account holders as against the old holders.

  25. Ateet says:

    Hi Nitin

    In case of pledging equity shares for using them a margin in FnO trading:

    1) What are the transaction costs for the process of pledging and un-pledging?

    2) If I have pledged shares worth 100 Rs and I get margin worth 80 Rs (after haircut) for them and I also have 200 Rs separate cash margin available in my account, how much cash margin and how much collateral margin will be blocked if I take an FnO position which needs a margin amount of 150 Rs. In other words, which kind of margin is used up first, Cash or collateral?

    • 1. Rs 60 per scrip pledged irrespective of the quantity.
      2. We will first use the cash margin.

      • Ateet says:

        Hi Nithin

        Thanks for your quick reply and sorry for spelling your name incorrectly in my last post. I have a couple of follow-up questions here. Hope you can answer them as well.

        1) Regarding the cost of Rs 60 per scrip, I read in my zerodha demat account application form, on the page named “Rate Sheet for Zerodha Clients”, it says that Pledge charges are 0.02% of the value of transaction, subject to a minimum of Rs 50 plus Depository charges at actuals.

        Is this some other kind of pledge than what we are talking about?

        2) Is there a minimum % requirement for the cash component (cash margin vs. post-haircut stock margin) of the margin requirement?


        • 1. Yes, but now it is a fixed Rs 50 + depository charges, which come to Rs 60.
          2. There used to be a minimum% requirement, but we have removed that now. But we ask you to keep some kind of margin to ensure that any MTM requirements are met.

  26. vkpawar says:

    I just open a trading account with you, and have Demat account with Angel Broking and Motilaloswal. I read above that Zerodha can transfer shares to these accounts but i have to use respective broker to sell shares, please clarify, so that i start proceeding to open Demat account with zerodha.

  27. Anamika says:

    When is your own Demat Account is likely to be offered


    Dear sir
    want to open account with you,. how you will reassure me that shares purchased will go to BO and not into pool account. i mean where in the form it is clarified? how to check it?
    and also tell any life time AMC for deemat acc.?
    shall i wait till you become DP?

    • Dr, until date we have never kept any shares in our pool account, when you buy stocks and we get delivery of it, it is sent directly to your demat account. I guess any of our clients will vouch about this. There is no such line that is there in the account opening form, not just with us but any other brokerage as well. No life time AMC for demat. Even if you open an NSDL with our partners ILFS, you will be able to transition to ours when we start the DP business free of cost.

  29. Nirav says:

    Most of the times brokers say that POA is necessary for smooth operation and other blah blah. But that is not the case. I think SEBI should more strict with regards to this.

    A client can online transfer shares from demat to pool and from pool broker can sell the shares.

    Second method is to make client directly sell settle shares from demat. Its not that tough.

    I have gone through Zerodha POA. I think it’s quite broad in terms of powers given. POA should be limited and specific.

    • Nirav, the issue for us as a broker is unless you transfer from demat to pool, we will not be able to let you sell the shares. The reason we can’t is because, you could sell the shares and not end up transferring. Also it is a big operational hassle, what if you want to sell in the middle of the day, you will have to first transfer to the pool, let us know, we update on the front end, and only then you can sell the shares. It is quite inconvenient, ain’t it?

  30. Ankur says:

    I have a saving-demat-trading account with HDFC. I want to link my HDFC demat account with Zerodha for trading in equities. Once linked, I understand that I can only buy from Zerodha and once the equities are send to my demat account I can only sell the same from HDFCsec only.

    1. When we sell with IL&FS through Zerodha usually Rs. 15/- are the DP transaction charges . Will the same charges apply with HDFCsec for the equities bought through Zerodha?
    2. After opening a trading account with Zerodha, will I be able to buy equities from HDFCsec or not?
    3. What will be the AMC for Zerodha trading account only, if I want to use Zerodha web platform, mobile application as well as call n trade option?
    4. What would be the charges applicable for transferring funds to the Zerodha trading account and vice cersa?

    • 1. You will have to pay DP charges to HDFC, I think they charge Rs 25 or 0.04% of the transaction whichever higher.
      2. Yes, you will be able to buy from both Zerodha and HDFC SEc
      3. No AMC for trading account at Zerodha. No charges for web/mobile. Call n trade, we charge an extra Rs 20 per executed order.
      4. Transferring into the trading account via the payment gateway has Rs 10 in charges that is paid to the Payment gateway provider, while withdrawing there are no charges.

  31. Waman says:

    What if I link my existing Demat A/C to Zerodha Trading A/C and sign a POA with you? Will I be able to sell shares from Demat A/C?

  32. Anand says:

    1. Can you confirm about start of our own DP operations?
    2, Will the existing Demat with IFSL will be continued or transferred to Zerodha. Do you foresee any charges related to it?
    3.What are the monetary benefits to Zerodha clients ?


    • 1. Yes, definitely in the next few months.
      2. We will have both the options, continue the existing or shift it (free of cost).
      3. Having our own demat, will give us better flexibility in offering margin for stock holdings, charging lesser for AMC/pledging charges.

      • Atit says:

        Hi Nithin

        Is the following realistically possible?

        Zerodha’s clients opting for Zerodha’s Demat Account service do not have to explicitly pledge or un-pledge shares for the purpose of providing margin. As long as there are shares in the demat account, one can enjoy it’s post-haircut margin value by default.

        This might make life simpler for all of us if it is feasible.

        Thanks for your efforts!

  33. sushil12 says:

    Hi Nitin,

    i received welcome kit from IL&FS..

    but on client master report they have mentioned POA is not assigned

    what does it mean.. m i able to sell my existing demat share seamlessly to exchange through Web browser or NEST TRADER (by placing sell order on (stock) ?? ??

    will i received payment from selling of shares by Exchange ?

    i’m confuse please explain me ……

  34. Aditya Modani says:

    For last more than a year I wanted to trade with Zerodha but due to DP issue I have to postpone and trade with other traders.I think you are loosing lot of business due to the Dp Charge,Pledge Charge issues
    I shall wait for the inhouse DP before opening my trading accounts of all my family members.

  35. Sameer says:

    I Forgot my IL&FS login id and password . Can you help me?

  36. Vyshakh says:

    Hello Nithin,

    I read through the blogpost and the queries…. Its still bugging me. I understand its a hassle to not have POA when selling the shares from Demat. But is there something that can give some sort of assurance that the account wont be “Baazigared”. Just my fears talking thats all. I do respect what you guys have done at Zerodha, but this one issue still Bugging.

  37. Senthil says:


    If I have 10000 RS valued stocks in my demat (IL&FS will be mapped within two days) account. what will be margin you will allow me trade for intraday.


    • Senthil, you will have to first pledge the stock to get margin. Once pledged, and after deducting the applicable haircut, the rest of the margin is added to your trading. So assuming haircut is 20% ,then Rs 8000 is credited to your account. With 8000 you can trade F&O for upto 2.5 times of this for intraday .

  38. Trivendra says:

    Hi Nitin,

    In place of executing poa, If I deliver shares through IDEAS facility (offered by NSDL) of my existing DP, will it suit zerodha. Will I be able to sell through zerodha?

  39. Trivendra says:

    Hi Nithin,

    A there are evidences of misuse of poa from other houses, and as I do not wish to execute a blank poa in favour of brokerage, Can I use sending Share delivery Form Scanned copy each time I sell through Zerodha for debiting shares from my demat a/c?

    • Trivendra, with the low brokerage margins we work with, we can’t take the risk of short delivery. (Client sells stock, but fails to deliver). If you are delivering the stock before selling, it is as good as giving a POA. It is a huge operational inconvenience to offer online trading without a POA. Today both NSDL/CDSL, send an instant message as soon as shares are debited from your demat. We have been in business for almost 5 years now, never had an issue with this.

  40. Jatin says:

    Nithin ,

    I see that you have been mentioning that for online transactions POA is mandatory .

    My existing broker (geojit) has not asked a POA from me , and i am trading online too.
    Was surprised to see the POA mandatory when trying to open an account with zerodha .

    Surely the POA is very Broad in its terms and needs to be specific .


  41. Shaji Mathew says:

    Are you DP now ?

  42. Ana says:

    Presently I have only trading account and planning to open demat .. by when you are likely to launch your DP…

  43. Mangesh says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Does POA provided by us will allow zerodha to sale our holding even if we do not sale those online. or only if we sale it online then only zerotha can use POA . any clause which makes our holding safe or at least in our control.

    i am worried after yesterdays program on CNBZ they said its not required. and brokers can have full control over account once its provided. reliance also not asked me for it, i also use there online trading platform for both equity and F/O without any physical slips.


    • Mangesh, the POA is limited power and it is used to debit demat holdings when you sell them. For F&O there is no question of POA, but for equity delivery based you need POA, if it has to be done completely online. Even Reliance would be using this.

  44. rajesh says:

    do you need Notary and witness sign on POA, also there is a mention of bank seal on ECS. Do you need that as well??

  45. AP SINGH says:

    What will be the AMC? and after your DP it will automatically shift or manually option?

  46. tanmoy panja says:

    HI… Nithin waiting for ur Own Zerodha DP ……
    when you are likely to launch it ………
    Now I have only Trading account with you and planning to Open a New DP ( not urgent ) ….
    Do I wait for a while and open it after u lunch it ….. or I’ll go with IL&FS DP and u guys migrate it in future when u launch ur OWN DP …

    previous post has a typo error 🙁

  47. Rohit says:

    What about those who already has IL&FS Demat with Zerodha. And wants to sift to zerodha’s own DP? and charges for existing IL&FS customers and also for new customers?

  48. Abhishek Chowdhury says:

    Hi..I see Zerodha DP forms are now online and you have DP with CDSL. I have a few queries

    1) CDSL has an intereting facility called TRUST. With TRUST you do not need to submit physical DIS. You can register your Broker with TRUST facility and you can authenticate Delivery instruction online. With this there is no requirement of POA? Does Zerodha provide TRUST facility…If yes, does one still need to sign POA?

    2) Does Zerodha support easiest facility? Are there any additional charges?

    3) As per CDSL website, There are two options with easiest facility..a) password Based B) token based. Can Password based users freeze/defreeze their account for credit/debit online through easiest?

    4) One a user freezes/defreezes this account through easiest can Zerodha unfreeze/defreeze?



    • Venu Madhav says:

      Hi Abhishek,

      1) You’d have to sign the POA. As online brokers, its tough to cater to non POA accounts. With our business model, its tough to take the risk of allowing a client to deliver shares when there’s an obligation to be met at the Exchange.

      2) Initially we wouldn’t be providing the easiest facility. easi could be provided.

      3) Should be possible

      4) Initially we wouldn’t be providing easiest.

    • Abhishek, currently there is no facility for both TRUST and Easiest. We will introduce it soon.

  49. Rahul Gupta says:


    A lot has already been discussed on the POA. Still, there were instances in the past like IndiaBulls misusing the powers entrusted by it’s clients leading to monetary loss to the customers.

    Please elaborate on the restrictive or rather protective nature of a Limited POA as mentioned by you. The links posted above do not have a webpage available currently. I have applied for Zerodha’s DP but has not signed the POA. Now, I have got the mail stating I need to do the same in order to get the account activated.

    My dad who is planning to open a trading as well as a Demat account with you has the same concern and is contemplating now as to what to do. An insightful reply would be much appreciated which could instill confidence required in this regard. Thanks in advance!!

    • Rahul, if you read the POA document, you will see that the power is limited to only debiting your demat account, and to offer the shares to the exchange. Like I have mentioned in the post above, without the POA we will not be able to allow you to sell shares. POA is required to debit your demat when you sell them and give it to the exchange. All brokers providing online trading today, this is the only way to trade/invest.
      The only way to invest/trade without a POA is to provide physical DP slips everytime you sell shares. This would require you to find a local broker in your city who will agree to pick it up from your or u dropping it off at his office. Not possible in an online business model.
      I don’t know what you have heard about at Indiabulls, but my guess is some RM might have done this to generate brokerage. At Zerodha we have no concept of relationship managers, no one has access to trade on any one else’s account except our central dealing team who can place call n trades only with your voice recording and after you sharing a PIN number with us. Above all, We are a team of 200+ and no one has a brokerage target.

      • Rahul Gupta says:

        Thanks Nithin for the prompt reply!

        I completely understand that the online model will not be able to operate unless the authority to debit securities is given.

        I just wanted to be sure that this POA does not give suo moto authority to Zerodha to act on client’s behalf without any initiation of request from client side. Hence, wanted to understand the limitation nature of the same.

  50. Aravind says:


    I would like to know if the PoA issued by client to zerodha is revocable or not?


  51. Krishnan says:

    Does limited POA permit the broker debit off market trades or in this case manual customer debit slip is required on case to case basis.

  52. I have open Icici demat account but bank executive sign me of power of attorney. It is correct plz advice me

  53. Abhi says:

    I am new to the business.I have applied for both demat n trading a/c.As per all discussion made above, I have also one confusion over POA .is it needed while selling only.can u assure that no fraud will be there .

  54. G Madan says:

    Some agents of reliance money had approached my parents who are senior citizens and opened a trading account. if i close the account, i have been informed that there would be penalty of 40%, is there any way out?

  55. Soumya Deep says:

    Hi Nitin,
    I have an HDFC Demat account and I am opening Zerodha trading account. Can I map HDFC DEMAT with Zerodha? Is POA mandatory if I only do intraday equity trading?

  56. Soumya Deep says:

    Thanks Nithin,
    However talking to a customer support executive of Zerodha, he said that POA is mandatory even if I do intraday only as Zerodha needs the permission to square off trades by 3:30 PM. So I am a little baffled.
    Also he said that HDFC Demat will be problematic for selling shares as they need to clear the transaction. For the buy side however it wont be any problem.
    So, as a whole things are not that clear to me. I want to do intraday only without any hassles on Zerodha.

    • Hmmm… let me figure out who was the customer support rep who gave this information (let me know if you remember the name). As long as you are doing intraday trading, you don’t need to open a demat with us (but you need to map some demat to the trading account). If you are doing intraday, you can both buy/sell without any issue.

  57. Soumya Deep says:

    Dear Nithin,
    As long as you are telling me its fine, its fine by me as well. Another thing that I would like to ask you is about conflict of interest. In abroad, some discount brokerage houses trade against the clients instead of routing their orders in the market as they know that 95% will lose money. They maintain Book A dn Book B (you know that very well). In other words they act as “Principal” and the honest ones mention it in their “conflict of interest” document. I donot see any such documents on Zerodha website.
    1. Can you comment on Zerodha’s policy on the same?
    2. Does Zerodha sometimes act as Principal and trade against their clients?
    3. Do they maintain Book A and B?

    • Soumya, in India darkpools are not allowed. Every broker has to compulsorily send the orders to the exchange where it gets matched. You can double check this by confirming every trade number on the exchange trade verification link. http://www.nseindia.com/tv Since it is not allowed in India, it is not part of the policy. 2/3. No.

  58. Dharmaranjan panda says:

    Hi am dharmaranjan panda before i had icici trading & dp a/c with me since last 8 months around i hv with zerodha trading & ilfs dp so i want to change my dp to zerodha so please tell what will be the posidure am staying nearer your office….

  59. Soumya Deep says:

    Hi Nithin,
    I have applied to open a Demat account and trading account with Zerodha for the sole purpose of intraday trading for my mother. I have times and again informed the sales department and account opening department that POA is not mandatory if one does intraday only. However I am repeatedly getting calls from Zerodha that I have to supply the POA as it is mandatory even if one does intraday. It has been 5 times, since I have been called about the POA. The account opening is being delayed due to this.
    The person concerned in the account opening team is Pradip.

    • Venu says:

      Hi Soumya,
      Although PoA is a voluntary document, most online brokers collect it for operational convenience. There are times when stocks hit circuit and taking delivery of such shares is inevitable. Once you take delivery, you’ll have to sell it and to meet the payin obligation arising out of such sale, we will need to debit share from your account for which PoA is required failing which there’s a risk of auction.

      The alternate way for this is to map an existing demat account of your mother to your trading account and trade intraday. If there’s any delivery, we’ll transfer shares to the existing demat account. You’ll need to open only a trading account at Zerodha.

  60. Soumya Deep says:

    Hi Venu,
    My mom has applied for both Demat and trading account at Zerodha. Just to let you know. She doesnt have any Demat account elsewhere.
    Please let me know what should I do?

    • Venu says:

      Hi Soumya,
      Having a Poa is imperative. The only other way is to open a demat account, but we’ll not map this demat account to your trading account. Delivery buying/selling will not be enabled. It’ll be opened only for the sake of Intraday trading. We will not be showing holdings, if any on the trading terminal.

  61. Soumya Deep Chatterjee says:

    Dear Nithin and Venu,
    Thank you for the suggestion. Can you please inform your account opening team and compliance team about the same and kindly open the account without further delay? It has been stuck for quite a while.
    As we don’t want to take any delivery, there is no need of sending POA. Please open the account ONLY for intraday trading.
    The person concerned in the sales team is Ali and account opening team is Pradip.

  62. Naveed KM says:

    Hi Nithin, I have an NRE Demat and Trading Account with Axis Direct. Due to their brokerage charges, I am seriously considering shifting to Zerodha. However I dont know what is the correct procedure. I hold shares in NSDL, What do i have to do to open an NRE Demat n trading with Zerodha

  63. Charles says:

    I already have a trading account with Zerodha and looking to open a demat account.
    I have 2 queries :
    1. In POA form, is it mandatory for me to provide 2 witnesses signatures?
    2. Can I link a different Bank account to demat account. (i have ICICI linked to Trading)

  64. Himanshu says:


    What exact issues will an investor face if he doesn’t do PoA and indulges in delivery trading ?

    • You can buy stocks and take delivery in the demat account. While selling you will have to first transfer shares to your broker manually before selling them. As you can guess this is quite cumbersome and not possible to be done online.

      • Rajesh Kumar says:

        When you wrote “While selling you will have to first transfer shares to your broker manually before selling them.” did you mean, that the shares will have to be sent to the broker in hard copies. If not, then what did you intend to mean while writing “transfer shares to your broker manually ” ?

        • To transfer shares from one demat to another, there is something called a DIS slip. It is very similar to a cheque book that you use to transfer money from one account to another. So manually would mean a client having to sign a DIS slip and submitting to the broker.

  65. Rajesh says:

    Hi i want to open an account with Zerodha. I currently use HDFCSEC. The DMAT account is NSDL linked with HDFCSEC and opened a few years back when i opened an account with HDFCSEC. Questions

    1. Can i link the same NSDL DMAT account with ZERODHA

    2. Do you have yournown DMAT offering that i can use too.

    Appreciate any response and if somebody in client services can contact me.

  66. Yogesh says:

    Hi Zerodha,

    Do you offer EASIEST facility from CDSL now? I read in a reply from you few months ago that you will be offering EASIEST facility of CDSL soon. I am just checking if that facility is available now.

    The reason for using the EASIEST facility is that it allows freezing the account. Since POA is a necessary evil, I want to freeze the account unless I want to sell something. This is an additional protection for my demat account.

    If you do offer EASIEST facility now, will I be able to freeze/unfreeze the account/ISIN?


    • No, Easiest has still not been implemented. It will take time. It is an operational issue supporting a client using Easiest. If we allow you to sell shares without you transferring them to us, we take risk of you not transferring and us taken to auction. If you transfer shares to us first and dont’ sell, what do we do with the shares. So yeah, we will probably implement it, but will take time.

      • Yogesh says:

        Hi Nitin,

        Thank you for your reply. My only intention to having EASIEST is to be able to freeze the account and unfreeze only the ISIN that I am selling. I will have my demat account with Zerodha so the question of short delivery and auction will not arise.

        I only want to freeze the account to prevent unauthorized debits from the demat account. CDSL does not allow freeze and unfreeze with EASI anymore.


  67. Kartik Verma says:


    Why point 20 of POA that is ‘To authorize Zerodha to transfer the securities to any of the demat accounts of Zerodha as mentioned in Annexure B’ required?

    • Venu says:

      If you sell any shares, such shares will be debited from your account by executing the PoA and crediting our Pool account from where the Exchange takes these shares. Annexure B contains the list of our Pool accounts to which shares will be moved in case you sell.

  68. Derik says:

    Hello Nithin/Venu,

    My wife wanted to start a demat account but she did raise certain concerns which I admit I’m unable to answer convincingly. I’d like to know how my investments are protected by zerodha.
    1) I understand that the shares are issued directly in my name and aren’t transferable without authorization. But after I sell those shares, the money stays in zerodha bank account until it is transferred to my bank account. How have you ensured that a fraudulent top level manager with access to the bank account doesnt withdraw the amount?

    2) If zerodha associate does transactions on my behalf (by mistake suppose) without my authorization (which is difficult to define legally because i’ve already signed off POA to you), would zerodha reverse the transaction? are you sufficiently covered against such malpractice instances?

    • Venu says:

      1) Payouts are automated and all payouts are done by default to the primary bank account of the account holder. There’s no manual intervention and no scope to change the Bank account details to which the payout is to be done at any stage during the payout process. Plus we have strong internal control by way of reconciliations etc.
      2) All call and trade orders are backed by call records & validation of the client details through a telephone pin. In case there’s a clerical error, we’ll initiate a client code modification and take the trade to our own error account. The PoA that you’ve signed is a limited PoA and doesn’t grant access to the broker to trade on behalf of a client.

      • Derik says:

        Hi Venu,

        Thanks for your reply. You’ve answered my questions convincingly.
        I’ve developed a distrust for ‘Call and trade’ facility because of bad experiences with both Angel and HDFC securities. I now prefer online trading because of increased personal control 😉

  69. Yogesh says:

    since you do not offer EASIEST facility of CDSL, do you at least allow freezing and unfreezing of demat account/ISIN (held with Zerodha) by the account holder by submitting instructions online? I think this is one the feature that you have to provide as per the requirements of CDSL (or SEBI).

    I am skeptical of transferring my demat holdings to Zerodha demat unless I am sure that you have the right internal control systems in place to protect the account. Freezing the account adds an extra layer of protection and it actually prevents an erroneous/unauthorized debit.

    • Venu says:

      Can you send an email to [email protected] providing your Client Id, we’ll send you the freeze/unfreeze request forms. The request can’t be submitted online.
      The PoA collected by online brokers is limited and allows to debit only such shares which have been sold by the client to meet payin obligation. There will be no unauthorized debits.

  70. Shri says:

    I have a trading a/c so downloaded prefilled application for demat from Q backoffice.
    On page 13 there is option for TRUST facility. If I opt for TRUST facility then do I have to confirm via SMS each time for trades to execute ?
    Since I have also signed for POA will there be need to confirm again via sms for TRUST facility.

    • Venu says:

      We enable all our account for SMS Alerts (SMART) facility, you’ll receive an SMS everytime stocks get debited to meet Exchange obligation.
      Since a POA is signed, there’s no need for you to send any SMSs.

  71. Shreyas says:

    With POA given to broker……can my broker withdraw money from my bank account to make settlements

  72. Rajesh says:

    Can I open trading and demat account for my mother?

  73. N K Mehta says:

    Dear SIr : Please clarify as to how to find the Demat account no. with you. Thanks

  74. Vivek Ranka says:


    One input, I think your sales people should be communicating openly to people who link non Zerodha demat account saying that they will not be able to sell on the zerodha platform. Now after reading this URL I came to understand why I was not able to sell on the Zerodha platform. Clearly nobody would enjoy buying here and selling there. And its further frustrating to know that after you have already signed on.


  75. Kartik says:

    How can I transfer shares from my demat acct in zerodha to my demat acct in HDFC securities? Can it be done online?

  76. farid Palejwala says:

    i need a sample of power attorney for my demat shares in favour of a person

    • Venu says:

      We’re not clear what you need. Can you elaborate? The Power of Attorney that we’re talking about here is for the operation of a trading & demat account.

  77. G MAHALAKSHMI says:


  78. G MAHALAKSHMI says:

    what are the scanned copies to be attached

  79. Dhruvakumar says:

    I am having Trading account with Zerodha. How to open Demat Account. I have searched Demant account application to download. I have not found it. How and where? please suggest.

    • Login to Q.zerodha.com/profile, you will have a pre-printed demat form there. Sign it and send it back to us.

      • DPR says:

        I have a trading(mine) & demat (joint with my spouse ) opened during Feb 2016 at Zerodha.

        Can my spouse open an individual demat with you without POA and not open a trading account , if wanting to sell at a later date from his individual demat account what are the options of selling? Meaning can my trading account be used for selling? or any other options?

        • Venu says:

          Each time, shares will have to be transferred from your spouse’s account to your account and then you’ll have to sell from your trading account. That’s the only option. Transfer happens when you send us a DIS (Delivery Instruction Slip), it’s a tedious process. Suggest you open a trading & demat account in your spouse’s name separately. Is there any specific reason you’re trying to avoid opening one?

          • DPR says:

            Transferring from mine to spouses account is also a off-market transfer/trade right?

            Many many years back when a broker was buying & selling from a pool account, spouse had bought shares which probably was lying with brokers DP/ account and later spouse transferred to parents demat, in anticipation to go abroad. Now that parent would gift it to spouse, and to have healthy net-worth to build up towards company formation, understood it would help to have in individual account(?).

            Having received as Gift(with a written Gift deed in place), understand if spouse sells from Individual demat account through the exchanges, there would be no Capital Gains Tax. If however sold as off-market trade , there would be tax incidence in the form of Capital gains (right?). Hence was contemplating for spouse to have a demat account without POA and sell directly on the exchanges.

            Please could you confirm if it would be a offmarket transfer (from mine to spouse demat transfer) and would attract capital gains tax( ? ).

            Thank you.

            PS: Also could open just the Equity Trading account (if nothing works) and a non POA Demat account.

  80. Anand s k says:

    Hello sir , i am an engineering student in Bangaluru . I want to trade in stock marketing . I have PAN and ADHAR card . But i don’t have salary slip as i am still studying . So please suggest me some ways, so that i can start trading earlier.

  81. Joji Mathews says:

    The POA and all other documents are required to be attested. Being an NRI how can I get it attested? The Indian consulate requires ‘Two photograph of each executant’.

    • Akshay.A says:

      You can get the POA & other documents attested not only with the Indian Consulate but also by Notary Public / Any Court / Magistrate / Judge / Local Banker in the country where you reside.

  82. Nitin says:

    Hi Nithin/Others concerned,

    I recently initiated an online opening of trading + demat account with zerodha. While going through the POA form , I had a few doubts that weren’t resolved from the above discussions-

    1. As i understood from the document , the POA gives zerodha the power to debit/sell off securities from my demat account with zerodha – but does it also gives zerodha the power to debit money from my trading account with zerodha under any circumstance ?

    2. In a scenario where zerodha has to sell off securities from my demat account for some xyz recovery of dues- will I be intimated before hand so that I can maybe clear off the dues via some other channel instead of the sale ?

    3. Does this POA give zerodha any right whatsoever over my savings account that has been linked to the demat and trading account at zerodha ?

    I understand that POA is required for online trades but I just want to be clear on the above points before signing the POA. Awaiting the reply.


  83. Deepak Bansal says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I in fact torn off yesterday filled form to open account with Zerodha as your executives were unable to reply to my queries on PoA. I have gone through the whole PoA, it is not specific or limited PoA, by reading PoA, PoA is GENERAL in nature covers everything. Logically you should take only Specific PoA where you have right to debit/credit stocks from demat on specific trade by investor and not by anybody else.

    Would be happy to become part of your revolution if there s Specific PoA, can’t sign on any GENERAL paper for saving some brokerage.

    Your specific reply is welcome.

    Deepak Bansal

  84. Manish Lalwani says:

    Hi Nithin,

    I just wanted to know that whether Stamp Duty gets charged on Government-G group securities..??
    Is stamp duty on the basis of Face value or market value whichever is higher – applicable for shares bought electronically through Secondary Market..??

    Manish Lalwani

  85. Vijayakumar says:


    I am planning to operate as a Independent Portfolio management consultant for which i prefer to use zerodha as my broker for my clients. Could you please help me out with PoA.


    • Vijay, there is no concept called portfolio management consultant. To be able to trade on behalf of your client, you need to get a PMS license or become a hedge fund. The other option is to become an investment advisor, but execution will have to be done by the clients itself.

  86. SATISH says:

    Hi Nithin,
    Gone through zerodha site and wanted to open an account, while going through related documents wanted to know POA is optional or mandatory to open an account, as i am from chennai, were should i hand over all such documents.

    Awaiting for your positive reply.

    • Satish, yes for trading online – POA is kind of mandatory. Otherwise you have to send us a DIS slip everytime you sell shares physically. We have our office in Chennai, they can have the forms picked up.

      • SATISH says:

        Thanks for prompt reply Nithin. could you just send Chennai office address/Phone No. please,

      • Mohit says:

        But on POA it is mentioned Voluntarily so why u mentioned over here as mandatory doc. Also while opening the demat and trading account very cleverly there was a small box and u people ticked off in that I gave POA to you peoples. Also POA terms and conditions are very huge giving more powers to u.

        • Zerodha Social says:

          Mohit, there is no way to be online without a POA, every online broker in the country would require this. While trading online, everytime you sell, we have to debit the shares from your demat account and provide to the exchange. If this has to be done online and seamlessly the POA is required.

  87. Nirmal says:

    Hi Nitin,

    I got the account opening forms via email and i was going through the forms.
    I am a newbie to trading platform and could you please help me understanding about the POA.
    Will my bank account linked to Zerodha trading account be debited at any point of time without my consent.
    My understanding was that fund transfer from bank account to trading account will have to be initiated from my end, and my bank account would be credited monthly/quarterly automatically from trading account as per Running account conditions. Is my understanding correct ?

    Thanks in Advance.

  88. sunil says:

    What is a Power of Attorney?

  89. Ravi says:

    I have some doubts regarding POA form.
    Do we need to get notary sign and stamp on POA.
    Who can be the witnes.

  90. Tejas says:

    what is the client id we need to fill on POA form? is it the id given to login or some id from Annexure B in POA? if from Annexure B then which id we need to fill?

  91. Shyam Pandit says:

    I intend to trade only in the F&O segment (no deliveries) on my account. Do I still need to send the demat POA?

  92. Shantanu says:

    How does one become sure that Zerodha will not use power attorney to move securities to its own Demat accounts to pledge for its own prop trading business? Is it just a matter of trust?

  93. Sheetal Tyagi says:

    From where I can download PoA form for resubmission?

  94. Amar says:

    I digitally signed all the document thru Adhar. However POA came out as exception, why?

    If new user to send even one document thru post then the expectations of online account opening is wasted.

    • Amar, unfortunately IT act 2000 doesn’t allow this form to be digitally signed. Without the POA, you can start of purchasing stocks, POA needed only to sell stocks from holdings.

  95. vishnu says:

    i have downloaded demat poa application form and i found that some area are not filled like client id and other witness information. Is it neccessary to fill those data or just sign it and sent it.I’m attaching the link of the above application

  96. Nirmala Changede says:

    I had CNC purchase of few stocks on Friday and wanted to sell today. Zerodha App says no holdings. Spoke to support people they are saying POA has not been sent to us yet.

    I’m trading on the app from last 1 week (mostly intraday), why Zerodha sales not informed this me earlier. It is disgusting since my money will be blocked until my POA not processed.

    What is this non-sense Sales/Support provided by Zerodha, why did you allow me to trade if I can not sell.

    • Nirmala, if you have opened an account using AADHAR, we clearly indicate during onboarding in multiple places that POA is required before you are able to sell stocks in demat. Not required for intraday trading.

      • Sourabh says:

        Extend your model of online consent to sell shares without POA , to such an extent that it works similar like having given a POA without actually having POA . OR give facility TO FREEZE UNFREEZE STOCKS ONLINE FOR CLIENTS .
        MAKE IT SO SEAMLESS , that POA is not required for seamless transactions . Just two three online steps by clients

  97. Chandrashekhar says:

    Thanks for detailed explanation around POA. Just in very unfortunate case, if we assume that Broker house (Zerodha in this case) had gone in bad financials and need huge amounts to pay off (this is hypothetical case / imaginary case). Can you sell all stocks in customer Dmat account using POA (without consent of customer) to payoff your losses.
    How as as customer, I should feel safe, as we have given POA for smooth online operation.
    Hope you are not taking this as personal on Zerodha but generic concern.

  98. Chandrashekhar says:

    Also need to know if you have right to sell Mutual Funds from customer account using POA. How safe is keeping MFs with Zerodha

  99. Urvij says:

    What is mailing address where the filled POA is to be sent?

  100. VENKAT says:


    In FATCA/CRS, no where in BSE form they are asking annual income. Why zerodha is asking annual income as mandatory. If by law it is mandatory, can you share me the supporting doc for the same.

    • Akshay.A says:

      Hi Venkat,
      In FATCA, only thing asked are for Tax Residency. The Income proof for derivatives trading(Mandatory to trade F&O) this is in pursuance of SEBI circular no. MIRSD/SE/Cir – 19/2009 dated December 03, 2009, clients are required to share their financial information to the Stockbroker on a periodic basis.You would have received an email about the same as well.

  101. Srinivas Kanna says:


    where do we need to send this POA doc, Need address.


    • #153/154 4th Cross Dollars Colony,
      Opp. Clarence Public School,
      J.P Nagar 4th Phase,
      Bangalore – 560078

      • Chetan Raj Singh says:

        Mr. Nitin

        first time i have filled POA form and sign in F3 & F4 box, and the POA form courier to Zerodha Bangalore address but i have got a mail from zerodha

        “”This is about the account opening forms that we digitally received from you.

        The following corrections have to be made in your forms before we can get you to start trading:

        POA – Power of Attorney
        Your copy of POA was rejected because of missing signature or signatures in the 2nd/ 3rd holder fields. Please sign in the correct field and courier us the form.
        Client has not signed in POA second page.””

        i am not understanding , how many sign required in POA form & witness box also reqiured or not.

        plz provide me right way to fill POA form.

  102. Vivek Pillai says:


    I’d sent the POA over three weeks ago, but still unable to sell shares or even see my holdings in Kite. No response or follow up from customer care after multiple follows ups (the call center requires a zpin to be entered which doesn’t appear to be a current requirement for accounts) . The demat is up and running which I independently verified, but the customer service experience has been disappointing.

  103. Jitendra Kumar Pandey says:

    Pls clear the following query:
    1. POA , is it print on stamp paper or plan paper ?
    2. i no understand what client id should be write & also its write by me or your official because in Annexure B there is 3 client ID is given with 1 DP ID 12081600


    • Akshay.A says:

      1) You can print in on an A4 size paper. We will do the franking of POA ourselves.
      2) It is the beneficiary ID which will be created during account opening. We will get our team to fill that for you.

      • Jitendra Kumar Pandey says:

        one more thing i would like to know. I see 28 bank list for fund transfer on Zerodha website. Other bank user cant transfer the fund. Many banks are not present in the list as mine also Union bank of India.


        • Akshay.A says:

          You can transfer funds via NEFT/RTGS and IMPS. Union Bank is one of the N-TPV Banks (No Third Party Validation) and they are not providing the instant transfer facility for Brokers. Check here

      • Chetan Raj Singh says:

        first time i filled POA form and sign in F3 & F4 box, and the POA form courier Zerodha banglore address but i have got a mail from zerodha

        “”This is about the account opening forms that we digitally received from you.

        The following corrections have to be made in your forms before we can get you to start trading:

        POA – Power of Attorney
        Your copy of POA was rejected because of missing signature or signatures in the 2nd/ 3rd holder fields. Please sign in the correct field and courier us the form.
        Client has not signed in POA second page.””

        i am not understanding , how many sign required in POA form & witness box also reqiured or not.

        plz provide me right way to fill POA form.

  104. SUmit says:

    What percentage of the pledged stock is given as collateral to adjust for a margin call in a futures position?

  105. Sanju Dixit says:


    I am purchasing mostly only Mutual Funds in Zerodha.
    As my a/c value gets bigger over time, I am concerned more about that PoA that I had signed.

    Can Zerodha sell Mutual Funds from my demat a/c using PoA?


  106. yatender says:

    Can we sell the pool shares???

  107. chiranjib Podder says:

    Can I see my holdings only after sending POA? otherwise not?

  108. Sravan says:

    Hi Nitin, I am unable to view my shares in my holdings. Customer care says because I haven’t submitted POA. Is that true ?

    • Yeah Sravan. If we show holdings on trading platform, you will be able to sell. Without POA, we will not be able to debit these shares from demat when you sell. You can login to cdsl (depository) to see your holdings

  109. Himanshu says:

    To which address does the POA need to be sent and how much time does it take to process once you receive the POA document?

  110. Somya says:

    Hello Sir

    I have a demat and a trading account with SMC Global and am thinking of opening a trading account with Zerodha. I was searching about the same where i read this:
    “When you buy shares, you can send the shares to the same demat through multiple trading accounts. But while selling, you will be able to do so only through 1 trading account, the account for which you have the POA mapped with the demat. POA is required to debit shares online when the shares are sold.”

    My question is that if i decide to go ahead with the idea of opening a trading account with Zerodha, then I’ll have 2 trading accounts, so where will i stand in the whole POA situation? Can or do i have to sign POA with both trading accounts?

    • Somya, when you open trading, you will have to open a demat account with us also. The POA of our demat will be valid only with our trading account. The POA that you have signed with SMC, will be good only with SMC demat.

  111. James says:

    Hi Nithin,

    Do you have CDSL’s EASIEST at present ?

    If yes I will be glad to open a zerodha account !

    If not how long more I’ll’ve to wait ?


    • James we don’t provide yet. You can move stocks using DIS slips though.

      • James says:

        Hi Nithin,

        Thanks for reply. But I’m still not satisfied.

        I was looking at the link : http://forum.valuepickr.com/t/selecting-a-broker/561/150

        Where Zerodha had replied to another user, and it does say about availability of EASIEST (keep aside the POA part).

        Have you stopped that facility recently ?


        • We don’t support EASIEST for clients trading online with us James. The risk we carry is that client can sell shares and move the stock out before we debit.

          • James says:

            I grateful Nithin to see your response.

            But I too had spoke with CDSL, asking can I sell the stock and before it debits I transfer using EASIEST.

            CDSL said, “This is not possible, once you sell stock it is marked for debit and it is not possible to transfer via EASIEST”.

            I am wondering, what you say does that really imply !!!

            • When you sell shares the depository gets to know it only end of day. We currently don’t have a system to instantly block your demat. So yes, in our case you can transfer out.

              • James says:

                But you can device a mechanism to ensure sold share are blocked from transfer using EASIEST.

                EASIEST gives higher control on the demat accounts usage, I’ll like to have this feature.

                I’d love to see this feature in Zerodha’s activated Demat’s .

                I unhappy I’ll’ve to wait to open a a/c with you by then.

                Thanks Nithin again for your reply.

      • Nivesh shyamsukha says:

        Only 2 sign required in F 13 and F 14 box..or any other…while filling Poa form

  112. Ashish Pratap Singh says:


    How much time zerodha take to open an account, I have e verified everything using aadhaar and send poa 2 days back. But there is a no update from zerodha.

  113. swapna says:

    is it mandatory to give POA , i read the blogs and comments , what would be the scenario in case POA is not given , does it mean that i will not be able to sell the shares

    please clarify , i am a bit confused as other online trading platform do not ask for POA i guess ,if so what is different here

    • Venu says:

      If you’re trading online, it’s more or less a mandatory document to ensure easier movement of shares in the event that you sell them. The PoA you give will be a limited PoA and not a general one. All online brokers collect the PoA at the time of account opening.

  114. Tarun says:

    Poa for mai, Jo space for franking hai.. toh kya mujhe usse stamp paper par type karwana hoga??

  115. Vishwa says:

    My query is again based on Easiest facility from CDSL.

    1) I am being a new investor would only like to invest in mutual funds and IPO’s.
    2) I am not interested to invest in stocks currently but in future i may invest after building some corpus or understanding how stock markets function.
    3) Do i need to sign POA ? (if i transfer the shares allotted in IPO to another account using easiest facility where it can be sold)
    4) If i don’t sell any shares through zerodha’s trading account then there should be no difficulty in providing easiest facility rite?
    Please let me the possiblities.

    • If you don’t intend to sell shares, yeah technically no POA is required. But the issue is without POA, we don’show your holdings in your trading account (as there would be a risk of client selling it). So if you are okay not seeing stocks in your trading platform, then you can.

  116. Shashikant says:

    Hi Team,
    I have following question related to easiest. Question are generic in nature.
    1) What happens with POA given to DPs when BO start using easiest?
    2) What are charges and time span to transfer share using easiest?
    3) Can BO de register himself from using easiest facility ? Or BO has to connect Its DP for same ?
    4) What is mean by transferring shares to DP using easiest ? Wheather share transferred to some BO under that DP or It get transferred to DP .
    5) How one can sell shares in holding while using easiest facility ?
    6) What happens with easiest registration if It wont authorized by it DP ?
    7) What are DP roles related easiest facility ?
    8) Suppose person has two demat account .i.e A and B . If Person wants to transfer shares from A to B then
    easiest should be opened for A ?
    If easiest opened for B and grouped A in B then is it possible to transfer shares from A to B.
    9) Is there any drawbacks of using easiest facility ?
    10) I have sent mail to CDSL asking about quires related to easiest de registration . reply received from CDSL is ,Please contact you DP for same. Does DP and BO have active roles in easiest ?
    11) As per my knowledge , BO can not edit easiest registration form once he submit it in CSDL. Does DP has rights to edit BO application on request .

    Please help !

    • 1-7) Shashikant, we current don’t support easiest. POA and easiest cannot exist together simultaneously.
      8) easiest of you can use DIS slips
      9) Drawback for the broking company as the increases considerably. Imagine a client selling shares and transferring shares out of demat immediately.
      10) We have to enable easiest, but we can’t currently because of the risk i mentioned above.
      11) No one can edit.

  117. Manender says:

    I have opened my zerodha account yesterday, and will be sending poa in 2 or 3 days time because of public holidays, but my question is can I start trading from tommorow with zerodha account or can I buy stocks. If yes then how ? Since I have not received login and password…….

    • You should receive the login/pwd before you can start. You might receive it today.

      • Ashish says:

        There is so many brokers,who is allow to buy or sell the shares.after accepting the POA online.no need of physical signature or hard copy of this.i think u should have to examine the other brokers or accept POA by online process.because we are living in digital india.

        • Matti says:

          Ashish, no brokers in India can do this. If someone is doing it, they are being non-compliant. There is no way someone could be doing this while adhering to the rules.

  118. Poojan Mehta says:


    On top of the page it is written voluntary, but ull dont open the account without that form. Since i didnt want any nominees i didnt sign the POA and now i get a call saying it is mandatory. Why not write mandatory instead of voluntary?

    Why dont ull accept scanned copies of POA when already all other documents have been submitted.

  119. Anmol says:

    i have a question:
    1. Is it mandatory to have witness signatures on POA form? can i just sign and send it?

  120. Prathamesh ponkshe says:

    Sir, I am your equity and commodity client. At present, I have your own depository demat account. However, I want to replace it with a bank of india demat account. Questions – 1) what benefits I will loose?
    2) what is procedure to do the same?
    Thank you.

  121. Prasanna.T says:

    Hello Sir,
    As i’m new here it may sound silly but I just wanted to know that second holder box is to be signed my by nominee (as I made one )or I have to leave it as it is ?

  122. Jai prakash saran says:

    Can i send poa form to jaipur as i am from Rajasthan

    • Best to send it to Bangalore. IF you send to Jaipur, someone has to still send it here.

      • Prateek says:

        Hi Nithin

        You are saying in the blogpost thats its good to have but not mandatory. However, your customer support is saying its mandatory. Moreover NSE guidelines say that there should be a time-frame for the POA (it should not be indefinite) and that investor should be able to cancel it anytime. However, your customer support again denies both of these.

        Can you please help me get answers to these.


        • Zerodha Social says:

          Prateek, you can revoke the POA anytime you wish to. While trading online, everytime you sell, we have to debit the shares from your demat account and provide to the exchange. If this has to be done online and seamlessly the POA is required.

  123. Subhankar Roy says:


    I filled up an online form on Tue, Oct 3, 2017 at 10:06 AM, with a payment of 500 Rs for a new account opening with Zerodha. As per the website It’s an instant account opening with Aadhaar. However it’s been two days & I did not receive any login details.

    1) Am i correct that the account gets open in 24/48 hours ?
    2) POA is required to sell a stock from DP but not required for intraday trading ! ( I though already have sent the signed POA)

    Thank you.

  124. Subhankar Roy says:


    I have got another question-
    In the Running Account Authorization the 7 points states —

    All accounts with credit balance of Rs 10000/ – or lesser shall be automatically retained and transfer of funds to the bank account shall not be made as per SEBI circular MIRSD/SE/Cir-19/2009 & Exchange Circular Nos. NSE/INSP/24849 & 20091204-7

    So does it mean that minimum 10k always should be maintained in the account?? So lets say if i put 5k in the account and made 1k profit . so I cant transfer the 1k into my bank ??

    Please clarify?

  125. DEBANJAN SINGH says:

    I just made an online zerodha account and used aadhar e-sign online facility to complete the sign up process online itself and then it shows my account to be activated in 24-48hrs and also to physically send POA for demat account within 7 days
    now my 3 question-
    1.Is it compulsury to send POA if i want to do only intra trade
    2.can i transfer the profit amounts from intra trade to my bank a/c without sending poa/thus making no demat
    3.And finally it states to send it in 7 days , now if after a long time may be year i want to make a demat account to hold stocks , then can i make it then sending my POA?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Debanjan, 1) It’s not required for intraday.
      2) Yes, you can.
      3) You can but without sending your POA you will only be able to buy shares for delivery but not sell them. In order to enjoy the full benefits of your Zerodha account, it is always better if you send your demat authorization (POA). 🙂


        I already sent the POA on and it reached zerodha office on 19 december but still i cannot view my holding on kite nor backoffice, please look into this .

  126. Mayur says:

    I want to know that after sending the signed POA and ECN, does zerodha send some update message or mail to confirm that all the formalities have been completed and after how much time I will be able to see my shares in my holdings in case I need to sell them.

  127. Naveen says:

    I want to operate my existing Demat account of yesbank , with zerodha trading account through POA. I want the shares in this demat account to sell through Zerodha Seamlessly, online without any need to manually transfer the shares to Zerodha pool account. Is this possible ?

    If yes, please share the procedure and also if there would be any DP charges still levied by Zerodha ?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Naveen, only buying will be seamless, the shares will be credited to your Yes demat on T+2. To sell you will have to do it through Yes Bank. In order to enjoy true seamlessness best if you open a demat account with us.

  128. Palash says:

    I register with Zerodha on 4 or 5 Oct and i still waiting for client Id and Password.
    1. When I will get Client Id and password?
    2. Whose client id is required on POA form?
    3. Witness is compulsory for POA and Nominee form?
    4. Is it compulsory to send POA within 7 days?
    Thank you.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      1) Palash, you should have received your login details.
      2) No need to fill the POA, just your signatures will suffice.
      3) Witnesses aren’t required.
      4) For the smooth operation of your account and to enjoy the full Zerodha experience, it is better if you send it as soon as possible.

  129. Ashish says:

    While opening the account , I had to mandatorily sign on the following:
    “I hereby request you to kindly accept my verbal orders/instructions, in person or over phone and execute the same. I understand the risk associated with placement of verbal orders and accept the same. I shall not disown orders under the plea that the same were not placed by me provided I am sent ECN/Physical contract notes or trade confirmations through SMS and other approved modes. I indemnify Zerodha and its employees against all trade related losses, damages, actions which you may suffer or face, as a consequence of adhering to and carrying out my instructions for orders placed verbally.”

    I want to understand the security controls for verbal orders to ensure they are genuine? If there are none, I want to opt out of any verbal instruction!

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Ashish, to place an order through call you will have to verify a unique identifier called ZPIN, which will be sent to you after your account is opened. Unless you verify our ZPIN, you won’t be able to place orders on call. We also maintain the recordings of all orders placed.

  130. Manish K says:

    Hi Nitin,

    Could you please elaborate on this?

    “Is a POA compulsory?

    No, it’s not compulsory, but required for smooth operation of demat account. Remember it is required only for the demat account.”

    What would a non-smooth operation, in the absence of a POA look like?


    • Matti says:

      Hey Manish,

      If you were to not provide your broker with a PoA for your demat account, you’d have to provide a physical DIS (delivery instruction slip) every time you sell a stock from your demat account. This, clearly, would defeat the purpose of an online trading platform.

  131. Hitesh says:

    Sir I have send POA to zerodha main branch in last 3 day ago
    Message is india speed post is delivered but how to check is really received zerodha branch in zerodha officials website or qzerodha or my account.

  132. Jitesh Patil says:

    what is the adress to send poa and only sign is required or anything else

  133. Prathamesh Mane says:

    I am Prathamesh Mane Yesterday I applied for Trading account i’e on 19th of October 2017 and on
    my Dashboard its written that your account will be activated within 24 hrs but still its in operative ….
    And I want to ask another thing is that in POA witnesses sign is Compulsory or you can managed
    with the First Holder Signature Also …
    Waiting For Your Rely ……..

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Prathmesh, our account opening team is off for Diwali and your application will be processed on Monday.
      Witness signatures aren’t necessary for the POA.

  134. Balaram Nayak says:

    Witness for nominee form and adress proof of nominee is mandatory or not ?and to which adress i have to courier poa and nominee form together??

  135. Ajay Sharma says:

    If i am not give POA to zerodha.
    Then, by which method i sell my stock online?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Hey Ajay, without submitting your POA, you won’t be able to see your shares. You would have received the POA on your email and all you have to do is to print it, sign it and courier it to us.

  136. Ajay Kumar Sharma says:

    I want to know, which clauses (from 1 to 21) in the PoA form are mandatory for availing online delivery trading facility and is it possible to remove some clauses which are not mandatory for online delivery trading.

  137. Naveen says:


    If there is an existing demat account with a POA signed and a demat account is opened account at Zerodha with POA, how does that work? Should the other one be cancelled/ demat account closed?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Naveen, the POA is specific to a single demat account. If you another demat with a different broker then the POA will be limited to that.

  138. Balaram Nayak says:

    Itz showing My poa is delivered successfully when i track through courier tracking on 24th october night….so wt to do now…..to wait for ur confirmarion mail…otherwise can i trade and sell now my shares….????

    • Paritosh Thapliyal says:

      I was also wondering same. My package was delivered on 23-Oct-17, as per package tracking status.
      But I received the email from Zerodha today evening that they have received it today and will update me soon. I am not able to see and sell the shares I bought on 23rd because process related to PoA isn’t done yet.

  139. Gaurav singh says:

    I had bought share by mistake, now I want to sell it otherwise it will be loss to me, and sending POA will take 2-3 days , wiithin these day market may go down.
    Please suggest a way out.

  140. faraz says:

    i have bought shares without poa… when will be come in holding??
    i will send poa asap.

  141. Abhishek says:

    I have been asked to print the POA and send it within the next 7 days. Couldnt find the address though. Could you please send the address.

  142. Dev says:

    Hi Nithin,

    We, I and my spouse, have opened demat and trading a/c with you and are fairly satisfied with your service. After reading the above posts, I can understand that it’s not yet technically possible for you to activate CDSL easiest on our on our demat accounts. As an alternative arrangement, why don’t you provide online freeze / unfreeze facility through zerodha itself which would work as an added layer of security. If that’s done we are more than happy to transfer our entire holdings to zerodha which is now lying with SBI Caps and HDFC Sec. An early reply would be highly appreciated.


  143. Bhadresh says:

    POA mail to send mail id?

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Bahdresh, you need to courier us the physical copy to our Bangalore HO. You can find our address here – zerodha.com/contact

  144. Mohan says:

    I have sent my POA on 26/10/2017 . When can i expect to see shares in my demat account and also in the POA instead of beneficiary ID of my demat account ,i have written my zerodha client ID .Is the POA valid .

  145. Akshay Gundewar says:

    what proof of identity needs to submitted with nomination form?

  146. Akshay Gundewar says:

    Will we be getting notification regarding the setting/activation of nominee and receipt of POA form?

  147. Pushpa Chordia says:

    I have opened new account with zerodha and need to send hard copy of POA document. Queries below
    1. Address where I need to send it.
    2. Do I need to get two witness’ signs as well or you will fill up that at your end
    3. Client ID – I guess need to leave it blank?


  148. suresh says:

    Hi Sir,
    I have some queries
    1. where i apply for POA?.
    2.what matter i will write on POA?.
    3.i need to post original POA to your team?.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Suresh, the POA would have been sent to you on your email.
      2) Just print the form and sign in both the boxes marked “F”.
      3) Yes, you will have to courier it to us.

  149. Ravi Kiran Patnaik.D says:

    I have opened my account in zerodha and sent my POA,ECN and Nominee forms.
    1. I did a mistake of filling the client ID incorrectly (filled my own ID). Can it corrected from your end?
    2. I didn’t send any copy of nominee ID proof, is it mandatory? If yes then can I send a soft copy?

  150. Harsh Sharma says:

    I have opened a new account and filled in all information online. I have submitted scanned copies of all necessary docs. After all the steps, i am asked to send POA form to your address via post, or i need to visit local office.

    I want to know why i do need to send it through courier or come to your office. Why can’t your pick-up boy pick this document as they pick up other documents at the time of opening account.

    I have talked to 3 people in your office. Not even a single person has given me a logical answer. All they keep repeating is that’s the rule. I want to know the logic behind the rule.

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Harsh, picking up a POA is a cost for us, in case of offline account opening it makes sense but no so much for e-signed forms.

  151. Dr Harjinder says:

    can i post POA form through speed post??
    Will we be getting notification regarding the receipt of POA form?


    Please help, “space for franking” means what

    • Matti says:

      Hey Narendra, you needn’t worry about this. Franking is the process by which the PoA is stamped with a stamp paper header, making it valid. We do this on our end.

  153. Ramanathan Dhakshinaamoorthy says:

    Why my POA is still not enabled even after 5 days of receiving it? I’m unable to see it nor see my positions clearly with it. My client id is: YF7781

  154. Akshay Kamat says:

    I want to use my account for Mutual Funds only at this moment. POA still required ?

    • Matti says:

      Yes, a PoA is still required as whenever you wish to redeem your mutual fund holdings, we’ll need the ability to debit your demat account.

  155. Parag Mehta says:

    I see these questions many times but I need to be sure before I send the documents to avoid any rework
    1. Are witness name, address, and signature required when I send the POA?
    2. What do I mention in Client ID in the POA. The Nomination form I downloaded mentions a Client ID. Should I use that?
    3. What address do I send it to?

    If this information is published on the exit page for account creation, it will be more helpful.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Parag,

      1. No, we’ll take care of it for you.
      2. You needn’t mention a client ID, just write down your registered email ID and mobile number on the courier cover.
      3. Please send it to 153/154, 4th Cross, Dollars Colony, Opp. Clarence Public School, JP Nagar 4th Phase, Bangalore – 560078.

      Thanks for the suggestion. We’ll add it! 🙂

  156. Pratik says:

    1] After printing POA, do i need to fill anything in it?
    2] Can parents be witnesses?

    • Matti says:

      1] Just your signature will do.
      2] Yes, your parents can witness the PoA. Alternatively, you can leave it blank and we’ll take care of that too.

    • ruchir Agarwal says:

      What if i have filled the clientID of my own of NSE given in the end of the form. Does it going to have any effect ?

      • Matti says:

        Hey Ruchir. The PoA is for your demat account. As such, the client ID should be that of your demat account with CDSL as opposed to the trading ID you have with us registered on NSE/BSE. This being the case, it is advisable to leave that particular field blank.

  157. Maheswaran D says:

    Do I need to courier POA, if i want to trade with CNC Method – where I will only buy and sell stocks within a day ( like intraday)

  158. Varun says:

    Hi Nithin

    I just activate my account on Zerodha.
    I am not able to find the postal address to which POA, Nominee forms are to be sent.

    Please help.
    Thank You

    • Varun says:


      I just found the below address on Quora. Can you confirm?

      #153/154, 4th Cross,
      JP Nagar 4th Phase,
      Bangalore – 560 078

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Varun, here you are
      #153/154 4th Cross Dollars Colony,
      Opp. Clarence Public School,
      J.P Nagar 4th Phase,
      Bangalore – 560078

  159. SHWETA SINGH says:

    I have sent my POA few days back and it has been received on 16.11.2017. Kindly get it updated in your record so I may sell my shares asap.

  160. hamid says:

    hello sir,
    i got mail from Zerodha today asking me to send hard copy of POA & ECN authorization.
    i have hard copy of the same named POA (Voluntarily) of 2page and ECN declaration (Voluntarily) of 1page.
    i need little help in filling the Form, as i am in Delhi and this form submission day till 25th. in order to avoid error
    please help

    In the POA form
    1) 2nd holder : (what i fill here??) or can i add it later [in second line of page]
    2) client ID : ?? space leaved here [16th line]
    3) sign : in the end of the page [my sign ] ok?
    second page
    4) dated at Bangalore on this :______day of_______ [just below the table]
    5) witnesses table : is it important if yes what i write here?

    in ECN form
    1) email in my handwriting ok.
    2) 2 signature. 1st in my personal detail table and at the end of the page

    • Matti says:

      Hey Hamid,
      For the PoA,
      1) Leave the second holder space blank as yours is an individual account.
      2) Leave this blank as well, we’ll fill this in for you
      3) Yes, your signature is required.
      4) Leave this blank. We’ll fill this in on the date the PoA is executed.
      5) You can have someone sign it or leave it blank. If left blank, we’ll do this on our end.

      For the ECN declaration
      1) Yes, your email ID will suffice.
      2) Signature is only required in the box with the pen icon.

      Make sure you write your PAN, registered mobile number and email ID on the covering envelope.

  161. hamid says:

    post officer say to write name in the address to the receicer.
    what i write is
    #153/154, 4th cross dollars colony, opp. clarence public school,
    j.p nagar 4th phase,
    bangalore – 560078

  162. Om Goyal says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    We want to inform you that, this is not disclosed that we can’t do the T1 transaction as well if POA not update in your system.
    I have sent my POA few days back and it has been received on 16.11.2017. Kindly get it updated in your record so I may sell my shares asap. We have opend the tickets on friday morning at 9.05 am ticket no 574042 but we have not received any reply from Zerodha by email or by call. This is very unsatisfactory services by Zerodha Time.

    Also you are giving the contradictory statement that POA updation take time from 48 hours to 96 hours.

    Let us know the right time for updation the POA, even courier have been delivered on Thursday evening itself.

    You can contact me on this number 98704 11836

    Om Goyal

    • Matti says:

      Hi Om,

      Since we, in turn, have to get the PoA franked, giving you a fixed timeline isn’t possible. If your courier was delivered to us on Thursday, it can take up to Wednesday (4 working days), for the PoA to be processed and linked.

      • Om Goyal says:

        Hi Team,

        I am not able to see holding yet. Please let me know when you will be provided the full access of the holding.

        I have to sell the share on immediate basis but due to unable to see the holding, I am not able to do the transactions even the today is Thursday and you promised that will be completed by Wednesday.

        Please do the needful.

        Om Goyal
        98704 11836

  163. Anuj Aneja says:

    Does the above point says that Zerodha can sign on my behalf. It’s in the POA

    1) For these purposes and to this extent, Zerodha is empowered by me/us, to affix their signatures to any document, form or any other record, being a delivery participant, as required by the concerned depository.


  164. SP says:

    I recently opened my account at zerodha.

    Subsequently I sent the Nomination Form duly witnessed along with Identity Proof for both nominees.
    However I find that the Surname of the Second Nominee is not shown in the CMR. The surname can be easily be verified from the attached ID proof.

    Inspite of repeatedly sending emails to [email protected] and also contacting over phone to correct the error, it has not been updated and I have not been sent the updated CMR.

    Further the Residual Sec Flag for the First Nominee is shown to be Yes whereas for the second Nominee it is shown to be No.

    No clarification has been sent for this difference in spite of repeated requests. I have not been contacted by email/phone. I request an urgent resolution.

    • Matti says:

      We’ll have the name thing to updated ASAP. Seems to be a data entry issue. As for the residual securities flag, since stocks can’t be allocated in decimals, if there are any leftover stocks after dividing the stocks among the two nominees, any remaining stocks will be credited to the nominee who has the flag marked as yes. If you’ve not explicitly mentioned which nominee you want this to be, it’s the first nominee mentioned in the nomination form. Suppose you have 11 stocks of Reliance that need to be moved to the nominees’ ownership and you’ve asked to divide the securities equally, 5 stocks each are credited to both the nominees and the additional stock left over is credited to the first nominee.

  165. Birander says:

    Sir, I am a beginner and learning trading by seeing youtube video. I have opened account on zerodha through bse2nse.com. I have bought shares for long terms in CNC on 22/11/17 and they are not showing in my holding and also not able to sell. Can u please guide me.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Birander, it seems like you haven’t submitted the PoA to your demat account. You’ll have received an email about this as well. Without the PoS, you can’t sell the shares, so you won’t be able to see them on the platform.

  166. Puspendu says:

    I have shares in hdfc demact account. After open an account in zerodha can i sell my share through zerodha?

    • Matti says:

      Ah, no. Since the PoA for that demat account remains with HDFC, selling with Zerodha wouldn’t be possible. The easiest way to do this would be to transfer your shares to your Zerodha demat account and sell them from there. Check this post on how to transfer your holdings.

  167. Usha says:

    Hi,the POA form I downloaded from Q is incomplete/incorrectly worded. On line 17, page 1, the wording is “all or any of their services offered by them in their” and ends abruptly. I am not willing sign the PoA unless this is rectified.

  168. Akanksha says:


    As per your post POA is required to SELL stocks. But why is it that my stocks are not shown in my Holdings if I don’t submit POA? Lets say I have purchased some stocks for 10 years and don’t wish to sell that’s why I don’t want to give POA. You should at least show me my holdings so that I can track what is happening with stocks?

    I think it is absurd to NOT show stocks in holding if you DON’T submit POA.

    Please look into the logic of relating Display of Holdings with POA.

    Waiting for reply

    • Usha says:

      I have the same question as well; its quite stupid that PoA is being linked to holdings display. Zerodha,pls take a look into this and my previous questiin on wording of the PoA and reply ASAP.

    • Matti says:

      Hey Akanksha, our execution is backed by the Thomson Reuters software, NEST. In this system, the ability to see your holdings means you can sell them. Unless the exchange rejects your order, it will go through. As such, the only way to prevent sale of holdings is to hide them altogether.

  169. American_desi says:

    I am preparing to send in my forms for one NRE and one NRO account with Zerodha.

    I have notarized my

    1. Do I need to notarize my POA or will a bank manager’s sign do?
    2. Do I need to find two witnesses or can I leave them blank?
    3. Do I need two witnesses for the nomination form or can I leave them blank?


  170. Tanmay says:

    What is the ” Client ID ___________ ” in the following line from your POA document?
    “Pvt. Ltd. (Depository Participant) DP ID 12081600, Client ID ___________ to execute and perform severally the following acts, deeds”

  171. Anurag says:

    Can I send u my POA forms with normal post (Not speed post) service?

  172. udit narayan mandal says:

    hello sir, if i want to buy share they got rejected…….please help me

  173. thirumal reddy says:

    hello sir; i’ve received POA form but top of the form there is a space for franking but i can’t understand what
    does it for, and also let me know what is client id

    this POA form requires only my sign or any thing else thanks

    • Matti says:

      Franking is something we’ll get done here. Nothing you need to worry about. Same goes for the client ID. Simply sign the PoA and courier it over to us.

  174. Mani says:


    In POA Form,

    what are the things i need to fill ?

    Have to enter values for fileds in Witness table ?

    What are the mandatory fields ?

    If I send POA to you, how did you connect with my account? Because, the form contains only Account holder Name.

    • Matti says:

      Just sign it and courier it over to us. On the covering envelope, mention your registered mobile number and email ID. That should suffice.

  175. vijay says:

    who is witness in poa document

  176. Prakash says:

    Hello Sir,

    Recently I opened Zerodha account and I also send POA as well as ECN but how could I know whether my POA is updated or not in your system?….

    Can I see in my profile?

  177. Samir Kanti Chakraborty says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am getting mails from Zerodha to submit POA immediately. In the POA form a space is to enter client ID. But I don’t know my client ID. How and where I can get client ID? Or it is to be kept blank – please clarify.

    Can I deposit filled POA to any of your Kolkata Zerodha office or it is required to send to Bangalore address only – please let me know.

    • Matti says:

      You don’t need to enter the client ID. Just sign and mention your registered mobile number on the covering envelope and we’ll do the rest. Best send it directly to Bangalore.

  178. Anand Gopal Paswan says:

    Hi Zerodha Team,

    Recently I have opened my demat account with zerodha, but before proceeding my I want my POA documents should be processed. I have already sent my POA doc with Speed Post. Do you intimate us after receiving the POA, that your POA doc has been accepted and from now you can sell your share.


  179. Madhura says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Is it safe to share Demat account number with broker or anyone?
    Please let me know.
    Thank you

    • Matti says:

      Nothing wrong with sharing your demat account number with your Broker. The PoA too is a limited PoA and can only be used to debit shares from your account when you sell shares, else the PoA gives no additional powers to the broker.

  180. Rajnish says:

    my friend’s father buy 40 shares of reliance industry something 14 or 15 years ago. He lost shares certificate.
    he dont have demat account. he want to transfer shares to me If is possible? i have account in zerodha.

    • Matti says:

      Ah. No. Your friend’s father will have to approach the company registrars, tell them the certificates were lost and have duplicate certificates issued. These then need to be dematerialised and then transferred to you.

  181. Rajesh Kumar Mehta says:

    Is POA required on Plain paper or Stamp Paper?

  182. Vikas mittal says:

    Poa delivered on 11 December at 7 pm but still it is not updated.how much time you take to update it?

  183. Mahernoz says:

    Why not create an aadhar based signing tool (esigning) when making POA, why rely on paper and physical sign? The entire process should be online, right ?

    – mahernoz

    • Zerodha Social says:

      Mahernoz, as much as we would like for everything to be online, IT act 2000 doesn’t allow this form to be digitally signed.

  184. Sandeep says:

    How long this POA will be valid. Does it have any time period. IS it revocable at any point of time.

  185. Pravin says:

    Hi Nithin, what is the cilent id on the first page of POA ?
    Do I need to fill it ?

    • Matti says:

      No Pravin, leave this to us. Sign and send the PoA over to us and we’ll do the rest. Simply mention your registered mobile number on the covering envelope.

  186. Meenakshi Waghkar says:

    Dear Zerodha team,

    I have send POA few days back & it is received on 13 Dec 2017 ( by courier tracking). Still not received mail of receiving POA. After receiving POA it will take more 2-3 days to update. It’s too slow process, even after receiving POA u r nt intimating.
    Plz do it asap so that I can start trading.

  187. ANEESH KUMAR says:

    I have send POA on 12 Dec 2017 and it is received by your office on 15 Dec 2017 (by courier tracking).
    still not received mail of receiving POA.update immediately so that i can sell shares.

    i have brought some shares on 08 and 14 dec 2017 ,it canot display on position and holding what is the reason?

  188. Customer says:

    I have purchased shares.Why is nothing being shown in my holdings?and positions?
    The margin gets reducedbut i am showed no holdings and no positions.
    Please get back at the earliest.

    • Matti says:

      Have you sent your PoA? If the PoA isn’t mapped to your demat account, you wouldn’t be able to see the stocks you’ve bought.

  189. Krupa says:


    I have couriered the signed PoA to Zerodha headquarters Bangalore and its 7 days since the same has been received.

    But still the PoA status is not yet updated at Zerodha back office.

    I have already started trading using Zerodha, but I am unable to sell any shares.

    I am stucked what to do now.

    I contacted Zerodha customer support twice, but I am not getting any response from there side.

    Any help on this would be really appreciable.

    • Matti says:

      It generally takes 3-4 working days for the PoA to be mapped. Your PoA, I see, has been mapped. You should be able to sell shares now.

  190. sri sri says:

    How to fill the POA form ?

    • Matti says:

      Just the signatures will do. We’ll fill everything else. Just write your registered mobile number on the covering envelope so we can map the poA to your account when we receive it.

  191. Bhuvan Reddy says:

    I couriered the signed copy of POA on 13th december. Yesterday I got a mail stating that POA has not reached the office.As I tracked the post I found that the item despatched to J P Nagar S.O,bengalore on 16th december, but it is not yet delivered.I don’t understand why is it taking so long.Should I need to send it again??
    Can you look into this matter

    • Matti says:

      Hey Bhuvan, courier delivery may be delayed for any number of reasons. This is something you’ll have to check with the courier service provider.

  192. Valli says:

    I have question in point number 6 mentioned in POA
    “6. For these purposes and to this extent, Zerodha is empowered by me/us, to affix their signatures to any document, form or any other record, being a delivery participant, as required by the concerned depository.”

    In POA, no where it is mentioned who is the concerned depository.

    I am not willing to sign the POA with point number 6. It needs to corrected or properly clarified in the POA.

    • Matti says:

      ‘For these purposes and to this extent’ refers to the above points where the document lists a specific set of powers given to Zerodha for the smooth operation of your demat account. Since the Zerodha demat account with member ID is mentioned above, I don’t see any ambiguity here. Additionally, changing this document isn’t possible as the format is prescribed by the depository itself, i.e., CDSL.

  193. Anuj Kumar says:

    How to know that poa is mapped to my acount or not.is there any ways to check that.

  194. Amit malhotra says:

    I am getting mails to submit the PoA but when i click on the link then i am getting an error and unable to download the form

    • Matti says:

      Amit, you can always download the PoA from zerodha.com/resources if there’s an issue. Alternatively, you can also write to your sales manager for assistance.

  195. Amit says:


    Not sure if this page is still monitored or not.
    Let me start by saying Overall Zerodha platform is very good.
    I am new to zerodha … trading so my question may sound NOOBISH, but is that a reason for not picking the phone not returning the phone call by the sales manager.
    I understood the part where ZERODHA doesn’t provide any assistance in trading, and I am completely okay with it, every company has their own rules. ( not questioning why you don’t).

    But my concern is, I was asked to send POA, and I did it as asked -> It was rejected because I din’t signed or filled something correctly ( not sure what that is).
    I tried to call sales manager while filing the form but he didn’t answered, I sent him mail to call me back but no reply. And now it’s rejected so I have tried to call him again multiple times and sent an e-mail as well but outcome is same. No answer.

    Is it possible to contact me via mail. Zerodha can probably look up all my details from above ( mandatory e-mail ) field.
    I promise I won’t contact you guyz again.

  196. debdut adival says:

    sir after filling the form i went out of town and was unavailable to send the document within 7 days .can i send the document after the given time . will i have to pay some kind of fine .

  197. PAVAN says:


  198. kasturi says:

    Can I send the POA to the Mumbai office?

    • Matti says:

      Hey Kasturi, it’s best you send it to the Bangalore office since it’s processed here. If you send it to Mumbai, they too will have to forward it here.

  199. Skg says:

    Hi ,
    I am a first time investor in equity and want to invest in it to gain the benefits for RGESS for now,
    and figured out that as per the latest views Zerodha seems to be the best .
    I have few questions to ask before opening account in Zerodha-
    1)Does one is eligible to invest in RGESS if he opens account in Zerodha
    2)What are the charges one needs to pay for opening Demat account in Zerodha
    3)What are the other charges like (AMC ,brokerage etc ) if one needs to invest in equity, closed ended MF and ETF (which are under RGESS)

    Thanks in advance ,

    • Matti says:

      The 2017 budget has removed the tax benefits for RGESS, so this option isn’t available anymore. For charges, check out zerodha.com/charges.

  200. Sandeep Jadhav says:

    On which address I post my POA form

  201. Rajat Sharma says:

    If there is any misuse than ,how can I check that there is no misuse of my POA.

  202. Aravind R says:

    Where do I have to sign in PoA? I have only two pages. Can you help?

  203. Ravi says:

    Dear Nithin,

    Recently I have opened account with Zerodha using online option. My Address is badely messed in demat account with unwanted commas and chopped text. With this messed address courier/postal delivery person will not be able to locate my residence. When informed Zerodha support they were saying address is not significant..but I will not get any Rights issue forms, Buyback forms etc delivered from Registrars.

    I was not given any option to review and correct or get it corrected before all the process is completed.

    I am having tough time getting this fixed.. they are asking me to send KYC forms again… this is pure negligence from Zerodha staff in updating the address if manually did or issues with the data formats if it is automated.

    My address in Aadhar as well as existing KYC is as follows, which is decent enough to locate my house


    But It in Zerodha it is messed as follows :
    Hyderabad, 500085, Telangana, India

    • Matti says:

      Ravi, the address we get is from the KRA agencies. If you need to update it, I’m afraid you’ll have to submit the KYC form/account modification form.

  204. Shivam says:


    My share are not showing under holding tab.Could you please tell me the reason why it not showing.